Obama hurts Coal production Americans and jobs, Climate change nonsense appeals to Obama’s core support from left, Jobs be damned, Obama et al agenda justifies means

Obama hurts Coal production Americans and jobs, Climate change nonsense appeals to Obama’s core support from left, Jobs be damned, Obama et al agenda justifies means

“if they want to build [coal plants], they can, but it will bankrupt them”…Barack Obama

 “Because I’m capping greenhouse gases, coal power plants, you know, natural gas, you name it — whatever the plants were, whatever the industry was, uh, they would have to retrofit their operations. That will cost money. They will pass that money on to consumers.”…Barack Obama 

“The end justifies the means, the template of the left.”…Citizen Wells

The common belief is that states like Wyoming and North Dakota have weathered the left wing socialist onslaught of Obama and the Democrats. Obama et al have done their best to negatively impact our oil and coal economies and therefore the overall economy and jobs.

North Dakota has the lowest unemployment rate at 3.2 percent and Wyoming, the top coal producing state, has an unemployment rate of 4.6 percent.

Obama, in an attempt to keep his core support, the left, has renewed his attempts to stifle coal production and use in this country, which will subsequently further cost Americans jobs.

From Fox News June 29, 2013.

“Coal-state Dems chisel away at Obama climate plan”

President Obama, in his weekly radio address, beseeched voters to get behind his climate change plan and punish politicians who don’t.

He may want to be careful what he asks for. Several of those lawmakers come from the president’s own party.

Coal-state Democrats have been as scathing as any Republican in reaction to the president’s plan, unveiled Tuesday in a speech at Georgetown University. The pushback was almost immediate, and a glaring signal of the trouble Obama may encounter as he charges ahead with new restrictions on coal-fired power plants.

Though Obama technically is going around Congress by having the Environmental Protection Agency impose the rules, moderate Democrats made clear they will pressure the administration from inside the party to scale back. They carry a simple message: The regulations will kill jobs, but working with the coal industry to improve its own clean-coal technology won’t.

West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, calling the president’s plan a “war on America,” delivered one of the most forceful rebuttals in an interview with Fox News.

“It’s just ridiculous. … I should not have to be sitting here as a U.S. senator, fighting my own president and fighting my own government,” he told Fox News. “I will continue to reach out, but I need a partner here. I don’t need an adversary.”

Manchin argued that the coal industry has the technology to reduce emissions. But he said the government, rather than work with the industry, is setting unattainable standards.

The cornerstone of Obama’s plan was a call for the first-ever regulations on emissions for existing power plants.

“Why is this economy going to be taking this hit? Why are jobs going to be lost, and they will be lost,” Manchin said. ”

Read more:


Our problems with the economy and jobs did not start when Obama took office in January of 2009. The Democrats took control of both houses of congress in January 0f 2007.

Citizen Wells reported yesterday that the NC Employment to population rate dropped 6.1 percent since the Democrats took control of both US houses of congress in 2007.

Here are the Employment to population rates for the top 10 coal producing states for the same time period. This information may surprise you. It is definitely under reported.

Top 10 coal states    Drop in employment        Current
                      to population rate        Rate

Wyoming                5.2                      65 
West Virginia          3.1                      50.7
Kentucky               2.5                      56.8 
Pennsylvania           2.8                      59.1 
Texas                  2.2                      61
Montana                4.5                      60.4
Illinois               5.4                      59.7
Indiana                7.1                      57.2
North Dakota           2.2                      69.7
Ohio                   4.4                      59.1

These are scary numbers!

Is anyone in the mainstream media covering this?


42 responses to “Obama hurts Coal production Americans and jobs, Climate change nonsense appeals to Obama’s core support from left, Jobs be damned, Obama et al agenda justifies means

  1. citizenwells

    “The Montana Coal Council represents the state’s six major coal mines. Executive Director Bud Clinch said he really didn’t see anything too surprising in the Obama climate plan, and that the industry has been waiting for much of this to happen for about the last two years.

    “I think it’s something he’s believed in from the beginning,” Clinch said. “It’s just that the election is behind us now and any political risk to him is somewhat gone.”

    The new standards set by the Obama plan will make it very difficult for any new coal-fired power plants to be built nationwide. Clinch said it is still unclear what exactly the rules will mean for existing coal plants.

    “If it raises the cost of electricity in his (Obama’s) new plans, then it’s going raise the cost of producing oil in Montana,” said Executive Director of the Montana Petroleum Association Dave Galt, “and it’s gonna raise the cost of producing and making gasoline and diesel fuel in Montana and it’s gonna be passed on to every consumer in this state. And I don’t think people really realize that.”

    Galt especially faults the plan for Obama’s new directive on the Keystone XL oil pipeline, which is seeking federal permission to cross from Canada into Montana and run down to the Gulf of Mexico. The president said the pipeline will only be approved if it does not increase greenhouse gasses. It’s not clear if that means the pipeline won’t be built.

    “It’s totally ridiculous,” Galt said. “He’s just looking for an out to accommodate his environmental friends.””


  2. citizenwells

    “More than 100 evangelical scientists, economists, theologians, and pastors endorsed an official statement Monday opposing new restrictions planned by President Barack Obama on carbon-dioxide emissions from electric power plants.

    The president’s plan calls for the United States to stop financing new coal-fired power plants abroad. But The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, which issued the statement, said to do so would hurt the poor.

    The statement said research shows that increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere actually boosts crop production and doesn’t significantly raise global temperatures.”



    With this as law for the benefit of the aliens and Obamacare as our health provider …there won’t be any more America……how shall we say it……
    “Hosta la vista….America……..Beavienado Ameigos”……….

  4. Protesters to Egypt’s Morsy: You have one day to step down
    From Salma Abdelaziz, CNN

    Editor’s note: Are you in Egypt? Send us your experiences but do please stay safe.

    Cairo (CNN) — Egyptians who helped overthrow a 29-year dictatorship in a widely hailed revolution have now given the country’s first democratically elected president one day to step down from office.

    In a statement posted Monday on its official Facebook page, Tamarod (the “rebel” campaign”) demanded that if President Mohamed Morsy doesn’t leave office by Tuesday, the group will begin a civil disobedience movement, call for nationwide protests and march on the presidential palace, where Morsy’s administration is running affairs.


  5. What happened to the Arab Spring?

  6. SueQ….

    It dried up and now is an Arab Desert ….again !


    Zimmerman Prosecutor Angela Corey Criminally Indicted by Citizens’ Grand Jury for allegely falsifying arrest warrant and complaint

    (Ocala, Florida, July 2, 2013). Florida State’s Attorney Angela Corey has been indicted by a citizens’ grand jury, convening in Ocala, Florida, over the falsification of the arrest warrant and complaint that led to George Zimmerman being charged with the second degree murder of African-American teenager Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida.

    The indictment of Corey, which was handed down last week (see http://www.citizensgrandjury.com), charges Corey with intentionally withholding photographic evidence of the injuries to George Zimmerman’s head in the warrant she allegedly rushed to issue under oath, in an effort to boost her reelection prospects. At the outset of this case, black activists such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who whipped up wrath against Zimmerman, demanded that he be charged with murder, after local police had thus far declined to arrest him pending investigation.

    Following Corey’s criminal complaint charging Zimmerman, legal experts such as Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz condemned her for falsely signing an arrest affidavit under oath, which intentionally omitted exculpatory evidence consisting of the photographs showing the injuries Zimmerman sustained, and rushing to charge him with second degree murder under political pressure. Dershowitz called her actions unethical and themselves crimes.

    Larry Klayman, a former U.S. Justice Department prosecutor, a Florida lawyer since 1977, and now the “citizens’ prosecutor” presided over the Ocala grand jury and said this: “The Supreme Court has confirmed that the grand jury belongs to the American people, not the three branches of government. (504 U.S. 36, 48 (1992) (quoting United States v. R. Enterprises, Inc., 498 U.S. 292, 297 (1991)). By indicting Florida State Attorney Angela Corey, the people are exercising their God given rights, recognized by our Founding Fathers, to mete out justice when the political and legal establishment subverts the rule of law. Hopefully, this indictment will serve as a warning to the political and legal establishment that they are not above the law. Ironically, Corey will now be tried and likely convicted for her alleged crimes – which resulted in Zimmerman being charged under false pretenses, now coming home to roost during Zimmerman’s on-going trial. Corruption cannot be tolerated, particularly by law enforcement officers who are elected by the people to serve their ends, not the law enforcement officer’s political ends.”
    INTERESTING….VERY INTERESTING….let’s see if it has any traction.

  8. coldwarvet2

    I would rather see Zimmerman win a civil suit (with does: Ocala, family of Martin, U.S.Dept. of justice, Al Sharpton, and does 1-150) for conspiracy, abuse of process and malicious prosecution with punitive damages into the millions. That would indeed get the attention of both civil and legal entities alike. This was a racial hate crime, illegally prosecuted against an otherwise
    innocent person with the intent of personal and financial destruction to serve political ends

  9. coldwarvet2

    I still cannot comment more than about ten lines on this site…any suggestions?


  11. Freedom will not go quitely into the night….never again

  12. I agree Colwarvet2..
    but it sure brings light to this sham of a trial…..maybe Zimmerman will look later after his aquittal….at a civil case against Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton…those two big race baiters……I would also throw that Fla Attorney General in the suit for good measure….

  13. coldwarvet2

    The prosecutor nearly did Zimmerman a favor (under the cicumstances), by asking for murder 2…it left him nearly no choice but to fight it out, with the prosecutor knowing full well there was not nearly enough evidence to support a guilty verdict in this category. I admire him for not plea bargaining as this trial was for us all…

  14. YES I do too….when your right…STAND YOUR GROUND

  15. coldwarvet2

    …and call in close air support…


    it takes a team effort to win any battle……

  17. MortimerGarfinkle

    The ZImmerman case sounds a lot like the Duke Lacrosse players’ rape trial with prosecutor Mike Nifong bringing the charges because he wanted to get re-elected and he was getting pressure from the black community.

  18. July 1, 2013


    “Nightly News: Team Arpaio; Obama Birth Certificate An Original Forgery; Felony Possession”


  19. coldwarvet2

    Index crimes such as murder, rape, and kidnapping, to name a few, require more than merely a preponderance of evidence, having specific thresholds which are established in law, and which must be met to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Those elements were absent from the beginning in the Zimmerman indictment with the only establishment of the case for the prosecution being lies which were actually groomed into testimony of prosecution witnesses.

  20. I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but this year (4th of July) I won’t seek out fireworks and celebration. I will get together with family, yes. But I won’t be celebrating freedom and independence. It doesn’t exist here anymore. I will always be grateful for what I once had. I am just so very sorry that my generation didn’t see fit to pass it on to the next.

  21. Three comments at ORYR:

    I Tell it Like it is:

    “When I first moved to Nashville, I needed to get a new Drivers License which required a BC. I called my husband and asked him to send one to me. He sent me one of the copies I made, instead of a certified copy. I was denied the Drivers License, because they REQUIRED a Certified Copy. It is more difficult to get a Drivers License than get into the peoples house.”

    Ed K:

    “you would not be allowed to clean toilets with the pdf.
    can you imagine a janitor applying and saying check my photobucket page for my bc, but i wont let you seethe original”

    Thomas The Paine:

    “A couple of years ago, I was having the same argument with a liberal friend. At one point I asked him for his driver’s license. When he gave it to me, I scanned it and posted the image as a background on his laptop.

    Then, before he had a chance to stop me, I cut up his original and told him, you should have no problem cashing checks by just opening your laptop and showing it to the bank teller.

    I never saw him again.”

  22. bob strauss

    Priorities: Fourth of July Cancelled for Military Bases While the Obamas Tour Africa on the Taxpayer Dime


  23. Do not forget the black panthers in Zimmerman’s lawsuits. They put a bounty on Zimmerman.

  24. Tweet from Greta:

    Greta Van Susteren ‏@gretawire 5m

    def scored big pt with det: that forensics show that TM leaning OVER def when he was shot (since shirt not flat against chest of TM)

  25. Religious Liberty is the Next Shoe to Drop

    As we’ve now seen in states that fancy mock “gay marriage,” for instance, the only way to force Christian individuals and business owners – such as bakers, photographers, innkeepers and florists – to lend their talents to sin-centered “gay weddings” is through the power of the police state. This amounts to a systemic, immoral, and profoundly unconstitutional trampling of the First Amendment.

    What follows will be a deviant-sexual-behavior-based “LGBT” suspect minority class with all the associated trimmings. In the eyes of government, Bible-believing Christians will be treated as modern-day racists. Any outward expression of the Judeo-Christian sexual ethic will be trumped by newfangled “gay rights” and deemed verboten. For all intents and purposes, Christianity will be criminalized. This is not mere speculation. It’s been the plan all along.

    Read more: http://politicaloutcast.com/2013/07/religious-liberty-is-the-next-shoe-to-drop/#ixzz2XtwPcKcF

  26. Zach,

    No doubt, the WORST MOVIE EVER is The Thing with Two Heads, a 1972 film, starring Rosey Grier, Ray Milland and Don Marshall directed by Lee Frost, and written by Wes Bishop.

    Plot summary
    Milland plays Dr. Maxwell Kirshner, a dying, wealthy racist who demands that his head be transplanted onto a healthy body. As his health rapidly deteriorates, there remains only one alternative: graft Kirshner’s head onto the body of a black death row inmate, Jack Moss, played by Grier.

    Thing with Two Heads Trailer…….

  27. Jonah – I’ll have to look for the dvd.


    Barack Hussein Obama is a dedicated Muslim Marxist who is determined to destroy the United States but it is interesting to note that one of his most heralded accomplishments was the removal of Hosni Mubarak, President of Egypt and his replacement by the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Yesterday 14 million Egyptians took to the streets to protest Obama’s choice for their leader. Why do we not see 52 million Americans marching in Washington for a peaceful transition of power from our dictator back to an American President?
    isn’t it a real shame that every country in the world, except America, is demanding their freedom.

    I don’t know what it will take to awaken the people of America…I think it’s mainly because we have over the past 30 years been conditioned to accept a ME complex”…….

    Putting it in simple terms….if it doesn’t directly effect ME, I’m not worried and wont get involved..even though they are hauling off my neighbor for not putting his garbage close enough to the street…that isn’t my problem, so I won’t get involved….

    Most people think that even though the economy is falling down around our necks and our pResident is off on another vacation in Africa spending money like a drunken sailor…that’s not my problem, I have a job flipping hamburgers at McDonald’s and I wont get involved…

    Even though our White House is closed because we have no money to keep it open to the people, and even though our military cannot celebrate the nations birthday..we must still provide the luxury that is expected of those illegals living in the WH. .no one speaks out about the waste being created every day by our elected leaders, especially the pResident and his Queen..but that’s OK, I don’t watch parades or care to go to see the White House…..so I won’t speak up and get involved.

    Even though we have about 9.5% unemployment in America today…our president says we must act swiftly and pass the faulty Immigration Bill no later than August….putting 11 to 20 million more aliens on our welfare rolls……even though we don’t have the money to support such an increase in our welfare rolls….I won’t get involved, my job at McDonalds is secure,,,,,so why should I care if no one else is working.

    Even though our elected leaders know beyond a “shadow of a doubt” that this president is a felon and unworthy to hold the office of POTUS, no one dares to question….I can’t get involved in politics, I really don’t care if he’s a felon or not…it doesn’t bother me……no one cares about the Constitution any more anyway.

    No..it’s sad but America has become a nation of ME’s except for the “special citizen, no one (the ME’s) wants to get involved. All the ME’s are waiting for someone else to make the first move.

    There will be no first moves until the ME’s conduct an attitude check on themselves…and convert their thinking and action to the WE’s…..

    Together, WE can move mountains, …and together, WE can clean the nations house of all the garbage that the ME generation has let accumulate over the past several years

    .But it will take a team effort…..until we change the ME generation into the WE generation….the only change that will occur will be… you will see .things will just progressively get worse.

  29. Pretty darn funny, Jonah!

  30. cabbyaz | July 2, 2013 at 11:15 am |
    Religious Liberty is the Next Shoe to Drop
    Do you think the prisons made for us for standing by our beliefs will be as nice as the one Michelle enjoys complaining about??

    Michelle Obama: Being First Lady is like living in a ‘really nice prison’


  31. Speaking of head games?………….Remember this?

  32. OBSERVER….

    It won’t be anything like the “next prison” she will be occupying once the TRUTH comes out….that broad is always complaining about something…

    First it was the “only time she was proud of her country”

    Next it was, I only have 35 personal servants…I need more…

    Then it was I need a personal makeup artist to do my facials…(as if that would help)

    Bitch, bitch, bitch…that woman is never satisfied.

    In her “next prison”, her and Obey Wan Kanoba will be eating soup beans three times a day…somehow, I don’t think Obey will complain, he will be housed with the MALE population…..you know, all those delicious “body builders”…….

  33. All,

    At the National Day of Prayer gathering in Washington D.C. , Coast Guard Rear Admiral William Lee ditched his prepared speech, and delivered a scathing indictment of Federal rules regarding Religion in the Military, and probably surrendered his career.


  34. oldsailor 81

    It would be extremely helpfful to Zimmerman with regard to any Civil action which he might choose to bring if he receives an acquittal. As I understand it his action against Martin was justifiable,under Florida law. This opens the door to potential acquittal, after which he will definitely be in the DRIVERS seat, and rightfully should financially CLEAN HOUSE ON EVERYBODY INVOLVED…..ONE AFTER THE OTHER. He could end up a very wealthy man. Har har.

  35. oldsailor 81

    ………and it is really heartening to see somebody who thought that they are SO IMPOORRRRRTANT that they can do anything against anybody,and not be held accountable. That is exactly the prevailing behavior ,and attitude of the IRS IMPORTANT PEOPLE ALSO. I now hear that MS. (Lois LANE) is going to face another round of questioning. She thinks she is SUPERWOMAN. (Remember the words “YA VEE ISS DER SUPERMEN)”?,and where they originated. Same sort of people….. but look where they are ALL at NOW. Har Har

  36. oldsailor81…

    I think he will be acquitted real fast once the jury goes in to session…because the only reason the suit was brought in the first place was because someone wanted to get reelected and needed the black vote…..and she now stands to face criminal charges in the matter….

    I hope he does ‘clean the plow” and sues everyone involved in this smear…It already clear that he sure isn’t guilty of murder as charged……Every witness put on the stand has been favorable to his case !

  37. Zach and SueQ,

    Dave Glover, a local talk show host was talking with someone about the body transplant story this afternoon. His guest brought this movie into the conversation and Glover thought the guy was making it up. They googled “Thing with Two Heads” and found the trailer of the movie on youtube. They were blown away and joked about it for a good portion of the show. I saw the movie on TV years ago and finally found it on ebay, $10.49 including shipping. The movie is soooooo bad that it’s funny. The vision of Rosey Greer riding on a motorcycle with Ray Milland’s head hanging on the side of his neck is awfully funny.

  38. “The Thing with Two Heads” 1972 – Full Movie

  39. Thanks, Gordo. You are good!

    I went to the youtube link and read some of the comments,
    “Great b movie, hard to take eyes off the screen”.
    “one of the best movies ever”.

    Really?! I think it’s the worst movie ever.

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