Private sector added 135000 Jobs in May, ADP National Employment Report, June 5, 2013, April revised downward, Economists expected 170K, Job growth slowed

Private sector added 135000 Jobs in May, ADP National Employment Report, June 5, 2013, April revised downward, Economists expected 170K, Job growth slowed

“With a 63.7% labor force participation, “conditions in the labor market are considerably worse than indicated” in July’s report”…economist Joshua Shapiro, WSJ August 3, 2012

“Private sector employment increased by 119,000 jobs from March to April, according to the April ADP National Employment Report….The March report, which reported job gains of 158,000, was revised downward to 131,000 jobs.”...ADP May 1, 2013

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″



From ADP June 5, 2013.
“ADP National Employment Report: Private Sector Employment Increased by 135,000 Jobs in May”
“Private sector employment increased by 135,000 jobs from April to May, according to the May ADP National Employment Report®, which is produced by ADP®, a leading provider of human capital management solutions, in collaboration with Moody’s Analytics. The report, which is derived from ADP’s actual payroll data, measures the change in total nonfarm private employment each month on a seasonally-adjusted basis. April’s job gains were revised downward to 113,000 from 119,000.”

“Service-providing industries added 138,000 jobs in May, an improvement over the April gain of 113,000. However, the gains in May are below the average monthly gain of 156,000 during the first quarter. Among the service industries reported by the ADP National Employment Report, professional/business services added 42,000 jobs added over the month, more than twice as many as in April. Trade/transportation/utilities recorded a gain of 31,000 jobs, while financial activities added 7,000 jobs.

“U.S. private sector employment increased by 135,000 jobs during the month of May 2013, a slight increase over the previous month of April,” said Carlos A. Rodriguez, president and chief executive officer of ADP. “The majority of new jobs in May came from the service-providing sector, which added a total of 138,000 jobs, while the goods-producing sector recorded a loss of 3,000 jobs. Notably, a gain of 5,000 jobs in the construction industry during May was offset by a decline of 6,000 lost jobs in the manufacturing industry.”

Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s Analytics, said, “The job market continues to expand, but growth has slowed since the beginning of the year. The slowdown is evident across all industries and all but the largest companies. Manufacturers are reducing payrolls. The softer job market this spring is largely due to significant fiscal drag from tax increases and government spending cuts.””

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57 responses to “Private sector added 135000 Jobs in May, ADP National Employment Report, June 5, 2013, April revised downward, Economists expected 170K, Job growth slowed

  1. Shuffling the deck again! Susan Rice is going to be appointed National Security Advisor and Samantha Power will become secretary to the U.N. O is scheduled to make announcement this P.M.

    Fox reported that the former does NOT need Senate confirmation, and it is very odd that this appointment would be made at this time unless there is fear of increasing Benghazi investigation. (She probably could not be subpoenaed by Congress after taking her new post because of separation of powers.)

    As far as Samantha Power, she is one dangerous person to be in the U.N. She is a strong opponent of Israel’s interests.

  2. Cabby,

    It’s like one big chess game with this administration! Also, I’ve been reading and listening to parts of recent interviews with Ed Klein, author of “The Amatuer”. He made a statement that “the Obamas and the Clintons are like the Hatfields and McCoys of the Democrat party”. And that a deal was struck with Bill Clinton to campaign for Obama, in exchange Obama would endorse Hillary in 2016………..a promise Obama reneged on after he won.

    I would love to see them both take each other down. They both seem to have these cult followers.

  3. Good Mornin’ all. The bad dream is still going on. I wake up each morning hoping that the election of Obama was just a nightmare that I could shake off when I am completely awake. But no. The nightmare is real.

    About 25 years ago I was talking with a friend about when things started going wrong in our American society. My friend was of African descent. He had been raised as Jehovah Witness. He was also a computer genius. He asked me when I thought things began going wrong. I said the 1960s. He said right, but why?

    I brought up several ideas, but finally he said, “It was when the Catholic Church stopped saying the Mass in Latin. Latin was the stabilizer. When they stopped, it began to lessen in the schools. The loss of Latin is the reason everything started going to Hell in a handcart.”

    I was totally amazed when he said that. A Jehovah Witness to a Jew? It was unexpected. He had a strange and interesting mind. Somehow, however, it rang true to me, and I didn’t know why.

    Being Jewish I thought of why we say a type of prayer in Aramaic called the Kaddish. It glorifies God’s name and is said at each service and especially whey someone dies or the anniversary of death. The prayer that functions in a similar way for Christian’s is the Lord’s Prayer called in Latin, the Pater Noster. And in a way, the Lord’s Prayer is a summary of the standing prayer we call the Amidah, the 18 Benedictions. Anyway, the Lord’s prayer is also, in essence, a Jewish prayer, as Jesus was definitely a Jew and when his disciples asked him how to pray, he gave that prayer, which is a summary of the 18 Benedictions.

    Not to over complicate, but I believe the Lord’s Prayer in Latin has a power in it. I know this sounds really strange, but ever since my friend made this observation about Latin and America and the West, it has stuck with me. I taught myself how to say the Lord’s prayer in Latin. I had never studied Latin and hardly knew any Latin at all–just a few common phrases.

    I now believe that the rise of Islam in our time and the degeneration of American and Western culture, can be attributed to a spiritual “vibe.” I believe that may come from the loss of Latin in the Church and in our culture. I’ve talked with Hebrew Catholics, Jews who converted to Christianity through the Roman Catholic church, and shared this idea with some of them. In the Bible Code I’ve found encryptions that indicate what I’m saying here is true.

    Saying the Pater Noster in Latin may be part of the spiritual cure for what ails us. I don’t know why. It is a mystery. But as strange as it may be, I thought I’d share this thought this morning.

    I may start a Pater Noster society to promote this idea. It does seem very true to me. I’ve carried this thought around for 25 years–since the time my friend brought it up. I also know there is in Israel a church dedicated to the Pater Noster–where Jesus is said to have taught this prayer to his disciples.

    Judaism and Christianity meet in this prayer, and Latin has been the Western vehicle of its conveyance. Muslims pray a set prayer to their demonic god how many times a day? Should we do any less to the true and living God? Thanks for reading this. I’m not trying to mix religion with politics, but there is an overlap. If we don’t grasp the spiritual dimension, we’ve already lost the culture war. And if we lose the culture war, we shall lose the political war as well. If any are interested, I’ll let you know when I get a website set up on this topic.

  4. PS, only problem with my scenario is there would be a lot of dead bodies in the wake.

  5. Dean M. @ 10:39
    I don’t mean any disrespect to you at all. I can tell by reading your posts that you are a gentle soul who seeks truth. I can only say that our God looks beyond our words and sees our heart. Sometimes we don’t even know how to pray…….yet Jesus knows we are crying out to him. On those occasions, he says the Holy Spirit prays for us. This comforts me. I hope it does you as well.

  6. The US Government has published a document online revealing details about a secret Israeli missile base.

  7. Dean, that is very thoughtful. I think society started going downhill with the introduction of the birth control pill. People could romp around and not fear the consequences. We now have a feel good society that puts their desires ahead of everything else. My partners got married in the early 1950’s in their early 20’s so they could have and raise children. With the advent of the pill, abortion, internet porn and divorce, many are in it for themselves with little care even for their children now. Plus many parents abuse drugs and alcohol. Kids are growing up with all sorts of troubles because their parents care only about themselves and are a mess, and it is downhill from there. Just look at Chicago as exhibit A.

  8. PS again,

    Jesus said, “These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.”

    Now I’ll quit for the day. Bye

  9. CABBYAZ……

    Everything Obama does now days is like “IN YOUR FACE”.. and “I’m the damn pResident and theres nothing you can do about it”! Kinda like a spoiled cry baby brat with the only baseball bat on the playground.

    I have been giving our political situation much thought lately…..either way you cut the pie, there will be great problems in our near future.

    But, in the end,… this criminal government MUST be purged of all the corruption if our Republic is too survive.

    There are only three courses of action which can be taken…and neither is good. I will not spell out these courses of action, because I may be misunderstood by those whom I know moniter CW’s website, and all other CONSERVATIVE websites.

    All of this MESS we are currently in can, and should be, be laid DIRECTLY at the steps of our CAPITOL building in Washington DC. Those 535 lily-livered people we sent up there to represent us have forgotten what the Constitution says or stands for… They are as much a part of the problem as, the problem himself (Obama, or whatever his name is).

    This charade should never have been permitted to go as far as it has…..and the longer it continues, the more bitter the medicine will be to cure it.

    But like it or not, the citizens of this country must restore LAW and ORDER, and RESPECT, and CONFIDENCE back to this runaway criminal government…at all levels ! Otherwise, we are doomed to become just another banana Republic with a two-bit dictator in charge.

    When this happens, those who have aided and abetted in placing this alien cabal in command will be in the same boat we are in…..and only the ELITE (which will be very few) will live off the sweat and tears of all others.

    I’m just and old man who remembers what America use tobe and what our country stood for …and it sure isn’t what America has become today.

    But I have no other country to call home, and neither do you or anyone else who post here, so we must do everything that is humanly possible to EDUCATE our youth on what our REPUBLIC was founded on. What it was, and what it can become again. Hopefully, they will respond in the right manner and get this ship of state back on course.

    Just like Thomas Paine said a long, long time ago,… “These are the times that try men’s souls…….

    I cannot speak for everyone else but, I will not falter in my duty.

    What did our Government overlook in that report? Do you think this terrorist is telling the truth or our government? Why has to take over NINE months, and our FBI is still in no position to talk about this?


    An al Qaeda terrorist stated in a recent online posting that U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens was killed by lethal injection after plans to kidnap him during the Sept. 11 attacks in Benghazi went bad.

    The veracity of the claim by Abdallah Dhu-al-Bajadin, who was identified by U.S. officials as a weapons expert for al Qaeda, could not be determined. However, U.S. officials have not dismissed the terrorist’s assertion.

    An FBI spokeswoman indicated that the bureau is aware of the claim but declined to comment because of the ongoing investigation into the Benghazi attacks.

    “While there is a great deal of information in the media and on the Internet about the attack in Benghazi, the FBI is not in a position at this time to comment on anything specific with regard to the investigation,” spokeswoman Kathy Wright said.

    A State Department spokesman had no comment.

    The FBI is investigating the deaths of Stevens, State Department information officer Sean Smith, and former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. They were killed in attacks that U.S. officials say were carried out by an al Qaeda-linked group known as Ansar al-Sharia.

    A State Department Accountability Review Board report and an interim House Republican report on the attacks gave no cause of death for Stevens, whose body was recovered by Libyans in the early hours of Sept. 12.

    The House report, “Interim Progress Report for the House Republican Conference,” said that “Libyan doctors tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate Ambassador Stevens upon his arrival at the hospital.”

    To date, no official cause of death for Stevens has been made public, although it was reported that a Libyan doctor who examined Stevens said he died from apparent smoke inhalation and related asphyxiation.

    Video and photos of Stevens being handled by a mob in Benghazi were posted on the Internet. It is not clear from the images whether he was dead or alive at the time.

    According to a March 14 posting on an al Qaeda-linked website, Dhu-al-Bajadin stated that Stevens was given a lethal injection that was overlooked during the autopsy
    Please note it said,

    That’s like asking the cat if he ate the canary….

  11. CitizenWells,
    Just a little website preview for those still watching Bengazi

    I suppose the ‘theory’ that the Ambassador was supposed to be kidnapped for a trade of the blind sheik to pacify al queda is looking more and more like fact. That is why the seals were ordered to stand down, that is why the military was prevented from saving them, it was a red flag operation from the get go.

  12. RMinNC, (11:13 AM)
    Very well said!!
    We certainly don’t lack for hindsight at this point, and as I reflect upon what has happened the last five or six years, a much clearer picture emerges.

    We here all know we have a usurper of some sort in the W.H. We also know from prior knowledge and his present behavior that there is not one ounce of presidential material there – He is strictly a politician and has appointed czars, cabinet members, and a host of others to actually govern, while he plays golf, parties and vacations. Holding his nose up in the air, he flies above the fray, regardless.

    Now, add to that: He is a consummate liar, a died-in-the-wool Marxist, and a member of the vast Chicago thuggery. Oh, I forgot – a closet? Muslim.
    Of course, he has appointed those who share his ideology and crooked ways. No decent, honorable, country-loving people would accept his appointment for any office, because their morals would not permit it.

  13. CABBYAZ…
    All of what you say is a receipt for disaster…and without doubt, Obama is a TRAIN WRECK waiting to happen…….I happened across this just now…very interesting…

    Except: “I have no idea what he thinks or how he operates,” he concludes, “other than — it bothers me greatly that he’s unwilling to identify the enemy.” Rumsfeld was always very good at identifying the enemy.
    Well Donald, old boy, if it bothers you greatly….how the hell do you think the rest of us fell ?…..Obama is THE ENEMY…..and a proven one at that !!!


    Even if you remove the speculative theory regarding the death by lethal injection, and/or the kidnapping plot gone wrong, the Free Beacon report raises a very important component of the Benghazi Massacre story that has gone unreported for far too long – the American autopsy results for Ambassador Stevens.

    The ONLY autopsy information received was one reportedly performed at a Benghazi hospital that later Congressional testimony indicated was controlled by terrorist groups.

    Surely (well maybe) the Obama government performed another autopsy on the body of the first U.S. ambassador killed in the line of duty in over thirty years – right? RIGHT ? Yet – NOT ONE WORD has come out regarding any such AMERICAN DOCTOR’S autopsy on the body of Chris Stevens. WHY?……SURELY OUR GOVERNMENT IS NOT THAT IGNORANT or NON CARING !!!.

    As for the kidnapping gone wrong theory, that has been indicated by various alternative media blogs for some time now, including but not limited to, the often interesting Lame Cherry.

    What is certain, is that there are figures within the Obama administration who very much want to eliminate the possibility of the truth about the Benghazi Massacre from EVER reaching the American public.
    Where there’s smoke…there’s fire…where there’s fire, someone will get burned.


    No wonder Susan Rice has been appointed to a position that will not have to be approved by Congress. Anyone with any imagination at all can see that she needed to be off limits to Senate scrutiny and questions that would be certain to surface about Benghazi.

    This has been alluded to here before, I believe, but it is entirely possible that the adm. purposely “got the ball rolling” about IRS when it did in order to distract from the ongoing Benghazi investigation. On a Friday it was Lois Lerner, I believe, who deliberately spilled the beans in a speech she gave.
    Either the IRS fallout was vastly greater than they expected, OR it was all worth it in order to draw fire away from Benghazi. Something to think about.

    It’s sort of like starting a back fire to reduce the danger from the main hazard. The problem is that one has to be very skilled with back fires, even
    trained firefighters. Hmm…….Use your imagination as to what I’m thinking but won’t write.

  16. HonorFirst

    Make Room for Islamistgate: The Obama Administration’s Newest, (Biggest?) Scandal

  17. The plan was hidden in plain sight !!!

    ………..Now We Know Why Obama Did Not Act in Benghazi
    “The IRS Scandal smokescreen will not provide cover for this egregious act of treason.”
    Posted by David DeGerolamo on June 5, 2013 at 7:37am

    The revelation concerning the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens by “lethal injection” will become the catalyst for the events that will shape the future of our country.

    The source of this information is Bill Gertz: His reputation and sources are impeccable in Washington circles.

    Ambassador Stevens was overseeing the transfer of weapons to Syria through Turkey which the media and Congress are still ignoring.
    The scheme to “kidnap” him and then exchange him for the blind sheik Omar Abdel Rahman COULD ONLY HAVE COME FROM OBAMA.

    This plan was hidden in plain sight.

    From the Wall Street Journal on September 24th, 2012:
    Will Obama Free the Blind Sheik?
    Are senior Obama administration officials considering transferring to Egypt a poisonously influential Islamist cleric serving a life term in federal prison for trying to unleash a war of urban terrorism in the United States?

    That’s the impression several officials have given over the past three months, apparently out of fear that if the cleric dies in U.S. custody, American outposts in the Middle East could be overrun by vengeful mobs.

    This shows the level of arrogance of this administration. A plan to hand over the mastermind of the 911 attacks to the new Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt would have been quite a coup for Obama’s standing in the Muslim world.
    We would get back Ambassador Stevens, and the media would extol the president’s actions for being able to make the hard choices.

    So all rescues attempts were ordered to stand down as our military “leaders” impotently watched the attack in real time. But Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were not aware of the “plan”.

    The efforts of these former Navy SEALs changed the outcome of the attack and sealed the fate of the ambassador, Sean Smith and their own.
    Where does that leave the president now?

    The IRS scandal smokescreen will not provide cover for this egregious act of treason.
    There will be no support for Obama from Congress and the military leadership is culpable. They may have been under orders to stand down but their actions have left them complicit.

    At this point, Obama should be concerned about retribution from the military to regain their honor in what will become the nation’s worst scandal in our history.
    David DeGerolamo
    Well said Mr. DeGerolamo, well said…….. now lets see if there is just a ounce of HONOR left in our arm-chair Generals who went along with the ride on this TREASON, or will they cave again and leave the heavy lifting to the citizens who will most assuredly demand justice.

    If Obama’s treasonous act had succeeded, he could have had his “cake and eat it too”….the illegal arms would have been given to the Islamic terrorist in Syria, Stevens would have been “exchanged for the Blind Sheik” and he (Obama) would have been proclaimed a world HERO……

    This amature bumbbling reminds me of a peice of prose I heard one time, that went something like this:

    “For want of a nail, the horse was lost, for want of a horse, the rider was lost, for want of a rider, a kingdom was lost”………when you forget the basics, all is lost.

    Like William said….in all your scheming Mr. pResident you failed to remember the basic steps……..the FIVE P’s……

    That’s the way it was taught to me…that’s the way I pass it on.

  18. Like you say CABBYAZ….
    Susan Rice was moved into the White House to PROTECT her from the prying eyes and ears of Congress…..RICE knew of this plan, along with CLINTON and PANETTA and certain Generals like DEMPSE and HAMM……..

    Someone is going to pay for this before it’s all over…and I don’t see Obama being able to throw anyone under his bus for this stupid traitorous mistake..



    It should have read Pi**-Poor……sorry bout that !

  20. RMinNC,
    This scripture comes to mind, “Be sure your sins will find you out.”

  21. AMEN

  22. Question:

    What is Obama sticking in his bottom lip? It continues to get bigger and bigger in photo ops over time.

    He’s looking more and more like Bubba from Forrest Gump!

  23. Haha,,,,Now WILLIAM…you know perfectly well what OBAMA is sticking between his lips…lol …….

    and it ain’t chewing gum.

  24. RMinNC,

    LOL.. I love those 6 P’s, except when my wife reminds me of them. One of those – Well Honey, you didn’t think that one through very well did ya?
    She also likes to remind my of my career, such as – you can lead Plants and Management to make drastic changes, but you cant remember to separate your clothes by color? 🙂

    It reminds of reading a short funny story in Reader’s Digest in the Military Humor section. During a Family tour day on the base, an AirForce Fighter Pilot was showing his wife the cockpit of his jet, showing her all the whistles and bells to operate a fighter. She listened to his complex explanations and his boasting of all the controls it takes to fly it.

    After he was done, she simply said: You can fly this jet, know all the control, but are confused and cannot operate the washer machine at home?

    Folks, we are just built that way!!! 🙂 Forgive us

  25. RMinNC,

    Well I dare say it probably isn’t Copenhagen! But I wouldn’t rule out ground Coca beans…. 🙂

  26. Or rather ground Coca Leaves…. not beans..

  27. WILLIAM…if he wasn’t on camera, I could tell you exactly what it would be……lol

  28. good story WILLIAM…yep, we are just built that way !

  29. Obama announced that Susan Rice is an American that LOVES her Country?

    Really? She recently compared the U.S.A. to the NAZI’s ….

    Yep, shows me a lot..

  30. I for one, am so GLAD you’re built that way!

  31. Here is a brief list of Susan Rice Horrible U.N. Record.

  32. Ahhh- thank you SueQ 🙂


    I THINK THAT WAS JUST WONDERFUL..GOD BLESS HER, i hope she spends it well..

    At least it wasn’t won by an illegal alien that doesn’t speak English ….or one of Soetoro’s brothers from Kenya…….

  34. SueQ,

    My wife asks at times; what would you do without me? I say, be lost as hell… LOL..

  35. William,

    Without you, she’d be lost also. 😦 That’s the truth. Take care … ya hear?

  36. Ah SueQ,

    I’m so sorry hun. I spoke before thinking. 😦

  37. For William:

    [“My wife asks at times; what would you do without me? I say, be lost as hell…”]

  38. June 5, 2013

    “Shock Video: Senator Marco Rubio Flustered: Show Me Obama Birth Certificate Fraud Evidence”

    “Sen. Rubio outright lies saying no proof Obama birth certificate fraudulent ever released. But is aware of Sheriff Joe’s investigation…”

    “Rubio Lies About Obama ID Fraud – 6/3/2013”

  39. Today the usurper commended Susan Rice by saying, “She’s tough; she’s fearless!”
    All I could think of, “So was Adolph Hitler, Castro, Stalin, and a host of dictators.” Thus, those attributes are not necessarily characteristic of a good, qualified person.

    I am getting so weary of the low-down creeps surrounding the “head”, which is showing itself to be fully corrupt and rotten. Sorry for the rant; just had to spout off.

  40. Senator RUBIO…don’t write me asking for money…you are just like OBAMA…ALL SMOKE AND MIRRORS….
    When you look and ACT on Sheriff Arapio’s evidence, I will consider a donation, but not to you as a PRESIDENTIAL candiate.

  41. William, please don’t be sorry sweetie. Just take care of yourself and your sweet family. So glad there are still some men left in this screwed up world.

  42. ne 5, 2013

    “BREAKING! MARCO RUBIO STEPS INTO IT BIG TIME!…Says that if Sheriff Arpaio has evidence of Obama fraud…he needs to present it to the public!…He personally is not aware of a problem (ROTFLMAO!!!)…

    UPDATE: Mike Zullo has been personally informed as to this development as of 3:30 p.m. PST”
    GaryW’s comments at ORYR:

    “It’s time for Zullo to march into Rubio’s office. Furthermore…this video clip needs to be disseminated far and wide and all patriot’s need to bombard Rubio with the evidence. Hold his feet to the fire! This is an opening that needs to be exploited! He said it…hold him to it!”

    “BTW…Zullo was informed personally 15 mins ago about this. I know this to be a fact.”

  43. Rubio is a snake! A very fast talking snake.

  44. June 5, 2013

    “STUNNER! Zullo “SCHOOLS” Orly Taitz on Obama SSN Debacle!”

  45. SueQ | June 5, 2013 at 7:16 pm |
    Yeah, SueQ, and that’s perhaps good, practical evidence as to why our Founding Fathers made it clear about an NBC for president. As conservative as some of these prospects appear to be at times, they are influenced by the fact that both parents were NOT citizens before the child’s birth.

    I believe that Rubio’s views on immigration are greatly influenced by his foreign connections. It would stand to reason for that to be so, because his immigrant parents had not had enough of a chance to get acclimated to American beliefs and ways.

  46. P.S. A love for freedom is NOT synonymous with a love for America and its constitution.

  47. June 4, 2013

    “Zeus Malware Uses Facebook To Drain Bank Accounts”

    “The Zeus malware that drains bank accounts is back — and this time it’s alive and well on Facebook.

    TrendMicro recently published a chilling graph that demonstrated the resurgence of this classic Trojan virus which a Russian crime syndicate known as the Russian Business Network uses to steal money from victim’s bank accounts. The Zeus and related Trojan viruses surged in February and hit a peak in May.

    Despite being six years old, the Zeus malware continues to thrive. In its current incarnation, it is taking advantage of Facebook psychology to infect millions of computers in the United States.

    Unlike some malicious viruses, the Zeus malware doesn’t try to crash your computer. Instead, it waits quietly until the victim logs into a banking site and then harvests the log-in information so that the crime syndicate can drain the bank account.

    In an added twist, some versions can replace the genuine bank Web site with a lookalike page that asks you for Social Security numbers and other financial information. If you’ve recently been warned by your credit card company or bank not to answer those questions — as I have — well, now you know why….”
    “ZeuS/ZBOT Malware Shapes Up in 2013”

    “The notorious info-stealing ZeuS/ZBOT variants are reemerging with a vengeance, with increased activity and a different version of the malware seen this year.”

  48. June 5, 2013

    CDR Charles Kerchner:

    “Chief Investigator Mike Zullo Needs to Call and Send a Followup Confirmation Letter to Senator Marco Rubio and Offer to Publicly Brief and Present Senator Rubio with the Evidence of Obama’s ID Document Fraud”

    “Watch this shocking and shameful video demonstrating the either total naivety and deviousness by Senator Rubio, or one non-natural born Citizen of the USA with presidential aspirations who is protecting Obama the non-natural born Citizen of the USA and fraud, as John McCain did in 2008, or is engaging in a bald-faced disinformation attempt, and change the subject attempt, to bamboozle the questioner and the listeners, and pretend he does not know about the extent of the absolute forged and fabricated Obama’s PDF Birth Certificate on, which fact has now been verified as such by a court certified document examiner:”
    Video here:

  49. Comments at ORYR:
    Disgusted Geezer:

    “Ross Perot used to say that you can tell the dishonesty in a man by the frequency of his eye blinks and I have found this to be true. Rapid blinks- big liar. Senator Blinky Rubio- just another self serving politician eager to win his moments of fame and turn at the trough.”
    Thomas The Paine:

    “… It’s obvious that he was lying: His lips were moving and he was blinking like turn signal!”

  50. Cabby what the Usurper really meant re Rice is that she is a good little zombie who does what she’s told and has no conscience when it comes to lying for me so I am rewarding her good behavior.

    What a revolting development to hand that woman a promotion. Disgusting, arrogant, vengeful fools running this country right now. Rush was right today when he said appointing Rice and the other woman to the UN ambassadorship was a big FU to the American people. He continues to do that and get away with it because no one has yet to stop him. I can hear him laughing at us all the way from DC.


    The Big Question is: Will American soldiers and law enforcement officers turn their guns upon other innocent citizens when ordered to do so?

    If your a student of history you already know the answer to that question.
    Oppression has no step-children, power begets more power.

    If this video don’t wake you up to our current situation, then nothing will.

  52. Report: NSA Secretly Collecting Phone Records Of All U.S. Verizon Calls

    The National Security Administration is secretly collecting phone record information for all U.S. calls on the Verizon network. “Under the terms of the blanket order, the numbers of both parties on a call are handed over, as is location data, call duration, unique identifiers, and the time and duration of all calls,” reports The Guardian, which broke the story of the top-secret project after it obtained record of a court order mandating Verizon hand over the information.

    Remember SUSAN (lying Susy) RICE is now in charge of the NSA…..this is just a part of the complete police take-over by this rogue runaway government….But sleep tight tonight…you can trust SUSY, OBAMA does……lol


  54. Little did the Platters know in 1955 that their song would be so appropriate today, 58 years later. .

  55. Good morning CW et. al,


    Thanks for the Slim Whitman vid.

    Additionally, that woman asking Rubio questions sounded DRUNK or Highly intoxicated to me.

  56. citizenwells

    Good morning William, et al

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