Obama sequester lies reported by Washington Post, Obama false claim of Capitol janitors receiving pay cut, Obama gets 4 Pinocchios, Post receives 4 Murrows

Obama sequester lies reported by Washington Post, Obama false claim of Capitol janitors receiving pay cut, Obama gets 4 Pinocchios, Post receives 4 Murrows

“Starting tomorrow everybody here, all the folks who are cleaning the floors at the Capitol. Now that Congress has left, somebody’s going to be vacuuming and cleaning those floors and throwing out the garbage. They’re going to have less pay. The janitors, the security guards, they just got a pay cut, and they’ve got to figure out how to manage that. That’s real.”… Obama news conference, March 1, 2013

“dedicated his life as a newsman and as a public official to the unrelenting search for truth.”…Lyndon B. Johnson

“The function of the press is very high. It is almost Holy.
It ought to serve as a forum for the people, through which
the people may know freely what is going on. To misstate or
suppress the news is a breach of trust.”…. Louis D. Brandeis

Hats off to the Washington Post for reporting the truth about Obama sequester lies.

From the Washington Post March 1, 2013.
“Sequester spin: Obama’s false claim of Capitol janitors receiving ‘a pay cut’”

“This column has been updated with a new Pinocchio rating

This was a pretty evocative image the president offered at his news conference Friday on the sequester — janitors sweeping the empty halls of the Capitol, laboring at less pay.

When we first heard his remarks, we thought he was perhaps overstating matters. Even at federal agencies that have planned furloughs, none are expected to begin on Saturday; such actions are weeks away at many federal agencies. But that’s perhaps a minor rhetorical overreach.

But then our colleague Ed O’Keefe obtained the sequester plan released by the Architect for the Capitol, which employs Capitol Hill janitors on the House side. (The Sergeant at Arms employs the janitorial staff on the Senate side.) UPDATE: Obama’s remarks also prompted a warning from AOC officials that his comments were “not true.”

The Facts

We have embedded an image of the first AOC document below. Stephen T. Ayers, the  architect of the Capitol, listed a number of steps being taken to reduce expenses, including limiting new hiring and postponing repairs. This line jumped out at us: “We do not anticipate furloughs for AOC employees as a result of Sequestration.””

“(The White House officials’ aggressive pushback of this column ended after we sent a copy of this email to them.)

On the Senate side of the building, Sergeant at Arms Terry Gainer said the cleaning technicians are his employees–not contract employees, except for setting up rooms for meetings and events.

“None of my employees will have their pay cut nor will they face furloughs assuming the cost saving strategies initiated months ago (hiring freeze, overtime reduction and delayed in equipment replacement etc.), in conjunction with a very aggressive early retirement program we began two weeks ago, reap the savings anticipated,” he said in an e-mail.

As for security guards at the Capitol, Gainer, who is chairman of the Capitol Hill Police Board, added:

“Our Centurions will face neither pay cuts nor furloughs; they are standing tall through sequestration and all. (We are saving $ by reducing overtime which is accomplished by closing doors of convenience, safety will not be compromised but health improved for visitors and staff by longer treks. )”

The Pinocchio Test

Obama’s remarks continue the administration’s pattern of overstating the potential impact of the sequester, which we have explored this week. But this error is particularly bad–and nerve-wracking to the janitors and security guards who were misled by the president’s comments.

We originally thought this was maybe a Two Pinocchio rating, but in light of the AOC memo and the confirmation that security guards will not face a pay cut, nothing in Obama’s statement came close to being correct.

Four Pinocchios”

Read more:


In the spirit of Edward R. Murrow and his never ending search for the truth, I award the Washington Post 4 Murrows.


38 responses to “Obama sequester lies reported by Washington Post, Obama false claim of Capitol janitors receiving pay cut, Obama gets 4 Pinocchios, Post receives 4 Murrows

  1. citizenwells

    “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

    Winston Churchill

  2. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    CW – I heard that Winston Churchill’s favorite quote was the one by Casey Stengel – “The only way to manage is to keep those that hate your guts away from those that are undecided.”
    And as Ol Casey used to say -“You can look it up.”

  3. citizenwells

    As you know, I am a huge fan of Churchill.

  4. Whistleblower

    Stunning development in Chicagogate: Publisher of Blagojevich book “Golden” confesses


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  6. oldsailor80

    I am not trying to be TRITE but I cannot believe that so many people have waited so long before doing the exact same search that a pair of clers assistants and myself done nearly 4 years ago. The information that Axciom found is exactly the same stuff we found. However we were only focusing on anything relating to granted ,and pending name change petitions. It is virtually impossibility for anybody or even a TEAM to sponge all of the US public information databases clean. We also watched for the information that SHOULD be available at these databases. It was up to a point the information that WE DID NOT FIND which SHOULD HAVE BEEN READILY AVAILABLE which confirmed most of the facts that no petition for name change has EVER been acted upon by any of the proper courts.When we set out to collect data we were at it from 6:00 AM on and sometimes clear into the early am the following morning. When we were done we had combed ALL of the US PUBLIC INFORMATION DATABASES,and with the help of the clerks ALL of the Superior Court archives in every county,of every state in the union. It was a task that I do not want to ever repeat. Out of the research it was clear that there has NEVER BEEN A NAME CHANGE ADJUDICATED FROM BARRY SOETORO TO BARRACK H. OBAMA,AT ANY OF THE SUPERIOR COURTS IN THE ENTIRETY OF THE US, INCLUDING HAWAII,ALASKA,AND CANADA. THE PROBABLE REASON WHY there has never been a legally granted name change is resultant of THE FACT THAT HE DOES NOT HOLD A LEGALLY VALID BC. For a US citizen to legally change his name he/she must file a Petition for Name change at the Superior Court in the County in which he /she lives. It must be accompanied by a CERTIFIED copy of a Legally valid BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Our findings also gave rise to another very serious question…..If Barry Soetoro is still Barry Soetoro,how the hell can his ALLEGED wife be Mrs. Michelle Obama? This question alone seems to indicate that we have FOUR ILLEGAL SQUATTERS in the WH. I wish Axciom lots of luck. If I was in their position I would RECORD and have each document NOTORISED. We used close to 14 reams of paper, and we only recorded the pertinent documents. I invite Axciom to do the exact same search that we did. Hope you have DEEP POCKETS……it will get a little expensive.

  7. oldsailor80

    So far I have never either heard of a duplicate for Churchill,nor have I ever read about a duplicate. This is probably because there NEVER will be an EXACT duplicate,having the same personality,or the same level of political sabby.

  8. oldsailor80

    Britain was fortunate that Chruchill was available to take over where the numbskull Chamberlain left off. I shudder when I think about how the war might have went had Chamberlain been allowed to remain at the helm.

  9. Old Sailor, I admire the work you did on the name change issue. It is a glaring red flag on the eligibility issue and one Orly and others bringing lawsuits seem to have pretty much ignored. Why I wonder.

    Question though, could his mother or grandparents have changed his name when he was a child in Hawaii without doing that kind of legal paperwork? Or was his name never changed to Soetoro legally so they didn’t need to change it back? If a child is adopted then the parents divorce, can the child’s name revert to his birth mother or father’s name without legal manuevers?

    I am confused why this issue isn’t a bigger deal with people. No one really brings up the fact that he was named Barack H. Obama at birth(maybe), then became Barry Soetaro when he was in Indonesia and then changed back to Barack Hussein Obama sometime in his later teens. This seems like a big deal to me and I don’t get why it wasn’t made more of back in 2007.

    I’d love to hear your opinion on this. Thanks.

  10. oldsailor80

    The name Barrack H.Obama would legally CEASE to exist,insofar as being legally owned by Soetoro after the alleged legal adoption of him. His surname would have legally become Soetoro. It was at this point when he would have legally become an Indonesian citizen. Otherwise he would not have been eligible to attend Francisco Assisi School. I believe that Orly Taitz has the correct synopsis. After all it is she who lays her information on the line.

  11. Well, at least it’s good that there’s still some data bases that haven’t gotten scrubbed even while showing at the same time evidence that they’ve been manipulated by our “well respected institutions of higher learning” themselves. Only adds to the frustration that recognizes a completely destroyed justice system. It’s not only evidence against the foreigner trying to hold office but at the same time it’s evidence of our criminal and/or terrorized justice system in this situation.

  12. oldsailor80

    I would probably be remiss if I didn’t point to the fact that there are millions of young people in our country who think Soetoro is a Messiah. They walk among us, and do what we do,talk like us,and dress like us,but when it comes to their state of enlightenment their intellectual quotient would register somewhere in the region of 15-30……normal being 90 to 120. Need I say anymore.?

  13. oldsailor80

    Here is the PRIMARY REASON why the PUBLIC INFORMATION DATABASES tell a very exacting story. If any of the information was in fact the truth it would ALL be available in the PUBLIC INFORMATION DATABASES. It would be completely insane for Soetoro to ERASE information which would SUPPORT his lies. If he had had a legally adjudicated name change anywhere in the US he WOULD WANT THAT information to be readily available to anyone. When a name change is done by court adjudication and if the name change is granted it becomes PUBLIC INFORMATION which the PI databases pick up immediately. After all compiling such data is their livelihood, and once again it would be information that Soetoro would absolutely want to be there. That is why he would NOT scrub such information. After all it would BUTRESS his lies. We knew pretty much for certain that he attended Occidental using the name Barry Soetoro until 1980 or perhaps 1981. So we started at 1980,and examined everything within the interim period after that date up to 2000. It was exactly the same results year over year. No legally adjudicated petition for name change. Keep in mind he began using the Barrack H Obama name at some point after he allegedly entered Columbia. So in reality he would have HAD TO have had a legally heard name change at some poit therein. If he was accepting money from the US government while at Occidental,where, and when did the money stream dry up. It would have been at this point where he would have began to use the name Obama. This is also why I question the LEGAL VALIDITY of his alleged marriage to Michelle. He can’t legally be Soetoro,and marry Michelle in the US and have her surname become Obama. Her surname would legally be Soetoro.

  14. oldsailor80

    I think that I personally would leave the TERRORISATION of the DOJ out. Rather I would add the words CRIMINALLY COMPLICIT,and OTHERWISE TREASONOUS. judicial branch.

  15. oldsailor80

    There are probably a thousand reasons why NOBODY seems to have any interest in such damning information. I think that the most viable reason is simply that PATHETICALLY few people even GIVE a damn anyway. Then when a legally elected sheriff investigates, and finds PROBABLE CAUSE the very same people SQUAK and YELL that it is all BULLSHI#. In reality their minds are so SCREWED up by drugs,porn and illiteracy that a hell of a big percentage of them can no longer even discern UP from DOWN,or comprehend the meaning of the words NO,OR YES. In short a very large portion of our alleged society have become DUMBED DOWN, MEANINGLESS, and otherwise USELESS as productive citizens to society.

  16. Please be patient. His house of cards may be made of steel, yet it still is a house of cards.

  17. oldsailor80


  18. citizenwells

    NH Gun Store Depicts Obama As ‘Firearms Salesman Of The Year’

    “One of the posters in the front window of a New Hampshire gun shop depicts President Obama as “Firearms Salesman of the Year.” Below the president are two AK-47 rifles.

    A second poster featuring the images of Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin and Mao Zedong accompanies a statement that reads, “All Experts Agree, Gun Control Works.””


  19. citizenwells

    “Live free or die.”

    New Hampshire

  20. I wasn’t speaking of the justice system’s consigliere (whom we all know has a history of sleaze) being “terrorized” but the “building blocks” of the system wishing not to be targeted themselves (or the position) and thus folding.

  21. Hendershot is just presenting something in addition to all of the earlier research he has already presented. Since that discovery he has stated that later when revisiting same databases he found them all to be scrubbed….the fraud SSN simply does not exist any longer on same bases!! Obviously it’s not facts that would be good evidence for Zero that were scrubbed.

  22. bob strauss

    My Response To Senator McCain’s Pathetic Response

    Here is the text of Senator John McCain’s response to a letter I sent him regarding Obama’s ineligibility to hold the office of President: Dear Mr. Ballantyne: Thank you for contacting me about the citizenship requirements for the office of President of the United States. ..


  23. bob strauss | March 3, 2013 at 7:28 pm |

    Hi Bob,

    ‘Pathetic’ is putting it mildly.

    I think we all know by now that both parties are complicit in this fraud. Now, whether the reason is fear of retribution, intimidation, or furthering the U.N. agenda is a toss up but the fact remains that it’s impossible for Congress *not* to see the light when the evidence is right in their faces.

    The stock letters only prove to me that they refuse to address the issue, for whatever reason. That said, does it make any difference for whom we vote in the midterms? Is the agenda the same, regardless of the candidates? Sure, the Repubs bang the drum that this or that has to be stopped but at the end of the day (every day), they cave.

    So, what’s the solution? I sure don’t know, but I think that it may have something to do with concentrating on races at the local level; that’s where it all begins.

    I’m sorry to say that I probably won’t be enthusiastic about any election from here on out knowing that they’re all in on it unless, of course, a Reagan-caliber candidate comes forth. Are there any out there?

  24. SueK,
    I wonder about the underlings surrounding these politicians, and whether they ever allow the politicians to see the true story about the usurper, and his credentials. It seems as if the SCOTUS clerks are running interference for the usurper, along with the justice department, and Congress.

    I think Orly Taitz calling this what it is: a RICO crime, is absolutely correct.

  25. Thanks Old Sailor. I guess you probably hit it right when you inferred no one really cares about Obama being legit. I cannot imagine why, other than the good job the msm has done on making ‘birtherism’ a joke and ridiculing any and all who question dear leader’s origins. Since most people are what I call ‘headline readers only,’ they refuse to look at the facts and just accept what they hear and see from the media. People also don’t want to be made to look like fools so they would shy away from being lumped into the birther category. The media has done the same thing to the Tea Party and to Sarah Palin. Even if some people secretly admire both and are suspicious of Obama’s eligibility, they will never admit it. Alinsky 101. Irrefutable proof from a credible source that withstands all attempts at discrediting will be the only things that ever trip Obama up and reveal the truth IMO. But his impeachable offenses are many and that is where he could be caught. Too bad there are no courageous govt. officials that would do it.

    I have been following this eligibility issue with Obama since 2007 and still cannot believe that he was ever allowed to run. Most people now just say oh well, too late now. He’s been allowed to be Pres. for two elections so what can be done? Me, I’d be happy if he was removed even with only one day left in his term if it meant the Constitution and our laws were being upheld.

  26. Cjzak………
    I truly believe that there was a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY which extended entirely through the elected LIBERAL politicians. This includes the DOJ,the SCOTUS,and the 127 federal judges, not to mention the SLIMEY congressional politicians who decided that they are holding office to enrichen themselves rather than represent WE THE PEOPLE, who thought that theses birds would represent our interests. They are in both parties and it is clear that both parties are complicit. You can be sure that there are thousands of MORONS who walk among us who support the illegal POTUS. Until we find an effective way to re program these ROBOTS, it is very likely that NOTHING will ever be done with respect to the DOJ taking the lead in cleaning house. Sadly the legal channels are blocked ,and will undoubtedly REMAIN blocked for some time to come. It is a little like a rifle………….without ammo it is only useable as a club or bayonet staff.

  27. If any databases were scrubbed it would have been those containing PRIVILEGED information, but NOT PUBLIC information. There is no reason at all to attempt to scrub a PI DATABASE. IT IS WHAT IT SAYS IT IS………..public information which millions have ALREADY availed themselves of………it would totally absurd for anyone to even want to scrub such a database. He/she would in effect be shoveling MANURE AGAINST THE TIDE, and would be hurting themselves rather than helping themselves.

  28. CJZAK…………..
    The saddest part of it all is that it really is nothing more than PLAYGROUND TYPE of BULLYING. These bullies do not fight or otherwise attempt to bully those who tell them to GO TO HELL,and administer a well aimed punch between their eyes. I tend to think that all of the 98 lb weaklings, are named Georgie Porgie. The bullies try to intimidate the FEMALES on the playground,but the Georgy Porgys RUN AWAY when the bullies come out to play. I think most everybody remembers the little playground poem “STICKS AND STONES……………. I LEARNED VERY EARLY IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL THAT IF YOU PUT A KNOT ON THE BULLY’S HEAD HE WON’T COME BACK FOR SECONDS. I ATTENDED A RURAL COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOL,AND A VOCATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL. HAD ONLY ONE ATTEMPT TO BULLY ME. THE BULLY RECEIVED A PRETTY GOOD KNOT ON HIS HEAD FROM MY LUNCH BOX STRIKING THE SIDE OF HIS HEAD,WITH A FULL THERMOS BOTTLE INSIDE. HE TRIED THE SAME THING WITH ANOTHER YOUNGSTER ABOUT A MONTH LATER……..HE ENDED UP BEING EXPELLED BY THE SCHOOL PRINCIPLE,WHO WAS A MENNONITE, WITH A VERY NASTY TEMPER. IN CASE YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT A MENNONITE IS………THEY ARE BREAKAWAY AMISH.

  29. February 27, 2013

    Mark Gillar:

    “50 Year Document Expert: “Obama’s Birth Certificate Is Fake”

    “Paul Irey, a document expert with fifty years of experience claims he can prove that Barack Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate Is Fake.”


  30. It would seem to me that if the department of homeland security began to use such armor against trained US veterans they would see a hell of a lot of their TINY LITTLE tanks disappear one by one. When the FED starts it it will be probably ended by veterans. That is why they would love to disarm all of our veterans. But it is not going to happen. The VFW is a group that they had better consider,because a hell of a lot of them are ARMED to the teeth with military weapons, and they know how to BEST use their weapons as well. They are ONE of the biggest veteran organisations.There are thousands of trained veteran snipers alone, “one shot…one KILL,@one mile. “If you hear the shot it most likely was not intended for you”. If there is such a thing as a BADASS it would be a well trained and fully experienced sniper,with an IQ of over 160. The forerunner of the Seals was the Navy UDT. I had the privilege of watching these guys train and rehearse for upcoming actions. Something else!

  31. The tanks and bullets go hand in hand with the litmus test for military brass that calls for firing on American citizens….he’s already eliminated a few Generals who might cause him problems.

  32. The “ick” factor, apparently of biblical proportions…reaping what they’ve sown?:

    Army Sniper Teams Battle Plague of “Mutant Giant Rats” of Tehran

    Posted by Jim Hoft on Sunday, March 3, 2013, 6:08 PM

    Rats large enough to chase cats.

    The Iranian regime has dispatched army sniper teams to battle the mutant giant rats of Tehran.
    Investor’s Business Daily reported:

    Tehran, the capital of Iran, is battling an invasion of “genetically mutated” giant rats.

    Iran has sent in sniper teams to clear Tehran’s streets from the massive rodents weighting up to five kilos plaguing 26 district of the Iranian capital, the city’s environmental agency said.

    “They seem to have had a genetic mutation, probably as a result of radiations and the chemical used on them,” Ismail Kahram, Teheran city council environment adviser and university professor Ismail Kahram told Qudsonline.ir.

    “They are now bigger and look different. These are changes that normally take millions of years of evolution. They have jumped from 60 grams to five kilos, and cats are now smaller than them.”

    The “mutated rats” have been running rampant in the capital, as cats are scared off by their giant size and traditional poison appear to have no effect on them.

    To stop them storming of restaurants’ backyards and scavenging public waste containers, the council has deployed ten snipers teams armed with infra-red sighted rifles.

  33. Prior comment link was: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/
    with picture….ugh!

    And then we have this too….not exactly “springtime” in Egypt:

    With Passover Approaching, a Plague of Locusts Descends Upon Egypt


    from Drudge

  34. Steve McCann:

    “Barack Obama: The Man Behind the Mask”

    “Yet there remains a stubborn unwillingness on the part of many to recognize the essential Barack Obama. Perhaps it is unfathomable to them that they could be wrong about someone who was the epitome of their superficial ideal candidate. They are blinded to the danger by their belief that this country, the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the history of mankind, could never be brought to its knees by anyone.

    Barack Obama is a product of 1960’s radicalism. His parents, grandparents, mentors, professors and, by his own admission, circle of friends were all disciples of Marxist thought and the tactics of societal revolution. Not only his formative years but virtually his entire life has been an immersion in this mindset — a mindset which includes a deep seated animosity toward capitalism and individual freedom. Virtually all the despots of the twentieth century had the same philosophical convictions and intellectual backgrounds.”


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