Petraeus agrees to testify on Libya before congressional committees, November 14, 2012, Fox News

Petraeus agrees to testify on Libya before congressional committees, November 14, 2012, Fox News

“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”…Abraham Lincoln

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patroits to prevent its ruin”…Samuel Adams, 1776

“Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.”…George Washington

From Fox News November 14, 2012

“Petraeus agrees to testify on Libya before congressional committees”

“Former CIA Director David Petraeus has agreed to testify about the Libya terror attack before the House and Senate intelligence committees, Fox News has learned.

Petraeus had originally been scheduled to testify this Thursday on the burgeoning controversy over the deadly Sept. 11 attack.

That appearance was scuttled, though, after the director abruptly resigned over an extramarital affair.

Lawmakers, though, complained that the scandal was no reason they shouldn’t hear from the man at the helm of the CIA when CIA operatives came under attack alongside State Department employees in Benghazi last month.

The logistics of Petraeus’ appearance are still being worked out. But a source close to Petraeus said the former four-star general has contacted the CIA, as well as committees in both the House and Senate, to offer his testimony as the former CIA director.

Fox News has learned he is expected to speak off-site to the Senate Intelligence Committee on Friday about his Libya report.

The House side is still being worked out.

Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed in the Sept. 11 attack, which the administration initially blamed on a “spontaneous” mob reacting to protests over an anti-Islam film. Officials later labeled the attack terrorism.”

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Thanks to commenter bob strauss.

34 responses to “Petraeus agrees to testify on Libya before congressional committees, November 14, 2012, Fox News

  1. This article took the count of articles to xx,666.

  2. Patraeus needs body gaurds and food tasters… someone else to start his car.

  3. I heard this on the radio this morning…I also heard that Petraeus is using emiassary’s to get his message out to the public…

    Truth Now; Daniel Frawley is Tony Rezko’s partner…It gets rather complicated but to make a long story short; Frawley accused Obama of taking bribes in a deposition…He has been rewarded with not being prosecuted on many criminal acts, and a very short sentence of 1 year and 1 day (which adding the 1 day actually reduces it to about 9/10 months)…His lawyer Thomas M. Durkin was rewarded with a nomination to Federal Judge….

  4. Don’t you all get the impression that in order to get a job with Obama and his administration that they prefer people with secrets? That they can hold over their head in case of an emergency…

  5. Sorry, I meant emissaries…

  6. Bessie, bingo!
    Chicago style politics.

  7. Bessie | November 14, 2012 at 9:54 am |

    Don’t you all get the impression that in order to get a job with Obama and his administration that they prefer people with secrets? That they can hold over their head in case of an emergency…
    I don’t think it worked with Petraeus.

  8. If I was Petraeus,I would be really PI$$ed off at Soetoro. I think that I would at least win the LAST BATTLE,and perhaps the WAR, by telling EVERYTHING. Then I would get the hell out of town, for points UNKNOWN. If Petraeus was foolish enough to allow himself to become involved in an extramarital affair then I do not look upon him as a morally FIT soldier,or leader. When you are leading troops into battle,or ordering troops into harms way you need to be both sqeaky clean,and a true leader. Then you need to be willing to OCCASIONALLY SLAP THE FACE of a person who is LYING. In this instance there is no legal CINC who can order him to apologise for his act. He should slap the face of ALL who were involved including “BANANA NOSE.” Really, Panetta does need some surgery on his “SNOT LOCKER”.

  9. Brought forward from last thread.

    bob strauss | November 14, 2012 at 10:11 am |

    Jonah | November 14, 2012 at 9:36 am |

    Truth Now | November 14, 2012 at 6:44 am |
    Since everyone is all bout military sex scandal,maybe C W.could you repost
    Article about Down low Club,
    Claim: Obama hid ‘gay life’ to become president
    Chicago homosexual community shocked he could keep it secret
    If they can blackmail the usurper over his homosexuality, they can certainly blackmail him over his lack of US citizenship, and his usurping of the presidency. This is all just more BS, and the breakdown of American government under the control of the liberals. They ruin everything they have their hands on. Look at what their policies have done to Detroit MI.

  10. It is the first step toward any forgiving that he might receive, for Petraeus to VOLUNTEER TO TESTIFY. But if he takes the 5th for every question then he is still tainted, and needs a hell of a slap across his own face. I find myself wondering if the lady was actually PAID by LIBERAL entities to SET HIM UP,by getting him involved with her, so that he could be made the scapegoat if they got caught in their slimey gun running operations. It could even be the case that all the dead were DELIBERATELY set up as well. After all DEAD PEOPLE CANNOT VERBALLY SAY ANYTHING!. Guess what………Chicago type of politics! Pure and simple. Sort of like a modern day version of SCARFACE’S St. Valentines Day Massacre.

  11. CW……………
    Thanks for bringing Jonah’s video over from the prior thread. It was IMPORTANT,because it wasn’t necessarily what the young man had to say,but of much greater importance ….his RACE. This video should be held and replayed often!

  12. Watch out CEOs who will be used for a photo op for the farce of a meeting with businesses if they don’t play it like it was actually something of great reaching out by the administration. BTW, Valerie Jarrett is apparently the one holding the meeting. No banks included nor reps from small business.

    Charlie Gasparino said the one such meeting held previously was a big nothing as well….Obama even there with the few businessmen had to use his teleprompter and then went around the table for statements from the attendees and nothing followed as usual.

    And yet no one has the power or the info to publicly display the fraud background of the usurper and get any results since the powers won’t permit it.

  13. I find myself in total anguish as a result of the “FORGED” election. It is clear that forgery is about the ONLY thing that the NITWIT,and his subordinates know how to do. They sure don’t seem to know much of anything else. Not to change the subject but I have some growing concerns that the Romney crowd was PROMISED something if they would concede early on.For Romney to simply roll over and NOT EVEN WHIMPER tells me that his MASTER must have ORDERED HIM TO. …….There is a really bad odor coming from every nook and cranny of the Republican headquarters!

  14. Sums it up?!! Makes sense.

    Krauthammer: White House ‘Held Affair Over Petraeus’s Head’ For Favorable Testimony On Benghazi

    Read more:

  15. Apparently, “the Chicago way” has become the law of the land.

  16. Observer……………
    I strongly suspect that it would only take a few of the CEOs to stand up and call out Soetoro, after which the rest would probably follow their lead very quickly. Before long MMMMMSSSSSS.Jarrett,and “FUNNYFACE” would be beating a very hasty RETREAT towards the door……hopefully propelled by many footprints on their backsides. CEOs who got where they are via their intelligence,and hard work are NOT GOING to sit and listen to a NITWIT rave and rant for very long, especially when the NITWIT hasn’t a clue as to what he is talking about.

  17. “Paul Ryan: Shocked at loss, Obama won fair and square”

    “”He won fair and square,” Ryan said of Obama. “He got more votes, and that’s the way our system works, and so he ought to be congratulated for that.””

  18. Jonah…………..
    In the eyes of the DC SLIME the Chicago BULLSH#T might well be the law of the land. But that is where it ends,in Chicago! There are a few PEOPLE who live other places than in Chicago who are not going to allow the Chicago type BS to be RAMMED DOWN THEIR THROATS. Hopefully about 20,000,000 people will become a BAND OF BROTHERS and then CLEAN HOUSE wherever they find an accumulation of CHICAGO TYPE TRASH, AND HUMAN GARBAGE TRYING TO IMPOSE THE “CHICAGO LAW”.

    Ask the United States Supreme Court to define the term “Natural Born Citizen” as presented in our U.S. Constitution.

    Section 1 of Article 2 of the United States Constitution:

    “No person except a Natural Born Citizen…shall be eligible to the Office of President;…”

    The term “Natural Born Citizen” is not defined in our Constitution and consequently has led to much discord and disharmony among the American people. This became an issue with President Chester A. Arthur and more recently President Barack H. Obama. Members of the U.S. Congress have made several attempts to have the phrase removed from our Constitution with no success.

    A concise clear definition of the term “Natural Born Citizen” by the Supreme Court is needed to prevent this issue from arising in future presidential elections.

  20. When a Soetoro GOON tries to accost an innocent person it is time for that INNOCENT person to pull out his/her EQUALISER,and protect themselves. If a Chicago type goon tries to bend your head you respond by CAVING his head in with a BASEBALL BAT. Then pin a NOTE on the body that he is an example of what will happen to all GOONS who try to accost innocent people.

  21. Krauthammer: White House Attempted to Blackmail Petraeus Over Affair

    NewsBusters: Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer on Tuesday said the White House used David Petraeus’s affair to get the CIA director to give testimony about the attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that was in line with the administration’s position on the matter.

    Appearing on Fox News’s Special Report, Krauthammer said, “The sword was lowered on Election Day” (video follows at link with transcript and commentary)

  22. For the alleged leaders of the states who want to secede from the Union….. I ASK ” What the hell is wrong with your MINDS? To secede from the union you DO NOT NEED TO PETITION ANYBODY to act. You convene your state legislature and you pass a BILL of SECESSION, and a copy is sent to DC. The necessity for a PETIITION is BULLSH#T. Was there any petition filed when the Southern States seceded from the Union the last time? You either have the GOLF BALLS TO ACT, WITHOUT PETITION, or YOU ARE TOTAL COWARDS,and you will reap exactly what you ask for,by filing a petition. All of the state elected leaders could be thrown in prison,for any length of time without charges. But if the act of secession is legally passed by the state legislature, it is LEGAL. If the Fed tries to send in troops the state guard will be justified in firing upon them. You will then be witnessing the beginning of another CIVIL WAR. REMEMBER…..THE LAST ONE BEGAN AS A STATE’S RIGHTS issue also.

  23. ………remember people……..a NATION DIVIDED CANNOT STAND.

  24. Air Force Brat!

    Re Petraeus testifying after all: Situation is becoming more interesting by the day. If he takes the Fifth or gives a rubber-stamp to the “official” version, he looks clueless or complicit. If he does not, I would tend to agree with those who urge retaining private security, food-tasters, and car-starters.

    Re Ryan’s “fair and square” comment: He’s got to be kidding. He simply cannot be that dense. Why does he think all those well-intentioned but foolish people are signing those “petitions” generated by

  25. Seaque……………
    ………..and NOW Petraeus would be COMPLETELY JUSTIFIED in BLOWING THE WHISTLE LOUD AND CLEAR,so that it can be heard the WORLD OVER. He could come out of the smoke and din of the battlefield,a winner with people patting him on the back for having the GOLF BALLS to TELL IT ALL TO CONGRESS. I am doubtful that the MORONS IN CONGRESS would even have the GOLF BALLS to HICCUP IN SOETORO’S presence. There IS enough to prosecute, and/or IMPEACH Soetoro. Four deaths is far more than necessary for a Congressional Grand Jury to be Convened. MMMMMSSSSSS. Clinton needs to be subpoenaed right along with MR. “Banana Nose.” I would bet that both he and she would answer every question pleading the 5th.

  26. Anybody who signs the ALLEGED WH PETITION, is OUT OF HIS /HER MIND. You are only signing your own DEATH WARRANT.

    BYE BYE, I’m out of here, booking a flight to Bora Bora!

  27. Seaque…………………..
    As long as the SCOTUS is headed up by John Roberts it will probably NEVER address the NBC issue. That is probably to difficult for their mental capacities. For clarification I refer you to their rendition of the legality of the Health Care Mandate. OH WOW, now the HEALTH CARE ACT is a TAX. Look for some really hairy tax increases soon. Better start buring money in fruit jars. Soon there will no longer be any money to spend. When the TAX ASSESSOR comes around you own NOTHING. Hide your Jewelry, your vacuum cleaners, and wash machines. Do not own a late model vehicle

  28. Regarding the press conference this afternoon… I wish someone would ask “Where were you (physically) when all the mayhem was going on in Benghazi? Were you golfing? Were you dining? Were you shooting hoops? Were you watching ESPN? And after you went to bed, did you sleep well? What did you have for breakfast the next day before you wisked off to Las Vegas? YOU PIECE OF……………..CRAP!

  29. SueQ….I wish someone, anyone, would ask him why he’s so PROUD of NEVER knowing anything about any of the important issues he gets questioned about so that he gets cover by being stupid and incompetent!

    And the crazy thing today is that he continues to say that the investigation of Benghazi is still going on. Well, duh, he just made his admitted ordering of Rice to go out and firmly state the conclusion about Benghazi as being the stupid little film….um, why, since this couldn’t be concluded as yet while this “investigation is still ongoing”. Rice is another one who is the least qualified person in any room she enters….heck she lets Russia and China walk all over us in the UN. So now the Peter Principle applies to raising her to another position above her competency….Sec of State?? I just bet she can have as good a case of the vapors as Hillary whenever it is necessary to cry “slaughtering thousands (or whatever is the case) is unacceptable”!

  30. Reblogged this on Jericho777's Blog and commented:
    Well, this is gonna get interesting~

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