Obama Romney debate October 16, 2012, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY, Town meeting format, Moderator Candy Crowley CNN, Hofstra not neutral site

Obama Romney debate October 16, 2012, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY, Town meeting format, Moderator Candy Crowley CNN, Hofstra not neutral site

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”…Abraham Lincoln

“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light.”…George Washington 

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin”...Samuel Adams, 1776

The next presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will be held Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY. The format will be Town meeting and the moderator is Candy Crowley of CNN. The audience will consist of  about 80 undecided voters selected by the Gallup Organization.

From the  Hofstra University website.

“Hofstra University, located in Hempstead, New York, approximately 25 miles east of Manhattan, is a dynamic private institution where approximately 12,500 students choose from more than 140 undergraduate and 155 graduate programs in liberal arts and sciences, business, communication, education and allied human services, and honors studies, and a School of Law. Hofstra University, which was founded in 1935, has more than 110,000 alumni. Hofstra offers a faculty whose highest priority is teaching excellence; cutting edge technology; extensive library resources; internships and special educational programs that appeal to students’ interests and abilities.”


From the Washington Post October 13, 2012.

“Every week after Labor Day is touted as a critical week in presidential politics. The coming week may actually live up to that characterization.

During the next eight days, President Obama and Mitt Romney will meet for their final two debates — Tuesday night at Hofstra University on Long Island and the following Monday in Florida. At that point, it should be clear whether the momentum Romney picked up from the first debate in Denver has stalled or whether he continues to gain ground against the president. In the meantime, the front-page headline in Saturday’s Columbus Dispatch should serve as a warning to Obama’s headquarters in Chicago. It read, “Romney on the rise in Ohio.”

Obama advisers were saying earlier in the past week that they believed the post-Denver Romney surge had stopped. But virtually every recent poll since Denver, here in Ohio and in other battleground states, has shown movement toward the Republican challenger. Obama may still lead in enough states to win reelection, but the margins are no longer comfortable.

On Friday night, a huge crowd filled the town square in nearby Lancaster to greet Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan, for a joint appearance after Thursday’s vice-presidential debate. Sen. Rob Portman, who is rapidly emerging as the Romney campaign’s most valuable player for his multiple roles as Ohio point man and Obama stand-in for debate prep, joined them on stage.

Romney spoke of seeing a “growing crescendo of enthusiasm” around the country. All candidates say that in the final weeks of a campaign, but there is more than a little truth to it in this case. Republicans are energized in ways they weren’t before, still driven more by their anti-Obama feelings but increasingly happy with their nominee.

The vice-presidential debate did not change the race in any significant way. In fact, it ended up as a booster for both sides. Vice President Biden’s aggressiveness cheered Democrats who were morose after Obama’s lethargic showing in Denver. They believed Biden dominated and won. Republicans, who saw Biden as overbearing and condescending, came away convinced that Ryan proved himself more than ready to be vice president. To them, a draw was a victory.

The pressure is squarely on the president Tuesday night, given his performance in Denver. But Romney, too, needs a strong evening to cement the first. He cannot afford any backsliding. His advisers know that if, as expected, the president does a better job Tuesday, stories will inevitable be written about his bounce-back. No one expects a second mismatch.

Biden laid out the angles of attack that the president will pursue on Tuesday, including confronting Romney about his “47 percent” comment, the percentage of income he pays in taxes, the holes in his tax plan and the GOP ticket’s position on abortion — none of which Obama hit hard in Denver. The president’s challenge will be to deliver those attacks in a town hall debate that features questions from an audience, a format that generally rewards empathy over aggressiveness.”


Hofstra University hardly appears to be a neutral setting.

On October 10, 2012, Chris Matthews, one of the most biased members of the mainstream media spoke at Hofstra.

“Journalist Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews, discussed the 2012 election and the importance of presidential debates. Matthews told the audience at the John Cranford Adams Playhouse that the Town Hall-style debate at Hofstra University on Oct. 16, 2012 will be a pivotal event in the tight race between President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney.”


A cursory examination of the Hofstra University website reveals what can only be described as an inordinate emphasis on gay issues.

For example. On the first page of the scholarship opportunities we find:

“LGBT Activism Scholarship

In 2002, Hofstra University established an unprecedented scholarship program for students engaged in service to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. The program is designed to demonstrate Hofstra’s commitment to equality and support for LGBT individuals. The program also includes the Hofstra Law School Fellowships for Advocacy for the Equality of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People, as well as the Mildred Elizabeth McGinnis Endowed scholarship for students in the humanities.”

“School of Law Scholarships”

“LGBT Rights Fellowship – The Law School supports a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights Fellowship for students interested in pursuing advocacy work on behalf of these communities.”

LGBT Studies.

“LGBT Studies focus on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, their history and culture, considering sexualities and genders as identities, social statuses, categories of knowledge, and as lenses that help us to frame how we understand our world. A central core of courses is complemented by interdisciplinary courses taught across campus or by specialized syllabi for students taking a course that could lend itself to LGBT studies. Currently, a minor in LGBT Studies is available as part of the Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.”


And last but not least.



a conference

Queer Rhetoric
The 6th Annual LGBT Studies Conference

Friday and Saturday, March 16-17, 2012
Queer Rhetoric is a relatively new field situated at the intersection of LGBT Studies, Queer Theory, Rhetoric and Cultural Studies. In short, Queer Rhetoric seeks to uncover the symbolic and performative strategies whereby queer identities have been and continue to be constructed in different times and places. Scholars working in this field locate the heteronormative occlusion of queer voices within a given cultural and social context and describe how queer voices develop a battery of technologies that offer a means of resistant expression. This conference will be the first ever devoted entirely to the subject of Queer Rhetoric. For more information click here.

Keynote Addresses will be given by:
Erik Gunderson
University of Toronto, Canada
Joseph G. Astman Distinguished Symposium Scholar
The Reluctant Queerness of Ancient Rhetoric


Chuck E. Morris III
Boston College
Joseph G. Astman Distinguished Conference Scholar
My Old Kentucky Homo: Abraham LIncoln is Here,
Queer, and Wants to Recruit You”


A custom setting for Barack Obama.


44 responses to “Obama Romney debate October 16, 2012, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY, Town meeting format, Moderator Candy Crowley CNN, Hofstra not neutral site

    CNN’s Crowley publicly bucking stated responsibilities”

    “(TIME) In a rare example of political unity, both the Romney and Obama campaigns have expressed concern to the Commission on Presidential Debates about how the moderator of the Tuesday town hall has publicly described her role, TIME has learned.

    While an early October memorandum of understanding between the Obama and Romney campaigns and the bipartisan commission sponsoring the debates suggests CNN’s Candy Crowley would play a limited role in the Tuesday-night session, Crowley, who is not a party to that agreement, has done a series of interviews on her network in which she has suggested she will assume a broader set of responsibilities. As Crowley put it last week, “Once the table is kind of set by the town-hall questioner, there is then time for me to say, ‘Hey, wait a second, what about X, Y, Z?’”

    In the view of both campaigns and the commission, those and other recent comments by Crowley conflict with the language the two campaigns agreed to, which delineates a more limited role for the moderator of the town-hall debate. …”


  2. DAVID AXELROD: “The choice in this election is between an economy that produces a growing middle class and that gives people a chance to get ahead and their kids a chance to get ahead and an economy that continues down the road we are on.”

  3. Obama to be more aggressive in debate.”

    How stupid is that? WOO, woo, woo! Romney should be really scared! What is puny Barry going to do— pull another Biden and interrupt Romney 85 times? Is he going to attempt to physically intimidate Romney and get into fisticuffs? The only weapons Zero can effectively use are a successful track record and superior knowledge. Those two he hasn’t got and they cannot give to him.

    Using Candy Crowley as moderator, censoring the questions that are submitted, and Zero cramming 4 days are but puny last ditch efforts to shore up a silver plated turd whose plating has long since tarnished and crumbled. The empty chair is just plain missing the intellectual ammunition to win this debate. It promises to be a more pitiful show that the Biden/Ryan debates.

    America was conned into buying rat poison packaged in a chocolate box in 2008. It won’t happen again in 2012. Barry Hussein Sotoero Obama is Romney’s greatest asset!

  4. protectourcivilrightsfreedoms

    Reposted from previous thread:

    A comment by “Acetylide” at:


    “It is notable and predictive of the next debate; 236 “uh”s from Obama in the first presidential debate:

    Obama “UH” Counter in Presidential Debate. WOW!!

    “Apparently, the “uh”s are what helps us understand that Obama doesn’t know what he is talking about. The American people are now intuitively sensing this and the US voters are turning the US map red all over accordingly.

    Give it till election day and then you will realize that the election was never really even close: the American people fired Obama in 2010 and it has taken a couple more years to wade through the technicalities of separation; In November 2012, on election day, all the filthy dreamers in America will receive a rude awakening: Obama has lost and Romney has won!”

  5. protectourcivilrightsfreedoms

    Reposted from previous thread:

    H/T Acetylide

    “Acetylide” posted many Anti-’Obama’ video links with a comment saying, “Preview of what to expect from Obama during the big, foreign policy, presidential debate on Tuesday” here:


    Here are a few links “Acetylide” posted at the link above. I recommend people go take a look at the Anti-‘Obama’ links “Acetylide” posted at the above link.

    H/T Acetylide

    Video: Stutterer-in-Chief Obama Ums and Ahs His Way Through A Question

    “The myth that Obama is some great orator and the smartest man on the planet is long gone.

    Here he is stumbling through a question about his administration’s constant leaking of top secret intel.”


    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Christie Mocks President Obama – Teleprompter “Not Good Enough

    Accuracy In Media – December 2011

    Uploaded by aimaccuracy on Dec 8, 2011

    “At the Republican Jewish Coalition Convention Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey assailed Barack Obama for not leading and comparing himself to Teddy Roosevelt. Ending his speech Christie noted, “It’s not good enough just to read off a teleprompter, [Obama].”

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Blame It On Bush / The Voters – OFFICIAL VIDEO HD

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    VIDEO — Jon Stewart: Obama Uses A Teleprompter To Speak In A Sixth Grade Classroom At Graham Road


  6. ‘Million Muppet March’ Narrative at Reuters Smelled Fishy, And Is

    Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tom-blumer/2012/10/15/million-muppet-march-narrative-reuters-smelled-fishy-and#ixzz29N54ZUql

  7. I think God must have a sense of humor. Not only that, but He tries to reach us where we are. And where are we in the USA right now? How about an IQ on a comic book level? Are we not all living in Gotham City right now? So many of our fellow Americans have a comic book mentality in todays world.

    That being said, look at the archetypes before us in the Cosmic Battle: Mitrom and Ryan versus Obama-bin-Biden–Batman and Robin versus the Riddler and the Joker.

    All I could see in Biden at the debate was the Joker. And no doubt, Obama has been the Riddler from the start. Everything about him is a riddle.

    So to make it really easy for us in Gotham City, USA, Divine Providence is allowing Mitrom and Ryan to take on these obvious villians seeing what the citizens of Gotham will do.

    It is a very strange world we live in today. I’ve thought of Alice in Wonderland several times. But maybe that is too high brow? Maybe it is more like a Marvel comic book?

  8. Re-reading what I just posted, I noticed “Cosmic Battle” is close to and could be seen as “Comic Battle.

  9. Just went to Wikipedia to look up Batman, and saw even more correspondences. Batman was a wealthy industrialist multi-millioniare and philanthrophist, Bruce Wayne. Wayne Enterprises = Baine Capital? And the Riddler is described as a “malignant narcissist.” If the shoe fits? And it is called DC Comics!

  10. Dean M.,
    As always, good posts ……which give us a little comic relief?!!! I am concerned that the audience of “undecideds” will be of the cozy-type, and Obama loves that setting.

    Frankly, I’ve been thinking about “undecideds” and am getting rather disgusted with the entire concept. Not getting personal with anyone reading here who might be in that category, but let’s think a little about what the term really means.

    After nearly four years of economic misery affecting nearly everyone at some level, how can any intelligent person who cares about this country still be in a quandary as to whom to vote for? Perhaps, the “undecided” group is a very dangerous segment of our citizenry at this late stage of the game.

    “Undecideds” are a very powerful group. Do they relish that special attention that is being lavished on them? Do they like the limelight? Or, as, I suspect, they are not well-informed and really don’t have an avid desire to be informed. If they truly cared about this country they would take some time to learn and become enlightened. After all, there is plenty of info out there.

    We know how the hard-core progressives are going to vote. It’s the “undecideds” that throw everything up into the air at this late date. Sorry, but I have lost respect for them and am really beginning to dislike ’em.

  11. cabbyaz – I agree. If a citizen doesn’t know by now, how stupid is he or she? Unfortunately, our country has its share of luft menschen (air heads). A Batman comic book would be a step up for some of them.

  12. Have folks here seen latest on why the Obamas got their law licenses revoked? They apparently turned them in rather than face prosecution. The internet “chatter” is Michelle’s was due to insurance fraud and Barack’s due to false information on his application. I’m going to follow up on some leads and see if I can’t get more information.

  13. Dean M.
    Perhaps Luft Kopf.

  14. i guess breitbart’s Indonesian citizenship proof for Barry was the school registration that we’ve all seen? No new proof?

  15. Thanks, CW, I guess this is old news. As for Luft Mentsh (Mensch)–that is Yiddish and I guess I am translating the term loosely. Literally, “air people,” people who live in another world. I just stumbled across something else, by the way, that Batman Romney might be able to use in the upcoming debate:


  16. This time the moderator, Crowley, must recuse herself for this:


    esp. since she is choosing the questions herself to be asked. Or she needs to be immediately called out to the public for the above listed prejudice and the fact that she selects questions with such prejudice.

  17. Election 2012
    Let’s compare Obama’s and Romney’s stances on the issues:

    Mitt Romney Barack Obama
    Pro NDAA Pro NDAA
    Pro Patriot Act Pro Patriot Act
    Pro Agenda 21 Pro Agenda 21
    Pro TSA Pro TSA
    Pro Carbon tax Pro Carbon tax
    Pro Individual Mandate Pro Individual Mandate
    Pro Abortion Pro Abortion
    Pro Endless Undeclared Wars Pro Endless Undeclared Wars
    Pro Occupation Pro Occupation
    Pro Torture Pro Torture
    Pro Assassination Pro Assassination
    Pro Drone Strikes Pro Drone Strikes
    Pro Aid to Israel and Dictatorships Pro Aid to Israel and Dictatorships
    Pro Drug War Pro Drug war
    Pro Banker Bailouts Pro Banker Bailouts
    Pro Federal Reserve Pro Federal Reserve
    Pro IRS and IMF Pro IRS and IMF
    Pro Corporatism Pro Corporatism
    Pro Illegal Immigration Pro Illegal Immigration
    Pro North American Union Pro North American Union
    Pro Gun Grab Pro Gun Grab
    Funded by Goldman Sachs Funded by Goldman Sachs
    Lies to You Lies To you

    Hmmm…seems I’m having difficulty here coming up with differences…they appear to be the same candidate.

  18. Shocking Secrets and Verifiable Facts about Barack Obama the MSM Refuses to Report

  19. What a legacy from the first black pResident:

    New Threats to Riot if Obama Loses Election


    Quite the uniter!

  20. Koch: Obama Doesn’t Deserve Credit for Pulling Troops Out of Iraq


    My recollection is that President Obama wanted our troops to remain indefinitely in Afghanistan, as he wanted to do in Iraq. The Iraqi government would not agree and insisted we leave.

    The Times editorial gives President Obama credit for leaving Iraq. I don’t believe such credit is due. We left because Iraq would not allow us to remain there indefinitely and insisted that if we did remain on at all, American troops would be subject to Iraqi law and Iraqi courts for all of their military actions, which the U.S. would not agree to because it would have exposed American soldiers to personal liability in Iraqi courts.

  21. seaque | October 15, 2012 at 6:20 pm |
    Election 2012
    Let’s compare Obama’s and Romney’s stances on the issues:
    …………….Hmmm…seems I’m having difficulty here coming up with differences…they appear to be the same candidate.
    Come on! What planet are you living on? You must be living in some sort of alternate reality if you can’t see any difference.

  22. protectourcivilrightsfreedoms

    Look America In The Eye

  23. The lies of Biden and the reality of Afghanistan:


    Obama’s War: US Soldiers Are Told They Are Fighting For The Afghan People, Not For The US

    1. When US soldiers arrive in Afghanistan, they are told that they are fighting for the Afghan people:

    “Soldiers join the military today to protect the United States, yet they are told once in Afghanistan that we are fighting for the Afghan people – this is a rather mercenary outlook and ignores the fact that the United States was attacked September 11, 2001.”

    2. Contrary to the lies Joe Biden told the American people during the VP debate on October 11th, Afghan Security Forces are not able to be properly trained:

    “The idea that Afghan forces can lead operations such as Marjah, as was touted in the media when the operation began, is pure fancy.”


    “Attempts to integrate women into the security forces… Afghan males are among the greatest misogynists in the world. The Burqa is not a Taliban invention; it is a Pashtu cultural norm.”

    “Health and hygiene will not be maintained at an acceptable level… Afghan military units – particularly small outposts – are bastions of filth.”

    “Aberrant sexual behavior is acceptable. Considering the misogynistic culture… There is an acceptance of pedophilia that is wide spread and boys are sometimes kidnapped. Leaders have been known to sexually assault male subordinates…”

    “NCOs… are largely illiterate.”

    3. US military resources are misappropriated, leaving our US soldiers ill-equipped and vulnerable to greater risk of death and injury.

    4. Rules of engagement were changed under Obama’s command, thus ensuring greater risk of death and injury to our soldiers.

  24. Hmmm…Hillary’s falling on the sword for barky right before the debate. Curious. (Sorry for linking the Communist News Network)


  25. Excellent list, Seaque. May I add “indoctrination into Alinsky Rules for Radicals from a young age?” It may be that Romney learned from the mastermind himself, given the working relationship between Romney’s father and Alinsky. I just recently found out myself — I read it somewhere and a quick google brought it right up. It sure warrants a little more scrutiny than it’s gotten.

    Mitt Romney’s Dad Was an Alinsky Follower

    The Romney Alinsky Connection Extended Cut – YouTube

  26. http://www.suntimes.com/15777146-761/high-praise-indeed-mitt-romney-banner-hung-on-willis-tower.html

    Good Morning All; Romney gets highest honor in Obama’s home town Chicago…lol

  27. Apparently you can’t protest in Obama’s presence and now you can’t call him a Communist. Does this kind of censorship remind you of Nazi Germany?

    ABC Censors Obama Communist Joke
    The ABC television network has removed jokes about President Obama and former President Clinton from an upcoming episode of “Last Man Standing,” according to the show’s star – Tim Allen.
    Allen told The New York Post that the Disney-owned network yanked a number of political jokes from an episode that is scheduled to air just before the presidential election.

  28. From one of the articles that Mia listed:

    “The mere mention of the name Saul Alinsky has become an epithet on the 2012 GOP presidential campaign trail. Newt Gingrich invokes the name of the Chicago-born social-movement organizer repeatedly in an effort to paint President Barack Obama as a radical Alinsky follower.

    Well, one follower of sorts, it turns out, was none other than George Romney, the father of Mitt Romney, who met with Mr. Alinksy in 1967 as governor of Michigan. The online website Buzzfeed unearthed some classic photos of the two men shaking hands in the wake of the 1967 race riots in Detroit, plus a quote from a 1968 biography of the governor in which he tells his political allies: “I think we ought to listen to Alinsky.”

    Mitt Romney has steered clear of the Alinsky smear.”

    The article states:

    “Well, one follower of sorts”

    I listen to my enemies, that does not make me a follower.

    Very misleading Mia.

  29. Good morning Bessie, et al.

  30. Good Morning CW et. al.

  31. Coal Miners Declare War on Obama
    They Call Him a Liar! (Video)


  32. Thanks bob.
    He is a liar.

  33. Tuesday, October 16, 2012
    For Distribution:

    October 16, 2012 Prayer Request:

    Tonight, the second Presidential Debate is scheduled to occur between President Barack Hussein Obama II and Governor Mitt Romney.

    America currently faces an economic crisis, a moral crisis, a leadership crisis and a spiritual crisis. All of these can be summed up in what the Bible tells us in the Book of Psalms: “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.” Our nation has been forcibly removed from God by our elected leadership, our courts, and our media. We are now paying the price as we see our God given freedoms, as recognized by our Constitution, vanish before our eyes.

    America has a President that 40% of the public believes to be ineligible for the office. Nearly 70% of Republicans believe Barack Obama is ineligible for the Office of President. Added to this, Mr. Obama’s Marxist/Communist ideology, as represented by his desire to redistribute America’s wealth (commonly known as theft), which is at the very heart of the communist agenda, one quickly realizes that what is unfolding is an election that will determine which road America travels over the coming decades. One road leads to the slavery of totalitarianism, the other road, hopefully leads to freedom.

    Also at the very center of Marxism and Communism is atheism, the denial that an almighty God exists. Under Communism, man becomes his own god. He is accountable to no one. Many blasphemous references have been made about Obama being the “Messiah.”

    President Obama’s campaign has embraced the word “Forward.” As Christians, we need to embrace the word “backward” as written in the Psalms: “Let them be ashamed and confounded together that seek after my soul to destroy it; let them be driven backward and put to shame that wish me evil.”

    Please pray that Mr. Obama be confused and confounded and “driven backward” at the Presidential Debate tonight and that his radical leftist agenda be exposed clearly to the American people. Please pray for America.


    Brian & Denise Reilly

  34. Powerful stuff!
    hockeyfan530 | October 16, 2012 at 9:33 am |

    new WHI from ulsterman


  35. Pingback: Obama Romney debate Gallup selects town hall audience, Recent Gallup change helped Obama, Hofstra CNN Crowley Gallup bias?, October 16, 2012 debate | Citizen WElls

  36. Bob Straus, “that Obama be confused. . .”

    This is a prayer that will automatically be answered because it is impossible for him to change his character fast enough to not look like the buffoon he has been since day one. Imagine what it must be like to be in his head today knowing this is his last shot to look presidential. No matter how many drugs, advice, voodoo and make up artists they give him–he will fail!

    It isn’t the American public he fears but the puppet masters who paiid over a billion dollars to buy gold but got shit. The wrath of his masters after this failed debate will be far worse than anything WE who are disgusted by him could be.

    I am so glad he had the stupidity to run for a second term instead of resigning. This way his defeat will be so much more damaging. When he begings his new life, we will hound him until he is locked in jail forever.

  37. CW — In response to your accusation that my links were somehow misleading, I have to disagree. Nothing misleading at all. It is what I said it is. It is true that Romney has managed to steer clear of being associated with Alinsky… much the same way Obama managed to steer clear of many of his past associations. As we both know. What is misleading, however, is that Romney supporters condemn Obama’s connection (and rightly so) but completely ignore (or are ignorant of) Romney’s connections. At this point, I can’t find enough information to come to a conclusion, therefore I cannot dismiss it as unimportant. Perhaps you know something I don’t. Perhaps Romney himself denounced Alinsky and his methods that I’m not aware of. If you have further information that would allay my fears, please share 🙂

    In the meantime, a very recent article which clearly explains Alinsky’s dubious methods, as well as condemns Obama for his association.

    Obama taught “Destroy Middle Class”

  38. Mia, et al.
    Read it again:

    From one of the articles that Mia listed:

    “The mere mention of the name Saul Alinsky has become an epithet on the 2012 GOP presidential campaign trail. Newt Gingrich invokes the name of the Chicago-born social-movement organizer repeatedly in an effort to paint President Barack Obama as a radical Alinsky follower.

    Well, one follower of sorts, it turns out, was none other than George Romney, the father of Mitt Romney, who met with Mr. Alinksy in 1967 as governor of Michigan. The online website Buzzfeed unearthed some classic photos of the two men shaking hands in the wake of the 1967 race riots in Detroit, plus a quote from a 1968 biography of the governor in which he tells his political allies: “I think we ought to listen to Alinsky.”

    Mitt Romney has steered clear of the Alinsky smear.”

    The article states:

    “Well, one follower of sorts”

    I listen to my enemies, that does not make me a follower.

    Very misleading Mia.

  39. Mia.

    I wrote:

    “From one of the articles that Mia listed:”

    You wrote:

    “CW — In response to your accusation that my links were somehow misleading”

  40. Mia,
    May I add 2 cents worth? There is nothing inherently wrong with finding out certain information and posting it; however, it IS hard to understand why in the world one would want to be chipping away at the only other candidate that can beat the Marxist-Muslim that sits in the W.H. I say this gently and kindly.

    The battle has been enjoined. We are at war. Comments like yours really serve only one purpose on the eve of the second presidential debate, and that is to cast aspersion and dampen the spirits of those who are trying to win this battle. I’m sure you are not intentionally doing this, but the effect is the same regardless of how pure the motive may seem to be.

    I’ve never served in the military, but when troops are sent into battle, there has to be unity of purpose and they have to pull together with a common goal. At that point there is no room to begin questioning past history that has no bearing on the present tactical maneuvers. Just my personal thoughts.

  41. Thanks cabby.

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