Patrick Fitzgerald resigns as US Attorney, Prosecuted Chicago corruption tied to Obama and Blagojevich, Tony Rezko et al

Patrick Fitzgerald resigns as US Attorney, Prosecuted Chicago corruption tied to Obama and Blagojevich, Tony Rezko et al

“Why did the Illinois Senate Health & Human Services Committee, with Obama as chairman, create and push Bill 1332, “Illinois Health Facilities Planning Act,” early in 2003, which reduced the number of members on the Board from 15 to 9, just prior to rigging by Tony Rezko and Rod Blagojevich?”…Citizen Wells

“Why did Daniel Frawley provide $ 400,000 for Tony Rezko to give to Obama?”…Citizen Wells

“I believe I’m more pristine on Rezko than him.”…Rod Blagojevich

From NBC Chicago May 23, 2012.

“The man who said Abraham Lincoln would roll over in his grave if he knew that Governor Rod Blagojevich had tried to sell a senate seat is stepping down from his post.
Patrick Fitzgerald, the U.S. Attorney who made his name for taking down corrupt, high-profile politicians, Wednesday announced his resignation from the U.S. Attorney’s Office effective June 30.
“Mr. Fitzgerald notified the White House, Attorney General Eric Holder, and U.S. Sens. Richard Durbin and Mark Kirk this morning of his decision to step down from the presidentially appointed post that he has held since Sept. 1, 2001, making him the longest-serving U.S. Attorney ever in Chicago,” he said in a release.
Fitzgerald, 51, lists two Illinois governors and a bevy of politically connected people to his list of convictions: Blagojevich, George Ryan, Ed Vrdolyak, Robert Sorich, Al Sanchez (hired truck), Issac Corothers, et. al. He has been the head of the Chicago U.S. Attorney’s office for more than a decade, making him the longest serving U.S. Attorney in Chicago history.
“When I was selected for this position in 2001, I said that it was one of the greatest opportunities that one could ever hope for, and I believe that even more now after having the privilege of working alongside hundreds of dedicated prosecutors and agents. I have tried not to get in their way,” Fitzgerald said in a statement. “I extend my deepest appreciation to the attorneys and staff for their determined commitment to public service. This was a great office when I arrived, and I have no doubt that it will continue to be a great office.”
In a statement, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) said, “Our nation is fortunate to have public servants of Patrick Fitzgerald’s caliber and integrity.””


30 responses to “Patrick Fitzgerald resigns as US Attorney, Prosecuted Chicago corruption tied to Obama and Blagojevich, Tony Rezko et al

  1. citizenwells

    Obviously, as you would expect, I will follow up on the Fitzgerald resignation.
    My initial reaction is that Patrick Fitzgerald believes, as many do, that Obama’s chances
    for reelection are not good. This could & should open up the US Justice Dept. for further scrutiny.

  2. Philo-Publius
  3. By now this probably has already been linked to here:

    So same old “trust me” from the jerks who’ve all had something different to say and who are willing to change their own regs in order to save themselves from actually coming forth with the “original”! This time though the A isn’t a smiley face! I have my doubts if this will satisfy the Sheriff. So, again, where’s the beef???

  4. P.S. Notice the wording in the pdf…..”A (not THE) birth certificate is on file INDICATING that…..was born in Honolulu HI”

    That certainly is anything but proof positive…in fact that sounds more like what they allowed to come from anyone who might live in HI and simply declares a birth to have taken place there. I think the posse is wise to that fact.

  5. Again Hawaii DOH is parsing their words. Here’s what the document says…….

    “A birth certificate is on file with the Department of Health indicating that Barack Hussein Obama, II was born in Honolulu, Hawaii”.

    The DOH does not address the question of whether this birth certificate on file is the ORIGINAL birth certificate that was issued at the time of birth or if there were amendments to the ORIGINAL document that may signify an adoption and/or name change? It doesn’t matter what the BC indicates now. What is important is what information was on the ORIGINAL BC? Do they think we are all stupid?

    If Stanley Ann Dunham was unmarried at the time of Barack’s birth, the surname on the BC was probably Dunham. Would Barack still be a natural born citizen?
    Read Section C……..
    8 USC § 1409 – Children born out of wedlock

    Did Barack attempt to cover up the fact that he is illegitimate? Did he neglect to register for Selective Service in 1980? Did he falsely acquire a Social Security number? If he did, he may have committed fraud by falsifying documents. Being illegitimate isn’t a crime but the fraudulent cover-up is a crime, punishable by impeachment. That’s what got Nixon in trouble. The cover-up.

    Legal experts please correct me if I’m wrong. Just seeking the truth.

  6. Free Speech

    Jonah | May 23, 2012 at 4:29 pm |

    Did Barack attempt to cover up the fact that he is illegitimate? Did he neglect to register for Selective Service in 1980? Did he falsely acquire a Social Security number? If he did, he may have committed fraud by falsifying documents. Being illegitimate isn’t a crime but the fraudulent cover-up is a crime, punishable by impeachment. That’s what got Nixon in trouble. The cover-up.

  7. SEO at wtpotus:

    “I honestly don’t think it’s significant, but funny that the one item they didn’t verify is the birthDATE.”

  8. Attorney Apuzzo has filed his Brief and Appendix in the Purpura & Moran v Obama Ballot Access Challenge Appeal in NJ


    Exclusive – The Vetting – Barack Obama, the First Tea Partier

    Picture and everything!!

  10. jacqlynsmith

    You can hide a car under a 10 foot tarp, but you can’t hide a mack truck under that same tarp. Ron Paul is that mack truck and the media can no longer hide the truth because he has gotten too big to cover up!

    Mitt Romney is not the guy. Ron Paul 2012 — Ron Paul is incorruptible!!

  11. coldwarvet2

    Brought over from previous post:
    According to an article written by Jerome Corsi for WND, it is apparent that Az SOS Bennett made his announcement of acceptance right after close of business yesterday, and prior to receiving or reviewing the communication from the Ha office of the AG.
    It appears as if Bennett was “feathering his nest” in his initial statements leaving the door open for repudiation. It seems also that a great amount of political pressure (including from the McCain camp) had been brought to bear against the SOS and, as is the case with weak politicians,the outcome is, therefore, predictable

  12. Free Speech

    On Tuesday afternoon, Donald Trump tweeted out a coy message saying, “I wonder if @BarackObama ever applied to Occidental, Columbia or Harvard as a foreign student. When can we see his applications? What do they say about his place of birth.”

    Read more:

  13. citizenwells

    Thanks Jonah.
    You are difficult to fool.

  14. Free Speech

    Citizenship laws as expressed in Title 8 of the United States Code states the use of a Foreign Passport constitutes adult recognition of relinquishment of American Citizenship:

    8 USC 1481

    (a) A person who is a national of the United States whether by birth or naturalization, shall lose his nationality by voluntarily performing any of the following acts with the intention of relinquishing United States nationality-

    (1) obtaining naturalization in a foreign state upon his own application or upon an application filed by a duly authorized agent, after having attained the age of eighteen years; 8 USC 1481

    Using a foreign passport in order to obtain status as a foreign student is precisely that, proof of naturalization in a foreign state.

    The child Barack Obama became an Indonesian Citizen when he was adopted by his stepfather Lolo Soetoro and the family’s subsequent relocation to Indonesia. Young Barack by law needed Indonesian Citizenship in order to attend school, and his adoption provided this. Indeed, in young Barack’s situation adoption was necessary to gain it.

    In his defense, Obama supporters have claimed for years if the president had lost his American Citizenship as a child, he did not in fact lose it because the actions of a parent cannot permanently remove a child’s American natural born citizenship status. This fallacious argument once had some validity within the confusing morass that is American Citizenship law, the nature of which is a challenge for immigration attorneys even today.

    However, Hulton’s story and sworn affidavit would confirm that Barack Obama renounced what American citizenship status he had as an adult over the age of 18, by attending college as a foreign student using a foreign passport.

    This would explain the president’s refusal to release his college records. These records will easily prove or disprove his status as a Foreign Student. This is the importance of U.S. Postal worker Allen Hulton’s testimony. Unless Obama formally renounced that foreign citizenship, there is the distinct possibility he is not an American Citizen, let alone a Natural Born Citizen.

  15. An Open Letter To The “Senior Staff” At

  16. Hillary Clinton Admits the U.S. Government Created al-Qaeda

    Current Events

    The Mujahideen were the “database” of Al-Qaeda assets. Al-Qaeda are a controlled opposition force of the Central Intelligence Agency to promote their middle east destabilization process, to give empirical U.S. Military Industrial Complex a reason to invade wherever they want in the ever widening “war on terror” fraud.


  17. NBC_Vic_Hern

    observer | May 23, 2012 at 4:23 pm | P.S.
    Notice the wording in the pdf…..”A (not THE) birth certificate is on file INDICATING that…..was born in Honolulu HI”

    Yes, and remember that first Certification of Birth
    said ON FILE
    but never ACCEPTED
    indicating perhaps that further info was forthcoming from the source,
    as in Grandma Dunham, but was never presented.
    Therefore info ON FILE STATUS, like hand written.
    But never ACCEPTED STATUS, like Hawaii never approved
    or finalized the info.
    How does Hawaii define LIMBO?


    Here’s MITT ROMNEY’s Beloved Police State as the GOP drones/voters line up for his supposed coronation in Tampa, FL:

    Here is your “LAND OF THE IMPRISONED” not FREE as falsely advertised….GOP-led Police State continues to Expand….

  19. “Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Obama Investigation: I Will Send Ten Deputies To Hawaii If Needed”

    “Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse in Hawaii 5/22/2012”

  20. The Illusion of Obama’s Bin Laden Raid Situation Room Leadership

    Apparently, my previous article on the famous “Situation Room” photo tapped a nationwide nerve. The response ranged from some eye-opening tips on other photos to a few perplexed criticisms as to the motivation for Photoshopping a Situation Room photo.

    The answer to that latter question can be summed up in one simple thought: To hide the truth. Obama was out golfing while the OBL mission was unfolding, and the administration needed the Situation Room photo op for public perception — to give the illusion that he’s presidential.

  21. Joseph Farah:

    “The Obama media attack messengers again”

    “When the news came out last week that Barack Obama had not corrected several different official literary biographies claiming he was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia for a period of 17 years leading up to 2007, the Obama media reacted predictably.

    “Those nasty birthers are at it again.”

    “It was obviously just a typographical error.”

    “Why won’t these people let go of this crazy conspiracy story.”

    Is this the way the media would react if any other public figure had fraudulently misrepresented himself in the interest of selling books. I don’t think so.”

  22. bob strauss

    Obama and his accomplices are cornered! AZ Secretary of State Bennett is not backing off! He continues demanding verification of authenticity, Arpaio is pushing, I am pushing with RICO and other law suits. They have no papers and will go to prison! Listen to the audio of Bennett’s interview!

    Posted on | May 23, 2012 | No Comments

    Actual 11 minute interview. It might be worth a listen.

    Does the story match interview..

    Please, spread the word, please twitter this interview. Please twitter like there is no tomorrow “Orly Taitz for US Senate”. follow me on twitter. Please, add “likes” to “Dr. Orly Taitz” Politician. I hit 5,000 friends maximum on Orly Taitz, I need people to add “Likes” to “Dr. Orly Taitz” Politician

  23. how convenient. holder goin’ somewheres?

  24. bob strauss

    These people are all obots, putting an Orwellian spin on a BS verification. Bennett is telling everyone in advance that he will receive a verification and he will approve of it, and he will put Obama on the ballot, all while discrediting birthers, and he hasn’t even seen it yet. Talk about a set up. Yikes!

  25. I am proud and honored to know Orly. i am so grateful for my good fate. She’s a solid American patriot and stands for our Constitution as if her Life depended on it. her relentless pursuit for truth is historical.

  26. bob strauss

    Orly has three kids, and I am sure they fit into the equation, when Orly sees the country slipping into communist hands, given her background.

    She has the usurper cornered with the phony Social Security number issue.

  27. bob strauss

    More interesting info. Is Obama white? Is this what he is hiding?

    Greetings Ms Taitz:
    The issue of Obama being born in the USA is not resolved in my opinion. As you have noted, the race would say “negro” or similar on the long form birth certificate, and not “African”.
    My observance of the Certificate of Live Birth shown for Obama is that it is manufactured. Every entry is perfectly centered for each field and line. I highly doubt that could happen on a 1961 typewriter in a busy hospital. As mentioned, African would not be there, but there is another issue, which I’m sure that you are aware of: For birth certificates, the race of the newborn is based on the race of the mother. My wife having worked in “OB” for 20 years, we have discussed this before the Obama issue was ever mentioned…..and before he was a candidate. If the mother is caucasian, they put caucasian in the race field.
    Best Regards,
    James Kilgore

  28. How in the world can Gates and the others comply with these phony images putting the “emperor” in pictures with them to project false stories to the American people? When history is written these department heads are going to look like complete compliant dunces. They ought all to resign in order to get the truth out there and bring down this dangerous regime. None of them patriots yet make life and death decisions over the innocent.




    by Jerome R. Corsi

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


  30. “Malware Threat Level Hits 4-Year High”
    By John P. Mello Jr.

    “Surfing the Internet is becoming more dangerous than ever, according to a report released Wednesday by cyber security software maker McAfee.

    In first three months of the year, malware circulating in cyberspace reached a four-year high and is on a pace to reach 100 million samples by year’s end, McAfee says in its quarterly threats report.

    “In the first quarter of 2012, we have already detected 8 million new malware samples, showing that malware authors are continuing their unrelenting development of new malware,” Vincent Weafer, senior vice president of McAfee Labs, said in a statement.

    “The same skills and techniques that were sharpened on the PC platform are increasingly being extended to other platforms, such as mobile and Mac,” he added.”
    For safer web ‘surfing’- USE Sandboxie !!!
    “Best Free Browser Protection Utility”

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