William Cellini trial pre trial hearing September 23, 2011, Judge James B. Zagel, Courtroom 2503, Notice of motion

William Cellini trial pre trial hearing September 23, 2011, Judge James B. Zagel, Courtroom 2503, Notice of motion

From the State Journal Register September 23, 2011.

“A federal judge is scheduled to rule on several pre-trial motions in the case of a one-time fundraiser for ousted Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Friday’s status hearing in Chicago comes two weeks before William Cellini’s trial is set to start on Oct. 3.

His is the last major trial linked to Blagojevich’s disgraced administration.

A jury convicted Blagojevich of multiple corruption charges earlier this year. The same judge overseeing Cellini’s case, James Zagel, is scheduled to sentence Blagojevich on Oct. 6.

To avoid scheduling conflicts, Zagel could delay either Cellini’s trial or Blagojevich’s sentencing.”

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Friday, September 23, 2011  (As of 09/23/11 at 09:46:46 AM 

Honorable James B. Zagel                    Courtroom 2503 (JBZ)         

1:08-cr-00888   USA v. Cellini                         11:00   Notice of Motion           
1:08-cr-00888   USA v. Cellini                         11:00   Status Hearing


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  1. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    CW- Is there anyone in Chicago to let us know what happens? The time should be about now.

  2. Tina,

    romney’s mormonism is just one of the many reasons Conservative Christians will NOT vote for him.

    Other reasons Conservative Christians are against romney are: romney is pro-Abortion, pro-ObamneyCare and romney is responsible for destroying jobs in the US. romney is almost as bad as boHillary.

  3. The palestinians have defied boHillary.


    UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Defying U.S. and Israeli opposition, Palestinians asked the United Nations on Friday to accept them as a member state.

  4. http://www.christianpost.com/news/conservatives-evangelicals-urged-to-galvanize-support-around-romney-29669/

    I’m not worried about Christian Conservatives

    They know the difference between a Muslim commie or Hilrat and Conservative Mitt Romney. And so do we.

  5. http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4126571,00.html

    “Now, after the Arab springs emphasized their desire for liberty, it’s time for a Palestinian spring – the moment of independence,” he said.

  6. Pat 1789,

    That article about romney is from 2007. It didn’t work in 2008 and it won’t work in 2012. Conservative Christians simply will NOT support romney.

  7. Conservative Christians are against romney because romney is pro-Abortion, pro-ObamneyCare and romney is responsible for destroying jobs in the US. romney is almost as bad as boHillary.

  8. Free Speech | September 23, 2011 at 1:04 pm |

    Your entitled to your opinion, I think your wrong.
    They could always stay home if they don’t get their way or go third party loser candidate.

  9. Free Speech | September 23, 2011 at 1:07 pm |


    Your full of it.

  10. Pat 1789,

    Personal Attacks will not win any support for romney. The FACT is that romney will NOT be the Republican nominee no matter how many times he tries. Christian Conservatives simply will NOT support romney.

  11. In reviewing last night, it is obvious that romney and ron paul got a bunch of their IDIOT supporters in the audience. This was a big distraction and it resulted in the worst debate so far.

  12. NETANYAHU is hitting a HOME RUN at the UN General Assembly right now….

    If we as a nation can ignore the US Constitution and elect OBAMA, a non citizen from Kenya to the office of POTUS…is it possible we can also elect NETANYAHU, a non citizen from Israel, to he same office.

    He would have my vote with no reservations.

  13. romney FLIP-FLOPS on every issue from obamneyCare to Social Security. He is almost as big a LIAR as boHillary.

  14. 181 Texas Legislators voted for the In-State Tuition Law only 4 voted against it. The People of Texas clearly wanted this law and it would have been inappropriate for Gov. Perry to veto it.

  15. Free Speech | September 23, 2011 at 1:58 pm |
    …..This was a big distraction and it resulted in the worst debate so far.

    Free Speech | September 22, 2011 at 9:14 pm |
    This Debate is FANTASTIC
    Everyone can change his mind, of course, but this is a real switcheroo. Why such strong opinions before the facts are all in?

  16. I agree with Gov Romney on this statement:

  17. Mark Steyn on Rick Perry: Rick Perry “has basically adopted the Democratic line now on the whole illegal immigration issue,” Steyn said:


  18. My initial impression about the FOX debate was wrong. The cheering for romney and ron paul were big distractions. I have reviewed the debate and Perry had some very thoughtful answers, but romney LIED in practically every one of his answers.

  19. I agree with Gov Romney on this statement:
    http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0911/64248.html by romney

  20. It appears that Rick Perry was in severe physical pain during the last 20 minutes of the debate. I hope a strong Conservative like Jeb Bush enters the race so that Romney does not win by default. We can not afford to have boRomney nominated by default.

  21. Gov Perry will be on Hannity’s Radio Show today.

  22. Friday, September 23, 2011

    Summit News > In the News > WHAT ARE YOU HIDING, HONOLULU?
    By: Dean C. Haskins
    Posted: September 21, 2011
    © 2011 The Birther Summit

  23. Gov Perry will be on Hannity’s Radio Show at the top of the hour.

  24. Update on my trip to DC yesterday

    Posted on | September 23, 2011 | 7 Comments

    I came back from DC in the middle of the night.

    I will write a full report a bit later. I flew red eye there, red eye back I have to be back at work today. To add to the hardship, I was diagnosed with a stress fracture in my foot and had to walk between 6 large buildings all day long in a lot of pain, ending up going bare foot between the meetings and carrying my shoes in my hands together with my purse and my brief case and dying of heat in my black lawyers suit. I forwarded my information on Social security fraud to 12 high ranking senators and congressmen and had personal in debth meetings with legal counsel, chiefs of staff and senior advisers for 4 high ranking senators and 3 representatives: Senator Tom Coburn-ranking member of the subcommittee on privacy on senate judicial committee, Senator Jim Inhofe, Senator Marco Rubio, Congressman Lamar Smith-chair f the House Judiciary committee, Congressman Alen West, Congressman Steven King.

    I also forwarded my information to Senator Schumer, Senator Lieberman, Senator Feinstein, Senator Lautenberg, Senator Blumenthal. Unlike prior 7 , who are conservative Republicans, these 5 senators are Democrats, (Lieberman is a former Democrat, currently Independent) but might join the fight for other reasons.

    Some of the chiefs of staff and legal counsel will work together in arranging for me to testify at one of the committee or subcommittee hearings. I should hear from them within a week. It is very important for you as constituency to write to Chair of Judiciary committee Lamar Smith and his legal counsel Holt Lackey and to the ranking member of the House subcommittee on privacy within Senate Judiciary committee Senator Tom Coburn and his chief of staff Michael Schwartz, thanking them for the meeting, for reading the pleadings and investigating the issue and urge them to invite me to the committee hearings to testify on the issue. Keep in mind, they have subpoena power, they can subpoena Judge Lamberth, Judge Puglisi, director of Health Loretta Fuddy, Registrar Onaka, Commissioner of Social Security Astrue and demand answers, whether high ranking officials can commit crimes and use privacy as an excuse, knowing that their appointees and inferior officials will be afraid to do independent investigation. Can 311 million US citizens lose their Constitutional right for redress of grievances and be forced to live under illegitimate regime of an individual occupying the White Hose based on a fraudulently obtained Social Security number and a computer generated forgery instead of a birth certificate, due to the fact, that officials and judges refuse to take on the issues and use privacy as an excuse?

    After I landed I was on the air with Doug McIntire KABC and was able to provide milions of people with above information. I also mentioned on the air my interview to Univision in Spanish and the fact, that hispanic population is extremely angry, that they have to go through e-verify, but Obama can sit in the position of the President with a failed e-verify. Republicans desperately need Republican vote and will lose this vote, if they or their high ranking officials, Like Senator Marco Rubio, Governor Martinez, Governor Sandoval do not raise this issue.

  25. It appears that Gov Perry was on pain medication for his back pain last night. Having had severe back pain like Gov Perry, I have to admire his strength in being able to stand on that stage for 2 hours. I pray that he is able to continue his campaign. We can NOT afford to have boRomney nominated by the Republican Party and none of the other candidates are getting any traction.

  26. http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/gop-presidential-primary/183601-gingrich-qits-sillyq-to-say-gop-race-down-to-romney-perry

    epublican presidential candidate New Gingrich said Friday that “it’s silly” to characterize the GOP race as a two-person affair, arguing that the contest remains “still a very, very wide open race.”

    “There have been no votes taken by the American people. Newspaper reporters and TV reporters are not the American people,” Gingrich said on Fox News. “The fact is it is more convenient to narrow it down, it makes it easier to cover but it’s not factually correct.”

    The former Speaker of the House argued that so-called second-tier candidates could still surge to the forefront.

  27. Hannity is going to ask Perry about his statement that people who oppose the Texas In-State Tuition law, “Heartless.”

  28. Gov Perry is on Hannity next.

  29. Gov Perry is on Hannity now.

  30. Dr. Orly Taitz – Early Update on visit to D.C. Some were not so happy to see her. Great News !!!!!! http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/?p=25819

  31. After listening to Gov Perry’s thoughtful answers to Sean’s tough questions on illegal immigration. it is clear that Perry is the best candidate to take on boHillary in 2012, but Jeb Bush should enter the race to insure that boRomney does not win by default in the event that Perry’s back problems force him to withdraw.

  32. Can some of you smart people here help me to understand how a President can make allowances to circumvent the laws that were duly passed by Congress. Is this not a violation of separation of powers in the Constitution? It is clear that Congress is the Legislative branch that makes the laws. Could this act by President Obama be considered a high crime or misdemeanor? Shouldn’t Congress be steaming mad? Read this article about No Child Left Behind………

    No Child Left Behind: with waivers, Obama offers states flexibility

    No Child Left Behind is under fire, with President Obama offering waivers to some states, allowing them to pursue their own plans for school improvements and accountability.


  33. Free Speech | September 23, 2011 at 3:14 pm |
    It appears that Rick Perry was in severe physical pain during the last 20 minutes of the debate. I hope a strong Conservative like Jeb Bush enters the race so that Romney does not win by default. We can not afford to have boRomney nominated by default.
    It seemed to me that Perry was possibly under the effects of pain medication. The problem with Jeb Bush is that I believe you will find his immigration policies to be quite liberal, just like his brother’s. You know, he is married to a hispanic.

    Furthermore, there is so much hate still out there for the Bushes that it is unlikely another Bush could be elected. Just my thoughts.

  34. Cabby – AZ | September 23, 2011 at 5:43 pm |
    Free Speech | September 23, 2011 at 3:14 pm |
    It appears that Rick Perry was in severe physical pain during the last 20 minutes of the debate. I hope a strong Conservative like Jeb Bush enters the race so that Romney does not win by default. We can not afford to have boRomney nominated by default.
    It seemed to me that Perry was possibly under the effects of pain medication. The problem with Jeb Bush is that I believe you will find his immigration policies to be quite liberal, just like his brother’s. You know, he is married to a hispanic.

    Furthermore, there is so much hate still out there for the Bushes that it is unlikely another Bush could be elected. Just my thoughts.

    Dana Perino has said that Both Presidents Bush have been urging Jeb to run. After last night, I imagine that their urgings got a lot stronger.

  35. Cabby – AZ | September 23, 2011 at 5:43 pm |


    Yes I agree. I have listened to several interviews with Perry and watched all his debates. He has never been incoherent like he was in the last 20 minutes of the debate last night. Either he took some pain medication at a break in the debates or he was in such pain that he could not speak coherently or a combination of the two.

    The fact that Jeb Bushes wife is Hispanic is a plus not a minus and after 3 years of boHillary, the Presidents Bushes are looking a whole lot better. Frankly, Jeb Bush will probably be a better President than either of them.

    Other than Newt who just doesn’t seem to get much traction no matter how well he does in the debates and Gov Perry when he is at the top of his game, there was no one on that stage last night who can beat boHillary with trump/palin running as independents.

  36. From Newsmax:

    Chris Christie Reconsidering 2012 Run, Will Decide in Days

    Read more on Newsmax.com: Chris Christie Reconsidering 2012 Run, Will Decide in Days

  37. “Perry’s quick rise in the polls and indications he may be fading — coupled with nagging questions about Romney’s ability to lead the party after backing a Massachusetts healthcare law ominously similar to President Barack Obama’s own Obamacare program — may have created a window of opportunity for Christie.”

    Read more on Newsmax.com: Chris Christie Reconsidering 2012 Run, Will Decide in Days
    Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama’s Re-Election? Vote Here Now!

  38. Mark Levin is ripping Chris Christie and Bill Kristol.

  39. Great news!

    Dr. Orly Taitz has returned from Washington. She has written a short report about her trip on her website orlytaitz.com (not exact address). She is going to share her evidence and give testimony to a committee regarding O’Zero’s false SS# and forged BC he presented on April 27, 2011. When she has rested from her trip she will give a more detailed report.

    My hunch was right. She was invited for the purpose of sharing her evidence. It looks like there is going to be a Congressional investigation against the fraud. Oh happy days! Let’s pray Ozero’s invisible protectors fail in finding a way to sabotage this effort. Let us also hope that Ozero’s coconspirators in this crime get exposed. Let’s hope Khalid al Mansour is included in this investigation. We need to get behind this effort and encourage Congress to fearlessly go forward. They can supersede all the corrupt judges and beaurocrats who have been stonewalling this issue for so long.
    Some readers feel this will be just another staged phony investigation that will be another disappointing experience that let’s Zero off the hook. Maybe they are right. That is why patriots from coast to coast and north and south must put pressure on Congress, Senate and whomever to be certain it doesn’t turn out to be another staged drama.
    However, I tend to agree with Tiger 7. There are too many issues coming forward that incriminate Ozero that can no longer be ignored. America has been screwed, blued and tattooed and sent up the creek without a paddle by this smooth criminal. America is angry with an intense vengeance. There are many cracks in the Ozero photo-op fantasy. The latest being that foolish embrace and kiss by Zero and the wookie. After all the photos that caught the wookie glaring at zero, they had to make a public scene to pretend everything is glorious between them. Ha!
    Ulsterman’s Insider, Lame Cherry, The Clintons strange attitudes of late and others are suggesting there are many sharks and wolves looking to take out the royal pair. There are many hints Hillary may run again.
    The pressure is on. Zero isn’t holding up well under it–in spite of all the dope they give to pump him up. The Dems are putting greater pressure on him than any other group. The headlines are telling it all. Dems want a primary runoff. Dems asking Zero to resign. Dems asking zero to be a one term president. Dems advising each other to not get their photo taken with Ozero. Only 58% percent of the black population still support the fraud.

    Combine the above with Fast & Furious, Sylondra, Light squared scandals and an expected five more green project scandals, stolen SS#, Forged BS, fictional murdering of already dead Osama Bin Ladin, the wookie’s $10,000,000 of tax payers money for her lavish vacations plus all their vacations together, Zero’s 78 or 79 golf games, rock parties at the WH, Reggie Love, his close ties with CAIR, ets. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. I do believe there are a lot more people of power in Washington than we know who have the same desire as we do to see this thug indicted, removed, tried, found guilty and jailed.

  40. CW, why am I back in moderation?

  41. I pray this writer is correct.


    “Still, for avid fans of the former first brother, the bright side is that they probably will not have to wait very long before seeing Jeb’s name in common circulation again — and this time, the role will be one that actually preserves and protects his option to run in 2016 (a year and contest Jeb has pointedly declined to rule out).

    Just about one year from now, as the GOP winner sews up the nomination, the question of a running mate will arise. A running mate who, by dint of that role, would be the first among equals in 2016 should the ticket lose … or even more than that, in 2020, should the ticket manage to win.

    If Jeb is seriously considering his own run in those years, watch for today’s “no” to turn into next summer’s “yes.”

  42. Free Speech | September 23, 2011 at 6:58 pm |

    I pray that you are wrong. Bush would be a drag on the ticket IMO.

  43. Cabby – AZ | September 23, 2011 at 5:43 pm |


    A Bush on the ticket will be a hard sell to motivate people to go to the polls.

  44. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-20110924-503544.html

    Romney, who spoke before Perry at the event, received a warm welcome. But the crowd stood and cheered as soon as Perry took the stage at the Orange County Convention Center. The Texas governor accentuated his usual anti-Washington stump speech with references to former President Ronald Reagan, a conservative icon. “We need to push through to that shining city on the hill,” Perry said. “As President Reagan said, we need bold colors, not pale pastels.”

    He also opened a new line of attack against President Obama, blasting him for proposing to charge retired military veterans $200 a year to stay on the Tricare-for-Life that supplements Medicare coverage. “Our veterans have already sacrificed enough for this country,” Perry said. “Leave them alone.”

    He brought the crowd to its feet again at the end of his speech, with, “If we want America working again, we need Washington to get out of the way.”

    Watch highlights from CPAC in Orlando below:

  45. An illegal alien, a Muslim and a Communist go into a bar.

    The bartender asks,

    “What can I get you, Mr. President?”

  46. I predict a run by Fatslob Chritie will bring in Palin.

    Then a circlular firing squad will ensue.

    Christie is another Huntsman.

    Who the hell is running the GOP?


  47. Could be a threat by GOP establishment to bring in Christie is meant to split the crazy vote for Palin.

  48. Perry will regret this statement

    “If you say that we should not educate children who have come into our state from no other reason than they’ve been brought there by no fault of their own, I don’t think you have a heart,” Perry said.

    Read more: http://politics.blogs.foxnews.com/2011/09/23/perrys-immigration-position-rankles-iowa-conservatives#ixzz1Yp4mHnPQ

  49. Meanwhile, Perry tops Romney in a new Florida poll 28-22. These two polls reveal the conundrum for GOP voters; Romney runs well in the north but doesn’t excite southern conservatives. Perry doesn’t run as well in the north but would energize the conservative base in the south. Either one could beat Obama, although at the moment, independents prefer Romney.

    It’s a nice problem to have, at this point

  50. Web verdict on Perry: Brutal

    The conservative commentariat spoke with near-unanimity Friday on Rick Perry’s debate performance: The Texas governor didn’t just lose, he bombed:


  51. Pat 1789 | September 23, 2011 at 7:45 pm |
    I predict a run by Fatslob Chritie will bring in Palin.

    Then a circlular firing squad will ensue.

    Christie is another Huntsman.

    Who the hell is running the GOP?

    Pat 1789 | September 23, 2011 at 7:52 pm |
    Perry will regret this statement

    t 1789 | September 23, 2011 at 7:22 pm |
    Free Speech | September 23, 2011 at 6:58 pm |

    I pray that you are wrong. Bush would be a drag on the ticket IMO.

    Pat 1789 | September 23, 2011 at 7:57 pm |
    Buh bye Bachman long overdue
    Is there any Republican that you like?


    by Dwight Kehoe, blogging at TPATH

    (Sep. 23, 2011) — (TPATH) For over two years now many patriots, lawyers, media outlets and a small cadre of talk show hosts have followed the numerous twists and turns of the “Obama Identity Crisis.”

    With the sealing of records and clamming up of public officials, the authorized and unauthorized document leaks, the “birth” of the Birthers Movement, coupled with the “cult-like” defenders of anything Obama, better known as “OBOTS,” an atmosphere of contention has emerged, the likes of which that have never before been seen in the “Social Media.”


  53. why is my comment at 8:40 pm in moderation?

  54. http://www.redstate.com/aglanon/2011/09/23/i-need-a-hero/

    Will the candidates step it up and get it together? Will someone else jump in that will fulfill the prophecy that I saw on the bumper sticker of a used Honda?

    I don’t know. What I do know, is if we lose to Barack Obama in 2012, Democrats and the media will view it as a mandate. And where they’ll try to take our country as a result will make these last 3 years seem like a cake walk.

  55. The pundits say that Romney won the debate last night, e.g, Dick Morris said that Romney won and Perry lost. I don’t agree with that assessment. Why? Because winning a debate doesn’t necessarily make you a good contender. Romney has been at this for years – He is a skilled debater.

    I do think that Gov. Perry needs to bone up more on national issues and foreign policy affairs, so that he can better articulate his positions. Right now he is still touting Texan accomplishments to the extent that some wonder if he is really ready for the national stage.

    Although my favorite is Herman Cain, I feel that Rick Perry far surpasses Mitt Romney when it comes to being genuine. Romney has been at it for so long that he knows how to play the game and to say what he thinks people want to hear. He has flip-flopped too much in the past to suit some of us.

  56. Another Day, Another Scandal…Tread Marks for Pals?
    Posted on September 23, 2011 by Bridgette| 6 Comments

    Posted by Bridgette
    Chicago’s Pay- to-Play Schemes are Starting to Unravel!

    Barack Obama on his campaign plane right before the election with Martin Nesbitt, Valerie Jarrett and Dr. Eric Whitaker David Katz/Obama for America
    Four Peas in a Prison Cell…
    Only time will tell.

    The Chicago Sun Times reports, “According to federal subpoenas and other records, Margaret Davis’ June 9 indictment by a federal grand jury in Springfield is part of a larger criminal investigation involving the health department and other state agencies.

    Davis, 60, is scheduled to go on trial in federal court in Springfield on Dec. 6 on a 16-count mail-fraud and money-laundering indictment. A co-defendant, Tonja Cook, 44, is charged with one count of mail fraud.

    According to their indictment, Davis used her roles with the National Black Nurses Association and two other health-care groups to obtain 15 state grants and contracts totaling more than $1 million between December 2005 and March 2009. She allegedly siphoned off $500,000 of that for personal use.

  57. The silver lining in that train wreck debate last night is there is still time for someone like Jeb Bush to jump into the race. I pray that Bush 41 & 43 are able to persuade Jeb to get in NOW!

  58. After listening to Mark Levine today I realized that he sees it exactly the way that I do, and have done. That it is NOT a two person race between Romney and Perry. That Cain is an excellent candidate and had a great debate last night. That Santorum had an excellent debate last night….

    ..and that Perry has some explaining to do with his position that we should subsidize the education of illegal immigrants when military people’s children don’t even get in state tuition when they are transferred.

  59. A great article. This election to me is not only about jobs and protecting Israel. It is about stopping the downward slide of our society promoted by liberals, homosexuals and some libertarians. All we hear every single day in the gay promoting MSM is about gays in the military and gay marriage. While I don’t want discrimination, I don’t want to hear about homosexuality non-stop or see sexual images of any type on TV non-stop either. They even use homosexual slurs to criticize us. It is sickening.


  60. Telling the other candidates that they “have no heart”, regarding the subsidization of illegal immigrant education, was a big error in Mark Levine’s estimation and seemed to irk the Great One’s sensibilities.

  61. Wasnt jeb bush in charge of security at world trade centers? Please no phony baloney bushes back in there

  62. The Great One (Mark Levine) said that Cain (especially) had a great debate last night and was qualified. He then listed in order Santorum and then Bachmann. He said that Perry was very weak. Levine said overall that it was an excellent debate that was very revealing. Thank God we have a vetting process and don’t take the word of the rabble rousers

  63. Free Speech | September 23, 2011 at 9:17 pm |
    The above is an interesting article, but reinforces what lurks in the back of my mind. Tea Party folks – and God bless them – are made up of many who were never even interested in politics in the past. Obama’s reign has motivated them and that is great, and they have become a valuable, vital force for good in our country. We need them. That is one side of the coin.

    The other side of the coin is that with many of the Tea Partyers being uninitiated in discerning the attributes of presidential candidates in past elections, we are now seeing a phenomenon where they are looking for a miracle worker, an angel, a complete deliverer……. They are expecting total perfection – something that is impossible. It is okay to seek the best, but we must remember we are all simple mortals, including all of the present candidates and those yet to enter the race.

  64. Levine said not to listen to the non-conservatives who have been trying to frame this as a two person race between Perry and Romney. That the others are “also rans” and should exit the race, as the bogus conservatives have been claiming. He said 31% of the Republican primary vote in whatever bogus poll they are pushing is a failing grade on any test.

  65. Lt.Com. Walter Fitzpatrick (Ret.) arrested again, Monroe County. http://www.thepostemail.com/2011/09/22/the-monroe-county-grand-jury-is-a-masquerade

  66. Levine’s narrative today actually brought a tear to my eye, and a smile to my heart, as he was saying EXACTLY what I have been saying for over a month now. The same words that he was using, I was using, and being called a DEMRAT over. It’s amazing how the rational slow and steady approach to analysis wins over time IF YOU STAND ON PRINCIPLE.

  67. Free Speech | September 23, 2011 at 8:57 pm |

    As of today in this order, subject to change.


    Note: Perry ticked me off with that Heart comment, but I’m not ruling him out because of it. I was expecting a better performance from him. I want some one who is going to kick the snot out of B-HO in a debate.

  68. Pat..I’m not ruling any of them out as each have their major plusses and some minor minuses (that they need to be vetted on before we give them the key). Your list is about right, although I’m still in my long shot corner with Cain….

    All are better than Obummer.

  69. Santorum actually showed some life last night. It was his best showing to date. He’s a good conservative Republican and has been for decades. His voice keeps the others honest. Newt is, as Cain pointed out, a deep ocean of knowledge.

    Bachmann in my opinion is not showing any depth in her responses.

  70. New Evidence – Smoke and Mirrors, Now you see it, Now you don’t !!!!! Opposition for Motion to Reconsideration Taitz v. Astrue http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2011/09/taitz-v-astrue-opposition-filed-obamas.html

  71. ‘conferences’ going on in Colorado this upcoming week:

    2011 ACEEE National Conference on Energy Efficiency as a Resource
    September 25, 2011 – September 27, 2011
    Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center
    Denver, CO

    The Coca-Cola Company, NatureWorks and Cereplast headline the Biopolymers Symposium
    September 26-28, 2011

    ControlLogix and RSLogix 5000 Training Seminar
    September 27-29, 2011

    September 26-27, 2011

    2011 Homeland Security Symposium
    September 26-27, 2011

    6th Annual Biopolymers Symposium
    September 26-28, 2011

    Strategies for Justice Conference
    September 26-30, 2011

    2011 Kentico Connection – Denver
    September 26-30, 2011

    EcoSys EPC (Enterprise Planning & Controls)
    September 25-26, 2011

    Annual Educational Networking Conference
    September 25-27, 2011

    NASA Lands in Colorado With International Space Station Events
    September 21-27, 2011

    Additionally, a report from the European Union Times states the following:

    A disturbing report prepared by General Alexey Maslov, the Senior Military Representative of the Permanent Mission of Russia to NATO, states that he has been notified by the Americans of their plan to hold a DEFCON 1 “Cocked Pistol” maximum readiness alert drill on 27 September which will be overseen by President Obama at one the United States most secure bunkers located beneath the Denver
    this is very very strange in broad daylight in front of our noses

  72. folks the nwo order just tipped their hand

  73. If Perry was on medication for back pain last night as many think, he needs to go ahead and get that out. Otherwise, I afraid he is going to plummet in the polls and he may not have a chance to revive his campaign. Regardless, I hope that Jeb Bush or some prominent Conservative gets in the race. Newt is the only one left who is clearly articulating conservative principles and he just does not seem to be able to get much traction in the polls.

  74. Paxson | September 23, 2011 at 10:25 pm |
    Santorum actually showed some life last night. It was his best showing to date. He’s a good conservative Republican and has been for decades. His voice keeps the others honest. Newt is, as Cain pointed out, a deep ocean of knowledge.

    Bachmann in my opinion is not showing any depth in her responses.
    Good assessment, imho. Santorum has been a staunch conservative for many years in the Senate. He just is not as flashy as some of the others.

  75. Cabby, Rick Santorum has been a reliable conservative Republican for decades now. He showed some life last night and actually looked like a legitimate candidate for the first time, in my humble opinion.

    Herman Cain is my guy, however. Mark Levine specifically named him as having an excellent debate last night.

  76. Chris Christie is good as a governor for NJ, but I’m not keen on any potential run for the presidency. His views on Islam are quite suspect and need to be explored fully. Does anyone else have thoughts? Pat 1789, I know you are not in favor of Christie. Do you care to say why?

  77. Perry was stumped last night, not on medication. He was being called out on some hard truths about his past/present positions. He was tongue tied because he doesn’t know how to answer the charges regarding his immigration record and he doesn’t want to appear to be a flip flopper. So he accused the others of “having no heart”.

    Mark Levine ripped into him on that “no heart” comment. Better to discover a candidate with a glass jaw early. I like Perry, but he may not be able to handle the heat in the kitchen.

  78. Paxson, I agree fully about Cain’s participation last night. I heard him say to someone after the debate that he rather detached himself from advisors and spoke more from his heart. That sort of released him, and he could be his real self.

  79. Cabby, Mark Levine has been ripping on Christie all show. I’ll give him a chance like all of the others, but I’m hearing that his rhetoric may not match up to his image. We shall see…. let the scrutiny begin.

  80. Paxson | September 23, 2011 at 10:46 pm |
    I like Perry, but he may not be able to handle the heat in the kitchen.
    Yes, apart from the weakness with respect to immigration issues, I keep thinking how would he do in a debate against Obummer? (liar, braggart, put-on charmer, etc.)

  81. Cabby..so do I. I would like to see the most conservative candidate possible who is still electable in a general election. Watching Herman Cain smile last night, I could see the general public trusting him. He is definitely conservative, his views are all congruent with mine…and on top of that he has a real narrative or life story that people will admire and remember. Herman Cain could win the whole thing if he can get through the gauntlet.

  82. http://www.redstate.com/aglanon/2011/09/23/i-need-a-hero/

    Instead of an assemblage of our best and brightest, articulating the values and ideals put forth so clearly by the tea party these last three years, we seem to have a panel of damaged goods best relegated to sniping at each other or making statements that cause their staunchest allies to stare in bewilderment.I used to like Michele Bachmann, but she lost me when she started screaming about 12 year old little girls every 5 minutes and seemed to believe that fostering 368 children qualifies her above the other candidates. She regularly attempts to appeal to the basest of emotions…

    Herman Cain is a great guy but he can’t seem to escape relative obscurity. Not to mention that his 9,9,9 plan creates a new tax, tax, tax.

    Mitt Romney is a solid leader. Unfortunately, what he wants to lead us to might be so far from the ideals we’ve been espousing as to make one wonder why we bothered protesting in the first place. Plus: Romneycare people. Romneycare!? Are you kidding me?

    And now Perry is losing me… When you have the highest job creation in the country during a recession that many blame on the incumbent, and you can’t get a Luntz panel to remember that because you spoke with all of the coherence of a dental patient with a numbed mouth, you may have issues in the generals.

  83. Paxson, that is interesting about Levine’s opinion. Here again, Christie is a newcomer to administration and that only at the state level. What will be his knowledge about foreign affairs, national security, social security, etc.?

    From what I’ve read, a lot of big Republican donors, including bundlers, are urging him to run. That, coupled with a less than stellar performance by the frontrunner, Perry, are possibly tempting Christie to enter the race. I would hope that it would take more than that. Idealism? Love of country? Strong belief in service?

  84. I’ll hear Christie out when/if he chooses to run. I’m thinking that he may be a Rove candidate, but that is just an assumption. Christie definitely will be able to handle himself in a debate, but Levine seems to have a laundry list of criticisms ready when/if Christie makes that choice. I want a pressure cooker of ideas so the best candidate rises to the top. It is something that we should embrace and not run away from.

  85. Paxson | September 23, 2011 at 11:04 pm |
    I’ll hear Christie out when/if he chooses to run….
    Same here. Yes, he could handle himself in any debate, IF he is thoroughly informed. His presence is powerful.

  86. Free Speech,

    We’ll be in Nashville this weekend. I’ll leave some Obama Barf Bags at the hotel registration desk for you if you’ll pick them up. You may need them during the upcoming presidential campaign. 🙂

  87. http://powerwall.msnbc.msn.com/politics/its-time-to-buy-rick-perry-stock-1702420.story

    The conventional wisdom is dumping hard on Rick Perry. Politico blared Friday, in the wake of his fumbling debate performance, that he might already be “Texas toast.” This tells me now is exactly the time to buy Perry stock. The reasons are simple. First, the likelihood that Perry will iron out the wrinkles and become a better debater and candidate over time is greater, and maybe far greater, than the likelihood that Mitt Romney will become more acceptable to conservatives. Second—well, let me save No. 2 for later.

  88. I personally haven’t written Rick Perry off and I hope that he finds his sea legs. That being said, an editorial by MSNBC isn’t going to sway me in a positive direction. Just sayin’…..

  89. The same article from The Daily Beast calls redstate.com “the house organ of Wignutistan”. I’m not sure that this writer has our best interests at heart….but that could just be my perspective.

  90. http://www.alaskadispatch.com/article/mitch-daniels-rick-perry-or-any-republican-who-breathes-could-win

    Daniels said that he hoped he was wrong but he did not see any major economic improvement in the next year. “In that situation … it could be that any Republican who breathes and speaks English becomes the default option” for president.

  91. http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-pn-perry-debate-echoes-20110923,0,695676.story

    In the aftermath, reviews of the Texas governor’s debate performances were devastating:

    Canned responses. Stilted talking points. Dan Quayle-like in his opacity and twisty-turny answers.

    Still, George W. Bush survived the rough patch to not just claim the White House in 2000 but also prevail over then-Vice President and supposed debate master Al Gore in two out of three (depending who’s doing the judging) debates in the general election.

    Coming off his choppy and widely panned debate performance Thursday night in Orlando, Texas Gov. Rick Perry may take heart in the rocky start of his predecessor.

  92. Indy, did you hear Savage today? Perry’s illegal immigrant positions have made him ineligible for “The Savage Nation”…

  93. Here is an interesting comment from TheRightScoop

    Kelly60 wrote:
    I honestly don’t like debates. Perry is my Governor and even with the HPV thing (that I abhorred) , the Texas Dream Act (which, by the way isn’t the same as the proposed Dream Act)and even the Trans Texas Corridor, I like him. He comes from good stock which may not mean much to all of you but it does to me. I know my own values and would also fumble and sputter in a debate. I like Herman Cain but his numbers aren’t there and he has NO executive experience. Romney IS another Obama any way you look at it. Bachmann lost me with the HPV attack. Huntsman is a democrat with an R next to his name, Paul is against Israel (anti-semitic). There is NO perfect candidate with all the answers…NONE.

    Yes, Perry screwed up big time in the debates but I like him better than anyone else. Scream about the immigration issue all you want, they are here and need to be dealt with. Our government isn’t doing it and when ICE picks them up from jail, they drop them over the border and they walk back in.


  94. It will be interesting to see what Rush says about the debate on Monday. Hannity was very kind to Gov Perry when he was on the Radio Show. So Perry may still be able to recover, but the bigger question is Perry’s health. It was painfully obvious that Perry was on pain medication and the medication was clouding his thoughts. Perry needs to address the issue of his health more than anything else.

  95. Cabby, Herman Cain was President of Godfather’s pizza. So that writer is incorrect. Herman has “executive” experience in the private sector. He was also a VP at Pilsbury. He also was on the board

  96. He was Bob Dole’s economic advisor in 1996 and served on the Fed Board of Governors. He has vast experience and his knowledge of the macro and micro economies dwarfs all of the other candidates. With only Huntsman and Romney coming close.

  97. Herman Cain’s knowledge of the economy is superior to all of the other candidates except maybe Romney or Huntsman. Not sure why my posts are going to moderation. CW?

  98. He was Bob Dole’s economic advisor in 1996. VP of Pilsbury. Fed Board of Governors in K.C. Undergraduate degree in Mathematics. Credit analyst for the U.S. Navy…

    He’s a smart dude.

  99. It is not often that I post agreements with FreeSpeech, however, he is absolutely correct about Romney and I hold the same sentiments. Romney is Pro-Abortion, Romney has in fact bolstered the need and for the Unconstitutional support of Obamacare. Romney does and has supported legislation that are job killers in the private sector. These alone, regardless of his religion, will prevent Romney from winning the Presidency. They are near Identical to Obama on these subject matters I just mentioned.

    Imagine the debate between Romney and Obama on this.

    Obama: I say taxpayers should pay for abortions, its a right.
    Romney: I agree

    Obama: I say taxpayers should be forced to purchase ObamaCare.
    Romney: I agree

    Obama: I say that additional money should be pulled from the private sector to create temp. government jobs at the taxpayers expense.
    Romney: I agree.

    Wheres the debate?

    Romney needs a T-Shirt standing next to Obama in a Presidential debate with an arrow pointing to Obama that says, “I’M WITH STUPID”.

  100. Paxson, I posted that comment from TheRightScoop only to pass on what a Texas resident thinks about Perry. He is absolutely wrong about Cain not having executive experience. As you say, Cain has great knowledge of the economy and is extremely smart.

    With so many candidates running, it is hard to give all a fair chance of expression during the debates.

    One of my comments (benign) has also gone into moderation.

  101. I know, Cabby. I was rebutting that poster, not you.

  102. William | September 24, 2011 at 1:02 am |
    It is not often that I post agreements with FreeSpeech, however, he is absolutely correct about Romney and I hold the same sentiments. Romney is Pro-Abortion, Romney has in fact bolstered the need and for the Unconstitutional support of Obamacare. Romney does and has supported legislation that are job killers in the private sector. These alone, regardless of his religion, will prevent Romney from winning the Presidency. They are near Identical to Obama on these subject matters I just mentioned….

    Romney needs a T-Shirt standing next to Obama in a Presidential debate with an arrow pointing to Obama that says, “I’M WITH STUPID”.

    There is not a dimes worth of difference between romney, hillary and bo.

  103. William, there is no doubt that Romney is not without problems of his own. Romney, however, has a manner of articulating his “evolution” on certain subjects that sounds so darn convincing :).

    I’ve been saying for a month that it is early days, still is…there is time to vet these guys and gal to arrive at the best candidate. This is why I haven’t given up on Cain.

    The cream rises to the top…right?

  104. There is a HUGE difference between Obama, Hillary and Romney. Merely saying something outrageous does not make it so…

  105. Paxson,

    I agree that Romney is intelligent, I have not doubt to such fact. However, Jimmy Carter was a Nuclear Engineer, Pro American Naval Military man, Highly intelligent, Supervisor of Education, yet was as dumb as a box of rocks when it came to running a Country.

    Intelligence is not the question. Integrity and Constitutional understanding is. Understanding that alone, the private sector will right itself without any assistance from the Feds, as so many times in the past.

  106. http://townhall.com/tipsheet/townhall.comstaff/2011/09/23/update_christies_camp_denies_2012_run

    CNN’s Peter Hamby tweeted that one of Christie’s advisors denied the claims, and that Christie will not run, contrary to Newsmax’s reporting. No word yet on where Newmax acquired their faulty information, but it seems they jumped the gun and published the story without confirmation from Christie’s people.

  107. Paxson,

    I agree, Romney is an excellent speaker and quite convincing. One must first understand the premise or foundation to understand the building block. As you mentioned, “evolution”.

    Personally, I don’t believe in evolution of politics, nor rarely anything else unless it is understanding and interpreting the past to learn the future. This of course, is through education, not evolution. But I understand what you mean.

    In more practical sense, I routinely listen to local politics, especially on the local radio. As in your area as well, there is a significant legal difference between what a City commissioner legal obligations are, and that of a County commissioner.

    Certainly, if J.D (John Doe) was running for City Council, proclaiming he will Annex the County into the City, only to be informed that is not within his legal scope of authority – does he change tunes?
    Next he claims on his ambitious bid for City Council seat, that he intends to (if elected) terminate all County teachers and replace them with City teachers. Only to once again be informed, this is not within his legal authority. Finally, he understands the river water way battles between two States and declares if elected as the City Councilman, he will in fact block all water to the adjoining State, so his city constituents will benefit from lower water bills. And again, is informed this is not within his legal authority.

    At what point do the locals consider J.D. an evolutionary political learner and worthy of holding a City Council seat, or do the voters simply recant their support declaring J.D. an idiot? Certainly J.D. can go back an give further speeches, but will it help him? Most likely not.

    And it won’t help Romney either. He will be digging a bigger hole, with a shovel – ready job in the private sector. This is not leadership. Not that you are saying that, but I am.

    Cain is also intelligent, but I have many doubts about him as well. Maybe another day for that discussion.

  108. Good Morning! I didn’t have a chance to watch the debate but I did listen to Gov. Perry yesterday. I thought he did a good job explaining his views about the imigration issue. I agree with his position.

    He should have walked back his ‘no heart’ comment more.

    Regarding the fence – I like Rep. Pauls warning that a fence might be used to keep us in. I would move/build small quick response military bases for training, etc. and patrol the boarder. The main thing is to secure the boarder first and then find solutions to the remaining issues.

    Regarding the education of illegal children, I would prefer to have all children educated who agree to school rules, stay out of gangs. When I was involved in criminal defense in the 80’s, it cost $45 to $50K to keep a young person in prison per year. It is cheaper to educate the kids and make them tax payers. It is much more likely a kid not in school will get into trouble and cost more to the citizens of the state in terms of incarceration and crime.

    Got to go find out who’s playing today.

  109. Cabby – AZ | September 23, 2011 at 10:44 pm | Chris Christie is good as a governor for NJ, but I’m not keen on any potential run for the presidency. His views on Islam are quite suspect and need to be explored fully. Does anyone else have thoughts? Pat 1789, I know you are not in favor of Christie. Do you care to say why?
    From what I have read he is not pro second ammendment. And I don’t have a clue where he stands on the global warming hoax.
    That and I think that teacher beat down he did was just plain wrong, he came across as an arrogant bully.
    His health, his number one goal should be getting in shape and being around for his kids. To entertain anything else is crazy

  110. Let’s hope the news media will focus on BHO crimes and not the minutia of the Republican Primary. LOL

  111. http://www.newsmax.com/InsideCover/Schoen-Jeb-Bush-Romney/2011/09/23/id/412028

    Bush has declined repeatedly to toss his hat in the ring. But Schoen, who said he has no inside knowledge of the Florida governor’s political plans, said the economic crisis gripping the nation has grown so severe that Bush may be persuaded that the nation desperately needs his leadership.

    “Let’s stop talking politics,” Schoen said after the Dow suffered its worst two-day loss since the meltdown of November 2008. “Let’s talk real world, real life. We’re in a crisis.”

    Schoen said Bush would win broad support from virtually all quarters of the Republican Party, and praised his ability to rally the nation.

    “This is unsustainable, whether you’re on the left, the right, or the center,” Schoen said of the nation’s deepening economic woes. “The only man with a vision of inclusiveness, and policies to balance the budget and get America moving again in a rational and realistic way is the former governor of Florida.

    “Now, he may decide not to run,” Schoen said. “But given the nature of the crisis, and of the [GOP] field, I believe that if he jumped in, he would be the instant and immediate front-runner.”

  112. Doug Shoen. Isn’t he a demRat pollster/strategist?

  113. http://flapsblog.com/2011/04/19/president-2012-florida-poll-watch-angst-jeb-bush-57-vs-barack-obama-38/

    If the 2012 Presidential election were held today, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush would defeat President Barack Obama in the Sunshine State by nearly 20 points.

  114. http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/259099/bush-2012-rich-lowry#

    John J. Miller has a cover story in the new issue of National Review that’s a compelling portrait of the accomplishments of Jeb Bush. Four years after leaving the Florida governor’s mansion, he remains one of the most impressive Republican politicians in the country, a formidable policy mind with the political chops to drive conservative reforms even out of office. So why isn’t he running for president? Bush told Miller what he’s said to others, too — he won’t run in 2012, but he’ll consider 2016. This is a mistake. Bush should run now for at least eight reasons:

  115. Paxson | September 24, 2011 at 12:19 am |

    Didn’t catch that, but thanks for the info.

  116. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-20008631-503544.html

    In the 2008 presidential election, then-candidate Barack Obama seemed almost to be running against George W. Bush, his Republican predecessor.

    In 2012, it’s not out of the question that he’ll run against a Bush for real.

  117. So any mention of F(o)S goes into moderation?

  118. Say, Eff Ess, isn’t Doug Shoen a demRat pollster/strategist?

  119. We are importing, feeding, clothing, educating amd subsidizing our own private future socialist revolution. For.cheap labor. They go.to.our liberal colleges and then join la Raza and call for.democritization, Marx style. All courtesy of.the U.S. Citizen.

  120. Indy from here on out he shall be referred to as P.O.S. As it.was in the beginning, so on an so forth.

  121. According to Byron York 78% of.the new jobs in Texas were immigrants. Cheap wages paid for by me and you.

  122. It is clear from the posts yesterday that the demRats no longer fear Gov Perry and of course the demRat dream candidate is romney.

    However, the mere mention of Jeb Bush’s name causes the demRats to go beserk. It is obvious that the Republican that the demRats fear most now is Jeb Bush; and for good reason. Jeb would beat boHillary in a landslide even
    with soros funding a trump/ palin 3rd party campaign.

  123. It has become clear to me that P.O.S. Has been wrong about every single thing that he has said.

  124. Freepers put a caption on a recent pic of Rick,,, funny comments!!


  125. But F(o) S, why are demRats like Doug Shoen pushing Jeb?

  126. Indy…details, details….why bother?

  127. Bob Strauss………………..
    Thank you for the initiative expended at the Conference. While I am not holding my breath,I am praying that what you had to say might just get somebody off their duff. There is a dire need for a Federal court to demand that NUTTY FUDDY supply ALL of the documentation in their possession or face prosecution for contempt of court. If MMMMSSSS. IMPORTANT tries to hide behind the (alleged) Hawaiian Privacy Law then let her spend a few days,or weeks in the unairconditioned Hawaiian SLAMMER!

  128. Bobg Strauss………….
    I remain convinced that Hawaii is the only reasonable starting point. But as you stated the right people must also bear a hand. You have hopefully opened the door to their room……now lets see if anybody is INTERESTED,in what you are trying so hard to tell them.

  129. Irregardless of what anyone thinks of the BUSH family the mention of their name still COMMANDS attention. Should Perry or Romney fail in the primaries, I would hope that Jeb Bush might just be willing to throw his hat in the ring……If for no other reason than to draw voters away from the enemy. While I don’t know how effective he would be, at least he would be there………good,or bad. It is not as though he is an unknown value. I think that conservative voters,and potential conservative voters know much more about him than any of us think. He did establish himself in Florida,and in turn over the US. Being a governor is one thing, being a POTUS is quite another. If Perry can get a better debating posture it would be a big help to him. I had a big problem with some of his responses to questions. Hesitation was one of my observations.

  130. Old Salt. I don’t have any problem with Jeb. Maybe a bit.too.soft on illegal immigration. Buy.other than that fine. Notice how.they keep pushing us like cattle to the open borders candidate? Im all for legal immigration, by.the way.

  131. Mark levin has been staunchly against Christie. If I am correct, Christie is for a form of amnesty and against most of the gun rights…..Although I like his style and his honesty, those two issues are a deal breaker for me. I, too am liking Cain more and more…..He has handled the debates in a positive way, not bashing the other contenders. As a virtual unknown on the National stage, he comes off as a regular, honest, conservative, successful American. Not your typical two timing politician. He only has his business record to work off of and it is remarkable. The others are trying to cover some of their stupid political decisions. I think Cain is a refreshing look into what is ahead. I have always liked Santorum and Bachman, but I don’t think they will ever get their wheels greased. Newt stands out ahead of the rest because of his experience and brilliance….but I don’t think the establishment will give him the green light. Oh well, I think if we are ever to turn things around, we will need very new blood into the game. I like Cain…hope he gets some momentum.

  132. While HESITATION suggests a certain unsureness,it also implies that a person might well be taking a moment to THINK……..a virtue which seems to be AWOL from Soetoro, as well as a couple of the Republican candidates. In no way do I CONDEMN Perry for a little forthought, particularly when just ONE misused word could easily reap a total PR disaster for him.

  133. The Bush family are just a different brand of New World Order. Albeit more appealing than the alternatives, but NWO nonetheless.

  134. Honor First…………….
    There is a lot to like with Cain. Too bad Perry can seemingly not speak as well as Cain. Cain’s manner of speech suggests a mature candidate who is UNAFRAID to speak what he sees in his MIND’S EYE relative to the subject at hand. He SORELY needs MUCH more publicity. With out it, it is going to be one hell of an uphill struggle for him.

  135. http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/07/mitt_romney_a_liberals_liberal_republican.html

    Although there is no “perfect conservative,” and although conservatives have serious issues with every candidate running, Mitt Romney is nothing more than a strident liberal masquerading as a moderate. As Selwyn Duke rightly wrote in 2007, Romney is the Barack Obama of the GOP. Every Republican has made his share of mistakes, but Romney is a committed liberal on the whole spectrum of issues.

    Conservatives know that Romney was pro-abortion for a long time before he first ran for the presidency in 2007, at which time he “changed his position” because he was now asking for the votes of conservatives. Romney has also supported “gay rights,” and as Massachusetts governor, he implemented same-sex marriage by executive fiat.

    Romney is stridently liberal on fiscal and economic issues. He did not initially support the Bush tax cuts; he has long opposed (and continues to oppose) the flat tax, calling it “a tax cut for fat cats”; he used fee hikes and “loophole-closing measures” to balance the Massachusetts state budget; and when he found items in it which he deemed wasteful or unneccessary, such as $30 million per year for hotel rooms for homeless people, he spent such sums on something else rather than use them to balance the budget.

    Mitt believes that anthropogenic global warming is real and that humanity must act urgently to stop it. In 2005, he even claimed that a cap-and-tax scheme would be “good for business.” Why would the GOP nominate a candidate who believes in the global warming scam?

    Of course, no discussion of Romney’s big-government record can be complete without a mention of the Massachusetts socialized medicine scheme he championed and signed into law, with a grinning Ted Kennedy in the background.

    It is nonsense to claim that Romney, as a “moderate,” can appeal to centrist/independent voters and thus win the election. Independents don’t vote for Republicans who are not significantly different from their Democratic rivals. Romney is, on the issues, so aligned with Obama that there’s no real difference between them. When faced with a choice between a liberal Democrat and a liberal Republican, Americans always choose the Democrat (vide 1976, 1992, 1996, and 2008). An overt RINO can never defeat a Democrat.

    The reason why Romney is even considered for the nomination is because of his name recognition, establishment pedigree, the establishment’s praise for him, and liberal media propaganda. The MSM wants to make sure that Romney becomes the nominee because he would be the easiest candidate for Obama to beat. Team Obama is already praying that Romney crosses the finish line first.

    It’s time to stand up to the GOP establishment and say “no to Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee!”

  136. Indymac………….
    Good Morning!
    I have a gut feeling that we have NOT YET heard the last of Herman Cain. He sorely needs to get a little piece of the media’s FREE PR. pie. He needs to stage a lot of public appearances which garner MEDIA coverage. I think that the public doesn’t know him well enough.

  137. Old Salt. There is plenty of time for general public to get to know Herman Cain. In the mean time it is more important to get Republican primary voters informed of him. This happens through word of mouth by people like me and you.

  138. http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/259217/demint-surveys-field-praises-jeb-robert-costa

    DeMint, in an interview with National Review Online, calls Bush “one of the best” possible presidential contenders.

    “[Bush] would be a really good president and a good candidate,” DeMint says. “He had a solid record as governor; he showed that he was willing to push innovative things in education and elsewhere.”

    NRO wonders: In coming months, if Bush and other conservative favorites decide to sit out 2012, will DeMint feel compelled to jump in? “I really am trying to avoid that,” he tells us. “I’m looking for good candidates out there in the field.”

    “I would have to feel a strong pull from people all over the country,” DeMint says.

  139. Old Salt. This is what they call “grassroots” and is.what the establishment fears the most. It is outside of.their control.

  140. Global warming caused by man is in my view UNPROVEABLE at best. Yet nobody seems to be lookingat the NATURAL changes taking place. In particular I mention the increased volcanic activity through the Aleutian Islands, and in Alaska as well. In the Arctic ocean the average water temperature has risen slightly over a period of time. This suggests increased volcanic activity closer to the poles. The USGS gas PROVEN and documented the increased volcanic activity. When I was in the Arctic Ocean in late1953 the water temperature averaged 33 to 35 degrees F. This was in August of that year. The last recorded average temperature at the same point ….off Barrow Alaska the water temperature was slightly higher in the same month…..averaging a little over 35 degrees F. This is DOCUMENTED. Go to USGS/GOV. By the way a similar pattern has been found to be true in Antarctica. If global warming is actually occuring naturally there is DAMN little that ANYBODY will ever be able to do about it.

  141. Pat 1789 | September 24, 2011 at 9:01 am |

    From what I have read he is not pro second ammendment. And I don’t have a clue where he stands on the global warming hoax.
    That and I think that teacher beat down he did was just plain wrong, he came across as an arrogant bully.
    His health, his number one goal should be getting in shape and being around for his kids. To entertain anything else is crazy.
    Thanks for the feedback! Why under the sun would any Repub even consider someone who is not pro Second Amendment?

    His health……. Yes, he is a very outstanding figure…:)

  142. His health……. Yes, he is a very outstanding figure… 🙂

  143. oldsalt79 | September 24, 2011 at 11:00 am |

    Morning oldsalt! I would just love to see a matchup between Cain and Dunham. The dims race card would be in tatters.

  144. There are 2 basic dynamics going on in the Republican Party presently. 1) Anybody But romney 2) Anybody But bo.

    The reason for Gov Perry’s quick rise was because he tapped into both those dynamics.

    The Silver Lining in Perry’s loss of favor is that there is still time for another candidate to jump in and quickly overtake romney.

    Santorum or Bachmann could have taken the lead when Perry began to falter, but they made the mistake of focusing their attacks on Perry and Conservatives simply do not like to see conservatives attacking other conservatives. I am afraid Bachmann blew her chance when she made the IDIOTIC statement that Gardasil causes mental retardation. Santorum’s criticism of Perry on immigration and mandates was better thought out so there is still a possibility that he will get some traction if he now focuses his attacks on boRomney.

  145. http://www.tampabay.com/news/politics/national/when-jeb-bush-says-he-wont-run-for-president-in-2012-it-makes-republicans/1151122

    When Jeb Bush says he won’t run for president in 2012, it makes Republicans want him more

  146. Christie’s enthusiasm for man made global warming makes me question his intellect and integrity. He is also very weak on the 2nd amendment, amnesty and Islamic extremism.

  147. Paxson | September 24, 2011 at 9:59 am |

    According to Byron York 78% of.the new jobs in Texas were immigrants. Cheap wages paid for by me and you.

    Well said, least we not forget that 40% of that figure went to “Illegal Immigrants” with his proxy approval. In addition, his stance on forcing taxpayers to pay for illegal immigrants in universities, one he is steadfast on upholding to appease (for votes) goes by the wayside of the media.

  148. William, we are caught in the middle of a battle between the multi-national corporatists and the multi-national socialists. Both desire to control the world “peasantry” for their own agendas, one for slave priced labor and the other for Marxist revolution. They both force people like me and you to pay for their agendas through subsidization. In the end it is us who gets screwed.

  149. Perhaps that analysis is a bit too generalized as there are multiple nuances between the two positions, but the end result is the same.

  150. Put it this way, neither of them care a bit about me and you.

  151. Think about how cozy that Bill Clinton became with George HW Bush. To the point that George Sr. said that Bill was “like a son”. Then Clinton has his “Global Initiative” project. Bill Clinton changed teams in the NWO order crowd to the Bush team at some point.

    Again, this is just my perspective and guess. Not preaching this as gospel.

  152. There is a dire and intentional injection by the media asking redundant questions to politicians in these Presidential debates. The media, and the Politicians playing alone with it, do it for nothing more than a strategy to attempt to gain points. Nothing more. There is no substance, no real problem solving solutions existing the mouths of any of them. Nor is there any real questions being asked. How does one make the person next you appear stupid? Ask a stupid question is the answer.

    Why have these debate questions thus far avoided such in depth analysis from the potential front runner to face Obama? Star Parker nails some of it, it is keen to “entertainment”. Which is pathetic by the way. As Star said in her article:

    ” These events are supposed to be about quality information, raising the bar and producing a thoughtful, informed electorate. But they are being produced to provide entertainment, and we are barely getting that.

    Technology doesn’t take the place of substance. YouTube and real-time polling are not substitutes for thoughtful, provocative questioning.

    Can it really be that Rick Perry, in this third debate in which he has appeared, was not pushed, after all the heat being thrown out on Social
    Security, on specifically how he would reform it?

    Can it be, as health-care expert after health-care expert has laid out the long list of failures of Romneycare in Massachusetts, and its unquestionable similarities to Obamacare, that Mitt Romney was not grilled thoroughly on this and called on his sidestepping and denials?

    Can it be that, on a day where the stock market in our country dropped 3 ½ percent and in China 5 percent, that candidates were not asked what they think is wrong with the global economy?

    Can it be that, when many experts agree that government meddling in housing and mortgages – particularly through mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – was central to the recent financial collapse, there has not been a single question on why Fannie and Freddie are still standing, propped up by government and untouched?

    Why, when everyone knows that Rick Santorum is a social conservative, would the question on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy in the military be directed to him? His answer was a surprise to no one. Why wasn’t Romney the one questioned on this?

    Why, instead of time being wasted with stupid questions like “Who on this stage would you choose as your vice president?” would the question not be asked: “Who is your favorite justice on the Supreme Court”?

  153. That question would be an excellent one at the next debate, William, and I hear what you are saying.

    That being said, one of the things that I personally like about Herman Cain is his background in mathematics. Perhaps it is because I have the same type of brain and I can relate to his approach on matters. He is an analyzer and a problem solver. Sure he has some faults and maybe has said some boneheaded things in the past, but there is no doubt that he is 100% a family man, 100% American and 100% exactly what this country is all about. For instance, his 9-9-9 plan has been analyzed by actuaries and is a viable tax plan. Sure, the added “National Sales Tax” could be troubling in future Congresses as what is stopping them from going from 9-9-9 to 40-40-40 and the fact that it is a new never before created tax.

    But the bottom line is that he is thinking.

  154. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0611/57674.html

    Nonetheless, this month, FreedomWorks, which brought in $14 million last year, signaled it will mobilize tea party voters against Romney in states holding presidential primaries after New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation contest.

    Some take issue with Romney’s vacillation on social issues like gay rights and abortion. But the biggest tea party knocks on Romney are his position that global warming merits action to curb heat-trapping emissions, and especially his role in enacting a Massachusetts state health care overhaul.

    Many tea party organizers believe the movement’s best chance to stop Romney may be rallying activists behind a single, well-organized rival in states that have strong tea party constituencies — such as South Carolina and Florida — that hold primaries after New Hampshire, where Romney is expected to run well.

    But, at least until the race shakes out, it’s easier to make the case that Romney does not deserve tea party support than to argue that any specific candidate does, said Dustin Stockton, chief strategist for Western Representation PAC.

    But Stockton and Kibbe said that Romney is so unpalatable to tea party activists that the movement could consider backing a third-party candidate instead of working for him in the general election.

    And he added in an interview with POLITICO that among the people “I talk to — coordinators, activists, and the hundreds of thousands of people on our Facebook page — there is virtually no support for Romney.”

  155. One thing that Jon Huntsman is right about is the fact that our country needs to fix it’s core. Some would worry that Herman Cain’s foreign policy experience may be a bit light, and I’m not disputing that fact. However, his mindset is in the right place and I’m certain that at the appropriate time the correct people will be around him as advisors.

    I am in agreement with Huntsman in that it is time for us to worry about U.S. first and the rest of the world later. Although I don’t think that we should leave people hanging out to dry either.

  156. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/43075568/ns/politics-decision_2012/t/romney-has-it-all-except-gop-stalwart-support/

    In nearly two dozen interviews at the Republican National Committee’s spring meeting, no one fully embraced Romney, and several said they’d like to see other candidates enter the race.

    “A lot of Republicans are hoping someone new pops up,” said Kirby Wilbur, GOP chairman in Washington state. “He keeps having to figure out who he is,” a reference to Romney’s changed positions on issues including abortion and health care.

    Romney’s biggest obstacle to the nomination, many delegates said, is the health care law he enacted as Massachusetts governor five years ago.

    “Health care may be his Achilles’ heel,” said South Carolina Republican Party chairman Chad Connelly, whose state holds its primary shortly after New Hampshire’s.

    “There is a huge anybody-but-Romney contingent in the party,” Ayres said in an interview. He said the discontent centers on the health care issue and Romney’s shift from liberal to conservative positions over the years on abortion rights, gun control and gay rights.

  157. Sorry, that post was a bit disheveled. I meant to say that Herman Cain has the goods on knowing our domestic macro economy and to me, right now, that is more important than having a person who is well versed in foreign policy, but poor on economic issues.

    I was saying that Huntsman is correct in many of his declarations, in my estimation.

  158. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/right-turn/post/anyone-but-mitt/2011/03/29/AF1sxgdE_blog.html

    The central issue of the 2012 election is going to be ObamaCare — not necessarily the specific details of the plan, but the political premises behind it: government mandates, public sector vs. private, the size and scope of government, individual responsibility, etc.

    RomneyCare is ObamaCare, and there’s no way [former] Gov. Romney can cover that up with lame arguments about federalism.

    f the Republican Party nominates a candidate whose position on the central issue of the campaign is “When Obama does it, it’s bad; but when I do it — it’s GREAT!”, we might as well forfeit the election right now.

    In this political moment, with Americans crying out for authenticity, Mitt Romney stands alone as the single most in-authentic politician in the GOP. Romney — who ran to the left of Ted Kennedy in his U.S. Senate race, then tried to run to the right of John McCain, in 2008 — is authentically in-authentic. He’s just waiting for someone to let him know what he needs to say in order to win, and he’ll happily say it.

    In a way, it’s almost refreshing. Romney is sincerely insincere. When he’s fake, he really means it!

    The reason government mandates are wrong is because they violate the proper relationship between citizens and the state. If it’s wrong for President Obama to mandate buying a commercial product as a requirement of citizenship, then it’s wrong for Gov. Romney, too.

    There are a lot of Republicans so desperate to end the disaster that is the Obama administration that they’d support ANYONE if they thought he/she would win in November 2012. (Once again, see “Trump, Donald.”) The point of http://www.anyonebutmitt.com is to make sure GOP primary voters understand early on that Romney is a guaranteed loser.

  159. Paxson,

    I certainly agree with your comments of Subsiding. This should be (and should have been for many decades) a key issue topic amongst politicians.

    But each have their reasoning as we know. However, how can one party claim subsiding should be implemented at the private sectors behalf for particular companies, while the other party claims their benefactor donors should be rewarded the taxpayers monies in subsidies on the other side?

    Subsidies are illegal, they are not within the Constitutional restraints of our federal elected officials. In short, they are pay offs, nothing more. Something that would land you and I in prison if done in the private sector.

    Nevertheless, lets look at the broader scope – in general -of the subsidized political argument. There are some politicians that claim the Oil Industries need to subsidized ( Taxpayers money taken to reimburse a financial loss of funds at the hands of policy makers), but the question is never asked why such is needed. As you know, the Republicans favor the Oil Industry in such subsidies, to minimize the loss of profit and jobs in the U.S. due to foreign contracts in the Middle East and South America. I need not hound on the reasons as I am confident you are aware of them and reasons.

    Nestled in the next corner are the Democrats, whom favor Farming subsidies. Always posting a starving American child without food, if American taxpayers do not fork monies to support such industry.

    The problem is, that neither of the subsidies examples (Nor any of them) ever reach the so called “Poor” lower class persons, ever. Only the wealthy companies, including the multi-million and billionaires become the financial benefactors of taxpayers financial subsidies.

    Now certainly there is nothing wrong with being wealthy, or owning your own company. That is the American Dream for all and rightfully so. That is not my point. Rather my point in general, is that the Federal government and elected officials argue about which company or which industry should be the benefactor. If any true debate on this issue arose, neither could defend such action.

    It is compelling to do away with “ALL” subsidies, as it only benefits the wealthy, and never reaches the so called recipients. If you can’t run your business and make a profit, then get out of it. If Congress forces a private company to comply to its costly regulations and losing business, then blame congress and get out of business. Either way, Congresses policies become exposed as harmful, and the private sector wins.

  160. http://anyonebutmitt.com/post/2011/09/15/This-Is-The-Plan-Mitt-Romney-Says-Is-“Right-For-Massachusetts”.aspx

    The Beacon Hill Institute study found that, on average, Romneycare:

    • cost the Bay State 18,313 jobs;

    • drove up total health insurance costs in Massachusetts by $4.311 billion;

    • slowed the growth of disposable income per person by $376; and

    • reduced investment in Massachusetts by $25.06 million.

    “We think it’s very pertinent and very similar to the health-care law that was passed nationally — it’s a case study,” Bachman said. “This is what happened in Massachusetts, and this is what can be expected from the national health-care act.”

  161. It is a real shame that Bachmann and Santorum chose to smear Gov Perry rather than simply debate the issues. If they had followed President Reagan’s 11th Commandment, they would be doing much better in the polls right now. To their credit Newt and Cain did not lower themselves with dishonest smears.

  162. Challening a fellow candidate’s position on an issue is not a smear. No matter how inconvient and unprepared for rebuttal.that your opponent may be to.address the challenge.

  163. Challenging a fellow candidate’s position on an issue is not a smear. No matter how inconvient and unprepared for rebuttal.that your opponent may be to.address the challenge.

  164. oldsalt79 | September 24, 2011 at 10:14 am |

    Bob Strauss………………..
    Thank you for the initiative expended at the Conference. While I am not holding my breath,I am praying that what you had to say might just get somebody off their duff. There is a dire need for a Federal court to demand that NUTTY FUDDY supply ALL of the documentation in their possession or face prosecution for contempt of court. If MMMMSSSS. IMPORTANT tries to hide behind the (alleged) Hawaiian Privacy Law then let her spend a few days,or weeks in the unairconditioned Hawaiian SLAMMER!
    Oldsalt79, That was Orly Taitz at the conference not me. Sorry for the confusion.

  165. http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Elections/President/2011/0924/Can-Rick-Perry-make-a-comeback

    “I don’t care if Perry is soft on immigration and tried to mandate a vaccination through executive order,” declares Tim Griffin at the conservative RedState web site. “Romney is the father of socialized medicine in America!”

    “The likelihood that Perry will iron out the wrinkles and become a better debater and candidate over time is greater, and maybe far greater, than the likelihood that Mitt Romney will become more acceptable to conservatives,” writes Michael Tomasky at Newsweek’s Daily Beast.

    While Romney, Michele Bachmann, and Jon Huntsman left Florida before that state’s GOP straw poll Saturday – discounting the importance of such beauty contests – Perry stuck around, saying “I have all my hopes on Florida.”

    It’s easy to see why. Perry has a comfortable lead there, according to a new Quinnipiac poll, with 31 percent of the vote, nine points ahead of Romney.


    By Lawrence Sellin
    Saturday, September 24, 2011


    “And each member of Congress is now in breach of that oath for violating the Constitution and conspiring to cover-up their malfeasance, a crime which continues to this day.


    Members of Congress continue to feign ignorance when presented with evidence that Obama is using a stolen Social Security number and has forged his Selective Service registration.

    It is like trying to have an intellectual conversation with someone who believes the Earth is flat.

    It is not, however, stupidity, but a criminal conspiracy at the very heart of the US government and every member of Congress is now liable.

    The politicians are playing us for fools, hiding the Big Lie while engaging in the Big Stall, hoping that the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people will be overtaken by events and Obama’s crimes and their own criminal complicity will be gradually forgotten.”

    Read More Here: http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/40646

  167. Barack Obama’s Neo World Order

    The successes of Barack Hussein Obama’s Neo World Order are off the charts, because who in 2008 could predict this dope head would have transformed the world drug trade from cutting out Fidel Castro in Cuba, for Obama’s new buddies in Brazil and South America, to cutting out the London exchange for the Obama Advancement of Colored People, in Obama has made Africans the new drug lords of their corner of the world.

    From those stolen AK-74’s now “thought to be in Fresno”………the BATF knows damn well where those guns are, as this was an Obama Gunrunner event for his Muslim terror thugs, as there are tracking chips in those weapons, Obama has been busy not only arming his neo paramilitary funded by dope funds, but he has rolled out the heavy weaponry.

    El Salvador is the Mecca of Munitions now in this Obama era. Obama has really been sharing the pyrotechnic firepower though as Americans have been arming their allies down there since the 1980’s with three hundred thousand hand grenades. Another Obama miracle has now taken place in most of those grenades according to the Washington Post are not in Obama’s dope lords of Mexico paramilitary he has been arming.

    For those who think this is not Islamolatina, the El Cajon region next to California, not only is dealing in weapons, Mexicans, drugs………..but they are now exporting Muslims from Iraq directly into these United States.
    Who said that the Obama stimulus is not working. Obama is producing more dope, terrorists and weapon’s sales than anyone in history……..who needs to arm Taiwan, when Obama is arming the rest of the world. Read more….




    By Lawrence Sellin
    Thursday, September 15, 2011


    “Barack Hussein Obama is the most successful enemy penetration of the US Government in American history.

    During his lifetime, he was nurtured, mentored and supported by radical leftist and fundamentalist Islamic elements both of which hate the United States and seek its demise by whatever means necessary.

    Obama’s immediate family were close to the Communist Party or sympathetic to its aims. His mother Stanley Ann Dunham has been described by former classmates as a “fellow traveler.” His grandfather Stanley Armour Dunham arranged Obama’s mentorship by Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis, originally from Chicago and the former editor of the Chicago Communist paper, the Star.


    Obama once campaigned for the pro-Sharia, Marxist Raila Odinga, who graduated from East Germany’s Magdeburg University in 1970 on a scholarship provided by the East German government. He was a member of Parliament representing an area in western Kenya, which was the birthplace of Obama’s father. Odinga and Obama were nearly inseparable throughout his six-day stay. The two traveled together throughout Kenya and Obama spoke on behalf of Odinga at numerous rallies. (Washington Times)

    Prior to the Dec. 27, 2007 Kenyan presidential election, Odinga had the backing of Kenya’s Muslim community. In exchange for their support, Odinga promised the recognition of “Islam as the only true religion,” that Islamic leaders would have an “oversight role to monitor activities of ALL other religions [emphasis in original],” installation of Shariah courts in every jurisdiction, a ban on Christian preaching, replacement of the police commissioner who “allowed himself to be used by heathens and Zionists,” adoption of a women’s dress code, and bans on alcohol and pork. (Washington Times)

    Within hours after the final election results were announced on December 30, 2007, an election which Odinga lost by more than 230,000 votes, violence led by Odinga supporters began. It eventually led to more than 1,500 Kenyans deaths. Many were slain by machete-armed attackers. More than 500,000 were displaced by the religious strife. Villages lay in ruin. Many of the atrocities were perpetrated by Muslims against Christians. (Washington Times)


    “American politicians and senior government officials know that Obama is an illegal President, has a stolen Social Security Number and has forged his birth documents and Selective Service registration.

    We still do not know who Obama is because he presented a forged birth certificate and the political establishment were derelict in their duty not vetting him and now they are complicit in a government-wide cover-up to hide both Obama’s and their own guilt.

    Obama is, however, more than just a usurper and criminal. He represents the nexus of fundamentalist Islam and radical leftist ideology. He now controls the most powerful office in the world and believes that America, as the embodiment of evil in the world, must be destroyed.

    One only needs to observe Barack and Michelle Obama’s behavior during the recent 9/11 ceremony to know that he is a representative of anti-American interests.”

    Read More Here: http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/40313

    * * * *



    By Lawrence Sellin
    Friday, September 23, 2011


    “The leadership of the Democrat and Republican Parties has ordered every member of Congress to lie to the American people.

    Barack Obama was never eligible to be President because his father was Kenyan, which made Obama a British subject at birth with dual allegiance and not a natural born citizen as required by the Constitution.

    Congress knows that Obama is an illegal President, has a stolen Social Security Number and has forged his birth documents and Selective Service registration.

    Nevertheless, all members of Congress have been instructed to feed their constituents misinformation until Obama’s crimes are overtaken by events, namely the 2012 election.

    Our permanent political establishment hopes that, with the help of an obsequious mainstream media, the public will forget the politicians’ complicity in the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people.”

    Read More Here: http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/40576

    * * * *

    Read More Of Lawrence Sellin’s Article’s About: The 100% Foreign-Born Domestic Enemy Communist-Islamist-Muslim-Fascist NWO/OWG Trojan Horse, 100% Foreign Undocumented Illegal Alien Enemy Combatant of Coup D’Etat War Terrorist Usurper, 100% Current Legal Indonesian Citizen, 100% Radical Islamist Muslim Communist Foreign & Domestic Terrorist Usurper, & The 100% Maniac Daily Serial Career Criminal Sociopath, Soebarkah alias Obama’s Ineligibility & Outrageous Daily Serial Crimes He Is Daily Committing In The USA: http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/members/40576/Lawrence%20Sellin/

    Pray and Work Together In ALL Of The 50 States To Demand That American Law Enforcement IMMEDIATELY ARRESTS & IMMEDIATELY REMOVES THE 100% EXTREMELY DANGEROUS MANIAC DAILY SERIAL CAREER CRIMINAL SOCIOPATH, 100% FOREIGN & DOMESTIC ENEMY TERRORIST USURPER SOEBARKAH IMMEDIATELY TODAY During His 100% Completely Lawless, 100% Foreign & Domestic Terrorist Enemy Attack of Coup D’Etat War Against ALL 311 + Million USA American Citizens In His Criminal 100% Foreign Usurpation Of The USA Government, & His CURRENT Foreign & Domestic Terrorist Enemy Attack Of War Against the USA Constitution & We The People, & His CURRENT Illegal & 100% Completely Lawless Attempted Overthrow Of The USA Government!!


  169. I read earlier today that Gov. Perry was really counting on the Florida straw poll vote today.

    Guess what? Fox has announced that Herman Cain was the runaway victor – 37% of the vote! This poll meant a lot to especially Perry, as he so indicated earlier. Santorum was next, I believe. Don’t hold me to that; I was doing something else at the time. We will be hearing more.

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