Citizen News, Citizen Wells, Citizen News reports, Citizen Journalists, Submit your news

Citizen News, Citizen Wells, Citizen News reports

Want to become more of the news reporting process? Here is a new way. Submit your news stories at Upon approval, they will appear on the front page. This will be for reports, stories, links, video, etc. and not comments about the those news items. Continue to comment about them here. Be patient. All reports submitted will be subject to approval until credibility is established. The rules for that are subject to change and will be at the sole discretion of Citizen Wells. Always click on the latest article under Citizen News.


6 responses to “Citizen News, Citizen Wells, Citizen News reports, Citizen Journalists, Submit your news

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  2. CW – You must be having a lot of traffic on your! I can’t seem to access it. If the traffic is the reason, that’s GOOD! Congratulations!

  3. Grandfatherjwv

    This is a test Citizen Report.

    Major player in the Restore America Plan, Dr. Sam Kennedy stepped back from any contention towards the other five Guardian Elders. He stated last night in his last radio show that the original RAP is dead, that they can call what the plan is now ‘RAP’ if they want to. Dr. Sam Kennedy released all his supporters from any allegiance to him with encouragement for them to make what comes next work for the American people. Kennedy wants patriots to, as much as possible, stay unified even if a few dark spots appear in the new plan or it’s execution. This reporter will publish any corrections if need be.

  4. citizenwells

    You can continue posting news here as long as you like.

    If you click here:

    and post the comment there. As soon as it is approved, it will appear on the front page
    of under Citizen News.

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  6. cherryjones

    I like this idea! Having a one stop place to share the news of day without comments.


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