Obama health insurance, cartoon, Joe Biden, duck, commercial takeoff

This is a really clever cartoon that was just emailed to me



21 responses to “Obama health insurance, cartoon, Joe Biden, duck, commercial takeoff

  1. hilarious!

  2. off subject: anyone like rock n roll…sort of?
    someone sent me this link today…
    I didn’t run with those who listened to this guy, so I don’t know his history at all; nada…nada thing…only snibbits that he was a pretty rad guitarist and showman in his day; and now he’s into this? If you know and/or was, or are, TN fans…an informative comment would be appreciated. Lotta smart folks post here, thankfully.



  3. magna carta

    Great cartoon!
    Here’s a link for surviving an EMP attack.


  4. EVERYONE GO LOOK at this YouTube video that has the YouTube title of:


    Sent to YouTube By: RFeinRockvilleMD

    It points out more strange terrible things about Soetoro/Obama!!

    It is located at this link:

  5. Citizenwells,
    Awesome!I needed that,I haven’t laughed in a long time!Thank you for your site and everyone else here for standing up for what is right!
    God Bless you all!

  6. Alert about Kissinger and meeting!Please read!

  7. Appreciate your ‘lighter side’ posts, CDub…
    LOL some more…

  8. Fernley Girl

    I went to this website after I heard Obama claim he watched the moon landing with his grandfather, Stanley Dunham:

    ***************************************** While in Jakarta, Obama attends Franciscus Primary School (1967–1969) and Besuki State Elementary School Menteng 01 (1969–1971)
    In 1971, Obama is sent back to Hawaii to live with his maternal grandparents, while his mother remains in Indonesia. (Dunham may have traveled with Obama to Hawaii, promptly returning to Indonesia without him, but with his half-sister, Maya Soetoro—possibly after registering her birth in Hawaii.)
    Looks like Obama is lying again……..

  9. That is absolutely a RIOT! Hilarious;0)

  10. Re: “Maya Soetoro—possibly after registering her birth in Hawaii.)’

    Maya Soetoro’s birth was never registered in Hawaii. Maya is a naturalized US citizen.

  11. Video: New Black Panthers vs. White Supremacists in Paris, TX

    State police in full riot gear rushed to break up a tense standoff between hundreds of black and white protesters who exchanged screams of “Black power!” and “White power!”


  12. Video: Sen. Demint: Obama “can’t back up his Utopian promises…what is he hiding?”


  13. Patriot Dreamer

    Great cartoon, CW! 😀

  14. Lou Dobbs is at it again.

    Is he the only Journalistic in CNN?


    See TWO Videos on side bar on Right.

    Great stuff good for Lou Dobbs.

  15. PRWH Peter,

    Where did Joy Browne get whatever ‘certification’ she has as a Psychologist…..Moron State University?

    Gimme a break!

  16. Civis naturaliter natus


    Hilarious! One to keep for posterity. This cartoonist has talent..

  17. SueK: where were you when I needed you? I had hoped you’d received a bit of comic relief from my posts yesterday (beginning at 11:34, and then some…) posted some ‘quips’, as you called ’em…admittedly with a tad of you in mind, I think…you and PF’s “ladies”…hehe…


    so…you had issues with JB, too, I see? MSU!
    LOL. thanks.

  18. I think Obama needs to be waterboarded to tell the truth !!!!

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