NC H1N1 swine flu cases, Hanover county, Wilmington, North Carolina, Gregory School of Science, Math and Technology, Snipes Academy of Arts and Design

Breaking news from the Wilmington, NC Star News Online, May 28, 2009:

“Breaking news: Four cases of swine flu confirmed in New Hanover County”

“New Hanover County has confirmed four cases of H1N1, also known as swine flu.

The cases involve four elementary school-age students — three at Gregory School of Science, Math and Technology, and one at Snipes Academy of Arts and Design, said Mark Boyer, New Hanover County’s public information officer.

The infected students have not been in school since late last week, county health officials said.

A notice is being issued Thursday to parents through the county’s AlertNow automated message service and a letter will be sent home with students Friday.

At a news conference Thursday, the New Hanover County Health Department said officials are still investigating a timeline of exposure to determine the order of infections.

The New Hanover County Health Department does not recommend closing Gregory or Snipes at this time. Health department officials also said they are working to determine who might have been exposed before the infected patients started displaying symptoms and that they are notifying people who were in close contact with the patients.

On Tuesday, North Carolina health officials reported a total of 14 confirmed cases in the state – one in Durham County, one in Orange County, seven in Craven County, two in Onslow County, two in Carteret County and one case in Rutherford County.”

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  2. Thanks CW.

    Disabled veteran’s patriotic stickers under fire by homeowners association (includes news video):

  3. Bad News.
    In Hong Kong,a middle school has to stop 2-weeks operation because a student had swine flu after she return from USA after vacation and she spread the disease at the early phase.

  4. Hi Fellow Patriots,

    Thanks for all your efforts and a special thanks to all the attorneys especially Dr Taitz.

    We are having a great effect and they are feeling the pressure. It would be great to have loads of money but we don’t so each one of us has to pitch in.

    Here is what we can do as a truly grassroots effort, just make sure each and every day you make it a point to tell a new person about Obama/Soetoro Hiding all his records and possibly not being Qualified.
    Don’t get into long discussions just make it sound like you are trying to find out about it also and point them to a couple of websites. One thing that I have found very helpful is writing in a sheet of paper all these short notes, business card size and cutting them up and then passing them out and leaving a few everywhere you go. Taxis, stores, buses, bathrooms, hand out to people, etc. If you can use colored paper to stand out more.

    Write Something like this:

    Fellow American,
    Looks like our new “President” may not have used his Legal name, Barry Soetoro and used Fraud and Forgery to get elected. No wonder he sealed all his Records and won’t even show a Birth Certificate.
    Learn More:
    or Search (Live, Yahoo, Google): Obama Eligibity Issues
    God Bless America in this time of Crisis.

    Pass it on. And INVITE people to get involved and learn more along with you and all of us. We are GROWING LOUDER and NUMEROUS keep it up.

    God Bless US

    PS Of course continue e-mailing, calling, writing to newspapers, etc.


    I was going to say off topic, but I’m not sure. Disturbing is an understatement.


    The Usurper’s birthday is August 4th (according to Wikipedia)



    Mr. Barry Soetoro
    1600 Kendonesia Ave. NW
    Usurperville, D.C. 20500



    1. You have to believe the AIDS virus is spread by lack of Federal funding.
    2. You have to believe that the school system that can’t teach a fourth grader how to read is some how the best qualified to teach those same children all about sex.
    3. You have to believe that guns, in the hands of law abiding Americans, are more of a threat than U.S. nuclear weapons technology in the hands of Chinese communists.
    4. You have to believe there was no art before Federal funding.
    5. You have to believe that global temperatures are less affected by cyclical, documented changes in the earth’s climate, and more affected by Americans driving SUVs.
    6. You have to believe that gender roles are artificial, but being homosexual is natural.
    7. You have to be against capital punishment but support abortion on demand.
    8. You have to believe that business creates oppression and governments create prosperity.
    9. You have to believe that hunters don’t care about nature, but loony activists from Seattle do.
    10. You have to believe that self-esteem is more important than actually doing something to earn it.
    11. You have to believe that the U.S. Military, not evil and tyrannical regimes, start wars.
    12. You have to believe the NRA is bad because it supports certain parts of the Constitution, while the ACLU is good because it supports certain parts of the Constitution.
    13. You have to believe that taxes are too low, but ATM fees are too high.
    14. You have to believe that Margaret Sanger and Gloria Steinem are more important to American history than Thomas Jefferson, General Robert E. Lee, or Thomas Edison.
    15. You have to believe that standardized tests are racist, but racial quotas and set-asides are not.
    16. You have to believe Hillary Clinton is all about “progress” and not power. She just wants to help us out of the archaic system of governing that we have been subjected to since our founding.
    17. You have to believe that the only reason socialism hasn’t worked anywhere it’s been tried, is because the right people haven’t been in charge. (I’ve got news for you. It has never worked because the RIGHT people have been in charge.)
    18. You have to believe Republicans telling the truth belong in jail, but a cheat, liar and sex offender belongs in the White House and you would vote him back in there in a New York Minute (if you could).
    19. You hav e to believe that homosexual parades displaying drag, transvestites, and bestiality should be constitutionally protected, and manger scenes at Christmas should be illegal.
    20. You have to believe that illegal Democrat Party funding by the Chinese is somehow in the best interest of the United States.
    21. You have to believe that the vociferous minorities who protest against prayer and saluting the flag in school have far more rights than the majority who believe in God and country, and want these values instilled in our young children.
    22. You have to believe in MOB RULE and not RULING THE MOB (The Republican way).
    23. You must not listen to Rush Limbaugh.
    24 Trade Unions and Trial Lawyers are our strength and power.
    25 The Main Stream Media and Hollywood are our propagandists.
    26- FEMINISTS and GAYS are the men of our party.
    27- The Terri Schiavo case proves we and a two-timing husband have more power than GOD and 2 loving parents.
    30 – Remember what our Uncle Joe Stalin said-”It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes”
    31 – Our success will be realized when we are able to place an unconstitutional and ineligible candidate into the White House, causing our enemies to change the name of Washington, DC to USURPERVILLE(Google it up)
    LIFE AND WE(The Elitists -ie-
    32- You have to swear to the : THE DEVIL’S CODE

    THIS WAS THE OATH OF A FIGHTER PILOT. Keep forward ing and add more

    Send this to 1000 Friends or 1000 times to One Enemy.

  8. Charges Against ‘New Black Panthers’ Dropped by Obama Justice Dept

  9. LADY IN BLACK – What do you think of Obama’s pick of Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court?

  10. LM – I hope a Republican on the Senate Judiciary Comm. will ask Sonia Sotomayor what is her definition of a Natural Born Citizen.

  11. Patriot Dreamer

    Sonia Sotomayor is not a good choice for those of us who believe in the 2nd Amendment right to defend ourselves by owning firearms.

    Things that make you go HMMMMMMMMM!
    Why isn’t Judicial Watch filing for his BC!

  13. Patriot Dreamer

    Paul Krugman (Nobel Prize in economics) is “deeply skeptical of the bank bailout and pessimistic about the economy.”

  14. Patriot Dreamer

    Question about Momma E and the Radio Rebels. Is there a way to listen to previous shows? I missed yesterday’s.

  15. The Plunderer-in-Thief’s choice for the COURT is to silence the Majority’s voice.
    We need to speak up LOUDER than EVER, after all according to Hillary it is PATRIOTIC to question and protest.

    A “prominent” Latina La Raza (The Race) member DISAGREES with what Sotomayor said.
    This Latina said that it was WRONG what Sonia said about Activism & Legislating from the bench & she should NOT be saying it.

    Who is this “prominent” Latina and La Raza Member?
    Sonia Sotomayor she condemned her own statment HERSELF… CONSERVATIVES AGREE with her….her STATEMENT WAS WRONG. Were is the controversy.

    La Raza like ACORN does some good BUT is mostly UNAMERICAN and at times Anti-American.

    La Raza (The Race) may not be burning Crosses but they will burn American Flags and even rip ‘em down and throw em in the ground while replacing it on AMERICAN SOIL with any La Raza Native Countries flag.
    This is Anti-American and is supported by La Raza.


  16. magna carta

    Somebody needs to ask the white-male-hater if she should lose her seat if Obama turns out to be proven ineligible.

  17. Tell the Senate: REJECT Radical Supreme Court Nominee Judge Sonia Sotomayor!

  18. Patriot Dreamer

    Thanks, CW!

  19. Peter, you are absolutely right! Get this info out there. I’d like to add to your idea -World Net Daily’s last issue was on the eligibility problem; buy it in bulk & leave it in Dr.’s offices etc.

    Helga, Excellent!
    “I hope a Republican on the Senate Judiciary Comm. will ask Sonia Sotomayor what is her definition of a Natural Born Citizen.”
    Call repub senators to do this!

  20. I posted this on another blog, and it’s probably old news to you. I just noticed on FOX Nation that they have the reporter asking Gibbs about BO’s B.C. We just need more MSM asking the question now.

  21. This is comical. I posted up my argument regarding Amendment XIV and how a birth certificate can not be used to satisfy Article II and they’re moderating my comments out of the discussion:

    They know, more than we think. Soetoro is in trouble. Here’s what I posted:

    I want to make everyone aware that Barry Soetoro, AKA Barack Obama, was not vetted and qualified against Article II of the U.S. Constitution. The COLB or Birth Certificate only satisfies Amendment XIV of the U.S. Constitution because it states:

    “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.”

    Because of the “or naturalized” clause, Amendment XIV can not be used satisfy Article II of the U.S. Constitution. Additionally “citizen(s) of the United States” is a specific clause in the Constitution and is used in Article I regarding eligibility for senators and representatives only. Therefore “citizen of the United States” is not “Natural Born Citizen”. They are completely different. Since citizenship relies on place of birth or naturalization, natural born citizenship requires additional citizenship caveats. There’s only one way to ensure NBC eligibility: citizenship of the father, ie. ‘Natural’ Law.

    Soetoro was not vetted and can not be deemed eligible using a birth certificate and can only qualify by proving that his father was a citizen at the time of his birth. Who knows, maybe his real father was someone else. Either way, he’s in trouble.

  22. JeffM,

    FOX won’t post my comments on the same topic. It is NOT comical! There is reason to believe that our right to free speech is being denied. What is wrong with this?……………….

    Obama has refused time after time to present his original birth certificate to a federal court! He has spent almost a million dollars to keep it secret.

    Even if he was born in Hawaii, when he was adopted by Lolo Soetoro the adoption would be duly noted on the document but not on a certificate of live birth. Consequently Obama is not an American citizen. Could that be one reason why he won’t reveal his original birth certificate?

    Most Americans have no knowledge of this deception because the American media has ignored this story far too long. What or who is our media afraid of? At last, America has two real journalists who have the courage and integrity to reveal the truth about Obama!!!

    What is Barack Obama hiding? American citizens have a right to see the original document to prove his citizenship.

    Thank God for WND and FOX news!
    And God bless Les Kinsolving and Bret Baier!

  23. JeffM and Jonah,

    I also just posted in reply to a moron Obot named ‘Ash’ who, of course, has it all wrong.

    I’m in moderation, as well.

  24. Found this over at oilforimmigration site!
    Totally broke my heart!
    Thank you all sooooo much!
    Keep praying everyone!

  25. JEFF,
    I tried they took comment but didn’t post it!
    To hold highest office to be Natural Born=Both parents citizens with No Foreign Soverignty or Domestic Allegiance!
    Also there’s No Grey Area about it!
    Thomas Jefferson’s definition and Ben Franklin’s reference to Vattel from the “Law of Nations”
    From First Congress March 26,1790
    Session 2 Chapter 4 1790!
    President to be Natural Born Citizen!
    Also John Jay and John Bingham congressman!
    Read the comments on this site in under first paragraph it shows documentation on “law of Nations”

  26. The site will not take my comments!
    At Fox Nations!!!

  27. truthbetold11

    When you say ben franklin, i can’t help think of the documents found in london with his writings and somehow think, the usurper will come out with fake writiings toi dispute this claim. forgery to make it look real

  28. Barry probably will but his father is a Foreigner!

  29. GBAmerica

    According to the First Congress, John Mac is a NBC. But the amendments changed that, one about Puerto Rico! What was it USC 1407??

  30. JeffM, you’re right, NATURAL BORN CITIZEN IS A BIRTHRIGHT OF A NATION, it is not “granted” per se as U.S. Citizenship, it merely “is”.

  31. I posted 3 comments on FoxNation—all of them
    “in moderation.”

  32. It’s just the point that his father was not born here so that makes Barry ineligible to hold highest office!Also even when he was adopted step father still a foreigner!I just want to yell it from my roof!!!

  33. Alice // May 29, 2009 at 11:13 pm

    I posted 3 comments on FoxNation—all of them
    “in moderation.”

    Hi Alice,

    Like everyone else here who’s posted, the comment is accepted, goes into moderation, then disappears.

    If Fox is going to do this, DO IT for cryin’ out loud! Post what people have to say and never mind ‘moderating!’

  34. They are calling Gibbs Baghdad Bob Gibbs over at Fox nation!LOL!

  35. Jacqlyn Smith


    GBAmerica // May 29, 2009 at 11:54 pm

    They are calling Gibbs Baghdad Bob Gibbs over at Fox nation!LOL!

    I have a better name “Gabb-bag Gibbs”!!!

  36. YES!!My comments are still waiting moderation!

  37. His real name is GIBBELS as he is Obama’s Propaganda Minister.

    PRAVDA has article about how US is sinking into Marxism FAST on Drudge.

  38. By God it is happening. Read this –

    Google up “Lester Kinsolving”. He has put the first crack in the dyke.


  39. Patriot Dreamer

    I consider Axelrod to be the real Propoganda Minister. Gibbs is just the mouthpiece.

    Here’s a link to the Pravda article:

  40. I just went to WND and on the left side they have a menu and I clicked on Who’s Who at WND. Lester has a link to his email. I just sent him a huge Thank you ! I know that many here already have done that, but let’s keep it up!

    drip, drip, drip ….

  41. While everyone takes Andy Martin with a grain of salt there is some news at his site to be read. How important it is will be the result of how much importance YOU read into it. I personally see it as important. The news is in regard to the release of Obama information, from HAWAII under the FOIA lawsuit.
    As many are aware all Medical entities that existed in 1961, on ALL of the islands were researched, and NONE had any records in 1961 which showed any births of a person bearing the name Barrack Hussein Obama. All of these facilities were each painstakingly researched, to guarantee that nothing escaped scrutiny. If the Obama birth occurred in any of the Hawaiian hospitals there would be an existing VAULT COLB. However if he was assigned a certificate after being born elsewhere (KENYA) there will be NO ORIGINAL VAULT certificate. I have a suspicion that certain information that is revealed might INADVERTENTLY show this. That is why I am anxiously waiting for this data.
    Also there is some really interesting reading relating to SONIA SOTOMAYER that might be more than enough to show her true beliefs. A MUST READ!…wwwcontrariancommentary

  42. Patriot Dreamer

    Andy Martin is a bit “out there” in some respects, but I think that his FOIA lawsuit against Hawaii could be the key to finally getting a look at BHO’s original birth certificate (if it even exists!). I have tried suggesting to Dr. Orly Taitz that she also pursue suing Hawaii under their FOIA laws, but I do not know if she is trying that or not.

  43. Patriot Dreamer

    Chavez is planning to give a new book to Obama. It’s called “What Is to be Done?” by communist Vladimir Lenin, founder of the Soviet state.,2933,523297,00.html?test=latestnews


  45. Rocknee —

    You are quite wrong — that is because you are not understanding the phrase “considered as.” We now use the phrase, “considered like.”

    You are apparently mistaking it as equal to the “considered to be,” but that is NOT what it “says.” [Notice, I used the confusing phrase on purpose “as equal to be” the same way, to show you how easy it is to make a similar mistake.]

    The only thing to remember is this, that the Act of Congress that was adopted was a “Naturalization Act” under the authority of Congress awarded under Section 1. 8. 4, “To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization,” and then you will know that it has nothing to do with Section 2.1.5.

    BTW — under President Jefferson, the children of Americans “born overseas” (Latin law: “nati trans mare,” were considered to be “Aliens,” and the law remained that way until 1855 when it was modified by President Pierce.

    All of this is discussed in the important Supreme Court Case, known as, “Wong Kim Ark.”

    [All of these different uses of “as” were done on purpose.]

  46. Bob,

    What I got from the Wong Kim Ark was a citizenship problem for a chinese man and the 14 amendment. Nothing to do with NBC.

    I read everything a NBC being from two US citizen parents to that plus being born on US soil to a father being US citizen and owing allegience to US.

    Sounds from you that all Congress can do is naturalizatonal acts. I also read or heard someone say that the obama lawyers will use the 14th to justify eligibility.

    Where is NBC defined to the point that can be used in court to determine eligibility? If not, then that’s how obama will most likely remain in office on this issue.

  47. Rocknee,

    Soetoro’s attorneys may attempt to use Amendment XIV to satisfy Article II, but they’ll fail like the Titanic.

    There’s a simple test:

    Born in the U.S.? Yes? Citizen of the United States per Amendment XIV.

    Naturalized in the U.S.? Yes? Citizen of the United States per Amendment XIV.

    Born “citizen” = naturalized “citizen” = citizen of the United States per Amendment XIV.

    Eligible for senator or representative per Article I = citizen of the United States = Amendment XIV born citizen=Amendment XIV naturalized citizen.

    “Naturalized” citizen of the United States ≠ Natural Born Citizen ≠ “Born” citizen of the United States.

    Article I Citizen of the United States ≠ Natural Born Citizen.

    Simple logic rules the roost here. Soetoro will lose. He has to prove his parents were U.S. citizens at the time of his birth. McCain already did this. McCain’s father was a U.S. citizen because he was active duty military at the time of his birth.

    Now it’s Soetoro’s turn. Not looking pretty for him, is it…

  48. CW

    Dr Orly reporting US Attorney for DC Jeffrey Taylor resigned, quit, threatened, more time w/family, not sure. Anything on it?

  49. JeffM

    Agree wholeheartly with two US citizen parents.

    I was in Okinawa when one of my sons was born. Naturalized by law but not a NBC. Returned to US at 9 months old, so only knows allegience to US. We have so many dependents of Military who have parents with their heads screwed on straight and hopefully the same for their children. We need these folks now more than ever specially at the POTUS job.

    I can accept a NBC born to two US citizen parents outside the US serving our government at the time of birth. Guess the problem arises with a dependent living overseas for 4 years, returns to US for a couple and then goes back with pop for another four. Now we got a dependent in a foreign country for 8 years. Course that could happened to a US dirt born NBC.

    Hard choices!

  50. Rocknee,

    The word is that he was squeezed out based on the fact he flat out failed to convene a grand jury against the Bush Administration back in 2007 and 2008 when he was required to do so under 2 U.S.C. § 194.

    There is Congressional hearing after hearing regarding this. I have a feeling someone finally told him to take a walk.

  51. Patriot Dreamer, I contacted Andy Martin several months ago, when he was in HI trying to get the courts to unseal BO’s records, that this is what he should argue – BO, having posted that HI COLB but lied, this is his “Official Birth Certificate”; and lied, this COLB “proves” he is a “native,” when HI law clearly authorizes registration of foreign births; should not now be allowed to fall back on a claim of privilege normally allowed in HI public records law, to hide his actual Birth Certificate. It’s kind of an unjust enrichment / detrimental reliance argument. Mr. Martin did not raise this argument in the trial court and so, he cannot raise this now, on the appellate level. As for Orly, well, if you can convince her that, this is her original idea then, she just might run with it. (Again, I could not care less who runs with my ideas, which is why I not only post them but also contact other practitioners to give these ideas away. I just want BO out of my White House.)

  52. Patriot Dreamer

    jbjd, I did not realize that the Hawaii FOIA argument came from you. However, like you, I believe that it is not so important where the ideas come from. What is important is that as many people try as many tactics as they can. Eventually, the armor will start to crack. I think that we are finally starting to see some progress. Andy Martin seems to be getting some cooperation from the state of Hawaii, and World Net Daily has started to push enough that Fox mentioned it. It’s not a lot, but it’s a start. Thank you for your efforts in trying to help!

  53. CW
    Maybe I’m reading to much into this:

    RE North Korea puts War Head on Ship!

  54. Patriot Dreamer, the FOIA is a federal law; states have their own laws regarding public access to information. Andy Martin began by telling HI officials, through the courts, BO’s otherwise protected documents, like those related to his birth, should be made public, that is, should not be protected any more by HI privacy laws, because he is POTUS. HI officials rejected that argument, and the court agreed. The argument I proposed he make was not this ‘everything about BO should be made public now.’ Instead, it was the argument, BO unjustly benefits from releasing that otherwise protected COLB but then ‘used’ it in ways that benefited him through lying about its nature. Therefore, officials should not let him be unjustly enriched by such subterfuge. Rather, they should use their discretion to decide, since BO wrongly said this was an “Official Birth Certificate” in an effort to dupe the public into buying that he is a “native” citizen, we will post his bona fide Birth Certificate and let the public see the difference.

    Arguments not made at the trial court level cannot be raised at the appellate level. This means Mr. Martin, having failed to raise ‘my’ argument to the trial judge, cannot raise it now. To use my argument, he would have to file another case; but first, he would have to confront HI officials with the new argument, and see what they say.

  55. Patriot Dreamer

    jbjd, I understand that there is a difference between federal FOIA law and Hawaii’s Uniform Information Practices Act. I used the term FOIA loosely, because more people here would be familiar with it than saying UIPA.

    Did Martin not make your argument to the trial judge? If not, then you are right, the appellate court will not allow him to make it now. I also have a legal background, although I have not done as much research into these issues as you obviously have.

  56. I’ve been paying attention to Korea also.


    American capitalism gone with a whimper

    t must be said, that like the breaking of a great dam, the American decent into Marxism is happening with breath taking speed, against the back drop of a passive, hapless sheeple, excuse me dear reader, I meant people………………………


  59. HapnHal, GBAmerica & Jonah,
    We are all watching Korea & are very concerned, but is That One ?
    Too many sheeple still adoring Him.

  60. Sorry, it did not connect, anyway it is the story about Michelle My Belle having a $300,000 Broadway show date with the messiah. While we debate about spending $30. to go to the movies.

  61. Patriot Dreamer, as you have noticed, sometimes, in my attempt to maximize the likelihood that some commenters understand the nuances of the many issues confronting those of us fighting to perfect our Constitutional republic, I post information that can give an appearance of undervaluing the knowledge base of other commenters.

    My particular skill comes in analyzing and responding to issues of first impression. I advised on various blogs last summer that 1) the HI COLB proves nothing, under HI law; 2) the DNC, as a private club, can do whatever they want; and 3) if you believe BO is not a NBC, you have to file complaints with your S of S to keep his name off the ballot, within the time prescribed by your state law, which is days after the close of the DNC Convention.






  63. goodtimepolitics

    Looks to be that Obama’s birth certficate is getting hot again over on the Fox News web site!

  64. Seems fitting since Barry Soetoro AKA Obama comments about FOX News all the time that they should be the ones to take him down!

  65. BOSr married SAD to be able to go to school in the USA, then he dumped her.

  66. @ the END of the DAY by PICKING Sotomayora will Obama be CLOSER or FARTHER AWAY from CREATING A LIBERAL COURT?
    Me thinks based on Kennedy’s outspoken dislike of Sotomayora’s decision in the White Fire Fighters case teh court will go from 4 conservatives, 1 moderate conservative to a court of:

    5 conservatives
    3 liberals
    1 Racist (alone in her own world–> Sotomayora)

    Either way Dumbocrats will have no more power on the court (and probably less) than they did with Souter on it.

  67. Patriot Dreamer

    jbjd, please keep up your comments. We all have different backgrounds, education, and training, and I find that I learn something new evryday! 🙂

  68. Patriot Dreamer

    I meant “everyday”! Need a way to edit comments. LOL!

  69. Lt. Commander Fitzpatrixk is knee-deep in this fight. Check out his website:


    This is a tragic story…but it inadvertently refers to the success of a citizen initiated grand jury.

  71. Rocknee —

    This is what Justice Horace Gray wrote in Wong Kim Ark about the 14th Amendment at United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S., 649, 688 (1898) — “This [first] sentence of the fourteenth amendment is declaratory of existing rights, and affirmative of existing Law, as to each of the qualifications therein expressed, -‘ born in the United States,’ ‘naturalized in the United States,’ and ‘subject to the jurisdiction thereof’; in short, as to everything relating to the acquisition of citizenship by facts occurring within the limits of the United States.

    “But it has not touched the acquisition of citizenship by being born abroad of American parents; and has left that subject to be regulated, as it had always been, by Congress, in the exercise of the power conferred by the constitution to establish a uniform rule of naturalization” (i.e. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 4).

    In other words, Congress really has the last word on ‘citizenship,’ — except for this 3-fold test: ‘ born in the United States,’ ‘naturalized in the United States,’ and ‘subject to the jurisdiction thereof.’

  72. Q: Are there things we can do to boost our immunity to swine flu and other infections?

    A: Eat a balanced diet, exercise and get plenty of sleep. It may sound simple but it is the best way to stay healthy.

  73. Bob: The 14th is irrelevant to Article II s.1, only to Article I, in fact Article II specifically disallows a modern US citizen from being president.

    What confuses people is that a natural born citizen is a birthright of a nation, it’s not granted like US citizenship, which is why there’s all the permutations described in the 14th amendment for allowing US citizen.
    Sounds strange, but a Natural Born Citizen is not a U.S. Citizen, because the former is a right of birth and the latter is granted by statute.

    Obamabots extensively use the 14th to confuse the issue, but Article II does not allow US citizens to be POTUS anyway, so it’s irrelevant.

  74. One of the saddest aspects of having to sit by and watch our Republic be turned into a slime pit created by some of the worlds most slillful LIARS, then have to still stand by and watch, or listen to those who imply that they are some sort of real PERRY MASONS yet do little more then tell everyone how GOOD they think they are at the practice of jurus prudence. If these people are so damned good WHY THE HELL AREN’T they out there helping the rest of the gang bring him down. People make mistakes all the time It simply proves that we are human. It isn’t in how many people who you can make believe you KNOW IT ALL, rather it is in helping to correct the mistakes, then TAKING THE LEAD in assisting in the preparation of an action to guarentee the same, or worse mistakes do not occur again. Further it would seem that since all of the actions were products of good legal minds,but were dismissed for a number of miscellaneous reasons it would behoove the EXPERTS to come forward and get involved, or otherwise ASSIST those who are finding themselves ALONE at the very time when there should be an expert on hand. I believe that all to many experts are not too willing to put their money where their mouth is. This all makes me wish that I had talen up Constitutional law, instead of business administration.
    I have sat through all of this, and watched our political processes, and election be turned into a sideshow in which ABSOLUTE LIARS were the stars, and they are assisted by Democrats who believe that UP is down. They see to it that every one of their scumbag buddies gets hooked up to the taxpayers paycheck.
    Somewhere we need to find some REAL legal experts who are willing to go out on a limb, and take Soetoro on headon,then be good enough to administer the Coup-de grace without any further action needed. Anyone out there who has the necessary legal skill, and a big enough setf GONADS? The PHONEY needs to be stopped. It would seem that if there are three California Law firms watching over Soetoro, maybe we need to find three top New York law firms to PROSECUTE Soetoro. Maybe somebody like Juliani, as lead prosecutor.and the rest of the gang of prosecutors he had when he was involved with the crime bosses prosecutions.

  75. OldSalt, BRAVO, thank you.
    Yes I would like to see Guilani get involved. He got rid of the gangsters in NY maybe he could get rid of the gangsters that came from Chicago.

  76. Air Force Brat

    Brilliantly written, oldsalt76. Absolutely stellar. On various blogs, I’ve noticed a couple of posters who were asked directly, “Are you an attorney?”, but who have never ansered that question. Yet others take their every word as gospel! “I have a legal background, but can’t become too openly involved” is crap. If such posters are not attorneys, but are nonetheless dispensing legal advice, it potentially falls under the aegis of practicing law without a license, which is a relatively big no-no and could carry some un-fun ramifications.

  77. Mr. Prichett sent this letter to the NY Times editor but naturally, it was never printed. It somehow was posted on the internet and has had over 500,000 hits as of yesterday.

    Lou Pritchett
    Foremost Leader in Change Management

    Lou Pritchett is one of corporate America’s true living legends- an acclaimed author, dynamic teacher and one of the world’s highest rated speakers. Successful corporate executives everywhere recognize him as the foremost leader in change management. Lou changed the way America does business by creating an audacious concept that came to be known as “partnering.” Pritchett rose from soap salesman to Vice-President, Sales and Customer Development for Procter and Gamble and over the course of 36 years, made corporate history.


    Dear President Obama:

    You are the thirteenth President under whom I have lived and unlike any of the others, you truly scare me.

    You scare me because after months of exposure, I know nothing about you.

    You scare me because I do not know how you paid for your expensive Ivy League education and your upscale lifestyle and housing with no visible signs of support.

    You scare me because you did not spend the formative years of youth growing up in America and culturally you are not an American.

    You scare me because you have never run a company or met a payroll.

    You scare me because you have never had military experience, thus don’t understand it at its core.

    You scare me because you lack humility and ‘class’, always blaming others.

    You scare me because for over half your life you have aligned yourself with radical extremists who hate America and you refuse to publicly denounce these radicals who wish to see America fail.

    You scare me because you are a cheerleader for the ‘blame America ‘ crowd and deliver this message abroad.

    You scare me because you want to change America to a European style country where the government sector dominates instead of the private sector.

    You scare me because you want to replace our health care system with a government controlled one.

    You scare me because you prefer ‘wind mills’ to responsibly capitalizing on our own vast oil, coal and shale reserves.

    You scare me because you want to kill the American capitalist goose that lays the golden egg which provides the highest standard of living in the world.

    You scare me because you have begun to use ‘extortion’ tactics against certain banks and corporations.

    You scare me because your own political party shrinks from challenging you on your wild and irresponsible spending proposals.

    You scare me because you will not openly listen to or even consider opposing points of view from intelligent people.

    You scare me because you falsely believe that you are both omnipotent and omniscient.

    You scare me because the media gives you a free pass on everything you do.

    You scare me because you demonize and want to silence the Limbaughs, Hannitys, O’Relllys and Becks who offer opposing, conservative points of view.

    You scare me because you prefer controlling over governing.

    Finally, you scare me because if you serve a second term I will probably not feel safe in writing a similar letter in 8 years.

    Lou Pritchett

  78. you scare me because you are secret son of malcolm X and German sleeper agent

  79. LDacar, can you post a link?

  80. Patriot Dreamer

    The only way to win this thing is for people to work together. It is a shame that Berg/Liberi are suing Taitz for defamation. They need to be focused on their lawsuits against BO.

  81. Jacqlyn Smith


    venice // May 31, 2009 at 8:38 pm

    This is a tragic story…but it inadvertently refers to the success of a citizen initiated grand jury.

    Sad but true…..Abortion claims another life…..maybe two if this suspect is convicted!!! I guess it is true….what goes around…comes around….and Dr. Baby Killer’s time came around!

  82. Stephanie // May 31, 2009 at 10:41 am

    Sorry, it did not connect, anyway it is the story about Michelle My Belle having a $300,000 Broadway show date with the messiah. While we debate about spending $30. to go to the movies.


    I have felt all along this is just a joke on the American public/people to them.

  83. He’s back! Ten Commandments judge takes on Obama

    Judge Roy Moore former chief justice runs for governor, promotes ‘So Help Me God’

  84. Patriot Dreamer

    Does anybody know if Leo Donofrio is still pursuing Quo Warranto or not?

  85. Q: Are there things we can do to boost our immunity to swine flu and other infections?

    A: Eat a balanced diet, exercise and get plenty of sleep. It may sound simple but it is the best way to stay healthy.


  86. Patriot Dreamer

    vitamin C
    vitamin A (cod liver oil)
    and transfer factor

    are also supposed to help boost immunity

  87. Seen this on Orlys blog.

    Has anyone else noticed this? One of these birth certificates, has a seal, and the other does NOT.

    No visible Seal

    Visible Seal

  88. Jacqlyn Smith, George Tiller is the name of the physician who was shot to death while serving as an usher at his local church, in KS. His killer has yet to be apprehended. Throughout his decades long medical career, Dr. Tiller was never prosecuted for ‘killing a baby,’ let alone convicted of any crime related to the legal practice of medicine.

  89. Jacqlyn Smith


    jbjd // June 1, 2009 at 1:15 pm

    Jacqlyn Smith, George Tiller is the name of the physician who was shot to death while serving as an usher at his local church, in KS. His killer has yet to be apprehended. Throughout his decades long medical career, Dr. Tiller was never prosecuted for ‘killing a baby,’ let alone convicted of any crime related to the legal practice of medicine.

    You don’t need to tell me about Tiller…..I am a JAYHAWKER born and raised in Kansas and my sister actually adopted a baby that the mother was going to Tiller’s office at 8 months pregnant to abort..the baby is a healthy black teenager today and we are a white farm family…..and you are wrong….the suspected killer was apprehended yesterday on I-35….please get current with your news. Tiller’s death and the possible death of the suspect are all contributed to the evils that stem from the immorality of abortion and the sin against the LORD Jesus Christ in breaking one of the 10 Commandments….thou shall not kill!!! Of course….this commandments doesn’t only apply to babies in the womb either!!!

    Sounds like you are a Tiller supporter…..well…I still say what goes around…comes around and his time came around!!!

    We shall see the same happen to the IMPOSTER…as he continues to break the law…well…what goes around….comes around…..I am patiently waiting for the come around to him too!!! Whether it be a long prison term or someone just gets so fed up with his socialist agenda and can’t stand it anymore!!!

    Either way…the USA has gone drastically away from the Laws of God and the devil has taken control of many lives…..we Christians must take a stand if we are to save the country!!! We need more people like Dr. Keyes in leadership positions who are not afraid to stand up to tyrants!

  90. Jacqlyn, Amen to every word you wrote.

  91. Obama’s people plant false Der Spiegel article about his crazy attic uncle prior to Obama’s Dresden trip to apologize for WWII.
    Obama’s great uncle Charles W. Payne was in the Navy, in the Pacific. Nobody’s surprised he’s a patho liar any more.

  92. Leo Donofrio comment on U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Taylor resigning:

  93. decentAmerican

    Cw or Zach J….or anyone, has you heard about what is going on with Larry Sinclair? his book has been delayed again and again, and it was scheduled to be published and released TODAY, June 1, and i was excited, but now it is not even listed on Barnes and Noble? I hope you are OK larry, and didn’t bow down to the pressure from shrew Michelle or the Usurper minions. God speed you in your safety and for releasing the truth.

  94. The South // June 1, 2009 at 1:13 pm
    Seen this on Orlys blog.
    Has anyone else noticed this? One of these birth certificates, has a seal, and the other does NOT.

    Being a genealogist, I am aware that the embossed seal on some documents may not be discernible under some lighting or viewing angles.

    But in regard to the certificate number 151 1961 – 010641 :
    the number 151 seems to appear on most Hawaii certificates of life birth. The 1961 is the year of birth but I can’t determine what the last six numbers signify. I know that they are NOT the mother’s birth date or the sequential order of Hawaii births for the year.

    Any analytical thinkers with some suggestions as to the significance of the last six numbers ?

  95. Hmmm, good question, Jonah (3:02pm above). Wish someone actually born in Hawaii was a member of Mr. Well’s reading audience who could share their actual birth-certificate and make some key comparisons. This is a shot in the dark, but I’m wondering if those last six numbers only appear on certificates of those individuals who may have been born elsewhere, but wanted a Hawaiian birth-certificate? If so, could the number “010641” designate the sequence order of that particular request?

    Again, great question. Wish someone could enlighten us.

  96. Patriot Dreamer
  97. Jacqlyn Smith

    The following is the statement the Bishops from Kansas released following the shooting of George Tiller in a church!

    Monday, June 1, 2009
    Kansas Bishops on Murder of Dr. George Tiller
    The Catholic Bishops over in Kansas released a statement last night on the murder of Dr. George Tiller. It has not gotten much ink, so I’m posting it here because I think it best represents an authentic Christian response to this crime:


    We, the four Catholic Bishops of the Dioceses of Kansas, unequivocally condemn the murder of Dr. George Tiller that occurred in Wichita earlier today. The Catholic Church believes that every human life is sacred. The murder of a human being is the gravest of crimes and is an intrinsic evil. Such an act of violence against human life is a contradiction of the most fundamental principle of the Pro-Life movement. The fact that this attack occurred in a church, a place of prayer and worship, only adds to the horror of this terrible crime. We prayerfully commend Dr. George Tiller to the mercy of God and we pray for comfort and consolation for his family and friends.

    Most Reverend Joseph F. Naumann, Archbishop of Kansas City in Kansas
    Most Reverend Ronald M. Gilmore, Bishop of Dodge City
    Most Reverend Paul S. Coakley, Bishop of Salina
    Most Reverend Michael O. Jackels, Bishop of Wichita

  98. From Taitz’s blog she either doesn’t have a clue on how to file a lawsuit AT ALL, or she’s Obama’s shill. Period.

  99. truthbetold11

    go to andy martins about the new justice

  100. Patriot Dreamer

    The White House has a new open government “dialogue” web site. Some are asking for BO to verify his eligibility. You can go there and vote or add comments, but keep in mind that it is a government web site:

  101. Stephanie,
    The Obama Scares Me letter was sent to me in email. But I looked it up on Snopes.Com to see if it was authentic, and it is. The letter is also posted on Snopes.

  102. Patriot Dreamer

    Correction to my previous post: the website is run by the National Academy of Public Administration, but it is authorized by the Executive Office of the President.

  103. Andy Martin had a news release today saying that Sotomayer is a lesbian.
    Here’s the site:

  104. Stephanie ,

    Leo Donofrio is young and i will grant him that mulligan.

    He does not know enough about American history to properly understand that our founding fathers who created a nation out of sheer force against the British empire were but a small minority of colonial subjects

    The rest of the colonies very much enjoyed their nation and loved the King. Even though they may have been irritated by the motives and taxation by the crown they really didn’t want war.

    It is now time again to tread this path and it is up to the Patriots of this nation to once again take up the fight against tyranny, much like those who died for this nation in 1776.


    We all know Chicago has much violence, but the timing and breath of location of these shootings raise suspicion. At a guess probably related to Daley brought down by Fitzpatrick.

  106. How about taking out an ad in the classifieds of a Hawaiian Newspaper. Ask in the ad if anyone who was born in Honolulu in July,or August1961 would be willing to allow a certified copy of their vault birth certificate to be examined for historic value. You offer a nice price, and a written guarantee that none of their personal information will be revealed. Given the present US financial condition,and the number of people out of work, it would seem that you might get a lot of takers. It also seems that if you were really lucky you might stumble upon on that was issued in the same month, or week as was Soetoro’s. At least this would provide a possible numerical sequence. Then it would be a simple matter to have the Hawaii Board of health provide a list of HOW MANY BIRTHS actually occurred during the month of August 1961. Once those factors are known it would be relatively simple to extrapolate the truth regarding the mysterious numbers.


  108. AL,or ANYBODY!! I just added a comment that I think might get some results. Read it and see what you think! It is in regard to taking out an ad in a Hawaiian newspaper. It might be worth it!

  109. How about taking out an ad in the classifieds of a Hawaiian Newspaper. Ask in the ad if anyone who was born in Honolulu in July,or August1961 would be willing to allow a certified copy of their vault birth certificate to be examined for historic value.

    I have asked why someone hasn’t done that…….shouldn’t the numbers of the child born before and after Dumbo on August 4th, 1961 have the correct sequencing…….is that why the number is blacked out on the posted one????

  110. JeffM,

    I couldn’t agree more! Leo is a good guy, but he is way to ‘passive’ and ‘tolerant’.

    He believes in using the law, and the law only, but doesn’t understand that we are past that point.

    The law is broke, and doesn’t seem to work anymore, atleast not for the average citizen trying to get an usurper out of the White House.

    If were up to guys like Leo Donofrio, to lead the rebellion in 1776, it would have never happened, and the U.S. would have never come into existence.

    There’s a time to be passive and tolerant, and there’s also a time to take off the gloves.

    I presume the later is coming to fruition.

  111. Patriot Dreamer

    How about Craigslist in Hawaii? Ads can be posted there for free.

    The Obama campaign said that they initially blacked out the certificate number because there were privacy concerns (some documents can be used as “breeder” documents to obtain other forms of identification, for example). You gotta figure, though, that the Secret Service had Obama’s SSN flagged so that any attempt to use his numbers would not work out very well for an identity thief.

  112. This website has a 1963 Honolulu BC posted.

  113. reveals the certificate number, 151 1961 – 010641. The number 151 seems to appear on most Hawaii certificates of life birth. The 1961 is the year of birth but I can’t determine what the last six numbers signify. I know that they are NOT the mother’s birth date or the sequential order of Hawaii births for the year.

    Any analytical thinkers with some suggestions as to the significance of the last six numbers ?

    BTW This document is a computer generated transcription and is only as reliable as the person who enters the information.


    Secret life of Sotomayor

    A must read!!Rob Lamb letter to Eric Holder.
    Go a couple paragraphs down look at picture!

  116. I read somewhere that only 3% of the colonials fought and won against the British and that today we have 30% against the powers that be. Just sayin…

    Look at Globes new front.

  118. I was hoping that Larry would have his book on the shelves by now. because it shouldn’t take this long to publish a book. He’s been promising for six months that it would be available soon. I fear that some goons got to him, either paid him off or threatened or blackmailed him. He travels quite a bit and didn’t he just move into a new house? I hope he follows through with this last promise very soon.

    This is terrible!One soilder died the other wounded!Little Rock AZ.

    This is USA Today article on soldiers!WHERES THE MEDIA?????????????????????THESE ARE OUR MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. I read somewhere that only 3% of the colonials fought and won against the British and that today we have 30% against the powers that be. Just sayin


    And much nicer weapons……..OOOPS!!!

  122. magna carta

    Wouldn’t it be a scream if the person who has that same number on their COLB comes forward?

  123. decentAmerican

    the Arkansas soldier shooting leaves me with tears in my eyes. Here is one of OUR soldiers, risking his life for OUR safety, and he is gunned down in cold blood, on OUR soil?

    Where is the outrage? Where is the Usurper attention and condemnation? He condemned the Tiller shooting (another tragedy) in a matter of hours, and so far….nothing on the soldier! Holder sent marshalls to protect other docs, but where are the marshalls to protect recruiting centers?

    Another wacko lib Usurper supporting nutjob with blood on his hands. This is what our country is coming to.

    God bless this soldier and his family.

    If the Usurper does not publicly condemn this cold blooded act by tomorrow, he is more savage than the savage animal I already think he is.

  124. Although I do not believe he should have been murdered, I was shocked and saddened to see fellow church members of Dr. Tillers claim him to be a “good Christian.”

    I, for one, believe that vengence belongs in the hands of the Lord. Now, His plans for this man have been taken up by the killer possibly preventing Tiller’s ultimate repentance and redemption……..

    I’m just saying….you never know……..nothing is too big for God and the power of prayers.

    But, I do understand the frustrations experienced by the killer.

    Where is the power of prayer when his church wont even shine the light of truth on his deeds? Why have they not been praying for him and witnessing to him?Instead he is supported in murder for convenience and money. As Christians, we should confront evil and call it what it is! Those church members bear some responsibility for this horrendous act, imho. They had plenty of opportunities to hold their “brother” accountable. Guess they did not want to lose those fat tithes from the blood of babies!

  125. goodtimepolitics

    I think Mitt Romney sums its up about right when he said Obama needs to Stop Apologizing to America’s critics.

  126. What is with the buzz about Bob Woodward writing a tell all book about the Dobama admin? Lame Cherry wrote a post about it – in his June Archives. I followed his post about the reporter who is talking about it. Is this going to be some type of puff piece? The post suggests that the Dobama admin is nervous. I also read somewhere that Woodward may mention Larry Sinclair in the book.

    If anyone has the time to read up on it at Lame Cherrys and then the article on New Republic …. I would like to read your opinion on what it could be about. On New Rep the comments make it sound like it will be a puff piece, but the reporter Gabrielle (?) says there’s a lot of reporters who are sitting on some pretty expolsive info. ????

    When i went to New Republic – I searched for Bob Woodward and got the article.

    Just wanting someone elses opinion on this story.

  127. Sotomayor secret life???

  128. Patriot Dreamer

    Bob Woodward seems to be an Obama supporter. I would not be surprised if it was a puff piece. It would be nice to see the main stream media’s “slobbering love affair” (to borrow Bernard Goldberg’s term) finally come to an end.

  129. JJ………………………It would seem that there is a need to somehow learn how the Hawaii board of health constructs the numerical identity that they assign to each COLB.

  130. I find myself highly angered by the senseless murders of our two servicemen. If I had a rifle, and knew where I could get one on one with the basatard I would PUT AS MANY HOLES IN HIS body as possible.

    HE IS A ” B-A-S-T-A-R-D” from the word GO.


  131. Patriot Dreamer

    oldsalt, I haven’t seen BO say anything about the murder of our servicemembers, have you? But he says he’s “shocked” and “outraged” by the shooting of Dr. Tiller. I guess I’m still bitter about being called a “right-wing extremist” by our own Department of Homeland Security, because I am a veteran.

  132. Val, I went to NR & there are many interesting comments On Woodward upcoming book on BO
    I read one book on Bush by Woodward & I would say he was fair & honest.

  133. Just found this but it was dated last year, O may retire in Kenya:

    As a son of a Kenyan father, I know that Section 90 of your
    constitution bestows upon me automatic citizenship. In the fullness of
    time, who knows, Michelle and I may decide to come and retire in the
    land of my father.

    Click to access 358-memo-from-obama-to-his-local-supporters-allafricacom.pdf

  134. Patriot Dreamer

    Back to the Swine Flu, the WHO says that the world is moving closer to a Phase 6 pandemic:

  135. Dallas, that was extremely interesting to read. His ego and his opinion of America is quite something. He sure doesn’t seem at all concerned about his heritage affecting his natural born status in the USA as he isn’t shy about bringing up his father and his birthright. Guess he knew something we didn’t, that perhaps all his records were purged and nothing would take that train off the track. Hope he does retire there and hope that retirement comes any day now. The sooner the better.

  136. truthbetold11

    p d of course they are they want chaos obama loves it, he gets bored when things are normal

  137. truthbetold11

    How about the fraud gov richardson on larry king last nite trying to save face like he is going to save this girl held hostage in n korea. talk about making a media ploy to make himself look innocent larry king has no shame

  138. Patriot Dreamer

    truthbetold, every “crisis” is another opportunity for “change”!

  139. Jacqui Smith of UK banning Savage fame has quit……


    Anyone know if this issue is still out on the newstand? thanks.

  141. “In the fullness of time” I hope Obama gets tried and convicted of treason!

  142. THE DELETE BUTTON – Sound off on the White House scrubbing eligibility postings from its site – 77% of voters demand Obama release long-form birth certificate

    Eligibility debate explodes on White House ‘dialogue’ site


    THE DELETE BUTTON – Sound off on the White House scrubbing eligibility postings from its site

    Vote here –

  143. Please read Usurper’s latest convient mistake. This is very dangerous! This was leaked on purpose the day before he leaves for his Muzzy

  144. I bought a copy of the Globe today. Larry really should get that book out while he’d getting all this free publicity. The National Examiner also has an article about Michelle Obama’s secret past.

    It’s just so frustrating that our American media have failed us by neglecting to report on Obama’s deceptive past. They are all either cowards or lousy journalists . Or both.

    Maybe we should shame the media, constantly bombard the TV networks, radio stations and newspapers with Obama’s deceptions and condemn them for not reporting the truth. Would that help? Probably not. Evidently, the American media have no shame.

  145. PATRIOT DREAMER…………………… I would agree that anyone who is a veteran of ANY of our military services is a POTENTIAL TERRORIST in the eyes of NAPOLITANO. I personally believe that she doesn’t say this out of knowledge. She says this out of fear. She knows that if the right mistake is made by anyone in her office, or for that matter in the entire administration, it could bring down the PHONEY(Soetoro),and ALL of his ACCOMPLICES throughout the US Government. It would be like a colossal unraveling of a knitted garment. It would also put the NITWIT DEMOCRATIC LEFT out of business,and office. This would include such crazies as MMMMMSSSSS. POSI, DIRTY HARRY, DICKY TURBINE, DICK THE LADY, CHARLES SUMMER, etc. Hopefully the crash would also get DUMBO GIBBS. The most serious mistake could come from ” Thats Joe”, the guy who gets his tongue wrapped around his eye tooth and can’t see what he is saying,then in trying to cover up his dumb assed mistake recites the ENTIRE Gettysburg Address in the hope that SOMEHOW this will fix everything,which it usually does, but not in the way he thinks it does. God help us if he ever becomes the POTUS.

  146. JONAH……………………..Regarding your comment about the Globe, it is fast becoming obvious that some tabloids exist who have a little backbone, but not any gonads. If they had all of the equipment they would spend what ever it takes, and put the entire truth out on their FRONT PAGES. They do know the truth, but I have the feeling that they are WAITING for someone else to throw open the DOOR. Then they can point to whoever opened the door, and say “it wasn’t us”. Again I say that if they had the golf balls, it wouldn’t matter what anybody else thinks. In addition they should give MMMMMSSSS Lingle, and MMMMSSSSS FUKINO a lot of heat. Hopefully Andy Martin will be successful in getting enough Obama information to put OBAMA between a giant rock,and a hard place. This time one without an exit.I had expected the Hawaii Democrats to attempt to override the Freedom of information act lawsuit.

  147. Ok, I need a little help. I visit this web site several times a day. Along with a few others.

    Here’s my problem. I have a very, very dear friend and as much as I’ve tried to avoid the conversation on politics with her, it has started. Just light conversation over a friendly lunch. I have made only a few comments here and there with her that I was note a Obama supporter. I told her the reason I voted for McCain, and I am a registered Dem, was because I was sickened by what MY OWN PARTY – The DNC did to Hillary. Then my own party, the DNC decided to go after Sarah Palin. So I decided to cast my vote for the party that had the gonads to put a woman on the ticket. Period! I placed my Vote as a woman not as a Dem or Repub.

    Here’s the deal, my girlfriend is African America. We get along very, very well. I call her my sister. I love her! And now I worried about this getting in the way of our friendship. And our friendship means the world to me. So, it was only recently that I briefly mentioned the BC situation. And of course …. “It was posted on his website” Now, without coming off as bitter , a right wing nut job, or worse yet, a racist. Where would one of you suggest that I can lead her to to read about all the pending cases, the information about him sealing all his records ( she said she had not heard about that and thought it was just tabloid material).

    I would like to give her a web-site that basically has all the information … his COLB, college records being sealed, Selective service sealed and hopefully information with the fact that he does have a group of lawyers that he has paid big bucks to keep all this info sealed.

    I don’t want to send her to a site that brings in a lot of other gargabe. Just the facts as they occured.

    Where do you suggest I send her. I love CW’s site, but I would like to start her out with one that just lists all the info that has and has not been uncovered. All the info about the lawyers, sealed records, the fact that he is not NBC based on his Father, etc..

    Again, this is an awesome friend who I would never, never want to offend.

    This has been one of the problems with this election. I feel like I have to be so careful not to come off as a Obama hater / racist, etc…

    I have known her for a long time but it has just been recently that our friendship has grown closer and I don’t want to change that. After we spoke a little about how I felt, how she felt, etc… I felt a little uncomfortable. I can not help how I feel about Obama. It sickens me to think I could loose a great freind. I am going to try to avoid politics, but I would like to at least give her a place to read what I have read and then she can decide.

    Please, someone, where do I send her to get the facts without the all the comments?



    Sotamoyer Secret life



  149. Val — Obama voters did so for their own validation reasons, not Obama’s qualifications. They know he’s a fail, anti-American, and ineligible. But their selfish personal needs of vindication outweigh the interests of the nation, even as they watch bankruptcy, viruses, disarmament, international disrespect, and the topsy turvy dismemberment of all American values.

    The only way you could ever get them to reconsider, would not soley be based on merits of your case, but in addressing their need for validation in an alternative way. In order to do that, you have to scratch the surface as to what drove their vote, because I can guarantee you it was not over policy or experience. Once you know if it was for melanin vindication or to lift their burdens of feeling guilt over racism or their own prosperity, you can work that angle.
    What makes it tougher is that they know they’ve been had, and to admit it means not only they still must bear their burdens of racist and/or prosperity guilt, they are now gullible to boot.

    Obama is a slap to what MLK stood for. His prototype would be the real vindicator, and Obama is anything but. It’s not their fault that they believed Obama, the media made sure his lies were the only message heard. You as an internet news-gatherer mean you are in a minority of learned voters.

    Bottom line, alleviate their burdens of guilt, and they will be more open to facts. Until then, they will use ridicule, even do as Obama and criminalize dissent.

  150. annelynn – “Melanin vindication” – that’s a keeper!

    Val – know that virtually every American who doesn’t believe in, trust, or support Obama has lost friends or family over this. It’s part of the overall plan. Divide and conquer.

    My experience has been that you can’t make someone discover the truth, with ANY resources, unless they’re WILLING to discover the truth. When that happens, it’ll be the crack in the dam for her search.

    Then, like the rest of us, she’ll find the sites that she values and trusts to get the real facts. That’s why we’re here at Citizen Wells.

  151. Annelynn,

    Thank you for the reply. What I did learn in our short conversation is that most people are not informed. This is a person who watches CNN & MSNBC. ??? All her information came from those sources.

    I would like to direct her to a web site that is just a factual site that lists all the legitmate concerns … COLB, college records, Passport, Selective Service. I don’t want to lead her to what may be considered a right wing nut job site. A site with just the facts.

    My friend is a very intelligent gal. She also has a black father and a white Mother. What she told me was it was pretty much … after Bush we needed a change. I have a hard time with the conversation because I do not care for Obama and I think it comes out in my tone.

    Again, our friendship is very, very important to me and I want to be careful and I want to be able to show her some of the information that has been investigated and documented. Without any hate Obama comments, etc…

    This makes me very, very sad. I would like to be able to talk about this without coming off as a Obama hater. I have had many friends in the past that we have not agreed on politics and we can get through it. This year it’s totally different. I feel like if I say I don’t like him , there’s always that unlying race issue. I’m constantly trying to think of my words before I speek. I have never gone through this before. It really saddens me.

  152. Patriot Dreamer

    Val, unfortunately I do not know of a website such as the one that you are looking for. Probably the closest ones are World Net Daily ( ), Mario Apuzzo’s blog ( ), and Phil Berg’s ( ). However, all of those websites come with extra “clutter” that you probably do not want. I mainly mention Berg’s website, because he is a longtime Democrat and was a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter.

  153. Patriot Dreamer

    Val, with regard to Obama’s Selective Service registration, that information was released under federal Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) laws, although some believe that it is also a fake:

  154. decentAmerican

    STILL no comment from the Usurper about Pvt Long’s murder in Arkansas.

    STILL no more protection for the recruiting centers, even though it is being revealed that his killer may have had other targets, and he was not acting alone.

    the Usurper is instead going on his America Apology tour. He refuses to protect our soldiers. Is this man not a monster?

    This is a video of Pvt Long’s Father, it is hard to watch, but a must see:

    God bless Pvt Long and his family.

  155. Katie,
    You are right. Obama has caused more divisions among families and friends than any event in American history since the Civil War! Thanksgiving and Christmas were extremely uncomfortable for our family.

    Obamacrimes is very informative but not objective and might cause some Obama sheeple to be even more defensive.

    I wish there was a website that simply presented just the facts with references about Barack’s and Michelle’s deceptive history. It would probably be the most popular site on the internet.

  156. Patriot Dreamer

    Jonah, that would be part of the “clutter” that I was talking about! 😉

  157. Wednesday, June 03, 2009
    Bin Laden Tells America to Be Ready for Revenge Against U.S. Policy
    Usama bin Laden threatened Americans in a new audio tape Wednesday, saying President Barack Obama inflamed hatred toward the U.S. by ordering Pakistan to crack down on militants in Swat Valley and block Islamic law there………………………. “Obama and his administration have sown new seeds to increase hatred and revenge on America,” bin Laden said.…………………………

    READ MORE:,2933,524881,00.html

  158. magna carta

    For good facts on the Obama elig. issue use OBAMA FILES blog.He has archived everything with even visuals
    This site is linked to library of Congress.

  159. Val: Give her this article by Anne Wortham. She is an african american woman. Here is link to Organizing for America (a liberal site) which features her letter!


    Anne Wortham is Associate Professor of Sociology at Illinois State University and continuing Visiting Scholar at Stanford University ‘s Hoover Institution. She is a member of the American Sociological Association and the American Philosophical Association.
    She has been a John M. Olin Foundation Faculty Fellow, and honored as a Distinguished Alumni of the Year by the National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education.
    In fall 1988 she was one of a select group of intellectuals who were featured in Bill Moyer’s television series, “A World of Ideas.” The transcript of her conversation with Moyers has been published in his book, A World of Ideas.
    Dr. Wortham is author of “The Other Side of Racism: A Philosophical Study of Black Race Consciousness” which analyzes how race consciousness is transformed into political strategies and policy issues.
    She has published numerous articles on the implications of individual rights for civil rights policy, and is currently writing a book on theories of social and cultural marginality.

    Recently, she has published articles on the significance of multiculturalism and Afrocentricism in education, the politics of victimization and the social and political impact of political correctness. Shortly after an interview in 2004, she was awarded tenure.
    This article by her is well worth reading.

    Fellow Americans,

    Please know: I am Black; I grew up in the segregated South. I did not vote for Barack Obama; I wrote in Ron Paul’s name as my choice for president. Most importantly, I am not race conscious. I do not require a Black president to know that I am a person of worth, and that life is worth living. I do not require a Black president to love the ideal of America

    I cannot join you in your celebration. I feel no elation. There is no smile on my face. I am not jumping with joy. There are no tears of triumph in my eyes. For such emotions and behavior to come from me, I would have to deny all that I know about the requirements of human flourishing and survival – all that I know about the history of the United States of America , all that I know about American race relations, and all that I know about Barack Obama as a politician. I would have to deny the nature of the “change” that Obama asserts has come to America .

    Most importantly, I would have to abnegate my certain understanding that you have chosen to sprint down the road to serfdom that we have been on for over a century. I would have to pretend that individual liberty has no value for the success of a human life. I would have to evade your rejection of the slender reed of capitalism on which your success and mine depend. I would have to think it somehow rational that 94 percent of the 12 million Blacks in this country voted for a man because he looks like them (that Blacks are permitted to play the race card), and that they were joined by self-declared “progressive” whites who voted for him because he doesn’t look like them.

    I would have to wipe my mind clean of all that I know about the kind of people who have advised and taught Barack Obama and will fill posts in his administration – political intellectuals like my former colleagues at the Harvard University ‘s K ennedy School of Government.

    I would have to believe that “fairness” is equivalent of justice. I would have to believe that man who asks me to “go forward in a new spirit of service, in a new service of sacrifice” is speaking in my interest.. I would have to accept the premise of a man that economic prosperity comes from the “bottom up,” and who arrogantly believes that he can will it into existence by the use of government force. I would have to admire a man who thinks the standard of living of the masses can be improved by destroying the most productive and the generators of wealth.

    Finally, Americans, I would have to erase from my consciousness the scene of 125,000 screaming, crying, cheering people in Grant Park, Chicago irrationally chanting “Yes We Can!” Finally, I would have to wipe all memory of all the times I have heard politicians, pundits, journalists, editorialists, bloggers and intellectuals declare that capitalism is dead – and no one, including especially Alan Greenspan, objected to their assumption that the particular version of the anti-capitalistic mentality that they want to replace with their own version of anti-capitalism is anything remotely equivalent to capitalism.

    So you have made history, Americans. You and your children have elected a Black man to the office of the president of the United States , the wounded giant of the world. The battle between John Wayne and Jane Fonda is over – and that Fonda won. Eugene McCarthy and George McGovern must be very happy men. Jimmie Carter, too. And the K ennedys have at last gotten their K ennedy look-a-like. The self-righteous welfare statists in the suburbs can feel warm moments of satisfaction for having elected a Black person.

    So, toast yourselves: 60s countercultural radicals, 80s yuppies and 90s bourgeois bohemians. Toast yourselves, Black America . Shout your glee Harvard, Princeton , Yale, Duke, Stanford, and Berkeley. You have elected not an individual who is qualified to be president, but a Black man who, like the pragmatist Franklin Roosevelt, promises to – Do Something! You now have someone who has picked up the baton of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. But you have also foolishly traded your freedom and mine – what little there is left – for the chance to feel good.
    There is nothing in me that can share your happy obliviousness.

  160. Val -here is a site for eligiblity:

    And the site for the lawsuits:

  161. CCC………………………….I read Dr Wortham’s letter several times. She is probably the most eloquent writer whose literature I have just had the GREAT PRIVILEGE to read. It is too bad that Soetoro DOESN’T command the same philosophy. His is simple….ME,ME,ME,ME,ME,compounded by the slowly growing evidence of his MUSLIM BELIEFS,and CONTINUING LIES. He is cut from the same bolt of fabric as was the 20 terrorists of 9-11, and the bastards who murdered the 17 sailors of the USS Cole.Like Ann Wortham said, and I agree all of those who were suckered by his BULLSH## will now get to reap their just desserts. I really hope they enjoy the flavor, and the company of MURDERERS.

  162. Patriot Dreamer

    As for Obama’s Muslim beliefs, the following 2007 article from the New York Times is a real eye-opener:

  163. CCC………………….After reading Anne Wortham’s letter I conclude that as a black person she is both a REALIST, and HONEST. These are qualities that seem to be evaporating from our atmosphere, and everyone’s demeanor as well. Obviously there are still a few among us who know, and are willing to tell the truth to themselves, and fellow Americans. They are to be held in high esteem, and appreciated. They are becoming few, and far between.

  164. Ann Wortham’s letter is directly on-point.
    What an equisite piece of writing. She is
    frank, not a lemming, and carefully weighed
    the options. Thanks for posting it, CCC.

  165. Dallas, Thank you for the Tonchen site, it is a great summary of the definition & the cases of natural born citizen many I have not read before.
    Back in Dec. I spoke to family members about the eligibility issue & they became very irritated(to put it mildly) with me. They are conservatives but they were worried about riots in the City. Now they ask me in a hopeful tone “so what is happening with the eligibility cases?”

  166. Off topic: The latest GLOBE magazine tells more about Larry Sinclair and how BO is covering up being gay. His wife is saying things that I find may be offensive to those who may be gay, especially gay athletes. She has him do photo ops running around with a basketball, football and playing golf. Still really doesn’t prove anything, because there are some athletes who are gay.

  167. citizenwells

    I spoke to Larry Sinclair today.
    We discussed a detail needed to complete a final chapter.
    He is making progress.
    Check out his site for regular updates.

  168. To everyone………….. It is very clear to me that if for some unknown reason Soetore should be trapped,and publically exposed with documentation, there will indeed be mass murder,rape, pillaging,and general rioting on a very large scale. However it will be at the hands of the criminal element already existing in the US. Largely it is they who will use the exposee as an excuse for their behavior. I think that what will occur will never have occurred in this country anytime in the past. You will need to be an excellent marksman, and have some rudimentary legal training regarding WHEN you can legally use deadly force. Then you will need to know a little about tactics, and how close you can safely allow a criminal to get to you. I personally believe that when the big riot starts you will in all probability, at some point need a weapon. I strongly urge All Americans to obtain a firearm, then LEARN about it’s safe storage and emergency use. You need to know that if, and/or when you point a weapon you are committed to it’s use. Again you will NEED to know the points of law wherein you are justified in using deadly force. Become proficient in the use of your weapon. Know it well enough that you can operate it in total darkness, and be able to rapid fire if necessary. Then be able to hit what you aim at. Then you need to have the courage to use a weapon if you see that it will be necessary.

  169. Patriot Dreamer

    CW, does Larry Sinclair contend that Obama is gay? Or bisexual? I’m not really “up” on Sinclair’s story.

  170. citizenwells

    Larry Sinclair is more about relating his original encounter with Obama
    and subsequent struggle to get the truth out. Obama is a narcissist, lying,
    drug using usurper.

  171. Patriot Dreamer

    I’ll have to check Sinclair’s website out.

  172. Maybe we should shame the media, constantly bombard the TV networks, radio stations and newspapers with Obama’s deceptions and condemn them for not reporting the truth. Would that help? Probably not. Evidently, the American media have no shame.

    Better yet, stop using the media, tv, etc., stop buying newspapers, magazines, etc. and let the liars join the unemployment lines with us!!!

  173. Patriot Dreamer

    JJ, unfortunately many of these so-called “journalists” have simply joined the ranks of government employees!

  174. Did you see where Chavez joked to Castro that Obama may be left OF THEM??!!!!!

  175. Val: this from a young, black American

    Back on Uncle Sam’s Plantation
    by Star Parker

    Six years ago I wrote a book called “Uncle Sam’s Plantation.” I wrote the book to tell my own story of what I saw living inside the welfare state and my own transformation out of it.

    I said in that book that indeed there are two Americas. A poor America on socialism and a wealthy America on capitalism.

    I talked about government programs like Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Job Opportunities and Basic Skills Training (JOBS), Emergency Assistance to Needy Families with Children (EANF), Section 8 Housing, and Food Stamps.

    A vast sea of perhaps well intentioned government programs, all initially set into motion in the 1960’s, that were going to lift the nation’s poor out of poverty.

    A benevolent Uncle Sam welcomed mostly poor black Americans onto the government plantation. Those who accepted the invitation switched mindsets from “How do I take care of myself?” to “What do I have to do to stay on the plantation?”

    Instead of solving economic problems, government welfare socialism created monstrous moral and spiritual problems. The kind of problems that are inevitable when individuals turn responsibility for their lives over to others.

    The legacy of American socialism is our blighted inner cities, dysfunctional inner city schools, and broken black families.

    Through God’s grace, I found my way out. It was then that I understood what freedom meant and how great this country is.

    I had the privilege of working on welfare reform in 1996, passed by a Republican congress and signed into law by a Democrat president. A few years after enactment, welfare roles were down fifty percent.

    I thought we were on the road to moving socialism out of our poor black communities and replacing it with wealth producing American capitalism.

    But, incredibly, we are going in the opposite direction.

    Instead of poor America on socialism becoming more like rich American on capitalism, rich America on capitalism is becoming like poor America on socialism.

    Uncle Sam has welcomed our banks onto the plantation and they have said, “Thank you, Suh.”

    Now, instead of thinking about what creative things need to be done to serve customers, they are thinking about what they have to tell Massah in order to get their cash.

    There is some kind of irony that this is all happening under our first black president on the 200th anniversary of the birthday of Abraham Lincoln.

    Worse, socialism seems to be the element of our new young president. And maybe even more troubling, our corporate executives seem happy to move onto the plantation.

    In an op-ed on the opinion page of the Washington Post, Mr. Obama is clear that the goal of his trillion dollar spending plan is much more than short term economic stimulus.

    “This plan is more than a prescription for short-term spending-it’s a strategy for America’s long-term growth and opportunity in areas such as renewable energy, health care, and education.”

    Perhaps more incredibly, Obama seems to think that government taking over an economy is a new idea. Or that massive growth in government can take place “with unprecedented transparency and accountability.”

    Yes, sir, we heard it from Jimmy Carter when he created the Department of Energy, the Synfuels Corporation, and the Department of Education.

    Or how about the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 — The War on Poverty — which President Johnson said “…does not merely expand old programs or improve what is already being done. It charts a new course. It strikes at the causes, not just the consequences of poverty.”

    Trillions of dollars later, black poverty is the same. But black families are not, with triple the incidence of single parent homes and out of wedlock births.

    It’s not complicated. Americans can accept Barack Obama’s invitation to move onto the plantation. Or they can choose personal responsibility and freedom.

    Does anyone really need to think about what the choice should be?


  176. Thank you Oldsalt!My children know also how to shoot for protection.We’ve have taken to turkey shoots and clay shooting.
    God Bless us All!

    Citizen Grand Jury The Real Structure of Government.(videos to explain)

  178. JJ, Star Parker is wise & honest. She also writes for WND. She was on Glenn Beck’s show in Feb.’09 & she mentioned The BC issue.

    Here’s another article I got from the site Judicialwatch

    Here’s another article I found through Judicial Watch on there links.All these sites,some reading but might help.

  181. I don’t agree with TxDarlin’ and Obama’s place of birth and not caring about the BC. I think most Americans would like to see ALL the records released including the BC and I can’t wait for the BC to say Mombassa, Kenya (or at least ….. Kenya).

  182. Read the Globe article on Obamas trying to cover up Larry Sinclair’s claims. All the “macho”
    photo-ops are a part of their plan to show him as a non-gay. Also pictures of MO showing her legs and BO being photographed with a “cute”
    White House employee–all very bizarre behavior on their part, imho. Larry S. vows to never give up with his book. MO has asked publishers not to publish it (which I believe we all know by now—which was why LS is self-publishing it). I can’t wait until it comes out.
    Just hope the loons don’t grab up all the copies some how.

  183. Dallas // June 2, 2009 at 2:10 pm


    Hi Dallas,

    I think this document is a fraud. Now, I’m no English major, but look at the way the sentences are phrased. This could’ve been written by a junior in high school, not an ivy league educated person; too choppy, words misspelled according to the British spellings. I would think that Soetoro would *not* write in the British style (eg. ‘realised’ rather than ‘realized’) rather, American style with American spellings.

    The only way I would guess it might be authentic is if it were translated from English to a local dialect (if it exists), then back to English.

    Something strange about this letter…

  184. Good story in Newsweek, but some of the comments will turn your stomach. Get out the Tums.

    Robert J. Samuelson
    The Obama Infatuation

    Is the press giving the president a free pass?

    The Obama infatuation is a great unreported story of our time. Has any recent president basked in so much favorable media coverage? Well, maybe John Kennedy for a moment, but no president since. On the whole, this is not healthy for America.
    Our political system works best when a president faces checks on his power. But the main checks on Obama are modest………………


  185. Alice,
    I agree with all documentation should be shown!
    BC and all!

  186. Hal Turner has been arrested!

    North Bergen, NJ (TRN) — At about 4:00 this afternoon, Hal received a call from the North Bergen Police telling him to go to the Police Station because they had received a tip from a credible source about a death threat made against him and they needed to talk. He arrived at the station at about 4:10 and was arrested at 4:15. It seems that the state of Connecticut issued a warrant for his arrest for making “Harassing Communications”. There is no other information available at this time. At this point, any and all donations toward his defense would be greatly appreciated.

  187. Where’s the birth certificate? billboards banned:

    WASHINGTON – The company touting itself as the “world’s largest out-of-home media” enterprise has banned WND’s national billboard campaign that asks one simple question: “Where’s the birth certificate?”

    CBS Outdoor, a division of CBS Corp. that sells more outdoor advertising than any other billboard company in North America, refuses to accept purchases of space on any of its 550,000 displays nationwide, media buyers for WND report.

  188. Best blog quote of the day:

    Liberal math is as follows: 2+2= 6 7/8. If you tell them they’re wrong, then you’re a racistfacistnazihomophobe. Adding 1/2 + 2/3 is too difficult, so it’s replaced with sensitivity training, instead.

    hat tip: tre on Michelle Malkin

  189. H.R.1868 Birthright Citizenship Act of 2009 Bill would make Obama a US natural-born citizen

    To amend section 301 of the Immigration and Nationality Act to clarify those classes of individuals born in the United States who are nationals and citizens of the United States at birth.

    current 111st session of congress
    OpenCongress Summary:
    This bill would eliminate birthright citizenship for children born to undocumented immigrants in the U.S. Current U.S. law automatically recognizes any person born on American soil as natural born citizen. Under the bill, only children with at least one parent who is a U.S. citizen, a legal permanent resident, or an undocumented immigrant serving in the military would be considered citizens.
    Other Bill Titles (2 more)

    Birthright Citizenship Act of 2009 – Amends the Immigration and Nationality Act to consider a person born in the United States “subject to the jurisdiction” of the United States for citizenship at birth purposes if the person is born in the United States… more

  190. Lame Cherry says:

    “…the Obama kooks are so transfixed on the reality they know of that Obama is not qualified to be President of the United States.
    Each day their phobia grows and each day they have to come up with new definitions, because when slandering people standing up for the qualifications of the Presidency of the United States did not work in humiliating them into silence, now the phobic maniacs have converted to criminalizing the standing up for the Constitution.

    Once again we see the Obama voter regressing to murdering all those who disagree with them as they can not present any facts to refute the Truth.
    The Truth is British Mandate in the British Nationality Act which Barack Obama was born under states that his father was British, his mother being a minor was British and that makes Obama British.”

  191. Question
    Anyone notice if Michelle went with her husband on this historic trip?
    Maybe he left her in NY shopping for shoes…

  192. LM that says nada about natural born citizen, they’re talking only about US Citizenship.

  193. Val: I like directing people to

    Why? It merely summarizes and references articles and lets the reader decide.


  195. Get this out to everyone you know!! TODAY!!!

    What are you waiting for??
    (And YES, this includes YOU – Hannity, Boortz, Beck, O’Reilly, Limbaugh)
    And also everyone reading this, yet not acting, not talking, not getting this information out.
    PLEASE bombard your local small town newspapers with this, your small local radio stations, your big city newspaper editorial pages, letters to ALL editors, anything AND everything you can do – and that you MUST do if we are to save our nation!
    Please don’t just rely on others like or even Ed Hale on Plains Radio – HELP them, and do everything YOU can think of, get creative, and get this ACCOMPLISHED!
    Now, this week, immediately!
    Stand up and speak out in your church this week, post this in every church bulletin, make a flyer and put in on cars in parking lots, and STOP this unlawful theft of our country!
    Stand up for America, and speak out!
    We have to get this DONE and NOW is the time, not next week, not next September or in 4 years, but NOW, this week!
    Let’s have a real July 4th celebration!
    Please, patriots, please…..
    And whatever you’re already doing, thank you, but you know you can do more, and NOW IS THE TIME!
    Last night, Hannity spoke out finally and vehemently that Obama IS destroying America, so let’s get this to the next step, without any further delay, and every one of you reading this CAN do something to help.
    You know you can, so do it.
    Let’s get this ACCOMPLISHED!

  196. Frustrated in FL

    In response to hapnHal’s question,
    Michelle did not/could not accompany the Usurper to Egypt BECAUSE Muslim men do not travel with women/wives. Don’t know the authenticy of this statemennt, but ????
    If true, then this explains why she returned to Washington early and he went on to Turkey on his BIG APOLOGY TOUR in April.

    What a horrific FRAUD that is being perpetrated on our once great nation… many citizens continue to stick their heads in the sand!!!!!
    All the while, the Usurper and the thousands of thugs supporting this puppet are ecstatic with their deception!!!!!!!!!!

    hapnHal // June 4, 2009 at 1:41 am

    Anyone notice if Michelle went with her husband on this historic trip?
    Maybe he left her in NY shopping for shoes…

  197. Patriot Dreamer

    Michelle was hosting Nancy Reagan at lunch yesterday, and she’s supposed to be meeting BHO in France tomorrow (Friday).

  198. Patriot Dreamer

    Obama finally released a statement yesterday about the Army recruiter shooting in Little Rock, Arkansas:

    “I am deeply saddened by this senseless act of violence against two brave young soldiers who were doing their part to strengthen our armed forces and keep our country safe. I would like to wish Quinton Ezeagwula a speedy recovery, and to offer my condolences and prayers to William Long’s family as they mourn the loss of their son.”

    Compare this statement to the one his issued about 5 hours after Dr. Tiller was murdered:

    “I am shocked and outraged by the murder of Dr. George Tiller as he attended church services this morning. However profound our differences as Americans over difficult issues such as abortion, they cannot be resolved by heinous acts of violence.”

    So he’s “shocked and outraged” by one but only “saddended” by the murder and attempted murder of two servicemembers under his command, and it took him 3 days to even say anything at all.

  199. SueK…. To me it sounds just like him
    the center of the conversation:

    During the campaigns, I consistently and fondly spoke of my Kenyan
    roots. I am an American citizen and, on January 20, 2009, I will be
    America’s 44th president.

    Nevertheless, Here it is as an Article in all only one difference; Donald Kipkorir (Kenyan Attorney) has his name as a “columnist”, but the same words.

    Of course Obama would not deliberately incriminate /misrepresent himself by stating that he is was American when in fact he is/was some other Nationality. That part came from the Attorney most likely.

    Here’s another phrase from a different moment in the time and life of OII:

    ‘My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world.

    I hope you’ll join with me as we try to change it.’

    — Barack Obama

    Choppy? That’s him!

  200. Look now they are trying to put Obama’s Hawaiian school attendance and birth place on a map:

    But there is a Registered Birth Certificate in Kenya on the same day.

    ‘it is a birth certificate from the Kenyan city of Mombasa registering the birth of Barack Obama, Jr., on August 4, 1961. However, the registration is a common practice in African countries whose citizens abroad have families with foreign nationals. ‘

    So Jr. has a Birth Certificate in Kenya and a COLB in Hawaii.

  201. There’s nothing finer than having a “closet muslim” in charge of a Christian nation.

    This is a free country. Why even hide the fact you’re a muslim? Oh that’s right, American’s don’t like Muslims because we’ve been at war with Muslim countries over the past 20 some odd years.

    Christians and Muslims don’t get along and haven’t gotten along for the past 1400 years. How much do we have to take it in the backside without vaseline before we say enough is enough?

  202. Air Force Brat

    JeffM — saddest thing of all is that the only reason there’s war between us and them is because THEY declared it on US. Guess the Usurper has forgotten all about (among thousands and thousands of other incidents) the 3000 dead on 9/11. And the USS Cole bombing. And the bombing of our embassies in Africa. And the Kobar towers atrocity. And the Iranian hostage situation in 1979. And Pan Am 103. Oh, and the FACT that, except for maybe Timothy McVeigh and less than a handful of others, EVERY terrorist attack against the U.S. has been perpetrated by — wait for it — Obama’s precious Muslims.

  203. Some people are starting to sound as though they are ready to give up their FREEDOM. I don’t remember anyone saying that taking back this country is going to be easy. It will be accomplished only through sweat ,tears,and/or blood if necessary, and by those who have the courage to keep the fight in the face of the enemy. You must never allow him any quarter, nor should you ever relax your offensive. You must always keep him on the DEFENSIVE. This is when he will most likely make a serious mistake,or inadvertently say,or do something incriminating. Everyone must always keep your eyes,and ears open so that when it happens you will be able fo instantly identify the mistake, and take full advantage of it against him.
    Today CBS OUTDOORS which is owned by CBS Broadcasting, acted to prohibit any of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE signs from being placed on any of their 550,000 billboards nationwide. This is the sort of act that CBS is well noted for. You might call it a form of self censorship. Everytime they do something like this they show the world what level of STINKING SLIME they really are. Most of us already know this anyway. You only need to look at the sort of programming that they run on TV to confirm this. They nearly have no ratings at all. Apparently very few people watch CBS anymore. There are other billboard companies, and I am sure that World Net Daily will find them. I hope that some of these signs are very close to those oned by CBS OUTDOORS. I say this for the purpose of PUTTING MY BIRDIE FINGER in their face.

  204. Hi Dallas,

    I have no doubt at all that he’s capable of spouting this trash, but what I think I meant to try to convey were idiotic sentences like this:

    ‘I know that most, if not all, Kenyans expect me to have a magic wand to your problems and aspirations.’

    ‘Expect me to have a magic wand to your problems?” What kind of grammar is that? If he wrote that letter, he should be sent back to third grade in indonesia to learn how to put a proper sentence together.

    This is why I suggested initially that someone perhaps translated this letter. If Soetoro wrote it, he’s got a ton of problems in the grammar department, among his many problems in other departments..

  205. JeffM
    >There’s nothing finer than having a “closet muslim” in charge of a Christian nation.

    Barry said recently we don’t consider ourselves a Christian nation

  206. In god we trust.
    God bless Amreica

  207. People, even if you are not financially savvy, please, read this simple summary of the unConstitutional takeover of the auto industry by the Executive Branch. House Majority Leader Hoyer double speaks into an admission, there is no authorization from the Legislative Branch. Then, contact your U.S. Representatives and complaint.

    I only pray Indiana has enough guts and resources to take their court case (bypassing secured creditors to bail out the UAW) all the way to the SCOTUS; and fast.

    Illegal Takeover

  208. truthbetold11

    Citizen wells when are you gonna take phil berg off this site. he has withheld evidence andis working for obama camp by being the first to take money from us. he had all the michelle obama tapes, he is 100 percent resposible for this and is in bed with obama. plains radio finally woke up and are outraged with the new info and pidgeon as well

  209. bob strauss

    Dr. Taitz filed more papers at SCOTUS, today, to stay Barry, from appointing, attorney general DC, and SCOTUS justice, Satomayor, until he proves NBC and eligibility.

  210. bob strauss

    jbjd, our representatives are a bunch of incompetent idiots. Where is all the money going? who’s writing the checks? who’s cashing them? anyone know?

  211. Truthbetold whats going on?
    I’m definitely out of that loop.

  212. One of the men on Hannity’s great great great American panel tonight said that MSM Brian Williams (who interviewed Obama at the White House and damn near bowed to him) looked like a “Got Milk” commercial when he was leaving…! I about fell out of my chair!

  213. Eric Holder issues statement on protecting American Muslims

    U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder released the following statement relating to President Obama’s historic speech today in Cairo, Egypt:

    “The President’s pledge for a new beginning between the United States and the Muslim community takes root here in the Justice Department where we are committed to using criminal and civil rights laws to protect Muslim Americans. A top priority of this Justice Department is a return to robust civil rights enforcement and outreach in defending religious freedoms and other fundamental rights of all of our fellow citizens in the workplace, in the housing market, in our schools and in the voting booth.

    “There are those who will continue to want to divide by fear – to pit our national security against our civil liberties – but that is a false choice. We have a solemn responsibility to protect our people while we also protect our principles.”

  214. truthbetold11

    gb america go to plains radio and probably tomorrows archives will play thursday show. it really reveals how berg did a head fake to have everybody give him the info first and then not use it for real in the cases, basically he hoarded the info from us the the real truth seekers

  215. Wow!I have to download Java.

  216. Sue K -you may be right in the transcription error theory-your point is well taken. Aside from the Kenyan Attorney/columnist possibly taking part, could it be his aunt? She plans to return to Kenya soon.

  217. Dallas // June 5, 2009 at 4:46 am


    Hi Dallas,

    Thank you for seeing my point regarding grammer and phrasing in that letter. Something fishy…

    I have the privilege of being in the same area as Auntie Tuni while she continues to feed off the public welfare teat while awaiting her hearing.

    Not sure if she’s going back to Kenya or what-first she’s going, then she isn’t. Wouldn’t be surprised if she’s involved in order to get ‘preferential treatment.’

    The buzz around here is the question of why her hearing is in February, 2010. She should’ve had that long ago! Will try to keep up with the local buzz today.

  218. Oops, Dallas, I’m talking ‘grammar’ and typed ‘grammer.’ Back to elementary school for me. It’s Friday….

  219. Truthbetold,

    More info please. Can you post a link to Plains? Can you give some info in a nut shell? I’m also out of the loop when it comes to Berg and Taitz.

    I thought Berg was in tight with Hillary …?

    I also heard Ed Hale was a bit of a nut job. I don’t know, just read it somewhere.

    Any info you can add would be appreciated.

    Thank you


  221. With all due respect, there are some WONDERFUL people who communicate at plains, but I would be extremely wary of the claims of owner ED HALE.

    Remember, he is being sued by Berg. I know from personal experience with Hale that he makes claims and allegations regularly that turn out to be false. He leads his listeners on, building their hopes, taking their money and then letting them down….over and over and over again.

    For example, he claimed to have a port of entry document for Obama’s mother after she gave birth in Kenya……Oh yeah, Scotland Yard helped him….then he never produced it. I can’t tell you how many times he has led his listeners on by saying , “This is it, we got him….mark this day as history. Plains radio has done it….. five fed ex packages are being sent to five different locations……” stringing them out making them listen and wait and then producing nothing.

    As our concerns about his operation grew, LDCar and I used the private chat option to share our reservations about having been taken once again by Mr. Hale. He used extreme foul language with myself and LDCar because of what we expressed in a so called private message that he read. We were we both BANNISHED from his kingdom for a PRIVATE message we shared. I have a screen shot that I saved with him admitting to me that he reads private messages. IMHO that makes him worse than the usurper.

    I’m just saying….I don’t know if his allegations about Berg are true…but BE WARY of claims made by this man. Just give his name a google and you will be enlightened.

  222. Hi CW, hope all is well with you and yours. Thanks all for keeping the issues fresh. God Bless America.

  223. Patriot Dreamer

    Sandy, and check out the poll averages at Real Clear Politics:

    His disapproval numbers are rising.

  224. A Utah man who blames President Obama for the failing bank system allegedly said he was on a mission to kill the president


  226. Sandy said just about everything I would say about Ed Hale. For months , we waited for the Bombshell news he was going to release. Then Nothing. I see he is still at it. No big news at that sight at all. I am so sorry I ever sent that man a penny of my hard earned money. He is a fraud.
    And yes, Ed Hale listened in on Sandy’s and my private messages. They were not even that bad. Not like the filthy messages he sent to us. He is not only poorly educated, and very poor radio commentator, he is a sensationalist, and a liar.
    I am embarrassed to say that I was once one of his cult followers.

  227. Hmmm…thanks for sharing your link, Ms. Helga. Do some people in that recieving line already know more than they are willing to share?

  228. Hi All,

    Any news on Hal Turner?

  229. Ms Helga…..who was that wise man? LOL

  230. Val- here’s a link the forum. It is fairly well kept
    there is a link to the radio above the map.

  231. Actually the man snubbed him and the woman following snubbed as well. Who are they?

  232. Wild & Crazy Gal

    Sandy, aren’t they David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett? I think BHO put his hand up as he introduced them to the King, but BHO was not actually snubbed. Now I’m disappointed. I thought he was actually snubbed for a few minutes there.

  233. Patriot Dreamer

    Sandy, I think they are David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett. Darn, now I’m disappointed. I thought he was actually snubbed for a few mintues there.

  234. The Plunderer-in-Thief and CEO of Gangster Motors is the Biggest PONZI SCHEME, FRAUD, PLUNDERING ever perpetrated on America and the Constitution.

    Why are there so many GUTLESS COWARDS on matters of the Constitution in positions of power in our country?
    People that raised their hand and swore an Oath To The Constitution need to STAND UP and be ETHICAL. The President is only a man they didn’t Swear Loyalty to this man they swore an oath to the Constitution which has over 200 yrs of wisdom and NO man is any wiser or above it.
    not any modern day man and especially NOT any LIE-beral Indoctrinated man.

    STAND UP at least ONE OF YOU COWARDS. Where are the men of courage, reason, wisdom, vision, leadership? Have they all been beaten down and brainwashed by the LIE-beral Muddy Stream Media. Where are the voices of Reason? Where are the Patriots? It is SHAMEFUL and EMBRASSING that a Great Country that was able to have an abundance of wise men to put a country and a Constitution together, under threat of a Huge Military Power now under little threat can’t SPARE one of those wisemen to make sure the CONSTITUTION is being obeyed.

    It is extremely sad and shocking that a country that mothered so many heroes at one time in the 1700’s NOW DOESN’T HAVE ONE WORTHY HERO. Study and Learn how to be a Patriot and a Hero with men like George Washington, Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, Davy Crockett or my favorite American Hero Peter Francisco: .

    Have all the Heroes been feminized or aborted? I hope not for the sake of America and it’s Constitution this great “thing” that God Blessed us with and we are squandering it and allowing it’s Liberal Erosion every day.

    Equal Justice Under Law!
    STAND UP and DEFEND the CONSTITUTION it is the LEAST you can do. It is WHAT WE PAY YOU TO DO and you took an oath to do it.

    There is a petition of over 400,000 Americans that want to have clarified that Obama/Soetoro is eligible and a Natural Born Citizen. This has to be acted on, especially since it only took a petition of 35,000 (most likely many illegals) to have the DOJ open an investigation into Sheriff Joe Arpaio. If we have EQUAL JUSTICE, than with 400,000 Petitions there needs to be Action by the DOJ and CONGRESS right away.
    These are 400,000 Legal Americans. Answer our call at least as Expeditiously as it was done for 35,000 concerning Sheriff Arpaio.

    A Huge number of Americans are fearful of a “President” that is not eligible it is your duty to verify and either calm our fears with proof or remove the usurper.

    If it comes to be that we are right and you didn’t heed our warnings and failed to protect us, our country and our Consitution we will work to have you removed and INDICTED by Citizen Grand Juries for Treason and maybe other CRIMES.

    You have been Notified, there is evidence that needs to be acted on about having someone Unqualified and NOT Eligible in the White House. Act Expeditioulsy.

    Are you a Total Bunch of Incompetent Corrupt Cowards?

    BO Got NBC?

  235. Listen to this poor military wife after listening to Obama’s speech yesterday. My heart went out to her and all the service men and women in the world.

  236. Patriot Dreamer

    Wondering how easy it is to digitally alter a Certification of Live Birth? Check this out:

  237. Obama’s fake plant great uncle made his showing. He’d better watch out, he’s gonna get granny treatment next.

  238. TO: annelynn // June 5, 2009 at 7:49 pm

    Obama’s fake plant great uncle made his showing. He’d better watch out, he’s gonna get granny treatment next.”

    There is something very strange here with Charles Payne and his sister Grandma Madelynn Dunham.

    I remember reading online from a Chicago newspaper that he had died the day before he was due to go visit his sister in Hawaii and she died a few days later.
    I was really surprised when I recently read about hsi interview with German Mag Spiegel. I think that was just published so that nobody would ge in touch with undle Charlie before the election, seeing that this was days before the election.

    Also grandma Dunham IF she died she died very strangely. Obama not going to visit her in teh Hospital if she was that ill is VERY STRANGE and him goig to visit her after the Hospital release but NOT right away but 2 or 3 days later after he said she was not going to make it to election day and she dies 1 or 2 days before the election is also VERY STRANGE. Him not taking his wife and kids to see GRANDMA “his ROCK” alive for the last time (and possibly for the FIRST TIME) is also very strange.
    He not attending the Memorial Service for his Grandma the woman that raised him is even MORE STRANGE.

    Something has to be going on here too.

    Hey, BO Got NBC? LQQK see

  239. Yep Portuguese: Granny got snuffed and as hard as Obo’s tried to change history, his real great uncle was Charles W. in the Navy, it’s cross referenced all over the net in other families for years on

    This Charles Payne is a fake, a plant, he may have been in the 89th but he’s not Obama’s uncle, and the attack dogs on this site are set up to threaten intimidate and ridicule anyone who asks about the factual discrepancies

    Where there’s smoke there’s fire, Obama’s a liar about all his history


    Concise, accurate and crushingly challenging as usual.

  241. Better than polls, of which so many are rigged . . .

    These statistics represent coast-to-coast-America’s real opinion of the Resident:

  242. Dr. Taitz filed more papers at SCOTUS, today, to stay Barry, from appointing, attorney general DC, and SCOTUS justice, Satomayor, until he proves NBC and eligibility.
    Way to go, Dr. Taitz!!!!!!!!!

  243. DHIMMI THAT OL’ TIME RELIGION – What’s your reaction to Obama’s claim the U.S. is one of the largest Muslim countries?


  244. Obama Birth Atty Orly
    Taitz Receiving Death Threats
    From Devvy Kidd

    From: Orly Taitz
    Sent: 6/4/2009 10:44:54 PM
    Subject: I am really worried

    A couple of days ago my husband’s car just suddenly went dead, he took it to the shop and they found that a fuse was missing.
    What was strange, is that they couldn’t find that fuse anywhere on the floor of the car. At the same time a warning light went on in my car.
    I was busy, I had to go to Tulsa OK. When I came back, I took the car to the mechanic. He called me today and said that there is a gasoline leak. It is dangerous, the car could’ve ignited.
    See in the attachment- a couple of e-mails from some sick people. One is talking about burning my body for the world to see.
    Look at the attachment about Catherine Smith- she died in a fiery crush under suspicious circumstances. My local FBI is doing nothing. I don’t know what to do.

    Orly Taitz DDS Esq



    Submitted on “” “comment-2200” 2009/05/17 at 1:21pm

    Did you know that if you tried your citizens arrest bullshit and tried to forcibly remove the president, I and millions of others would shoot you on spot and burn your body for the world to see???????? YOU LITTLE FUCK.

  245. Well now… we have a judge with common sense! Hope he has security.

  246. citizenwells

    I get those threats and worse on a regular basis from the little weasils.


  248. A couple of days after I filed Walt Fitzpatrick’s Criminal Complaint, I received a call from an appliance repair service. The repair man said that my refrigerator had been recalled. I questioned him further about the recall and found that I had never owned a refrigerator by that make. In fact, I have had the same refrigerator for twenty years. Meanwhile, he had been driving up and down my street searching for my house in a repair van with a company name I had never heard of. I wasn’t really worried as I usually carry a gun, but it did make me a bit suspicious.

  249. Pingback: » Sneads Ferry, North Carolina subscription newsletters

  250. Become armed and dangerous; carry a pocket copy of the US Constitution. Find out how you can get your free pocket copies of the US Constitution.

    Sunday 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Pacific Standard Time

    Our Really, Really Super Guest this week
    Dr. Kate
    Whose Constitutional Research is Impeccable

    “National sovereignty and Obama administration”, part I of article on TD, updated with Egypt speech?

    June 7, 2009 6 to 8 pm Pacific Standard Time

    . You may call 646-727-3865 to ask questions.
    What a great opportunity to call in or write and share and discuss these issues!
    You can write to the chat room at

    call 646-727-3865
    You can also post comments at


    bumper sticker for sale
    For more information re: buy bumper stickers

  251. truthbetold11

    Sandy, Stephen Pidgeon was on the other nite, Berg is 100 perecent being deceitful about alot of things. Ed does carried away sometimes but his heart is in the right place and berg has dupped us in thoi beliveing he’s on the job when he has been awol for month and now back on the job! Seems he had different spots on his lepoard skin and change when money is around.

  252. Ed also said, that his contact Fed-Ex’d a copy of the Kenyan birth certificate to Phil Berg, and Berg sat on it.

    Ed called him to find out when he was going to release it, and Berg wouldn’t return his calls.

    Finally one morning at about 4:00am Berg called Ed Hale, and asked him not to take his life or something to that extent.

    If it’s true, that Phil Berg received that bc, and decided to sit on it, and not bring it out, he’s an accomplice to this whole conspiracy.

    Ed says he had it sent to Berg, but Berg says he never received the package?

    This was very early on when Berg first started his lawsuit, so there’s a good chance that the bc was actually found, before the cover up began.

    I know Ed gets a little fired up sometimes, and even jumps the gun at times, but i know his heart is in the right place.

    I personally believe his story about sending the bc to Phil Berg, and Berg denying he ever received it.

  253. Why didn’t Ed have a copy also sent to himself, or to one of his atty’s? Remember the detective that went to Hawaii and sent all the infomation to Ed through Fed-Ex. What happened there? Why didn’t the detective make any copies before he mailed them? I will tell you, with Ed it is one sensentional thing after another, and he gets no where. I for one just got tired of waiting around for something to really happen. Ed was also a big fan of Berg, MammaE, and Dr. Orly’s at one time too. I really have no animosity against Ed, and wish him well, but he creates his own problems, and has lost a lost of good, loyal listeners, with all of the sensationalism he surrounds himself with, and comes up with Nothing.

  254. I bought all his stories for months and defended him on boards as well……I even said the exact words about his heart being in the right place……

    I’m merely suggesting that you all who still follow (and yes at Plains you are required to be
    a follower) Ed Hale, be careful

    I am sorry…but a man who
    claimed to have shot a bigfoot or two but hasn’t produced these bodies he claims he buried years ago………

    …..and who reads what are supposed to be PRIVATE messages

    ……and who used and continues to use
    extremely foul language and threats to keep his troops in line …….

    ……..and who threatens to pull the cord on Plains regularly until everyone tells him how great he is for a few days…

    …….and who constantly threatens chatters with banning their IP addresses for things they say…..

    …..and who has made many claims about many different documents that have ALL been bogus….

    Free speech? Thug like bullying? Outrageous claims never producing the goods?

    He acts more like a Jim Jones in training than someone
    whose heart is in the right place…….

    If you do not believe me, read the emails in the case that came from him……..Then listen to archived shows from last summer until three months after the election…….you will see how many claims kept his listeners on a bi-polar like whirlwind of hopes always being dashed

    I’m not saying whether or not Berg is a dirty player here…. I do not know. But I DO knowEd Hale’s MO he plays out day to day at plains as it’s dictator is farther LEFT than our usurpers agenda.

    He has left a trail of good and decent supporters as roadkill ………LDacar and I are just two of many. Many I have personally conversed with
    were done far worse than we were.

    So again…..just be careful and be armed with this knowledge in your considering his claims and certainly whether or not to give him money

  255. Do any of you believe Ed Hale killed and buried two Bigfoots? And that the NSA dug them up? I heard Ed tell this tale with my own ears. Berg may be crazy but Hale is crazier. Both of them are hurting the cause.

  256. Robert, thank you for clearing up for me the plural of bigfoot. I did not know if it was bigfeet or bigfoots…

    People WANT to believe Hale. He plays on that which means he is not only crazy, but devious and underhanded as well

  257. Ed has many great hosts on his radio, all being very patriotic.. They have ONE GOAL, exposing the usurper.. If you have never met Ed or Caren, then dont be so fast to judge them. NONE of us are perfect.. Some of us gets overly zealous at times..The Plains Radio and listeners and fans are the greatest in the country.. Dr Orly is fantastic and brave. I fear for her and her family because of the threats made to her..God bless Ed and Caren, the other hosts, fans, listeners, and Dr Orly Taitz and anyone who is working hard to bring The One to justice.

  258. Is it possible that Berg has the Kenyan BC for his “Sealed” court case?

    Just wondering …?

  259. Sandy said it best.Hale and his homespun aw shuck the obots got me game and crocodile tears is a con game.His latest threat to shut down Plains worked again for the few cult followers left there.His crocodile tears when he says”we gottem” is hilarious.The big bombshell is nothing new.Many of us have specualted on a forged BC being trotted out to any lawyer that is vhosen to have their case heard by the traitors in DC months ago.Ed’s antics have been recorded in an open thread,along with other news at IO Blog.Ed turns on anyone that doesn’t praise him.And if they grovel he will let them back into the cult.The two people that praised him here are the same few ledft on that froum.And notice Pidgeon never offered up that dossier that he promised months ago and cost $10K in donations. IO open thread– Bigfoot Hale on Art Bell— Now the criticism of Ed isn’t coming from the pro-Obama crowd at Regulator anymore.They gave up on him after the inauguration.It comes from true Americans fed up with charlatans throwing a monkey wrench in the works by playing the political pundit and patriot and bilking people out of money.Go on his forum message board and see if he allows open debate on issues .They appear for ten minutes until Hummingbird,Caren, or Ed deletes them.His games are documented because he has had some good guests on his show,and things always go south afterwards.He calls people cheapos for not donating and threatens to close up shop,and an hour prior is talking to a potential radio host for a new show in the coming weeks.And yet,the callers and posters worship this clown.They are looking for a leader all the time over there.When Leo came back on for a show,within days Ken Dunbar was calling him a general and for listeners to wait for his commands.That’s one reason he got out of this mess.The traiors in DC and at every level neglecting this constitutional crisis needed to be recalled immediately after the inauguration and marches en masse on DC and State capitols.Letters and blogging have done nothing and will do nothing until the Illuminists choose to bring Barry down or expose it with bogus documents and create chaos to bring about a Fascist New World Order along with the civil unrest brewing from racist appointees,manmade pandemics,and outright bankruptcy of our nation.All comming down this year.We didn’t need ED Hale or Ken Dunbar to connect those dots for us.The information is out in the open now,as the plans for martial law are in place.A couple months ago,Ed told everyone they were wasting their time on this and Barry would be in officce for four years.Then when he needed money and was sued he jumped back on the patriot bandwagon.Like a lunatic child,if you question him with facts,he labels you an obot.Personally,I think Berg is wrong dismissing the importance of the NBC matter,as the BC has always been a smokescreen.I saw through him months ago.Orly,well she is a good activist but not much of a lawter,and yes,she has been offered help over the past several months and refused it.So,if anymore cultists talk about Ed being just a little fired up but has a good ol’ boy heart,please take the time to read the posts on Ed “I’ll tell ya whut” Hale in that open thread.

  260. truthbetold11

    Ed is just a emotional man and sometimes gets to big of a lead at 1st base and gets picked off for not using caution, but this berg thing raises many flags. Where has he been for months? When orly is flying all over kingdom come meeting scotus whever she can. thats someone devoted to the cause, berg seems like he’s in it for the green.

  261. Ed Hale is a huckster.Getting picked on?Come on,spoken like a true follower.When the IP addresses were listed on the message board you could see that Ed was posting scathing attacks on his own listeners for not donating enough money.He has always been in this for the money.There are not many fools left that follow Bigfoot Hale,but there are some,and they are the only ones defending that buffoon.Truthbetold11,go over and read the thread at Investigating Obama.There is an open thread that has reams of objective crticism of all the main players in this eligibility affair.You can disagree,but you can’t deny the information that is recorded from Ed’s own forum.Ed stopped archiving his shows for a reason,and that was to keep the exposure down to a minumum.He archived the past couple shows because he thinks he has breaking news again.and wants to raise money.Go ahead and give him your money.But please don’t insult the intelligence of non-cultists that know
    Ed for what he is.He has proven himself to be a hypocritical fraud time and again.He never gives up on the sensationalism.Why?Because he has a small cult following.,As long as he has a small base that can cover monthly bills,and pocket the rest,he can stretch the truth to attempt to expand that cult,and thus increase the “love gifts” coming into his outfit.Every single time someone would ask about promised dossiers or other information like Indonesian passports or other promised “bombshells” they would get their comments deleted and IP’s banned from the chatroom.He even tried to charge membership fees.Fees even for using the messageboard.He used to get dozens of replies to posts there.After that charade ot dwindled to nothing until he made it free again.Yet the deletions and bannings contimue.I was surprised it took that last scam for most followers to give up,and see him for what he is.He surely gave them ample proof of his machinations and dirty deeds long before that last ploy.And then,all was Quiet On The Western Front for a week after the lawsuit.Moralsman and Dunbar shut him up and gave him advice to tone down th rhetoric.It lasted a week.Then he threatens to close down againn.A new message by the donation button for a legal defense fund appears.He has disclaimers on the website,forum,and before each show.He plays the mouse instead of the cat.”Gee,I don’t hate not got no how nowhere no ho no one.If’n they come clean,old Ed will forgiive them”.Then the pleas for money began once again.Then comes the big bombshell announcement that is posted on the board,and held back for 1 1/2 hours of the show until the $5,000.00 goal was met.And with Ed doing the cha-ching sound effects in the backgound no less.Then when people call in and ask them to repeat the inforamtion that is so earth shattering the lapdog Ken Dunbar explains it.Nect day….announcement of Bombshell 2 on the board and another show.What is this monumental news? A kissinger quote and an insider call to Ed about a forged birth certificate to be fed to Orly in Septemnber when the financial crash occurs.HELLO!!!!! I could list a dozen links with Kissinger quotes andothers elitists speaking of a New World Order decades ago.And we all know the Bailout in Sept.208 speeled finis for America.The second one this year sealed it in stone.And there is a plethora of information in the msm and alternative media pointing to a Level 6 pandemic by summer,and a crash to follow,and possible attacks on US soil from the Middle East.Bottom line–the money bomb was the only bombshell over at Plains Radio,and it is sickening to hear anybody defend Ed Hale,besides his wife which is to be expected.I’ve seen a post by Dunbar saying Ed is “saving” this country.That is idolatry and being out of touch with reality.

  262. Berg says- “Show me the birth certificate and Ill go away.” That rules him out as being kosher.Ed Hale says-“Ole Ed isn’t as dumb as you think he is.I’m smart.” Looking at his record it should tell people that he is smart at getting money from his sheeple,but knws he is crooked as a barrel of fish hooks.

  263. So far, Obie hasn’t read my PRIVATE messages or claimed to have shot a bigfoot.

    The only thing Ed has done for the cause is lie about the number of listeners he has in order to book guests. This has been documented.

    Berg dropped Ed a long time ago and Ed never got over it.

    Ed has hurt a lot of people with his first base lead. Fool me once, shame on you….fool me again and again….shame on me. Ed asks for money based on these first base leads only he tells you he is as good as in home plate. He tells you what kind of pitch he hit when a ball was never hurled……..”We have five Fed Ex packages with a port of entry document heading to five different locations…….”

    …..”We have divorce documents stating his place of birth as Kenya………”

    and lots more…….

    I listened night after night for months asking…no BEGGING chatters to give to the cause. I blogged and posted all over to get listeners for the man. I cannot tell you how many times I would run upstairs and tell my husband about the latest document coming and how Plains finally got him. After about the fourth time, I just got a roll of the eyes….but no, I would not give up on Ed….poor misunderstood Ed……I even took up for his Bigfoot episode against people he had hurt on another board. They are plentiful….he has hurt MANY

    Once I listened as a dear friend of his came to visit to take some of the pressure off of him and his wife. The man helped with the shows, the farm and cooked for them for a week. Not to long after, this man, a minister, expressed his “Miss California” opinion about gay marriage on air and was thrown under the bus.

    I watched so many of his close associates being kicked out just because of his sporadic tantrums and leaving with tread marks on their backs. That fact, and the way that the rest of the chatters would turn on the latest victim of the Ed bus too, the same person thery were lovingly
    chatting up the day before, was my second red flag……and these are the things LDacar and I expressed reservations about in a PRIVATE message…….Others had expressed these things in private messages as well. They were smarter than me….they left quickly

    Stay with Ed long enough and you too will end up with tread marks. It is simply a matter of time. It is frustrating to try to tell people these things because I know I didn’t believe them when I was hearing them from former members too. It is like trying to warn your teen that you love so much knowing that he wont listen and will have to learn his painful lesson on his own.

    If Berg was sitting on this certificate as Hale has his poor followers believing , why is he only telling us this now that he is being sued by the man? Why hasn’t he been saying this all along. And, with Berg’s desire to be in the spotlight, why hasn’t he released it? His name would be household worldwide overnight if that were the case.

    I don’t know who Berg is working for. Maybe he is a smokescreen. Chester Arthur had a man doing that for him and that thought has crossed my mind before. But Ed Hale is more than an emotional gun jumper.

  264. Val….I hope you are right…..but I cannot see him allowing these things to go on in this country if he had such documentation. This is just something the MSM would HAVE to cover and the guy would be out by now.

    If he does have it, which I certainly do not believe based on testimony from Hale…..he would then HAVE to be working for Obie…

  265. Here is a short list of scams Ed Hale has been involved with, including the Michelle Obama tape we were promised. He does serious damage to our cause. He is a laughing stock. All one has to do is google Ed Hale along with words like scam and crazy. Also with the name Jerome
    Corsi….who, it seems, has also denounced Hale

    Here are just a few I pulled …… If you read these sites, scan the comments too. There are some interesting posts with Hale emails included.

    From another person who used to do ED’s bidding…….I pulled this off a comments section from January here:


    5:58PM 5:58PM Jan 11th 2009


    Tonight Plains Radio Network will release BREAKING news about the President Elect’s Citizenship status.

    Tonight at 6pm to 8pm cst. ( ), during Wiley Drake’s show, Ed Hale will provide details about this exciting development.

    The expected time of delivery is Wednesday. ……..

    From the Washington Independent:

    And it’s not like the Obama birthers are hard to string along. They spent New Years eve buzzing that Ed Hale, a host on far-right Plains Radio, was going to reveal a “divorce decree” for Obama parents that revealed, once and for all, that Obama’s 18-year-old mother had flown to Kenya to be with her husband’s unapproving family when her child was born. Hale made his announcement on December 30. The “proof” arrived on December 31. On January 1, Hale announced that his hard-won secret documents revealed… well, nothing.

    Next….when that claim turned out to be nothing…..his listeners were treated to this suspense for a week:

    Ed Hale has struck again (the cattleman with Obama’s mother’s divorce papers) by releasing a document number for a Port of Entry entry of Obama and his mother dated six days after his birth. It will be awhile before the document can be produced since it is on microfiche. Unless one of the attorneys has already obtained a copy, that is. So it’s like the National Treasue Hunt as all the amateur sleuths take to the i’net to be the first to claim the prize. As there is no history of his mother leaving the country at that time, one could easily assume she was returning. With a brand new child.

    Of course even with Scotland Yard involved….there was no such document….EVER

    Here are some more sites you should see before you donate to or waste time on Ed.

  266. Check this out!!!!! Even Canada knows and is unafraid to show Obama’s birth certificate lies!

    Read the multiple choice questions…lol:

  267. What does anyone make of this article concerning the COLB?

  268. zachjonesishome

    Evidently, Obama and Michelle were having marriage problems about the time Larry Sinclair took Obama for a ride in his limo. One more small bit of info supporting Mr. Sinclair’s story.

    Have a Great Day! Zach

  269. It appears to me that some of you people criticising Ed keep listening to his shows and keep reading the forum. Why? Why waste your time? I sure dont waste my time by going to, etc. My time is too valuable for that. BTW, I have been listening to plains Radio and reading their forum for months. I NEVER contributed to them, until this legal fund, and Ed has never threatened me because of getting no donation from me.. So, you have NOT a clue as to what you are talking about.. It appears to me that many of you are full of hatred and you are taking your own insecurities out on the people who actually have the same goals as you, and that is: Get this traitor usurper out of office… Why dont you keep your focus on that?

  270. Sandy, As far as Berg possibly having the BC … doesn’t he have a sealed court case that he says he can not discuss any inforamtion. Just wondering if that includes the BC. I too, would assume if someone had it – it would be out there. But just wondering if it could be in the sealed case. Don’t know, but, what if he did and the court basically puts a gag order on his evidence. So, could he possibly have it? I haven’t kept up on Berg or Hale for that matter. Why would anyone think Berg would be on DOHbama’s side? I thought Berg was a big time Hillary supporter. I can’t imagine Hills team would ask him to keep the BC issue out of the news.

    As far as Ed Hale …..I stopped listening a long time ago. Never was a big follower to begin with, but it only took about 10 of his ” We got him” shout outs for me to stop listening. No negative opinions of him since I didn’t listen long enough, but he started to remind me of Sammy Korr of API …. “we got the Michele Tapes!!!”

    I’m starting to get confused about Berg and Orly. One blog says Berg is a fraud and others say Orly is …? Hard to keep up with it all.

    I’m just hoping and praying that it will be a legit journalist / reporter that can break this open and try to get the truth out. I hate to admit, but i get more and more discouraged everyday.

    I don’t mean this in a negative way, but I even started to question the WND billboard campaign. The one they showed – the digital one in La, heck that didn’t even look real to me. Does anyone have a pic of it that wasn’t posted on WND. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy the WND blog, but that billboard just didn’t look legit to me. Then they announce the billboard company refuses to put them up….?? They got a lot of money for that campaign.

    Please … no attacks on me! I don’t know enough about any of them to make a factual statement …. just some of my observations.

    Is there anyone out there that truely thinks that we can get him out of the WhiteHouse before 2012?

    Just wondering! Sure seems like it’s going to be a very long and tough thing to accomplish. Is there anything out there that is working it’s way to full view?

    Hate to say …. I get a little more discouraged everyday!

    Thanks to all for your replies.


  271. Amy1–You ask why we listen?Most of us don’t anymore.Others do it to keep track of what is going on by all the bloggers and talk show hosts whether we agree with them or not.Just like people that still rely on the mainstream media when they know they lie their heads off.That isn’t a bright question.That’s like saying to just ignore lying politicians and they will not be a problem.Or tune out of everything you don’t like in the world and never criticise or comment on it.I’m glad Sandy and others document the fraud by these scam artists.

  272. Amy1,it is foolish to say people don’t have a clue abouyt Ed Hale because you are not offended by his scams or feel you haven’t been scammed.The evidence is there for you to see.Denying it is possible only if one is living in a fantasy world.We are not talking about an honest mistake or two.We are not saying Ed or anyone is a fraud if they fail to be perfect and do not deliver the goods when promising to do so.But it is deceitful to have a pattern of doing these things over and over again,and fall back on the same excuses of obots out to get him.And don’t forget the importance he himself places on his position in the eligibility fight.He thinks Plains is the mover and shaler.If you listened to the two sensational bombshell shows recently,you would’ve heard how Plains was inserted into the timeline of the eliginility lawsuits as such an important player.How things really got moving once Plains hired a private detective and sent letters to Congress,and blah,blah,blah.If you read the posts critical of Ed you will see that they are letting people know the truth,and what they’ve gone through or observed.You,sc,hummingbird,the south,kc4tx,moralsman,Dunbar,and a few other followers can continue to follow all you want.Others might appreciate hearing what has gone in with Ed Hale.Everyone over there is quick to make excuses for his poor and vulgar behavior,but joins in bashing those that Hale dislikes.You know,Chalice,Hanen,Drake,Manning,Morgan[came back to Ed now],Adams,Berg,Leo[Ken smoothed over that rift],and well…you get the picture.He even badmouthed Steve P. until he got a call from him.And that was just for appearing on someone elses show.It’s sad to observe the cultish defense of a guy like Ed.

  273. I found it interesting that Art Bell,yes,it was confirmed on air,was in the chatroom recently.Ed’s old bigfoot interviewer friend.

  274. Amy, I do not revisit Ed’s site. I have been back only once when he was mentioned in a link here. I would not listen to him if I got paid to do it. I spent MONTHS listening and haven’t listened to his shows since February. I KNOW exactly what I am talking about.

    I am a kind and decent person as is LDacar. I am simply trying to help others avoid donating to this person who is WITHOUT a doubt taking money from good hearted people who love and are scared for this country and simply are desperate to believe his claims will pan out.

    You want a definiion of hateful? Compare my posts here to any of Ed’s many emails submitted in this case by Berg. I do not hate anyone….I wouldn’t waste the effort hating Hale. I am simply trying to help the people who may read this forum…….

    You taking up for him shows you have not been burned yet…tick tick tick tick tick tick is all I can say to you if you wont listen to some of us here who tried to warn you

  275. It pains me to see lawyers fighting each other instead of a full force focus on ousting the usurper. …..

    However, it shows me a lot that all of the plains listeners once again, react to a foe of Ed’s with intensity, quickly turning and throwing someone who was once useful to Ed under the bus………..

    Why not wait and see if his claims about Berg are true first? Where is the sense of fairness and level headedness?

  276. What worries me about the WND billboard campaign is that if Obama WAS born in Hawaii it would legitimize his presidency as it does not address the admitted reason he is not NBC–his dad was Kenyan AND he was adopted and became Indonesian…………..

  277. If none of you have listened to Ken Dunbar and Carmen on Plains Radio, then you are missing 2 of the best on the radio.(Also the other hosts and guests).Plus, there are many fine, well-informed posters in their chatroom, all extremely patriotic citizens equally dedicated to exposing The One.. Go there and you will be kept well-informed on the Soverignty issues, the grand jury indictments of The One, tips for survival, views of our congressmen (and women) and much, much more. Stay focused, people.

  278. Thanks Sandy for the compliment.
    Amy, first of all, no one ever said anything about Ed taking action if one did not donate to his site. I did donate to the site, but made the mistake of making a comment that Ed did not like, so I was banned.
    At one time Plains Radio had a huge following, but because of Ed Hale, there are only a very few who are holding on for the the big “Bombshell”.
    Second of all, I do not have the time, nor the need to keep up with Ed or his message boards.
    Believe me, we hear all about his shenanigans from other sources.
    Ed has played a dangerous game, and it is a wonder he is not in jail, himself.
    At one time on his live show, he said, He would love to pat Obama on his back with a butcher knife. I am shocked he was not arrested for that comment.
    Ed has played people, who have worked so hard to unseat the usurper, against each other. It has all backfired into a lawsuit.
    Isn’t that sad? All of these people , plus the 100’s Ed has lost, as listeners, could have worked together for our cause.
    Maybe we could make some progress if we all joined together and set goals. See those goals through, and set another one. Do this without bickering, and childish accusations.

    I would wait till after the lawsuit, before donating another penny to Plains, Amy. Please listen to us, who have been there, done that.

  279. Sandy-
    Looks like word play to me. Persons born in Hawaii receive a “Certificate of Hawaiian Birth” filed by local agents of the department of health. Persons born outside receive a “certificate(certification) of birth”.

    And those requesting a copy of either can get a Verified copy (certification)
    or a Certified copy.

    Since Obama does not have a “Certificate of Hawaiian Birth”… he was obviously not born there.

    §338-41 Issuance; procedure. (a) The department of health may make regulations respecting the form of Hawaiian birth certificates

    §338-28 Transmittal of certificates to department. Local agents of the department of health shall transmit all certificates filed with them to the department in accordance with regulations of the department.

    [§338-17.8] Certificates for children born out of State. (a) Upon application of an adult or the legal parents of a minor child, the director of health shall issue a birth certificate for such adult or minor, provided that proof has been submitted to the director of health that the legal parents of such individual while living without the Territory or State of Hawaii had declared the Territory or State of Hawaii as their legal residence for at least one year immediately preceding the birth

  280. LDacar…. Whats this got to do with listening to Ken Dunbar or Carmen or others in there? You cannot judge them all by the actions of one. Also, that man who went to Eds home to help with the show, etc, has come back to the chatroom this week, along with others who had gotten angry and left.. It must not be too bad in there or they wouldnt have come back.. Yes, I know. Ed has a temper. We are all getting frustrated at corruption in those that we voted into office. We are MAD and NOT going to take it anymore. We ALL have flaws.. Some of us have weeknesses. Some of us are unable to contain our anger.. But we all have the same goals. Lets keep focussed

  281. Amy….if you would check back to my original post on this subject you would see that I did indeed say that there were WONDERFUL people communicating at Plains. I know this because, like you, they WANT to believe the best in people.

    Dallas, I agree about that article. Every time the records department makes a statement, it seems to be vague and open ended, never really answering the real question on our minds. I have even contacted them myself and gotten frustrated at the lack of direct answers.

    LDacar……you know I know you have a BIG heart….and a wonderful, quirky sense of humor!

    If it weren’t for Plains……I never would have met you girl! So……I guess THAT was worth it~

  282. Amy….that man who went back is a minister. He is obviously more practiced at turning the other cheek than me or the many, many, many others he hurt and ran off are.

    I forgive those who do wrong to me, but I do not wish to associate once again with that person when the same patterns of behavior continue ……

    The link I clicked on here a few weeks ago to the message board showed me that he was threatening to pull the plug once again unless the faithful convinced him otherwise……same ole same ole……..

    I’m sure the people you speak of are great hosts…..but I cannot be a part of an Ed Hale operation. He is a divider to this cause….not a unifier and there is a difference to me in being a Christian and a door mat……….I wont give him an opportunity to wipe his feet on me again……

  283. I am glad that our creator forgives us our sins. Perhaps I am more tolerant than most. As a nurse, I have to be… As a human being, I too am subject to hurt feelings. However, I dont hold grudges and am a forgiving soul. I ” forgive those who have tresspassed against us”.


  285. Forgiving a wrong doesn’t mean you have to go back to an abuser.

    I hold NO grudge against Hale. That would be a waste of time. He already took too much of that.
    As a broadcast journalist and college graduate, I probably had a harder time forgiving myself for falling for a crude snake oil salesman.

    Once again, I merely wanted to warn the good people here about my own experiences and they can do what they wish with the information.

    If you had an experience with a bad contractor and knew many, many, many others had HORRIFIC experiences too …….I’m sure you could forgive the contractor but I would hope you would warn your friends about him. Such was my sole purpose when supporting Hale was brought up here.

  286. Dallas,

    WND found our article too….check it out:

  287. Sandy is correct.And for those that think the regulars there are not cultists,see the latest by a regular that asks for money for Ed… KC4TX

    Jun 7, 2009 – 1:29PM QuoteReply To everyone that listens to Plains Radio

    Most of you will remember when this law suit was first served, Ed said he needed 25k but had to have 5k right away. This was needed to pay the lawyer. If Ed and Caren have to pay this they can’t keep Plains running. Most people that are aware of what is happening in our country right now know how important Plains Radio is. We need Plains and need to help fight to keep it going. We need a voice and I M O this law suit is all about shutting us up. So it’s up to us!!!

    The Host and others that help at Plains all do this free at yet still donate. We all know how bad Plains is needed.

    All over 5K that was collected the first time went to Dr. Orly. Now we are trying to start on the next part of what the lawyer will reguire.

    The first 5k had to be raised in just a few days or Ed and Caren would have use the money to run Plains and the farm to pay the lawyer. It’s only fair that all who can, help with this.

    Please help keep this bumped to the top of the post.


  288. Helping pay for Ed’s lawyers over a problem he created with his “good heart” is up to the donor.But please Amy,stop the praise and apologies for the man.Adults are responsible for their own actions.They usually learn from their mistakes.Being tolerant and forgiving does not mean one shouls encourage “bad tempers of a good hearted man” with money to keep enabling the bad behavior.And that is precisely what happens when there are no repercussions.The lawsuit is a wake up call,but it is being disregarded by Ed as important as long as the money rolls in,and his followers believe in the so-called importance of that amateur network.I’m amazed you spend so much time replying and talking about focus,when others have said they are only alerting those that are unaware of his misdeeds.When you continue to defend him it brings more people into the discussion,instead of moving on.Love the Bigfoot till you’ve been burned.It’s your choice.But please do not twist the truth about him.

  289. Aya carumba people.

    Let’s review Amendment XIV again. Being born in the U.S. only makes one a “citizen of the United States”. A citizen of the United States can be a foreigner due to the “or naturalized” clause in Amendment XIV.

    Therefore one can not use a birth certificate or any proof of birth to satisfy Article II requirements for “Natural Born Citizen” because it satisfies Amendment XIV, which supercedes any other amendment or clause in the Constitution based on “birth”.

    We need to get off the birth certificate bandwagon as soon as possible because it’s irrelevent. That’s why no state or federal entity has passed any laws requiring a birth certificate or proof of birth for candidates.

    We can get as many birth certificates as we like. It makes no difference. They can’t be used.

    Now it becomes an issue of the parent’s citizenship. That’s the only other factor. We know Obama Sr. was not American. What about Dunham? Was she really a U.S. citizen on August 4, 1961?

    Answer this question and the problem is solved beyond a shadow of a doubt, regardless of interpretation.

    I’m going to say she wasn’t.

  290. Patriot Dreamer

    That WND article says that Obama’s citizenship was never the question raised during the campaign or after the election. Except that it was and is. Most of the lawsuits allege that either Obama lost his U.S. citizenship or that his dual citizenship (with the U.K., Kenya, or Indonesia) disqualifies him as a “natural born citizen”. They want to see his long-form birth certificate, certainly, but the lawsuits do not depend on it.

    The loss of Obama’s U.S. citizenship is, I believe, the basis of Berg’s “sealed” lawsuit. In that lawsuit, Berg alleges that Obama lost his U.S. citizenship and, therefore, was not constitutionally qualified to serve as a U.S. senator. As I understand it, the case is under the False Claim Act, where Berg alleges that Obama defrauded the government by serving as senator when he was not eligible. In theory, if the case were to go forward and the fraud could be proven, then the government should get paid back the amount of Obama’s salary as U.S. senator, and Berg would get a commission as a whistleblower (about 11% or approx. $80,000). As far as I know, there is no new evidence in that case, it’s based on the same evidence as in the other cases of Berg’s.

  291. Jeff….I believe that I read somewhere that changes in the parental status were recorded in the Hawaiian birth certificate files.

    Have you read this? Do you really think the BC issue is a smokescreen and, if so, what strings have been pulled to keep the attending hospital from coming forth with the celebration one would expect?

    I too agree that more focus should be on Kenyan Daddy…..

    That is why I do not support the billboard campaign slogan as it is now….

    Love your theory on Berg as a whistleblower! That would make sense as to why he has his money maker sealed

  292. Hi, Citizen Wells, hope you’re doing well.

    I post a very important video in regard to military veterans.

    Please Spread This Message Cmon YT Community Lets Help Get This Out There

  293. Sandy,

    I have read this. Records indicate the nationality of both parents for immigration and nationality reasons. This is why his BC is sealed under lock and key. They know it will lead to the additional information, and that is Dunham gave up her citizenship when she married Obama Sr. I am willing to bet that there is documentation along with the BC that states Dunham and Obama were both British Citizens.

    It really does not matter to anyone historically aware of what the framers intended. Natural Law dictates the citizenship of the child, but for the more “liberal” in mind who feel women dictate the nationality, not the father for NBC status, it will be a legal battle, one which will most likely be an ugly one.

    Birth certificates only show status changes when errors occur. A birth certificate is just that…any and all information regarding status at birth and only at birth.

    A name change would not change a birth certificate. But a place of birth in error would. And so would an error on the father’s name or race. You get the idea.

  294. It’s undeniable that Obama is the secret son of Malcolm X ? Undeniable !

  295. You know, i’m really getting tired of these jack-ass’s at the ACLU! Every time i turn around, they’re suing someone, and trying to change the fundamentals of our country.

    If they don’t like it here, maybe they should wagon up and shag to N.Korea, or some other communist country, where they’ll be more at home.

    Now they’re trying to tear down a cross on Gov’t land that Veterans built there after WWI, to honor those who died in battle.

    Check it out here

  296. cq,

    Yes, it is undeniable! That article is just to spot on.Everything adds up, and if you just ask yourself this one simple question, it all starts to make sense.

    Why would so many wealthy Saudi/Arab financiers so graciously open their wallets to help pave the ultimate road to power, for some second rate, cocaine abusing, black kid from HI?

    Did they just pick him out of a phone book?

    Now you know why Obama bowed to the Saudi King.

  297. AKA: German sleeper agent

  298. He tells you what kind of pitch he hit when a ball was never hurled……..”We have five Fed Ex packages with a port of entry document heading to five different locations…….”

    …..”We have divorce documents stating his place of birth as Kenya………”

    and lots more…….


    Yep, I’m with you Sandy,…….how long did we listen before we realized there were no POE papers………..?????

  299. To lift The South and make your day…….enjoy!!

    400 Students Defy ACLU and Stand to Recite Lord’s Prayer at Graduation By John Jalsevac

    SANTA ROSA COUNTY, FL, June 4, 2009 ( – Nearly 400 graduating seniors at Pace High School stood up in protest against the ACLU and recited the Lord’s Prayer during their graduation ceremony last Saturday. Many of the students also painted crosses on their graduation caps to make a statement of faith. (To watch a video of the prayer, click here)

    The prayerful protest by the students comes on the heels of a lawsuit the ACLU filed against the Santa Rosa County School District, claiming some of the teachers and administration endorsed religion. The suit was filed on behalf of two students, who said that the teachers were promoting their views of religion.

    The two teachers at Pace High School were Principal Frank Lay and school teacher Michelle Winkler. The ACLU alleges that during a dinner event held at the school, Principal Lay asked the athletic director to bless the meal. In another incident, the ACLU alleges that Michelle Winkler’s husband, who is not a school board employee, offered prayer at an awards ceremony

    According to the ACLU lawsuit, graduation ceremonies during the past five years at Central, Jay, Milton, Navarre and Pace High Schools in the Santa Rosa District have included prayers by students – often members of groups like the Fellowship of Christian Athletes or the Christian World Order. The graduation ceremonies at Santa Rosa Adult School and Santa Rosa Learning Academy also have included prayers.

    Leading up to the graduation ceremony, the ACLU demanded that Pace High School censor students from offering prayers or saying anything religious. In the end, members of the student body were not permitted to speak at the graduation.

    The graduating class at the school, however, decided to react against the ACLU bullying by taking a stand at graduation. As soon as Principal Lay asked everyone to be seated at the ceremony, the graduating class remained standing and recited the Lord’s Prayer.

    ACLU attorney Benjamin Stevenson told ABC Channel Three after the event: “Our feeling is that it’s regrettable that the students took over the ceremony to impose their religious views on the audience who may not have shared the same religious views.

    “School officials have a responsibility to protect the silently held religious views of others.”

    Stevenson said that something should have been done to stop the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer and that it is too early to know whether the ACLU will pursue further legal action.

    Mathew D. Staver, Founder of Liberty Counsel and Dean of Liberty University School of Law, commented: “Neither students nor teachers shed their constitutional rights at the schoolhouse gate. The students at Pace High School refused to remain silent and were not about to be bullied by the ACLU.

    “We have decided to represent faculty, staff and students of Pace High School,” he said, “because the ACLU is clearly violating their First Amendment rights. Schools are not religion-free zones, and any attempt to make them so is unconstitutional.”

    My comment???// You have every right to leave the commencement; however, you do not have the right to limit my free speech by restricting my Lord’s Prayer!!!!!

  300. JJ,

    Thanks for the article! Glad to see people standing up against these jackals 🙂

    This country better get it’s head screwed back on straight, and start including the Lord back into their lives, or we’re not going to have a nation anymore.

    I wish i was President. I would immediately start legislation, that would put God back in the school systems, and the Ten Commandments on every State Capitols front steps.

    Every historic building in this country, that the framers built, have God written on them somewhere.

    This was no mistake, and was done for a reason.

  301. Is Obama the “Defender of the Faith” for Islam? – Who elected Barack Obama to defend Islam?

    Has Barack Obama finally revealed his obsession with the Muslim religion? Read Andy Martin’s incisive analysis, based on Obama’s own words, and decide for yourself. Andy is the author of “Obama: The Man Behind The Mask.”

  302. FEMA martial law exercise with foreign troops
    June 7th, 2009

    FEMA Web Page Shows Martial Law Exercise With Foreign Troops Set for July 2009

    The above is a link to FEMA.GOV website page that details the upcoming nationwide training exercise in July 2009. This is directly cut and pasted the full text below from the site.

    This is very alarming. This IS NOT an exercise for FEMA to practice disaster relief. This page states very clearly that this exercise will “focus exclusively on terrorism prevention and protection, as opposed to incident response and recovery”.

    AND THEY ARE BRINGING FOREIGN TROOPS INTO OUR TOWNS AND CITIES TO TRAIN TO POLICE US. As stated in FEMA website, “This year the United States welcomes the participation of Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom in NLE 09.”

    Imagine, armed Mexican troops protecting us from “terrorism” in the United States! Don’t you feel safer already? ¿Dónde están sus documentos?

    Rumors of foreign troops on our soil have been circulated for a long time. BUT this is not a rumor. It is a blatant fact as stated by FEMA on their government website. THIS IS AN INVASION.

    read the rest


    Obama’s opinion of America as broadcast to the world.

  304. JEff,

    I am sorry for not being clear. What I meant was that I heard that when he was adopted, it was reflected by some sort of documentation within his BC file. I also believe that his adoption exempts NB status even if daddy was George Washington.

  305. Sorry Patriot Dreamer….that was your theory about Berg being a whistleblower…….

    I think you may be on to something!

  306. is booked for June, but they are looking for people to join for July. I hope that something will come out of all these indictments/presentments. Hopefully, if and when they could remove the usurper, the state of affairs for our country will improve.

  307. Love this LADY:

    Written by a housewife in New Brunswick , to her local newspaper. This is one ticked off lady.

    ‘Are we fighting a war on terror or aren’t we? Was it or was it not started by Islamic people who brought it to our shores on September 11, 2001 and have continually threatened to do so since?

    Were people from all over the world, not brutally murdered that day, in downtown Manhattan , across the Potomac from the nation’s capitol and in a field in Pennsylvania ?

    Did nearly three thousand men, women and children die a horrible, burning or crushing death that day, or didn’t they?

    And I’m supposed to care that a few Taliban were claiming to be tortured by a justice system of the nation they come from and are fighting against in a brutal insurgency.

    I’ll start caring when Osama bin Laden turns himself in and repents for incinerating all those innocent people on 9/11.

    I’ll care about the Koran when the fanatics in the Middle East start caring about the Holy Bible, the mere belief of which is a crime punishable by beheading in Afghanistan .

    I’ll care when these thugs tell the world they are sorry for hacking off Nick Berg’s head while Berg screamed through his gurgling slashed throat.

    I’ll care when the cowardly so-called ‘insurgents’ in Afghanistan come out and fight like men instead of disrespecting their own religion by hiding in mosques and behind women and children.

    I’ll care when the mindless zealots who blows themselves up in search of

    nirvana care about the innocent children within range of their suicide bombs.

    I’ll care when the Canadian media stops pretending that their freedom of speech on stories is more important than the lives of the soldiers on the ground or their families waiting at home to hear about them when something happens.

    In the meantime, when I hear a story about a CANADIAN soldier roughing up an Insurgent terrorist to obtain information, know this:

    I don’t care.

    When I see a wounded terrorist get shot in the head when he is told not to move because he might be booby-trapped, you can take it to the bank:

    I don’t care.

    When I hear that a prisoner, who was issued a Koran and a prayer mat, and ‘fed special’ food that is paid for by my tax dollars, is complaining that his holy book is being ‘mishandled,’ you can absolutely believe in your heart of hearts:

    I don’t care.

    And oh, by the way, I’ve noticed that sometimes it’s spelled ‘Koran’ and other times ‘Quran.’ Well, Jimmy Crack Corn you guessed it,

    I don’t care!!

  308. Just wondering if the BC is still the biggest issue on the FoxNations website. Also saw something on WND about posting on the new whitehouse website about Joeseph Farah from WND.

    I also noticed that on Foc News they are promoting the heck out of that FoxNations website. We all need to keep it going and post often. Keeping it the top issue on the site.

  309. “Fox” news

  310. I just went over to FoxNation and had to search for the article. It is still on web site, but as far as I can see the last comments were from the end of May. Can someone here grab it and post it here and everywhere? We need to keep this issue on the top of the list.

  311. LadyPatriot

    Senator Says Obama ‘Got Nerve’ to Push Lawmakers

    Interesting reading –
    However, a point of note: Why are comments that were made in Twitter being reported less than 24 hours later from the ABC Newswire?

  312. Sandy,

    No worries. I know what you are referring to. No changes to naturalization should change the status of any birth certificate or its contents therein.

    Now it would most likely change information in the records they maintain in Hawaii, but it wouldn’t be reflected in the BC, COLB, or any document related to birth.

    That’s why a BC and COLB should never be used to ensure eligibility for any candidate. It’s insufficient to ensuring an individual still is a citizen, let alone a natural born citizen.

  313. Wild & Crazy Gal
  314. Sandy
    I think another qualified person should answer these question , clearly these are not straight forward answers. for instance:

    ‘The department only issues “certifications” of live births, and that is the “official birth certificate” issued by the state of Hawaii’, ..

    Ooops! looks like someone didn’t finish their sentence. Should have been restated to:

    ‘The department only issues “certifications” of live births, and that is the “official birth certificate” issued by the state of Hawaii’… To Those Born Out Of State.

    Those born in the State of Hawaii recieve a “Certificate of Hawaiian Birth” by the Hospitals or local agents of the department of health.

    Here’s another
    Answer: ‘No, you can’t obtain a “certificate of live birth” anymore.’

    -According to the Hawaii Gov site these are the qualified documents:

    The primary documents used to show you are of age and a qualified native Hawaiian are:

    A certified copy of Certificate of Birth;
    A certified copy of Certificate of Hawaiian Birth, including testimonies
    A certified copy of Certificate of Delayed Birth.

    So the “live” portion has been removed…. when did Hawaii remove the “live portion” and why is the next question. We all know BO’s certification says “live” birth.

  315. Never surrender. Keep up the fight to bring America home.

  316. Why hasn’t someone forced them to answer one tiny question?

    Do you or have you EVER issued COLBs to babies born outside of Hawaii with a parent who resides in state?

  317. Sandy: The answer is YES, that’s why his sister from Jakarta has one.

  318. Looks like Larry Sinclair’s book is getting close to hitting the shelves. Things are buzzing around the net!

    Hhhmmmm… wonder how this will play out?

  319. I hope Larrys book is a best seller.
    Lawyer Steve Pidgeon is a guest onThe Survival corner with hostesses Hummingbird and Caren at 6 PM Cst tonight

  320. Sandy // June 8, 2009 at 10:00 am

    Hi Sandy,

    Hee, hee, I’d like to go up to NB (where my late Mom was born) and give this woman a huge hug.

    She says it all, doesn’t she?

  321. On, an obot, Phineas M., has just turned against Obama after his frequent comments there. He said he was getting $1000 a post to sway people away from the eligibility issue


    This administration is in deep trouble from just about every angle, but this one is the deepest. When people continue to lose sleep at night worrying about housing, food and health, they won’t care what lofty words Obama will have for them. They won’t care about being called racist, they won’t care about betraying their own, they won’t care about promises, they won’t even care if there is a birth certificate. They will turn on this administration like they did with Bush and there will be no going back.

    I think matters are about to get even uglier than they’ve been and it won’t matter how they twist the poll numbers to portray something that is not.

  323. Sue,

    I am gleefully adding “Jimmy Crack Corn” into my vocabulary again to honor this beautiful woman!

    Venice…….my nine year old calls my food hoards “survival food for us idiots.” While we laugh now…..there may come a day when we aren’t the idiots. Got seeds, guns, food , water and gold/silver……what else should we be getting?

  324. Dallas and Sandy, please, be careful with your references. The link posted above is to the Hawaiian government web site that instructs native Hawaiians how to establish Hawaiian Homeland Status, under a program authorized by HI state law that grants special land rights to generations of Hawaiians.

  325. Tell Steve to release the dossier.He got ten grand you know.Amy can pliug Biigfoot after something real is provided over there.Not interested in the old auction deal and cha ching after each sucker donation.

  326. Sandy // June 8, 2009 at 5:36 pm

    Sandy, if you’ve never heard that phrase, it’s a minstrel song dating back to the 1800s. The title of the song is actually ‘Blue Tail Fly.’

    Something that bothers me, and maybe jbjd can answer this: Why did Soetoro produce a COLB (which can be issued to foreign-born children) if you have the real-deal BC?

    Don’t people see the deception here and the fact that he’s hiding something?

  327. amy1 // June 8, 2009 at 4:54 pm

    Hi Amy,

    I just read the e-mail exchange between the other bloggers and Phineas M. on Not sure I buy his ‘redemption’ story.

    As far as the post above, Orly is aware of ‘Jason Long’ and has his computer info.

    They will stop at nothing to hide the truth, won’t they?

  328. I know that is seems hard guys but keep the faith
    because the TRuth will come out!Big climb but we can do it!!!!Just a song for our faith!!!

  329. Sue K and Everyone, how I discovered BO’s COLB meant nothing is really quite simple, and rather astounding. People kept referring to this document as a birth certificate; and BO had written birth certificate under the photocopy on his web site. But the document clearly said, certification. So, while competing web sites spent countless posts de-constructing the authenticity of the physical document – this struck me as rather ridiculous, since this was a photocopy and, proved nothing, anyway – I went to the state of HI web site to conduct research. And that’s how I learned, the COLB meant nothing. I posted my findings in a comment on one of those sites; and the rest is history. (People on that site immediately urged me to contact Berg, which I did. Then, I posted my information everywhere I could think of.) As to why BO posted this when it means nothing (and why he stated it proved he is a “native”)… well, look at how many people are convinced, it proves he is a NBC.

  330. Another video for inspiration!!!!God is on our side!!!!!!

  331. Thanks, jbjd, for the summary. Didn’t realize that you’d gone to those lengths, so thank you.

    ‘None so blind as those who will not see’ (Ray Stevens, Matthew Henry, et al).

  332. Sue,

    We grew up singing it in assembly in elementary school! Loved it and had forgotten about it.

    In Barry’s book, he mentioned that he saw his bc in a family bible….what bc if he had to order the factcheck crap in 2007?

    Anyway…when will a court hear the Kenyan father argument anyway?!?!

  333. It is now okay to call Obama a Muslim after he admitted it in his speech in Egypt. Once again, Obama failed to know his hisotry. Here a lstter a person far more knowledgable than Obama about Iranian history that may be of interest to all.

    From: J P
    Date: Fri, Jun 5, 2009 at 3:13 PM
    Subject: To the President

    Honorable Houssain Barak Obama,

    President of United States of America

    Dear Mr. President;

    This letter addressed to you and partially of your deception in Cairo with respect to the internal matters of Iran.

    On Thursday June 4th, 2009 you President Houssain Barak Obama (I did not say Osabama, said Obama) touched a sensitive, internal matter of Iran that you were not qualified. You are not qualified because you have no information about Iran’s Constitution written in 1906, which was in practice in between as well as 1953 until 1979.

    The fact is that the fabricated story of August 1953 is imaginary story woven by Kermit Roosevelt.

    Mossadegh never been elected to the post, there is no such clause in the Constitution (1906). King appoints a man to the post, he forms the cabinet, then has to obtain the credential and approval from the Parliament (Majles) if he was approved by the people’s representative in the Parliament then he can be called Prime Minister, otherwise king (Shah) had to appoint another individual.

    No Prime Minister ever in the history of Iran elected to the post. No such conduct ever. That is the law of land.

    Mossadegh never been exception.

    You have referred to a sensitive issue that is internal matter of a nation, you as president of United States not qualified in this subject, thus you have not even study our constitution nor did read the true side of the history.

    The truth is that, Mossadegh was under fire by the Parliament because he imprisoned a few of his colleagues and some others. By his direct order some of those individuals were tortured in the Prison. Parliament was conducting investigation on the subject. Un-lawfully he dragged the Parliament to an halt and later he used Referendum (Internal – inside Parliament Referendum, that never predicted or permitted at law) that resulted in the insolvency of the Parliament, these are happening while the Toudeh Party, (Communist Party, supported by Moscow) is moving forward in his appeasement working shoulder to shoulder with Mossadegh taking the country toward communism.

    Upon insolvency of the Parliament, in accord of the Constitution PM turns to be an ordinary citizen rather than a man who can occupy the PM residence. Therefore he had to face the Shah’s envoy informing him that he is no longer qualified as PM. But he and his son-in-law who was police chief arrest the Shah’s Envoy, it means an ordinary citizen arrests a man in the uniform, a colonel.

    This is called Coup D’Etat. A citizen revolting against countries constitution, closing down the Parliament, arresting a uniformed envoy. All occurred three days prior (Agust 16th 1953) to the People’s uprising, (August 19th 1953) during time that Mr. Roosevelt a man who liked to play James Bond Role, already released his assistants, he is on his about entering Iraq on his way to Washington, following (leave the country) order sent to him from Washington DC.

    Mr. President Houssain Barak Obama, you are cordially invited studying the Ambassador Loy Henderson’s website, in time Ambassador of USA to Iran before interfering in Iran’s internal matters. He has a written the true side of the history.

    Before knowing the details calling Mossadegh “a democrat” while portraying our late king as undemocratic shall leave tarnished images of your presidency behind, as it was left such scars on President Jimmy Carter, and partially on Ms. Madeline Albrite.

    The mullahs you are trying to appease lived based on Deception, Mockery, Lies, that is written to the Holly Book, (Lie, use Mockery, where Islam is in the steak, that is what they have been doing) they resemble to a Golf Ball on the Dom, they never stand still. You are cutting in to the ocean water with small knife.

    Mullahs are illegitimate, they are occupier, they have been result of International Conspiracy, and this is known by people of Iran. What really should your administration support is the People of Iran, not the brutal, terrorist appeasers. You made the same mistake, putting Innocent People of Iran, side by side with these terrorists that their job is to scorner and scoffer.

    It is suggested reading Mr. Mike Evans new book, if you read the book, would never apologized to the long suffering people of Iran.

    Because when you apologize, you admit to the interference of American Administration in the affairs of another nation, which is against US constitution. American Constitution clearly stipulates that no nation change conducted planed by American(s)

    By apologizing you admit that your nation has done something against her constitution.

    What really USA should apologize is the overthrow of the late Shah of Iran in 1979 by Jimmy Carter & Britain plus G5s.

    That conspiracy was the great mistake of the 20th century. That resulted 9/11, London Bombing, Madrid Bombing, that is the result of Somalia Piracy today, Million Jews death in the hands of Palestinians, supported supplied by Islamic Regime of Ayatollahs directed toward Osama Ben Laden, Taliban, Iraq insurgencies as well as naming Israel off of the world Map, by appeasing these mullahs one would create another Holocaust.

    Iranians will not forget nor forgive.


    To the list:

    White House Phone & fax:

    Phone: 202 456 1111

    fax: 202 456 2461

  334. bob strauss

    Sandy, everything about Barry is made up, books, Photos, newspaper announcements, phony birth certificate, 25 social security numbers, multiple aliases, stories about his life, everything, the guy is a phony. Why the oath takers in our government are not defending the Constitution, and our laws, is inexplicable. Even the idiots that passed senate resolution 511 to protect John McCain knew the definition of NBC, and they should be able to see that Barry doesn’t fit their own definition, yet they do nothing.

  335. Hi Sandy and Bob,

    Bob, I totally agree that whenever anything comes out about Soetoro, it’s been somehow falsified. This corrupt ‘machine’ of his appears to have covered all the bases however, they’ve severely underestimated the spirit of the American people.

    There will be a crack in the dike, hopefully soon. They’re starting to backpedal now, and he knows that this eligibility issue isn’t going away as he hoped it would.

    Keep at it-it’s the only way. I don’t care how ‘kewl’ he thinks he is-anyone will crack if the pressure is exerted constantly and over a period of time.

    Sandy, it appears that either a lot of people have been bought off, or no one wants to be the one to cause a Constitutional crisis but guess what? There’s one brewing already. They know; they ALL know.

  336. I’m confused now. The COLB has or hasn’t been found? He is or isn’t a NBC? Please someone clarify if all has “changed.” Thanks.


  338. Hi Oldsalt,

    I think that we form opinions as we go along in addition to the info we receive. Mine was just a compilation of what I’ve observed/am observing and I’m sure we share a lot of that in common.

    I see your point regarding the crisis that’s already begun. Yes, it did occur on 1/20/09 with his bogus ‘swearing in’ however, I think that the bomb will be when he’s finally revealed to be the usurper and traitor we all know he is. I say that because when that occurs (not ‘if’) this country will be put into a situation it’s never been in before. Chester Arthur, our only other usurper, can’t hold a candle to what Soetoro is doing-it was a completely different time.

    So yes, I agree that it did begin on 1/20/09, but the final explosion is yet to come.

    Hope you’re feeling a bit better and that nasty virus has had enough of you and has decided to let you go.


  340. SUEK……………………..I agree 100% that when ALL of the OBOT JERKS discover their stupidity,there will indeed be hell to pay. Sadly they are such nincompoops that they will try to blame the conservatives for having voted him into office. (That is a the typical Democratic response; Hubert Humphry was particulary good at making up look like down.) Democrats are NEVER wrong. If you don’t believe that just ask ANY of them.

  341. Old Salt: There is no smoking gun, but there is a red hot fuming cannon, and that is simply that Obama’s daddy was Kenyan. He’s not a natural born citizen.

    jus soli
    jus sanguinus
    codified since 1758

  342. SueK……………………………I find myself hoping that he is also proven to have been an illegal Senator. It opens the door to prosecution at the state level. The law has already disposed of one of the Chicago mob, now Fitzgerald needs to concentrate on Soetoro.(via Burris). It certainly goes without saying that there is plenty of Chicago mob bullsh## to use in evidence.
    If you don’t avail yourself of reading Andy Martin’s Contrarian Commentary you should do so from time to time. Really you have to draw your uwn conclusions though. That is the way that I approach his eloquent literature. He seems to enjoy using as many of the words in the dictionary as possible. Oh well, I have 24-7 and a copy of Websters nearby. If I don’t get anything else out of reading his commentary, I get one hell of a refresher in grammer. If I am not reading comments on CW, I am nursing my shingles. I now know about PHP(POST SHINGLES PAIN). It is real and it appears that it is not going to let up in the near future. There is substantial nerve damage, and it will take some time for any healing. Thank God for Vicodon, Tylenol,and Darvocet. These medications are ALL available in various strengths. So far I have managed to stay within the 750 mg area. I periodically change off,and use pain suppressive toplcals as well. In talking with people I have found that PHP sometimes goes with a person to his grave. “THE GOLDEN YEARS” FOR SURE. Your doctor takes over your pile of GOLD.

  343. Hi Oldsalt,

    You’re spot on! I’m thinking that when the truth comes out, you’ll hear a grand chorus of ‘We didn’t know…’ You’ve gotta be deaf, blind, or stupid NOT to know what’s going on!

    The thing I find frustrating is to even *try* to suggest that Obots read an article, or go to a website-they just don’t want to hear or read anything negative about The One. It’s pathetic when they close their minds to a different point of view, and refuse to even entertain a conversation about the subject. The word ‘brainwashed’ comes to mind.

    I also think we live in an era of people who take no responsibility for their actions and you’re right-they’ll blame everyone else for their own stupidity. Sad, isn’t it?


    Hello bho boo,

    Right, if, in fact, Obama, Sr. was *really his father.* It’s been swirling around that Soetoro may be the ‘secret’ son of Malcolm X, or Frank Marshall Davis for quite some time.

    If either of those two men IS daddy, then that adds to the confusing mix; if his father is indeed Obama, Sr., then that makes Barry a bastard child as Sr. already had a wife in Kenya-his marriage to Dunham was illegal. Barry was abandoned by his ‘father’ and the Dunham dumped him in Hawaii to be raised by her parents.

    Is it any wonder where the narcissism came from?

  344. I think the billboard should say ( Love It or Leave It).

  345. I live in Korea and am very curious about the spread of the swine flu in the states. Unlike other countries (ie, Israel and Argentina) that immediately closed their borders to prevent the spread, Obama and Napolitano sat on their hands and did nothing.

    Even after the Koreans started using thermography to screen inbound passengers, Napolitano was still “passively” monitoring inbounds (asking people if they were sick). After that it was too late with the spread out of control.

    My question is over the rate of spread in the states. I only read news stories so my dates may not be exact — but it gives me a general idea. Number five death was on 13 May, then #10 on 21 May; #11 on 22 May; #12 on 26 May — and then the media went silent. I thought everything was under control.

    Out of curiousity, I brought up the CDC site ( and was surprised that the death toll was 27 as of 5 June. Next totals come out this Friday.

    To have the numbers double in a week to me is significant — though we understandably talking about only a minute number compared to the total population. But what I find even more significant is the news blackout.

    My question as one in Korea, is the US promoting keeping the contagion contained or has it just thrown its hands up. We here in Korea note that your New Orleans Mayor is in quarantine in China — and the latest swine flu quarantinee was inbound from China. We also note that Korean kids heading home for summer vacation from New York were also quarantined along with a group of newly-arrived American English teachers. Our impression is that the US is spreading the contagion worldwide.

    Is the silence in the media in the US only a perception of mine or is there in reality a news blackout on increasing deaths to suppress any panic?

    I notice the CDC still is doubtful about the virus whether it will mutate or not — and the tone seems to indicate that they think it will get worse especially in the fall-winter flu season.

    The folks in Korea and Japan are taking this swine flu threat VERY seriously. Are you folks in America doing the same?

  346. Does anyone know what is going on with Fitzgerald? Haven’t heard anything lately. Didn’t he ask for some type of extension and hasn’t that time passed?

  347. A Democrat Party lawyer reportedly stated that there is something in Obama’s sealed birth certificate that could prove “embarrassing”. The “something embarrassing” to Obama in his non-public, sealed, MYOB “birth certificate” may not be the fact that he was born in Mombassa, Kenya, but the revelation that Barak Obama, Sr. IS NOT his father. This would prove, even to the rabid Obot sheep, that the oft cited Certification Of Live Birth that he posted on his website is not only a forgery but an admission of PERJURY.

    Who is his real father? Could it be… as has been suggested… “Uncle” Frank Marshall Davis? “Uncle” Frank is the boyfriend of Obama’s mom and is believed to have taken the nude pictures of her now posted on the internet. Stanley Ann Dunham-Obama may have become pregnant by Davis while still married to Obama, Sr. and given birth to “Junior” while still in Kenya. This could very well have led to the Dunham/Obama divorce. Without a birth certificate, only a DNA test would prove this…. and Larry Sinclair may have swallowed the evidence.

  348. Patriot Dreamer


    At first, our media was covering it a lot. But now, you hardly ever hear about it. Perhaps the media feels that it’s a mild strain and nothing to worry about. Clearly, the United States has more cases of Swine Flu than any other country:

  349. Robert, yes it is undeniable that Macolm X is his father.

  350. I would love for the birth certificate to show Davis is the father. It would be so ironic. That would make him a “natural born citizen” and he would go to jail for fraud! How sweet would that be?

  351. I remember my grandpa joking whether someone was the “secret son of Malcolm X”…was there something in the day about that? Any gossip mags from the 60’s? Sometimes, as with Edwards, there’s truth in them.

  352. Legally, whoever is on the BC is “dad”, and that is Obama Sr. If he produces documents which show otherwise, he is guilty of felony document forgery.

  353. oldsalt76 // June 9, 2009 at 12:33 am

    Hi OldSalt,

    The requirements for Senator and Rep. are different than they are for POTUS, as you know. However, we don’t know his status regarding that either, because ALL his records are sealed! Transparency, indeed!

    I think that as this goes along, we’ll find more and more ‘troublemakers’ being taken out. I truly fear for Larry Sinclair. I look at it this way: If what Larry has to say in his book is all fiction, don’t you think the goons would’ve already hauled him into court on libel charges? Perhaps they prefer to threaten his life on a regular basis. Welcome to Chicago politics.

    I haven’t followed andy Martin, but will check him out per your suggestion. Thanks.

    Sorry to read that the shingles has not let you go. I’m sure you’ve been to the appropriate doctors for treatment. I know that the herpesvirus group is a bugger and it seems to always live in your system, even when inactive. I hope that it will let you go so that you can truly get back to fighting the good fight with the rest of us.

    Please take care.

    Article on BC from right side of life.

  355. Hi Robert,

    The ’embarrassment’ may also be that he is a bastard child. It’s pretty obvious that if Dunham and Sr. were ‘married’ and he already had a wife in Kenya, that marriage would be void.

    Now, we’re talking 1961, here. Today, there are plenty of single parents around who choose to have children, but not to marry. But in 1961, that was a HUGE issue-an illegitimate child! He was also a biracial child-even more embarrassing at that time.

    I recall the statement (and I’m paraphrasing, here) that the release of the BC would cause both personal AND political embarrassment to Soetoro. I suppose you can run anywhere with that statement, but there’s something very sinister here. McCain had no problem releasing his records, yet we get a false document from Soetoro.

    I look forward to the day he’s exposed and hope it’s soon. Every day that passes sees him ruin this country more.

  356. bho boo // June 9, 2009 at 10:29 am

    Legally, whoever is on the BC is “dad”, and that is Obama Sr. If he produces documents which show otherwise, he is guilty of felony document forgery.

    Remember, bho boo, that document produced was NOT a BC-it was a Certification of Live Birth. Not the same thing. It has been proven to be a fake for many reasons, not the least of which is the race of his ‘father’-‘African’ is not a race, but ‘Negro’ is. That would be like saying ‘American’ instead of ‘Caucasian.’

    He’s guilty of a lot of things…..

  357. I keep seeing this “Hawaii does not recognize the COLB” of late. I wrote about this back on March 25. Here is a copy of the pertinent paragraph from that post.

    Well this is extreme regurgitation but here goes. Barack Obama released what is called a “Certification of Live Birth” (COLB). In Hawaii at the time he was alleged to be born Hawaii issued these certificates to anyone who presented a baby that was not born in a hospital but born, obviously it is alive hence the title. It didn’t matter the place of actual birth, it could have been on another planet and they would issue them for babies up to 1 year of age. In Hawaii right now there is an entitlement program that has a requirement to qualify that you are a “native” of Hawaii, or a “natural born Hawaiian”. In that language it specifically states that a COLB is not proof that you are a native born Hawaiian and that you would need to present a “certificate of birth”(COB). You can read that here Applying for Hawaiian Home Lands. So the State of Hawaii does not recognize a COLB as proof of being a native of Hawaii but we the people of the United States of America need to accept this as proof positive that Barack Obama is a “natural born citizen?”

    Link to post.

  358. Thanks for straightening that out Greg Goss…..
    Now we know why the DNC proclaimed O to be natural born…not according to the US Constitution, but (possibly) to Hawaiian government .

    Statement of Barack Obama 6/5/09

    As the Holy Quran tells us, Be conscious of God and speak always the truth. That is what I will try to do – to speak the truth as best I can….
    Part of this conviction is rooted in my own experience. I am a Christian, but my father came from a Kenyan family that includes generations of Muslims.”

    The only truth he can say about himself is that he is a Christian… he can not and will not truthfully say he was born in Hawaii.

  359. Sandy- Wnd and now RSOL has it too!.. Gone viral.. FAB!
    jbjd said-
    I went to the state of HI web site to conduct research. And that’s how I learned, the COLB meant nothing.
    Must have meant something at the time they
    gave it to him … how long has it been meaningless to Hawaii? Wasn’t it issued April 2007?

    Breaking News! Gov granted an extention
    in the Kerchner case with Attorney Apuzzo.
    Gov. must answer June 29th…… (Horray!)

  360. magna carta

    EVERYBODY..please get link off of STEADY DRIP and send each executive at sign company(they refused the business from Farah) a little note of disapproval.Maybe even a good educational read by Donofrio or Apuzzo.I e-mailed them all with info from Obama Files.

  361. Another Oflappy empty speech today: Pay As You Go. ugh Wonder if there’s gonna be a PayGo Czar? He made sure to slip it in there that he inheritated the financial crisis. What a boob. Yes, he did inherit debt as any other past administration did, but nothing compared to what HE’S creating. He’s bankrupting this country right before our eyes, and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it! BO has a huge chip on his shoulder, and won’t be happy until his mission to turn the US into one big fat welfare state is complete.
    Line-by-Line…Transparancy in the White House…Oh blah, blah, blah. He’s transparent all right! I couldn’t stomach listening to the whole flap. He makes me want to throw up.

  362. Patriot Dreamer

    It’s not official yet, but the Chief of the WHO says that “the swine flu outbreak appears to have reached pandemic proportions”. Should hear something official after she talks to various governments on Wednesday. Here’s the link:

  363. Here is the weblink to this very illuminating article on how our leaders, Obama et al., are trying to completely destroy our economy by eliminating what’s left of America’s manufacturing base. What a bunch of …. well, you know!

  364. goodtimepolitics

    Obama is getting blasted by many people here of late and I think its because we now see that he is not good for this great country! Taking over banks, car companies and healthcare…what else do we have left? No Money!

  365. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich delivered the keynote speech at the 2009 GOP Congressional Dinner.

  366. Patriot Dreamer // June 9, 2009 at 2:13 pm

    Hi Patriot Dreamer,

    This news isn’t suprising; it was expected, actually. With our mobile worldwide population and countries south of the Equator entering their winter season (a prime breeding ground for colds/flu) it’d make sense that more cases will continue to be reported.

    Let’s see what the WHO comes back with on Wednesday. Don’t be shocked if they use the words ‘full-blown pandemic.’

  367. Patriot Dreamer

    Hi Sue,

    I won’t be shocked at all. I’m actually kind of surprised that it’s taken them this long!

  368. Good time politics, what is left is your mortgage and IRA’s and 401 K’s annutites and pensions and all your retirement savings. Just waiting to be confiscated………..mandatory participation….

  369. Hi Patriot Dreamer,

    Any organization needs to have all its ducks in a row before they make an announcement like this!

    With multiple countries involved now, and deaths being reported, I think they’ll be able to use the word ‘worldwide.’

    From my vantage point, we felt as if it would blow up right around now (June) with half the globe entering its winter season. Keep your eye on Australia and New Zealand. North America is a popular getaway destination during their winter (June, July, August), but there’s the matter of a little bug this year which changes things a bit!

    Let’s see how Dr. Margaret Chan of the WHO handles it.

  370. Ron Pauls HR-1207 to audit the Federal Reserve is now up to 207 co-sponsors!

    Keep sending your state reps emails, demanding they sign on with their other constituents and support this once in a lifetime bill.

    If we get this bill passed, it will call for an audit, which will ultimately END THE FED!

    Pass it on Patriots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  371. Forgot, here’s the link.

  372. Could the embarassing thing about his birth certificate be a different father-embarassing because (his ghostwriter) wrote about Obama Sr in his book?

  373. Kim // June 9, 2009 at 8:08 pm

    Hi Kim, see this morning’s posts from midnight on…we’ve been kicking that theory around.

  374. It’s about who his father is……….

  375. truthbetold11

    repux has a nice post about a man who new obama well and said he told his dad that he was born in kenya and had to pay a big price for a forgery.

  376. Where’s a strong “The Buck Stops Here” leader who accepts the responsibility of leadership as oppose to pointing fingers at Bush…Bush this and Bush that….When the teleprompter malfunctions I can already hear “it’s all Bush’s fault”.

  377. truthbetold11 // June 9, 2009 at 9:44 pm

    repux has a nice post about a man who new obama well and said he told his dad that he was born in kenya and had to pay a big price for a forgery.
    what is repux? do you have a link?

  378. heard Sean Hannity’s radio show tonight–talked about Rev. Wright referring to Obama like
    “a son”— any chance Rev. Wright is his father?
    I know that seems strange, but???


    Alice, I think this is what you want.

  380. Seen that also truthbetold11!
    Under the latest on Obama BC June 9,2009.
    Read the comments!

  381. I notice on this topic of Obama’s birth, that no one mentions illegitimacy. Again my opinion is as good as anyone else’s simply because we don’t have the documents to prove or disprove anything.

    My hypothesis is that Obama was born illegitimate. (Father unknown — whether Frank Marshall — Malcolm X — Obama Sr — Bozo the Clown. Only a DNA test by digging up bodies will answer the question.)

    The facts are that Obama Sr was married in Kenya and couldn’t afford even a good place to live — always attired in the same white shirt. He was only supported by a fund that could pay his tuition and living expenses — with nothing left over. He was a typical starving student — and he simply could NOT afford to take on the responsibilities of getting married.

    Along comes Stanley Ann Dunham who is pregnant from father unknown. Ann Dunham’s parents had to find someone to be the father of the illegitimate child simply because of the shame. At that time, there were not many blacks at the UH — and it was easy to spot them on campus. (NOTE: Do not lecture me on the morals and existent conditions at the UH because I attended the UH in the same time frame as Obama/Dunham — and I was born and raised in Hawaii at that time. The moral code for respectable “haoles” was that an illegitimate black child was not acceptable — and notice the choice of an acceptable FOREIGN black, not the unacceptable slave “niggah” black. Pardon the reference, but Hawaii back then was very prudish.)

    Obama was paid off and a storyline concocted that Obama simply fell in love after a few weeks (two weeks to be exact) and ran off to Maui to get married. This is about as full of holes as one can imagine — especially since Dunham needed her parents consent because Hawaii law at the time stated that females under 18 need parents consent. Thus the idea of eloping without Madelyn and Stanley Dunham knowing is ridiculous. Second, there is no record of a marriage liccense (which doubles as the marriage certificate when signed) in either Honolulu or Wailuku, Maui.

    Furthermore, public records show that Obama Sr and Ann Dunham lived at different addresses at the time of birth — Obama in Kaimuki and Dunham in a cottage on the other side of the island. Getting back to the starving student living in the YMCA — how could he suddenly afford a house in Kaimuki?

    After birth, Dunham immediately left for the Washington in Aug 1961 where she enrolled in the Univ of Washington in the fall term of 1961. She remained there (enrolled till the Spring term 1962) until Obama Sr. left Hawaii for Harvard in Mar 1962 whereupon she returned to Hawaii to resume her education at the UH — now a single mother.

    The divorce was done by mail in 1964 — and this would give Obama Jr. legitimacy without paperwork. Obama Sr. had no obligations (no alimony/child support) and was free as a bird. But wait…back to the birth certificate. Even with the divorce that gave Obama “proof” of legitimacy, you have the birth certificate that could not be modified without Dunham (and Obama Sr) being accused of perjury — thus voiding the divorce.

    They simply let that birth certificate lie — but the first problems appeared when Obama was enrolled in Olamana School for kindergarten. His proof that he was “Barry Obama” is the name on a class photo — but remember to go back to the storyline of Obama’s birth and you see it is still being used. BUT how do you get around the birth certificate needed for school registration? You can’t. That’s why any proof from the school is missing.

    I’m not saying the marriage with Lolo Soetoro by Ann Dunham was not a love match, but it conveniently solved the problem the education of Obama Jr. At age 6, he goes to Indonesia and tries to assimilate. The only problem is that Indonesia still considers him a US citizen and he can’t go to public schools. Soetoro’s job cannot afford sending Obama to the expensive international schools in Jakarta. So what to do? He is adopted and as an Indonesian, he enters public schools. But the education is markedly substandard and in 1969 or so the idea is formed to send him back to Hawaii.

    It is important to remember that Ann Dunham has worked at the US Embassy teaching a part-time English class so she would be able to ask questions. She would know that interviews to get an S-2 student visa is not normally done for anyone UNDER 13. Thus the plan is set.

    Obama’s grandmother in 1970 now has risen to a VP position at Bank of Hawaii and as such has some influence. (We do NOT subscribe to the Obama b.s. that his grandfather’s employer pulled strings because no one has ever found this mysterious employer.) She arranges for an interview at Punahou for her grandson — an INDONESIAN student.

    Obama travels to Hawaii on an INDONESIAN passport ALONE for his interview at Punahou in August 1969. Remember that Obama admitted during the nomination process to the question from Sen. Dan Inouye about his attending the “elite” school that he attended on a scholarship.

    One cannot believe that Punahou would grant a scholarship to a US citizen with substandard English and lacking in pre-requisite skills to a full scholarship. The only answer is as an FOREIGN student. He passes the interview and is granted admission. (NOTE: The Obama hype that he is a “genius” is pure b.s. At Punahou, Obama was a “B” student. At Occidental he was a “B” student. At Columbia he was a ??? student that graduated WITHOUT Honors. Only at Harvard did he graduate Magna Cum Laude — but there is growing suspicion that Harvard was “paid” for him to gain entry and situations set up to ensure his success. But that’s another story. The fact is that he was NOT on an Academic scholarship because he just did NOT have the grades for it.)

    Word is sent back to Indonesia where Ann Dunham remains and the S-2 visa is completed at the Embassy for Barry Soetoro as he doesn’t need to have an interview in person. Remember that an S-2 visa is good until you complete your education — meaning that Obama did NOT have to redo the process if he kept his Indonesian passport current by renewing it every five years. The S-2 would be valid until he completed his doctorate in America if he so chose. (NOTE: The passport leads off onto other topics of its use and renewal — and it is a surprisingly easy process for Indonesians. But this is another topic.)

    Now we have Obama in Punahou School in 1970 — but he is Barry Soetoro. This is when Obama starts to play the dual citizen game. He is Barry Obama (US citizen) as well as Barry Soetoro (Indonesian citizen). To the scholarshop process, he is Indonesian — to the administration he is Barry Soetoro.

    BUT now we get back to the birth certificate. Using the divorce paperwork from 1964 can only stretch so far. The need for the birth certificate MUST be provided. BUT IT SHOWS OBAMA AS ILLEGITIMATE!!! He is listed as “Barry Dunham.” How do we get out of this???

    In Dec 1970 Obama Sr returns to Hawaii from Kenya and Ann Dunham Soetoro returns from Indonesia at the same time. Obama Sr. and Dunham stay at the cramped apartment of Madelyn and Stanley Dunham. The trip lasts ONE MONTH. Just about the time it would take to legally change Barry Dunham to Barry Obama. After that Obama Sr. returns to Kenya and Ann Dunham Soetoro goes back to Indonesia.

    This is about the time that the name “Obama” was etched into the cement behind the Punahou cafeteria. Obama was now legally “Barack Hussein Obama II” — and at the same time, “Barry Soetoro” for paperwork purposes.

    Obama’s fictional life gets even more interesting after that … and then he became President.

    If you can get ahold of the long form certificate, you will see that “Barry Dunham” is scratched out and “Barack Hussein Obama II” is penned in. In Hawaii, this is the method legal name changes are affected on the birth certificate.

    Anyway, that is my take on Obama’s birth certificate — and until someone gets the birth certificate, my version is just as good as anyone else’s. Why won’t Obama just give us the long form birth certificate so we can stop bickering with each other over the TRUTH.

  382. KALANI…………….I read your comment several times to be sure that I had the Soetoro story in my mind as you presented it. Where I have a problem regarding his name change is that Hawaii being a state he still would have needed to have a formal name change done by virtue of a court petition, and public record. For anyone to simply write his birthname into a pre issued Certificate of live birth, would have been a felonious alteration of state documents, and illegal everywhere in the US. In the US you can have only ONE legal name at a time. So there is STILL the problem of his name having NEVER been LEGALLY restored to Obama. As Barry Soetoro he is NOT the LEGAL POTUS. He ran for office using the alleged legal name of Obama, and legally registered as such. The American people voted for Barrack H. Obama. Soetoro PRETENDED to be Barrack H. Obama. Soetoro is the physical entity now alleging to be Barrack H. Obama. He is NOT PROVEN to legally be Obama.Therefore he CANNOT LEGALLY hold the office of POTUS. He is illegally occupying the Whitehouse as well until he is LEGALLY PROVEN to be Barrack H. Obama. All of the alleged copies of his colb have been proven to be FORGERIES. This now includes the most recent posted as of JUNE 5, 2009. The State of Hawaii has formally discontinued the issuing of a vault long form certificate of live birth. But since Obama’s alleged documentation PRECEEDS this declaration the State cannot legally alter, or invalidate any of his existing documents without perpetrating a felonious act itself.

  383. Old Salt — I am saying that Obama had a LEGAL name change — from Barry Dunham (illegitimate taking mother maiden name) to Barack Hussein Obama II in Dec 1970. I do not believe it was done by the same lawyer that handled the divorce in 1964 –who I believe still maintains an office in Honolulu — because he would see through the problem of perjury instantly. It was done by someone else who would look at the problem as simply correcting a “mistake” of two individuals who married and divorced without taking care of the paperwork of the illegitimate child through an oversight or whatever reason they offered.

    I’m also saying that there are two worlds operating here: The one of Barry Soetoro valid passport holder from Indonesia with an S-2 visa granted by the Jakarta Embassy in 1970. This passport and visa would be renewed in 1975 through the consulate in Honolulu — which changes hands as it is an appointed position. In Indonesia, it only recognized ONE citizenship — as there was no dual citizenship allowed at the time.

    In America, Obama was operating under Barry Obama/Barry Dunham as a dual citizen until he became Barack Hussein Obama by legal name change in 1970. The US recognized dual citizenship until Obama attained majority — 18 years in this case — at which time he would be ONLY a US citizen. As Barack Hussein Obama II, he was a US citizen by default even if he didn’t render any allegiance statement.

    BOTH WORLDS DID NOT TALK TO EACH OTHER. Why should they? To Indonesia, there was only Barry Soetoro, Indonesian citizen by adoption, with a legal Indonesian passport. Barack Obama did NOT exist. His change of citizenship was NOT registered with the US embassy.

    To the America, Barry Soetoro as a US citizen did NOT exist. They only showed Barry Dunham who had his name legally changed in 1970 to Barack Hussein Obama II. He was a dual citizen of the US and KENYA by virtue of his birth. Indonesia does NOT come into the equation.

    What is the dual citizenship game? Obama tells the schools for tuition purposes he is Barry Soetoro with proof of a passport and eligible for foreign tuition assistance as a valid student on a S-2 visa. To the registrar’s office. he is a dual citizen and registered as Barack Hussein Obama. The schools have no reason to question this scam as all the paperwork is valid.

    All I’m saying is that I may be 100 percent wrong. But in my mind, the pieces of the puzzle seem to fit.

  384. Old Salt — Reread your post and I see how we diverge into very different conclusions — but I once again say that at this point NOTHING is invalid. You’re just as right as me because we don’t have access to Obama’s birth certificate.

    Without going into all the facts that I based my conclusions on, I believe that Barry Soetoro is DEAD. I believe that Obama retained his Indonesian citizenship until 1995 when he let it lapse. Under Indonesian law, if someone abroad does NOT renew their citizenship (ie. reissuance of the passport), they lose their citizenship automatically. I believe that Obama used the last Indonesian passport to journey with Michelle Obama to Bali, Indonesia in 1993 to purported finish his autobiography (that I don’t believe for a second that he wrote) and to Kenya in 1993. He allowed this passport to lapse in 1995 — and with it the identity of Barry Soetoro — as he was now entering into Illinois politics and becoming highly visible.

    I believe if someone could just prove that the FIRST US passport he was issued in 2003 upon becoming a US Senator, it would end all discussion one way or another. But of course, we all know that his passport agency records have been sealed. They may have been cleansed by his advisor who was running the contract for the State Department, but I’m sure that the issuance documents would be spikes to nail Obama’s coffin.

    But the bottom line is that I believe that the Soetoro logic trail to prove Obama is not a legal POTUS is a dead end.

    I readily admit that Obama is a US citizen — but I am adamant that he is NOT a natural born citizen following the logic of Leo Donofrio et al. He was born a dual citizen — first US/British — and then in 1963, US/Kenyan. Regardless of him being a native citizen or naturalized citizen, he is NOT a natural born citizen as defined in the Constitution. Our problem though is getting the US Supreme Court — or any federal court to agree to that definition.

    Again, we both agreeing to the problem. We just have different views on the solution.

  385. Kalani………………….I responded to your comment because this is an area of Soetore’s life which interests me greatly. I admire the level of research which you have obviously expended. Like myself you seem to be a stickler for accuracy in detail. I too strive to obtain the most accurate information available. Regarding the alleged “writein” of a name change to an already existing signed document which attests to legally recorded information which is in turn supplied to both state, and federal taxing entities, and the US Social Security Administration would be illegal without a court declaration certifying the name change. To date there is NO court records anywhere in the US that reflect the adjucation, and /or court certification of name change from either Barry Dunham, Barry Obama, or Barry Soetoro I spent many months researching these early facts,but this does not in any way imply that I might not have missed pertinent details at some point, or another. Unfortunately for Obama it is all not really significant, in that his father was born a British subject, and Obama’s mother was 5 years too young io legally confer any citizenship upon him anyway. His father being a Kenyan under British rule at the time of Obama’s birth conscripts his citizenship to that of his father. He allegedly later gave up his Kenyan citizenship, but unfortunately he cannot change our Constitution which still requires a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. Obama, by virtue of his birth is NOT a natural born citizen. There is NO way he can get around that………. which disqualifies him from eligibility to hold the office of POTUS. He was either NOT vetted at all, or this fact was overlooked. Kalani I don’t know where you are but your name sounds as though you might have been born a Hawaiian. I spent a little over a year at Pearl Harbor in 1953-54 while en route to the Marshall Islands to participate in the Operation Castle H bomb tests of 1954. You might have read about the infamous (BRAVO ) test, which ended with over 7000 sq. miles of the South Pacific contaminated by radioactive cesium 137 fallout.The US government is still paying for that screw up.

  386. GB….I think Sammy is full of it…..IMHO he is an obot

  387. WND has a good article today that goes a little more in depth about what and how his records are missing:

  388. zachjonesishome

    David Karki of NorthStarWriters has a poignant article that touches on something I’ve been thinking about for some time. Obama’s telegraphing American culpability, equating the holocaust and Palestinian issue, bowing to the Saudi King, rewriting history, his election promises to leave Iraq regardless of the situation on the ground, buttering up Iran, and attempting to strong arm Israel will serve as an amazing recruiting tool for al queda. Just like in Iraq, with the American media’s constant reporting aimed at undermining the American public’s resolve, al qaeda’s numbers increased along with their attacks. The new recruits of al qaeda might have been more eager to join because they believed that the American press was making victory possible.

    Now Obama’s state run media is slanting most of the news against Israel. Obama’s obvious pro-Muslim positions and the state run media’s unquestioning support for whatever he says tells the world that the END of Israel is in sight. Don’t you think it is more likely that new recruits will sign up to be on the winning side. Pray for Israel and iron the burkas your wifes and daughters will need.

  389. Thanks Zach,

    We need to follow the Israeli situation carefully, because in addition to this tragic situation, its demise will signal America’s as well.

  390. Kalani,

    Thank you for your comments. Question. You claim that there is no marriage license but then there is a divorce. So having no husband makes Barry a bastard but then legitimate simply by the divorce and then the subsequent name change. So they were never married?

  391. Patriot Dreamer

    Sandy, RE: “Sammy” at might be a troll – but is probably not an Obot. Obots want all questions about Obama’s eligibility to go away by any means possible (frequently through ad hominem arguments – for example “birthers”). “Sammy” seems to be stirring things up by throwing more fuel on the ineligibility fire.

  392. Patriot Dreamer

    Check out this opinion piece at the Washington Times “America’s First Muslim President”:

  393. Greg — All I said is that no one — including the private investigators sent out and private parties — have not found any marriage license (which also serves as the marriage certificate when signed). NADA — ZIP — This is really ancient news.

    The divorce documents were dug up by private investigators and on there Ann Dunham swears that a marriage took place. That’s the only proof of a marriage — her sworn statement that there was a marriage. As Obama is mentioned by name “Barack Hussein Obama II” giving him legitimacy. This is in black-and-white and also old news.

    But you seem to have missed the part where I stated from the inception this “family” of Barack Obama was a farce. There is no way a man who can’t afford a decent place to live and relying on funds from an outside source would get married. Public records show them living at different addresses at the time of Obama’s birth. There are so many things wrong with the picture — starting with why Ann Dunham runs away to Washington State shortly after Obama’s birth — and stays there until Obama Sr. leaves Hawaii. In addition, though Rep Neil Abercrombie (D-HI) says he was an old friend of Obama’s, he will only say that Anne Dunham MAY have been at some weekend parties. However, NONE of Obama’s other friends remember her. In web testimonials of his old “buds” from the East-West Center (Obama Sr. was NOT EWC), there is NO mention of Ann Dunham. Ask yourself if you had a son, wouldn’t you mention it? If your wife ran off with your son, wouldn’t you mention it? My answer is that Obama Sr. had no son — and that is why he never mentioned Obama Jr. to anyone. There is much, much more. This is why I say his being fathered by Obama Sr. is questionable at best — and unbelievable at worst. I take the “unbelievable” stance.

    Check it out and see what conclusions you come to.

  394. Old Salt — Yes, I am from Hawaii and yes, I attended the UH at the same time as Dunham and Obama.

    Nukes? Don’t remember the H-bomb tests you mentioned personally but remember reading about them. Did watch the EMF clouds in Hawaii from a later test — and learned to respect the immense power of the bomb.

    As for me personally, I wore a patch with a mushroom cloud on it when I first came into the service — the old 4925th out of Kirtland AFB for atmospheric testing. Remember sleeping with the cockroaches at Barbers Pt, HI to guard our top secret bins carrying coconuts back to Albuquerque. Good times. It was a dream job. It lasted only until LBJ took over then we all got orders for SEA — the start of a 4 1/2 year party for me. Damn that was so long ago.

  395. Thanx Kalani, just wanted to make sure I had that point right. Your theory is really the only conclusion that I can see.

    PS Thank you for your service to this great country!


    Tuesday, June 9, 2009
    Activity in Kerchner v Obama & Congress Case – 2nd Extension of time granted to Defendants
    Activity in Kerchner et al v Obama & Congress et al Lawsuit – The motion by the defendants for the second extension in time to answer, move, or otherwise respond was granted. Their new deadline is June 29, 2009. You can read the full order at the link below. When you read the order you will see that the court addressed this second request for an extension in great detail in his five page order. On page two the Judge writes, “In their complaint Plaintiffs assert violations of their constitutional rights alleging that Defendants have failed to conclusively prove that President Obama is a natural born citizen and therefore may not be eligible to serve as President of the United States.” Then on page four the Judge writes, “Plaintiffs’ Complaint raises significant issues necessitating that the named Defendants engage competent counsel to represent their interests.” The Judge points out that the Department of Justice still has not decided who is going to represent whom for the seven defendants in the case. Later he then writes, “The Court is confident that after all the attorneys enter their appearances on behalf of all Defendants, that the case will proceed expeditiously.” The Judge of course noted that we opposed the extension. And previously on page two, the Judge noted, “The Court has also received numerous letters from non-parties opposing Defendants’ motion [Doc. Nos. 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25].” The order was written and signed by U.S. Magistrate Judge Joel Schneider who serves at the:

    United States Courthouse
    400 Cooper Street
    Camden NJ 08102-1570

    I will comment in more detail later.

    Link to a copy of the filed court document for this latest activity:

    Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
    185 Gatzmer Avenue
    Jamesburg NJ 08831
    Email: apuzzo [AT]

  397. Air Force Brat

    I knew I liked Alan Keyes for a reason:

  398. Air Force Brat

    Venice — take heart, Israel isn’t going anywhere. They’ve been in worse situations before, and seem to have a way of prevailing when it looks like all odds are against them. Besides being our only real ally in the Near East/Middle East, they’re some of the best fighters in the world (they’ve HAD to be, just to survive).

    However, although I have no doubt that Israel will survive, what about the U.S.? The Bible has God saying to Abraham concerning the nation to come from his descendants, “I will bless him that blesses thee, and I will curse him that curses thee”. The occupant of the White House and his administration are no friends of Israel. They’re screwing Israel at every turn. Thus, it could be said that America, the nation, has “cursed” Israel. Doesn’t bode well for our future.

    BUT …. if the occupant can be booted out and the country reclaimed and returned to its traditional values, then we may be okay.

  399. Jacqlyn Smith


    Kim // June 9, 2009 at 8:08 pm

    Could the embarassing thing about his birth certificate be a different father-embarassing because (his ghostwriter) wrote about Obama Sr in his book?

    Kim—Oh you mean like….could he be a FRAUD???? This is a definite Y-E-S!!!!

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  401. WOW Breaking News.

    RUSH just mentioned that O’Bushama doesn’t have a BIRTH CERTIFICATE will this be the break we all have been waiting for?

    Keep Spreading the word.

    BO Got BC? NBC?


  403. Yes, I just heard Rush, too. He even repeated it again!! Wow!! Since Rush mentioned it more people will believe it (including my family)

  404. Jacqlyn Smith

    That’s because I sent him and all of Fox News the information on the Kerchner vs. Obama lawsuit and dared all of them to report on it…..I told them that the rest of the media was DEAD and buried and that the lawsuit deserved a report from someone!!!!

  405. I want to give that lovable ole fuzz ball(Rush) a big hug.
    I wonder if this means he has received some inside info???

  406. Patriot Dreamer

    Going back to the Ann Dunham/Obama Sr. marriage license issue: if Obama Sr. was already married (to his wife in Kenya), then it would not matter if Ann and Obama Sr. had a marriage license, because this second marriage would be legally “void”, meaning that it would have no effect under the law, because no U.S. state recognizes bigamous marriages.

  407. And you heard him mention the Contesa Brewer Interview with John Ziegler. I have blogged it here with the video link. Disgusting…

  408. Patriot Dreamer

    Rush just mentioned the birth certificate thing again!

  409. Kalani………………….. Whenever we had a little time to waste my friends, and I used to take the tours to the DOLE pineapple farms, It is really a great food.I love it, and still eat a lot of it. Great in tidbits. and as a garnish over pancakes. But I like it best fresh.
    I was at Pearl attending the Navy Radiological School in 1953 which was then in operation at the Sub Base. Fourteen of us from the Sumner class destroyer I was attached to were sent to the school in preparation for our deployment to Eniwetok as a support vessel to the upcoming H tests.(Castle). Believe it, or not we were required to sign a security document that is still in force today, and will continue until my death. I have taken it upon myself to learn a great deal more since the fifties, and believe that we are likely to face a nuclear attack at some point down the road. It is difficult to determine with any accuracy when it will occur, or where. I am convinced that it WILL happen! As long as unstable regimes continue to develop such weapons, the probability of sneak attack will remain very high. I recently discussed this with a high school student who’s family lives adjacent to us. He believes that the US is too big of a country to be attacked with nuclear weapons. He has absolutely no concept of the danger that does exist. Our young people need to start learning a little about survival, as it relates to nuclear weapons. You have Cesium 137,(50 year half life), Strontium 90, Alpha and Beta particles, xrays, and the biggest killer of all gamma rays. Having been in the Airforce I believe that I don’t have to lecture you about nukes. During the cold war the Strategic Air Command was our mainstay deterrent against nuclear attack. Second to them was our underseas deployment of boomer subs. I personally believe that any country who would perpetrate an attack upon us would have to first CONSIDER the consequences. We are a large country, and to totally destroy us with one strike would be extremely difficult. The only way that this could happen would be because our alleged leaders, would choose to bow down to our attackers instead of fight. I see a strong possibility of just such an event. I have a gut feeling that our alleged leaders would try to negotiate with an INSANE enemy, even while he is attacking, and destroying our cities,and murdering our people. I personally look upon our alleged leader as being cut from the same bolt of cloth as were the 9-11 lunatics. Our alleged leader has YET to prosecute the mastermind behind the bombing of the USS Cole which killed 17 of our sailors. I am extremely sensitive about this matter, and I will continue to write periodic reminders to the Whitehouse about it. I will keep it in their faces for as long as it takes!
    I foresee a sneak attack upon Israel, by the Iranian lunatic. I personally believe that Israel should be given a full nuclear arsenal, and capability. They should be allowed to develop a nuclear retaliatory capability. India was originally thought to be too radical to possess such weaponry. They have shown a great maturity since they became a nuclear power. I personally believe that Netanyahu is the right leader for this time. In contrast Iran is an unstable country, led by an irrational person. The only way to balance out his insanity is to arm Israel to the hilt, and provide Iran with formal notice as such. Sadly our alleged leaders do not have the golf balls to be leaders, they only seem to know how to cringe, hide, and repeatedly whine “OOOHHH THE WAR IS LOST……..OOOHHH THE WAR IS LOST! (famous words of Harry Reid) as he sat cringing, whining, and wringing his hands at a Senate meeting. I wonder how he would behave with an m-16 in his hand, and the enemy in close proximity. I think that he would throw the rifle down, and cry for his mommy. I somehow have the notion that the rest of the gang at the Whitehouse might just do the same thing. I have the same reservations with respect to North Korea. However I see a remote possibility, that both China, and Russia might simultaneously apply pressure to the North Korean lunatic. As a pair he might be throttled by them. I think that they do not want a nuclear war on their continent, or close to them, as is North Korea. I also see the necessity of giving Japen the same nuclear capability as Israel, also both countries need to have nuclear BOOMER subs constantly deployed, along with fast tac subs. In addition both countries need to up grade their air capabilities with some missile defenses, and offensive weapons. Then last but not least keep a highly trained military who have the golf balls to fight either a defensive action, or a full blown offensive war, and, field commanders who who know how to do it, and have the courage to lead.

  410. magna carta

    Man! you guys beat me on RUSH/BC thing.He has discussed this issue before but was not given notice.He will usually use insinuations or flippantly let “us” know what do you think will actually happen?
    HOWEVER TODAY…he is ready for war!
    Three times already…how exciting!
    Jacqueln…great work! I haven’t even read his case but sent him my return receipt request for point of order way back.I love his essays explaining the NBC clause and the Framers intent.

  411. Does anyone have a link to a clip or recording of Rush talking about the BC today?

  412. Rush is just brilliant. Only he could find a way to get the birth certificate issue out there. He is taking the comment Evan Thomas made about Obama being God. So now he is saying “What does God and Obama have in common” God does not have a birth certificate either. I am betting he will mention this fact again and again and again.

  413. The South,

    His show is stil on air right now, he just mentioned it again 2 mins ago.

  414. Wild & Crazy Gal

    NEWS FLASH: At least 2 people shot at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. The two people appear to be a museum security guard and the shooter.

  415. Greg Goss,

    I have been trying to listen, but it keeps taking me to a sign up page.

    It says i have to buy a membership to listen live?

    I guess i’ll have to wait 😦

  416. Patriot Dreamer

    The South,

    Try the following link and click on the “Listen” button:

  417. Patriot Dreamer,

    Thank you !!! I’m listening now 🙂

  418. The SOUTH and anyone else you can LISTEN to Rush and many other live just do a search for Rush Radio.
    I listen to it in many diff station but the one I am listening to now is RUSH out of New Orleans.

    Pass the WORD get this on YouTube tell all your friends. Write to Rush and all others and ENCOURAGE THEM and Thank them for talking about it.

    Keep Spreading the word.

    BO Got BC? NBC?

  419. Patriot Dreamer

    You’re welcome!

  420. I listen on out of Boston

  421. And out of NY

  422. citizenwells

    From MommaE blog radio:


    I just want to tell you that this afternoon’s show is on!! I will be addressing something personal that is going on. I will be explaining some things and I will answer any questions that I can. There may not be time for call in’s, but I will try and you can always type your questions in the chat room and I will answer them if I can.

    Please keep in mind, that there is on going litigation and that if I can’t answer a question it is not because I don’t want to, or have anything to hide. It is because I can’t due to a case that is alive, well and on going!

    All kinds of good things to talk about and it will be 60 minutes of hot topics updates and fun. It should be a HOT rocking show as well as interesting.

    Please post this on your Web Site, Blogs or any Blogs you are associated with or have access to and send to everyone in your address book.

    Link, schedule, call in number and times for the Show is below!

    Call In # 347-237-4870

    12:00 NOON Pacific Time

    1:00 PM Mountain Time

    2:00 PM Central Time

    3:00 PM Eastern Time

    I hope to see you all there. There are 3 ways to listen to the show they are as follows:

    1. When you get to the Show page if the show doesn’t immediately start playing for you, you can click on the radio on the right, minimize the page and listen while doing something else.

    2. You can enter the chat as a Guest and read what is being said while listening.

    3. You can register/log-in and chat while listening.

    The choice is yours.

    I hope to see you all there.

    MommaE and Matt

  423. David the Sarah Fan and Fluff of Plains Radio have for 4 weeks now a daily schedule of emails sent to Rush, Oreilly, Beck and Hannity.. This campaign is starting to work, We have sent into them the evidence of Ken Dunbar, host of Plains Radio, along with dosiers of Dr Orly Taitz.. We intend to keep this up until we bring THE ONE down. We will NEVER give up…. Look for more about the BC for days to come. (And it isnt just about the BC. Regardless of where he was born, he is not a natural born citizen, requirement for presidency. He was a dual citizen at birth.

  424. YOU are paying for Obama and Company’s criminal defense in the Kerchner et al v Obama & Congress et al Lawsuit….SUCKER.

    The lawyer for USA and Obama, Elizabeth A. Pascal, who works in the office of Ralph J. Marra, Acting United States Attorney, is now asking the Court a second time through her motion for more time to answer for the defendants.

    Initially, Ms. Pascal only represented the USA and Obama, whose answers or motions were initially due on April 20, 2009. Ms. Pascal requested and obtained an extension to file her responses to May 5, 2009.

    Now Ms. Pascal states in her declaration that former Vice President Cheney, the House of Representatives, and Speaker Pelosi have asked that the Department of Justice represent them in the action. She adds that the Justice Department is also deciding which Congressional defendants (meaning Congress, Senate, House, Cheney, and Pelosi) it will represent. Pending the Justice Department making that decision, she is moving the Court for an order allowing all the Congressional defendants more time to answer or otherwise move. She includes in her request additional time for the USA and Obama to answer, whose answers are now due on May 5, 2009.

  425. Patriot Dreamer

    The court did recently grant the DOJ’s request for more time in Kerchner v. Obama. The new deadline is June 29, 2009:

  426. Anyone else having trouble with Rebux?

  427. Patriot Dreamer

    Greg Goss,

    Yes, I am also having trouble with Rebux today. I haven’t been able to get it to load for several hours. Is this the same trouble that you’re having?

  428. Patriot Dreamer

    I mean Repubx.

  429. Yes, I was in first thing this morning and then it went away and I have been unable to get back in.

  430. Ok here it is. The Rush God clip.

    Just for you The South…

  431. Patriot Dreamer “… this second marriage would be legally “void…”

    IF there were an Obama/Dunham marriage, it would be the only marriage recognized by the US. Obama Sr. could have had fifty wives in Kenya, but the US would only recognize his marriage to Dunham on US soil. THE KEY QUESTION REMAINS THOUGH:

    Old Salt — Know Makalapa Sub base well.

    Also know the nuclear issues well for Korea as I’ve tracked the development of the nuclear threat in the Korea theater from a historical standpoint. Even with the “neither confirm nor deny policy,” one can still figure out the facts.

    A comment — JAPAN HAS NUCLEAR CAPABILITY BUT NOT PUBLICIZED. Most experts will agree to this fact. In other words, the Japanese have the components but as long as they are not assembled, Japan can still claim, they are non-nuclear. The Japanese have the reactors capable of spinning out enriched plutonium.

    Israel has been a nuclear power for the past 40 years — and only big mouth Obama is butchering the “no-talk” deal we had with them on the open-secret. It was our leverage in the region. I have no doubt that Israel will lash out — with or without US concurrence — if it feels its national security is threatened. Iraq nuclear reactor went poof, Syrian nuclear reactor went poof…next the Iranian reactor may go poof. Though most agree that the Iranians are dispursing their 500 centrifuges, the Israelis are probably thinking of striking while the Iranians only have enough material for ONE bomb — rather than later when they have an arsenal of nukes.

    Wild & Crazy Gal on Holocaust Museum shooting..

    Noticed that ALL the news reports only say with a rifle shot a guard and other guards returned fire. Someone hit with flying glass.

    BIG QUESTION: Is this another of the Arkansas shooter types — black and muslim. I pray it is NOT because good black folks will get a bad rap from these nutballs. However, because EVERY article had NO mention of race, I fear it will be a race-hate crime…and Obama will be to blame for stoking the flames.

  432. Hahaaaa!

    Thanks Greg, i appreciate it 🙂 I’d been listening, but didn’t get to hear that part.

    Again, Thank You 🙂

  433. Patriot Dreamer

    So far, it looks like the Holocaust Museum shooter is an 88-year-old white supremacist:

  434. The South, I also posted the MSNBC interview he was talking about on my blog. Just click on my name.

  435. I just watched Shepherd Smith label all *Birthers*
    As a ridiculous,dangerous group. According to Shep, our concerns are ridiculous.

  436. Greg, i’ll check it out!

    Kathie, i just heard that jack-ass Shep Smith saying that allegations of Obama not being an American citizen are crazy and need to stop.

    Shep needs a serious lesson on Obama 101, he has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about, and it’s very dangerous for our mission to have this ass hat saying things like that on a nationwide news channel.

    If Senators and Congressman hear talk like that coming from the media, it distorts their judgment on the issue.

    Everyone BOMB Sheppard Smiths email today and tell him he’s WRONG!

  437. Jacqlyn Smith

    South—Do you have Sheps e-mail address…please post it!

  438. The one on Sheps profile at Fox says

  439. Jacqlyn Smith

    Thanks Greg…Shep is the only one I don’t really like on Fox so I didn’t have his e-mail!

  440. Kathie,

    Shepard Smith read an email that someone sent after he made those comments.

    Email “verbatim”:
    Shepard, how dare you tell us to get over Obama not being a U.S. citizen. Where is the birth certificate? Where!? He won’t show it, so why are you so trumped up to believe it? I cannot stand Hussein! He is a socialist marxist who is at fast rate destroying our country.
    (my new hero)

    Kathy: I’m not sure, but I’m wondering if this is Shepard Smith’s way of getting the dirt out on BO. I have to admit that I was rather shocked to hear some of things he said. But, could his assertions of anger all be a front? Just some deep thoughts…..what’s your take?

  441. I can’t believe it……the one day I missed Rush in weeks………sheesh

  442. Patriot Dreamer

    Looks like Rush ended up mentioning it SEVEN times today!

  443. Jacqlyn Smith

    I sent them all a DARE today…looks like Rush started the ball rolling and maybe Fox will pick it up!!!

  444. I remember Rush during the election saying to stop bringing up the birth certificate because it wouldn’t amount to anything. I believe he has finally come to a point of desperation like the rest of us. He sees what is happening to this country and it is now war…..time to pull out all the ammo!

  445. I keep being told to “let it go” and that is from loved ones….I will tell you why I won’t. Someone made the comment during the whole priest scandal here in Boston that went like this “When your child or your grandchild learns of this and they ask “what did you do about it?” and you either are going to have an answer or not.”

    Well I don’t want to say I gave up! These are two of the reasons I fight this fight and will never give up.

  446. Praise God! We need to all encourage every broadcaster that brings up the Birth Certificate controversy. Support World Net Daily, – they have faithfully brought up the issue for months.

  447. Jacqlyn, sorry i had to leave. Thanks for posting Sheps email addy Greg!

    I think Rush is finally coming around. He said today that Obama is not what we think he is.

    I think Rush is starting to figure out that Obama is a foreign born, domestic terrorist, bent on destroying the US from the inside out.

    I sure hope he continues on this bc issue, God knows we need someone to STAND UP out there in the media.

  448. You nailed it Greg… foil hat has been worn out

  449. OH MY:

    Check out Reverend Wright saying the jews and zionists wont let Obama talk to him……….

    saying that Obama is compromising and letting ethnic cleasning go on from zionists….unbelievable

    Hurry before this video is pulled:

  450. Dear bloggers,

    If you agree with the following letter, please post it wherever you can and also forward it to your e-mail list. Every day, America is harmed more and more. In just six more months from now, we we all be enslaved. Those of us who are too old or handicapped to work will be scheduled to be murdered.

    To: All the journalist of Fox News
    Mr. Bill O’Reilley
    Mr. Sean Hannity
    Mr. Glen Beck
    Ms. Greta Sustern
    Et al

    Dear Journalists,

    The greatest Story in Modern History in America is Happening—Suppressed

    America became the greatest country in the world and hope and inspiration to the rest of the world. People from all over the world dreamed, worked and struggled to come to America. So many different people came America became known as “The Melting Pot of the World.” The statement written at the base of the Statue of Liberty, “Giver me your poor. . . “always brought tears of pride to my heart. America was the only country in the world the people could escape the suppression of their own fascicst, Tyrannical, dictatorship governments. The dream of America was the dream to rise or fall according to one’s own ability without government interference or piracy. The dream to succeed!

    Many nights I have fallen asleep trying to identify the ten main factors that made America great from the many, many factors in the total history. Just what is the definition of freedom? What did it mean to the immigrants who so desperately struggled to get here?

    Before I fell asleep, they always boiled down to these—the Constitution of the United States, The Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. The fountain heads that inspired the wisdom of our fore fathers who wrote these amazing documents sprung from their own deep rooted experiences of the mistakes of governments from the countries from which they or their families came. They all knew what too much government interference, suppression and oppression meant. From the agony of that experience, they wrote the Constitution of the United States. With the completion of the Constitution, they gave us a Republic under one God in a nation for which we can stand. The knowledge of those concepts spread all over the world and drew the oppressed people of other governments to America. From that day to January 20, 2009, we lived under a Republic.

    You guys know all this. You guys also know that this is no longer the American Republic under the United States Constitution. If you fail to inform the public who relies upon the news media for complete and honest information you are part of the betrayers of America.

    Fox news is just about the only station I watch to keep up with television news. I tend to depend more on the internet than television for real honest factual news. It isn’t that Fox, lies—it does not as near as I have observed to date. It is just that Fox doesn’t tell ALL the news. The greatest obvious suppression of the news that Fox and all MSM is practicing is the story of the failure of Obama to prove he is legally eligible to be president under the rule of our Constitution. Is or is not Obama a legal citizen of the United States and qualified under the “natural born citizen” clause in the Constitution to be our legal president? Blood and soil are what it demands.

    There are millions of frustrated, angry Americans who are asking this question. There is a very long laundry list that suggests Obama fails to meet the Constitutional legal requirements to be president. There are several legal actions taken against Obama regarding this single issue right now. IE: Quo Warrento filed by at least two attorneys and one private citizen (might be wrong of the private citizen). Run away grand juries that have examined the evidence and filed presentments and/or indictments with the district attorney’s of several states. There are retired service men who have filed criminal complaints against Obama for usurpation, treason, and more. The state of Oklahoma filed a huge document against Obama with the declaration of sovereignty from the federal government. WND has begun posting bill boards across the nation saying “Where’s the birth certificate?”

    When asked MSM and Fox News fails to answer why it refuses to even mention the words “birth certificate” in the same sentence with Obama, let alone cover a story about it. Instead of answering the many letters and telephone calls requesting the news cover the story, the people who bring this forward are treated like Robert Gibbs treated the reporter who asked him why Obama has never produced a birth certificate. They are hung up on, ridiculed, accused of being “conspiracy people” or “birthers” (as if the government hasn’t given all us reason to be that way if we are), lied to by being told Obama already proved he is a citizen with the COLB he published on his web site, this is old news, denigrated and generally demeaned and SHUT UP. None of those responses directly confront the GREAT SILENCE OF THE PRESS OVER OBAMA’S CITIZNEHIP.

    I watch you guys day after report the latest deed done by Obama’s government that removes, diminishes, and shreds one more American freedom, the Constitution, and the Republic. I listen to Glen Beck promote his 9/12 Project and beg Americans to help restore America to the Republic she once was. I hear Sean Hannity describe the evils of Acorn and voter fraud. I watch Bill O’Reilley’s daily performance pretending to challenge every and any thing negative Obama and his thugs have done. Yet, the great silence about the single most important story of America in modern history is slighted and ridiculed—by O’Reilly. I believe I heard him say in a disgusted voice one time when a slight mention of Obama’s citizenship came forward—“Oh, that’s old news.” (May not have been those exact words, but something like that.)

    Mr. O’Reilly, this is not “old news”. To this date (now, not last year) Obama has failed to produce his real birth certificate and other documents to prove he is eligible to be our legal president. Until Obama does so, this story remains alive and now, and will never go away until Obama produces the documents he has spent nearly a $1,000,000 in legal fees keeping hidden. For whatever reasons you and Fox News continue to suppress this story, we may never know, but please, Mr. O’Reilly don’t emulate Robert Gibbs and use Saul Alinsky tactics and denigrate the reality, urgency, currency, and importance of the fact Obama has failed to produce the documents to prove his citizenhip and thus his legitimacy as president. You know you are guilty of a “cover up” every time you suppress this story and demean its importance. How can I or millions like me believe you really care about the stories you report if you fail to tell the greatest story of all? .

    Millions of people watch Fox news asking the same question I am asking now. Why don’t you do a story of Obama’s citizenship? Though, brag about your high ratings as a news program, even though you may not misrepresent, YOUR CREDIBILITY IS IN QUESTION BY THE MILLIONS WHO WANT OBAMA TO PRODUCE ALL THE DOCUMENTS HE IS HIDING. These millions are watching Fox news and discussing on the inter net Fox News’s failure to tell the story. You can’t imagine how high your ratings would go if you would just do this one story and give it all the attention it deserves.

    Your silence shouts volumes about you and your credibility. Your silence is the very root of suspicion. Who, what or why is shutting you up? All of Europe, Russia, Canada and the Middle East know about this controversy. They are laughing at America right now because of the MSM and Fox news cover up on this most important story. People want to know who owns Fox news.

    We patriots who have been following this vital issue since last August 2008 understand the many questions raised about the validity of this issue. We realize the legal, political, and all other ramifications this very sensitive issue can cause. We understand the legal responsibilities all news stations have in reporting false or incorrect information. These are not sufficient reasons to suppress this story since you can cover your legal rears with all sorts of disclaimers.

    1. “We don’t know how true this story is, but here is what millions of Americans are asking today about Obama’s citizenship. . . .” or

    2. “This story does not reflect the view of Fox news but this is what is happening . . .

    3. There are several law suits past and present challenging Obama’s presidential eligibility to be president based upon his citizenship

    4. A Quo Warrento was served to Eric Holder demanding Obama prove his right to govern.

    5. Run away grand juries have been formed and handed the district attorney’s “presentments” stating Obama is guilty of treason for failing to produce all the documents to prove he is eligible to be President. . . . And so on and on.

    Our wonderful America has been hijacked. There is a large collection of evidence that indicates the man in the White House is a usurper. Every thing he does as a usurper from the first act he made when he entered the WH can be made null and void, once he is tried and found guilty. Arresting and trying Obama for all his crimes is the salvation of America! The American news media and most of the public claim, he is too powerful to ever be arrested and tried for his crimes against America. If this isn’t the greatest story in modern history in America, then nothing is. You guys know all this, and I suspect far more so than even we patriots who ask the questions. You must break the silence. The future of the American Republic is at stake.


    Therese Daniels

    Cc: To any one interested
    My mailing list with requests they continue to forward this letter

    Published: everywhere possible on the internet

    This is a video from oilforimmigration about voter fraud in Texas.Many more to follow after,
    people were trying to talk but the Barry supporters wouldn’t let them!A must see they explain it all!

  452. Miranda rights for war? I am horrified

  453. Here is my best attempt to get a clear, legal argument against Soetoro that does not require interpretation of Article II or a birth certificate:

    With regards to Barry Soetoro, AKA Barack Obama, AKA Barry Dunham, attempts at retrieving any certification or certificate of live birth for Obama should not be necessary and should not be pursued.

    The U.S. Constitution is a sequential document. For example, amendments supersede all other statutes in the document once it is ratified. As such, the newest addition to the Constitution regarding citizenship is Amendment XIV. Any documents that satisfy proof of birth in the U.S. satisfy Amendment XIV first.

    Due to this fact, certificates can not and should not be used to satisfy Article II requirements for “Natural Born Citizen” since birth certificates only satisfy Amendment XIV. Because of the ‘or naturalized’ clause in Amendment XIV, proof of birth in the U.S. can not be used to satisfy citizenship requirements for the president by itself because being naturalized and being born here are one in the same: those who satisfy Amendment XIV are ‘citizen(s) of the United States’, regardless of whether you are naturalized or born in the U.S.

    There are only two other places in the Constitution where ‘citizen(s) of the United States’ is used in this context and that is Article I regarding requirements for senators and representatives and the grandfather clause in Article II for president (citizens of the United States at the signing of the Constitution). It is clear and evident that citizenship requirements for senators and representatives are not the same for president.

    Therefore, Mr. Soetoro has never proven Natural Born Citizen status since a birth certificate can not and should not be used to satisfy this requirement. He has only “proven” his eligibility with regards to being qualified to become a senator or representative of the United States. There is clearly a distinction, and that distinction is that natural born citizenship is dictated by the parents’ citizenship at the time of birth and their ability to transfer that citizenship to their child.

    Let us look at the citizenship of both parents at the time of Soetoro’s birth. Barack Obama Sr. was clearly a citizen of the United Kingdom, a Kenyan at birth. On a foreign student visa program, there was no record of Obama Sr. ever becoming naturalized, and in 1961, the minimum time for naturalization was 5 consecutive years. One had to be a permanent resident of the United States. Obama Sr. would have had to been in school in the United States and remained in the United States from 1956 to 1961 while undergoing naturalization. Obama Sr., however, didn’t attend school in the United States until 1959, making it impossible to become a U.S. Citizen before the birth of Obama, Jr. in 1961.

    It is assumed that Stanley Ann Dunham was considered a Citizen of the United States in 1961. However, in order to transfer citizenship of any kind to her child at birth, she was required to have children while being married legally. If Dunham was not legally married, different rules applied to allow any kind of citizenship transfer to her child. In order to understand whether the Obama Dunham marriage was legal and binding, there would have to be clear evidence that the marriage complied with all U.S. laws at the time of the marriage. Most western countries outlawed Bigamy at the time they became wed in 1961 (Obama Sr. was still married), including the United States. Federal punishments were severe. Back in 1961, bigamy, or marrying someone who was already married, was a felony punishable by up to 5 years in prison due to the Edmunds Tucker Act. In light of all information provided, Obama, Jr. was an illegitimate child , regardless if Hawaii was unaware of the bigamy situation back in 1961.

    As such, Dunham would have been required, based on the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1952, to have been continuously present in the United States for 5 years after the age of 14. She wasn’t legally married and would not have been able to consider her child to be legitimate.

    Regardless of any federal citizenship act passed after 1961, Natural Born Citizenship would have to have been acquired at birth. No act can retroactively change the status at birth, as clearly evidenced in the fact birth certificates do not claim citizenship of the child at birth.
    No matter what documentation that is provided by the Soetoro camp, the facts remain:

    1. No one can prove Natural Born Citizenship based solely on proof of birth in the U.S. because of the ‘or naturalized’ clause found in Amendment XIV of the U.S. Constitution.

    2. Bigamous marriages were not legal and binding in the United States and the state of Hawaii in 1961.

    3. Any kind of U.S. Citizenship could not have been transferred to an illegitimate child in 1961 when the parent citizen was younger than the age of 19 at the time of the child’s birth.

    There are only two ways for Soetoro to be a Natural Born Citizen or a citizen of the United States at birth:

    A. Obama Sr was a U.S. Citizen (he wasn’t)

    B. Obama Sr was not married at the time of the marriage to Dunham (he was)

    We have a clear case of deception, one which requires no investigation into any documentation whatsoever.

  454. Greg,
    I feel the same way!I have a responsibility to my family and yes they all know his is NOT a natural born citizen!People here are talkin and they know!Just stay strong and keep praying and let people know.Don’t ever give up because our country does matter,they will all be thanking everyone who did keep this issue alive.
    God Bless you all for everything you guys do!


    Part 3 of a concise summary of America’s economic collapse. Read parts 1 and 2 as well. Your life might depend on having a clear grasp of how this administration is deepening the crisis.

  456. venice,

    We’ve been in a depression since October of last year. It’s just that people have been reading and listening to stats that are a year old.

    There’s no doubt about it. We’re in the deepest hole we’ve ever encountered and it will be next to impossible to recover.

    That is, without an all out war that absolves our debts with nations who own us.

  457. JeffM, your analysis was unnecessary. BO never claimed the COLB proved he was a NBC; rather, he explicitly stated, this proved he was a “native.” Having explicitly sworn in writing to the S of S of AZ that he was a NBC, in order to participate in the AZ primary, he clearly knows the difference between “natural” and “native.”

  458. Just heard on Plains Radio, that tomorrow in Rhode Island, a Grand Jury is being sworn in by a “Judge” in a live “Courtroom” to bring evidence forward to be evaluated pertaining to Obamas citizenship.

    I think it’s part of the American Grand Jury.

    Looks like they are finally going to get it done legally in a court of law from what i understand.

    Lets pray that this happens!

    God Bless America!!

  459. Canada Free Press is covering the Fitzpatrick allegations against the USURPER!

  460. Write to Fox News:
    Let them know we will be boycotting Shep Smith

  461. jbjd,

    “JeffM, your analysis was unnecessary. BO never claimed the COLB proved he was a NBC; rather, he explicitly stated, this proved he was a “native.” Having explicitly sworn in writing to the S of S of AZ that he was a NBC, in order to participate in the AZ primary, he clearly knows the difference between “natural” and “native.””

    That is incorrect because his team of attorneys on behalf of him as a plaintiff has used this information to prove he was a qualified to be POTUS in Hollister v. Soetoro.

  462. I see on that Rhode Island has indeed planned a courtroom grand jury…..but for some reason it isn’t on the schedule for June. Are we sure it is today?

  463. Thanks Kim….SHEP HAS TO GO

  464. JeffM, I should have been more specific in my initial remarks to you. That is, instead of merely reporting, BO explicitly stated, his COLB proves he is a “native,” I should have said, “On his web site, “Fight the Smears,” BO explicitly stated, he is a “native,” as proven by the COLB posted above these remarks.” As to your analysis that BO ‘proved’ in Hollister, he is a NBC, you misread the case. In Hollister, BO did not even allege he was a NBC, let alone prove it. He did not even offer into the record evidence tending to support such allegation. Rather, in a footnote to his Motion to Dismiss, he asked the court to take judicial notice, FactCheck said he was for real, based on this same COLB.

  465. LadyPatriot

    It is too bad that our MSM does not provide the same type of coverage about what is happening in America as this reporter from the CanadaFreePress does.
    Very concise and clear article on what has taken place in America since January 2009.

  466. Shepherd Smith needs to go is right!

  467. Patriot Dreamer

    Yes, in Hollister v. Obama, the judge dismissed the case on legal grounds. Obama’s lawyers never actually “proved” anything with regard to Obama’s COLB.

  468. Patriot Dreamer, in Hollister, Bo never tried to prove he was a NBC. He merely asked the court to take judicial notice that FactCheck said his COLB proved something. Essentially, taking judicial notice only means, the court agrees something is so, without requiring proof. If BO had tricked the court into taking notice that, FactCheck said he is for real, he could have bamboozled the public into believing, the court said he is for real!

  469. Patriot Dreamer

    Thank goodness that court never took judicial notice of anything in its dismissal of the case!

  470. Patriot Dreamer

    WHO is poisted to declare a phase 6 pandemic at 1600 GMT today:

  471. Patriot Dreamer, you have no idea how scared some of us were that BO just might get away with that judicial notice ploy! But on the positive side, by bringing that case, albeit with the ‘wrong’ Plaintiff, was that, BO confirmed what I had been saying all along and put in my template for Declaratory Judgment; that is, the strongest ‘evidence’ he has that he is for real, is that COLB he posted on “Fight the Smears.” And that means nothing.

  472. jbjd,

    Valid points. Soetoro has not even provided one shred of evidence he’s even eligible. However, should the COLB he provided be a forgery, he’s going to be facing 51 counts of purgery. That will put him behind bars for a long long time.

    It will be impossible for him to prove he’s eligibile once the vetting process actually occurs like it was supposed to back in 2007, so even if the document is accurate, his situation makes him ineligible day one and he and his attorneys are fully aware of the predicament he’s in.

  473. Hi CW hope all is well. Thanks all for the info. How long will we have to wait, to se what becomes of Fitzgerald’s claim of treason? 3 months already is along time. Stay Safe all. God BLESS America.

  474. It is clear that there are a lot of legal hairs remaining to be split regarding Soetoro. So we sit, and waste precious time trying to split these hairs. Many of these hairs have so little value it is totally absurd to even venture an examination. All that is accomplished is further muddying of otherwise clear water, and generates thousands of pages of pointless detail. It seems that some deliberately follow this path,in an oblique manner perhaps in hidden support for Soetoro. I personally believe that the thousands of pages of legal briefs, and research that already exists should be more than adequate to extract the proper meanings related to the alleged legal hairs. I personally think that sufficient, and crystal clear evidence already exists regarding each, and every legal point. Therefore there should now be a MASS concentration upon finding a way to move it all forward in our court system in such a manner that will allow the SCOTUS zero latitude to dissmiss the cases. If no path exists then one needs to be CREATED. Only high quality legal minds working TOGETHER in a PRODUCTIVE manner will ultimately accomplish this.
    While I am critical of hair splitting, I hasten to add that I also believe there are times when such activity can solidify otherwise shaky legal ground. I simply argue that wasting time on a pointless excursion of words is more often detrimental than beneficial to real progress.
    I personally believe that it is time that we begin applying pressure,everywhere,and anywhere we can on any, and /or all politicians, and in any way we can, and at ALL levels of government. We now need to drive home some legal spikes ,the likes of which have never before been seen, or used in litigation. It is time to INNOVATE, and/or improvise as needed, so that those of you with the experience can rid our government of the illegal bastard who thinks that he is GOD. We need to come together, and set aside our petty differences, join hands, minds,and machines to restore our Constitutional form of government, and strike down all actions taken by the ALLEGED POTUS since he was sworn in to office. We then need to pursue charges against ALL members of ALL branches of government who deliberately, and knowingly assisted, and otherwise aided this traitor in any way during his illegal tenure in the office of POTUS. The charges should include even the SCOTUS, and members of Congress. There we need to start with the “gang of 7” who are led by MMMMSSSS. Pelosi, and includes; Harry Reid, Mr. Leahy, Mr.Durbin, Mr. Murtha, Mr. Kennedy, and Mr. Burris. Then we need to impose term limits upon Congress. Any corruption should be ferreted out, and vigorously prosecuted with whatever strength is necessary to imprison the perpetrators. Then we need to put some really nasty guard dogs on the perimeter to guarantee that the criminal slime can no longer infiltrate our government.

  475. I have forgotten to add that organisations like ACORN should be banned from conducting any form of business with the Federal Government, and any elected politician who actively solicits such activity by any form of such an organisation should also be prosecuted, fined, and imprisoned

  476. What is wrong with Citizen Wells? I noticed there have been no new threads for weeks. I hope all is okay. If not, I send my prayers.

  477. Patriot Dreamer // June 11, 2009 at 10:32 am

    Hi Patriot Dreamer,

    As expected. Take a gander at the latest stats, below. They were probably waiting for the latest numbers and distribution info in order to raise the level to ‘6.’ We’re there.

  478. Further,it seems to me that when we are able to show the rest of the world that we do still have the golf balls to clean up our own back yards we might then regain a great deal of respect from those who have begun to disrespect us for the very reasons that we are trying to overcome. If the rest of the world can see this then why the hell don’t our alleged leaders clean up their act? The answer is obvious; They DON’T WANT TO.

  479. IMO,

    Since we are having a hard time getting the MSM to discuss this issue, we need to take action against those who mouthing off …. David Letterman, Shepard Smith, etc… We need to let them know we can make a statement by boycoutting their shows and writing to their advertisers, etc… That’s what we can do to make our point that we are sick of this. I know it’s been mentioned on here, but we really have to attack them with our opinions and our money. Let Letterman’s advetisers know how we feel and Fox News. I’m sick of Shepard Smith anyway! And we need to show huge support for Rush and those who have the the nerve to hear us and speak for us.

  480. I too have become a little concerned about CW. It isn’t like him/her to leave a thread run for so long. Yet we are still getting a very noteworthy, and appreciated exchange of viewpoints, which reinforces all of us. Thank all of you, and I salute all of our military personell everywhere, both active and retired. I also salute the bravery of LT. COMMANDER FITZPATRICK in moving forward with his action against Soetoro.

  481. VAL……………….I have been disgusted by that assho## for a long time. Letterman is a ZERO. He languishes in his little vacuum, and tries to ACT important. I spall his name J-A-C-K-A-S-S.

  482. Margie, Fitzpatrick’s charge of treason has resulted in the American Grand Jury indicting Zero for treason.

    CW did make a comment yesterday, I think, on the blogradio schedule. So he is around…

  483. For those of you who are keeping score… I teach in a major urban school district. Last week, one of our elementary schools was closed because of flu. Last Friday, another elementary school was closed, beginning Monday. Yesterday, we closed a high school. Our last day of school is June 26.

  484. truthbetold11

    phil berg is going after a true patriot. I live in new england and we patriots love to win. phil is a last place lawyer who true colors have come out instead of working together like the patriots do he is just the opposite and wants to destroy all the hard work orly’s put in. sleepless nites, plane rides to meet scotus all over anytime,missing kids games,school functions, and yes put her whole familys life on the line. A true patriot see’s right through a phony like berg. obama fooled a lot of people don’t let berg fool you with his frivoulus lawsuits. his last place lawyer status is all he has.When he puts his life on the line then come talk to me

  485. Hi jbjd,

    I’m glad to read that schools in your area will be letting out soon since the major groups that have been affected are toddlers to young adults.

    Many schools in the U.S. have been closing due to H1N1, and some are wrapping up their school year a bit early if there are widespread outbreaks in their particular state.

    Be well!

  486. zachjonesishome

    I spoke with CW yesterday. He’s fine. Very busy right now. Have a great day. Zach

  487. Attorney Apuzzo and Lead Plaintiff Kerchner on Blogtalk radio Friday! 8:30 10:00 Eastern-
    will provide update on recent activity in the case
    Kerchner v.Obama

  488. oldsalt76 – Read # 33


    1- GEORGE BUSH rearranged is HE BUGS GORE
    2- AL GORE is LA (Spanish for “THE”) OGRE( a monster who eats people.)
    3- GEORGE SOROS translates to SOS OGRE GORE
    8- THE MORSE CODE rearranged is HERE COME DOTS
    11- ANIMOSITY turns to IS NO AMITY
    12- MOTHER-IN-LAW (This one is good) WOMAN HITLER
    16- SEN. HARRY REID becomes A DINER SHERRY(yuck)
    20- JOHN KERRY becomes20HORNY JERK
    22- NANCY PELOSI become s – LIE’N CYAN(blue) POS
    25- KATIE COURIC – changes to – CIAO CUTE IRK
    27- TIM RUSSERT – changes to MISS TURRET (def-spindle tool )
    29- VALERIE PLAME – becomes – LIVE EEL PARMA(cheese)
    30- TED TURNER – changes to – TREED RUNT
    33 – DAVID LETTERMAN – becomes – MAD LAVENDER (gay) TIT (boob)
    34 – JOE SCARBORO – changes to – COOR’S BAR JOE
    35 – KEITH OLBERMANN – turns into – A TINKLEN HOMBRE
    36 – KEITH OLBERMANN – changes to – ILK BORN METHANE
    38 – MOVEON-ORG – changes to – MOON GROVE
    39 – SENATOR BARRACK OBAMA – becomes old hillbilly saying – “A RACK-O-EARS TAN BOOB-MA ! ”
    40 -BILL SCHNEIDER – changes to – RED’S LIB LICHEN (a fungus)
    41 – COLIN POWELL – becomes – PEW ! ILL COLON
    42 – BERNIE MADOFF – turns into – OFF – BIRD ENEMA.
    43 – SENATOR CARL LEVIN – becomes – A CLAN’S LIE’N VOT ER.
    44 -SANDY BERGER – turns to – GRABS RED YEN



    Send this to 1000 friends or 1000 times to one enemy.

  489. Let this be the newest theme for the cause:

    Thanks to OFI for the original post.

  490. KaLani, if you are still monitoring this post drop me an email at or see this webpage and let us know if you can help.

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