North Carolina voters, Jesus video, Obama advisor, gay Jesus, Lessig, Obama friend, supporter, NC primary

If you are considering voting for Obama in NC or any other state or primary, you need to watch this video. Lawrence Lessig is a friend of Obama as well as technology advisor and Obama rally speaker. Obama and Lessig worked together at the University of Chicago several years ago. Lessig is openly gay and promotes a radical gay agenda.

If you think the sermons and speeches of Jeremiah Wright are bad, wait until you view these videos of Jesus depicted as gay:

If you would like to know more about Lawrence Lessig, visit his website:


5 responses to “North Carolina voters, Jesus video, Obama advisor, gay Jesus, Lessig, Obama friend, supporter, NC primary

  1. It seems to me that around us, from children to the old, we are surrounded by gays. These our friends, our loved ones, our children. We know many truly good people who just want to be loved, and free to love. How can we hate our friends, loved ones, our children? It is the truth of human existence that we fear what we don’t understand. They are gay. It is O.K. Why would they CHOOSE something they fear will make those THEY love, hate or abandon them? Just because some religious rambling says so? We must follow our hearts, our souls. Love our people. ALL our people. It is so very important we do so. Or we will never be one as a people. Stop your child fearing you. Let them be the only thing they feel they can. Show them how to love themselves and to love in life honorably, with caring, and instill in them the future. This world is so many, with many voices screaming to be heard, when all these people want is love. Let them love, give them that right.

  2. citizenwells

    What is your point???
    Larry Sinclair is gay.
    He has been attacked and threatened by the so called loving Obama supporters.
    Do you actually have a point or is this just another Obama supporter diversion.

  3. For a number of reasons, there have been discussions amongst theologians as to whether or not Jesus was gay (John’s being often referred to as “the disciple whom Jesus loved” is one of those reasons). It’s a valid discussion — one that we can have with civility and mutual respect, and one that we can all accept won’t be answered for us at least until after our deaths. Lessig’s video isn’t about an open, respecting discussion — it’s a cruelly, disrespectfully done depiction of what many world citizens consider an aspect of God. It’s a shallow, spiteful depiction of Jesus as a mindless, mincing idiot. I have no problem with atheists, providing they’re respectful of deists. I have no problem with deists, providing they’re respectful of atheists and those of other faiths. But when we vilify, disrespect and goad those whose beliefs are different from our own, we show our own base nature, our own colossal egos, our own self-absorption. It’s not about being gay or straight — it’s about being respectful of the beliefs and feelings of others. I shudder to think of the immoral, unethical, solipsistic Medusa that technology might become, with Lessig at the helm.

  4. e1presidente

    While we may be ideologically opposed (I’m a left-libertarian Obama supporter and a tremendous fan of Lawrence Lessig’s work), I can’t say I disagree with you on most of the facts you’ve laid out here. Lessig was a colleague of Obama’s at UChicago and is now a vocal supporter of his, advocates an agenda of intellectual property regime liberalization, and on several occasions included the Jesus Will Survive video into lectures, he is not, in fact gay.

    As a child, Lessig was the victim of a serial child molester at his school and recently represented another victim in a case against the school for tacitly condoning the pedophile teacher’s behavior for many years. Lessig has never claimed to be gay, and has been married to his wife Bettina Neuefeind for many years.

  5. citizenwells

    I am not anti gay.
    It is difficult to discern if Lessig is gay or not and I really don’t care.
    Multiple people on his blog asked him that question. That is part of his ideology, to blur the lines between straight and gay.
    What bothers me most about Lessig is:
    1. His association with Obama.
    2. His disrespect for Christ and Christianity by his repeated playing of the gay Jesus video.
    3. His radical positions on straight and gay indentities and parental roles and defintions.
    4. His radical positions on government information and access.
    5. The fact that he closed his blog on May 2, 2008 in an attempt to hide his positions and links to Obama.

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