Obama, Wright, Chicago Police Affadavit, Larry Sinclair, allegations, Donald Young murder

Larry Sinclair has posted a new blog entry about his Chicago Police affadavit regarding the murder of Donald Young. Sinclair comfirms that a Chicago Police detective wants to speak to him about the death of Donald Young, the gay former choir director at Obama’s church. Sinclair mentions that Obama and Jeremiah Wright may have trouble sleeping. Why does Sinclair mention that Wright may have trouble sleeping? I am following up on this and hope to get a clarification soon. Here is an exerpt from Larry Sinclair’s blog:

” Chicago PD Request: Is Obama & Rev. Wright Having Trouble Sleeping?
Posted on Thursday, April 24, 2008.

As reported yesterday the Chicago Police did leave a message on my answering machine and did later make contact with my Attorney Montgomery Sibley, in regards to the affidavit I provided the Chicago Police Department on April 1, 2008.

I can now confirm that the Detective (I will not identify for obvious reasons), is from the Chicago Police Department’s Homicide Division, Division 2.  I can further confirm that the Detective did state the Department would like to speak with me concerning the information in the affidavit in regards to the murder of Donald Young.

The date time and place of this meeting is still to be determined.

I would think that this (if the Chicago Police are truly seeking the truth into Mr. Young’s death, and not being used by the Obama/Axelrod machine), would be causing these two gentlemen some difficulty sleeping right now.”

You can read more about this story here:


6 responses to “Obama, Wright, Chicago Police Affadavit, Larry Sinclair, allegations, Donald Young murder

  1. It is paramount that Mr. Obama’s personal story be known.This country is ready for either a woman or black president but not a bisexual or illegal drug user. And if Donald Young’s murder is other than a “random” gay hate crime or robbery and is in some way linked to Mr. Obama…..he is politically doomed at the least.

  2. Larry, you have alot of folks cheering you on. We will breath much easier when this crook is forced to drop out of politics and go back to hustling in Chicago.

    For your enjoyment:

  3. Obamunist, I love the cartoon. It’s great. I think we will all breathe a little easier if and when Obama is defeated. I’m still quite concerned the info will not come out until it is too late for Hillary to win. I am in Indiana, and you would think he was a god. Still praying and much luck to Larry.

  4. I’m sure that the CPD checked the phone records between Larry and Donald and confirmed that they did talk, before they contacted Larry for an interview.

  5. Help Please

    Can you please help me find the facts in this article? You are referencing another blog, which is also hearsay. Can someone please point to some hard facts, or at least link to them.

  6. Vice Squad Detective

    The Police Department has acknowledged a signed and notarized Affidavit, that is not hearsay and is also indeed hard fact. You are not going to find the information you are looking for because this is an ongoing investigation. Law Enforcement are not going to give you anything further about this contact between Larry Sinclair/Donald Young/Barack Obama until that investigation has concluded. Period… End of story.

    I really wish people would do a little Criminology research before they go asking for things that are simply not going to be made public during the due course of an investigation. The real world of Law Enforcement does not work like an episode of C.S.I. for goodness sake. Real investigations take time and have to respect the “Need to Know” basis as well as the Chain of Custody requirements regarding any evidence.

    This is quite frankly ‘Help Wanted” all you and everybody else have a justifiable need to know right now. So please make sure you know what constitutes hearsay, what constitutes hard evidence, and what constitutes Criminal Obstruction of Justice during an ongoing investigation of a Capital Offense before you go shouting “Hearsay.”

    CPD Affidavit: http://larrysinclair0926.files.wordpress.com/2008/04/chicago-packet.pdf
    CPD Acknowledgment http://larrysinclair0926.wordpress.com/2008/04/23/
    CPD Police Department’s Homicide Division Detective contact Acknowledgment

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