Citizen Wells, truth, justice, righting wrongs

I have been meaning to do this for some time. I hate injustice. I despise inaccurate or biased news. I don’t like it when innocent people are wronged or taken advantage of. You get the picture, when it affects me the stakes go up. I don’t know where this is headed. I do have lot’s of ideas. Maybe a combination of crusader and accurate news reporter. Sounds good to me. And, oh yes, it is a play on words.

3 responses to “Citizen Wells, truth, justice, righting wrongs

  1. I am serious as cancer.

  2. CW…you claim to be a accurate reporter, can you answer a few simple questions?

    Why was Mr. Sinclair arrested today after his news conference? I know it was not to shut him up,or it would have been before hand.

    Can you tell me sir, why so many people seem to think that Mr. Sibley is still Larry’s attorney, when in fact he has been suspended from praticing law in both Florida and Washington D.C.? Can you tell me also why Judge Kennedy ruled against so many motions in the current lawsuit against tubesockted etal?

    Lastly Mr. Wells, I have read many of your post on both Mr.Sinclairs blog and on here as well, do you really consider you self as a fair and unbiased reporter who only wants to get the ruth out? Yu don’t have to answer me sir, nor do you haeve to post this. All you have to do is look in the mirror in the morning.,for it your reflection you will see there,not mine!

    I hope you are happy with what you see!

  3. citizenwells

    I sleep well at night with a clear conscience.
    Have you read all of my blog?
    Larry Sinclair is not a long time, close associate
    of Rezko, Shomon, Ayers, endorser of Blagojevich, Jeremiah Wright.

    Sinclair has used drugs.
    Obama has used drugs.
    Obama is a documented liar.
    I have done extensive research and reading about Obama and Sinclair. Sinclair has more credibility. He has admitted his flaws.

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