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NC vaccination of children: who is calling the shots?, Pfizer #2 Roy Cooper contributor, Executive Order 220 lacking science and compassion

NC vaccination of children: who is calling the shots?, Pfizer #2 Roy Cooper contributor, Executive Order 220 lacking science and compassion

“it is universally known that children virtually never die from COVID-19 and given that children have a very strong immune system, they are more likely than adults to have an over-reaction to the shot.”…Dr. Steven Roth

“There is not yet enough evidence on the use of vaccines against COVID-19 in children to make recommendations for children to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Children and adolescents tend to have milder disease compared to adults. However, children should continue to have the recommended childhood vaccines.”…WHO

“Furthermore, when you get vaccinated you know that you are now subject to the risks of the vaccine,” he said. “If you don’t get vaccinated, you only have a chance of contracting Covid, and therefore a chance of assuming the risks of Covid—it’s not 100% certain you’ll get Covid just because you were not vaccinated.”…UCI Medical Ethics director

Fact: Pfizer was the #2 contributor to NC Governor Roy Cooper in 2020.

Who is calling the shots?

From the NC Governor Roy Cooper Executive Order 220 June 11, 2021.

WHEREAS, although a majority of adult North Carolinians have received at least one
vaccination dose, vaccination efforts are just beginning for children; and
WHEREAS, children age twelve (12) to seventeen (17) may only receive a COVID-19
vaccine from one approved manufacturer, and children age eleven ( 11) and younger have not yet
been approved to receive a COVID-19 vaccine; and
WHEREAS, the CDC Director has expressed concern about the number of adolescents
who have required ICU treatment or mechanical ventilation due to COVID-19, with one study
showing that nearly one-third of teenagers hospitalized with COVID-19 earlier this year required
intensive care and five percent (5%) requiring ventilation; and
WHEREAS, it is necessary to continue some COVID-19 requirements in schools, child
care, and day or overnight camps, since many children will be unvaccinated and able to spread

From the CDC news release quoted by Gov. Cooper.


What is already known about this topic?

Most COVID-19–associated hospitalizations occur in adults, but severe disease occurs in all age groups, including adolescents aged 12–17 years.

What is added by this report?

COVID-19 adolescent hospitalization rates from COVID-NET peaked at 2.1 per 100,000 in early January 2021, declined to 0.6 in mid-March, and rose to 1.3 in April. Among hospitalized adolescents, nearly one third required intensive care unit admission, and 5% required invasive mechanical ventilation; no associated deaths occurred.

What are the implications for public health practice?

Recent increased hospitalization rates in spring 2021 and potential for severe disease reinforce the importance of continued COVID-19 prevention measures, including vaccination and correct and consistent mask wearing among persons not fully vaccinated or when required.”


We learn from the summary that COVID-19 adolescent hospitalization rates are near statistically zero!

The latest data from April 2021 shows 1.3 hospitalizations per 100,000.

That is .0013 percent!

Furthermore, one third or .0004 percent required ICU admission.

5% of .0013 required invasive mechanical ventilation.

That number is very close to statiscal zero.


The CDC and Gov. Cooper are using this data to encourage vaccination of children.

This is criminal!!

From Citizen Wells June 7, 2021.

Dishonest CDC director Walensky recently admitted that Covid hospitalization data was inflated and that approx only 5 percent of that number was strictly from Covid-19 and not other ailments or conditions.

Now she is misrepresenting data again in an effort to brainwash the public into thinking that adolescents must be vaccinated to remain safe.

“Statement from CDC Director Rochelle P. Walensky, MD, MPH

Media Statement

For Immediate Release: Friday, June 4, 2021″

“On May 12, 2021, CDC recommended use of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in people aged 12 years and up based on the safety and efficacy of the vaccine in adolescents following clinical trials. At the time, there was a growing body of evidence that demonstrated the severe health impacts of COVID-19 on adolescents.

Today’s MMWR presents additional data reporting the trends in hospitalizations among adolescents with COVID-19. I am deeply concerned by the numbers of hospitalized adolescents and saddened to see the number of adolescents who required treatment in intensive care units or mechanical ventilation.

Much of this suffering can be prevented.

Until they are fully vaccinated, adolescents should continue to wear masks and take precautions when around others who are not vaccinated to protect themselves, and their family, friends, and community. I ask parents, relatives and close friends to join me and talk with teens about the importance of these prevention strategies and to encourage them to get vaccinated. If parents or their teenagers have questions or concerns, I suggest they talk with their adolescent’s healthcare provider, local health department or neighborhood pharmacist.”


Compare the above to the following:

Hospitalization of Adolescents Aged 12–17 Years with Laboratory-Confirmed COVID-19 — COVID-NET, 14 States, March 1, 2020–April 24, 2021

Early Release / June 4, 2021

“Among 376 adolescents hospitalized during January 1–March 31, 2021, who received a positive SARS-CoV-2 laboratory test result, 172 (45.7%) were analyzed separately because their primary reason for admission might not have been directly COVID-19–related (Table). Among the 204 patients who were likely admitted primarily for COVID-19–related illness, 52.5% were female, 31.4% were Hispanic or Latino (Hispanic), and 35.8% were non-Hispanic Black. Overall, 70.6% had one or more underlying medical conditions, the most common of which were obesity (35.8%), chronic lung disease, including asthma (30.9%), and neurologic disorders (14.2%); 31.4% of patients required ICU admission and 4.9% required invasive mechanical ventilation, but there were no associated deaths.”

“The findings in this report are subject to at least five limitations. First, the primary reason for hospital admission was not always clear, and some (45.7%) adolescents who met the COVID-NET case definition were hospitalized for reasons that might not have been primarily related to COVID-19, despite a positive SARS-CoV-2 laboratory test result; these hospitalizations were included in rate calculations. Thus, rates of hospitalizations for COVID-19 might be overestimated.”


From above:

The most common underlying medical condition was obesity.

Why doesn’t CDC director Walensky urge adolescents and other segments to lose weight, to exercise and diet, instead of pushing an experimental vaccine?

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