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All US elections using computer hardware and software suspect, MI recount mandatory after glitch, GA problem, Half the country votes on machines made by ES&S

All US elections using computer hardware and software suspect, MI recount mandatory after glitch, GA problem, Half the country votes on machines made by ES&S

“An U.S. Postal Service Insider told Project Veritas founder and CEO James O’Keefe his supervisor instructed mail carriers at his work site here that all new ballot envelopes should be segregated in bins, so that postal clerks could fraudulently hand-postmark them as received Nov. 3.”…Project Veritas

“A group of concerned attorneys from Texas went to Michigan to monitor the ballot integrity. The details in the following video echo what many experienced election night with the sudden jump in Biden votes around 4 AM.”...Citizen Wells November 5, 2020

“This election is far from over.”…Citizen Wells


I am an expert on computer hardware, software and business systems.

The election system glitch that happened in Michigan is not rare.

From Citizen Wells November 6, 2020.

“The an election-software glitch in Michigan’s Antrim County that had incorrectly directed votes Democratic presidential candidate to Joe Biden was fixed Friday, putting thousands of vote correctly into  President Trump’s totals.”


The State of Michigan has a contract with Election Systems and Software.

Election Systems and Software Contract


From ProPublica October 28, 2019.

“The Market for Voting Machines Is Broken. This Company Has Thrived in It.

Half the country votes on machines made by ES&S. Many experts and election officials say the manufacturer remains dominant because there’s little government regulation and almost no oversight.”

“In the glare of the hotly contested 2018 elections, things did not go ideally for ES&S, the nation’s largest manufacturer of voting technology.

In Georgia, where the race for governor had drawn national interest amid concerns about election integrity, ES&S-owned technology was in use when more than 150,000 voters inexplicably did not cast a vote for lieutenant governor. In part because the aged ES&S-managed machines did not produce paper backups, it wasn’t clear whether mechanical or human errors were to blame. Litigation surrounding the vote endures to this day.

In Indiana, ES&S’ systems were plagued by mishaps at the local level. In Johnson County, for instance, the company’s brand-new machines faltered in ways that made it difficult to know whether some people had voted more than once.”

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From Politico November 4, 2020.

“Georgia election official: Machine glitch caused by last-minute vendor upload”

“A technology glitch that halted voting in two Georgia counties on Tuesday morning was caused by a vendor uploading an update to their election machines the night before, a county election supervisor said.

Voters were unable to cast machine ballots for a couple of hours in Morgan and Spalding counties after the electronic devices crashed, state officials said. In response to the delays, Superior Court Judge W. Fletcher Sams extended voting until 11 p.m.”

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My home state of NC dropped their election computer equipment several years ago due to problems such as candidate flipping.

I found the following interesting:

From ES&S, Election Systems and Software, the company used in Michigan and much of the US, August 23, 2019.

“Jurisdictions across the country are replacing their aging voting systems with new equipment that includes the latest in security technology and a verifiable paper trail. The State of Delaware recently chose and implemented ES&S equipment”


ES&S was awarded a big contract by the State of Delaware in 2019.


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