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Massachusetts 3098 breakthrough cases latest week, 36 percent of Covid cases, 18 % hospitalized, 4 % deaths, Fully Covid vaccinated super spreaders

Massachusetts 3098 breakthrough cases latest week, 36 percent of Covid cases, 18 % hospitalized, 4 % deaths, Fully Covid vaccinated super spreaders

“two papers published May 19 in the journal of Hospital Pediatrics found pediatric hospitalizations for COVID were overcounted by at least 40%, carrying potential implications for nationwide figures used to justify vaccinating children.”...The Defender

“it is universally known that children virtually never die from COVID-19 and given that children have a very strong immune system, they are more likely than adults to have an over-reaction to the shot.”…Dr. Steven Roth

“There is not yet enough evidence on the use of vaccines against COVID-19 in children to make recommendations for children to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Children and adolescents tend to have milder disease compared to adults. However, children should continue to have the recommended childhood vaccines.”…WHO

From WCVB August 24, 2021.

“Massachusetts public health officials reported 3,098 new COVID-19 breakthrough cases in fully vaccinated individuals in the past week, data from the Department of Public Health shows.

A breakthrough case is when an individual tests positive for COVID-19 after they’ve been fully vaccinated against the disease.

During the same time period between Aug. 14 and 21, the state reported 8,534 new COVID-19 cases among the state’s whole population.

Numbers from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health show there have been 15,739 cases of COVID-19 in fully vaccinated individuals as of Aug. 21. Last week, the DPH reported 12,641 total breakthrough cases of Aug. 14.

The 3,098 positive COVID-19 cases are among the 4.45 million residents considered fully vaccinated in Massachusetts, or about 0.35% of those individuals.

The state health department said 571 of breakthrough cases resulted in hospitalization, an increase of 75 over the previous week. The state said 131 cases resulted in death based on information reported to date, an increase of 7 in the past week.

Massachusetts hospitals have seen a surge in hospitalizations since the Fourth of July, with the number of COVID-19 patients jumping from a low of 80 on July 4 to over 500 as of Monday.”

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https://www.wcvb.com/article/massachusetts-breakthrough-covid-19-cases-update-august-24-2021/37387767Fully Covid vaccinated super spreadersFully Covid vaccinated super spreaders

Fully Covid vaccinated are super spreaders.




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