WFMY facilitates lies about need to vaccinate children against Covid, Why did Cone Health Dr. Michael Cinoman lie?, Misquoted? incompetence? brainwashed? in pocket of big pharma?

WFMY facilitates lies about need to vaccinate children against Covid, Why did Cone Health Dr. Michael Cinoman lie?, Misquoted? incompetence? brainwashed? in pocket of big pharma?

“it is universally known that children virtually never die from COVID-19 and given that children have a very strong immune system, they are more likely than adults to have an over-reaction to the shot.” Dr. Steven Roth

“Because COVID vaccines use experimental technology that may pose serious side effects such as blood clots, Yeadon said, “we should absolutely not be offering them to young, healthy people who are not at risk from the virus.””..Dr. Mike Yeadon, former vice president of Pfizer

“Children do not need the vaccine”, “Children are much more likely to be harmed than helped by the vaccine”… NC Physicians for Freedom


People are trusting doctors and local media such as WFMY TV for guidance on vaccinating their children.

Doing so is a major life threatening mistake.

Recently from Citizen Wells

WFMY news 2 Greensboro pushes evil narrative that children should receive Covid vaccinations, Ed Matthews Eric Chilton et al speaking out?, CBS Jan Crawford tells truth on Face the Nation

From WFMY News 2.

“Greensboro health experts push to get North Carolina children vaccinated

Cone Health’s Head of Pediatric Care Dr. Michael Cinoman said even though COVID tends to be mild in kids, increasing vaccination rates among kids will help us all.”

“Meanwhile, health experts said pediatric COVID hospitalizations are up nearly 30 percent nationwide from last week as cases surge.”

“Cone Health’s Head of Pediatric Care, Dr. Michael Cinoman said even though COVID tends to be mind in kids, increasing vaccination rates among kids could help everyone.

“It reduces the chances of spreading COVID to you, the rest of your family or your friends. It’s good for the community, it’s good for public health and not the least of which, it’s good for your own child,” Cinoman said.

Why did Dr. Cinoman lie?

Why did WFMY News 2 not fact check him?

Children are are little to no risk from Covid.

The Covid vaccines do not prevent getting or spreading the disease.

And the comment about hospitalizations being up:

“Dr. Fauci: “If you Look at the Children That Are Hospitalized, Many of Them are Hospitalized WITH Covid, as Opposed to BECAUSE of Covid”

Dr. Fauci, Big Media and the CDC have been lying about Covid the entire time.

Dr. Fauci on Thursday said what we have known to be true for nearly two years.

Hospitals test anybody who is admitted for whatever reason which is why there is an ‘increase in Covid hospitalizations.’

NBC News recently admitted there is no increase in children who are hospitalized for Covid – they are hospitalized for other reasons and tested positive for Covid.

After nearly two years of fear-mongering, Dr. Fauci admitted many children are hospitalized with Covid, not because of Covid.

“If you look at the children that are hospitalized, many of them are hospitalized with Covid, as opposed to because of Covid.””

More here:


11 responses to “WFMY facilitates lies about need to vaccinate children against Covid, Why did Cone Health Dr. Michael Cinoman lie?, Misquoted? incompetence? brainwashed? in pocket of big pharma?

  1. ” if you let your healthy teen – much less your healthy child – get this vaccine, you are insane.”…Alex Berenson

  2. Anyone that has not accepted that these actions by the DS for two years is proof of democide is in deep denial.

  3. AND,
    ……….America is heading down the path toward NAZIISM. George Soros said ” it is his life’s mission to DESTROY America because he hates America and everyone in it”. Leaders like Joe Malarkey are willing followers of NAZIISM.

  4. OS
    Here we go
    Stop the Trains to Newsomfornia

    Due to crime being legal in California, this happens now… many will no longer ship to Cali… drip, drip…

  5. AND,
    ……….even though Soros was a youngster during WW2 he became a NAZI COLLABORATOR. He pointed out jews to the NAZIS, and received special compensation for every one he exposed to the NAZIS. I personally think that he eventually learned the where abouts of the containers of Jewish gold teeth which were kicked out by assigned people after they were gassed. This may be the origin of his BILLIONS. He STILL has the protection of the US GOVERNMENT………WHY? I also think that sooner or later the Israelis will find a way to make him pay dearly for his collaboration with the NAZIS. In truth he is a Hungarian.

  6. Oldsailor88 – I think you are correct re the Israelis making Soros pay. They got Eichmann, and they can get Soros too. Timing is everything.

    Also, Sue K — if you’re still around, would greatly enjoy re-establishing contact. I’m back to my Gmail addy. Take care — AFB

  7. AFB……..
    ………..Suek, and possibly others have moved to Parler because of their resentment of me, and how I express my viewpoints. But some of these folks have had a pretty tough time since yesterday. The Saskatchewan screamer has inundated, the Southeast, in a lot of snow, and ice, then it moved into New England and generated lots of standing water, and some unusually rough coastal high seas. Back in the 1950s while serving in the Navy we crossed the tail end of one such storm. The ride gets pretty wild in a ship which weighs only 1850 tons. (destroyer escort).

  8. AFB…….
    …….in June of 2022 I will have reached my 90th birthday. I was serving Uncle Sam while some folks were still in DIAPERS, or not yet born. I am proud of my lifetime accomplishments. My discharge says HONORABLE!!!! Yes, I don’t really give a damn what folks think of me. If what I have to say ruffles their feathers…… be it.

  9. I believe SueK joined me on Parler.
    I joined Parler to continue free speech suppressed by Twitter.
    I dumped Twitter on principle.

  10. CW — I hear lots of good things about Parler. None about Twitter, who has worn out their welcome with a lot of folks. May join Parler one of these days.

    Would you be willing to give Sue K my Gmail addy? Some years back, a virus necessitated blocking that account for a time, but the problem has long been resolved and the addy is perfectly safe to un-block. No pressure at all on her; I just wanted her to have the info if she felt like it.

    Many thanks. So glad you are doing well post-stroke. Take care — AFB.

  11. AFB will do.
    Join Parler

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