Covid vaccine whistleblower Deborah Conrad outs Rochester Regional Health for suppressing adverse event reporting, Attorney Siri letter, 90 % of admissions vaccinated, she was to “support the Hospital’s approach to the vaccine.” 

Covid vaccine whistleblower Deborah Conrad outs Rochester Regional Health for suppressing adverse event reporting, Attorney Siri letter, 90 % of admissions vaccinated, she was to “support the Hospital’s approach to the vaccine.”

“Furthermore, when you get vaccinated you know that you are now subject to the risks of the vaccine,” he said. “If you don’t get vaccinated, you only have a chance of contracting Covid, and therefore a chance of assuming the risks of Covid—it’s not 100% certain you’ll get Covid just because you were not vaccinated.”…UCI Medical Ethics director

“Why are we vaccinating healthy adults when 81 percent of Covid-19 cases are mild and there is  a 99 percent survival rate. Why are we testing vaccines on children who are minimally impacted by the disease?”…Citizen Wells

“I’m not afraid of blowing the whistle “because my faith lies in God and not man … You know, like what kind of person would I be if I knew all of this — this is evil at the highest level. You have the FDA [U.S. Food and Drug Administration], you have the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] CDC, that are both supposed to be protecting us, but they are under the government, and everything that we’ve done so far is unscientific.”..Jodi O’Malley registered nurse

From Rochester Regional Health Physician Assistant Deborah Conrad’s attorney Aaron Siri.

“A concerned Physician Assistant, Deborah Conrad, convinced her hospital to carefully track the Covid-19 vaccination status of every patient admitted to her hospital.  The result is shocking.

As Ms. Conrad has detailed, her hospital serves a community in which less than 50% of the individuals were vaccinated for Covid-19 but yet, during the same time period, approximately 90% of the individuals admitted to her hospital were documented to have received this vaccine.

These patients were admitted for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to COVID-19 infections.  Even more troubling is that there were many individuals who were young, many who presented with unusual or unexpected health events, and many who were admitted months after vaccination.

One would think that after an association was identified by a healthcare professional, our health authorities would at least review this finding, right?  Sadly, when Ms. Conrad reached out to health authorities herself, she was ignored.  My firm then sent a letter to the CDC and FDA on July 19, 2021 on Ms. Conrad’s behalf”

Attorney Siri letter to Rochester Regional Health:

“We write on behalf of our client, Deborah Conrad, a Physician Assistant at United
Memorial Medical Center, a hospital within the Rochester Regional Health system (the
“Hospital”). Ms. Conrad is in constant communication with patients and other hospital staff and
has knowledge of numerous serious post-COVID-19 vaccine adverse events, including
breakthrough cases and deaths, that have not been reported to either the Vaccine Adverse Events
Reporting System (“VAERS”) or the New York State Department of Health (“NYSDOH”). For
the past few months, on her own time, Ms. Conrad has been assisting doctors and other medical
professionals at the hospital to report such events to VAERS. Instead of praising her efforts,
numerous individuals at the Hospital, including Tara Gellasch and Peter Janes, ordered Ms. Conrad
to stop reporting to VAERS altogether unless the patient she was reporting on was her patient.
Since being given this order, Ms. Conrad has knowledge of dozens patients whose conditions
necessitate a VAERS report and whose treating nurses and doctors have not filed a VAERS report.

As you are likely aware, healthcare workers are mandated by federal law to report certain
medical events arising after vaccination to VAERS. Pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 300aa-25:”

“When Ms. Conrad observed that serious adverse events directly following initial use of
COVID-19 vaccinations were not being reported to VAERS, she volunteered to submit the
necessary reports to VAERS on her colleagues’ behalf. Ms. Conrad was doing so after her paid
shifts ended because she understands the critical importance of the task. In response, the Hospital
told Ms. Conrad they were going to audit the VAERS reports that Ms. Conrad submitted and that
“in [her] clinical role and as a leader in the organization” she was to “support [the Hospital’s]
approach to the vaccine.” Submitting VAERS reports for adverse events following vaccination
should not be contrary to any “approach to the vaccine.” It should be part of the Hospital’s
approach. It is alarming that the Hospital’s “approach to the vaccines” has not included educating
healthcare providers about VAERS and encouraging them to efficiently and consistently make
reports. Contrary to this, healthcare providers at the Hospital are not being directed to ask patients
about recent vaccination nor are they able to efficiently submit or track VAERS reports within the
Hospital’s electronic system. And it now appears they are being deterred from doing so.

As Ms. Conrad told the Hospital, she has personally treated five patients that presented
with new, unprovoked deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolisms within 6 weeks of COVID19 vaccination. She has also seen patients that, after receipt of COVID-19 vaccination, presented
with a new stroke, bleed, autoimmune hepatitis, sudden bilateral pneumonia or COVID-19
infection, as well as syncope with head injury, STEMI, new arrhythmias, new seizure disorders,
new chorea movement disorder, and more. In one day alone, Ms. Conrad had four patients with
sudden bilateral pneumonia within a week of their COVID-19 vaccination. Ms. Conrad
understands that it is not her responsibility to determine any causation but that it is her duty to
report these instances to VAERS so that the FDA and CDC have adequate data by which to detect
potential safety signals. The Hospital has prohibited Ms. Conrad from filing a VAERS reports for
any of these serious events after COVID-19 vaccination unless she directly treats the patient.

In auditing the VAERS reports submitted by Ms. Conrad for a four-week period – totaling
50 adverse event reports, which includes 4 deaths – the Hospital’s Chief Quality Officer, Hiloni
Bhavsar stated that she has “not heard this level of reporting from anywhere else and didn’t hear
similar reports from URMC.”

This is Ms. Conrad’s precise concern: if she is not submitting the VAERS reports, they are
not being submitted. The Hospital, through Ms. Gellasch, told Ms. Conrad: “we need to make sure
we are providing a consistent message to our team and we need to make sure that that is also in
alignment with what our health system is asking us to do.”

“When Ms. Conrad again explained why she has the concerns she has about underreporting,
she was called an anti-vaxxer by Ms. Gellasch:
I don’t want us to go down any kind of rabbit hole here but the thing
I think we need to be clear about and I am just going to be frank with
you …in reading the few emails you sent me and reading the email
that went out to the provider, it does come across a bit…uh very
vaccine…ugh I won’t say very but it comes out quite, it comes out
quite almost anti-vaxxy, right, and you know, clearly as an
organization, as a health system, right and as … an organization that
is working on following CDC guidelines and following the guidance
of the department of health, we are very much advocating for
patients to receive the vaccine. And we are very much working on
the…effort to work to try and reduce vaccine hesitancy… We want
people to understand that on the whole this is a very safe vaccine
and that the science supports that.”

““Towing the company line” does not relieve the Hospital of its obligations. Please
forthwith confirm that the Hospital’s mission is consistent with taking all necessary steps to fulfill
its legal and ethical obligations to report the mandated medical events following COVID-19
vaccination to VAERS pursuant to federal law,”

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Opinion piece illustration fot the Wall Street Journal by Ladapo and Risch

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24 responses to “Covid vaccine whistleblower Deborah Conrad outs Rochester Regional Health for suppressing adverse event reporting, Attorney Siri letter, 90 % of admissions vaccinated, she was to “support the Hospital’s approach to the vaccine.” 

  1. “We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells

  2. AND NOW,
    ………Louden County VA. prosecutor tied to George Soros, and Mr. McAuliffe who is running fo governor of VA. Real sleaze bags. Louden County VA public school system is where the 14 year old girl was raped by a SLIMY PUNK WHO PUT ON GIRLS CLOTHING AND CLAIMED HE WAS A TRANSGENDER. The superintendent of the school system lied and tried to say that the child was NOT raped. She was taken to the hospital where samples of the POS semen was taken, which proved the school superintendent had lied in his teeth. Father of the victim was arrested for trying to acceess the school board members. HUGE CIVIL LAWSUIT FORTHCOMING, and without a doubt the superintendent of the school system could end up in the SLAMMER. GOOD FOR WHAT AILS HIM !!!!!!!

  3. AND NOW.
    …………Colin Powell dead at 84 years of age. Died from complications of Covid 19, RIP sir.

  4. Colin Powell: Endorsed Obama (twice) and Cankles Clinton in 2016. Voted for Buy-Den in 2020. Called Trump a national disgrace.

    He is where he should be.

  5. All………
    ……….While I neither knew much about, or in any way sanctioned General Colin Powell, above others I did, and still do hold deep respect for the military position which he held. To me the position is to be respected, not withstanding the antics, or behavior of the person who occupied that position. I also hold the same level of respect for General Douglas MacArthur, General Dwight D Eisenhower, General George Patton, General Omar Bradley, and more lately General Norman Schwartzkopf. In addition Admiral Halsey, and Admiral Nimitz also command a similar respect. If I am to be criticised for my respect for the military position of these folks …..SO BE IT. Criticism is what it is. I will continue to respect such entities regardless of what other folks might think………that is supposedly my right to pursue. To me General Colin Powell was neither a + or a -……..just another person. I held nothing against him,nor did I particularly admire him. How he attained the level of 4 star general, or his views regarding others were, and are his business and/or views. While as a Citizen he had every right to say what he thought regardless of whether it angered other folks or not. In America ALL OF US HAVE THE RIGHT TO SELF EXPRESSION……NO MATTER OUR POSITION, STATURE, CHARACTER, OR ETHNICITY. I personally ENJOY hearing the viewpoints of other folks. This helps me sort out the facts which I choose to believe. I am not sure I would want to live somewhere where only ONE person’s viewpoint was deemed credible. NO OFFENSE INTENDED TO ANYONE, JUST EXPLAINING MY BELIEFS. HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYBODY.

  6. AND,
    ……….where General Powell is concerned the EQUALIZER BEEN ADMINISTERED by the CREATOR. THE END.


    ” be not afraid of any man… matter what his size……you only need to call on me and I will EQUALIZE.” (caliber 44-40 SINGLE ACTION ARMY).

  8. AND NOW,
    ………..we need to pray for the safe return of the 17 Americans being held hostage in Haiti. I have been to Haiti and I know first hand the sort of people who predominate there. YES there are also good, honest, hard working people there also……unfortunately they are frightened stiff of the CRIMINAL BASTARDS who take people hostage for ransom. These criminals are comparable to those in Somolia. After the hostages are safely out then we need to send in the BIG RED 1 and clean out the criminals with what ever force is necessary. Haiti is not very large, it shares an island with Santo Domingo. One division of US Marines could easily clean out ALL of the criminals.

  9. OS
    What’s up with this JUST OUT,,,NO IN??

    San Francisco Shuts Down In-N-Out Burger For Refusing to Be Vaccine Police – Company Says “We refuse to become the vaccination police for any government The City of San Francisco and Mayor London Breed announced a vaccination mandate in August for any business offering indoor dining.  According to the order, all businesses are required to ask for proof of vaccination from customers.  San Francisco was the second city in the country, behind New York, in making such a regional mandate.The owners and operators of In-N-Out burger, refused to be vaccination police and discriminate against their customers.  The City of San Francisco shut them down.  The restaurant still offers outside seating and take out, but they will not participate in vaccine checkpoints.

  10. hapnHal
    ………….what happened to IN N OUT is a product of a TYRRANOUS GOVERNMENT. Just as is the ongoing Covid 19 vaccination FASCINATION. Both are ridiculous BULLSH-T perpetrated by power seeking CRIMINALS. Sadly both situations also translate to simple language (CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE). This is how I have viewed everything that is going on in the world for a very long time. AND NOW (TODAY) we watched the pathetic attempts of the CRAZED Democrats as they tried to REVIVE the LONG DEAD HORSE called “RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA”. The left’s attempts to do this classically illustrates their fast INCREASING level of CRIMINAL PSYCHOSIS. In plain simple language MOST of the Democrats are NO LONGER LUCID. Most Democrats now are at a point where they should be permanently incarcerated in hospitals for the criminally insane. NO OFFENSE INTENDED TO ANYONE. JUST MY VIEWPOINT.

  11. hapnHal…….
    ……….I am sure that you have witnessed what is becoming more explosive by the hour. Now we are seeing more and more young unbathed POS murdering,or trying to murder people on the street. CONDITIONS are FAST DETERIORATING IN AMERICA. I am afraid that open street warfare is close at hand. It won’t be long thereafter until mass home invasions begin across America. This possibility will quickly become reality. This is when there will be MASS KILLING of the foul smelling invaders. Most will end up being HEADLESS bodies being thrown out of homes, and businesses onto the sidewalks, and into the streets.
    In Wisconsin the state thought they could ram a lot of BULLSH-t down the throats of Kyle Rittenhouse lawyers. Well now the shoe is on the other foot……..Rittenhouse will likely be absolved of all charges. He WAS JUSTIFIED IN RETURNING THE FIRE OF the POS WHO HAD FIRED UPON HIM FIRST. RITTENHOUSE FIRED AND KILLED THE SOB PUNK IN SELF DEFENSE.

  12. hapnHal……
    ………take a long hard look at Australia. A decade or so ago All Australians GAVE UP THEIR GUNS, and LOOK AT WHAT IS NOW HAPPENING TO THEM. Now they will have to make themselves some BOWS AND LOTS OF ARROWS, lots of baseball bats………then learn how to use each to the best advantage without losing them in the first ten minutes. In the days of Robinhood the sheriff of Nottingham ended up on the DEFENSIVE, rather than the OFFENSIVE. BTW…… My father was born in Nottingham UK.

  13. AND NOW………
    ……..the possible conflict which may be brewing in America could burst out upon us in pretty short order. When it happens a lot of people are going to have to grow a pair of gonads, set aside their fantasy life styles, and start defending themselves. I seriously doubt if many Americans will have the courage to squeeze the trigger of the defensive weapon they are pointing at an intruder when the necessity is upon them. Pointing a rifle is one thing. Having the courage to squeeze the trigger is ANOTHER. Once you point a weapon you are committed to squeezing the trigger if necessary…….otherwise your weapon could be taken out of your hands and used to kill you. Either way a lot of folks could get healthy taste of reality very soon. The probability of NO POLICE to help you might soon exist as well. In all probability most folks will forget all about Covid 19. The new problem will be UNWASHED punk pieces of sh-t who will be trying to kill everybody. 100,000 of them are on the way to America, and Joe Malarkey is making sure they are well distributed EVERYWHERE IN AMERICA. He is going to feed, clothe, house, and care for them using YOUR MONEY. Are you going to let him screw you over? Most will not be employed……instead they will suck up everything they can then when nothing is left they will try to kill everybody soas to steal what is left. Covid 19 won’t mean SH-T. Many of the ILLEGAL A-HOLES already have the disease anyway, along with a lot of other diseases as well. Joe doesn’t really give a damn about disease anyway. IN TRUTH HE IS A DISEASE. The sales of defensive firearms are at record levels in America. Handguns, rifles, and cylinder bore shotguns are selling like hotcakes.

  14. AND TODAY,
    …………comes word that the days of 911 are numbered. So be especially watchful that your home doesn’t catch fire because 911 may not even answer their phone. Lock and load for self defense. America has returned to the wild west. Only those who know WHEN to use their weapons, and AGAINST whom, will predominate. Justice will return to the public square……..with a gallows.

  15. FURTHER,
    …………America is now just a few steps away from another 1776 Revolution. Live oaks everywhere could sprout multiple dangling ornaments.

  16. AND NOW,
    ……….it is time that we see what all of the illegals being brought into the country really is about. In truth this is an alien army. These people are being brought to America to fight a war against Americans. Our own military would never fight against it’s own people, but several million POS A$$HOLES from EAST PODUNK WILL willingly fight Americans because when they kiill Americans the law will give the property left behind by the DEAD AMERICANS to the bastards who done the killing. So the people like George Soros who in truth are funding much of the IMPORTED ARMY will then be in control of the now Socialist country. This is easy to see through. You only need to look at the entire picture, and apply a little reasoning. When there is multi millions of these people in the country the order will go out to begin the war to TAKE AMERICA. Thousands of the leaders of all the key cities across america will be simultaneously attacked and the elected leaders massacred. This will be possible because the bastard army will already be in place everywhere in America. The only people left who can save America will be the JOHN K CITIZENS who have already armed themselves…….who will all be needed to stand against the illegals army. There is already over 12 million of these POS foreign soldiers in America, and will answer the command of the Democratic Socialist Leadership. When the army has completed their mission America will NO LONGER EXIST. Instead it will be the Democratic Socialist Republic wherein nobody will own property, and that which exists will become the property of the new Socialist regime. Case in illustration…..Cuba. All private property was NATIONALIZED when Fidel Castro took control. This will happen in America also. There is still a window of time left. The BASTARD army will need to be about 30 million strong. The Army has not yet reached that size, but you can rest assurred that Joe Malarkey, and the Democratic Socialists will see to it that it continues to grow.

  17. Attorney Mario Apuzzo Has Passed Away

    We have lost a great man.
    If more people had listened, we would not be in the mess we are in.

  18. CW
    ……….It sorrows me greatly to learn of Mr. Apuzzo’s passing. I believe that he was silenced by forces from above his pay grade when he was investigating the LOST CHIMPANZEE FROM KENYA.
    ………To Commander Kerchner I salute and say GOOD MORNING SIR.

  19. AND,
    ……….without a doubt ABSOLUTE TREASON was done by many of our UPPER ECHELON GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS when they ESCORTED the BASTARD (NON US CITIZEN) INTO THE OVAL OFFICE, and all who participated should rightfully be in prison for the remainder of their FILTHY lives. It goes without saying that the JOINT CHIEFS also had to be aware of the reality as well. Several if not ALL of the joint chiefs should be included in the gang in need of imprisonment for allowing the presidency to be usurped. The pieces of manure who allowed a piece of slime to take office have some answering to do……ULTIMATELY THEY WILL PAY.

    ……….a armed, punk piece of manure along with two other pieces of sh-t came into a store and pointed his gun at the cashier, and an ex marine was standing within reach of the armed POS. The ex Marine quickly grabbed his gun, disarming the POS. The other two beat it really fast. He kept the smelly POS at gunpoint until the police arrived. He was a 14 year old black. The police commended the ex Marine on his quick action. The lead investigator asked the ex Marine why he acted. He told the investigator ” the Marine Corps taught us NOT TO MESS AROUND IN SITUATIONS……THIS WAS A SITUATION”. Great courage on the part of the ex Marine. The punk learned what the Marine Corps can do THE HARD WAY. He is now in jail.

    ………Joe Malarkey shows the world that he is FULL OF MANURE. While visiting Scranton PA recently he stated that he had “rode Amtrak for 36 years as Vice President.” YEAH SURE Joe, maybe you are a personal friend of George Washington also…..right?

  22. AND NOW,
    …………Virginia lawmaker says that Youngkin could win the governor’s seat. People in Virginia are angered resultant of what has happened in Loudon County, and pretty much over the entire state with respect to what is going on in the school classrooms. SWHTF soon.

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