ICU nurse refuses Covid vaccine escorted out of UCLA hospital, Tara Vafaeenia: “I’m gonna fight for all of us out there”, “unusual outcomes often occurred after inoculation with the vaccines”

ICU nurse refuses Covid vaccine escorted out of UCLA hospital, Tara Vafaeenia: “I’m gonna fight for all of us out there”, “unusual outcomes often occurred after inoculation with the vaccines”

“Furthermore, when you get vaccinated you know that you are now subject to the risks of the vaccine,” he said. “If you don’t get vaccinated, you only have a chance of contracting Covid, and therefore a chance of assuming the risks of Covid—it’s not 100% certain you’ll get Covid just because you were not vaccinated.”…UCI Medical Ethics director

“Why are we vaccinating healthy adults when 81 percent of Covid-19 cases are mild and there is  a 99 percent survival rate. Why are we testing vaccines on children who are minimally impacted by the disease?”…Citizen Wells

“I’m not afraid of blowing the whistle “because my faith lies in God and not man … You know, like what kind of person would I be if I knew all of this — this is evil at the highest level. You have the FDA [U.S. Food and Drug Administration], you have the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] CDC, that are both supposed to be protecting us, but they are under the government, and everything that we’ve done so far is unscientific.”..Jodi O’Malley registered nurse

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“I’m gonna fight for all of us out there, and I will continue to fight” – ICU Nurse Escorted Out of Her Job at UCLA For Not Taking the Vaccine

A viral video shared by David Harris Jr. showed an ICU nurse being escorted out of UCLA hospital for standing up and not taking the COVID-19 vaccine. The nurse was later identified as Tara Vafaeenia.

“So, I’m being escorted out of UCLA for standing up for medical freedom, despite coming to work, willing to work. And I just can’t believe that this is what they’re doing right now. And I’m gonna fight for all of us out there, and I will continue to fight. And this is not okay, came to work despite being unvaccinated and willing to work for patients, to help out staff and this is how we’re treated.””

“I’m Tara and I have been a nurse for nearly 12 years, spending the majority of my time at the bedside of ICU patients. I’ve spent almost 6 years with UCLA Health and have always held my profession in the highest regard. I was proud of being a nurse and found it personally rewarding to deliver care to those in need.

During the height of the pandemic, I worked tirelessly as a front-line worker, sacrificing myself physically, emotionally and personally for every patient. I went above and beyond to support UCLA Health’s medical staff and did all I could to fill in when the hospital had shifts left uncovered. I was loyal to a fault and put the patients and staff before my well-being on an hourly basis.

Health and well-being are very personal matters and I strongly believe that everyone should have the right to dignity and control over their medical decision making. At this point, I have made the decision to abstain from being vaccinated because of what I believe are well-founded concerns for my personal health and safety. The wholesale censorship, politicization, and retaliation upon anyone who thinks independently and asks questions has gone too far.

I, as well as the silent majority of my colleagues, have recently cared for patients who were admitted with symptoms and conditions that were unable to be categorized. These were not SARS-CoV-2 related problems and, coincidentally, these unusual outcomes often occurred after inoculation with the vaccines.”

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8 responses to “ICU nurse refuses Covid vaccine escorted out of UCLA hospital, Tara Vafaeenia: “I’m gonna fight for all of us out there”, “unusual outcomes often occurred after inoculation with the vaccines”


  2. YEP……..
    ………many people do not want to gamble the odds. !!!!

  3. AND,
    ………is IGNORANCE a bliss? Slowly but surely many folks WILL submit to the NEEDLE !!!!!! YET there are thousands who will REFUSE to accept the vaccine. Such is America…….FREEDOM OF CHOICE!!!!! Bill of Rights says we have the right to choose.

  4. AND NOW,
    …………..the raging psychosis which now permeates the wacky house, and the twisted minds of the coneheads who occupy the venue are now up to their eyebrows in the destructive returns of their own stupidity. “C’MON MAN” doesn’t work anymore. Of course this is a ridiculous exclamation which anyone with an intellectual acuity over 10 would not be using to begin with. Joe Malarkey continues to use his senseless expression which clearly demonstrates the MENTAL FOG inside of his alleged brain. Now he is considering the reversal of the oil pumping in America, which he destroyed during his first day in office. Someone must have told him that there are oil wells in America…….so he has decided to investigate to see if this is true. REAL MORON!!!!!!!!

  5. OS
    Another whistlebower story……

    The central statistic in this whistleblower story is important. In a community with a 50% vaccination rate, 90% of the hospital admissions were vaccinated patients, and most of the critical care hospital intakes were within 14 days of the patient taking the vaccine. An alarmed physician’s assistant began reporting those issues into the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting system until the hospital administration stepped in to stop her from recording the frequency. She felt obligated to become a whistleblower:

    ………..the mentally fogged conehead leader has devised his plan to destroy American INITIATIVE. Paying folks to stay home will soon become all that Americans WANT to do……at which point the government will be IN CONTROL of everyone in America, which is the pinnacle of power they strive to acquire. The raging Democratic coneheads will then begin fighting each other to see who is top dog. Unfortunately the coneheads failed to anticipate the severe inflation which the insane plan creates. The inflation will shut down what little business is left in America. NOTHINGNESS AFFECTS EVERYONE INCLUDING the CONEHEADS AT THE WACKY HOUSE. They are already beginning to feel the error of their ways. They are now up to their eyebrows in the cesspool of their own making. GOOD FOR WHAT AILS THEM !!!!!

  7. hapnHal.
    Do you have a link or locale?

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