Antrim County Mi court hearing watch live

Antrim County Mi court hearing watch live

“Trump’s not gonna win. I made f*cking sure of that!”...Eric Coomer, executive with Dominion Voting Systems

“Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has reportedly threatened a journalist for exposing voter-fraud in her state.     On Tuesday, reports found Nessel sent a ‘cease and desist‘ order to Shane Trejo of Big League Politics over his reports called ‘Detroit Leaks.‘”…One America News November 10, 2020

“Evil and stupid is a bad combination.”…Citizen Wells


***  Update 12:00 Noon  ***

Antrim County MI Dominion Voting Systems test results report Dec 14, 2020, Judge Elseneheimer  ruling, “results of the Antrim County 2020 election are not certifiable”


“Later today, Attorney Matthew DePerno received word that 13th Circuit Court Judge Kevin A Elseneheimer would hear his case. Curiously, DePerno, who filed the emergency motion, found out about the hearing when he saw an article published by the far-left Detroit Free Press at 2:13 PM. DePerno then received an email from Antrim County attorney Haider Kazim at 2:50 PM and received notice directly from the Court at 3:02 PM. According to DePerno, the hearing will take place at 8:30 AM EST on Monday.”




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5 responses to “Antrim County Mi court hearing watch live

  1. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has apparently been overly concerned about revelations of election fraud and irregularities for weeks.

    Now she is apparently panicking about a report of test results of Dominion Voting Systems.

  2. Judge allowing immed release of report.

    May be some redactions.

    More later

  3. Nessel needs to be indicted, if not in criminal court, then in a Military Tribunal. Her actions are clear interference in an actual cyber war. As a result, martial law and tribunals totally justified as a last resort to the politicized, compromised US court system. The presidential executive order of 2018 related to cyber warfare covers all of this.

  4. AND,
    …………probable outcome from hearing will be a clear signal to electors that ALLS WELL in Antrim County. It was all just some “HUMAN ERRORS”. Nobody has the gonads to tell the truth, much less investigate the Dominion machines. Why is Nessel so hyper? The SO CALLED HUMAN ERRORS compounded by the built in algorithm of 1.3 in the software will all be swept under the rug…….OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND. Hopefully in 2024 America will return to the mechanical voting machines, which served us well through the 1930s, 1940s 1950s and 1960s…….and in some parts of the country well into the 1970s.

  5. America’s,
    …………mechanical voting machines were once built almost exclusively by National Cash Register Company. Their machines printed out each vote on a roll of paper like that once used in VINTAGE CASH REGISTERS. Worked great…..but everybody wanted more speed with the voting results. SO TAKE SPECIAL NOTE OF THE MESS WE NOW HAVE. YEAH, certainly faster, but now a voting machine can be PROGRAMMED to do anything a criminal perpetrator wants it to do.

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