Jeff Van Drew switching parties, Democrat to Republican over impeachment of Trump, “It was supposed to be bipartisan,…. something that was always on the rarest of circumstances,” 

Jeff Van Drew switching parties, Democrat to Republican over impeachment of Trump, “It was supposed to be bipartisan,…. something that was always on the rarest of circumstances,”

“I hate politics. I rejected evil as a child and I still do. The impeachment debacle is not so much about politics as good vs evil. Those behind this effort are evil.”…Citizen Wells

“The Inspector General’s report now makes clear that the FBI launched an intrusive investigation of a U.S. presidential campaign on the thinnest of suspicions that, in my view, were insufficient to justify the steps taken.  It is also clear that, from its inception, the evidence produced by the investigation was consistently exculpatory. “…Attorney General Barr

“this is not how an American president should be impeached.”… Jonathan Turley


From Politico.

“Democratic impeachment holdout Jeff Van Drew planning to switch parties

Rep. Jeff Van Drew, a moderate Democrat who is strongly opposed to impeaching President Donald Trump, is expected to switch parties and become a Republican, according to multiple sources familiar with the situation.

Van Drew is one of two Democrats who voted against opening the impeachment inquiry into Trump and has remained against the effort, even as the House prepares to vote to impeach the president next week. Van Drew’s decision comes after a meeting with Trump on Friday.

Van Drew’s congressional, campaign staff and other members of the New Jersey delegation were informed he was planning to switch parties on Saturday, according to Democratic sources. The question now was when, not if, Van Drew was joining the Republican Party, according to several Democrats with knowledge of the ongoing conversations.

“It was supposed to be bipartisan, it was supposed to be incontrovertible. It was supposed to be something that was always on the rarest of circumstances,” Van Drew told reporters about impeachment earlier this week. “Well it’s not bipartisan.””

“Multiple senior Democrats tried to reach out to the New Jersey freshman on Saturday but were unsuccessful. Van Drew did not respond to calls and texts from POLITICO seeking comment.

Rumors had swirled around Capitol Hill this week that Van Drew was considering leaving the Democratic Party but he strongly denied those claims on multiple occasions. Van Drew flipped his GOP district in southern New Jersey, helping deliver Democrats the House majority. The district, which still leans Republican, voted for Trump in 2016.”

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11 responses to “Jeff Van Drew switching parties, Democrat to Republican over impeachment of Trump, “It was supposed to be bipartisan,…. something that was always on the rarest of circumstances,” 

  1. “Instead of doing so, the government has continued to defy its
    constitutional, ethical and legal obligations to this Court and to the defense, and to hide evidence that it knows exonerates Mr. Flynn. As is the essence of the problem here, instead of protecting its citizens, the “government” is protecting its own criminal conduct and operatives.”…Attorney Sidney Powell October 23, 2019

  2. God bless Jeff Van Drew.

  3. CW………..
    ………obviously Mr. Van Drew has finally had enough of some of the folks surrounding him. WELCOME TO OUR MIDST JEFF !!!

  4. Exposing the central banks:

    “The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or be so dependent upon its favours that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.”
    The Rothschild brothers of London writing to associates in New York, 1863.

    On occasion, the truth is fully exposed, even though the deliverer of that truth never meant for it to be seen by the public eye. In the case of the Fed, as the Rothschild’s pointed out, the truth is evident but will not be comprehended by the general population. Actually, the truth is not even desired, for acceptance of this truth, and reversal of the scam, would cause financial upheaval and hardship, and therefore would require individual responsibility. In this country today, the widespread acceptance of personal responsibility is clearly absent, so accepting the truth and the consequences of that truth is avoided at all cost. But this avoidance will only cause the associated problems to increase in severity over time, and when the levee finally breaks, the flood of misery may be insurmountable. The “mentally incapable” masses spoken about by Rothschild will likely not awaken in time, so their fate is almost certainly already established.”


    The Fed is adding another one third of a trillion dollars to liquidity over the next month.

    Sooner or later, it will be ruination.

  5. Comey said he was sloppy and mistakes were made. Trey Gowdy says we need new people.

    The stage is being set. It’s all going to devolve into a ‘mistakes were made and we need new procedures and maybe a few people need to be fired or reassigned.
    But the only way the malfeasance will stop is if the perps rot in prison. There is no chance of it stopping otherwise.

    Will Barr and Durham step up to the plate?

  6. Sidney Powell – Egregious liberties taken by FBI in the FISA application.

  7. fhl……….
    …………great thought. I have serious doubts that anybody will EVER be locked up. BULLSH-T WILL CONTINUE as long as there is rabid, foaming at the mouth DEMOCRATS. Al Green says if this impeachment fails he will start a new impeachment inquiry. He says he will do it over and over. REAL PSYCHO!!!!

  8. BUT………
    ……….last night I was encouraged by Alan Dershowitz statement. He said that the SCOTUS had agreed to examine certain ASPECTS of the illegal activity that has been going on. However this doesn’t mean they are going to intervene.

  9. It took fifteen years for the FISA court to go from being used to spy on terrorists to it being used to spy on political opponents.

    We’ve also learned definitively that foreign aid is used by politicians as a source of kickbacks to become rich. They enter congress an avg man. They come out millionaires. And foreign aid has been exposed as one of the ways they do it.
    I’ve read that Pelosi’s son, John Kerry’s son, and Mitt Romney’s son were all on the payroll of Ukrainian energy companies.
    And here’s the kicker. It’s also been written that Lindsay Graham also has financial interests related to Ukraine. So are his hearings on the matter going to be a whitewash?

    The great American experiment has been a dud.

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