Fake news lies again re Catholic kids and “Native American” confrontation, Video reveals Nathan Phillips approached them, Black Hebrews racist homophobic and bigoted verbal abuse of students

Fake news lies again re Catholic kids and “Native American” confrontation, Video reveals Nathan Phillips approached them, Black Hebrews racist homophobic and bigoted verbal abuse of students

“The function of the press is very high. It is almost Holy.
It ought to serve as a forum for the people, through which
the people may know freely what is going on. To misstate or
suppress the news is a breach of trust.”
…. Louis D. Brandeis

“If I had my choice I would kill every reporter in the world but I am sure we would be getting reports from hell before breakfast.”… William Tecumseh Sherman

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells


From Zero Hedge.

“More Fake News Exposed As Media Lies About Catholic Kids, Native American Debacle

Partial video footage of students from a Catholic high school allegedly harassing a Native American veteran after the anti-abortion March for Life rally in Washington, D.C., on Saturday quickly went viral, provoking widespread condemnation of the kids on social media. Various media figures and Twitter users called for them to be doxed, shamed, or otherwise punished, and school administrators said they would consider expulsion.

But the rest of the video – nearly two hours of additional footage showing what happened before and after the encounter – adds important context that strongly contradicts the media’s narrative.”

“Far from engaging in racially motivated harassment, the group of mostly white, MAGA-hat-wearing male teenagers remained relatively calm and restrained despite being subjected to incessant racist, homophobic, and bigoted verbal abuse by members of the bizarre religious sect Black Hebrew Israelites, who were lurking nearby. The BHI has existed since the late 19th century, and is best describes as a black nationalist cult movement; its members believe they are descendants of the ancient Israelites, and often express condemnation of white people, Christians, and gays. DC-area Black Hebrews are known to spout particularly vile bigotry.

Phillips put himself between the teens and the black nationalists, chanting and drumming as he marched straight into the middle of the group of young people. What followed was several minutes of confusion: The teens couldn’t quite decide whether Phillips was on their side or not, but tentatively joined in his chanting. It’s not at all clear this was intended as an act of mockery rather than solidarity.”

And CNN’s Jake Tapper admitted the media’s error…

Jake Tapper


.@reason: “Video footage strongly contradicts Native American veteran Nathan Phillips’ claim that Covington Catholic High School boys harassed him. The media got this one completely wrong,” writes @robbysoave https://reason.com/blog/2019/01/20/covington-catholic-nathan-phillips-video 

20.1K people are talking about this

And even David Brooks flipped…

David Brooks


Yesterday I had one impression of the maga kids from Kentucky. Now after seeing more videos I have a different more complicated impression. Makes all the hot takes seem silly.

Read more:


Thank God for the internet.


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24 responses to “Fake news lies again re Catholic kids and “Native American” confrontation, Video reveals Nathan Phillips approached them, Black Hebrews racist homophobic and bigoted verbal abuse of students

  1. “The (American) press, which is mostly controlled by vested
    interests, has an excessive influence on public opinion.”… Albert Einstein

  2. “It is possible that the Catholic boys were complete asses. My initial judgment was that they certainly were that. You don’t treat a peaceful elderly person like this. Even if they thought he was wrong, those boys owed him respect. Yes, the old man approached them, but they could and should have handled him with respect. They come off as bullies.

    But then I watched more clips, showing the greater context of the incident. It is not as simple as it has been portrayed. Below is a more complete video account of what happened. In it, one of the Catholic boys is overheard asking, “Does anybody know what he’s doing? Does anybody know what’s going on here.”

    And, in it, one of the Indians with Phillips shouts: “White people, go back to Europe. This is not your land.” He curses the students with f-bombs (video is NSFW). He goes on: “You’re being a white man about it. That’s all you know how to do.”

    You didn’t see that in the news reporting, did you?”


  3. NAN had to go to the nearest BAR to tank up on BOOZE when she learned that TRUMP saved the AMERICAN PEOPLE 2 MILLION for grounding her special trip the Europe and Afghanistan… with 5 other DemoKKKrat congressmen and their FRIENDS AND FAMILY… 93 total people thinking that SHE had the right to LET the AMERICAN people PAY for her adventure along with others that have NOTHING to do with Our government… SHE GOT CAUGHT !

  4. Mr. Wells… I watched that when it was happening. The boys were sent there by their teachers/couches to wait on the bus. The old man approached in a demeaning manner and sang and hit his drum right in the boys face for several minutes! The boys were reciting their song long before the old man showed up and as usual the black guys had to insult! Every one of the boys were being respectful at all times!

  5. Scumbag media got caught.
    Thank God.

  6. https://www.wpsdlocal6.com/2019/01/20/covington-catholic-high-school-student-responds-to-incident-at-lincoln-memorial/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_WPSD-TV&fbclid=IwAR3yMdQMf78lQ-jjvLDTC8bMbjfVWyRpAsefxFKbblbK3wHJdl1sVquXWzg

    The response writted by the student in the video.


    Covington Catholic High School student responds to incident at Lincoln Memorial

    I am the student in the video who was confronted by the Native American protestor. I arrived at the Lincoln Memorial at 4:30 p.m. I was told to be there by 5:30 p.m., when our busses were due to leave Washington for the trip back to Kentucky. We had been attending the March for Life rally, and then had split up into small groups to do sightseeing.

  7. TO ALL………
    ………here @ Citizen Wells. Earlier this week I reported on the incident which occurred between some native Americans and a group of high schoolers in Washington DC. In my post I reiterated that the SNOTNOSED PUNKS had been harassing the native Americans. How WRONG I WAS IN BOTH VEINS. Today I am feeling extremely ASHAMED of myself, and am hurting deeply inside of myself for having jumped to conclusions……..(not the first time for me). When I saw the REST OF THE STORY, I immediately realized that I had jumped to conclusions, based upon what it all LOOKED LIKE rather than wait for awhile to accurately verify the facts. I humbly APOLOGISE to everyone who read my words, and particularly to the students who I accuse3d of being SNOTNOSED PUNKS.. I know no other way to say this….I WAS TOTALLY WRONG, and inside of me I am feeling it. In reality it was a CONGLOMERATION of misconceptions. I do however stand firmly against the attempts of the black so called Hebrew Activists who were allegedly shouting at the students in what appeared to be an attempt to cause a confrontation. Perhaps the Native Americans should have been beating the drum in the face of those were really trying to cause trouble. AGAIN…….I APOLOGISE TO ALL FOR MY ERRANT VIEWS, AND DISRESPECTFUL WORDS. I SHALL TRY TO DO BETTER IN THE FUTURE !!!

  8. oldsailor.
    Don’t feel too bad.
    Just set your decoder ring to question everything you read or hear.
    I was outraged at first but needed the truth.
    Pretend you are Winston in 1984 because effectively we all are.

  9. oldsailor85+
    Well here is today’s news from MzzzzzCortez

    I would like to send her to the Moon and leave her there.

  10. “You can’t fix stupid.”
    Ron White

  11. hapnHal……..
    …………there are some people who cause you a bad case of indigestion just by looking at them or a picture of them. Mzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Cortez is ONE OF THEM.

  12. CW oldsailor85+ All

    Nancy has made it perfectly clear…Mr. Trump you are NOT welcome in MY HOUSE. In response the White House made this statement.

    President Trump has a backup plan if the Speaker does not allow him to deliver the SOTU from the House — The President will deliver his speech from somewhere outside of Washington DC. — location to be announced!

    A backup plan UBET.
    Two weeks ago a friend of mine came up with a plan for President Trump’s SOTU address. This plan will be a historic first, utilizes new technologies and will drive the LIBERALS Absolutely NUTS.
    Well what is it? Any guesses? Wild Guesses?

    It’s a PODCAST!

    President Trump may do this…wait and see.

  13. hapnHal…….
    …………sounds like a solid plan to me. The media can’t ban him for pretentious reasons. I think that the idea might catch on with a LOT of Americans………particularly with those who still possess a degree of intellectual prowess.

  14. America today is fast becoming a society that wants EVERYTHING for FREE, and without any effort of their own in pursuit. A fast growing number of Americans also believe that Healthcare of everybody (including illegals) is something that our country OWES THEM………again FOR FREE. This is what America is turning into. Soon everybody will quit their jobs and demand that the government provide them with a FREE living. To that end we are seeing illegals being handed $1200.00 dollars a month per person out of our Social Security system. These people are being given a driver’s license in California which allegedly allows them to receive SS. I was required to pay into the system all of my working life. Why are ILLEGALS being given money from SS without having ever paid into it? THIS IS OUT AND OUT FRAUD on the part of CRIMINAL POLITICIANS. Perhaps it is time to clean the POLITICAL HOUSE.

  15. Have you been reading Greg Rubini on Twitter?

  16. Trump Tells Pelosi He Will Deliver State Of The Union Speech As Planned

    Dear Madam Speaker:

    Thank you for your letter of January 3, 2019, sent to me long after the Shutdown began, inviting me to address the Nation on January 29th as to the State of the Union.

    As you know, I had already accepted your kind invitation, however, I then received another letter from you dated January 16, 2019, wherein you expressed concerns regarding security during the State of the Union Address due to the Shutdown. Even prior to asking, I was contacted by the Department of Homeland Security and the United States Secret Service to explain that there would be absolutely no problem regarding security with respect to the event. They have since confirmed this publicly.

    Accordingly, there are no security concerns regarding the State of the Union Address. Therefore, I will be honoring your invitation, and fulfilling my Constitutional duty, to deliver important information to the people and Congress of the United States of America regarding the State of our Union.

    I look forward to seeing you on the evening on January 29th in the Chamber of the House of Representatives. It would be so very sad for our Country if the State of the Union were not delivered on time, on schedule, and very importantly, on location!


    …………..I listened to Bill Maher as he raved and ranted about President Trump. In Maher’s sick, twisted, lunatic mind he is now an MD, and knows all there is to know about President Trump. Maher has implied that Trump is a PSYCHOPATH who stole the election. Boy LOOK WHO IS TALKING ABOUT PSYCHOS. IT TAKES ONE TO RECOGNISE ANOTHER. IN TRUTH IT IS MAHER WHO SHOULD BE PLACED IN A PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL. You only need to look into his face……….all of the earmarks of mental instability are there. His facial expressions tells on him!!!!

  18. Pelosi postpones Trump’s speech.

    Click to access 5c48c5f10d491.pdf.pdf

  19. “I Can’t Say I’m Sorry” Says Covington MAGA Hat Teen; “Vietnam Vet” Indian Outed As Fridge-Fixer


  20. Trump should give his SOTU address at the border!! The open border!!

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