Dishonest Democrats control dishonest Fake News Media to prop up legitimize dishonest Christine Blasey Ford testimony & psycho babble, “exploited units of human capital”

Dishonest Democrats control dishonest Fake News Media to prop up legitimize dishonest Christine Blasey Ford testimony & psycho babble, “exploited units of human capital”

However, when the CHD funds Alinsky-style, church-based community organizations as in the best interest of the poor and supports organizations which advance other agendas, it divests the poor of their right to an authentic voice. This process tends to treat the poor as exploited units of human capital, rather than as human beings created in the dignity of God’s image.”…report to the Catholic Bishops 1997

“the Democratic Party overlooked the ethical red flags and made a pact with Mr. Clinton that was the equivalent of a pact with the devil. And he delivered. With Mr. Clinton at the controls, the party won the White House twice. But in the process it lost its bearings and maybe even its soul.”…Bob Herbert, NY Times February 26, 2001

“Democrat mantra: The end justifies the means.”…Citizen Wells


“There is nothing new under the sun” and you can depend on the Democrats using people as “exploited units of human capital”.

Christine Blasey Ford has some issues that need addressing and may have had a traumatic experience when she was young. She believes that she did and has unjustly accused Brett Kavanaugh without any corroboration of her flawed memory. Her story fell apart.

Ms. Ford, despite many years of psychological education, made the following statements during testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee:

DURBIN: “Dr. Ford, with what degree of certainty do you believe Brett Kavanaugh assaulted you?”

FORD: “One hundred percent.”

Ford tries to impress the audience with pseudo science:

FORD: “The same way that I’m sure that I’m talking to you right now. It’s — just basic memory functions. And also just the level of norepinephrine and epinephrine in the brain that, sort of, as you know, encodes — that neurotransmitter encodes memories into the hippocampus. And so, the trauma-related experience, then, is kind of locked there, whereas other details kind of drift.”

FEINSTEIN: “So what you are telling us is this could not be a case of mistaken identity?”

FORD: “Absolutely not.”

Ford lied and tried to bullshit with psycho babble.

What the experts say:

“First up, we have Elizabeth Loftus from the University of California, Irvine, who is one of the founders of the area of false memory research, and is considered one of the most ‘eminent psychologists of the 20thcentury.

Elizabeth Loftus says you need independent evidence to corroborate your memories.

According to Loftus: “The one take home message that I have tried to convey in my writings, and classes, and in my TED talk is this: Just because someone tells you something with a lot of confidence and detail and emotion, it doesn’t mean it actually happened. You need independent corroboration to know whether you’re dealing with an authentic memory, or something that is a product of some other process.”  


“Chris French wants you to stop believing common memory myths.

“My top 5 take-home messages on memory:

1. Memory does not work like a video camera, accurately recording all of the details of witnessed events. Instead, memory (like perception) is a constructive process. We typically remember the gist of an event rather than the exact details.

2. When we  construct a memory, errors can occur. We will typically fill in gaps in our memories with what we think we must have experienced not necessarily what we actually did experience. We may also include misinformation we encountered after the event. We will not even be consciously aware that this has happened.

3. We not only distort memories for events that we have witnessed, we may have completely false memories for events that never occurred at all. Such false memories are particularly likely to arise in certain contexts, such as (unintentionally) through the use of certain dubious psychotherapeutic techniques or (intentionally) in psychology experiments.

4. There is no convincing evidence to support the existence of the psychoanalytic concept of repression, despite it being a widely accepted concept.

5. There is currently no way to distinguish, in the absence of independent evidence, whether a particular memory is true or false. Even memories which are detailed and vivid and held with 100 percent conviction can be completely false.””

The senators are typically well educated and many have legal educations. From the hearing:

COONS: “Thank you, Chairman Grassley. I’d like to ask unanimous consent to submit for the record five articles, including one titled “Why Sexual Assault Memories Stick,””

KLOBUCHAR: OK. You know from my experience with memory, I remember distinctly things that happened to me in high school or happened to me in college.

HIRONO: “The prosecutor should know that sexual assault survivors often do not remember peripheral information such as what happened before or after the traumatic event, and yet, she will persist in asking these questions all to undermine the memory and basically, the credibility of Dr. Ford. But we all know Dr. Ford’s memory of the assault is very clear.”

An internet search today yields every possible excuse in the world for her flawed, psycho babble testimony.

Compare the fake news media explanations to the experts above.

Memory is flawed, unreliable and must have corroborating evidence to be credible!

I found an honest report at the Mlwaukee Journal Sentinel.

And from Fox.

Once again, the fake news media is making Trump’s case for him.

They cannot be trusted.

They continue to lie to the American People.

And the Democrats continue to use people as “exploited units of human capital”.

They have been using people of color for well over a hundred years.


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16 responses to “Dishonest Democrats control dishonest Fake News Media to prop up legitimize dishonest Christine Blasey Ford testimony & psycho babble, “exploited units of human capital”

  1. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”…Ephesians 6:12

  2. CW………
    ………..perhaps it is time to take a more direct approach to sort out truth from a myriad of lies. Treat known liars to adverse corrections.

  3. AND WHEN ………
    ………..a person knowingly accuses another of a criminal act, it is time to move it into the courtroom. If the accuser is proven to have lied he/she should be prosecuted, and rewarded with an extended slammer vacation. Perhaps this will go a long way in keeping a chronic liar from additional episodes of lying.


  5. Famed Polygraph Expert Questions Dr. Ford’s Testimony…dr-ford-s…/1480820649
    3 days ago – Dr. Ford admitting she cried during the polygraph test, done hours after her grandmother’s funeral, Grogan says that’s another red flag.

  6. Thanks fhl

  7. The dark, ugly truth about these people eventually surfaces. Always.

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