NC Florence impact, Rain and flooding, Greensboro report, UNCG vs Guilford County school closings, Buffalo Creek real news

NC Florence impact, Rain and flooding, Greensboro report, UNCG vs Guilford County school closings, Buffalo Creek real news

” “Four-Letter Words, the Keys to Success: Home Work, Hard Work, Team Work, Good Luck, Good Lord, and a Good Idea.” Out of money in 1939, he dropped out of college and returned home to work in his brother Glenn’s store in Kannapolis, and later worked for Cannon Mills as an auditor. He volunteered for the army after the attack on Pearl Harbor, serving in North Africa and Italy from 1942 to 1945. Upon his return from the war, Mr. Ketner did everything possible to stay out of the grocery business, working nine jobs he didn’t like before ultimately returning to work for Glenn. When Glenn sold his chain of 25 stores to Winn-Dixie in 1956, Ralph and brother Brown worked briefly for that chain before starting Food Town with former co-worker, Wilson Smith, in 1957.”…Ralph Ketner, founder of Food Lion obituary

“What message are we sending to our young people when we treat them like snowflakes?”…Citizen Wells


First of all, the reports you are getting from eastern North and South Carolina, especially SE NC are real and it is bad with the flooding likely to get worse before better. The reason for that is the subsequent rain west that will increase the flow of water going east.

They need our prayers and support.

A friend of mine owns property on Oak Island and he does not know when he will be able to drive there due to the flooding and road closures.

In case you are wondering about the impact on areas west like Greensboro. I can answer that.

Perhaps you have heard about UNCG calling off classes beginning Wednesday at noon through today. That must have raised questions in your mind.

The Guilford County School System made a wise decision and let classes out at 2:00 PM on Thursday and delayed opening this morning for 2 hours.

I know Greensboro well.

It has no rivers, just the usual creeks.

Buffalo Creek, is the most famous and notorious for overflowing during heavy spring and summer showers.

But it impacts very few people.

Last week when UNCG called off classes prematurely, many of us were puzzled.

It appeared then as now to be a irresponsible decision.

UNCG is on high ground with a large support staff within and surrounding the school.

Here are some photos from late this morning.

The first a tributary or upstream portion of Buffalo Creek flooded sometime between 4:00 PM Saturday and this morning. It flooded much worse last year from a typical spring summer downpour.

This photo is Buffalo Creek at Elm Street. It is high but not overflowing as in the past.

Speaking of Buffalo Creek and fake news.

I grew up within walking distance of Buffalo Presbyterian Church, named for the creek which was named for the buffalo that roamed the area hundreds of years ago.

By “chance” I ran across the following article this morning.

From O’Henry Magazine September 2017.

“It might make a good argument to claim the mighty Buffalo was named for a shaggy creature who might have denuded those banks in a quest for a grazing paradise. Nice try, county historian James G. W. MacLamroc informed Greensborians in a ’72 News & Record Hot Line response asking about the creek’s namesake. His research indicated that Buffalo were rare around these parts when early settlers moved here in the mid-1700s, so it’s unlikely the beasts donated their name to the stream. More likely, whoever laid the name on the waterway just chose it because the mighty bison projects a strong American image for a creek, a robe or a nickel.”

Quoting a News Record source can be problematic.

From the “History of Guilford County.”

“Greensboro, Queen of Piedmont Carolina. Surrounded by beautiful, undulating fields covered with soft Japanese clover, buffalo grass and abundant wild flowers, she is called the “City of Flowers.” Once this section was prairie”

From “History of Buffalo Presbyterian church and her people, Greensboro, N. C”.

“The church was named from the creek near by, and was at
first called “North Buffaloe Creek Presbyterian Church.” The
creek was named Buffaloe because of the large herds of wild
buffaloes that formerly ranged along its borders. We do not
know when the name was first given to the creek. It is thus
called in the earliest deeds. It must have been called Buffalo
by the Indians before the white man came.”

From the Smoky Mountain News.

“John Henry Preston in Western North Carolina: A History (Asheville: Daughters of the American Revolution, 1914) notes that some of Hernando de Soto’s men exploring this area in 1540 were presented with a dressed buffalo skin by the Cherokees. This, Arthur speculates, was perhaps the first such skin “ever obtained by white men.” The Spaniards described it as “an ox hide as thin as a calf’s skin, and the hair like a soft wool between the coarse and fine wool of sheep.””

“While helping to run the dividing line between North Carolina and Virginia in 1729, Col. William Byrd of Virginia recorded several buffalo sightings in the Piedmont sections of those states. According to Hornaday, Byrd noted that a bull “was found all alone, tho Buffaloes Seldom are,” and “the meat is spoken of as ‘a Rarity.’””

Buffalo Creek was named for the Buffalo that roamed the area and people have lived near it for thousands of years.

So, there you have it, real news.

Which leaves the question, why did UNCG cancel classes when kindergartners were attending school in the same city?

A snowflake protocol?

The very mention of a hurricane causing a panic and flight to a safe space?

“Mama don’t let your babies grow up to be snowflakes.”


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12 responses to “NC Florence impact, Rain and flooding, Greensboro report, UNCG vs Guilford County school closings, Buffalo Creek real news

  1. “Comedians have a hard time performing on college campuses anymore because of all the little snowflakes running around that get offended by just about anything they say.”

  2. CW………..
    ………….and because of the twisted snowflakes it might one day become law that anyone who laughs in public could be arrested and sentenced without even a hearing. Laughing in public will be evidence of RACISM by the offender. Just more evidence that America is going to HELL IN A HANDBASKET.!!!!

  3. AND……….
    ……the SELF DECORATED former Viet Nam naval officer says he was not talking with Iran about government business…….so why did HE TELL THE IRANIANS TO WAIT OUT TRUMP, WITH THE American flag behind him. Once again he is a total liar……..and also in violation of the Logan Act. Kerry talks about Trump being immature, yet it was he himself who in his younger years went to a foreign country and preached about America being so bad. That is the act of an extremely childish individual.

  4. MR. KERRY……….
    ……………there are a lot of Americans who see through you for what you really are……….I am an 86 year old Navy vet who has seen through you since DAY ONE. !!!!……… least I earned the decorations I received during my enlistment. They were awarded to my by my commanding officer……..and I didn’t write myself up for them either. ……Only a cowardly child would behave in such a manner !!!!

  5. BTW…;…..
    …………..doesn’t it seem strange that Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Ford can remember all of the facts, and all of her alleged attackers, but she can’t remember the date of the attack……..and early on her story was she was attacked by boys from a nearby boys school. She then said she didn’t know any of them. I hope they can locate Mark Judge who she alleges was one of the attackers. Lets hear what he has to say. This all is right up Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Whine stine’s alley. She can’t seem to get deviant sex off her mind…………wonder why!!!! Such people will eventually suffer the consequences of their twisted behavior. Mzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Whine Stine is a publically admitted LESBIAN. People like her all have mental issues !!

  6. CW………
    ……… there a FLORENCE recovery fund set up yet in NC. I would like to send some money to help with those who are in need. Please advise !

  7. AND………..
    …………the attempted smear of Judge Kavanaugh will backfire heavily on the LIBERAL POS at the ballot box. I pray it ends the career of lies of Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Feinstein.

  8. You can feel the fear in their voices, it’s almost hitting the fan!

    AG Sessions un-recused himself, and is about to drop the hammer on these traitors!

  9. The North Carolina Disaster Relief Fund is currently accepting contributions for Hurricane Florence damage. Contributions will help with immediate unmet needs of Hurricane Florence victims. Contributions are made online by secure link after you submit the webform below. Or text Florence to 20222.

    If you are unable to text or give online, you may mail your contribution to:

    North Carolina Disaster Relief Fund
    20312 Mail Service Center
    Raleigh, NC 27699

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