James A. Lyons Jr. retired US Navy admiral Seth Rich article scrubbed?, Washington Times sued by Aaron Rich, False theories about unsolved murder?, First amendment rights?, Many questions unanswered

James A. Lyons Jr. retired US Navy admiral Seth Rich article scrubbed?, Washington Times sued by Aaron Rich, False theories about unsolved murder?, First amendment rights?, Many questions unanswered

“I know that Seth Rich was involved in the DNC leak.”…Kim Dotcom

“Burkman said in an interview that he considered Selig like a brother and was badly shaken by his friend’s death.”
“The tragically ironic part is Glenn’s last words to me were, ‘Be careful,’” Burkman said. “It’s just a tragedy — terrible.””…Politico Jan. 24, 2018

“As soon as all the corrections which happened to be necessary in any particular number of the Times had been assembled and collated, that number would be reprinted, the original copy destroyed, and the corrected copy placed on the files in it’s stead. This process of continuation alteration was applied not only to newspapers, but to books, periodicals, pamphlets, posters, leaflets, films, sound tracks, cartoons, photographs–to every kind of literature or documentation which might conceivably hold any political or ideological significance. Day by day and almost minute by minute the past was brought up to date. In this way every prediction made by the Party could be shown by documentary evidence to be correct; nor was any item of news, or expression of opinion, which conflicted with the needs of the moment, ever allowed to be on record.”…George Orwell, “1984″


Yesterday was George Orwell’s (Eric Blair) birthday.

Winston’s job in “1984” was to rectify articles, scrub and rewrite.

So it apparently is with a Washington Times article written by James A. Lyons Jr., retired US Navy admiral, on March 1, 2018. about the Seth Rich murder. Pressure from the lawsuit?

The article has been oft quoted.

The link to the Washington Times article did not work nor did a search on their site.

I found the article on the Wayback Machine.

I assure you, in this case and all others, I want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The Washington Times article is listed under commentary and is tagged as Analysis/Opinion. Perhaps there should have been more ? marks and “alleged” notations.

“More cover-up questions

The curious murder of Seth Rich poses questions that just won’t stay under the official rug”


“With the clearly unethical and most likely criminal behavior of the upper management levels of the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) exposed by Chairman Devin Nunes of the House Intelligence Committee, there are two complementary areas that have been conveniently swept under the rug.

The first deals with the murder of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich, and the second deals with the alleged hacking of the DNC server by Russia. Both should be of prime interest to special counsel Robert Mueller, but do not hold your breath.

The facts that we know of in the murder of the DNC staffer, Seth Rich, was that he was gunned down blocks from his home on July 10, 2016. Washington Metro police detectives claim that Mr. Rich was a robbery victim, which is strange since after being shot twice in the back, he was still wearing a $2,000 gold necklace and watch. He still had his wallet, key and phone. Clearly, he was not a victim of robbery.

This has all the earmarks of a targeted hit job. However, strangely no one has been charged with this horrific crime, and what is more intriguing is that no law enforcement agency is even investigating this murder. According to other open sources, Metro police were told by their “higher ups” that if they spoke about the case, they will be immediately terminated. It has been claimed that this order came down from very high up the “food chain,” well beyond the D.C. mayor’s office. Interesting.”

“With regard to the alleged Russian hacking of the DNC server, Mr. Assange also offered information to the Trump administration to prove Russia didn’t hack the DNC server, as the DNC claimed. Mr. Assange also met with Orange Country Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, California Republican, and gave him information to present to the Trump administration to prove no one hacked the DNC server.

However, with the Obama holdovers in key positions, it is not surprising that no one from the Trump administration would meet with the congressman or Mr. Assange. New Zealand tech expert Kim DotCom said he has proof that both he and Seth Rich were involved in passing the emails to Wikileaks, but he has been ignored as well.

The FBI opened an investigation into the theft of the DNC emails in July 2016. However, the FBI has not inspected the DNC server because the DNC won’t give permission. Is the FBI an extension of the DNC? That’s why we have subpoenas. Instead, the FBI relied on an assessment by a cyber security firm, Crowd Strike, hired by the Hillary Clinton campaign and DNC’s law firm Perkins Coie as proof that Russia was the hacker. Incompetence is an understatement. Corruption at the highest levels of the DOJ/FBI is clear.

The Trump administration must take charge and get a competent attorney general to pursue these crimes.

• James A. Lyons, Jr., a retired U.S. Navy admiral, was commander in chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet and senior U.S. military representative to the United Nations.”

Read more:


“Seth Rich’s brother sues conservative media figures for defamation”

“Aaron Rich, the brother of a Democratic National Committee staffer who was killed in 2016, is suing conservative media figures and The Washington Times for defamation, alleging in a lawsuit filed Monday that they spread false theories about the unsolved murder of Seth Rich.”

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36 responses to “James A. Lyons Jr. retired US Navy admiral Seth Rich article scrubbed?, Washington Times sued by Aaron Rich, False theories about unsolved murder?, First amendment rights?, Many questions unanswered

  1. citizenwells

    From Zero Hedge November 4, 2017.

    “Donna Brazile Says She “Feared For Her Life” After Seth Rich Was Killed

    Perhaps the most shocking revelation contained in the excerpts from former DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile’s book was, unsurprisingly, buried in a Washington Post overview of the various allegations (and frankly, we’re surprised the Post, given its status as a protector of the Washington establishment, deigned to publish it).

    In the aftermath of Wikileaks’ decision to publish a cache of emails stolen from the DNC’s servers, Donna Brazile says she became increasingly paranoid about both possible Russian efforts to sway the election. Surprisingly, she says top Democrats initially instructed her not to discuss her concerns with others.
    But even more than the Russians, Brazile says she feared possible retribution from shadowy elements within the campaign and the Democratic Party who might blame her for the leak. Her fears only intensified, she says, after the mysterious shooting of former campaign staffer Seth Rich, who the authorities said was killed during a robbery, though many so-called conspiracy theorists have speculated about a possible Democratic plot to kill Rich for his role in leaking the stash of DNC emails to Wikileaks. Brazile’s anxiety eventually spiraled out of control, to the point where she feared for her own life while serving as interim chairwoman of the DNC.”


  2. citizenwells

    “Why Did James Comey Issue “Stand Down” Order On Imminent Deal With Julian Assange?

    A “stand down” order given by James Comey to kill an imminent deal between the US Government and Julian Assange preceded the largest leak in CIA history, known as “Vault 7,” reports John Solomon of The Hill. Assange was willing to redact the names of CIA employees, and also offered to provide technical evidence which would rule out “certain parties” (such as Russia) in the DNC email hack.”


  3. CW……….
    ……….it was, and still is my belief that if Julian Assange ever comes to America he will be dead before 24 hours has elapsed. I believe that the DNC has a standing whack order on him. The only reason why he hasn’t yet been whacked is because he was living at the Ecuador Embassy in London.

  4. CW……..
    ………..the POS who whacked Seth Rich was undoubtedly paid by either Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Piggy, Slick Willy, or a slimy DNC hired GOON. Sooner or later a set of unusual circumstances will bring down the true murderer of Seth Rich. The murderer will be discovered by accident.

  5. oldsailor86

    ………..SCOTUS upholds Trump’s Constitutional authority on travel ban. 5-4. Sadly 4 justices think he does not have the power to ban people from entrance. This reasoning tells me that while the POTUS DOES HAVE a constitutional right to ban anyone he chooses to ban. There are four justices who voted from a political perspective instead of a Constitutional basis.

  6. oldsailor86

    ………..rabid Maxine foams at the mouth as she rave, and rants.

  7. AND TODAY……..

  8. citizenwells

    Supreme Court Justice Kennedy retiring; Trump gets 2nd Supreme Court pick

  9. oldsailor86

    I THINK………
    ………..it is time that we understand what CLASSIFIED means with respect to potentially damaging to US security. There is TOP SECRET, there is SECRET, and there is CONFIDENTIAL. I personally am cleared for TOP SECRET. With respect to the ongoing investigations it is now CERTAIN that the classification of documents was done for the singular purpose of HIDING potential PERSONALLY EMBARRASSING information. This will eventually be discovered, and Trump will probably soon order DE CLASSIFICATION of ALL the pertinent documents that have no potential to damage national security. He needs to do this soon so that these documents may be read UNREDACTED by oversight committee. Most of the FBI documents will be super damaging to the perpetrators of CORRUPTION. This is the reason why they DOJ-FBI has continued to refuse to turn over the SUBPOENAED documents. It is more than probable that the UNREDACTED documents will CONVICT all of the perpetrators……..including Mzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Piggy.
    With respect to Mzzzzzzzzzz. Waters, I think there will soon be floor action to CENSURE her INSANE behavior which seems to never end! They came close to censure of Mzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Warren in 2017. Last Saturday Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Waters, went to “courthouse square” and attempted to illegally create illegal behavior against members of the Whitehouse staff………..she could soon face CENSURE by her peers in Congress.

  10. oldsailor86

    ………….With respect to the replacement for Justice Kennedy, I pray that Trump will nominate somebody who the liberals can’t attack without seriously damaging their own interests. All they will be able to do is CRITICISE………..just as they did with Gorsuch. Their behavior will be amusing to watch. Anyone with a good command of grammar will be able to turn every word they utter 180 degrees around on them. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than watching, and hearing a LIBERAL MORON EAT HIS/HER OWN WORDS. har har

  11. oldsailor86

    OFF TOPIC……..
    ……….I am still hopeful that President Trump will replace Sessions with an attorney general who ACTS QUICKLY to prosecute all people who have perpetrated corruption, and crimes against our country. We need to return to the law enforcement of YESTERYEAR.

  12. citizenwells

    Someone who adheres to the US Constitution.

  13. oldsailor86…. When I started working at Chrysler I was hired as a (TPT) Temporary part time. I worked two days a week. I did not want to be part of U.A.W. local 110 because they were taking out two hours a month on us for union dues. Our starting pay was $13.00 an hour and no benefits! That was around three years until I made full time. The full time employees were making $18.00 + an hour and full benefits. At no time when a dispute came up between a union member and a non union member we were not allowed to complain (file a grievance) The TPT in most cases were not fired just removed from that department, probably because Chrysler knew the TPT’s could have a lawsuit against Chrysler and the U.A.W. One TPT was let go in a deceiving way. She was no longer called in for work ! Why? Because she filed a sexual harassment suit. I feared I was next because we both were being assaulted by those thugs! Example: One was a convicted rapist who raped his buddies wife and served time in prison. I was scared for my life and kept quiet! When the other female gave my name to her lawyer and I was contacted to join the suit! At first I said no and changed my mind when the shop steward would report to these thugs everything that was being said between the her lawyers and Chrysler lawyers. I was threatened to keep my mouth shut. The rapist would hold up money and say out loud who ever gets this bitch… here is $500.00 I was stalked on the interstate going home! Old axel grease was put on the handle of the my husbands truck door handle. The scariest thing was that it was the first time I drove the truck there on the lot so they would not know when I was in the parking lot. They were watching my every more. I jumped for joy when I heard the Supreme Courts ruling. But I do not see any protection for the part time people. I have always thought that unions should not be in federal governments because some of them never gets fired for any misdoing.

  14. Carol White…..
    ………..sadly there is always some pieces of $HIT around who will do everything in their power to harass others…….female or male. They are usually UNBATHED, LOW INTELLIGENCE, and MORONIC individuals, who are usually LIBERAL DEMOCRATS. It seems as thought there are more and more of these sort of people showing up in the workplace. If I was in your shoes I would purchase a .380 caliber semi auto handgun, (or larger caliber) then subscribe to a full training course on the weapon. Such training must also include learning about the laws which govern the use of LETHAL FORCE. You must learn these laws, particularly if you want to carry a concealed weapon. I seriously doubt that Chrysler-Fiat will allow you to bring a concealed weapon onto the property. This doesn’t mean that you can’t carry the weapon after you leave the workplace. In many states there is a special registration required for concealed carry. After you have completed your training you should apply for concealed carry permit. If you have been threatened it will be relatively easy to obtain a concealed carry permit. Then you must make a personal resolve to use such force if you are being attacked or are about to be attacked. Many LOW INTELLIGENCE GOONS like the one you described are really COWARDLY A$$HOLES. They always threaten and /or attack women but RUN AND HIDE when it looks like they are about to get their HEADS BENT by a guy. You must try to walk away from such a MORON, but if he attempts to lay a hand on you then you are in a position to tell him that you will put as many bullets in him as it takes to stop him. If he comes for you DO EXACTLY AS I HAVE SAID……..that is why you are carrying a concealed weapon. No court in the land can convict you for defending yourself. You might consider wearing a body cam as well should you be forced to shoot some bastard the cam will show exactly who done what FIRST. The body cam will back you up in the court room. The body cams are available at both EBAY, and AMAZON. I have seen them advertised as low as $39.95.
    At work you need to try to keep near somebody who is a friend at both starting work, and exiting work. Are you working at the Jefferson Plant or at Hamtramck plant?.

  15. oldsailor86

    Carol White……
    ………..after I posted the foregoing I checked the location of the Chrysler as’sy plants. I had forgotten that Hamtramck was closed. I believe that Sterling Heights plant is still active…….as well as the old plant at Warren. Sorry about forgetting. At 86 years of age I sometimes feel lucky just to remember my name.

  16. Carol White

    oldsailor85… It was at the Chrysler plant in Fenton, Missouri. There was two plants. Plant (1) Truck plant/ Dodge Ram… and Plant (2) mini vans. I worked both of them. Plant (1) was UAW local 136 and plant (2) was UAW local 110. This was around fourteen years ago! The happy part is shortly after that both plants were taken down and it is a large field now unless someone bought the land. I was a pin stripper and paint stripper! Loved it! When I was doing pin stripes I was able to take one sit of stripes and stick them in my pocket and hold the other in my hand and work up the line. I did one side and another person did their side. I was so good that I could work up the line so far I was able to go to the rest room with out calling for the relief person. I was so good that the guys in repair would beg me to do both sides then they would not have to repair them. Saved the company lots of money. I heard that I was up for a recognition from corporate but around that time the hell was breaking lose. Oh, well. Guess who hired me? Lee Ioacoa (sp) I wanted to help my daughter to go to St. Louis University and parent loans were not enough so I wrote to him telling him that my daughter was Valedictorian of her class and she did her part and now it was my turn. I was told by the personal manager he got orders to get in touch with me and put me to work. I think the union shut down my full time chance but no way was I going to complain to anyone. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

  17. oldsailor86

    Carol White…….
    …………the recent ruling by the SCOTUS which exempts non union people from paying a union dues opens the door for class action recovery lawsuits against organized labor which non union people were forced to pay. Further I think that the recent ruling by SCOTUS has opened up a can of worms which is going to morph into a trainload of TYRANNASAURUSES for organized labor ………VERY SOON. This includes so called INITIATION FEES extorted from non union people as well.

  18. oldsailor86

    TAXATION ………

  19. oldsailor86

    ………we need a photoshop of Ginsberg sitting at the judge’s throne sound asleep in a packed courtroom, as she adjudicates a case before her with seated jury and prosecutor babbling his evidence……while Ginsberg sleeps!!!!

  20. oldsailor86

    ………OFF TOPIC…………
    …………there is allegedly a huge asteroid passing earth, which is large enough to see with the naked eye. I will attempt to learn more about it ,and post what I learn so that we can all go outside and look for it.

  21. Carol White and GW,

    Watching the repercussions of the SCOTUS ruling regarding unions with interest.

    I can only speak about my union, which I had no desire to join back in the day. Here’s the scam: You can opt out of the union for one dollar *less* than the regular dues that union members pay. So, non-union members are paying for what, exactly; lining the pockets of the union bosses?

    Also, dental and vision insurance (normally covered under your regular insurance plan) is not covered in any of the health insurance plans they offer; the *union* holds your dental and vision plans under *their* wing. If you have a household member who can add you to their plan that’s great but if not, you either join the union or have all your teeth fall out and then, go blind.

    We did receive a ‘statement’ from the union last night predicting the end of the world (and more gloom and doom) because of this ruling. I’m waiting. Retiring from this hole can’t come soon enough.

  22. fhl………
    …………..it is interesting to note how Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Pelosi unconsciously hooks her hands. Much of the time when she is giving a speech, or otherwise distracted she unconsciously hooks her hands. Her fingers resemble claws. She often does this when she is walking also. Over my lifetime I have read that this is one of many indicators of mental imbalance. This notion seems to take on even more reality when you look into her face when she is giving a speech. Her unconscious facial grimaces are another indicator of mental imbalance.

  23. oldsailor85+
    oh,oh PROBLEM HERE!!

    House Intel Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) is calling for 17 FBI and DOJ officials to testify on Capitol Hill about FISA abuse during the 2016 presidential election
    In a letter obtained by Fox News, Nunes requests that the joint task force of the Oversight and Judiciary Committees take steps to interview these officials because they may “have relevant information.”

    The House Intelligence Committee does not have direct oversight over the FBI and the DOJ, so testimony is more likely to be compelled by referring names to the Oversight and Judiciary Committees.

    “For the sake of transparency and to keep the American people as fully informed as possible about these matters, the task force should consider interviewing these individuals in an open setting,” Nunes wrote in the Friday letter to House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy and House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte.

    In the letter, Nunes is also calling for Trump-hating FBI lawyers Sally Moyer and Kevin Clinesmith, who were recently unmasked my Chairman Meadows in a Congressional hearing with Inspector General Michael Horowitz to testify.

    Another official named by Nunes is the FBI agent who was present at the General Flynn ambush with Peter Strzok, Joe Pientka. Rosenstein has fiercely worked to block Pientka from testifying.

    The full list of 17 FBI, DOJ officials named by Chairman Nunes include:

    Trisha Anderson, DOJ lawyer
    James Baker, former FBI general counsel
    Gregory Brower, former FBI congressional liaison
    John Carlin, former head of the DOJ’s national security division
    Kevin Clinesmith, FBI lawyer
    Tashina Gauhar, DOJ official
    David Laufman, former head of DOJ’s counterintelligence division
    Andrew McCabe, former FBI deputy director
    Mary McCord, former DOJ lawyer
    Jonathan Moffa, FBI official
    Sally Moyer, FBI lawyer
    Bruce Ohr, former associate deputy attorney general
    Lisa Page, former FBI lawyer
    Joseph Pientka, FBI agent
    E.W. “Bill” Priestap, assistant director of the FBI counterintelligence division
    Peter Strzok, FBI agent
    George Toscas, DOJ official ll:

  24. fhl………
    ……….great caricature! Why type 500 words when 4 or 5 pictures says it all!!!!! Great food for SIMPLE PEOPLE…………I consider my self to be a SIMPLETON. That is probably why I like to watch old ROAD RUNNER, and Wiley Coyote cartoons………..such stuff appeals to me.!!!!!

  25. oldsailor86

    AND TODAY……….
    ……………it becomes clear to all exactly how many Americans possess TWISTED MINDS. We need only look closely at the ALLEGED PROTESTS, and also at the LIBERAL UNHINGED POLITICIANS, the perverted media, and the idiotic facial expressions of the so called protestors themselves. All have the same idiotic facial expressions. Body language tells on these MORONS.

  26. oldsailor86

    IT IS WITH……….
    ………….deep sadness that I reiterate my belief that the core values of America which were once held in high esteem are slowly disappearing, and the greater portion of our society can’t see it, and in all probability don’t really give a damn anyway. Just so long as they have their DRUGS, BEER, PIZZA, AND PORN……..they think WHAT ELSE IS THERE?

  27. oldsailor86

    …………with respect to your post, I would think that had a male dressed up as a male genital, he could rightfully be referred to as a “D— HEAD”………WHICH IS A SUITABLE ACRONYM, FOR MOST OF THE UNHINGED LOW IQ, UNBATHED LIBERAL LUNATICS.

  28. oldsailor86

    AND TODAY……..
    ………..as our rabid snot nosed, childish protestors walk around and around in circles, foaming at the mouth and screaming their cacophonic, and otherwise half witted invectives, it is easy to see that this is in truth a national behavioral aberration paid for by our LUNATIC LIBERAL left in their pathetic attempts to make people think UP is DOWN. They will fail in their mission, and after the fact sit picking their noses, with a blank stare on their faces.

  29. oldsailor86

    AND TODAY…….

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