2019 Obamacare premiums soar 91 percent, The Unaffordable health care act, CareFirst seeking 64% increase in Virginia and 91% increase in Maryland, Charlottesville woman’s plan already jumped from $640 to $1800 a month

2019 Obamacare premiums soar 91 percent, The Unaffordable health care act, CareFirst seeking 64% increase in Virginia and 91% increase in Maryland, Charlottesville woman’s plan already jumped from $640 to $1800 a month

“If you like your plan, you can keep it.”…Barack Obama

“Obamacare premiums in Florida to rise 45 percent on average next year”…Miami Herald September 26, 2017

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells


From Zero Hedge.

“Death Spiral”: Obamacare Premiums May Soar As Much As 91% Next Year

Residents of Maryland and Virginia face double-digit percentage increases in premiums for individual Obamacare plans in 2019, according to rate requests made by insurers.

The largest hikes are being sought by CareFirst, which is seeking a 64% increase in Virginia, and a whopping 91% increase in Maryland for its PPO. Other insurers are following suit in the two states, with Kaiser requesting hikes of 32% and 37% respectively, followed by CareFirst’s HMO offering.

In Maryland, CareFirst wants to raise rates by 91 percent on a plan covering 15,000 people, Insurance Commissioner Al Redmer Jr. said. If approved, premiums for a 40-year-old could reach $1,334 a month. –Bloomberg

That’s over $16,000 per year for an individual plan in a state with an average personal income of $59,524.”

“We have folks in Maryland that are struggling, that are trying to do the right thing, and they’re paying more for their health insurance than they are for their mortgage,” Redmer said on a call with reporters.

Maryland is seeking permission from the federal government to create a reinsurance program that would use $975 million in state and federal funds over five years to lower rates. That would help only temporarily, Redmer said. –Bloomberg

I believe we’ve been in a death spiral for a year or two,” he said, adding that a permanent solution requires Congress to fix the Affordable Care Act.

Virginia and Maryland are the first two states in which 2019 rate requests – which are subject to regulatory approval and may change – have been made public, however increases are anticipated across the country as insurers adjust to the post-ACA battle. Final premium increases will need to be approved ahead of the November 1 open-enrollment period.”

“In Virginia, the health insurance market is quite sick – with Charlottesville and neighboring counties suffering under some of the most expensive healthcare costs in the nation for people who don’t receive government subsidies.

A 40-year-old trying to afford a mid-level plan will pay around $1,048 a month.

“Carol Wise, a former nurse and social worker in Charlottesville who consults for nonprofits, paid about $640 a month last year for an individual plan from Anthem,” repoorts Bloomberg. “When Anthem pulled out of her area, the only plan available, insurer Optima Health Plan, had a premium of $1,800 a month.”

“I was blown away,” said Wise, 62.

Wise instead joined a health-care sharing ministry for $280 a month, which offers far fewer protections than traditional coverage. ”

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9 responses to “2019 Obamacare premiums soar 91 percent, The Unaffordable health care act, CareFirst seeking 64% increase in Virginia and 91% increase in Maryland, Charlottesville woman’s plan already jumped from $640 to $1800 a month

  1. Ebenezer Mccain was the deciding vote to retain Obummercare.
    The three spirits will soon be visiting.

  2. citizenwells

    “millions of Americans are getting or are about to get cancellation letters for their health insurance under Obamacare, say experts, and the Obama administration has known that for at least three years.”…NBC News October 29, 2013

  3. citizenwells
  4. oldsailor85

    ………..in spite of the radical increases in premiums there are many liberals who STILL THINK ACA is GREAT. Perhaps when they end up using their entire paychecks to pay the PREMIUM they will begin to see REALITY. Of course they live in their own little FANTASY WORLDS. Slowly but surely the ACA FANTASY is turning into an intolerable REALITY.

  5. oldsailor85

    ……….I stopped buying Heinz catsup a long time ago. Today I enjoy Brooks catsup. Tastes a lot better than Heinz.

  6. oldsailor85………
    News that NOT being reported !!

    On Friday, the Trump administration released their annual report to Congress on White House Office Personnel. It includes the name, status, salary and position title of all 377 White House employees.

    The report also said that Trump decided not to take a dime of his salary; instead he donated it to an amazing cause! See below.

    The report also showed that President Trump is far better at saving money than Obama was. The total annual White House salaries under Trump are 35.8 million vs. $40.9 million under Obama, a savings of $5.1 million.

    Here are some other key findings:

    There are 110 fewer employees on White House staff under Trump than under Obama at this point in their respective presidencies.

    Nineteen fewer staffers are also dedicated to The First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS). Currently, there are only five staffers dedicated to Melania Trump vs. 24 staffers who served Michelle Obama (FY2009)

    However, it’s what the report said Trump did with this salary that has everyone talking.

    Instead of taking his salary, Trump donated all $400,000 to the Department of the Interior where it will be used for construction and repair needs at military cemeteries! AMAZING! It’s so great to have a President who loves our brave military men and women so much!

    Oh, and where’s the media coverage of this? That’s right, they don’t cover anything decent that the President does…

  7. oldsailor85

    …………..it has long been my belief that a moderate number of people who pursue the LIBERAL beliefs are people who suffer with IDENTITY PROBLEMS predicated upon a belief that they are far superior in all ways to all other people. This sort of basic philosophy upends traditional life beliefs which among other aspects lies their refusal to accept the fact that anyone other than themselves are capable of human decency. Such people view themselves as EXXXXTREMELY IMPORRRRRRRTANT. Where President Trump might give much of his salary away, a liberal would plot to steal as much of a person’s personal wealth as possible. Many politicians both liberal, and conservative follow the “TAKE ALL YOU CAN NOTION”, AND THE TAXPAYERS BECOME THEIR BENEFACTORS. TODAY MR.SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON WITH THE INTENT OF RIPPING OFF THE AMERICAN TAXPAYERS FOR AS LONG AS HIS CONSTITUENTS ARE STUPID ENOUGH TO TOLERATE IT. The media shares the I’M SOOOOOOO IMPORRRRRRRTANT notion, and they hate Trump with a passion. They will NEVER give CREDIT where it is due. They give credit for EVERYTHING to themselves only. Remember when Al Gore said HE INVENTED THE INTERNET……THEY THINK THEY ARE THE GODLY APPOINTED CUSTODIANS, AND/OR THE OWNERS OF America.

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