President Trump executive order to ease burden of Obamacare day 1, January 20, 2017, Essentially allowing the dismantling to begin before Congress moves to repeal it, Minimize the unwarranted economic and regulatory burdens of the act

President Trump executive order to ease burden of Obamacare day 1, January 20, 2017, Essentially allowing the dismantling to begin before Congress moves to repeal it, Minimize the unwarranted economic and regulatory burdens of the act

“Nearly half of U.S. companies are reluctant to hire full-time employees because of the ACA. One in five firms indicates they are likely to hire fewer employees, and another one in 10 may lay off current employees in response to the law.

Other firms will shift toward part-time workers. More than 40 percent of CFOs say their companies will consider switching some jobs to less than 30 hours per week or targeting part-time workers for future employment.”…Duke University Fuqua School of Business December 11, 2013

“If you like your plan, you can keep it.”…Barack Obama

“millions of Americans are getting or are about to get cancellation letters for their health insurance under Obamacare, say experts, and the Obama administration has known that for at least three years.”…NBC News October 29, 2013




From the NY Times January 20, 2017.

“Trump Issues Executive Order Scaling Back Parts of Obamacare

In his first executive order, President Trump on Friday directed government agencies to scale back as many aspects of the Affordable Care Act as possible, moving within hours of being sworn in to fulfill his pledge to eviscerate Barack Obama’s signature health care law.

The one-page order, which Mr. Trump signed in a hastily arranged Oval Office ceremony shortly before departing for the inaugural balls, gave no specifics about which aspects of the law it was targeting. But its broad language gave federal agencies wide latitude to change, delay or waive provisions of the law that they deemed overly costly for insurers, drug makers, doctors, patients or states, suggesting that it could have wide-ranging impact, and essentially allowing the dismantling of the law to begin even before Congress moves to repeal it.

The order states what Mr. Trump made clear during his campaign: that it is his administration’s policy to seek the “prompt repeal” of the law, which has come to be known as Obamacare. But he and Republicans on Capitol Hill have not yet devised a replacement, making such action unlikely in the immediate term.

“In the meantime,” the order said, “pending such repeal, it is imperative for the executive branch to ensure that the law is being efficiently implemented, take all actions consistent with law to minimize the unwarranted economic and regulatory burdens of the act, and prepare to afford the states more flexibility and control to create a more free and open health care market.”

The order has symbolic as well as substantive significance, allowing Mr. Trump to claim he acted immediately to do away with a health care law he has repeatedly called disastrous, even while it remains in place and he navigates the politically perilous process of repealing and replacing it.

Using the phrase “to the maximum extent permitted by law,” the order directs federal agencies to move decisively to implement changes, including granting flexibility that insurers and states had long implored the Obama administration to provide.

It also instructs them to work to create a system that allows the sale of health insurance across state lines, which Republicans have long proposed as the centerpiece of an alternative to the law.

“This action demonstrates that President Trump is committed to fixing the damage caused by Obamacare as soon as possible,” said Senator John Barrasso, Republican of Wyoming.

The order does not direct the Department of Health and Human Services to ease any particular aspect of the 2010 law, but it could result in a substantial weakening of one of its central features: the so-called “individual mandate” that requires most Americans to have health insurance or pay a tax penalty.”

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Mr. Trump, please send a directive to the IRS to begin dismantling their staff and procedures for taxing Americans due to Obamacare.

God bless.



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  1. NC obamacare rates skyrocket, Aetna slashes ACA exchange participation, Blue Cross Blue Shield raises premiums 34 percent lost more than $400 million, Aetna second quarter pre tax loss of $200 million

  2. And……no Obamacare for illegals or other benefits or jobs.

  3. So… is the number that I ran across. 4.1 Trillion. Yes, that’s what Obamacare has cost the United States and its people. The reality, 20 million got insurance, 13 million of those were already eligible for the same Medicaid plans. 40 million lost insurance, most of which ended up buying more expensive plans (with less average income). So, 7 million people benefited, which the last administration applaud. The have conviently forgotten the Hundreds of millions who paid higher insurances, lost their business, or thier jobs, or were converted to part time work and lost income and insurance.

    So, let’s do some math…. 4.1 trillion divided by 7 million works out to about 500k per individual that wouldn’t have had health care otherwise!!

    Obamacare always was and always will be the following: 1) expansion of federal government powers over the people 2) Insurance company bailout 3) big Pharma bailout. 4) Huge new tax on the middle class 5) Democratic Party kickback in the form of expanded government and unions. 6) enormous loss of personal protection and privacy for the average citizen. 7) a program designed to fail, while democrats made bank, so they could call for more socialism. 8) the defining bill of the Democratic Party and Obama administration.

    The news media can’t even tell you how much money they have made by advertising this for the Feds, or how much the CIA paid them to attack us, but they are still trying to sell how great Obama was.

    Mr. President Trump, pull no punches. Strike hard and fast and get information to the public. We can handle the truth, and will welcome it!

  4. in re: to my question yesterday, I found this article. Nope, Obama didnt pardon hillary and I guess it was a snub at the inaguration

    Guess who was left unpardoned!

  5. Hopefully Hillary will spend the rest of her life rotting away in Gitmo where she belongs!

  6. AND NOW……….
    ………….200,000 females are now going to protest President Trump. This sort of behavior tells me that America’s children have had little to NO upbringing. While it is their right to assemble, and protest such people also display their ignorance of reality. These are people who remain living in their little FANTASY SORT of TRA LA LA LANDS.The errant female masses are also accompanied by BLACK LIVES MATTER, and other more obscure groups, but are nonetheless just as militant.

  7. Ken Layton……….
    ………….somehow I get the feeling that wishing for the WWOE to spend her remaining life on earth, at GITMO …(while a pleasant thought to all of us,) probably will NEVER come to fruition.However maybe the larger portion of America will have the privilege to watch her experience a complete power failure of her broom while at 30,000 ft of altitude.

  8. AND NOW………..
    one of the SOOOOOO IMPORRRRRRRTANT, females just made a speech in which she stated Mr. Trump yesterday said he is the people. First of all he DID NOT SAY THAT AT ALL (that was a figment of her twisted mind)………but he did say that he is returning control of America to the PEOPLE. She goes on to BLOW that she has met the people and Trump is not one of them. Here again is another TWISTED FEMALE MORON. Sadly there are many among the crowd who believe what that moron has to say.

  9. AND LETS PRAY………..
    ……….that Trump will expunge the illegal conviction of Terry Lakin and restore everything that is due to him. Anybody with Facebook I hope will call this to Trump’s attention. Lets keep the pressure on him. The conviction of Lakin was in COMPLETE VIOLATION of his MANDATED act as required by his oath. He questioned the legal validity of the BASTARD, and was put through a KANGAROO TRIAL, overseen by a NOSEPICKING LITTLE FEMALE CHILD. The alleged judge at that so called trial needs to answer for her illegal misrepresentation of the Constitution, and UCMJ.

  10. ……….if the POTUS is TWITTERING then he needs to sign an executive order which sets the entire Lakin conviction aside. Lakin was REQUIRED BY HIS OATH to question what he perceived as an illegal order. The BASTARD did nothing to correct the mistrial.

  11. AND President Trump is the CINC……….he can now execute a correction to the mistrial. PLease somebody get this in front of President Trump, and keep it there. I do not have Facebook or Twitter.

  12. CW………..
    …………now is the time for you to communicate with the POTUS, and tell him about the illegal conviction. Better still perhaps it is time to communicate with MAD DOG MATTIS instead.

  13. AND ………
    ………..the female psychotics continue to make a$$es of themselves as they RAVE, and RANT. Obviously they are determined to ram their errant behavior down the throats of all people in DC whether or not they care about it or not.

  14. “David Rosenberg: “The Travesty Is We Have 23.5 Million Americans Aged 25-To-54 Outside The Labor Force””

  15. CW……….
    ………….when Trump is able to force a company back to America the price of their products will without a doubt increase BIG TIME. So America…….. get ready to pay a hell of a lot more for everything. And once again ORGANISED LABOR will RULE, and every few years they will JUMP UP AND DOWN, yell, make threats, and scream expletives and they will get MORE,MORE,MORE, AND MORE, until nobody can afford to buy the products of their employers. Then they will strike, after which their employer hands it all right back to them……… price increases. Really sad that we have such greed in America. Soon their employer closes the company down because of NO MARKET, all the employees yell and scream expletives at the company. The radical Unionist imbeciles bring it all upon themselves. A business person sets up and operates a business from which he earns a living…………then along come radical union people who think every employer owes them something. American union laborers are the most GLUTTONOUS, and will not rest until ALL American businesses are bankrupt.

  16. EVEN Donald Trump cannot overcome what is wrong with Americans. The PSYCHOTIC FEMALES are the same. Everybody OWES THEM SOMETHING, to hear them tell it.

  17. AND ……
    ………as our society deteriorates into a pile of SHI#, they will do so screaming that everyone should be paid 1 million dollars a year whether he/she has any skills or not………….at which point our country will no longer exist. ………….sadly NOBODY can see what is being taught by the ILLEGAL ALIENS who work PART TIME, live 10,or more to a house, and do not eat like HOGS. There is an important message to be read……if only Americans will take the time to read the handwriting on the walls. The illegals no what it is to pick garbage cans for something to eat. That is how it is where they came from. Before long it will be ONCE AGAIN a source of food for many Americans. Maybe you will have a job but you might be working your rear off at .75cents per hour just to have something to eat……..and you might be earning what will be looked upon as a BIG WAGE. It can ,and might get that bad in America……….not because of who is POTUS, but because of out of control GREED OF ORGANISED LABOR…………which has NEARLY bankrupted both FORD, and GENERAL MOTORS, and HAS CAUSED the DEMISE of a hell of a lot of American businesses…….largely because they could no longer COMPETE IN THE MARKETPLACE. Organised labor will tell you your company made BILLIONS, but the unions do not have access to the BOOKS, and they haven’t the slightest idea what NET PROFITS ARE. GROSS SALES MEANS NOTHING!

  18. CW………
    ………….I believe that there is more than enough justification to believe the word IMBECILES of America……….do they mean “United”……if that is the case then there lies even more evidence of the reason for the word IMBECILES.

  19. ……PARTICULARLY WHEN THERE ARE SEVERAL PIGS IN THEIR MIDST. Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Madonna didn’t help the alleged movement any with her gutter mouth, and whore like gyrations. Made all the others look a lot worse. ………..but then they all want to be able to MURDER their ACCIDENTS. Then to comment that she had thought about blowing up the White House……….pushed her over the edge……..she is an absolute LUNATIC. Maybe she really meant she thought about giving everyone in the White House a BJ.

  20. …………in reality the alleged protesters are all females who want to be able to keep on MURDERING their mistakes……….by so doing they can BREED, BREED ,and BREED some more…………then the infant offspring gets terminated. Real pigs who no longer want to face the reality of their loose sexual behavior.

  21. Exactly why are women protesting President Trump?
    I’m confused. This appears to be another news “Hate Trump” hype story.

    Women in many areas of this country are protesting the election of President Trump. But why? Reasons are vague and NOT specific.
    Exact reasons need to be provided by the protesters, and not just generalities.

  22. He is not a woman.
    Not Hillary.
    Not Demo rat.
    Not politically correct…etc

  23. hapnHal
    That is what a lot of people are asking, is it a protest or a women march? I like CWs answer too.

  24. CW, Trudy
    Here are a few comments I received on the women protesters…..
    He doesn’t approve of their obsession with killing inconvenient children.
    Hmmm… Let’s see…

    Abortion rights: Check
    Gay marriage: Check
    Men using women’s bathrooms: Check
    Equal pay: Check
    Voting rights: Check
    Ability to criticize and threaten president without being thrown in jail: Check
    Equal education: Check
    No laws making them second-class (or cattle-class) citizens: Check
    Right to assemble: Check
    Equal access to jobs: Check
    Military service: Check
    Special “healthcare” rights: Check
    Planned Parenthood in business: Check
    Welfare: Check
    Access to medical care: Check

    …I dunno. I’m having a tough time seeing what they’re bitching about. They pretty much have what they want and more.

    They should have marched on the Saudi embassy and organized a march in Mecca where there is a real womens’ issue problem.
    Strong men scare them
    Did Meghan Kelly join the march? She started the whole false narrative that Trump is engaged in that “War On Women” false narrative.
    All the many women I know voted for Trump (except a few liberal cousins).

    The protesters were a collection of regular women paid cash to show up; deceived liberal celebrities; lesbians; and clueless youngsters.

    We can only pray for them and, in the meantime, ignore the major media that loves to showcase them.
    and finally………

    in one day, Trump got more fat women out walking
    then Michelle Obama did in 8 years.

  25. hapnhal,

    “and finally………

    in one day, Trump got more fat women out walking
    then Michelle Obama did in 8 years.”


  26. hapnHal
    I agree ,and I’m cracking-up the fat ladies.

  27. CW………..
    …….I have seen a few that looked to be about 600lbs, and needed a fork lift to get them in and out of vehicles.


    One sunny day in January, 2017, an old man in his nineties approaches the White House from across Pennsylvania Avenue where he’d been sitting on a park bench. He speaks to the U.S. Marine standing guard and says;

    “I would like to go in and meet with President Obama.”

    The Marine looks at the old man and says,

    “Sir, Mr. Obama is no longer president and no longer resides here.”

    The old man says,

    “Okay,” and walks away.

    The following day the same old man approaches the White House and says to the same Marine guard,

    “I would like to go in and meet with President Obama.”

    The Marine again tells the old man,

    “Sir, as I said yesterday, Mr. Obama is no longer president and no longer resides here.”

    The old man thanks him and again walks away.

    On the third day, the same old man approaches the White House and speaks to the very same U.S. Marine, saying,

    “I would like to go in and meet with President Obama.”

    The Marine, understandably agitated at this point, looks at the old man and says;

    “Sir, this is the third day in a row you have been here asking to speak to Mr. Obama. I’ve told you already that Mr. Obama is no longer the president and no longer resides here. Don’t you understand?”

    The old man looks at the Marine and says,

    “Oh, I understand perfectly well. I just love hearing you say it.”

    The Marine snaps to attention, salutes the old man, and says;

    “See you tomorrow, Sir!”

  29. oldsoldier80……..
    …………..10-4 on the jarhead!

  30. And 10-4 from a jarhead…/Michigan-Patriot


    And with the Grace of God, it will never leave again. If not for this wonderful invention called the ‘internet’ I fear our great nation would have already fell under the total control of globalism.

    This is not to say that our country may be dragged into another war somewhere in the world, but the next time we will go. we go TO WIN !

    And as long as Donald Trump is president or any of his family successes him, AMERICA WILL ALWAYS COME FIRST.

    Now more bowing to some middle eastern potentate or banana republic dictator or scum bag nation that lives off the American taxpayer’s dollars….that is now all in our past, and Obama is now;


    And my badmouthing Obama is nothing new for me. I started long before he was SELECTED the first time. I will continue until he is brought to justice for treason against our nation. So will most who post here on Citizenwells.

  32. Whoa: ISIS gets HARDCORE message from SecDef Mattis on Day One

    By Matt Palumbo11:51am January 23, 2017

    Donald Trump was hardly the only one with a productive first day in office. After being overwhelmingly confirmed by the Senate on Friday, General “Mad Dog” Mattis sent a letter to the employees of the Department of Defense, declaring, among other things, “You represent an America committed to the common good; an America that is never complacent about defending its freedoms; and an America that remains a steady beacon of hope for all mankind. Every action we take will be designed to ensure our military is ready to fight today and in the future. Recognizing that no nation is secure without friends, we will work with the State Department to strengthen our alliances. Further, we are devoted to gaining full value from every taxpayer dollar spent on defense, thereby earning the trust of Congress and the American people.”

    That philosophy was on full display on day one.

    He then proceeded to bomb ISIS 31 times.

    As Milo Yiannopoulos reported: Syria took the bulk of the strikes with 25 total, while Iraq was hit six times. Two of the strikes in Syria successfully neutralized ISIS units, as well as artillery near the city of Bab. ISIS units in the city of Raqqa also suffered losses, with 22 strikes pulverizing 12 tactical units, two underground explosive bomb factories, and an ISIS base. Mattis also oversaw strikes that hit two ISIS oil wells in Syria.

    In Iraq, Mattis continued to crush ISIS forces. One of the strikes, taking place in the city of Rutbah, eliminated a tactical unit, two weapons caches, a mortar and a vehicle. Strikes in the city of Beiji also demolished a unit and a vehicle, while another strike in Kisik blew up a building and a tactical unit. To cap it all off, Mattis oversaw two strikes against Mosul, the ISIS region capital in Iraq, which annihilated two units, a tank, a factory that manufactures car bombs, and three fighting positions.

    For some context, the U.S. and allies have averaged around seven airstrikes on Syria a day since they first began in September of 2014. On his first day, Mattis quadrupled that average.

    Trump has said in the past that he wants to see ISIS wiped off the face of the Earth within 30 days of his presidency. That may be a bit ambitious – but it’s clear that Mattis is already ramping up the offensive against ISIS. No longer do we have to worry about Obama blocking 75 percent of airstrikes against ISIS (yes – he really did that).

  33. oldsoldier 80…………
    …………based upon the OBVIOUS character of the recent FEMALE PROTEST it is easy to see the deteriorating morals in America. It appears that the radical female halfwits are very much in abundance. They are the most FANATICAL of all. If people like Madonna have their way there will no longer be a civilized country………..just so long as these psychotic females can keep breeding, and murdering the products of their mistakes. With a large percentage of American females there is NO LONGER ANY MORALITY, or SPIRITUALITY. The deterioration includes white, black, and yellow females. All they want to do is BREED,BREED,AND BREED as many times each day as possible, and to hell with the unintended off spring…………Let somebody else take care of and raise their lil bastards, or better still just MURDER THEM BEFORE THEY ARE BORN.
    In my own way of thinking if America is brought down it will be in part the result of the sick, twisted behavior of many younger Americans, who have lost all sense of MORALITY,and SPIRITUAL CONNECTION. This will lead to massive mental deterioration which even today seems to be increasing. You only need to envision a mass of filthy, writhing human bodies covering the earth past the horizon, as far as the eye can see in all directions……..(.much like a horde of maggots on a giant stinking road kill) vying for their own piece of perverted satisfaction…………This is how I envision the final days of our culture………The permeating stench of their diseased, dying, and decaying flesh will cause massive gut retching to all in close proximity. NOT A PLEASANT, OR PRETTY PICTURE!

  34. ……..I pray that one day soon we all will witness the overturn of Roe VS Wade. The only abortions allowed in our Christian society should be if the life of the mother in genuine danger in the continuance of a pregnancy, or there is ample proof that the fetus is dying. It is time that FEMALE AMERICA began taking responsibility for it’s reckless creation of offspring. If there is a genuine mistake then there is NO REASON WHY an infant can’t be adopted by somebody who wants a child but cannot create one themselves. But to just MURDER THE FETUS, out of CONVENIENCE is the most angering thing that I have ever witnessed. People who have such abortions should be prosecuted for murder………along with those who perform the MURDERS of CONVENIENCE.

  35. bob strauss | January 23, 2017 at 2:41 pm |

    Hi Bob,

    Mad Dog…..Woo Hoo! Now, that’s who we need; not the limp-wristed nancy boy we’ve tolerated (barely) for the last 8 years.

    I’ll bet that Secretary Mattis is even lining up those 72 virgins for this ISIS scum…

  36. oldsoldier80……….
    …………perhaps now we will see many squadrons of C-130 GUNSHIPS, and a hell of a bunch of A10s arrive in the middle East. As you know ALL of these warbirds are equipped to make a HELL OF A BUNCH OF STINKING A$$ED GOATHERDERS NEW A$$HOLES SIMULTANEOUSLY.

  37. SueK | January 23, 2017 at 3:30 pm |

    bob strauss | January 23, 2017 at 2:41 pm |

    Hi Bob,

    Mad Dog…..Woo Hoo! Now, that’s who we need; not the limp-wristed nancy boy we’ve tolerated (barely) for the last 8 years.

    I’ll bet that Secretary Mattis is even lining up those 72 virgins for this ISIS scum…
    Hi SueK,

    America is back!

    I’ll bet there are a lot of relieved, and happy, military people right now, who are freed from the shackles of Islam. Holy smokes, they are in trouble now, their Muslim protector in chief is history, and has left them hanging out to dry, along with Hilliary.

  38. …………..that will be virgin NANNY GOATS. When he runs out of NANNY GOATS it will be inflatable love goats.

  39. “Billionaire Dem Donor Thinks His Party Needs A New Message – “No One Votes For Polar Bears””

  40. bob strauss | January 23, 2017 at 3:45 pm |

    Bob, ‘hanging out to dry;’ I really like that phrase :).

  41. CW……..
    While we are getting the train back on the track, I would like to see LTC Terry Lakin reinstated back into the Army with full rank, pay and pension benefits. I believe that a petition is now being circulated to accomplish LTC Lakin’s reinstatement.

  42. hapnHal…………
    ……show me where the petition is so that I can sign it. In addition I am praying that all of the BASTARDS who supported, or participated in the KANGAROO COURT’S MARTIAL will themselves face SEVERE PROSECUTION. We need to keep this matter in front of those who have the clout. Somebody needs to get a letter off to Gen. Mattis.

  43. hapnHal………….
    ……….I hope that CW will take up the issue and get some communication going with either General Mattis, or Jeff Sessions. The AG might be able to help. It strikes me that if our DOD had the power to expunge the records of the Commanding officer of the USS Indianapolis ( a WW2 heavy cruiser) which was sunk by a Japanese sub at or, possibly after the end of WW2…… it is reasonable to believe that the DOD can also reverse the travesty that was perpetrated against LTC Lakin.The Commanding Officer of the Indianapolis was convicted and held liable for the loss of the ship because allegedly he had ceased doing a zig zag course, while enroute to Manila. In the late 1950s he finally killed himself because he could no longer bear the psychological weight of the dead crewmen. It wasn’t until in the 1980s that his record was finally expunged, by a special act of Congress. The Japanese skipper of the sub was found and testified at the hearing. He stated that it was an act of providence that put the USS Indianapolis squarely in his sights, and well within range at that moment in history. He stated that he had no information that the war had ended, and he carried out his mandate, by attacking the Indianapolis.

  44. AND……..
    ………….LTC Lakin carried out the mandates of his oath as an officer. He questioned the legal validity of his orders to re deploy which allegedly came from the CINC. He believed that the alleged CINC was NOT a legally valid CINC. He expressed this fact, and was rewarded with a GENERAL COURT’S MARTIAL……. after which he was stripped of everything he had earned as an officer, imprisoned, and finally released. He was right about EVERYTHING, and hopefully the BASTARD who ordered the COURT’S MARTIAL, along with all who participated, including the CHILD judge will soon face prosecution for TREASON.

  45. …………this is because it was a TREASONOUS act to KNOWINGLY WRONGFULLY CONVICT a military officer, resultant of charges from a legally invalid CINC. This was an act of TREASON against our Constitution. All of those who participated in Lakin’s trial done so resultant of ILLEGAL ORDERS. They are all ACCESSORIES to TREASON………including the child judge.

  46. oldsailor84……
    Here is the info Info on Lakin petition from Orly’s web site.
    I haven’t signed the petition yet, but I intend to and also send it out to others. Check it out and read comments??

    How to sign petition for LtCol Dr. Lakin: Copy and paste blue link into address bar on browser window

    Posted on | January 22, 2017 | 22 Comments

    Copy and paste blue link into address bar on browser window.

    Dear friends,
    I wanted to let you know about a new petition I created on We the People, a new feature on, and ask for your support. Will you add your name to mine? If this petition gets 99,999 signatures by February 20, 2017, the White House will review it and respond!
    We the People allows anyone to create and sign petitions asking the White House to take action on a range of issues. If a petition gets enough support, the White House will issue an official response.

    You can view and sign the petition here:

    You’ve successfully signed the petition below. Your signature has been verified and counted.

  47. hapnHal | January 24, 2017 at 12:14 am |

    While we are getting the train back on the track, I would like to see LTC Terry Lakin reinstated back into the Army with full rank, pay and pension benefits. I believe that a petition is now being circulated to accomplish LTC Lakin’s reinstatement.


    They should also address Lakin’s original concerns about the illegality of the usurper, and add a considerable amount of money, as a penalty, when they return his back pay and benefits, he was truly screwed over by the usurper’s regime.

  48. HapnHal thanks for highlighting the petition for Lakin…this is the least that we can do…out to my network…/Michigan-Patriot

    …….Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Mary Barf has become a Fox News contributor………AWRRRRK……… name is Mary Barf………THIS IS A RECORDING!………..”AWRRRK”

  50. AND ANOTHER……….
    insane liberal female piece of manure was kicked off of a plane………..because she just had to try to berate another passenger who happened to be a Trump supporter. It goes on, and on…………..the foaming at the mouth, accompanied by excessively LOUD, and lunatic raving. The LIBERALS haven’t learned a thing.

  51. hapnHal……….
    ………thanks for finding the petition for me. I have signed it, and I beg any others who are sitting on the fence………PLEASE AT LEAST DO SOME RESEARCH INTO THE MATTER………and if you feel he was WRONGED YOU NEED TO SIGN THE PETITION. IN MY OWN VIEW HE WAS more than wronged. What was done to him was a deliberate calculated CRIMINAL ACT. All of the perpetrators have something to answer for……….and hopefully ALL will eventually be prosecuted for their part in the criminal plot.

    ……….the BASTARD who squatted in the White House for 8 years needs to be OUTTED. There will NEVER be REST in the souls of many Americans until the TRUTH has been laid out for all Americans to see……..because he was originally put in the white house by BLINDED PEOPLE……….who were only thinking of all they could get for FREE. Their OWN ignorance ,and stupidity allowed a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE to set up shop in our own number one building. Now some of the bastards have been removed, but there are a lot more of them waiting in the wings for a chance to set up their own CRIMINAL ENTERPRISES in the White House. They must be stopped.

  53. GOD, … It’s so GREAT !!!
    To wake up in America and not smell the stench of Obama and hear all of his street hustlers out shucking and jiving about their warped agenda !

  54. And after Lt. Col Lakin is commuted and reinstated, Lakin should march right into the House chamber and blast all the lakeys that allowed this illegal traitorous usurper to do this to the United States Military.

  55. AND NOW………
    ……….Tom Cotton has MADE MY DAY. Loudmouth “Chucky baby” made the mistake of asking Cotton where was he 8 years ago when his vote was needed………Cotton’s reply will not be forgotten by Mr.Schooooomer very soon………..Cotton’s reply was
    …………..Mr Shoooomer said NOTHING afterward. For once he HAD NOTHING TO SAY! har har har

  56. FOR A CHANGE……….

  57. oldsoldier80……..
    ………..I have a gut feeling that Trump will have the entire living quarters of the residential wing thoroughly scrubbed, fumigated, and repainted. There is little doubt that the smell of SHI# permeates everything it comes in contact with. I am certain that there was plenty of SHI# SMELL in the living quarters especially in the bedrooms. In all probability there is also BEDBUGS.I have read that bedding used by homosexuals attracts all sorts of insects, ……including green bot flies, and bedbugs.

  58. ………..AND NOW……..
    ……..even the White House flies are commiting suicide. There is no longer a SHI# smell floating around the premises. The green flies who once orbited around Soetoro’s head are now climbing to extreme altitudes, then diving straight down into the ground at very high airspeed. har har


    John Kerry earned the title of “SUPER IDIOT” when he faked his actions in the Vietnam War. His actions there have haunted him and every veteran of that conflict ever since he committed his ‘cowardly acts’ in that small, out of the way country.

    Then along came the Clintons, and Obama to prop up this ‘idiot’ again by making him a Secretary of State. A position he was completely unprepared for then and still is!

    Now John Kerry sounds like he is making a direct threat toward our new president, Donald Trump, by saying we should “play ball” and “play world politics” by whatever way the other “tin-pan nations” of the world think we should act toward them. To that ill-advised stupidity, I say; Rubbish !!!
    In other words, let all the other countries of the world make our foreign policy and not our own congress.

    It’s that ‘feely good thing’ and ‘be nice to everyone, including your enemy’ attitude where he is only continuing to carry out the orders of his FAILED leader, the Chicago street hustler, who had and still has very strong Muslim ties. He too was completely unprepared for the office he was SELECTED for.

    But once Kerry earned the title of the village “IDIOT”, it’s very hard for him to shake that distinction. ‘Strech’ Kerry is a living example of stupidity.
    Kerry is the modern-day working model of the “Peter Principle”. He has been a failed version of this axiom all his life, but there are many other ‘idiots’, just like him, who are buying his bullshit.

    Most likely, he will be the top posed candidate for the democrat party in 2024.

    Listen to his words closely here, and you will understand why America is in the world crisis we now face with our foreign policy and diplomacy; no one has any respect for America, … but that will shortly change.

    I assure you of that!


  61. Trump is kickin ass.
    Go Trump!

  62. oldsoldier80………
    …………today I have been rethinking some of my beliefs regarding America’s future both near, and distant. With respect to our NOSEPICKING, HALFWITTED, UNWASHED, HOMOSEXUAL, college grads I believe that the position of America with respect to the rest of the world is going to continue to deteriorate. These youngsters are becoming more ,and more LAWLESS……….they now seem to be accompanied in their lawlessness by a lot of American PSYCHOTIC POTTY MOUTHED FEMALES BOTH YOUNG AND MIDDLE AGED, WHITE,BLACK,AND YELLOW. To top it all off we now have oversized street gangs one of which is BLACK LIVES MATTER. When you put all of this into the pot and stir well it turns into a STINKING, violently bubbling stew…………which has the capability to OOZE into every crack and crevasse of our society. Thus it is only reasonable that I ,and a hell of a lot of other Americans are beginning to believe that there is very little hope for the repair of America. Our so called SOCIETY is dying. Until the disease which is killing us is either controlled , or eradicated the disease will continue to ravage America. Our young people now believe that Marijuana is OK, and soon this will include heroin, and cocaine. All our society thinks about is BREED BREED BREED, and nobody seems to give a damn how many lil bastards they bring on earth………..what the hell you just murder them. To that end is one of the reasons why I pray to God that he will move my subpoena to the top of the pile………..I do not want to live in Murderola America. Hopefully Trump will be able to get our young people, and all the others back into church. If he fails I have serious doubts about America’s future. IT IS THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA WHO ARE DESTROYING THEIR OWN COUNTRY…………BUT THEY SEEM TO NOT EVEN CARE. HAVING TOO MUCH FUN HANGING OUT AND SUCKING DRUGS, AND DOING DEVIANT SEX.

  63. Is Senator Pocahontas In Danger of Becoming Princess OutOfaJob?

    “Senator Elizabeth Warren (Pocahontas), has become a leader of the far left populist movement of the Democratic Party, but it seems as if her Massachusetts constituents are not impressed. A new poll by WBUR-FM the Boston National Public Radio station, only 44% of Massachusetts voters believe Warren deserves reelection, 46% believe voters ought to “give someone else a chance.” The margin of error is plus or minus 4.4%.”

  64. CW………
    ……….WHILE trump KICKS THE a$$es of the DC politicians, there is in turn a dire need for somebody to really kick the asses of our errant population. We are in need of a FEDERAL LEVEL SHERIFF, and lots of deputies who travel from state to state and clean out the POS street gangs, along with the MORONS who do the destruction of property. Such a person would answer directly to the USAG, and would wear as many guns as necessary to get his point across. For those who think they are better than him, and try to use a weapon against him he will be authorized to blow their pimple heads off…….where they are standing.

  65. ……ONCE UPON A TIME…….
    ………….there was many so called CIRCUIT RIDING judges. Most were ill tempered, and followed the book………which in yesteryear referred many, if not most convicts of crimes to the gallows. Today we still have the Circuit courts but the horse and buggy is gone. Today the prisoners are brought from outlying areas to the County seat for trial. Unfortunately gone also is the reputation of HANGING JUDGES. Their “hanging” reputations by themselves was often enough to deter crime. Federal Marshalls also did a lot to tame territories that were not yet states.

  66. Bob Strauss………
    …………..with respect to Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”Poke- a -hot ass”……….there comes a time when even the world’s worst NITWITS are able to see clearly…….but I hasten to add that such visual clarity usually diminishes very quickly…..particularly after a blood brother takes over……….there are a lot of such numbskulls in every state.

  67. Bob Strauss……..
    ……….personally I strongly expect her to receive a size 12 footprint on her backside…..put there by the popular Boston baseball figure who is tentatively going to run against her. He is a Republican, and at which point the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS will lose still another seat. They lost over 1000 seats thus far……plus a bunch of governorships as well. They are going to be punch drunk for quite some time.

  68. …………with regard to Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.POCHAHONTAS, you only need to hear her SCREECHING VERBAL INSANITY, COMPOUNDED BY HER STUPID FACIAL EXPRESSIONS, and idiotic cranial jestures to realise that she must have been elected to the office she holds by a pack of raving lunatics.

  69. A friend sent me this today…’s kinda funny….sharing it with you now.

  70. oldsailor84 | January 24, 2017 at 6:27 pm |

    Bob Strauss……..
    ………personally I strongly expect her to receive a size 12 footprint on her backside…..put there by the popular Boston baseball figure who is tentatively going to run against her. He is a Republican, and at which point the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS will lose still another seat. They lost over 1000 seats thus far……plus a bunch of governorship’s as well. They are going to be punch drunk for quite some time.

    I think he wears a size 13.

    She’s a gem for sure! If she were to lose, democrats will have to break out their vagina collars again, parade around like idiots, and lose even more support, and governmental seats in the next election.

  71. ONE FOR THE ROAD…………..
    …………..believe it or not…….Kellyanne Conway whooped a piece of shi# at the inaugural ball. She knocked a dog turd out of the a$$HOLE. She landed three closed fist punches on the perp’s face. Not a small guy either……bloody beak. har har Now we know why Trump hired her……..she doubles as his body guard…….maybe even wears COMBAT BOOTS. But she could whup my a$$ anytime. COOL CHICK!


  73. Bob and GW,

    I’m starting to hear radio spots regarding Chief Spreading Bull’s ‘grandstanding’ and over the top screeching about her wanting to block Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. One ad mentions that she should be working for *us* and bringing jobs back to MA, among other things. I’m not sure which group is airing these ads however, it seems as though resistance to Liawatha is starting to get out there.

    If Curt Schilling throws her a knuckleball she’ll duck and run for her safe place: The teepee.

    She’s one of the most hated Senators in the swamp.

  74. regarding ISIS:
    I think some who joined may start wondering what all they signed up for, may have second thoughts as they see Mattis and Trump mean business, not tiddlywinks of Obama’s crew.

  75. truefreedom……….

  76. AND NOW………
    ………another phoney FOLLY-WOOD female is jumping up and down in her childish berating of the FLOTUS………but then what else would anybody expect from California halfwits……..This NEUROTIC can barely speak any meaningful sentences herself, as opposed to the five different language ability of the FLOTUS. I have my doubts that the California numbskull will EVER be able to speak decent English herself……even at 1st grade level. You only need to look into her face ,and her stupidity is written all over it.

  77. YESTERDAY…….
    …………Tom Cotton put CHUCKY BABY in his place. I don’t think SHOOOOOOOOMER will forget the taste of his own stinking foot for a long time to come. har har har

  78. Suek………..
    ………….take a deep breath , and exhale slowly………….steadies the nerves, when you are apprehensive…………..good luck!

  79. here is one for contemplation………
    ………a California WALL NUT, is a mental case, in a straight jacket suspended from a hook on a wall in California

    ………..when are you going to send a couple more squadrons of AC 130 gunships over to fight ISIS. You need to also throw in a hell of a bunch of A10s as well. Then put half of them airborne at all times……. for FAST STRIKE!

  81. JUST SAW……..
    ………..California has more mental institutions than any other state, and has more people incarcerated in them than any other state.

  82. DOW 20,068.51

    I don’t have any money in stocks, but my democrat “friends” all told me the market would crash after Trump was elected.

    I told them to buy!

    Are democrats always wrong, and obstructionists, it sure appears that way?

  83. SueK,
    I posted an article on FB that was unflattering to Fauxcahontas that showed her in war paint, with headdress, and the liberals went berserk. She is their ace pitcher of BS, and they are counting on Faux to pull them out of their losing streak. It would be a devastating blow to the democrats if she was to lose to Curt Schilling in a shutout. Faux pitches for the Indians I believe.

  84. Female Legislators Unveil ‘Male Ejaculation Bill’ Forbidding The Disposal Of Unused Semen

  85. This is the result of the usurper, and Hilliary’s actions in Iraq, and Syria, for this alone they should be brought to justice!

    Meanwhile, women protest against imaginary harm Trump caused them.


    Yazidi Girls Sold as Sex Slaves while Women March against Trump

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