Trump wisely confers with Kennedy and Wakefield on vaccination issues, Politico more concerned with attacking Trump than truth, NIH paper: “Mercury is a highly toxic element; there is no known safe level of exposure”, “neither children nor adults should have any mercury in their bodies”

Trump wisely confers with Kennedy and Wakefield on vaccination issues, Politico more concerned with attacking Trump than truth, NIH paper: “Mercury is a highly toxic element; there is no known safe level of exposure”, “neither children nor adults should have any mercury in their bodies”

“Why are we knowingly injecting mercury in multiple doses into babies and not testing mother’s milk?”…Citizen Wells

“Thimerosal is 50% ethylmercury, which is far more toxic and persistent in the brain than the highly regulated methylmercury in fish. Hundreds of peer reviewed studies by leading government and university scientists show that thimerosal is a devastating brain poison linked to neurological disorders now epidemic in American children.”…Robert F.  Kennedy, Jr.

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells



I have been reading and researching about vaccinations and other environmental hazards and the possible link to autism and other neurological disorders for years. More recently I have read about levels of mercury and other harmful substances in mothers milk.

I have come to the conclusion that we are not protecting the young from the ingestion or intake of harmful substances.

During the election cycle I was pleased to hear Donald Trump and others running for the presidency question our vaccination policies. They were right to do so.

Somebody has got to look out for those who cannot speak for themselves, the very young.

I was even more pleased several days ago when Trump met with Robert Kennedy Jr and then stated he wanted further input from Kennedy and Andrew Wakefield.

Both men have been criticized for questioning our vaccination policies but I have read some of their positions and I agree with many of them.

Where is some of the criticism coming from?

Follow the money.

Now comes Politico and their agenda. Criticizing Donald Trump fits in nicely.

From Politico January 12, 2017.


Of all Donald Trump’s conspiratorial obsessions, perhaps one of the most dangerous has been his long promotion of the much-debunked theory that vaccines cause autism.

For years, his distrust of vaccines had been an occasional curiosity of his Twitter feed, nestled between bromides against Rosie O’Donnell and boasts about his ratings on “Celebrity Apprentice.” “Healthy young child goes to doctor, gets pumped with massive shot of many vaccines, doesn’t feel good and changes – AUTISM. Many such cases!” he tweeted in March 2014. “I am being proven right about massive vaccinations—the doctors lied. Save our children & their future,” he wrote months later.

Then, during a Republican primary debate in September 2015—well before anyone really thought he could be America’s next president—Trump brought his vaccine beliefs to the national political stage. “You take this little beautiful baby, and you pump—I mean, it looks like just it’s meant for a horse and not for a child,” he said. “We had so many instances, people that work for me, just the other day, 2 years old, a beautiful child, went to have the vaccine and came back and a week later got a tremendous fever, got very, very sick. Now is autistic.”

Each time his beliefs have come up, journalists and the medical and scientific community have dutifully noted that Trump is wrong—the evidence clearly shows no link between vaccines and autism. Now, Trump is going to be the president of the United States, and doctors and scientists are raising the alarm about the potential consequences of having a man in charge of the country’s public health system who dabbles in discredited scientific theories.

Those concerns only grew on Tuesday, when Trump met with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an environmental lawyer who has long been immersed in those discredited theories. Kennedy told reporters at Trump Tower that he was responding to a summons by the president-elect. His goal in meeting with Trump, he said, was “to make sure we have scientific integrity in the vaccine process for efficacy and safety of vaccines.”

As for Trump, Kennedy said, he “has some doubts about the current vaccine policies and he has questions about it.” He added: “His opinion doesn’t matter but the science does matter and we ought to be reading the science and we ought to be debating the science. And that everybody ought to be able to be assured that the vaccines that we have—he’s very pro-vaccine, as am I—but they’re as safe as they possibly can be.”

For those not steeped in the language of vaccine debates, Kennedy was using a familiar canard: that he’s not anti-vaccine, but rather provaccinesafety. In reality, all scientists are for safe vaccines. What Kennedy’s comment really means is that he is unwilling to accept the scientific evidence showing that today’s vaccines are already as safe as they possibly can be.

Which is why the news of the meeting—and Kennedy’s subsequent confirmation on Thursday that he will leave his environmental group to chair a vaccine safety commission for the president—has sparked immediate condemnation from experts in the medical and scientific communities, who worry about what Trump’s choice of advisers says about his public health agenda. While the power Trump or any of his aides has to directly influence vaccine policy is limited, a White House team set on questioning established vaccine science does have the potential to cause significant harm to public health by sowing doubts and wasting scientific resources better spent elsewhere. Increasing pockets of vaccine hesitancy and refusal in southern California, helped by outspoken vaccine critics such as Bob Sears, enabled the Disneyland measles outbreak to spread as far as it did, revealed a study several months later. Other studies have shown clear correlations between pertussis and measles outbreaks and higher rates of exemptions that allow parents to opt out of vaccines required for school.

“Clearly Donald Trump has questions about vaccine safety—he made that clear in the first debate—but I still would have imagined he would have sought out some level of expertise,” says Paul Offit, chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and co-developer of the rotavirus vaccine. “There is an enormous amount of expertise about vaccines in this country. Instead, he picks [to advise him] two people—Andrew Wakefield and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.—who both have no expertise and, frankly, are conspiracy theorists.” Wakefield is the discredited British researcher who initially tried to link autism with the measles-mumps-rubella virus in a study that was retracted and has since been debunked by dozens more studies. Wakefield, who met with Trump last summer, was found to have committed fraud and lost his medical license, but anti-vaccine advocates believe he was wronged and continue to reject the scientific consensus against his ideas.”

“This kind of disregard for accepted science—and Trump’s embrace of ithas experts in the scientific community worried. Even forming a commission on autism and vaccines without Kennedy’s involvement would be counterproductive at best and harmful at worst, says Mark Schleiss, division director of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.”

Read more:

Oh really?

From a NIH ( National Institute of Health ) paper Sept. 2010.

“Mercury Exposure and Children’s Health”

“Acute or chronic mercury exposure can cause adverse effects during any period of development. Mercury is a highly toxic element; there is no known safe level of exposure. Ideally, neither children nor adults should have any mercury in their bodies because it provides no physiological benefit. Prenatal and postnatal mercury exposures occur frequently in many different ways. Pediatricians, nurses, and other health care providers should understand the scope of mercury exposures and health problems among children and be prepared to handle mercury exposures in medical practice. Prevention is the key to reducing mercury poisoning. Mercury exists in different chemical forms: elemental (or metallic), inorganic, and organic (methylmercury and ethyl mercury). Mercury exposure can cause acute and chronic intoxication at low levels of exposure. Mercury is neuro-, nephro-, and immunotoxic. The development of the child in utero and early in life is at particular risk. Mercury is ubiquitous and persistent. Mercury is a global pollutant, bio-accumulating, mainly through the aquatic food chain, resulting in a serious health hazard for children. This article provides an extensive review of mercury exposure and children’s health.”

“Mercury is a silvery-white shiny heavy metal with unique chemical and physical properties. It has been used worldwide for many centuries for commercial and medicinal purposes.1,2 Mercury is a persistent and globally cycling element. Mercury occurs not only anthropogenically but also naturally.3,4 It has toxic properties and severely affects the environment and humans, especially developing fetuses and infants.3

“There are 3 main forms of mercury that differ with respect to their toxicokinetics regarding absorption, distribution, and accumulation in the human body; related health outcomes; and the extent of cycling in the environment. Elemental mercury is liquid at room temperature, and in this form, is less toxic than inorganic or organic bound mercury. It has a high vapor pressure. If heated, mercury evaporates and becomes highly toxic. Metallic mercury is lipophilic and is stored in fatty tissues.4 Inorganic ions of mercury vary in water solubility. In general, divalent mercuric salts are soluble in water. The high toxicity of mercuric ions can be explained by the high affinity to sulfhydryl groups of amino acids, which are building blocks for enzymes. In organic mercury compounds, mercury is covalently bound to carbon. Organic mercury is the most dangerous form of mercury to human health. Methylmercury, the most predominant form of organic mercury, is the form that poses a risk through fish consumption. Methylmercury is better absorbed and shows a higher mobility in the human body than inorganic mercury. Another example of an organic mercury compound is ethyl mercury or thiomersal (referred to as thimerosal in the USA), which is used as a preservative in some vaccines.”

Read more:

“Mercury is a highly toxic element; there is no known safe level of exposure. Ideally, neither children nor adults should have any mercury in their bodies because it provides no physiological benefit.”



More here:





86 responses to “Trump wisely confers with Kennedy and Wakefield on vaccination issues, Politico more concerned with attacking Trump than truth, NIH paper: “Mercury is a highly toxic element; there is no known safe level of exposure”, “neither children nor adults should have any mercury in their bodies”

  1. “I am pro vaccine. I had all of my six children vaccinated. I believe that vaccines save millions of lives. So let me explain why I edited the book Thimerosal: Let The Science Speak, which exposes the dangerous—and wholly unnecessary—use of the mercury-based preservative thimerosal in vaccines being given to millions of children
    and pregnant women here and around the world.

    Vaccines are big business. Pharma is a trillion-dollar industry with vaccines accounting for $25 billion in annual sales. CDC’s decision to add a vaccine to the schedule can guarantee its manufacturer millions of customers and billions in revenue with minimal advertis- ing or marketing costs and complete immunity from lawsuits. High stakes and the seamless marriage between Big Pharma and government agencies have spawned an opaque and crooked regulatory system. Merck, one of America’s leading vaccine outfits, is currently under investigation for deceiving FDA regulators about the effectiveness of its MMR vaccine. Two whistleblowers say Merck ginned up sham studies to maintain Merck’s MMR monopoly.

    Big money has fueled the exponential expansion of CDC’s vaccine schedule since 1988, when Congress’ grant of immunity from lawsuits suddenly transformed vaccines into paydirt. CDC recommended five pediatric vaccines when I was a boy in 1954. Today’s children cannot ­­ school without at least 56 doses of 14 vaccines by the time they’re 18.”

    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

  2. CW……..
    ………..In the early years of my youth, a lot of people never even dreamed that there was poisons being injected into their children. Hell they didn’t even think children were getting LEAD poisoning from the paint on the houses they lived in. It wasn’t until the late 1950s that there was any real effort to uncover the truth. The same applies to lead water services in the older houses in Flint. Look at how, and why thousands of houses, and business buildings in Flint still have the old time LEAD water services………which usually has over 1/8″ accumulation of lead sulfate on the inside of the pipe. Unfortunately it usually isn’t until the deaths of children reaches epidemic proportions until somebody starts looking to figure out why. I would say that the same notion probably applies to Thimerosal. Perhaps it is in part the reason why so many kids have learning disabilities these days.

    ……….Watched the expose today of the Scientology HORSE $HIT. Always knew it was HORSE$HIT to begin with. In reality it is a billion dollar continuous fraud………..perpetrated, and maintained by THE ELITES WHO LIVE IN THE LAND OF FRUITS, AND NUTS. It is a GRANDIOS FANTASY taken to CRIMINALITY. It is the PARALLEL UNIVERSE of the foaming at the mouth California LIBERAL DEMOCRATS. LIBERALISM, AND SCIENTOLOGY fit together like hand and glove. This is in part the reason why IN THEIR TWISTED LITTLE MINDS, they FANCY THEMSELVES AS BEING SOOOOOO IMPORRRRRRRRTANT, AND SO SUPERRRRRRRIOR TO EVERYONE ELSE. THEY live in their little TRA LA LA FANTASY LAND, AND EAT SCIENTOLOGY FOR BREAKFAST,LUNCH ,AND SUPPER. ALL OF THEM NOW BELIEVE THEIR LITTLE FANTASYLAND BUBBLE IN THE PEEPOT IS ABOUT TO BE BURST BY DONALD TRUMP.

  4. BTW………



  7. The Clintons have nothing left to sell, or bargain with, no more opportunity for a Quid Pro Quo to justify phony speaking fees for Bill.

    Does anybody believe the Clinton Foundation would be closing down if Hilliary had won the white house? We would be getting lectured about how valuable the foundation was, and what a fine service they provide, and Bill would be speaking for $millions to a bunch of Arab a$$holes, and slapping the backs of his pedophile friends, joking about how much power he has over the “old lady” to arrange a Quid Pro Quo. Thank you Trump!


    The Clinton Foundation Is Cleaning House After Clinton’s MASSIVE Presidential Failure

  8. CW……….
    …………and now we know what the 1.8 billion that was transferred to the Qatar bank was all about. The handwriting was already on the wall for the alleged foundation.

    ………..Michael seen in TRANSGENDER BATHROOM using wall mounted URINAL………….not good!

  10. AND TODAY…………
    ………..Gene Cernan (last man on the moon) DEAD AT 82. I salute him for everything he did, and of course who he was.

  11. Busted!


    Influence Gone: Clinton Global Initiative Closing Down
    Post-election, foreign donations to pay-to-play arm of Clinton Foundation dry up

    by Edmund Kozak |

  12. AND NOW……..


    “I am a survivor of sexual assault. I am one of the people you are supposedly marching for. I was raped by Bill Clinton. Did you hear me? I am one of many that Bill Clinton assaulted. Where were you ladies when I was hurting and scared? This past year, I once again told about my horrific encounter with Bill Clinton.

    Where were you? You were silent because of your support for Hillary Clinton. Shame on you; all of you. I can finally move forward because your candidate, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton, my abuser, no longer matter.

    Willey stated, “Donald Trump has ‘demonized’ victims of sexual assault? How so? Exactly what do they call what Bill and Hillary did to us? They are the king and queen of demonization and defamation. Where were they when we needed them? I’ll be sure to look for them at the inauguration. I’m looking forward to looking them in the eye.””

  14. CW…………..
    ………..does anyone remember when Kathleen Willey was at the Trump rally during the primaries……….yet the Clintons still ridiculed her. To me both of them are the absolute worst sort of human scum on Earth. Hopefully we will all live to watch as GOD deals with them. I personally believe that both are SICK,TWISTED, PERVERTED, CRIMINALS. Only God knows what other crimes they have perpetrated which have never come to the light of day. I am certain there is a hell of a lot that America does not know about, where they are concerned.

  15. THE DAY…………
    …….of retribution of the Clintons gets closer as each day passes. Only God know what day it is going to happen on………..and the people who do not forget will have the pleasure of watching it happen.

  16. AND………
    ………..just 5 minutes ago a former Black Panther told it like it is……..he stated ” wherever you find DEMOCRATIC Black people you will find nothing but a living hell on earth………nothing but DRUGS, RAPE, MURDER, ILLITERATE STREET GANGS”,………JUST LIKE JOHN LEWIS’S DISTRICT IN GEORGIA!

  17. WikiLeaks: Clinton Bribed 6 Republicans To ‘Destroy Trump’

    Posted on January 15, 2017 by Sean Adl-Tabatabai

    WikiLeaks has released information that shows Hillary Clinton campaign staffers bribing 6 Republicans to “destroy Trump”.


  19. Only three more days. Better stock the fridge with plenty of beer.
    Guess I should pass this on. Heavy rain is expected this weekend for Palm Springs.


    I think she represents the Houston area…..and I now wonder exactly what they are putting in the water in Houston !


  22. oldsoldier80……….
    …………the Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Jackson post cracked me up big time. Sides are hurting from laughing……As for the HALFWIT in the bookstore her behavior tells it all.

  23. …oldsoldier80……..
    …………both videos are classic illustrations of the mentality of many who walk among us……………REALLY SAD!

  24. It’s the ZOMBIE Revolution.

  25. What about Dr. Ochsner’s research in LOOOsiana,1960’s, using SIV as delivery vehicle, and the unsolved murders of Dr. Mary Sherman and David Ferrie ? Maybe Kennedy,Jr. has some info

  26. Any citizen wells people going to inauguration?

  27. RadarZiva,

    Unfortunately, I have to work in order to support the welfare crowd and the ‘dreamers.’

    Hopefully, this cr*p will come to an end very soon.

  28. oldsoldier80 | January 17, 2017 at 11:33 am |

    Hi RM, and Happy New Year!

    Speaking of ‘Misery,’ this beatch defines the word. I’d have called the police and had her thrown in the vehicle, like they did to Cankles Clinton at the 9-11 ceremony.

    Unfortunately, people like this are walking around in public unattended…

  29. AND NOW………..
    …………..the stinking a$$ed, nose picking protesters are saying they are going to THROAT PUNCH PEOPLE. This sounds like the half witted, POS. What they don’t realise that throat punching on the adams apple can lead to the death of the victim, and the throat puncher could be looking at LIFE without parole. Such people are incredibly ignorant…………many of them have extremely diminished IQs, which when compounded by their 3 word vocabularies, makes them some of the world’s worst scum.

  30. I spotted this comment, and felt I should share with CW readers because we all wondered the same thing.

    How did an ineligible usurper gain the presidency?


    “Will the Birth Certificate Investigation “Neutralize” the Mainstream Media?”

    Bob68 Tuesday, January 17, 2017 at 11:46 AM

    A.P. Henry, here is the answer to your question:

    The question is often asked, “How did Huma Abedin, Valerie Jarret, Hillary Clinton. etc., and especially Obama with his known associations with enemies of America and his hidden records, pass a security background check?” The answer is, they never had to get one.

    This is from the Congressional Research Service and is also in Executive Order 13467:

    Click to access R43216.pdf

    Page 7

    Are Constitutional Officers (e.g., the President, Members of Congress) Required to Hold a Security Clearance to Access Classified Information?

    CRS answer:
    Security clearances are not mandated for the President, Vice President, Members of Congress, Supreme Court Justices, or other constitutional officers. The criteria for election or appointment to these positions are specified in the U.S. Constitution, and except by constitutional amendment, no additional criteria (e.g., holding a security clearance) may be required.
    As Commander-in-Chief, the President has the authority to establish the standards for access to classified national security information. This authority is typically exercised through the issuance of executive orders. Executive Order 13467, which covers suitability checks and security clearances for federal employees, applicants, and contractors, includes a determination of which executive branch individuals are covered and which are exempted.
    ‘Covered individual’ means a person who performs work for or on behalf of the executive branch, or who seeks to perform work for or on behalf of the executive branch, but does not include:
    (i) the President or (except to the extent otherwise directed by the President) employees of the President under section 105 or 107 of title 3, United States Code; or
    (ii) the Vice President or (except to the extent otherwise directed by the Vice President) employees of the Vice President under section 106 of title 3 or annual legislative branch appropriations acts.

    The executive order 13467 was signed by GWB on June 30th, 2008 and mandated by Congress to be in effect by January, 2009…..just in time for Obama and the enemy takeover from the inside-out.
    From the last paragraph at that link:

    “Congress mandated that a new clearance system be ready for implementation by January, 2009.”
    What a coincidence this executive order 13467 was signed by GWB in June of 2008 and mandated to be in effect by January, 2009, just in time for Barry.

    And this from Snopes in 2008 answering a question about whether Obama could pass a security background check. Snopes is correct this time:

    “No such background checks are required for Barack Obama’s current position as a U.S. Senator, or for his possible future position as President of the United States. Senator Obama already has access to a good deal of secret intelligence information as a member of Congress, and as President he would not only have access to more of it but would also have the power to determine who else within the government might see it. “

    That was how the take-over was made so easy for Barry and Company………….

  31. Bob Strauss………
    …………..with respect to the questions put forward in your post I would answer all with one answer………”.general stupidity, and probable willful ignorance of EXISTING CONSTITUTIONAL REQUIREMENTS, and laws which already exist by both the public, and the elected representatives of the people. This lack of observation of the laws, results from a “hell I am having too much fun to care” society, compounded upon by a generally stupid, and otherwise ignorant society.

  32. AND TO THOSE……..
    …….POS who are SO CALLED entertainers I say ” there will be a day when you stand before your creator, and you will be begging for MERCY. The RESPONSE FROM GOD WILL MOST LIKELY BE ………GO TO HELL! THINK ABOUT IT BECAUSE THE NEXT STOP FOR YOUR SOUL WILL BE BURNING IN ETERNAL FIRE. …..GOOD FOR WHAT AILS YOU!

    ………..directed my last post towards those who have chosen to boycott the Trump inauguration. But by having done so it will leave more space for others who want to be there. In addition I seriously doubt that Trump will miss the POS anyway.
    AND ANOTHER BARRY SOETORO BULLSHI# session is history. Listened to him lie his ass off today. REAL LOAD OF CHICAGO BRAND OF CRAPOLA.

  34. Ex POTUS plans to write a book. Bill Ayers, this timenbe sure to get an agreement for royalties and author credit.

  35. Bill G | January 18, 2017 at 10:42 pm |

    Ex POTUS plans to write a book. Bill Ayers, this timenbe sure to get an agreement for royalties and author credit.



  36. “WSJ: CIA head Brennan back-peddles on Trump ‘dirty dossier’ claiming he hasn’t even read it”

    I want Brennan outed!!!

  37. “In his final press conference, beginning around 8 minutes 30 seconds in, Obama admits that they have no evidence of how WikiLeaks got the DNC material. This undermines the stream of completely evidence-free nonsense that has been emerging from the US intelligence services this last two months, in which a series of suppositions have been strung together to make unfounded assertions that have been repeated again and again in the mainstream media.

    Most crucially of all Obama refers to “The DNC emails that were leaked”. Note “leaked” and not “hacked”. I have been repeating that this was a leak, not a hack, until I am blue in the face.”

    …………..while none of them are friends of mine, I wish them my best , and a speedy recovery from their illness. I know the ravages of pneumonia firsthand. I don’t wish it upon anyone.

  39. CW……….
    …………it would not surprise me at all if we ultimately learn that the whole smear campaign against Trump was a product of Mr. Brennan’s twisted mind. In addition it has long been my belief that it was he with the help of his slimy friends who cleansed the Soetoro INS documents.

  40. Obama advisor John Brennan speaks about the beauty of Islam

  41. “Russia Invites Incoming Trump Administration To Syria Peace Talks After Snubbing Obama”

  42. Almost there. Less than 24 hours. So Happy!

  43. Please keep praying for our country, President elect Trump and Vice President elect Pence.
    The liberals want trouble and are still very vicious.

  44. White House enema tomorrow.

  45. CW………..
    …………maybe somebody will shove a Dulcolux up Soetoro’s backside to sort of help out the ENEMA. Somehow I get the feeling that he might actually enjoy something being shoved into his backside. Just a thought!
    Watching the Lincoln Memorial party………..really great………in spite of the FOLLYWOOD POS who refused to perform. As far as I am concerned the FOLLYWOOD POS can GO TO HELL, and I for one refuse to watch any of their so called entertainment, NO MATTER what it form it takes. Greenwood is GREAT.

  46. CW………
    ……….I wonder if Putin is watching! Do you know that the seated Lincoln sculpture which is now at the memorial came from Fort Wayne. It was at the immediate entrance of Lincoln National Life Insurance Co from the 1930s until Lincoln moved it’s offices from our city. The statue was donated to the Lincoln memorial.

  47. I don’t know what the outside temperature is at the Lincoln Memorial but everybody seems to be dressed for chilly air. Kudos to all the entertainers who have told their POS peers to go to hell. This goes especially for people like Merrill SCREECH, and her twisted liberal friends.

  48. hrmfc…………
    ………….yes the HALF WITTED ,liberal NOSEPICKING CHILDREN, are dangerous, but when they try to take on a crowd of trained military veterans the little SNOTNOSES will get their A$$ES ROYALLY WHIPPED, and sent to bed without their supper!
    The piano guys are really great also! WHO NEEDS FOLLYWOOD, so far all the entertainers have been FABULOUS…………KUDOS!!!!!!! I hope somebody plays the Battle Hymn of the Republic.(one of my favorites).

  49. ……….IT’S GOING TO BE OK,…………..the healing process is beginning! America has sustained some significant wounds in the last 8 years!…….but America is resilient, and WILL RECOVER………THEN THE BASTARDS who caused the wounds will hopefully feel the BIGHT of the law.

  50. …….ACTUALLY……..
    ……….when we hear country music it reminds us of the HERITAGE of AMERICA……….and how America was, and still is a growth from OUR VERY SOULS. No other music says it any better. It is almost ironic that Country music is the larger theme of tonight’s festivities. I for one am LOVING IT!

    ………..the LIBERAL NITWITS still don’t get it. Just 10 minutes ago I listened to one of the SNOTNOSE FEMALE LIBERALS spew her insane reasoning at Foxnews. It seems as though such people will never realise the truth. THE LIBERALS LOST THE ELECTION resultant of their OWN IDIOTIC BEHAVIOR.

  52. We only have four conservatives in The Asylum where I work. I received this from one of them today. Worth a read!

    Twas the Night Before Inauguration

    (Maybe Written by: Ted R. Ruiz Sr. Fresno, Ca)

    Twas the night before Inauguration, and up in the tower,
    The Donald reflected on his newfound power.
    The conservative masses had come out in force,
    And delivered a victory that would chart a new course.

    The snowflakes were shell-shocked with tears in their eyes,
    The media lied to them . . . What a surprise.
    They had been promised a Hillary win,
    But the criminal Clinton took one on the chin (can you say tea bag…lol)

    And though from all corners celebrities flew,
    They made no impression, for they hadn’t a clue.
    They talked about climate, racism, and such,
    And they made up good stories . . . But didn’t know much.

    The fake news and ignorance came at a cost,
    And they can’t understand all the reasons they lost.
    They blame it on Comey and Bernie and Vlad,
    But fail to acknowledge the one that was bad.

    Yes, Hillary Clinton, in many ways flawed,
    Was her own biggest hurdle toward getting the nod.
    The campaign exposed her corruptness and greed,
    And her speeches were punch-less as ten dollar weed.

    So out in the streets there arose such a clatter,
    It was Soros-paid protestors and Black Lives Matter.
    With cities to pillage and windows to smash,
    They knew not the issues, but needed the cash.

    Eight years of Obama had given them cause,
    To expect a replacement of their Santa Claus.
    But soon the protestors will feel the pain,
    When the wheels fall off of the old gravy train.

    And now all the snowflakes are riddled with fear,
    Upset and offended by things that they’ll hear.
    The cocoa and crayons will help for a while,
    But fact-based opinions will soon cramp their style.

    I originally supported, and voted, for Cruz,
    In the end, I would vote for whoever they choose.
    He wasn’t my first choice, but soon I would cede,
    The one they call Trump is the one that we need.

    I saw him on TV in front of a crowd,
    He spoke about veterans, it made me feel proud.
    He spoke about energy, safety, and jobs,
    Taking this country back from the Washington snobs.

    He was dressed in Armani, all tailored and neat,
    And the Brunos he wore made the outfit complete.
    For a man of his vintage, he seemed rather fit,
    And he looked presidential, I have to admit.

    His eyes glowed like embers, his smile was the best,
    And his hair was the color of my old hunting vest.
    His love for this country was on full display,
    And his actions spoke louder than his words could say.

    He thanked all his voters, and before he was gone,
    Saved thousands of jobs while Obama looked on.
    The fate of this country left nothing to chance,
    So, he filled out his cabinet weeks in advance.

    The men he had chosen were of the same mind,
    Let’s set the bar high, and not lead from behind.
    He picked up his phone as he rose from his seat,
    With a flick of his finger, he sent out this tweet;

    “Now Mattis!, now Kelly!’ now Sessions! And Pruitt!
    On Perry! On Flynn, You’re the ones who can do it.
    Start lifting restrictions and building the wall,
    Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!”;

    The roar of his audience rose from the stands,
    He kissed all their babies and shook all their hands.
    He answered their questions and calmed all their fears,
    They knew it would be a fantastic four years.
    Then he jumped in his limo, and off on his jet,
    A fellow that Liberals won’t soon forget.
    He sent one more tweet as the evening expired;
    “Happy Inauguration to all,


  53. SueK | January 19, 2017 at 8:26 pm

    I just saw this on FB and came here to post it.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see you had already done it.

    I have been watching coverage of Trump all day, what a pleasure. My niece is in DC for the inauguration, what a great time for America!

    Loved all of the performers at the Lincoln Memorial party, and I don’t know if oldsailor84 saw it but, fireworks and The Battle Hymn of the Republic, it doesn’t get any better than that!

  54. Hi Bob,

    You mean I beat you for once?? 🙂

    I’ve had to sneak in a few views of the day’s festivities from work. I’m flying solo on Friday, so I’ll grab the headphones and watch the main event. I’m excited!

    Your lucky niece is in for the thrill of a lifetime; the nightmare is finally coming to an end!!!

    I’m an old rock chick and Three Doors Down is one of my favorite groups; they’re totally Christian and are all around good guys and oh, they have a helluva band :). Glad they were invited to play.

    Thanks for posting the vid; spectacular!

    Here’s to America; may she return to her former greatness under President The Donald :).

  55. SueK | January 20, 2017 at 12:55 am |


    I thought the libs were going to have to go to the UN for a PC resolution after Toby Kieth performed!

  56. January 20, 2017
    We Need a Law to Prevent Another President Obama
    By Mark A. Hewitt

    Now that President Obama is a former president, maybe Congress can now crawl out of their safe spaces and deal with the issue of what is meant by Article II of the U.S. Constitution: “No person except a natural born citizen … shall be eligible to the Office of President.”

  57. “In Last Farewell, Russia Slams Obama Whose “Dumb” Actions “Claimed Tens Of Thousands Of Lives””

  58. “Reward for the killers of Seth Rich is now $130,000”

  59. bob strauss | January 20, 2017 at 2:19 am |

    HA! Perhaps safe spaces, pacifiers and blankies would’ve helped.

    I take great pleasure in seeing these snowflakes melt.

    30,000 Bikers for Trump coming into DC today. Snowflake vs, Harley-Davidson. I would say that’s no contest.

  60. Fox News live feed.

  61. “Buffett Says “America Will Work Fine Under Trump”, “Overwhelmingly” Supports Trump’s Cabinet Picks”

  62. …………yes I watched the entire party at the Lincoln Memorial. As usual I choke up a little when the Battle Hymn of the Republic is played. I hadn’t expected it . Inside of me there is a connection to this hymn which goes back to my childhood during the 1930s, and WW2. It says exactly what I stand for in my heart, mind, and soul. Right, wrong, or indifferent it is part of me.
    ……….and now Mike Pence is officially VP. This is all dear to my heart. And now Trump is the POTUS Three Cheers for the POTUS.

    …………and President Trump is laying out REALITY………… it is time to forget FANTASYLAND, and PC. Franklin Graham said it all quite well. …………….and SLICK WILLY had a BLANK EXPRESSION ON HIS FACE. LOOKED REALLY OUT OF IT,

  64. citizenwells | January 20, 2017 at 9:47 am |

    “Obama’s Biggest Lies”

    Comments are the best part!

    They left out the biggest lie of all!, “I am Constitutionally eligible”.

  65. So, did O issue a blanket pardon for Hillary??? I haven’t heard anything.

    I didn’t see the Obama’s even acknowledge the clinton’s at the inauguration. Did I miss something or was there an obvious snub?

  66. HonorFirst…………
    …………it may well have been a snub……….The Clintons are still under investigation,and it is probable that Soetoro was keeping his distance so that none of their investigation rubs off on him. All of his past is not going to go away, unless the American people allow that to happen. I have a gut feeling that NOTHING will happen where the Clintons are concerned.

  67. That Didn’t Take Too Long, Attack’s On President Donald Trump!

  68. AND……..
    ……………whatever happens will be left up to USAG Jeff Sessions to initiate. We shall see.

  69. oldsailor84 | January 20, 2017 at 1:59 pm |

    …………it may well have been a snub……….The Clintons are still under investigation,and it is probable that Soetoro was keeping his distance so that none of their investigation rubs off on him. All of his past is not going to go away, unless the American people allow that to happen. I have a gut feeling that NOTHING will happen where the Clintons are concerned.
    Glory glory hallelujah!

    Trump sounded awfully angry as he called out, and excoriated those snobs, for who they are, Trump wasn’t impressed at all with their BS at taxpayer expense, and at the end the usurper told Trump “good job” as if he had no part in what Trump was talking about.

    So far, no pardon for RICO regime queen.

  70. “Ohio State Offers Students An Inauguration Day “Safe Space””


  71. Shell Shock As President Trump TRASHES The Washington Establishment To Their Faces In Inaugural Address

  72. Well, here I am today at Moonbat Central (work).

    I was able to catch the inauguration and speech; I was sniffling away, Kleenex in hand. A coworker came in to ‘console me;’ she thought I was having a snowflake meltdown like the rest of this place today. I told her that this was one of happiest days of my life. She said: ‘Just wait!’ I told her that I had been waiting through 8 years of an illegal, fraudulent Presidency.

    ….and then, my office door slammed.

    I LOVE today :).

  73. SueK,

  74. Sign up for updates from
    President Donald J. Trump!

    Join our movement, and together, let’s Make America Great Again!

  75. Moments after Trump oath, LOOK what disappears from White House website…
    By Michael Lee3:43pm January 20, 2017

  76. The Dog Didn’t Bark: No Pardon For Hillary
    By Dick Morris on January 20, 2017

    If Bill and Hillary looked dour at Donald Trump’s inauguration, it may have been more than just frustration and sour grapes at losing the election. As Obama passed into history and Trump took power as president, what didn’t happen may have had more consequence for the former first couple than what did take place: Obama did not pardon Hillary.

    Now the coast is clear for a thorough investigation of Hillary both on charges of mishandling state secrets and of running a pay-for-play operation out of the State Department.

    As president-elect, Trump vowed not to pursue Hillary and expressed the wish that she not be prosecuted, but said that it “was not something I feel very strongly about.” In a series of tweets on November 22nd, Trump said that a prosecution of Hillary would be “very divisive” and noted that the Clintons have “suffered greatly” already. But, significantly, he refused to say that he would take prosecution of Hillary “off the table.”

    Anyone watching the inaugural ceremonies could not fail to note how deliberately President Trump avoided eye contact with either Clinton, passing right by under their noses rather than pause for a handshake.

    For his part incoming Attorney General Jeff Sessions has promised to recuse himself from any investigation.

    But the investigators themselves — in at least four US Attorney offices — are by no means letting up. If they find a case that Hillary ran afoul of the law in either scandal (pay for play or national secrets), it is quite likely that they will recommend prosecution. In that eventuality, it is hard to see either Sessions of President Trump refusing to bring the case.

    Hillary’s only secure protection would have been an Obama pardon. But now she is exposed. She may have to face the fruits of her own criminality.

  77. HI
    My children were vaccine damaged and it has taken years to try to undo the harm
    ANother issue that you might like to look at is wireless radiation. It harm everything made of a living cell
    Noone wants to know as they all love the echnology, but at what price.
    Same cover up as the vaccine issue. Ever wonders why children now have heart attacks, why people are now getting brain tumors, etc?

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