Hillary use of N word not isolated, Racist sociopath Hillary “What’s that n—-r doing in here?”, Tracey Martin witnessed at fund raising event February 1, 1996, Clintons pattern of abuse and racist remarks, We picked the right president

Hillary use of N word not isolated, Racist sociopath Hillary “What’s that n—-r doing in here?”, Tracey Martin witnessed at fund raising event February 1, 1996, Clintons pattern of abuse and racist remarks, We picked the right president

“If This Story Gets Out, We Are Screwed”…Wikileaks: Doug Band to John Podesta

“Billy and Hillary Clinton continue to be lying, cheating, manipulative, scratching, clawing, ruthlessly aggressive, insatiably ambitious politicians who are giving public service a bad name – and nothing about them has changed in the past forty-plus years, except that they have deluded more and more people,”…Dolly Kyle Browning

“The devil’s in that woman.”…Miss Emma, Clinton’s cook, governor’s mansion




Protesters around the country, many paid and tied to the DNC, are rallying around stupid, false assertions that Trump is a racist, some carrying KKK banners.

Ironical since he isn’t and she is well documented as being a racist.

From the National Enquirer.

“Hillary Clinton wants the most important job in the world — but the Democratic presidential candidate has spewed the same kind of foul-mouthed racist slurs that killed the careers of Hulk Hogan, Paula Deen and Mel Gibson! That’s the explosive charge from one of the Clinton’s ultimate insiders, Tracey Martin, a former travel chef who submitted to a polygraph examination to prove he is telling the truth. His shocking charges include personally hearing Hillary calling an African-American server the N-word at a fund-raising event on Feb. 1, 1996 — because her food wasn’t prepared quickly enough!

The candidate brazenly shouted the horrifying slur during an event at the Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center in Washington. “It’s an HIV and AIDS clinic,” Martin said. “Hillary was hosting a tea party prior to a public appearance with Mrs. Chirac [wife of the former French president]. The Secret Service came through into a holding room where I was standing with Hillary, and at this point a tray of cookies hadn’t come out yet. Eventually an African- American gentleman came through with the cookies, and something was wrong. When he left, Hillary said: “What’s that n—-r doing in here?”

Charged Martin: “I was shocked and totally surprised — but when you’re working for the leader of the free world and in that company, you maintain your professional manner.” Speaking exclusively to The National ENQUIRER, he refused to write off the incident as an accidental slip of the tongue, and suggested the vulgar and prejudiced hatred proves she is a very different person when the cameras aren’t rolling.

“Hillary’s moves are very calculated, and she always thinks before she speaks,” he revealed. “She isn’t like most people who might say something off the cuff which they don’t mean. I believe that behind closed doors Hillary does have some racial tendencies!”

The respected D.C. chef submitted to a polygraph examination about his charges inside The ENQUIRER’s newsroom on Oct. 25, 2016 — a test conducted by certified examiner Michael Mancuso. According to Mancuso, “the subject was being truthful” when asked:”Did you witness Hillary Clinton refer to a black man as a n—-r?” and “Did you witness Hillary Clinton refer to a black man as a ‘n—-r’ while working at the Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center?”

Mancuso — a member of the American Polygraph Association — concluded: “It is the professional opinion of this examiner, based on the subject’s reactions to the relevant test questions, that the subject was being truthful regarding the above-mentioned issues.””

Hillary’s Racist N-Word Rant: Private Chef Tells All

From Newsmax via Citizen News July 17, 2000.

“Former Arkansas State Trooper Larry Patterson, who was bodyguard to Bill and Hillary Clinton from 1986 to 1993, said he heard the first lady utter anti-Jewish epithets between 10 and 20 times over the course of his six years at the Arkansas governor’s mansion.”

“The topic turned to slurs against African-Americans after Hannity played a police surveillance tape where first brother Roger Clinton used the “N” word four times to refer to blacks within a 20-second clip.

HANNITY: Did you ever hear Bill or Hillary use the “N” word?

PATTERSON: Certainly, certainly. They told jokes using the “N” word. Especially Bill Clinton did. And if one of the black leaders in the community, if Bill Clinton was upset with him, especially Robert “Say” McIntosh, he often used the “N” word to describe or in conversation with Mr. McIntosh. …

Earlier on Monday, another former Clinton bodyguard, L.D. Brown, told NewsMax.com that the president would regularly make derogatory comments about African-Americans in private.

“He has used the ‘N’ word before. … Bill would make snide remarks about blacks behind their backs,” Brown said.

Patterson said Hillary was no stranger to the “N” word either.

HANNITY: How many times did you hear Hillary use the “N” word?

PATTERSON: Probably six, eight, ten times. She would be upset with someone in the black community and she would use the “N” word, like, you heard they’ve got the president’s brother on tape using the “N” word. So, yeah it was used.

The former Clinton bodyguard said he knew four or five others once close to the Clintons who would be willing to corroborate claims about Bill and Hillary’s bigoted language on the record.”

Hillary Slurred Jews 10 to 20 Times, Used ‘N’ word Too: Bodyguard, NewsMax July 17, 2000, Real Hillary and Bill Clinton used nigger when upset with someone in the black community

The truth about some of the protesters:





More here:




34 responses to “Hillary use of N word not isolated, Racist sociopath Hillary “What’s that n—-r doing in here?”, Tracey Martin witnessed at fund raising event February 1, 1996, Clintons pattern of abuse and racist remarks, We picked the right president

  1. “I know she has begun to hate everyday Americans”…John Podesta, Wikileaks email # 4433





  4. One of these guns made it all the way to Paris, to kill people.


    Valerie Jarrett Key Player in Fast and Furious Cover-Up
    November 13, 2016

    In the latest gleanings from Judicial Watch’s FOIA actions, Valerie Jarrett has emerged as a key player in the Fast and Furious cover-up. In emails to former Attorney General Eric Holder, the timing shows that Holder had lied to Congress about his knowledge of the operation. It appears that Jarrett was actively involved in organizing damage control for President Obama. Read the findings below.

    As Written By Judicial Watch:

    President Obama’s trusted senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, was a key player in the effort to cover up that Attorney General Eric Holder lied to Congress about the Fast and Furious scandal, according to public records obtained by Judicial Watch.

    The information is part of a Department of Justice (DOJ) “Vaughn index” detailing records about the gun-running operation known as Fast and Furious. JW had to sue the agency for the records after the Obama administration failed to provide them under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). A federal court ordered the DOJ to provide the records over the agency’s objections. Yesterday JW reported on the broad information in the records, including that Obama asserted executive privilege for Holder’s wife as part of the administration’s efforts to cover up the scandal.

    Practically lost in the 1,000-plus pages of records is an index that shows Jarrett was brought in to manage the fact that Holder lied to Congress after the story about the disastrous gun-running operation broke in the media. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF) ran the once-secret program that allowed guns from the U.S. to be smuggled into Mexico so they could eventually be traced to drug cartels. Instead, federal law enforcement officers lost track of hundreds of weapons which have been used in an unknown number of crimes, including the murder of a U.S. Border Patrol agent in Arizona.

    The files received by JW include three electronic mails between Holder and Jarrett and one from former U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke to Jarrett. The e-mails with Holder are all from October 4, 2011, a significant date because, on the evening of October 3rd, Sheryl Attkisson (then at CBS news) released documents showing that Holder had been sent a briefing paper on Operation Fast and Furious on June 5, 2010. The paper was from the director of the National Drug Intelligence Center, Michael Walther.

    This directly contradicted Holder’s May 3, 2011 testimony to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, during which he stated that he, “probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last ….

    Full Story Continues Here:

    Valerie Jarrett Key Player in Fast and Furious Cover-Up After Holder Lied to Congress – Judicial Watch


  5. oldsoldier80……….
    ………….I have suspected for some time that this sort of thing was going to happen. I personally think that all of the PUNK MISBEHAVIOR is being BOUGHT AND PAID FOR, by people, and leftist organisations who are all associated with the George Soros. There is a need to address this with a heavy focus, on Soros and those who oversee the sanctuary cities. Perhaps it is time to commission GIULIANI to go after Soros with the goal being to DEPORT AND HIS MONEY PERMANENTLY.There is a need for new laws to be put on the books which make sanctuary cities RICO enterprises, and the leaders prosecuted for their existence.. People like Mr, RIHM of Chicago need to learn what LAW MEANS. It is clear that Mr.RIHM of Chicago is a SICK,PERVERTED, SEXUAL DEVIATE, and as such is dedicated to the PROTECTION of CRIMINALS, rather than their PROSECUTION. You only need to look at the number of murders that occur as each day passes………and NOBODY IS EVEN ARRESTED. Donald Trump needs to find somebody who he can rely upon, as a civil field general to ERADICATE the PROTECTORATES OF CRIMINAL BASTARDS…….THEN GIVE THAT PERSON FREE REIN IN ACCOMPLISHING THE TASK. That CIVIL FIELD GENERAL IS GIULIANI. I believe he can clean out the rat nests across America. He chased the New York Mafia back to Italy, and those who operate sanctuary cities are on the same plain as the mafia bastards. This screams for INTERVENTION! Start with Chicago, and lock up every one of the perpetrators who allow the BULLSHI# to continue. if need be even Mr. RIHM.

  6. …….perhaps it is time to find another Senator McCarthy………to commission as the “HOUND DOG” for GIULIANI. Perhaps Christie could fulfill that job. He seems to have a nose for sniffing out CULPRITS.

  7. Trump’s Triumph & The Brotherhood Mafia’s “Reaction”:

    What’s The Upshot? Where Does Huma Abedin Factor In?

    Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


  8. ……….there was once a federal investigator whose name was ELLIOT NESS. He was eventually given credit for bringing down Al Capone…………but in truth he had some help…………..a disgruntled Al Capone ACCOUNTANT. But largely it doesn’t matter how you accomplish a task, just so long as it is accomplished. With respect to catching criminals………if the job requires some unethical procedures WHO GIVES A DAMN as long as the CRIMINAL is brought to justice………..after all the criminal BASTARDS didn’t give a damn who they injured or hurt. So if they receive a bloody nose, or a black eye in the process of arrest let them solve it while they sit in their SLAMMER CELLS.

  9. Listen to the end.


    ………..PAID PROTESTS which we are now seeing it is important to strike the SUPREME BENEFACTOR of such forces with a blow of such force that he will NEVER FORGET IT. PERHAPS IT IS TIME TO NAIL MR. SOROS TO THE CROSS, then leave him there until he decides that he has had enough. Maybe this would provide him with the incentive to return to his own country. I am sure that it can be done……….but it will require an entity which has the full force of law behind it. “anyone who conspires, or pays someone to conspire against another becomes an accessory to a criminal act”/ and/or perpetrator.

  11. …………it is clear that Mr.Soros has NO EMOTIONS. He is a cold hearted person who really has no concern for the social outcome of his financial dealings. To Soros anything he does is done for his own gains, and if there are unintended adverse results…….that is their problem. If there is no law against what he does that is fine for him, because even if there is a law against it he would undoubtedly do it anyway just so long as it benefitted him. In short he has NO MORALITY, money takes it’s place. A person who has no MORALITY is not really a human………..he/she is a predator.

  12. ………..AND…….
    …………the level of FILTH, and DEPRAVITY which we now witness nearly every direction we look tells a really sad story. I believe that there is only ONE ENTITY which can rescue America from a horrible end. That entity is GOD……….who once dwelled in all of us, but God has been removed from the lives of many Americans. If this continues there is little hope for America even with Trump as POTUS. The death of America will be the result of the behavior of our younger Americans. (YUPPIES and MILLENIALS) who no longer have a MORAL BASE.

  13. “Putin And Trump Hold Phone Conversation, Agree To Normalize Relations”

    “Moments ago the Kremlin released a statement in which the Russian presidency reported that Putin and Trump held a conversation, in which the Russian leader congratulated his American counterpart again on his victory in the presidential election, wished him “success in the implementation of the pre-election program, and noted his willingness to build a partnership dialogue with the new administration on the principles of equality, mutual respect and non-interference in the internal affairs of each other.””


  14. I wonder if Melania speaks Russian?

  15. “She’s fluent in 5 languages
    Though she may not have experience in public service, Melania Trump is prepped to help her husband out on the diplomatic front: in addition to her native Slovenian, Trump speaks four other languages: English, French, Serbian and German.”


  16. “In a 2005 interview with The New York Post, Paolo Zampolli, the president of ID Models recalled: “It was unusual for her to go out; she never went to clubs or bars… She never dated anyone in New York before Donald. She only went to movies by herself and to the gym.

    “This is a woman who modeled for Camel cigarettes on a huge billboard in Times Square but stayed home all the time,” Zampolli added. “She was not a party girl.””


  17. OFF TOPIC………
    …………anyone who enjoys the scientific world should tune into the NGEO channel if you have it. They are featuring the Cosmos series………..and MARS. This is a really compelling series. Tonight was “LIFE ON EARTH “with much more to come. I can sit and watch this ,and find myself totally absorbed in the presentation. great stuff!

    ……….just.a change of presidents…………we are seeing the DAWNING OF A NEW GENERATION ON EARTH……….which I personally believe will open up totally new avenues to the human experience.

  19. CW………
    ………….the mobs in the street are using the Hillary name to make their IDIOTIC FRENZY appear justified…….in reality it is George Soros employees who have been hired by the thousands to create havoc. It is time to shut down this NAZI COLLABORATOR PIECE OF MANURE!

  20. Is it Not an “Outrage” that the Forgery on the White House Website Has Not Been Investigated?

    “Zullo has stated that the forging of a government document is “a federal felony,” yet no one has been prosecuted, as Congress neither investigated nor issued a subpoena for information relating to either of the forgeries the posse states have been created in Obama’s name.

    In what could be seen as an ironic twist, the only individual who was able to focus major media attention on Obama’s lack of documentation beginning in 2011 is now the president-elect, Donald J. Trump.

    In affirmation of Zullo’s statements during the interview, Gallups responded, “That birth certificate is a fraudulent fabrication. You’re saying…that you guys are getting ready to bring it forth. We’ve got the alternative media, which has become more powerful than the mainstream. Now it’s getting ready to be brought forward…and we’ll see what a Trump Congress and a Trump presidency and a Trump DOJ and a Trump FBI does with it.”


  21. If you ever wondered about the ultimate plan of the usurper, usurping the presidency of the United States, it may have been to arm Iran.

    This is TREASON! Arrest the usurper!!!!!!!!!


    Heavy Water, and Why It Matters in Iran
    November 10, 2016

    Omri Ceren, a managing director at The Israel Project, in a factsheet distributed to journalists and others, points out that a clear violation of the terms of the Iran Nuclear Deal got lost in the coverage over the US election. It is clear enough that even the United Nations‘ monitoring agency, the IAEA, can see that it is definitely a violation. Ceren’s remarks deserve to be quoted:

    The nuclear deal allows the Iranians to produce heavy water but forbids them from stockpiling more than 130 tonnes at any given time, for over a decade. Obama administration officials had originally told Congress that any nuclear deal would prohibit Iran from heavy water work – the U.N. Security Council had made it illegal for Iran – but the Iranians demanded that the deal actually legalize those activities, first on a limited basis and then with no caps. The Obama administration conceded.

    In February the Iranians violated the nuclear deal by going over the 130 tonne cap.

    The Obama administration bought the excess material for roughly $10 million to “safeguard its landmark nuclear agreement,” according to the WSJ. The move was criticized because: 1st, it was the U.S. funding a part of Iran’s nuclear program that shouldn’t even exist, since it’s weaponization infrastructure, 2nd, it incentivized Iran to keep pushing the envelope on deal violations, since the Americans responded by playing Iran’s lawyer, 3rd it incentivized Iran to keep overproducing heavy water to sell, since that raised capital and, 4th, it mainstreamed Iran as a nuclear supplier even though Iran remains a global proliferation pariah in violation of a range of missile and arms embargos.

    Read more: Family Security Matters http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/detail/heavy-water-and-why-it-matters-in-iran?f=must_reads#ixzz4Q3dewIC1
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

  22. ONE FOR THE ROAD……….
    ………..and now auto manufacturers who produce either electric, or hybrid autos must now install noise making devices so that they can be heard coming. This notion is really ridiculous……….. the vehicles already have horns, and what ever happened to the requirement for a pedestrian to look both directions before stepping off the curb?………or is that to difficult.? Reality is ….this is just one more politically correct load of BULLSHI#. If pedestrians are so preoccupied with texting, or yaking on a cellphone, and walk out into the path of a car, or truck it is not the fault of the driver of the vehicle, but he is expected to make LOTS OF NOISE so that the MORONS might hear him coming. I think if I had such a vehicle I would keep a handful of M-80 firecrackers within easy reach, and I would probably toss a couple of them out the window of my vehicle when I see somebody walk out. They would probably think somebody just shot at them, and cream their jeans, drop the phone, and run for cover. M-80s are really loud.

  23. ………but CHILDREN is another matter………..that is where the speedometer, horn, and brakes will be useful.

  24. “European Temper Tantrumps: “A World Is Collapsing Before Our Eyes””

    “We will need to teach the president-elect what Europe is and how it works…”


    What a bunch of morons!
    We bailed their ass out twice in the last century.
    My ancestors, God bless them, left Europe 300 years ago.

  25. “Germany Launches Biggest Crackdown On Islamists In 15 Years: Raids 190 Mosques, Bans Radical Organization”


  26. CW………..
    ……….I have often wondered why so many people left Europe for a value that was largely an UNKNOWN to them. Could it have been simply the POTENTIAL for a better life?As immigrants they were really out on a limb. Their salvation in the new world was squarely upon their own shoulders. Perhaps being free, and being their own breadwinner was the attraction to the new world.

  27. Amen!
    Escape from tyranny.

  28. ……….many immigrants from Europe arrived in America without a PENNY to their name, and with only the clothes on their backs. In many cases they lived in unbelievable squalor. Yet 99% of the Chanty Irish, the Italian WOPS, the Latino DAGOS, the German KNACK WURSTS, and the Dutch knotheads managed to survive, and eventually became productive,hard working, Christian citizens. Charles DeGaulle GAVE France to Hitler in the late thirties, because he did not want to fight a war. France had been a battleground in WW1,and again in WW2. Europe, and Britain was in a turmoil for nearly a century. My own father’s family left England in 1910. My father was born in Nottingham England, and was 2 years of age when he was brought with my grandfather, and grandmother to America. There was a million stories just like this all during the period which we refer to as the TURN OF THE CENTURY. These were the masses which eventually turned America into what it was until recently.

  29. .CW……..
    …………I have heard stories that my family might be distant relatives to the infamous “Sheriff of Nottingham”, whose surname was the same as my own. He allegedly chased Robin Hood and his merry men all over the Sherwood Forest………..so much for TALL TALES! I tend to think that WW1 and WW2 may have taught the English people a few things. Certainly the UK became hugely DEFIANT of Hitler and his MANIACS.

  30. “Who’s Behind The Portland Riots? 60% Of Arrested Anti-Trump Protesters Were From Out Of State, Didn’t Vote

    Two months ago, Charlotte police confirmed that 70% of those arrested during the riots were from out-of-state. 18 months before that, as the riots flared in Ferguson, George Soros spurred the protest movement through years of funding and mobilizing groups across the U.S., according to financial records reviewed by The Washington Times. And now, amid more headlines of Soros’ involvement, KGW reports that more than half of the anti-Trump protesters arrested in Portland were from out of state.”


  31. I just read that President Trump (as far as I’m concerned, he’s already president) is bringing back the bust of Winston Churchill to the Oval Office. Bravo!! He’s doing everything right so far.

  32. I find this interesting, considering Hilliary made such an issue about temperament. The hypocrisy is astounding.


    BREAKING: The Real Reason Hillary Didn’t Speak Election Night Exposed! Hillary Has Completely Lost It!

    “Hillary Clinton physically attacked both John Podesta and Robby Mook after she knew she would lose!”

    CNN reporter tells me Hillary became physically violent towards Robby Mook and John Podesta around midnight; had to be briefly restrained.

    — The Kincannon Show (@kincannon_show) November 14, 2016


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