Trey Gowdy house select committee on Benghazi letter to State Dept. May 14, 2015, Failure to produce responsive emails and records, Record must be complete before Hillary Clinton appearance

Trey Gowdy house select committee on Benghazi letter to State Dept. May 14, 2015, Failure to produce responsive emails and records, Record must be complete before Hillary Clinton appearance

“By July 1993, the Clintons and their associates had established
a pattern of concealment with respect to the Clintons’ involvement
with Whitewater and the Madison S&L. Because of the complexity
of the allegations of misdeeds involving these institutions, documents
and files are critical to any inquiries into the matter. Yet,
at every important turn, crucial files and documents ‘‘disappeared’’
or were withheld from scrutiny whenever questions were raised.…Senate Whitewater report June 13, 1996

“Mrs. Clinton personally was involved in the discussions regarding the White House’s handling of documents in Vince
Foster’s office following his death. Mrs. Clinton made known her views that investigators should be denied ‘‘unfettered access’’ to Foster’s office prior to the search of the office on July 22, 1993.”…House Investigation of the White House Travel Office Firings,  September 26, 1996

“the Democratic Party overlooked the ethical red flags and made a pact with Mr. Clinton that was the equivalent of a pact with the devil. And he delivered. With Mr. Clinton at the controls, the party won the White House twice. But in the process it lost its bearings and maybe even its soul.”…Bob Herbert, NY Times February 26, 2001



From the House Select Committee on Benghazi Chairman Trey Gowdy May 14, 2015.

“Benghazi Committee Releases Letter on State Department Compliance Failure, Clinton

May 14, 2015
Press Release

Washington, DC—Select Committee on Benghazi Chairman Trey Gowdy today sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry on the Department’s failure to produce responsive emails and records for top State officials more than a half-year after they were first requested.

“Secretary Clinton is insistent she will appear once and only once before the Select Committee,” said Gowdy, R-S.C. “The Committee must be equally insistent that her appearance is thorough and fully productive. This requires the record to be complete so the Members can effectively base their questions on documents and the Secretary can base her answers on those same documents.

“Since last fall, the Committee has consistently said it would talk to Secretary Clinton about Libya and Benghazi within 30 days of the public record being complete. To date, the State Department has not produced one single piece of paper responsive to the Committee’s request for records from the former Secretary’s leadership team.”

Gowdy noted the Benghazi Committee originally requested all Libya- and Benghazi-related documents from the leadership team of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton back in November 2014. He also noted the Committee subpoenaed the same records in March 2015, but as of mid-May, State has failed to produce a single email.

“The pace of State Department document production has become an impediment to the progress of the Committee,” Gowdy said. “Secretary Kerry promised in previous House testimony swift action when it came to producing Department documents, now it is time for his Department to explain why they have failed to keep his word.”

Gowdy further pointed to the former Secretary’s claim she had emailed her staff in a bid to meet record keeping requirements as part of the unusual email arrangement she had with herself.

“The Committee needs these emails to have some sense of the completeness of Secretary Clinton’s self-selected public record and to formulate substantive questions for her on Benghazi,” Gowdy said. “I have no interest in prolonging the time before she appears before the Committee, but I do have an interest in assuring the Committee has access to all the facts.”

Gowdy pointed to the Committee’s record in its determined pursuit to build the most comprehensive account on Benghazi. That includes becoming the first congressional committee to gain access to State Department Accountability Review Board internal documents—two years after a House committee originally subpoenaed the documents; receipt of 15,000 pages of new Benghazi documents never before given to Congress; getting access to 25,000 pages of Benghazi documents with fewer redactions than when they were first given to Congress; and becoming the first and only congressional committee to uncover Secretary Clinton’s exclusive use of private emails to conduct official public business.

The letter to Secretary Kerry can be found at the link.”

Here is a link to the letter that works:



23 responses to “Trey Gowdy house select committee on Benghazi letter to State Dept. May 14, 2015, Failure to produce responsive emails and records, Record must be complete before Hillary Clinton appearance

  1. oldsailor82

    perhaps we shouldn’t look for decency from people who practice INDECENCY as their standard moral,and spiritual domain.

  2. oldsailor82

    ……further I would include the Clint lifestyle in addition to their shaded dishonesty,their blatant lies, and morally corrupt behavior which in and of itself tells a fairly complete story about the Clints.

  3. oldsailor82

    oldsoldier79……Good afternoon sir..
    ………probably exactly what I would have done. har har

  4. oldsoldier79

    Boston Bomber Gets DEATH sentence……

    Now lets see if the Muslims in Boston will riot, trash, and burn down their town over this … some of the other minorities do when things happen they feel is not right….

    Well this Muslim will soon (I hope) come face to face with his god then he will find out for sure if Allah will really give him 70 ladyfriends he has been promised……..or if that story is nothing but bullsh*t…

  5. bob strauss

    It’s pretty obvious by now, that the usurpers regime is not going to comply with any congressional investigations, be it Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious, you name it, and turn over documents that will show their traitorous activity. I don’t think even a court order would extract documents from these traitors. The second amendment method, may be the only way to rid our country of these traitors, and make an impression on their successors, that an oath is to be respected.

    I respect Trey Gowdy, but I see a lack of enforcement capacity with the usurper’s regime running the Dept of Justice. Who is going to force the usurper to do anything? What can be done to arrest this usurper?

  6. oldsoldier79 | May 15, 2015 at 5:26 pm |

    Hi RM,

    All I can say is thank The Good Lord this media circus is over with, for now; it’s been a royal pain in the butt. Now, for the appeals. I don’t much care about that as long as Flashbang is transported out of MA.

    Let them try to riot; we here have no more patience for these ‘terroristas;’ not only will I tell them what to do with their burka, I’ll help them put it there.

    When they give Flashbang the big shot, the way to guarantee that 72 virgins will not be waiting for him is to infuse the big shot with some bacon fat. I volunteer to provide that.

    If there are indeed 72 virgins waiting for this creep, please, God, let them all be male…

  7. bob strauss

  8. bob strauss


  9. oldsailor82

    Bob Strauss………
    Do you happen to know the name of the Federal Judge who rendered the judgement against Soetoro regarding the alien issue?

  10. bob strauss

    Fraudsters are getting desperate trying to defraud Americans with the Global Warming scam, resorting to name calling.

  11. bob strauss

    Good night from cold and rainy Reno.

    Follow the link from the Gallups video I posted, about Arpaio, and “reading between the lines”, about Judges being investigated by the regime, and let me know how crooked the regime really is. I will read about it tomorrow.

  12. oldsailor82

    Bob Strauss……..
    ……….thanks for your MEMORY…..I have been closely following the ongoing action,but for the life of me I couldn’t rememberJudge Hanen’s name. I guess I’ll be in really serious trouble when I forget MY OWN NAME.
    However I would like to say that we might have finally found a judge who isn’t afraid of Soetoro, even when Soetoro THREATENED him,with PAYBACK. Hanen seems to be a Judge of moral stature who shows the potential of being the ARBITER bearing the keys to the previously locked doors of the Judicial branch. I pray that this is the truth,and that he is the magnet which will bring many other federal judges back to reality. When that happens the judges will make short work of the CHICAGO CRIMINAL BASTARD. Soetoro could end up SWINGING as PAYBACK for his OWN TREASONOUS BEHAVIOR…….in addition to several other CLOSE LIBERAL FRIENDS which includes a FEMALE MENTAL DERELICT, who I refer to as Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.IMPORTANT.

  13. oldsailor82

    Bob Strauss……….
    I passed through Reno several decades ago after spending several weeks in New Mexico,and Southern Arizona.(Benson,Bisbee and Douglas AR. After passing through Reno I went on Northwestward finally emerging at the intersection of the California Coast Highway,upon which I proceede3d on to Portland Oregon,and later to Seattle WA. ( I also crossed over Hoover Dam). All of this happened after the death of my first wife. During the trip I would stop along the road when I needed to and I would CRY.,,,,,,,,,,because I couldn’t forget her. It was as though I had been propelled into a vacuum totally by myself. I just wandered around, and visited various places………..Reno being early in my ESCAPE,but I simply passed through………didn’t take refuge.

  14. oldsailor82

    Bob Strauss……

    ………Regarding the Mitt Romney fight with Hollifield………In all probability Romney accomplished more in that constricted time frame than he ever has in the entirety of his life,and certainly the results will benefit a MULTITUDE of people. My personal view of him has changed to the positive aspect.
    I would like to see Hollifield do a return bout with another person……rather a Chicago BASTARD, and it would be FOR REAL this time. I would bet that Hollifield would jump at the chance ….particularly if there was a million dollars guaranteed, for KNOCKOUT. TKO not acceptable! Must be flat on the deck……..I would bet that the Chicago BASTARD would TAKE A DIVE, or might not even have the courage to face Hollifield. I would guess the LATTER.

  15. oldsailor82


  16. oldsoldier79

    Hi SueK…..

    You said, “When they give Flashbang the big shot, the way to guarantee that 72 virgins will not be waiting for him is to infuse the big shot with some bacon fat. I volunteer to provide that.”

    I volunteer to make sure each and every inch of his body is covered with it……I will use a dirty mop.

  17. oldsailor82

    oldsoldier79……….Good afternoon sir.
    ……….out of 17 counts of murder they convicted him on 6. But you can only kill such a BASTARD ONCE……….so perhaps even 6 counts was OVERKILL. Easier to read all counts and sentence appropriately. In his case death. Perhaps the public would have been better served if he would be HANGED in PUBLIC,at the gallows on courthouse square. FREE ADMISSION TO ALL SPECTATORS. When the KA PLUNK happens everybody can begin singing our National Anthem,and/or filing past the remains and each person spitting on the carcass. Or perhaps a few will have pictures of Mohammed having sex with a nanny goat…….great picture to pin to the carcass. Sadly the VIRGINS are only a figment of the GOAT LOVERS imaginations.
    I pray that Pam Geller has some REAL battle hardened BADASSES watching over her……..there might be a few more BASTARD GOAT LOVERS being dispatched to Allah’s doorstep. Allegedly there are over 70 of them who have received orders to KILL HER. Hope Allah has plenty of virgins,because there might be SEVENTY GOAT LOVERS arriving at his doorstep SIMULTANEOUSLY.

  18. oldsoldier79

    ISIS Supporters Shaken By U.S. Killing Of Abu Sayyaf, Vow Revenge

    لئن كان هدفكم قتل سياف فهدفنا قتل أوباما وعباد الصليب…فبإذن الله لنا صولات وجولات معكم ياعباد الصليب.
    If your goal is killing Abu Sayyaf then our goal is killing Obama and the worshipers of the cross. We have attacks coming against you.
    Shaken by a daring U.S. military strike deep in ISIS territory, supporters of the extremist organization were vowing revenge for the killing of senior leader Abu Sayyaf or claiming the special operations mission never took place, a Vocativ analysis reveals.

    “If they took Abu Sayyaf, we will take Obama,” one ISIS supporter posted in the hours after the raid near the eastern Syrian city of al-Amr.
    Could this be true?

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