Obama v Bush first 6 year comparison, White american employment, Over 2 million more working in 2007 than 2015, White employment decimated under Obama, Hispanic Latinos gain 4 million

Obama v Bush first 6 year comparison, White american employment, Over 2 million more working in 2007 than 2015, White employment decimated under Obama, Hispanic Latinos gain 4 million

“There’s no other way to say this. The official unemployment rate, which cruelly overlooks the suffering of the long-term and often permanently unemployed as well as the depressingly underemployed, amounts to a Big Lie.”…Gallup CEO Jim Clifton 

“In February 2015 there were 43,000 fewer white Americans employed, 354,000 more not in the labor force, 96,000 more employed and we added 295,000 jobs? Was Common Core math used?”…Citizen Wells

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″



Many of the left wing web sites, in their efforts to prop up Obama, have compared the performance of the Bush presidency to Obama’s. They typically compare the 8 years of Bush to the current Obama stats. Of course what they fail to mention is that the Democrats controlled both houses of congress the last 2 years of Bush.

Here is a more fair, more realistic comparison.

The first 6 years of Bush compared to the first 6 of Obama.

March 2007 to March 2015.

White American employment.

In March of 2007 there were 120,221,000 white Americans employed.

In March of 2015 there were 117,886,000 white Americans employed.

There were 2,335,000 more white Americans employed in March 2007 under George Bush!

In March of 2007 there were 20,349,000 Hispanic Latino Americans employed.

In March of 2015 there were 24,319,000 Hispanic Latino Americans employed.

There were almost 4 million more Hispanic Latino Americans employed under Obama!

From Citizen News April 3, 2015.


“Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 126,000 in March, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 5.5 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.
Employment continued to trend up in professional and business services, health care, and retail trade, while mining lost jobs.”


Now for the rest of the story, the truth.

Also from the same website, historical tables.

There were 106,000 fewer whites employed in March.

There were 226,000 more whites not in the labor force.

There were 81,000 more Hispanic employments.

Don’t take my word for it.

Look it up!”




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  1. citizenwells

    Look it up.

    Spread the word.

  2. ………And I will give you one guess what party all the illegals,Latinos,and our DARKER community will vote for……….I would tend to believe that the LIBERALS will ALWAYS try to STACK THE DECK,no matter what game they are playing. Until Americans learn how to see through it all they will end up on the SHORT END OF THE STICK.

  3. Another woman seeking the truth.

  4. bob strauss

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  6. citizenwells

    “Here is the impact on jobs in NC.

    February 2007 to February 2015.

    Labor force participation rate.

    Feb 2007 66.0 percent.

    Feb 2015 60.4.

    That is a drop of 5.6 percent!

    Employment to population rate.

    Feb 2007 63.0 percent.

    Feb 2015 57.2.

    That is a plummet of 5.8 percent!!”


  7. oldsoldier79







  8. Oldsalt,
    I truly respect you. I do not believe building 7 was wired. It was filled with diesel fuel and gasoline for bunkers power generation. They broke fire code and the vents were illegally vented, breaking fire code. When the others buildings caught fire from the other impacts, the vents caught fire and resulted in rupture of the diesel and gasoline tanks. The mixture will burn hotter than jet fuel, will absolutely melt the steel at the base of the building and collapse it. That’s why the “pulled” everyone out and let it go. That’s my theory to building 7 collapse.


  9. bob strauss

    Obama Declares National Emergency To Strip Americans Of Constitutional Rights
    Robert Gehl
    April 5, 2015

    Under executive order, President Obama has declared a “national emergency.”

    In an apparent attempt to keep Americans from donating money to the likes of Edward Snowden, Obama signed the emergency declaration and executive order last week that bans Americans from donating money to suspected “cyber criminals.” It freezes the assets of suspected criminals and prohibits giving money to them.

    I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, find that the increasing prevalence and severity of malicious cyber-enabled activities originating from, or directed by persons located, in whole or in substantial part, outside the United States constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States. I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with this threat.

    But further down the order is the most draconian – and unconstitutional – section. It permits authorities to seize Americans’ funds without due process or prior notice.

    Sec. 7. For those persons whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order who might have a constitutional presence in the United States, I find that because of the ability to transfer funds or other assets instantaneously, prior notice to such persons of measures to be taken pursuant to this order would render those measures ineffectual. I therefore determine that for these measures to be effective in addressing the national emergency declared in this order, there need be no prior notice of a listing or determination made pursuant to section 1 of this order.

    This is clearly unconstitutional, likely violating the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments, but most certainly violating due process.

    In claiming a “National Emergency,” however, Obama thinks he can skirt the Constitution. Here’s his justification:

    By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1701 et seq.) (IEEPA), the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1601 et seq.) (NEA), section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 (8 U.S.C. 1182(f)), and section 301 of title 3, United States Code …

    The press hasn’t reported on this “National Emergency.” Did it slip under the radar? Or are they trusting our “Constitutional-Law-Professor-In-Chief”?

    H/T: lionsofliberty.com


  10. oldsoldier79



    it was impossible for building 7 to come down directly in it’s own path WITHOUT the building being wired…..there was only a small fire which could have been controlled….even the owner , Larry Silverstein (the Jewish lease holder) said “we had to pull the building”…..that was language used by trained experts for a controlled demolition…..on top of all that Silverstein had just weeks before INSURED the World Trade Center for a far greater amount than he paid into it…..he made a ‘killing’ on his meager investment (no pun intended).

    What I posted was my own take on that faithful day….but many, many experts have come to that same conclusion…..strangely, our government has not fully answered all the questions that are floating around….i doubt they ever will…..

    I will never except that foreign intervention was not a big part of this American disaster that was equal to another ‘Pearl Harbor’ ( I think it was Jeb Bush who said, ” I think we need another Pearl Harbor” )…I will say, if Israel was a part of this, and our government does not disclose their involvement……then shame on them.

    As I said in my last post….the full truth will eventually come out….but I doubt that many Americans will care, one way or the other….most Americans today, have an ‘attention span’ of about 30 minutes then after that, all is forgotten…….but as for me

    I feel we must never forget this happened, and we must never stop searching for the real TRUTH…..the future of our freedoms lie hidden within.

  11. oldsoldier79


    We should always worry when our freedoms and liberties are taken from us……and as far as your latest post…yes we should worry…I don;t think our government is telling us all we need to know about that situation at Fukushima…

    perhaps to keep all the people in California from relocation to Maine !

  12. bob strauss | April 6, 2015 at 7:15 pm |

    Hi Bob,

    Can’t say too much but Fukushima continues to be monitored. Heavily. Constantly (today, in fact, on my end). All stations in the U.S. are doing the same.

    While we can’t control what’s coming out of Japan (and I blame TEPCO for all of it), we can at least see what it is that’s being produced. Some radioactive isotopes have short half lives (the amount of time it takes for one half of the substance to decay), while others can take millions of years to dissipate. From the reports we got after the tsunami hit, we knew there was either a partial or complete core meltdown, and probably in more than one reactor; the isotopes gave it away, regardless of what TEPCO was saying. They lied. They’re still lying.

    Sound familiar?

    All we can do at this point is to track and monitor it. Doing the best we can…

  13. oldsalt and oldsailor here’s one for you

    And old geezer, who had been a retired farmer for a long time, became very bored and decided to open a medical clinic. He put a sign up outside that said: “Get your treatment for $500, if not cured get back $1,000.”

    Doctor “Young,” who was positive that this old geezer didn’t know beans about medicine, thought this would be a great opportunity to get $1,000.

    So he went to Dr. Geezer’s clinic.

    This is what transpired.

    Dr. Young: — “Dr. Geezer, I have lost all taste in my mouth.” can you please help me ??
    Dr. Geezer: — “Nurse, please bring medicine from box 22 and put 3 drops in Dr. Young’s mouth.”

    Dr. Young: — Aaagh !! — “This is Gasoline!”

    Dr. Geezer: “Congratulations! You’ve got your taste back. That will be $500.”

    Dr. Young gets annoyed and goes back after a couple of days figuring to recover his money.

    Dr Young: “I have lost my memory, I cannot remember anything.”

    Dr. Geezer: “Nurse, please bring medicine from box 22 and put 3 drops in the patient’s mouth.”

    Doctor Young: “Oh no you don’t, — that is Gasoline!”

    Dr. Geezer: “Congratulations! You’ve got your memory back. That will be $500.”

    Dr. Young (after having lost $1000) leaves angrily and comes back after several more days.

    Dr. Young: “My eyesight has become weak — I can hardly see !!!!

    Dr. Geezer: “Well, I don’t have any medicine for that so — ” Here’s your $1000 back.”

    Dr. Young: “But this is only $500…”

    Dr. Geezer: “Congratulations! You got your vision back! That will be $500.”

    Moral of story — Just because you’re “Young” doesn’t mean that you can outsmart an old “Geezer ” !!!!


    If you like your old Geezer doctor, you can keep him!!

  14. HapnHal…….
    Hope you and yours had a great Easter! Liked the little doctor story also. I guess my memory was slipping a little as well,but when I still remembered my name,I discovered that I haven’t yet LOST MY MEMORY! har har

  15. Bob Strauss……..
    Regarding the FUKUSHIMA incident! First let me offer my own observations……Americans seem to be preoccupied with something which at this point cannot be changed…….but in the same notion lies the knowledge that JAPAN has a problem which is a million times worse for them than it is for the US. Where the US is concerned it is unlikely that our normal atmospheric radiation level will ever increase due to FUKUSHIMA. The presence of the isotope does tell a story,no matter how anybody tries to twist the words. Yet even given this development we do NOT have anything to worry about…..YET! It does however place a garrote about the necks of some of the so called knowledgeable people who head up Japan’s nuclear energy body. When they drop through the trap door will be anybody’s guess,but if there is proven negligence on their part the trap door might fall sooner than expected. However I personally believe the Japanese will act to try and encase the entire plant in concrete just as was Chernobyl. One or both reactors must have went to critical mass,if an isotope was produced. As I said the Japanese have a horrible problem at hand, and they have a world to lose if they do NOTHING………but anything they do might NOT BE ENOUGH. They DO NOT have many options!

  16. Those of us who have looked upon a 15 megaton detonation from a distance of 40 miles in March 1954 know the perils of mishandled,or otherwise botched atmospheric tests of nuclear weapons. The 1954 BRAVO was exactly that. It had been planned to be only a 7 megaton test. As a result over 7000 sq.miles of the area surrounding the Marshall Islands was heavily contaminated with fallout from thhat test. The fallout consisted largely of CS 137,strontium, and other radio active by products of FISSION. Several tribes of Micronesians had to be PERMANENTLY relocated, as their home islands had also become heavily radioactive. They also were treated for exposure to the radiation,which for some continued through the years clear up into the 1990s.(at taxpayer’s expense)The CS 137 has the longest half life which can extend well over 40 years. In the late 1990s a scientific team entered the lagoon at Eniwetok,and sent an ROV to the bottom to test for residual radiation. They found far more than residual radiation……they found that the bottom was STILL heavily radioactive,even after 43 lears. The bottom of the lagoon was covered by CS 137. Other elements such as STRONTIUM 90 deteriorates pretty quickly. The most serious sort of radiation is the GAMMA RAY. It can penetrate,even thick concrete. Do not turn your nuclear war dugout into a cistern yet. If Iran makes a mistake ,it will probably be felt by all of us.

  17. Pete……..
    In the early years of my life shortly after my discharge from the Navy I was employed by a local company to work in their engineering lab,as a test technician. This was mostly in RELIABILITY,Volumetric efficiency, Life,and environmental testing. In the course of doing these tests( Particularly Metallurgical) breakdown, of various materials,I learned a hell of a lot about the breakdown of structural steel, at various temperatiures. Structural steel is a ROLLED shape (Extrusion). This is done at very bright orange, by machine. The steel is usually used untreated any further. So, when nearly 10,000 gallons of jet fuel ignites upon,or next to structural steel it soon becomes bright red,at which point it has VERY LITTLE REMAINING STRENGTH,and is much like a WET NOODLE.Many people don’t understand this, but if you think what I am saying is BULLSHI# go ask a fireman, about it especially one who has fought fires in side of buildings framed with steel,OR better still ASK A mechanical engineer. The heat BUILDUP in both of the towers was the primary cause of the collapse of the towers. When you take the time to consider that both of the towers were struck a little above center,and there was over 1000,OR MORE tons of structure still remaining ABOVE the superheated framework of both towers. When the buildings’frames became cherry red, at the fire the steel lost all of it’s strength,and began to buckle, and once this began the thousands of tons above FINISHED THE JOB, in both cases,…….and like Pete said in building 7 as well. This of course is my own opinion based upon facts relating to steel and engineering principle. But I would suggest to the disbelievers that they visit a site where old steel framed buildings are to be demolished by explosives. (Pay particular attention to where the explosive charges are placed.) which is NEVER half way up a building.It is done at either grade,or SUBTERRANEAN levels as much as possible. Once the weight of the upper levels of the structure begin to move downward the TONNAGE by itself is largely the force which destructs such buildings.

  18. oldsailor82

    …………once the massive,hundreds,or thousands of tons above a severly weakened structure,begins to move downward it’s weight alone translates to an EXPONENTIAL destructive force. The the DESTRUCTIVE FORCE exponent quickly goes higher as the descending velocity of the weight mass increases.

  19. my apologies to oldsalt and to you old soldier. Google what was in building 7. What code violations they had. building 7 had strange issues, wasn’t like the others. ?cia?

  20. oldsailor82

    BTW, I personally watched over NATIONAL TELEVISION the SECOND PLANE FLY INTO THE SECOND TOWER. So I would say that I was among the millions who (BY PROXY) became EYEWITNESSES to the SECOND PLANE hitting the 2nd tower…………and I know my eyes were working,since I had just returned from McDonalds with my Sausage McMuffin,potato cake,and coffee,at which point the neighbor screamed that we should turn on our tv…..so I did. Watched over two hundred people die as I ate my breakfast,as the second 767 flew into the WTC. I never finished my breakfast!……too sick at heart! The only words that I could utter was….BASTARDS!

  21. oldsailor82

    To my knowledge there has NEVER been a building built yet which can withstand hundreds of tons of debris falling at high velocity from an adjacent building,in the form of huge pieces of CONCRETE,and huge pieces of steel framework. At some point the mechanics of the building FAILS……especially when tons of peripheral structure strikes the building as the energy wave from the adjacent building strikes it. This would be FORCE COMPOUNDED by 10 squared (EXPONENT)

  22. bob strauss

    Thank you to SueK, and oldsailor82, for answering my question about the Fukishima disaster. Our news media never covers stories like this, their agenda only includes Race issues, and Extremists.

    I guess I will be waiting for the next Super Godzilla.

  23. Some good news to share…CabbyAZ is scheduled to be released from the care center and go home to continue her recovery – tomorrow! I’m sure the 2 hr. transport to her home is going to be a tiring event for her, but hopefully she’ll be feeling up to posting in the next couple of days.

    We’ve all missed her terribly.

  24. citizenwells

    Thanks Katie.

  25. bob strauss | April 7, 2015 at 7:31 pm |

    Bob, don’t know if you saw the short film clip of Moochelle arriving to greet the Japanese PM and his wife a few weeks ago. There were no steps, but the First Wookie tripped on a molecule of dust; I guess that’s what happens when you put pumps with 2″ heels on a man…

    Anyway, one of the captions was: ‘Godzilla Returns to Japan!’

    I don’t think that radiation had anything to do with this one… :).

  26. Thank you, Katie.

    I understand that Cabby now has some help at home, so that’ll be great!

    I’ll give her a call when she’s resettled; I’ll bet her pup misses her as much as we all do!

  27. oldsailor82

    AND NOW……..
    ……..Soetoro WARNS Congress,NOT TO INTERFERE with alleged Nuclear Treaty. Well I have something that MIGHT BE NUCLEAR ALSO……it is CALLED ……..”TREASON”.

  28. oldsailor82

    AND NOW……
    Soetoro tells Governor Walker that he might need to bone up on foreign policy,……har har…..LOOK WHO IS TELLING IT……HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!

  29. oldsailor82

    ……..I suspect that Governor Walker has FORGOTTEN more about foreign policy than Soetoro ever knew to begin with……and Soetoro STILL DOESN’T KNOW anything about foreign policy…..but he sure does favor his Islamic friends in the middleeast…….unfortunately all of his friends are ENEMIES OF AMERICA……and want to kill all Americans.

  30. …….then we have Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Clint who has been linked to the Islamic murderers,and might have caused the deaths of Jim McDougal,Vince Foster,Ron Brown,etc.But to hear Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.BARF tell it,NOBODY EVEN DIED at Benghazzi. It is “ALL A LIE BY THE CONSERVATIVE LUNATICS”. She is joined by people like Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Rice, who LIES OUTRIGHT. It appears that we have nothing but a pack of liars,and overeducated wordtwisters at the Wackey house.

  31. Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,Warren is another of the LIBERAL LOONIES. She sounds even more twisted than Susan Rice.

  32. Katie……
    Thanks for the update on Cabby AZ.

  33. Bye bye……….Everybody have a great day tomorrow!

  34. Hip…hip….hurrah…. Cabby’s going home! Do not rush your healing! 🙂

  35. Thornton Parsons

    Good morning, all. OT, but students in Florida are being required to sign a form that they will not discuss their standardized testing with their parents. What’s up with this?


  36. citizenwells

    Thanks Thornton.

  37. citizenwells

    “Meet Sydney Smoot, a 9-year-old fourth grader in Hernando County, Fla., who has more confidence than many adults. Smoot wrote (with help from her mom) and powerfully delivered (all by herself) a speech about Florida’s new standardized test, the FSA, or Florida Standards Assessment that drew loud applause from the audience.”

    “Here are my concerns. First of all, I do not feel good about a form on the FSA that you have to sign assuring that you can’t even discuss the test with your parents. I am not comfortable signing something like this. I have the right to talk to my parents about any and everything related to school and my education.

    Second, why am I being forced to take a test that hasn’t even been tested on students here in Florida? So how can it be accurate and valid on what I know? Why are we taking most of the year stressing and prepping for one test at the end of the year when we should be taking tests throughout the year that really measure our ability? My opinion is that we should take a test at the beginning of the year, middle and end of the school year to accurately measure what we know.

    Third, the stress and pressure that this testing puts on me and I’m sure most students is not healthy. Why should we have so much stress about one test when we should be learning and having fun in school. With all this testing in school, more fun things in school such as recess are being eliminated because of all the training for the test.”


  38. citizenwells

    The Obama Ministry of Truth aka White House Council of Economic Advisers.

    “Obama white house lies exceed orwellian levels, Monthly jobs reports, Labor force participation blamed on older workers retiring, Blame falls on Obama and lack of jobs for younger Americans”

    “There’s been a sharp decline in labor force participation among younger workers (aged 16 to 24) and prime-age working adults (aged 25 to 54), according to the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics figures, while older workers have been holding on to their jobs.”


  39. CW……Re 10:08 AM

    The answer to that is SIMPLE…….it is called MIND CONTROL! Further NOBODY should sign such a form……..rather start exploring LEGAL REMEDIES. For the STATE to try to force anyone to sign such a form is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. And in addition children cannot LEGALLY SIGN ANYTHING. Nor can they be legally FORCED to sign such a form. AGAIN…….NEVER SIGN ANYTHING, until you have reviewed the material in question thoroughly,and if necessary obtain legal input regarding whatever you are asked to sign. So far as I know this extends through ALL STATES.

  40. Thornton…….
    I personally believe that if I had children in any school in Florida,and my child was TOLD that HE /SHE MUST sign such a form,I would be IMMEDIATELY bringing legal action against the state for violating the Constitutional rights of my youngster, in trying to force a her/him to sign a LEGAL agreement. Underage people cannot sign any agreements legally.

  41. Thornton……..
    the proof of this lies in the fact that if it was not a LEGAL AGREEMENT then there would not be the necessity for anyone’s signature. Do you see where I am coming from?…..a 9 year old cannot sign any legal agreements……….but since they are asking for a signature it IS A LEGAL AGREEMENT,which they are ILLEGALLY asking to be signed. Further I would also bring the AG of your state into the matter. There is NO OTHER DISTINCTION!

  42. .
    ……such a practice would most likely be that of the OVEREDUCATED WORDTWISTERS within the Florida Department of Education. TIME TO PUT THE TWISTED MORONS IN THEIR PLACE……..MAYBE THEY WERE TOO BUSY HAVING SEX WITH THE STUDENTS TO READ THE LAW.

  43. ……..ANYBODY WHO THINKS A CHILD CAN SIGN A legal agreement SHOULD TAKE THE CHILD ALONG WHEN THE “AGREE TO PURCHASE” A home IS PUT IN FRONT OF YOU FOR A SIGNATURE……THEN ASK IF YOUR CHILD CAN SIGN HIS/HER NAME,INSTEAD OF YOURS! The AGE OF PERSONAL LIABILITY,used to arrive at 21, but alas it has now been lowered to 18. Young people are still mentally not prepared for either reading,or signing legal agreements at 18,and much of the time….. not even at 21.

  44. bye bye all ……….have a great day ( Might be a little soggy,depending where you are).

  45. before I shut down……..
    ……….I would like to add an additional word of caution…….AS PARENTS DO NOT SIGN A FORM WHICH COMMITS YOUR CHILD TO ANYTHING.

  46. Thornton Parsons

    OldSailor, I totally agree. Glad they’re dumping Common Core; but, this is an alternative? Seriously? Their hearts might be in the right place, but where in the hell are their heads? Oh, yeah…I think I know where they can find them.

  47. oldsoldier79


    Glad to see you are back with us again….we missed you. stay positive !

  48. oldsoldier79


    Nice to see you posting again….

    That situation in Fla where they REQUIRED a nine year old to sign a LEGAL document is about as LEGAL as our current POTUS……

    Neither would stand up in a LEGAL court of LAW…..if we still have such a thing in America anymore…..

  49. citizenwells

    “When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.”…Adolf Hitler

  50. What’s with Cabby? I missed any news of her hospitalization.
    She will be in my prayers.

  51. oldsoldier79

    NOT a “natural-born citizen”…….but COUNT Canada as CLOSE

  52. OT but breaking in the Town of Beans:


    This has been updated; Flashbang has been found guilty on all counts.

    Now, for the penalty phase: Pull the plug on this little bastid and send him to meet the 72 virgins who, to his surprise, won’t be waiting for him.

    This city is buzzing and some are saying that if he gets life, he may be used as a bargaining chip (like Bergdahl) in some other terrorist-conceived plot.

    Time for this piece of human excrement to go meet Allah.

  53. SueK…agree!

    My hubby says they should castrate all of them before executing. The 72 can go look elsewhere. Haha

  54. bob strauss

    Dick Cheney is getting closer to the truth.

    HEWITT: Is he naive, Mr. Vice President? Or does he have a far reaching vision that only he entertains of a realigned Middle East. That somehow it all works out in the end.

    CHENEY: I don’t know Hugh. I vacillate between the various theories I’ve heard. If you had somebody who, as president — who wanted to take America down. Who wanted to fundamentally weaken our position in the world, reduce our capacity to influence events. Turn our back on our allies and encourage our enemies, it would look exactly like what Barack Obama is doing. I think his actions are constituted in my mind are those of the worst president we’ve ever had.


  55. citizenwells

    Governor Jerome H. Powell
    At the C. Peter McColough Series on International Economics Council on Foreign Relations, New York, New York
    April 8, 2015

    “But the unemployment rate probably understates the amount of slack still remaining in the labor market. The labor force participation rate continues to be unusually low, suggesting that potential workers may be waiting on the sidelines for further improvements in job opportunities and wages. The number working part time who want full-time jobs also remains elevated. The low level of wage increases also suggests additional slack.”


  56. bob strauss



    “And of course, Barack Obama has now locked out Congress, the American people, and our allies as he strikes a secret deal with Iran to determine the timeline (not prevention) of their acquisition of nuclear weapons.”


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