Obama Clinton pay to play rewards criminal Ecuadorean family Isaías with US stay, Hundreds of thousands of contributions to Obama et al, Money laundering and immigration fraud, Ghosts of Christmas past and Tony Rezko

Obama Clinton pay to play rewards criminal Ecuadorean family Isaías with US stay, Hundreds of thousands of contributions to Obama et al, Money laundering and immigration fraud, Ghosts of Christmas past and Tony Rezko

“Why did the Illinois Senate Health & Human Services Committee, with Obama as chairman, create and push Bill 1332, “Illinois Health Facilities Planning Act,” early in 2003, which reduced the number of members on the Board from 15 to 9, just prior to rigging by Tony Rezko and Rod Blagojevich?”…Citizen Wells

“I believe I’m more pristine on Rezko than him.”…Rod Blagojevich

“Now, I don’t get upset when foreign and national journalists fail to mention Tony Rezko, or the Daley boys, or how the Chicago machine plans to staff the Department of Justice, and the new Department of Homeland Casinos.”…John Kass, Chicago Tribune July 30, 2008



The ghosts of Christmas past, Tony Rezko like chicanery Haunt Barack Obama.

Chicago pay to play politics.

From the NY Times December 16, 2014.

“The Obama administration overturned a ban preventing a wealthy, politically connected Ecuadorean woman from entering the United States after her family gave tens of thousands of dollars to Democratic campaigns, according to finance records and government officials.

The woman, Estefanía Isaías, had been barred from coming to the United States after being caught fraudulently obtaining visas for her maids. But the ban was lifted at the request of the State Department under former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton so that Ms. Isaías could work for an Obama fund-raiser with close ties to the administration.

It was one of several favorable decisions the Obama administration made in recent years involving the Isaías family, which the government of Ecuador accuses of buying protection from Washington and living comfortably in Miami off the profits of a looted bank in Ecuador.

The family, which has been investigated by federal law enforcement agencies on suspicion of money laundering and immigration fraud, has made hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions to American political campaigns in recent years. During that time, it has repeatedly received favorable treatment from the highest levels of the American government, including from New Jersey’s senior senator and the State Department.

The Obama administration has allowed the family’s patriarchs, Roberto and William Isaías, to remain in the United States, refusing to extradite them to Ecuador. The two brothers were sentenced in absentia in 2012 to eight years in prison, accused of running their bank into the ground and then presenting false balance sheets to profit from bailout funds. In a highly politicized case, Ecuador says the fraud cost the country $400 million.”

“American diplomats began enforcing the ban against Ms. Isaías, blocking her from coming to Miami for a job with a communications strategist who had raised up to $500,000 for President Obama.”

The Obama administration then reversed its decision and gave Ms. Isaías the waiver she needed to come to the United States — just as tens of thousands of dollars in donations from the family poured into Mr. Obama’s campaign coffers.

An email from Mr. Menendez’s office sharing the good news was dated May 15, 2012, one day after, campaign finance records show, Ms. Isaías’s mother gave $40,000 to the Obama Victory Fund, which provided donations to the president and other Democrats.

“In my old profession as a prosecutor, timelines mean a lot,” said Ken Boehm, a former Pennsylvania prosecutor who is chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center, a government watchdog. “When a donation happens and then something else happens, like the favor, as long as they are very, very close, that really paints a story.”

In 2012, the Isaías family donated about $100,000 to the Obama Victory Fund. Campaign finance records show that their most generous donations came just before a request to the administration.”

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  1. “President Obama’s unilateral legislative action violates the separation of powers provided for in the United States Constitution as well as the Take Care Clause, and therefore, is unconstitutional,” …U.S. District Judge Arthur J. Schwab.

  2. Citizenwells….good morning Wells.

    Your article today kind of makes everyone wonder just how many times this “‘pay-to-play” has happened in the past seven years doesn’t it?

    Maybe a hundred…or a thousand….hard to tell without a whistleblower coming forward.

  3. Is anyone else watching Soetoro give in to Cuba? His eyes look terrible – half open and blurry. He looks very bad today and what he is doing with Cuba is a travesty. Somehow he thinks that if we play nice and kiss up to our enemies, they will return the favor. I can hardly stand to look at him.

  4. Anyone listening to Ocommo and his latest flexibility for the Russian commies? He’s “standing up for ‘our’ values”. It’s our fault all these years that Cuba is “being forced to collapse”….not his other commie bros who have been in control all this time.

  5. RminNC.
    Including the Obamacare website.

  6. Don’t forget how Barry went to Kenya to campaign for his cousin Old Gog 🙂

  7. That was supposed to be Old Dog! 🙂 Dinga

  8. Hi SueK…thanks for the response. Its been many years since I worked in the field, but if my memory is correct, Cesium is primarily a beta emitter, which would lead one to think of Fukishima. Since there are no further reports from Japan…and nothing seen at your neck of the woods, perhaps we’ll have to wait and see. That article didn’t refer to any “gamma” levels spiking which would be more alarming IMHO.

    Please keep us posted if there is info you can discuss on the site.

  9. Has the democrat Diane Feinstein committed Treason?

    It appears from the contents of this video that she has…along with all the other democrats on her committee……..

  10. cabbyaz | December 17, 2014 at 12:12 pm |

    Is anyone else watching Soetoro give in to Cuba? His eyes look terrible – half open and blurry. He looks very bad today and what he is doing with Cuba is a travesty. Somehow he thinks that if we play nice and kiss up to our enemies, they will return the favor. I can hardly stand to look at him.
    Hi cabbyaz,
    I started to watch him, but got nauseous, and had to mute the sound, and look away. Watching an illegal alien, homosexual, Muslim, usurper, dictate how relations with a foreign country, are now going to be the way he wants them to be, was all I could stand before I started yelling profanities at the TV screen.

    Still mystified by the willful ignorance of our representatives to address the forged documents of the usurper, and his qualifications to hold office.

    The Constitution, and Rule of law have been suspended In order to accommodate this criminal. Every action this phony has taken, as an illegal alien, including stolen IDs, and forged documents is on display, and yet it just continues, rammed down our throats, and not a word about it in the media.

  11. Bob Strauss says, “….Still mystified by the willful ignorance of our representatives to address the forged documents of the usurper, and his qualifications to hold office.”
    Bob, I do plenty of yelling out at the TV, too, when Soetoro and some other choice individuals are on, like Dianne Feinstein.
    When it comes to your description of our representatives, I think of a poster at BirtherReport who constantly reminds that “Congress protects Obama in order to protect themselves from their complicity.” I believe that is about it, and Congress just hopes that things will hold together until he can be ushered out in 2017 with no “serious” repercussions. Shame! So the country can be destroyed rather than do what is right and expose the usurper. What a bunch of spineless idiots!

  12. Winners and Losers Emerge From the 1,695 Pages Of the $1.1 Trillion Budget
    by BETSY MCCAUGHEY, PHD December 17, 2014

    If you want to know how your tax dollars will get spent next year, the answers are in Cromnibus-the 1,695 page bill that Congress hurriedly passed last weekend to fund the federal government through September 2015.

    Republicans won big with Cromnibus, along with farmers, political parties, incandescent bulb users, Blue Cross insurers, kids who like salt, cops who hate body cameras, African profiteers salivating over Ebolacare aid, and Senator Elizabeth Warren. Losers include the Obamas, the United Nations, the IRS, insurance companies, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Green Climate Fund, and Hillary Clinton

    Cromnibus is a monster to read. Almost no one did. They had no time. Speaker Boehner broke his promise to give members at least 72 hours notice before voting, instead of ramming it down their throats, as he criticized his predecessor Nancy Pelosi for doing. Taxpayers lost out in the rush. It’s likely that the $1.1 trillion spending level negotiated last week is costlier than what the more conservative Congress taking charge in January would have agreed to. That’s when Republicans will control the Senate and have the largest majority in the House in forty years.

    Letting spendaholic Democrats who have, in effect been fired by voters, make budget decisions through next September is like letting your ex-spouse keep using your checkbook. Even so, Republicans came out on top. President Obama admitted “there are a bunch of provisions in this bill I really do not like.”

    Obama isn’t the only loser. Here’s how it shakes out:

    Politicians and party operatives: Cromnibus hikes the limits on what can be donated to parties and their committees, which will mean more money for balloons, limos, cocktail parties, and hotels. (Sec. 101) Big banks: Cromnibus repealed a Dodd Frank provision that required bank holding companies to keep 5% of risky “derivative” investments out of FDIC-insured operations. Mrs. Warren claimed the change will “let Wall Street gamble with taxpayer money and get bailed out” but that’s more political posturing than truth. (Sec. 630)

    Farmers: The Clean Water Act will not apply to farm ponds and irrigation trenches, and the Environmental Protection Agency won’t be able to count dairy cow and cattle flatulence and belching as greenhouse gases. The White House wanted to cut dairy industry emissions 25% by 2020. (Secs. 419-420)

    Cops: No funding for body cameras for police. Cops and cows won. African black marketers and politicians: A whopping $5.5 billion for Obama’s Ebolacare programs, with nearly 90% of the money going to Africa. No safeguards to prevent its corrupt misuse. It’s more money that the U.S. spends on research for cancer, double aid to Israel, and five times what the World Health Organization said is needed. (pp. 98-99,413-414,928-31,1340-45)

    Techies: Federal moratorium on state and local internet taxes extended another year. (Sec. 624)

    Incandescent Bulb Users: Demand for the cheaper bulbs remains high, and Cromnibus delays new, energy efficiency standards first devised under George W. Bush. (Sec. 313)

    Insurers: Cromnibus says no taxpayer money to bail-out health insurers for losses. Obamacare originally compelled insurers to pay fees into a fund that would then be distributed to offset losses they incur on the exchanges. The administration had promised to sweeten the deal with taxpayer money if the fund fell short. Congress says no. Insurers lose, except the Blues, which got a special deal that will save them a bundle of money. (Secs. 102, 277)

    IRS: This agency got slapped with a $346 million budget cut and told to stop targeting tax-exempt organizations based on their politics.

    The Obamas: School lunch standards championed by Michelle Obama are relaxed, after protests over the low-sodium, and whole-grain rules. (Sec. 751) President Obama didn’t get the $3 billion he brazenly promised the U.N. for poor countries coping with climate change.

    D.C. Voters and Tokers: They passed a referendum legalizing recreational use of marijuana in the district, but Congress says no.(Sec. 809) Sage Grouse: It won’t be put on the Endangered Species List, a gift to oil drillers. (Sec. 122)

    Then there’s the political fallout. Mrs. Warren emerges as the highly visible, left-wing firebrand undermining the inevitability of Hillary Clinton as presidential nominee. A Warren nomination would make Republicans even bigger winners. They could run a refrigerator against her and win.

    Betsy McCaughey is a former lieutenant governor of New York and the author of “Beating Obamacare.” Her website is here: http://betsymccaughey.com/

    Read more: Family Security Matters http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/detail/winners-and-losers-emerge-from-the-1695-pages-of-the-11-trillion-budget?f=must_reads#ixzz3MCAbINjB
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

  13. Life in Post-Truth America
    by DANIEL GREENFIELD December 16, 2014

    Next month Americans will experience the fifteenth anniversary of the time that the President of the United States shook his finger at the country and informed it, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. I never told anybody to lie, not a single time; never.”

    Bill Clinton was lying. But the lie was more significant than the thing that he was lying about.

    When the lie came crashing down, Clinton and his defenders deconstructed the English language, questioning the meaning of every word in his sentence rather than admit that the lie was a lie.

    Given a choice between telling the truth or challenging the definitions of such words as “sex” and “is”, they decided to burn their dictionary.

    Clinton’s antics set the stage for a current administration which can never be caught in a lie because it’s lying all the time. Obama and his people don’t just lie, they lie about the lies and then they lie about those lies. Bringing them in to testify just clogs the filters with an extra layer of lies.

    Invite Gruber to testify about the time that he admitted that the administration had been lying and the only thing that will happen is more lies being told by a man who is there only because he lied.

    Like the old lady who explained her cosmology to Bertrand Russell as being “turtles all the way down”, with modern progressives it’s lies all the way down.

    Lena Dunham served up a rape accusation against a conservative Republican named Barry only to hide behind the ambiguity of being an unreliable narrator. The unreliable narrator likewise takes the stage at the University of Virginia where a high profile case has dissolved into contradictory stories in which it becomes difficult to tell whether it was the reporter or her subject who was doing the lying.

    The unreliable narrator has crossed over from a fictional device in novels to memoirs, journalism and into politics. Journalists repeatedly dismissed ObamaCare scandals by arguing that no one could have taken Obama’s claims at face value anyway. When Obama promised Americans that they could keep their doctors, the housewife in Topeka, the freelance programmer in San Francisco and the geologist in Tulsa were supposed to be as knowing as the Washington press corps and realize that he didn’t mean it.

    Like Lena Dunham, Obama was an unreliable narrator. No one was ever supposed to expect the truth from him. The significance of Bill Clinton was not in his affairs, but in his cynicism. He got away with lying by dismissing the idea that anyone should have ever expected the truth from him. Obama expanded on his work by eliminating the base truth underneath the lies.

    The device of the unreliable narrator puts truth out of reach. It says that there is no such thing as truth, only various perspectives on an event.

    Lena Dunham doesn’t claim to be providing facts, only different versions of a story. The facts themselves cannot be retrieved because there are no facts. The man in question is no longer named Barry. Every descriptive detail about him might be equally false. The whole thing may never have happened, but it’s important to believe that it happened without ever expecting it to be true.

    This is the Doublethink state of our progressive Oceania. We are expected to believe a lie while remembering that it’s a lie and therefore never really fooled us or caused anyone any harm.

    We were supposed to believe Obama’s assurances about ObamaCare while knowing them not to be true. We are supposed to believe Lena Dunham and Jackie and Gruber while disbelieving them. “The essential act of the Party is to use conscious deception while retaining the firmness of purpose that goes with complete honesty,” Orwell wrote.

    The conscious deceptions of the modern Doublethinkers depend on them telling a lie in the service of the greater truth. That pursuit of a greater truth built out of lies is what motivated a Rolling Stone article about fraternity rapists that even Mike Nifong would have turned his nose up at or Gruber’s arrogant truths about lying. The greater truth gives them the firmness of purpose and the complete honesty.

    Lena Dunham in BuzzFeed, the apologists for ObamaCare and the activist cheerleaders for Rolling Stone, insist that the facts are a technicality that is obstructing the greater truth. And the greater truth is a worldview that is out of the reach of facts and can never be disproven.

    Bill Clinton and his allies deconstructed the English language rather than admit a lie. Their successors deconstruct reality. They deny that objective truth exists or even matters. They didn’t lie because there is no such thing as truth. There are perspectives, some of which agree with Bill Clinton’s version of reality or Lena Dunham’s version of reality. And then there is Obama’s version of reality.

    Obama is the nexus of Doublethink. He is the man whom reporters have denounced as the greatest enemy of press freedom in a generation and whom they compulsively defend with every possible lie. Why do journalists protect and serve the man who threatened them, bugged and even tried to lock them up? They too have long ago become unreliable narrators of their own profession.

    In the absence of facts, there can be no reality. There is only ideology.

    Obama doesn’t simply lie. He exists in a truth-free zone. He doesn’t stumble with any construction as clumsy as Kerry’s “I actually did vote for the $87 billion, before I voted against it.” He does not start with truthful facts. His starting point is in an imaginary territory. It ends in an imaginary territory. If the two imaginary territories are different, it scarcely matters because neither place was ever real.

    When he came into office Obama insisted that we had to pivot to fighting Al Qaeda in Afghanistan even though it was no longer in Afghanistan. He went on claiming victory over an enemy that didn’t exist while dismissing ISIS as a jayvee team even when it was capturing entire cities in Iraq.

    These weren’t mere lies. This was a foreign policy being conducted in an imaginary territory. It was Wag the Dog being played out in real life. But then again what is real around Obama anyway?

    Bill Clinton lied. Obama tells stories. None of these stories have anything to do with reality. Lena Dunham’s biography is a peek into a disordered mind that is incapable of grasping the concept of truth. In her world there are no facts, only stories that elicit emotional reactions. Obama’s entire career rests on the same technique of telling stories for emotional effect without any regard for reality.

    ObamaCare was an ugly collectivist bureaucratic dinosaur clothed in imaginary stories. The stories about it, about the economy, about the war are still being told. Added to it are new stories about racism. The stories are passionate, compelling and appealing. They are also completely unreal.

    Progressives don’t only live in a post-American world; they live in a post-Truth world. A world without facts and without truth is one in which the America that was cannot exist.

    America had prospered because of a firm belief in a discoverable and exploitable reality. That was the country that could build skyscrapers and fleets in a year. Post-Truth America has little interest in big buildings because it’s too busy enacting a psychodrama in which the earth is about to be destroyed. And fleets, like horses and bayonets and facts, are 19th century toys that are much less interesting than the manipulation of people through lies and deceit.

    Lena Dunham’s Barry and Obama’s Barry are both imaginary creatures. They are the sophisticated products of disordered minds and a disordered civilization whose leading figures lie as instinctively and as shamelessly as any pre-rational culture that could not distinguish between lies and truth.

    Read more: Family Security Matters http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/detail/life-in-post-truth-america?f=must_reads#ixzz3MCC18LcX
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

  14. CabbyAZ……..Re 4:38 PM
    Now you know exactly why I feel as I do with respect to the LEGAL VALIDITY of the ALLEGED POTUS,along with his ALLEGED US CITIZENSHIP,and his ALLEGED MARRIAGE. His entire domain is PHONEY. In addition I have many justifiable questions relating to his so called FORMAL EDUCATION. He is pathetically lacking in KNOWLEDGE OF US HISTORY. Of course if you was NOT TAUGHT US History,then it follows that you will be lacking, but if you attended US schools you would have at least a basic understanding of US History. Therefore this lends substantial doubt to him even being a US CITIZEN…..at all. His formative years were spent in Indonesian Schools, being indoctrinated to the Muslim mental POISON.

  15. ……….of course if the largest portion of the people he allegedly leads are also ILLITERATE then they are as Gruber says ….STUPID! and incapable of seeing the TRUTH of his perpetual lies. A person who habitually lies is in fact MENTALLY INCOMPETENT. But then all of the overeducated wordsmiths simply regurgitate philosophical phrases, implying he is just a bit OVERZEALOUS!…..as are so many young LIBERAL ARTS majors. har har

  16. CabbyAZ…….
    If you take the time to read and re read, over and over what the OVEREDUCATED WORDSMITHS write ,or say you can begin to see through their twisted reasoning. Such people will continue to attempt to rewrite our laws in their attempts to make the law say what they WANT IT TO SAY. All you need to do is look up the law as it was put on the books and read it. You might remember there was even hackers who tried to change the laws at certain LAW REFERENCE LIBRARIES,but it was all soon exposed.

  17. oldsailor82,
    They are all, just liars.

  18. Bob Strauss……..
    A lot less words,and RIGHT ON THE MONEY! I had a real good laugh not to long ago,when I was in close proximity to a conversation between two OBOTS, they most likely thought that the stupid looking old fart sitting nearby was probably unconcious or something, they were talking about a certain legal subject. Naturally my ears tuned in immediately. They were discussing certain law libraries, being completely electronic….and one of them stated that all laws are “no longer written on paper” they are recorded on discs now. There was a TOTAL MORON. He obviously has no understanding of what Congress does. It made me wonder if either of them even had any understanding of GOVERNMENT. It is no longer being taught in many high schools……..but to think that everything is now on a disc harkens up a notion that theswe two have been playing dfar too many electronic games,and their minds are now permeated by PIXELS.

  19. Old Sailor says, ” It is no longer being taught in many high schools……..but to think that everything is now on a disc harkens up a notion that theswe two have been playing dfar too many electronic games,and their minds are now permeated by PIXELS.”

    You are so right! If there is any hope of saving America it will fall upon the shoulders of patriots who have not been tainted with progressive thought and their unreal world. Of course, it will have to take the work of Almighty God, but we know proof positive that He can’t depend upon liars to be His soldiers. God hates lying, if we would just read some of the many verses in the book of Proverbs.

  20. Is the Man in the White House Mentally Ill?


    This is an insightful article written by Coach Dave right after the Nov. election.


  22. To save our country we have to dump Boehner and McConnell!! PDQ

  23. Does the newly elected congress people and senators take over control on January 2, 2015?

  24. “The Fed & “The Grandest Con Job In The History Of The World””


  25. CabbyAZ……..
    Freedom Outpost is one of my favorite hangouts. Dave Daubenmire definitely has his act together. Yet he can talk in normal human language,and still tell it like it is. That is why he WAS WHO HE WAS.and STILL IS WHO HE IS. Such people have the ability to read people’s expressions,and determine that person’s character level. He has observed Soetoro just as I have. He has come to many of the same conclusions. Some folks think a Sociopath is NOT A PSYCHOPATH. They are all wrong. the word psychopath is defined by Webster as a person having a psychopathy which in reality is psychoneurosis. There is a list of such illnesses a mile long,each one having unique differences from the other. among them is the word SOCIOPATH. In the last 20 years we have seen much televised evidence of SOCIOPATHIC BEHAVIOR. The surname Peterson comes to mind,along with other twisted people …..Dahmer,Manson,etc.In fact there was TWO Petersons one in California and the other in Illinois. But both were like carbon copies of each other. They lived BEYOND REALITY,in a fantasyland of their own creation.
    As for Soetoro,it is very obvious that he has a mental infirmity. His unwillingness to even consider reality says a lot,but to simply bypass even his closest advisers tells the REST OF THE STORY. He has maligned many of our finest military officers,and cast them aside. Very soon he is going to face something that he will NOT BE ABLE overcome with racial insults,or lies….and it will bring about his downfall. There have been mentally disturbed world leaders in the past,and in all probability there will continue to be.Such people build an empire around themselves which very few people are brave enough to penetrate. Do you see that at present given the COWTOW of both parties to him. Unfortunately if he is to be attended to it needs to be soon,because as each week passes he becomes more adventurous and tries to act more, and more like a dictator. The MORONS among us who can’t even successfully tie their shoestrings,had better start figuring out what is happening,because it is they who will suffer the worst. I personally believe that in his FANTASYLAND he believes that he is ALLAH,and therefore can do anything he chooses.
    I believe that Soetoro is MENTALLY INCOMPETENT,and does not possess the level of intelligence necessary to hold the office of POTUS.

  26. AND NOW…….
    ……….there is GROWING rage among the LIBERALS. They are so twisted ,,,that they are now DIVIDED. Each one is a bit like Neville Chamberlain, in the 1940s………totally twisted and think UP is DOWN…….A few have multiple personality disorders,( homosexuality,lesbianism,) again which are mental disorders as well. Webster refers to such people as SEXUAL DEVIATES, (abnormal sexual pursuits). When a person’s mind is afflicted with such a disorder it impairs that person’s ability to think rationally,……and such people should never be in positions where fair,and reasonable judgement is a requirement. Soetoro is allegedly a homosexual, and it is clear that his underlying mental incompetency,is an extension of his homosexuality. Such people almost always have expressionless faces,and very discernable personality disorders. Rosie DIRIGIBLE, is one, and Chally CHEEEEEEEEEN, is another.

  27. ………oh yes I nearly forgot Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.FINE STINE is another of the DEVIATE CROWD.

  28. Bye bye…………have a great day at a Havana Beach!


    Squeaker of the House and Obama Doormat…and #1 RINO
    This dude has to GOOOOOOOOOOO in 2015

  30. HonorFirst | December 17, 2014 at 1:56 pm |

    Hi Honor,

    Yup, CS-137 is one of the ones we look for, as well as Sr-90,Tritium (present in groundwater at practically every nuclear power plant I’ve seen), C-14, and of course I-131 (in air). Beta emitters with long half lives, even though many associate them with Fukushima, may be leftovers from nuclear testing back in the 1950s; they hang around. I’ve gotten a few wacky results that had nothing to do with Fukushima..

    Routine stuff on Gamma lately; nothing to get excited about.

    Wish that article had been a little more specific; very vague as to what they were referring to, but people panic with incomplete info.

    Schedule is sporadic around the holidays, but I’ll certainly post what I can if there’s something of interest.

  31. Honor First……….
    A few years back a government sponsored group visited the lagoon at Eniwetok where the 1954 nuclear mistake occurred. They operated an RODV to the floor of the lagoon and discovered that it was STILL QUITE HOT. Radiation levels were still far in excess of being safe for humans. The BRAVO test in March 1954 was supposed to be only 7 megaton,but it turned out to be more than double the estimated yield. This was the culmination of a combination of human failures, compounded upon each other. The yield of the BRAVO test ended up being nearly 15 megaton, for which NO PREPARATION had been taken. Worse yet a high altitude wind shift carried the debris,and fallout directly towards the support ships which had taken up anchorages at approximately 40 miles distant to the SouthEast. Within a short period of time after the detonation a weird looking ash began to fall,…..looked a little like fine snow. Nobody realised immediately what it was and we continued to be exposed to it. After an hour or so somebody got the notion that they should take some Gieger counter readings of the ash. A sample was collected and taken to lab at the base. It turned out to be CS 137. Cs 137 is a by product of nuclear fission, and was quite HOT. We all were ordered to immediately take showers. Yet some of us unknowingly inhaled the finer dust particles. I guess it didn’t bother me. I have made it to 82 so I guess that I was lucky. Several ships were heavily contaminated, and one an escort carrier,had to be cold ironed,the crew removed, and towed back to Bremerton where it underwent a complete sandblasting,and decontamination.

  32. ……the base was the tactical command ship USS Mount Olympus, and it too collected a coating of radiation. The crew managed to SCRUB away the real hotspots and the rest was neutralised by washing the weatherdecks down with fire hoses. The ship that I was assigned to received only a light coating,and the hottest spot was only about 380 Milliroentgen……HOT, but like the command ship everybody started scrubbing,and we got the level down to a little less than 15 milliroentgen……which was in the 1950s considered a safe level. Atmospheric radiation normally runs from about 8- 12 milliroentgen……or at least that was the case in 1954. Never a DULL MOMENT at Eniwetok in the Marshall Islands.

  33. RMINNC……….
    ……..in the picture he sure looks as though he is about to burst into tears, but then have you ever heard of a CRYIN DRUNK? I have heard that they do exist.!

  34. John Casey: Climate Change ‘Greatest Scientific Fraud in History’

    Wednesday, 17 Dec 2014 06:07 PM

    The climate change theory that man-made global warming is caused by an increase of greenhouse gases “is the greatest scientific fraud in history,” says John Casey, president of the Space and Science Research Corporation.

    “If you go back and look at how all this got started and look at the 30 years and the $30 billion [spent] in an attempt to make what’s always been a weak scientific theory into something valid, we now know after all that effort, money and time, that the greenhouse gas theory as shown in the UN’s own climate models has been a miserable failure in predicting climate change,” Casey told J.D. Hayworth and Francesca Page on “America’s Forum” on Newsmax TV Wednesday.


  35. Bob Strauss……..
    I recently read that the frequency of surface volcanic activity has increased a little……putting a little more radiation reflective components into our upper atmosphere. When I say RADIATION REFLECTING I am referring to gases,and dust particles which acts as a reflective mirror to the infrared,and ultraviolet portions of the spectrum.This is the only aspect that completely correlates with the alleged GLOBAL CHANGE CRAPOLA, because in fact when warming infrared radiation from the sun is redirected back into space, it is logical that it would lead to planetary COOLING rather than warming.

  36. Obama Launches Task Force for 21st Century Policing – First Step to National Security Force?

    Here is what Barack Obama envisioned in 2008.
    The Bulletin reported, via LGF:

    “Loving your country shouldn’t just mean watching fireworks on the 4th of July,” he said. “Loving your country must mean accepting your responsibility to do your part to change it. If you do, your life will be richer, our country will be stronger.”…

    “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set,” he said Wednesday. “We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.”

    This week Barack Obama launched a task force in response to the high-profile cases of criminal suspects killed by police.
    Breitbart.com reported:

    The president has officially launched yet another “task force.” In response to several high-profile cases of suspects killed by police, Obama has brought together a group meant to review better policing practices.

    “In light of the recent events in Ferguson, Staten Island, Cleveland, and around the country,” the White House website says, “the Administration announced new steps to strengthen the relationships between local police and the communities they are supposed to protect and serve. One of the primary actions was the creation of a task force to improve community policing.”

    Obama’s website goes on to explain that the “task force will examine how to strengthen public trust and foster strong relationships between local law enforcement and the communities that they protect, while also promoting effective crime reduction.”

    Chairing the group will be Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey. Co-chairing will be Laurie Robinson, professor of Criminology, Law, and Society at George Mason University and former Assistant Attorney General for DOJ’s Office of Justice Programs.


  37. ………OF COURSE though UP is DOWN when told by such entities as the EPA. They go ROUND AND ROUND in their WHIRLPOOL TRAPPED by their own BULLSHI#. Slowly but surely people are wising up to the REALITIES of mother nature………..WHICH EVEN THE EPA CANNOT ACCURATELY PREDICT.

  38. Observer……
    In reality humanity is nothing more than a virus,moving about on the surface of the Earth. Our respective virus heritage can be of white ,black,red or yellow designation……..but irregardless we ARE WHAT WE ARE, and like other viruses we mutate when we interbreed with other viruses.Humanity is really just an aberation of our natural environment,and as such we are vulnerable to our own life styles,medicines,and violence. We are a VIRUS with a mentality, yet humanity has yet to prove that it has the capability to peacefully behave like a true life form, which we believe that we are. We still fight wars because one of our strains of virus cannot agree with,or get along with another. This is one virus attacking another. If all of the strains of the human virus attack each other it is possible and perhaps even probable that all humanity will eventually disappear from the face of the Earth. All of the strains will have successfully KILLED EACH OTHER,………..AND TO WHAT END?……TOTAL INSANITY!

  39. …….and becoming a POLICE STATE,will only add to the potential for TOTAL mayhem,as the various viruses attack each other.

  40. …….you can put so called VIP in charge of anything,or everything,and they can have a string of HERO BADGES dragging the ground,yet the only power anyone has is the power to mentally overwhelm another person via speech, and behavior. Therein lies the alleged power of ALL who think they can rule the earth. It appears that the weak minded strains of human virus are susceptable to very powerful medicine being injected into it’s brain,simply because it doesn’t possess the ability to counter such injections. Soon more and more of the respective virus mutate into near MORONIC levels of intelligence,and now have only the capability to follow a ONE TRACK mentality that has been injected into it’s brains. Eventually all human virus which becomes mutated to such a mentality,will disappear from the face of the earth,simply because it no longer has the ability to mutate. because MUTATION means SURVIVAL of a virus. Another word for MUTATION, could be “ADAPTATION.” In Earth history there are thousands of life forms that have become extinct simply because the particular life form could not ADAPT to certain radically changing conditions which sometimes prevailed on earth, resultant of a natural catastrophe. Humanity is a living organism just as was the now extinct species. The Human virus is becoming more, and more UNABLE to adapt……even in spite of advanced technological break throughs. Just as mankind will NEVER be able to travel through space, simply because we are ADAPTED to life on EARTH, and therein lies our survival as well,if that is still possible. The human life form cannot re adapt without losing our total natural being. ….again we ARE WHAT WE ARE, and NOTHING can change it……except GOD.

  41. olsailor82,
    Good analogy: Humanity and Virus.

  42. …Recently somebody commented that humanity in it’s present form will never be able to physically or mentally to withstand the rigors of weightlesness for years at a time without paying a huge price. Even at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second) could many of the distances be covered in the expected lifetime of the traveller. When another galaxy is 100 light years from us, it would be impossible for any traveller to reach that destination and still be a living life form.The vehicle would have to travel at least 100 time faster than the speed of light to even have a remote chance of getting there……. or so called WARP speed.(Movieland language)….lala land. translate all of that to MPH……probably something close to, or over 3 trillion MPH. The human body can withstand synthesis for a while, but it seems to me that SYNTHESIS will NEVER TOTALLY EQUATE with REALITY, and our systems will recognise it,and eventually rebel against the synthesis particularly over periods of many years, at a time. Until human life can be transformed into a life form that can remain alive totally without sustenance for such extended periods,will we be in a position to consider travelling to the distant galaxies. Simple logic!

  43. Bob Strauss……
    …….when we step back a litle and look closely at humanity, our size is the first thing which comes to mind. The average human being is APPROXIMATELY 5 foot 5 inches to 6 foot 6″….but when you compare such a trivial size to the size of the earth,we are literally….a VIRUS……perhaps even lesser. We are really only a product of an aberation relating to the chemistry of Earth. Just my take!

  44. BOB and OLDSAILOR82
    Bob said….”Good analogy: Humanity and Virus.”

    question: which can first, …….the humanity or the virus?


    The measure of a man is what he does with power.

  46. ……believe it or not I do think that the human life form was originally the handiwork of God. …….but my take varies a little from the usual. It is my belief that God created life on Earth,in the form that was present after earth began to have a life supporting atmosphere. This was allegedly in the form of the chemical ingredients of life,(building blocks),from which all species of Earth creatures eventually emerged. It went something like KINGDOM,PHYLUM,CLASS,ORDER,FAMILY,GENUS,and SPECIES.

  47. ……I personally think that many forms of VIRUS could withstand extended travel in space,and totaly without any life supporting sustenance whatsoever………..simply because I believe that some of the virus which show up unexpectedly,are either mutated varieties,or simply fall to earth from space itself. As far as I know there is no solid evidence anywhere which proves to the contrary. Such virus could remain in space for centuries,and still become viable when placed in a compatible environment.

  48. ……just stuff from HIGH SCHOOL level BIOLOGY, as taught in the 1940s and 1950s.
    bye bye ………..thinking about planting some ginseng.

  49. How little do we forget……..
    Cuba and the Kennedy assassination connection.


  50. Another Quote…

    Never seen in the same room at the same time-the truth and a Demo-rat


  52. CW…
    Please take my last out of moderation….thank you.

  53. CW,
    More from Dr. Lee Hieb

    Obamacare Causing Hospitals to Close

    Obamacare is a slow motion train wreck that is decimating the once best healthcare system in the world.

    Eighteen acute-care hospitals across the United States shut their doors in 2013.

    At least 12 more hospitals have closed this year in rural areas alone. More are getting out the plywood to nail over windows and barricades for doors.

    Don’t worry, it’s just the new normal under Obamacare, says Lee Hieb, M.D.

    “Events happening now give us some idea of what medicine will be reduced to in the future,” Hieb writes in her forthcoming book, “Surviving the Medical Meltdown: Your Guide to Living Through the Disaster of Obamacare.”

    “Today, all over America, small and midsize hospitals as well as hospitals in inner-city, poor areas are closing,” she said.

    Hieb is an orthopedic surgeon and past president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.
    She said the reasons for the closures aren’t complicated. Most of the victims are smaller hospitals or those in poor areas, which often serve the greatest number of Medicare and Medicaid patients.

    A report at Modern Health Care just a few weeks ago confirmed that among just the critical-access hospitals, there were 14 closures in 10 states in 2013. And the federal bureaucracies that set reimbursement rates for needy patients simply aren’t keeping up with the costs, she said.

    Hieb writes that “whereas private insurance might pay the surgeon $4,500 for a spinal surgery (my specialty), Medicare paid less than $1,200.”

    In addition, she says the federal government refuses to pay hospitals for certain services, deeming them “not medically necessary,” regardless of what doctors and patients say.

    “The result is predictable: economic failure of hospitals and physician practices that have become dependent on government payment for large segments of their population,” Hieb writes. “The hospitals and offices that will close are those with the least private insurance.”

    One case she cites: Temple Community Hospital of Los Angeles closed its doors Sept. 9. Among the reasons the hospital gave for its closure were “low reimbursement rates” and “regulatory requirements.”

    And then there was Vidant Pungo Hospital of Belhaven, North Carolina, which shut its doors July 1. It was the only hospital in a small, economically destitute farming town.

    There, Kaiser Health News reported, “The closing has left local doctors wondering how they will make sure patients get timely care, given the long distances to other hospitals, and residents worrying about what to do in an emergency and where to get lab tests and physical therapy.”

    Said Dr. Charles Boyette, “Half of them aren’t going anywhere. They’re taking a chance on if they’ll be alive or dead after the emergency passes. The disaster has already started.”

    In November, the company that owns Quincy Medical Center, near Boston, announced the hospital will close by the end of this year. QMC suffers from too much competition — there are more than a dozen hospitals within a 10-mile radius — but also from having too many patients with government insurance. Roughly 70 percent of the hospital’s patients are on Medicare or Medicaid.

    Some hospitals, rather than closing completely, have dramatically reduced their workforces. In fact, 37 hospitals and health systems cut, or are preparing to cut, at least 100 employees from their payrolls this year.

    Hospital closures and staff reductions have left fewer facilities and health-care workers to take care of more patients. Consequently, wait times have increased.

    That was the case in West Memphis, Arkansas, after Crittenden Regional Hospital closed Sept. 7. Physicians at local urgent care clinics told the Memphis CBS TV affiliate they were overloaded and had to stay open an extra hour or two every day. Patients had to wait several hours to see a doctor.

    “The hospital in Arizona where I used to work is a 250-bed facility with the latest state-of-the-art cardiac care,” Hieb writes. “It is a referral center for about 400,000 people. Although you will get great care there, if you go by foot or car to the emergency room with chest pain, you may wait over six hours for an evaluation because the system is overloaded.”

    She previously had warned of the increasing workload for doctors and the negative consequences that can result.

    She told of her own experience with government-run health care, in the form of Medicare. As more and more elderly Medicare patients moved to her city and as the government dropped physician reimbursement levels, doctors began to leave town for cities with more private-pay patients. This put added stress on the doctors who remained, she said.

    “In general medicine and other areas, hospital on-call nights were so brutal — keeping doctors up all night in spite of working all the next day — that all the doctors who could function outside the hospital chose to leave the hospital staff for purely outpatient practices,” Hieb wrote. “Those who could afford to retire did so. And in orthopedics, we were left with four surgeons doing the work that was being done elsewhere by 10 or more.”

    She continued: “In areas where fewer and fewer physicians remain, it is very difficult to recruit new physicians to the job — since the new docs do not want to be forced to cover impossible patient loads. Around the country, there are already these medical ‘black holes’ — areas without coverage for certain specialties.”

    Just a week ago, a report from Fierce Healthcare said one of the impacts of hospital closures is that mothers-to-be lack prenatal care.

    And a report from Becker’s Hospital Review found a total of 20 “closures and bankruptcies” for 2014.

    “Numerous acute-care hospitals and health systems have filed for bankruptcy protection, closed or announced upcoming shutdowns,” the report said, citing the loss of divisions of even major organizations like Indiana University Health and the University of Missouri Health.

    Also, Specialty Hospitals of America sold off two of its facilities in Washington to an investment firm, the report said.

    In another case, the Regional Medical Center in Natchez, Mississippi, filed for bankruptcy for the second time in five years.

    Healthcare Dive reported there’s a domino effect following a closure.

    “Times are tough for our nation’s hospitals, and not just the ones forced to close their doors. While employees from hospitals that stayed open believed that inter-hospital communication could mitigate the stress of closures on the healthcare system, when there is too much demand for hospital care, it takes a toll on patients and their families.”

  54. Entering what he himself calls the “fourth quarter” of his term, President Obama is starting to look at the scoreboard. The president repeatedly argued that 2014 had been a “breakthrough year” for the country as he prepared to jet off for a prolonged Hawaiian vacation. Take any metric that you want, America’s resurgence is real.

    We are better off.”


  55. In addition to everything else we know…Obama is delusion.

  56. I meant delusional.

  57. Obama’s deal with his communist brothers
    Exclusive: Larry Klayman whacks president for ‘simple capitulation’ to Castros
    author-image Larry Klayman
    Larry Klayman is a former Justice Department prosecutor and the founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch. His latest book is “Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment.”

    President Barack Hussein Obama, not to be undone by his two fraudulent elections and the myriad of what he calls phony scandals, has upped the ante once again. Just fresh off of his admittedly “emperor-like” executive action unconstitutionally granting amnesty to over 5 million illegal aliens – which Sheriff Joe Arpaio and I are challenging in our lawsuit Monday, Dec. 22 – this avowed socialist president has again exercised his so-called executive authority and opened up relations with communist Cuba, after decades of a justified economic embargo. In so doing, he cut an under-the-table deal with Cuban President Raul Castro and freed three Cuban spies who had been criminally convicted of participating in shooting down four Brothers to the Rescue who years ago were flying over the Florida Straits to save rafters fleeing from this communist hell hole. Brothers to the Rescue, a humanitarian group founded by Jose Basulto, a true American hero and former CIA agent who was at the Bay of Pigs and whom I am proud to call my friend and client (I obtained a $1.8 million judgment against Castro for this dastardly act), was not even consulted on the deal before Obama announced it, opening a deep wound in the Miami Cuban community and trampling on the graves of Basulto’s brothers.


  58. 2 NYPD shot (executed) by gunman Ismaaiyl Brinsley.
    A revenge execution for Garner death
    Guess what nationality Brinsley is…..


  59. Obama says he doesn’t consider North Korea’s hack of Sony Pictures “an act of war.”

    “It was an act of cybervandalism,”

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