New York city Ebola scene gloves masks dumped in public trash cans by police, Dr. Craig Spencer Harlem apartment, Ebola contracted in Guinea with Doctors With Borders

New York city Ebola scene gloves masks dumped in public trash cans by police, Dr. Craig Spencer Harlem apartment, Ebola contracted in Guinea with Doctors With Borders

“Sooner or later someone in the US will come in contact with Ebola contagion & go undetected. They will then infect many others.”…Citizen Wells

“Barack Obama is endangering the children of the US and now our troops. Where is the outrage?”…Citizen Wells

“You can see that these doctors, who are highly trained people, got themselves infected,”
“So sending troops into an area, if they’re dealing one-on-one with a patient, they’re not going to be able to protect themselves very well. It’s not easy to [prevent transmission], because you get tired and you get careless and you make some simple mistakes. All it takes is one virus particle.”…Dr. Lee Hieb, former president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons



From the Mail Online October 24, 2014.

“Shocking moment bumbling cops leave Ebola doctor’s apartment and dump their protective gloves and masks in a sidewalk trash can

New York City police officers were sent to mark of Dr. Craig Spencer’s Harlem apartment building today
Spencer is the first confirmed patient with Ebola in the city
After the officers were done, they were seen throwing their gloves, masks and caution tape in a public trash can on the street”

“The photos and video, all shot before Spencer’s Ebola was actually confirmed, do not show whether these officers actually entered his building.

However, some are suggesting that for the sake of safety – not to mention public sanity – it would have made sense to discard of these masks and gloves and tape in a biohazard bag.”


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72 responses to “New York city Ebola scene gloves masks dumped in public trash cans by police, Dr. Craig Spencer Harlem apartment, Ebola contracted in Guinea with Doctors With Borders

  1. “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”…Murphy’s Law

  2. “From Guinea to the U.S.: Timeline of first Ebola patient in New York City”

    “When did he return from Guinea?
    Spencer came back to the United States last week after treating Ebola patients in Guinea, where he worked for Doctors Without Borders.

    He completed his work in Guinea on October 12 and left the country two days later via Brussels, Belgium.
    He arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport on October 17, but he exhibited no symptoms of the virus until Thursday morning, said Dr. Mary Travis Bassett, New York City’s health commissioner.
    The physician, who works at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, was checking his temperature twice a day. He has not seen any patients since his return.

    Did he have any symptoms?
    The 33-year-old did not have any symptoms after his return, but he developed a fever, nausea, pain and fatigue Thursday morning, authorities said. He began feeling sluggish a couple of days ago, but his fever spiked to 100.3 degrees Fahrenheit (about 38 Celsius) the day his symptoms appeared.
    How many people has he been in contact with?
    Spencer was in contact with a few people after he started exhibiting symptoms, authorities said. Ebola isn’t contagious until someone has symptoms.
    Three people — his fiancée and two friends — are being placed on quarantine and monitored, health officials said.”

  3. “Mary Basset – NYC Health Commissioner


  4. “In yet another blow for the doctors fighting the spread of this deadly disease, AP reports, Mali’s health minister says the West African country has confirmed its first case of Ebola. Despite every effort to close borders, quarantine areas, and now send US troops (to do… well we are not sure really), Mali becomes the sixth West African country to report an Ebola case.”

  5. “The Housing Recovery Has Been Canceled Due To Data Revisions”

    “In short: the euphoric, consensus-beating data for every single month since May has been revised lower, by on average 6% and as much as 9%.”

  6. Link from Drudge: just another conspiracy theory?:

    Exclusive: Patients being “disappeared” to prevent panic

    A doctor has exclusively revealed to Infowars that health authorities are covering up Ebola cases in the United States and disappearing patients in an effort to avoid hysteria.

    James Lawrenzi, DO, who has two clinics in Garden City and Archie, Missouri, appeared on the Alex Jones Show today to warn that the true scale of the situation was being deliberately downplayed. It is important to note that none of these potential Ebola outbreaks occurred at the clinics in which Lawrenzi works.

    Lawrenzi said that shortly after the arrival of patient zero – Thomas Eric Duncan – in the United States, he was told by a doctor at Truman Lakewood Medical Center in Kansas City they had taken in a possible Ebola patient who had a high fever and was bleeding out of all his orifices having recently returned from West Africa.

    The following day, Lawrenzi was told by the doctor that the patient had “disappeared” against medical advice, but that he wouldn’t have been able to leave on his own given his medical condition.

    The day after the patient disappeared, a meeting was called for anyone who had contact with the patient. Doctors and other medical workers were told that the patient had malaria. Lawrenzi also revealed that drug reps from within the area warned over additional possible Ebola cases in the area.

    A second possible Ebola patient was then admitted to Research Medical Center in Kansas City the following day but also quickly “disappeared,” with hospital bosses claiming he had typhoid, according to Lawrenzi.

    “These patients are disappearing, they’re doing something with the patients and God knows where they’re going,” said the doctor.

    Asked why authorities were engaged in an apparent cover-up, Lawrenzi speculated that the CDC was attempting to prevent hysteria, noting that workers at his own clinics had been told not to use the word “Ebola,” just as 911 dispatchers in New York have been banned from using the term, or to reveal any information about a possible Ebola case.

    Lawrenzi also revealed that Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), a private operator of health care facilities, had earlier this week removed protective gear and Hazmat suits from local hospitals without replacing it.

    “They were told this was so they could have continuity of care for possible Ebola patients,” said Lawrenzi, adding that the real reason was that authorities didn’t want to cause a panic by having medical workers and doctors being seen in protective gear.

    Urging people to “stay away from places where there’s large groups of people,” as well as hospitals, Lawrenzi said the situation was “much more serious than they’re letting on.”

    “When flu season hits, people are going to be coming into the hospital for flu or Ebola, they’re not going to know what they have….it’s going to be a nightmare, every doctor I’ve spoken with is terrified of this fall,” said Lawrenzi.

    “They’re preparing for something,” he added, speculating that the endgame could be medical martial law or the Obama administration’s complete takeover of the medical system.

  7. CW,

    They are treating Ebola like a case of the common cold, or seasonal flu; it’s far worse than that and ‘standard protocols’ to protect oneself from this killer virus do not work in this case.

    It’s now in NYC where few own a vehicle and most rely on public transportation. This will be a nightmare for the city that never sleeps if it’s not contained.

    I attended a seminar at work on Monday regarding Ebola; unfortunately, they were the same talking points we’ve been getting from the CDC. They seem to be just guessing at this point and not providing any concrete measures to stop this in its tracks.

    If this virus spreads in NYC, we’re in big trouble; apparently, that hasn’t been realized yet and when it finally is, will it be too late?

  8. Sorry, link to above comment:

    and continuation:

    Lawrenzi’s assertion that Ebola patients are being “disappeared” correlates with claims made by 27-year Border Patrol veteran Zach Taylor, who told Infowars that possible Ebola victims attempting to cross the border were also being secretly detained.

    According to Infowars medical correspondent Dr. Edward Group, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is responding to only half the calls it is receiving from doctors reporting Ebola-like symptoms in patients. Dr. Group also talked with other health professionals and border patrol sources who confirmed that potential Ebola victims were being “disappeared” in an attempt to prevent panic.

  9. SueK.
    All based on assumptions of a virus that has not mutated.

  10. Are we the chosen few to actually have common sense?
    IF you had a father, brother, BOYFRIEND, or close freind/neighbor returning from any place remotely CLOSE to this disease from hell(that’s manufactured lab in code) let alone a DOCTOR treating the victims of this disease, would you NOT be cautious to the ninth degree considering NO symptoms have been shown to occur until DAYS into the virus??
    To have to ask this question of the DOCTOR himself is beyond any real sense of reality in my world!!!
    What the hell is going on—are we the selected few to survive a world of idiots??

    I read two accounts that the military has equipment available to test
    for this disease in 30 minutes—so why not hospitals; better yet, airports??
    NYC dumb dumb began symptoms the 23rd?? So now, it took 9 days for a symptom to appear??

    Re: housing recovery
    I stated earlier(I know, I’m not one of the gang and most ignore my posts) that 3 of 10 homes are for sale; one in August, one Sept., and one last week.
    There would be 4, but I want to get a house in the country BEFORE I try to sell here and downsize.
    Trying to get out of this PITA building before I’m forced to with Gene’s health issues.

  11. Oh, to make that clearer–that’s 3 homes of 10 on one street.

  12. Jay Jay……
    First let me say that I have indeed read your posts in the past and still do. With regard to the ebola problem if you are trying to buy a home in the country for that reason alone you might be going from the frying pan into the fire. If you were to have somebody come in to service your septic system,or perhaps the electrical service,etc,you still have no guarantee that that person who is putting his hands all over your house wasn’t earlier doing the same at a residence which contained an ebola victim. If you can do such things yourself it would most likely be an idea to pursue. Here is one that might be usewful…….go to southern Alaska….it seems doubtful that EBOLA could even live there…..but if the virus can survive in that climate it could probably survive ANYWHERE.
    Perhaps it is time for the US to have an ebola infected person, spit all over the contents of a huge container,which is destined for airdrop to troops in the field.Then make an intentional mistake and drop these supplies to our enemy. har har Perhaps the contents could be very nicely printed KOURANS. That way ALLAH will be involved. Another idea might be to drop several live ebola infected nanny goats. The Arabs slurp up goat milk like it is going out of style.

  13. When Checkers Ate Obama’s Homework
    Jack Cashill
    How a man who launched his campaign for president comparing himself to Honest Abe Lincoln in Springfield, Illinois, now finds himself hunkered down in Washington being compared to Tricky Dick Nixon More

  14. “A Harnett County newborn with enterovirus D68 was near death until a machine at Duke University Hospital helped her recover.”

  15. “I think even now people are looking at the world and their jaws are dropping. How can we have a president who’s taking steps to weaken our military, and now to expose the general population of our country to [a] dreadful disease? That’s dereliction of duty at the very least, but it may very well be a malicious attack on the people of the United States,” Keyes said.


    Alan Keyes: Obama destroying ‘everything American’
    ‘He is basically violating his sworn duty, which is to see that the laws are faithfully executed’

    By Paul Bremmer

    Ambassador Alan Keyes is not a fan of Barack Obama.
    At all.

    The candidate who lost to Obama in the 2004 U.S. Senate race in Illinois believes the president has committed several high crimes and misdemeanors that warrant impeachment.

    And Keyes, a WND columnist who was given the prestigious Christopher Reeve First Amendment Award by the social and political advocacy organization The Creative Coalition on Oct. 14, is not shy about using his First Amendment rights to express his opinions.

    Keyes, who was appointed U.N. Economic and Social Council ambassador by President Reagan, made a case for impeachment in a September column. In a new interview with WND, he laid out three areas in which he believes the president has committed impeachable offenses.

    First, he said, Obama has abused executive orders. He explained the U.S. Constitution does not explicitly mention executive orders, and such orders are simply meant to be directions from the president to the various executive departments and agencies. In other words, they are the president’s way of telling the bureaucrats under his control how to enforce laws and regulations.

    But that only applies when the orders follow the country’s law and regulations, Keyes said.

  16. BTW …….Trey Gowdy was doing his thing again this AM. He asked a lot of pointed questions,all of which extremely well founded. Like the one wherein he asked why was a lawyer installed in a position which requires a very skilled doctor? Great question, but in our existing regime UP is DOWN, and helping to line the pockets of SO CALLED FRIENDS is more important than intelligent human behavior.

  17. bye bye….. BTW I cast my vote today, and it was for neither RINO,or DEMO. But IT IS one vote that neither wing of our now single party will receive. I feel much better now. Have a great day.

  18. Very interesting, how campaign money is spent.

  19. Mexican Open-Borders Billionaire Carlos Slim Again World’s Richest Man

    Were you aware of how much influence billionaires have on U.S. immigration policy?

    Read more: Family Security Matters
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution


    President Obama’s trusted senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, was a key player in the effort to cover-up that Attorney General Eric Holder lied to Congress about.

  21. I am not afraid of Ebola.. I have a 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, breakfast room, dining room, music/library, den, laundry, pantry, and 2 car garage; for two people??
    I have no children–why put myself through this?? For the nursing home to get it??
    NOPE–not my thing.
    I need to downsize while I still have Gene’s help. He has seizures. And many other health issues. Agent Orange, Vietnam.

    AND, I’m really tired of cleaning toilets!!!!

    MY point is in 3 months, 3 families want to sell their homes and NOT due to upgrades—these homes are all between 2100 and 2500 sq. ft. with 2 car garages.
    They have nice jobs–school teacher, aluminum plant, steel factory, manager of a doctor’s office–new, nice vehicles, vacations and niceties …until this last year.
    Could the slowdown economy have gotten to them? It is possible.

  22. BOB STRAUSS…..

    Good evening friend…..

    just read your post on Valerie Jarrett being behind Fast and Furious…. there was never any doubt in my mind that she is behind AL: the scandals in the WH…….

    After all she is the de facto president isn’t she? Has anyone ask the question what are her qualifications for that job…other than to be a slum lord owner in Chicago?.

    Two peas in a pod….both unqualified for what they are now doing…both destroying this country while all the other politicians look on.

  23. ISIS and WMD……

  24. HER (It’s) name is Michael….remember Barack?

  25. citizenwells | October 24, 2014 at 12:20 pm |
    “The Housing Recovery Has Been Canceled Due To Data Revisions”
    I’ve never before seen anything like this revision business! It truly is Orwell all over again. They put out these high numbers at first, and it is those that the public and media remember. Later they are revised extensively downward, but nary a word is said on TV.

    Jay Jay, I always read your posts and there for awhile you weren’t around. I wondered if you were okay. I believe what you have going on in your neighborhood re. homes for sale is quite typical. It takes up to a year to sell around where I live and the going prices have dropped at least one-third to what they were pre-2008. It was back when that big swishing sound was heard. (Our home values plummeting because of bad money practices and the banks transferring funds overseas.) Hope you can make your change.

  26. RMinNC | October 24, 2014 at 8:33 pm |

    Good evening friend…..

    just read your post on Valerie Jarrett being behind Fast and Furious…. there was never any doubt in my mind that she is behind AL: the scandals in the WH…….
    Valerie Jarrett is also calling the shots concerning our policy with IRAN. (And probably the rest of our foreign policy, if any exists.) She is Iranian. There are too many foreign influences in this regime. As far as the usurper is concerned, his true identity is off limits.

  27. Governors Christie and Cuomo are taking the bull by the horns. Already a woman who came into NJ airport is going to be placed in quarantine either in NJ or where she intends to go, which is NY. They say that the honor system is not working, and I fully agree.

    That Dr. Spencer’s behavior was totally irresponsible, imho, gallivanting all over the place during the days after he came back from treating Ebola patients. There needs to be mandatory quarantine. Sometimes I think the medical profession are the worst offenders when it comes to common sense.

  28. cabbyaz.
    I agree!

  29. We know why Valarie Jarrett gets 24 hour secret service protection…don’t we?

  30. She is one of the puppet meisters

  31. I hear that the demo-RATS are using the scare tactic to keep Republicans from voting by using the Ebola and winter flues to keep them at home. So…lets spread the word that if any one has concerns to wear the Vinyl gloves and ear loop mask. I am! If the voting place does not have a trash can take a gallon zip lock bag with you and place the gloves and mask in it. Carefully! I hear that Lysol and bleach can kill the Ebola germ.



  33. Sue

    My family has moved away from the evil county where we lived and my grand son is now in treatment. We now live in a farm land area and the chem trails are worse then they were where we lived. We can have sunshine in the morning and by evening it is cloudy and by morning we have a light rain shower and left on our car windows is this real thin specks. Got any idea what they are dropping?

  34. JayJay……….Re 6:46PM
    I would venture to guess that what has occurred is more of a PROBABILITY,rather than a POSSIBILITY. Yes I too have seen the need to both reduce my holdings, and personal property to make it all more manageable. I am 82 years of age. In addition I have already given all the inheritances,so there will be no taxation upon that. If I pass intestate it will make no difference,and at the same time it will be much easier for my wife to file for UNSUPERVISED ADMINISTRATION of my estate. …..the value of which will be strategically reduced to less than $1000.00.

  35. Ginger…….
    I am glad to hear that you finally have some stability at home. I sympathise with you……..there is nothing like instability within a home. I use that word because I think it best suits the various aspects of being part of a family that is being torn apart by a COMBINATION of factors. In addition I can sympathise with you,from recent experience of my own. Being in an area of agriculture,might help a little to insulate you from the EBOLA bug. It can get a little dusty around combining time….But you never know… seems as though we have things happening right out of LEFT FIELD, and hitherto….UNFORSEEN! (at least by we the people)

  36. Hi Ginger,

    I think this post is for me.

    It depends on what you read; my former boss said that the trails are contrails and the reason they stick around is due to the altitude of the planes; not sure I buy that.

    There’s a ton of info out there as to what they may be dropping; some sites will swear it’s a toxic mix of chemicals intended to slowly poison us. Don’t know anyone who will corroborate that. Some say it’s an attempt at weather modification; you get showers and particulates (which are usually present in raindrops) where you are.

    What I can tell you is that my sensors at work are not picking up anything radioactive. My colleague (who is in the chemical game) has not seen anything unusual, either.

    So, I, like everyone else, am in the dark. To my knowledge, no stations are reporting any heavy concentrations of ‘Chemical X.’

    Wish I could be of further help, but until something in our air ‘pegs,’ we just have to keep monitoring and keep our eyes open for anything out of the ordinary. Of course, the gub’mint, as usual, is of no help..

  37. CabbyAZ……..
    I agree, but I hasten to add what do we do when so called doctors themselves do not have the depth of perception, that would be necessary in reducing,or containing the communication of a deadly virus. Self monitoring is complete baloney. By the time the person being monitored realises he is genuinely sick he has already “spread the wealth around”. Total lunacy!

  38. Contrails ….are what they are…….frozen droplets of moisture which is precipitated as a result of COMBUSTION. Interestingly many jet engines are built to allow a certain percentage of water to be injected into the engine which adds additional thrust as the moisture expands which has become steam at that point, and it continues to expand until all of the energy is dissapated,at which point it promptly freezes, creating a trail of frozen droplets. Yes I would agree that some jet aircraft might be involved in deliberate spreading of either chemical,or biological agents,but I hasten to add that it would probably not be from an aircraft being used in COMMERCIAL AVIATION. It would more than likely be an aircraft which is secretly equipped to pursue the purpose. When I say this I am simply saying that every, and any aircraft has a maximum gross weight factor which is carefully monitored by it’s owners as well as the flight crew. Most flights that are of a duration longer than 4 hours,at maximum weight, usually have a a maximum fuel load as well. Therefore they could NOT TOLERATE ADDITIONAL WEIGHT OF either a liquid, gaseous, or vaporised material since all need containers,and containers translate to weight. However the possible exception would be a commercial aircraft which is expressly modified to disseminate certain products into the atmosphere. ………..such as aircraft designed to do sky writing, but there I add that in the early days of skywriting a whole lot of agents were tried, in an effort for the advertisement to last as long as possible. Throughout the thirties, skywriting juice was a mixture of GLYCERINE,and water. which was injected into the exhaust ring of the radial piston engine. I am not up to date on the latest technology,but I feel as though it probably has not changed appreciably,since neither agent is TOXIC, and both do not remain in the atmosphere… is the case with contrails as well,………they too eventually dissipate.

  39. oldsailor82 and Sue K

    Thank you both for your wise words.
    Being able to get three phone calls a day from my grand son and to hear his voice is so wonderful! His treatment is going well and I pray every day that God takes care of him when he gets out of treatment. We…the family are showing him much love now and will keep a watchful eye on him. Drugs are every where and temptation worries me since my grand son was on Heroin. Visitation will be soon and after over a year now I have not been able to hug him.

    Sue K …I for got to proof read my post. 😦
    Thank you for your words of comfort. I forgot that you have the ability to check for radiation and others the Chemical stuff.

  40. Ginger.
    Heroin is a big problem.
    God bless.

  41. oldsailor82

    Do you have any idea why they are making X’s in the sky especially on windy days? Makes them look like clouds. The trails in the sky are very long!

  42. Mr. Wells

    God Bless you too and your wonderful blog and bloggers. 🙂

  43. Interestingly, when the 8th Airforce made bombing runs over Nazi Germany, the early unsupercharged B-17s made bomb runs from 20,000 ( a little under 4 miles high). Many were shot out of the sky by German AA. The later B-17E,and subsequent F series were supercharged, and could fly up to altitudes of 50,000′, but unfortunately the higher they flew, the more errant the bombing was. Also the higher they flew the more pronounced was their contrails……….which made it super easy to zero in the AA on them. Even when bombing from higher altitudes the losses were huge. It was NOT UNTIL the P-51 Mustangs began escorting the bombers that the attrition began to be reduced. Even with the P-51 escorts,the AA was still prolific, So the AirForce began to use tiny strips of aluminum foil which was dropped by several lead aircraft. This really screwed up the RADAR directed AA,bigtime. These little strips of aluminum foil was called WINDU, and flutterred in the air for a period long enough to give the bombers a chance to do their job effectively. When WINDU was dropped the German AA became extremely innaccurate,which added to the reduction of bomber losses. Towards the end of the war in Europe the bomber losses had been brought down by a factor of over 40%. After the German Luftwaffe no longer was operational, the skies over Germany were wide open, with the exception of an occasional jet which would come up for a little frolic with the P-51s. Most of the p-51s had by that time been upgraded so well that they were capable of 550 mph, flat and level,and as such many of the German jets were shot out of the sky by pilots of the TUSKEEGE AIR FORCE. In fact it was a BLACK P-51 pilot who finally had the destinction of being the first American pilot to shoot down a German jet fighter. Today there are no living survivors of the Tuskeegee AirForce, but for who they were and what they did I salute every one of them. BTW the Tuskeegee AirForce was a direct product of the efforts of Eleanor Roosevelt.

  44. Taken this a.m. from …….

    “Obama is nothing more than a symptom of what ails America

    Our problem goes much deeper and is by far more serious than Obama. Ladies and gentlemen, as you are aware, in this country we choose our leaders. Obama is nothing more than a symptom of what ails America. He is the chosen symbol of the thinking of the majority of Americans who voted in November, 2012.
    It seems there are now more people in America who desire the government to be responsible for them and take care of them, than there are those who desire to be responsible for and to take care of themselves.
    The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, a mere symbol. It cannot survive a multitude of people who desire to be taken care of by the government, and made him their president.”
    I couldn’t agree more with this analysis . America is the problem, not the mealy mouth Obama. He is only the festering symptom. He is only “in your face” presentation of the ignorance in America today..

    As American’s, we could have stopped Barack H Obama dead in his track back in the fall of 2007, long before he was elected by those who saw him as the ‘savior” and provided of free gas and housing and food, (please note that the word savior is in small words, like the man it represents), but we didn’t.

    So who do we blame for the total mess our country is in today? Do we blame the messenger, Mr. Obama? Well yes. Do we blame the media for putting him on a false pedestal? Of course. Do we blame the elected officials who were required to insure he was qualified? Damn right we do ! Or do we blame ourselves for allowing this “Obama mania” to sweep the land like a plague infecting the illiterate, the ‘what can you give me’s”, and those who are hell bound to destroy the American way in America. Now we have gotten to the source of the problem, ……

    In case anyone has forgotten, the American Dream required you to “work, sacrifice, save, and honestly build” your future……not rob, steal, and gain your wealth and position illegally or by a government hand out…….

    The majority of American’s showed their “true colors” in 2008, and then run them back up the flagpole again in 2012……now these same idiots are crying the blues for being so damn stupid in the first place…..

    Thank God, I do not believe anyone who post here at Citizenwells was dumb enough to buy into that Communist/Socialist bull$hit HOPE and CHANGE crap…..which after almost 8 years has brought nothing but MISERY and ANGER from the majority.

    In 10 days, we shall see if the dumb, stupid and illiterate have learned anything, or if a “2 dollar bill and a drink of hard cider” will again elect the HOPE and CHANGE people.

    If they do, then I will know for sure there is NO HOPE for CHANGE in America.

    I may then decide to go live in Bonga Bonga land….( don’t try to find it on a map)

  45. Ginger…….
    ……unless somebody is doing some aerial advertising (SKYWRITING) I would venture to say that such Xs are smaller and colder patches of upper air. Since multiple commercial jets are operating at the same time and often they cross each other’s flight paths,but at DIFFERENT altitudes. Sometimes one jet will cross the path of another jet at an an angle, giving the appearance to observers on the ground, that somebody made an X in the atmosphere. Most commercial jets are operating at altitudes from 25,000 feet – 35,000 feet. When we view it from the ground it is extremely difficult to see the difference in the altitude of each aircraft. You can be sure that the controller for that portion of the airliners’ flight path knows exactly where that plane is and it’s exact altitude.along with it’s airspeed.

  46. RMINNC……
    You reflect my thoughts exactly when you say “A SYMPTOM”. That is also why I say that America has become a “swinging pendulum”, which travels to and fro, at at each MOMENT OF INERTIA,it reverses itself to once again travel to the opposite extreme of it’s swing. Over and over again it reverses itself …..yet NOTHING IS GAINED,and an exact amount of TIME IS LOST. It seems as though we are riding such a pendulum, first we see one EXTREME, then subsequently ANOTHER EXTREME. back and forth we go…..TICK,TOCK,TICK,TOCK. ( GRANDFATHER CLOCK). Sadly nobody knows how to stop the pendulum,or even has the compunction TO STOP IT!

  47. RMINNC……
    ………..don’t hold your breath regarding HOPY CHANGY. It is fast becoming obvious that many of our younger generation hasn’t the slightest idea what it even refers to,let alone have any notion about what it means. They are either too busy watching the REALLY COOL ISIS, picking their noses, doing their drugs, or giving off offensive body odor.

  48. That’s America’s biggest problem,,OLDSAILOR82…..

    We have no stability. We seem to go from one extreme to the other….I blame all that on media hype……kind of like going from summer directly to winter.

    However, there is one way to stop it…but it is very extreme…..

    stop the presses….stop the televisions….stop all forms of media……these extremes would force the people to think for themselves and go back to using their noggins that God gave them for something other than a hat rack…..

    The way American people operate now…no one has to think and solve a problem with their brain…we have all these high paid talking heads, and fancy commercials on television to do that for us….and it they say that 2 plus 2 equals 5…most idiots will believe it because they heard it on CBS, or NBC, or ABC, of FOX.

    I really am surprised that most peoples small brains haven’t dried up because they certainly don’t use them now…..they are told what cereal to eat in the morning and what bed to sleep on at night……all that valuable
    information is provided them with no strain on their brain……..

    I’m really surprised that most can even remember their names……there’s really no reason to now…just remember the number they give you.

    We are truly living in “the land of fools”…we just elect one every four years to prove it to anyone who may have doubt.

  49. Ginger | October 25, 2014 at 12:26 pm |

    Hi Ginger,

    VERY glad to read about your grandson’s progress; he’s well on the road to recovery :).

    Yes, we are monitoring everything: Radiation, Chemicals and Biologicals. The Bio team, as you may suspect, has been pretty busy with D68 and Ebola; they’re really earning their pay! The rest of the country is doing the same.

    The gub’mint isn’t gonna solve this, or even let us know what’s happening; the scientists in the trenches will. Of course, I will update as info becomes available; everyone’s on their toes and we’ll stay there for as long as it takes.

    You will hug your grandson very soon!

  50. Rainfall is the cleanser of our atmosphere. Unfortunately the earth is the recipient of the bath water, which sometimes brings what a lot of so called scientists view as either toxic chemistry to humankind,or as an impediment to natural growth of living things. While it is probably helpful and maybe even productive to monitor the NATURAL FALLOUT, I personally temper this with the knowledge that it was MOTHER NATURE who has PUT the largest degree of the various chemistry INTO our atmosphere to begin with,and it is likely that humans will not come up with anything to counter mother nature in the foreseeable future. BTW the earth being the recipient of the bath water,gains a lot of agents which add to the fertility of our soil……but mother nature does not manufacture anything that is PERFECT,so it is probably demonstrable that our entire earth /atmosphere work as a sort of “hit or miss” pair rather than individually. One generates,and the other accelerates,and visa versa. The US Geological Survey was among the first people to prove that there is a natural volcanic increase in activity around the Aleutian Islands,and slightly North as well. I place a lot of confidence in what they have to say,simply because they go there and take a look see, they don’t normally take educated guesses. In fact they documented that there has been a slight increase in volcanic activity around the entire circumference of the Pacific rim., which includes ocean floor vents as well. Even Diamond head in Hawaii,Mt.Rainier,and even Mt.Fuji occasionally burp. When there is a meaningful eruption into the atmosphere, there is more pollutants, put into Earth’s atmosphere in ten minutes than from all other combined Earthly sources in a year,or more!

  51. …….has anybody wondered about the brainpower behind selecting a lawyer to oversee an entity which should have a really fine Doctor managing. Something seems to be wrong with the mental capabilities of the person who made the selection……….Who would be so STUPID as to do such an idiotic thing………ONE GUESS ONLY!

  52. bye bye have a great day.

  53. OLDSAILOR82……
    So they won’t sue his worthless $ss when they find out he has brought Ebola here intentionally……..or maybe he wants an “ambulance chaser” to figure out how to make some money from the disaster…….one thing for sure is….. it isn’t because of his medical knowledge.

  54. “The World Health Organisation said the toddler had travelled hundreds of kilometres by bus from Guinea through Mali showing symptoms of the disease.

    More than 40 people known to have come into contact with her have been quarantined.

    The girl was being treated in the western town of Kayes, after arriving at a hospital on Wednesday.

    The child had travelled more than 1,000 km (600 miles) from Guinea through the capital, Bamako, to Kayes.

    “The child’s symptomatic state during the bus journey is especially concerning, as it presented multiple opportunities for exposures, including high-risk exposures, involving many people,” the WHO said.”

  55. Ginger | October 25, 2014 at 12:31 pm |


    Do you have any idea why they are making X’s in the sky especially on windy days? Makes them look like clouds. The trails in the sky are very long!
    Some plane routes are from East to West, and West to East. Other plane routes are at a different altitude and fly North to South and South to North, where the contrails intersect it forms what looks like an X. Humidity, temperature and wind, determines what the contrails do at 33,000 ft. and higher. B 17s and B 29s during WWII were piston engine planes, and they left contrails at high altitudes, long before conspiracy theorists were around to relate them to chemicals. Contrails behind jets are like the exhaust from a car on a very cold day, mostly steam, condensed water vapor.

    My family lived Northwest of Chicago when I was young, we lived right under the glide path for jet airplanes going to O Hare Field, with lots of jet planes landing all the time at the busiest airport in the country. Periodically we would have to wash the oily soot off of our patio furniture, especially the umbrella. Jet engines are cleaner burning today than they used to be back in the 1960’s, but they used to pour out black smoke while under power.

  56. Thanks Old Sailor, Cabby and all here.
    I am doing this backwards. I wish to buy a house in the country for less than 90K. and then sell our house, so I need 18,000 for DP. (I’m half way here!!)
    I am downsizing, but also need to leave this area where too many know what I have in the way of foods and supplies. I won’t make that mistake again!!! I have been stocking since 2008, so consider how much I have.
    This new house must be isolated a little to be able to move 5 gallon buckets covertly!!! And cases and cases of food. I will do it to save our lives.
    From my readings, I have until spring and then I must get out of here.
    I pray a lot and let God lead me. His mercy has cared for us so far. I trust in HIM.
    God bless those here and I pray for your safety.
    Regarding chemtrails. I live in a rural area with NO air traffic for weeks–and then one day there are 10 planes spraying their grid?? PUH–LEEZE!!
    This is not normal.
    I am typing on an old 14 year old XP 2000, or I’d tell you the day Gene and I saw a plane disappear completely in the sky adjacent to one leaving the chemtrail spray!

  57. This is a revealing article about Turkey’s two-facedness with respect to ISIS. A very diligent, young woman reporter has ultimately lost her life for reporting the truth. She had been threatened by Turkish authorities.

    Bayik said a Turkey “that supports Daesh’s attacks against Kobani, that seeks to depopulate Kobani and lobbies for the establishment of a buffer zone cannot sever its ties with Daesh.”
    “Because if it did so, Daesh would expose all of Turkey’s dirty laundry, and document the links between them,” he explained. (Daesh is the Arabic acronym for ISIS)


  58. MortimerGarfinkle

    Obama is deliberately keeping America exposed to Ebola. He wants Americans to be afraid of Ebola in order to maintain their support for thousands of troops and millions of dollars going to Africa to fight Ebola. If he stops travelers exposed to Ebola from entering the United States, the American people and the media will view Ebola as an African problem and forget about it. Americans have a short attention span and the next half-dozen Obama scandals will occupy their attention. Obama is trying to keep the Ebola fear factor as high as possible.

  59. Jay Jay…….
    There is such a thing as a “SWING LOAN” you might take a few minutes and talk with somebody at a bank which makes realestate loans. It is basically a SHORT term loan which is used by you to purchase your country home. Then when your home sells, the entire amount paid for the house you sold is applied to the swing loan and new paper can then be written. You would probably end up with a small residual amount owed on the new paper. Depending what the difference is between what YOU pay for your country home and the amount applied from the sale of your house will be the amount which will then be financed under conventional loan regulations.BTW this is probably a good a time as any to be buying a home. Mortgage rates are quite low and country homes are beginning to lose their glamor. Many factors are behind this. One is fuel, and if you are buying in a county which has high realestate taxes you might feel the heavy bite of the tax collecter as well. In many cities and counties your realestate taxes are determined by market value of your home, but even in a down market they make sure that you pay through the nose. It is always smart to thoroughly investigate the taxation of any property that you are considering buying, and just as important you should have the property inspected thouroughly for hidden flaws,and problems which take the property into a NON COMPLIANCE with the local or county residential codes. If there is things which need to be brought up to date it is the liability of the seller to do that, but often times you can negotiate an equitable agreement. However I hasten to add that very often a lending institution will not make a loan on the property until it meets all of the local building codes. Another factor that is important. If a septic system exists, you will need to have a complete history of any service or upgrades done. If you don’t do this you could find yourself having to spring for $15 or 20,000.00 to bring your septic system up to code. Proceed carefully and gather all pertinent facts before you sign on the dotted line. Make sure the electric service meets the local codes,as well as the potable water supply. If it has a well make sure it can be pumped at the rate specified by your local planners. If the water level falls to far the well will need to be evaluated. It must be able to retain a certain level of water while being pumped at a specific rate, for a given period of time. Do not buy a house with a shallow well. That is a well which has a foot valve at less than 100′ deep. Most wells today are deep wells and use submersible pumps. Be careful that you don’t buy a property which has a SEWAGE EASMENT across it. Such sewer lines are often those of adjacent properties. If there is a drainage creek running across the property walk the entire length of it and carefully inspect the shoreline BOTH SIDES and look for drainage tile exiting into the creek within the perimeter of your property. If you find human waste emptying into the creek do not buy the property because there will be a failed sewage system upstream from the exit.
    I have passed this information along because it represents a lifetime of learning for myself,and I am only trying to be of some help in your search for a decent property. Good luck!

  60. CW……..
    I apologise for the lengthy Jay Jay OT comment, but based upon what she was saying I felt that I should at least offer as much insight gathered over my lifetime, as possible. Buying a home can become one hell of a TRAP, and the buyer should have as much insight as possible before signing on the dotted line. Things are often not what they appear to be where real estate is concerned .Particularly a home outside of a city.

  61. Goodnight all, have a great day tomorrow.

  62. ….just one quick thought for Jay Jay
    Why not grow as much as you can and learn to can it. I would venture to guess that doing so would really cut your costs. Canning in a pressure cooker is every bit as safe as commercial canning, and it is not hard or even very expensive to equip yourself.

  63. oldsailor82

    My mother in law bless her heart made the most tasty and tender round steak in a pressure cooker.

  64. MortimerGarfinkle | October 25, 2014 at 8:34 pm |
    Good points! I do believe that the usurper is getting as much mileage out of this Ebola problem as possible. Anything that he can use to distract from what is going on in the Middle East and also our southern border will benefit him. Just wait until he issues green cards to millions after the election.

  65. Old Sailor,
    Always like to read your posts as you draw upon a wealth of experience not only in aviation, but business, as well as home purchasing. Flooding susceptibility is also something that needs to be checked out. More than one person in AZ has had the rude awakening that the lot he bought was in a flood plain. I doubt if this hazard is is prevalent in other states, but it could be.

  66. “is is” should be “is as”. It’s late.

  67. Old Sailor–thanks;.have done that. Just sounds too complicated to me.
    Will pursue the small house and acquire that loan first. Don’t want to tie up this house at this time.
    Re: chemtrails. My friend of 40 + years had a plane for many years–these trails that dissipate and spread across our skies to block the sun rays ARE NOT contrails…AND it is against air traffic control regulations to cross another route this closely to each other.
    Use your thought processes on this one. I have not seen or HEARD(since they spray at nights too)a plane in these skies for two weeks….and then all of a sudden, everyone decides to book a plane???
    And please don’t try to justify this last fact with : they only allow flights on certain days at certain hours. So, those folks all accept flying at 2 in the morning???
    THINK…even if it is off topic.
    I line dry my clothes; I watch the air force planes rise from the east every time; one every few minutes. Never from the west because the airport is in the east.
    I watch for hours these planes make the grids. I watch them steal our sun.

  68. I’m 64..I ate my home canned green beans labeled 1992 in 2012!!!!!!
    I dehydrate, can, and have two raised bed gardens still producing tomatoes, jalapenos, and green peppers!

    I have shoe boxes of lids, and cases of new quart and pint jars..but thanks for the info.
    I ain’t a newbie.LOL.
    I built a house with these hands; did entire trim out by myself.and laid hardwood floors; have bought and remodeled one house before that..
    Gene worked with electrical and plumbing and installed septics–so we are good on those. Every home here has propane gas. I have one filled and one prepay.
    I have enough food and supplies here for about 5 years. Vitamins, herbs also. I haven’t left the house for 3 weeks today–I do not have to!!!

  69. OOPs–that’s one 500 gallon tank filled and one prepay.I don’t heat this entire house–I close doors.
    But, I’m ready for 0° again.

  70. JayJay | October 26, 2014 at 10:58 am |
    Contrails only form when there’s moisture in the upper atmosphere, when it’s dry you don’t see any, but the planes fly overhead and can’t be seen, but they are there every day.

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