Liberia Ebola deaths far higher than reported, Film maker Sorious Samura, Death toll masked by chaotic data collection and reluctance to admit, Westerners in nightclubs beaches pick up prostitutes

Liberia Ebola deaths far higher than reported, Film maker Sorious Samura, Death toll masked by chaotic data collection and reluctance to admit, Westerners in nightclubs beaches pick up prostitutes

“Barack Obama is endangering the children of the US and now our troops. Where is the outrage?”…Citizen Wells

“You can see that these doctors, who are highly trained people, got themselves infected,”
“So sending troops into an area, if they’re dealing one-on-one with a patient, they’re not going to be able to protect themselves very well. It’s not easy to [prevent transmission], because you get tired and you get careless and you make some simple mistakes. All it takes is one virus particle.”…Dr. Lee Hieb, former president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″

From the Guardian October 18, 2014.

“Ebola: Liberia deaths ‘far higher than reported’ as officials downplay epidemic”

“The true death toll from the Ebola epidemic is being masked by chaotic data collection and people’s reluctance to admit that their loved ones had the virus, according to one of west Africa’s most celebrated film-makers.

Sorious Samura, who has just returned from making a documentary on the crisis in Liberia, said it is very clear on the ground that the true number of dead is far higher than the official figures being reported by the World Health Organisation.

Liberia accounts for more than half of all the official Ebola deaths, with a total of 2,458. Overall, the number of dead across Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea has exceeded 4,500.

Samura, a television journalist originally from Sierra Leone, said the Liberian authorities appeared to be deliberately downplaying the true number of cases, for fear of increasing alarm in the west African country.

“People are dying in greater numbers than we know, according to MSF [Médecins sans Frontières] and WHO officials. Certain departments are refusing to give them the figures – because the lower it is, the more peace of mind they can give people. The truth is that it is still not under control.””

“Samura believes sexual promiscuity among westerners could play a role in the virus’s spread abroad. Almost immediately after the outbreak was reported in March, Liberia’s health minister warned people to stop having sex because the virus was spread via bodily fluids as well as kissing.“I saw westerners in nightclubs, on beaches, guys picking up prostitutes,” he said. “Westerners who ought to know better are going to nightclubs and partying and dancing. It beggars belief.It’s scary.”

He said another striking feature was that the ineffectiveness of years of aid had been laid bare: “Money has poured in from the west, but it has gone to waste. Ebola should make us think about how the west gives aid to Africa; aid has not been used to create a system able to cope with this challenge. Ebola has exposed the fact it is not working. That money has gone to waste.””

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46 responses to “Liberia Ebola deaths far higher than reported, Film maker Sorious Samura, Death toll masked by chaotic data collection and reluctance to admit, Westerners in nightclubs beaches pick up prostitutes

  1. from Gateway Pundit this am………

    101st Airborne Won’t Get Full Protective Hazmat Suits for Ebola Mission in West Africa
    Posted by Jim Hoft on Saturday, October 18, 2014, 7:50 PM
    What does this tell you?

    It tells me that Obama and the Pentagon considers the troops of the 101st Airborne to be EXPENDABLE……

    When the first soldier comes down with Ebola…..someone should immediately charge Barack Hussain Obama with deliberate Murder.


    From…this am

    “Last week on October 7, it was reported that Liberia’s President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, asked for more emergency powers to help contain and prevent the current Ebola crisis. Liberia is already under a state of emergency and curfew, which began in August. But according to VOA News:

    “In a letter to the Plenary of the House of Representatives and the Senate, Sirleaf asked for powers to amend seven different articles under the constitution, including freedom of movement, speech, religion, confiscation of private property, and elections.”

    Besides asking for extra powers, and citing the current “state of emergency”, President Sirleaf then proceeded on October 8th to suspend nationwide elections for Senate due to be held later this month. Yahoo News reported that,”
    is this the REAL intent Obama has by allowing Ebola flight into and out of America, by keeping our southern border open, by inviting hundreds of thousands of Haitians into our country without proper visa’s or medical checks……and all the other illegal things he is now doing to harm our country?

    Is what the Liberian president is now doing to infringe on personal liberties by changing seven articles of their constitution; erasing freedom of movement, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, confiscation of personal property, and elections ….just a DRY run with Washington looking on for a possible imposition on the citizens of this country?

    Is Obama and Jarrett anxiously waiting to see how the Liberian people react to this?

    My money says they are….and we can look for this same thing to happen in America in the very near future…….after all, “why let a good crisis go to waste”……and you can bet Obama is working very hard to create a major crisis out of Ebola.

    You can bet this administration won’t let this crisis go to waste.


  4. If Ostupid and associates plan on using this Ebola as an attempt to keep republican voters from the polls(you know she berated blacks for not planning to vote)
    then it will backfire, for blacks and demonrats will also stay home.

  5. Afternoon, RM,

    With a little luck, a few of them will vomit on both Obola and the First Wookie.

    Wouldn’t that be amusing?

  6. …and will the name of the plane be the ‘Ebola Gay’ in homage to The Dear Leader?

  7. And now…….
    ……The Catholic Church has finally put the QUEERS in their place.The POPE implied that “God still prefers men who marry women,and women who marry men” There was Cardinals from everywhere on Earth at the two week conference. Among them was a moderate percentage of LIBERAL Cardinals who had expected the Pope to verbally BLURR the church rules soas to allow a subset of liberals to practice their twisted filth under the Catholic umbrella. Instead the LIBS got ONE HELL OF A SHOCK,when the Pope read the paper. My hat is off to the Pope for now, and I bid him three cheers for his forthrightedness in his reinforcement of the Catholic Church rules. Sadly there is not enough being done by the Catholic church to clean out and/or excommunicate the bastards who practice their filthy regemin upon young people within the church. I would have been much more encouraged had the Pope taken that step as well.
    It is obvious that the Catholic church is now divided. In all probability an offshoot of the Catholic Church will occur in the not too distant future.wherein all the QUEERS do their thing, and be patted on the back for it. Such a group should not be allowed to use the designation as Catholic. God knows the difference,and he has already devised several illnesses, which ultimately ends the life of the twisted practitioner.

  8. SUE K……
    You said, ….”With a little luck, a few of them will vomit on both Obola and the First Wookie.”

    We couldn’t be so lucky….that would be like winning the lottery !!!

    Also I really like the name you have attached to Michael…Wookie,,,most appropriate….and the plane name you gave them….the Ebola Gay…haha

  9. Hi RM,

    What the gay Indonesian hooker doesn’t realize is that if this pandemic takes off (D68 already has), he, Sasquatch, and their adopted kids are just like any of us; Ebola doesn’t discriminate.

    Michael LaVaughn Robinson goes by a variety of monikers however, ‘female’ isn’t one of them..

    We can’t let our guards down with this. Even though I’m not in infectious diseases, we’ve all become involved to some extent. Monitoring the ‘official’ information we’ve been getting, and it’s all a bunch of garbage.

  10. ……and I will continue to wear my nitrile gloves when I go to the store,or anywhere else ….even to the doctors office,and I will wear my long sleeves,buttoned at the cuff,and my surgical mask…….if they don’t like it they can take a long walk on a short pier. I now have a disinfactant which surgeons use to clean their hands prior to procedures. Nasty smelling stuff but they say it does the job.

  11. …..BTW the surgical scrub disinfectant that I have obtained is reputed to be one of the best available. It is called Bactoshield. It is chlorohexidine gluconate. It comes in either 4%or 2% strength. A bit smelly,but it does kill EBOLA. Find and buy it where you can.It is not available everywhere. Surgical supply houses are best shot. I won’t tell where I obtained mine. It was obtained by hook and crook. Nice to have friends practicing medicine.

  12. ……..and I am adding Lysol to the normal washer detergent.

  13. Report: Masquerade Presidency; Obama A Narcissist, Mentally Unstable, Insane, All The Above?

    Has Obama Lost His Mind? THE MASQUERADE PRESIDENCY Sharon Rondeau | The Post & Email …


    CDC’s Zombie Pandemic Manual

    You simply cannot make this stuff up. The accompanying photo is the cover page for a CDC publication called “Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic.” No doubt they thought they were being clever and creative, two words that are anathema to government bureaucrats.
    But yes, the CDC has a training manual using a “Zombie Pandemic” scenario. You know, because things like an Ebola pandemic are just too farfetched. Regardless. The guidance is the same. CDC recommends that:
    ◾People distance themselves from anyone displaying symptoms
    ◾Gather emergency supplies
    ◾Make plans in case you are asked to evacuate
    ◾Print out CDC’s Emergency Preparedness Kit

    Wait a minute… something is wrong here. it’s not the same. Some of this actually makes sense. I mean, a preparedness kit, emergency supplies? Basic, but at least you can’t go wrong with it.
    The brochure is laid out in comic book style. At the end, even though the main characters make it to the county shelter, the place is overrun by zombies and everyone dies! So what is the point? Are they really so determined to prove what a waste of taxpayer dollars they are? Fortunately the protagonist wakes up and it has all been a dream.

    What is unfolding here, however, is not a dream – it is more like a nightmare. The CDC has already proven itself to be worse than useless. The guidance we have received has actually made matters much worse.

    Consider what CDC has decided is essential to fight Ebola:
    ◾Don’t restrict flights from affected nations
    ◾Don’t restrict travel to affected nations
    ◾Provide minimal, ineffective screening of passengers
    ◾Send the 101st Airborne Division to Liberia to bag bodies
    ◾On second thought, add the National Guard, just for good measure
    ◾Don’t quarantine the Ebola-ravaged population, no, but we may have to quarantine U.S. troops!
    ◾Don’t don heavy protective gear. All you need is some good gloves.
    ◾Don’t restrict travel of exposed healthcare workers, let them travel with elevated temperature.

    The thought of squandering the 101st Airborne, about 3,000 other soldiers, plus the Guard, is not merely insane, it is criminally negligent. These troops are not nurses or grave diggers! They have been fighting a battle rigged to lose thanks to Obama’s military “strategy.” And now to add insult to injury, Obama is putting them and the rest of the military, and by extension their families and our entire country at further direct risk of contracting and importing the disease.

    How could he do it? Easy, he’s got a phone and a pen! After all, he’s Obama.

    So now we have two nurses who cared for America’s first Ebola case, Thomas Duncan, have fallen ill, and a Texas-bound Carnival cruise ship has been denied docking in Belize because one of two passengers, is showing symptoms.

    Meanwhile, in still more uplifting news, a commercial airline passenger from Nigeria, who obviously wasn’t screened properly, vomited and died while the plane was enroute to JFK airport. CDC officials made a cursory examination of the corpse and announced that it wasn’t Ebola. How on earth would they know? It takes days to perform a proper test.
    The body was turned over to Port Authority cops, who had the same question. And the answer is, they don’t have a clue!

    CDC Director Thomas Frieden tells us that all that heavy protective gear, including respirators and full cover hazmat suit, is not actually a good thing but a hindrance. Why? Because as we all know,
    Ebola is not readily transmissible. Then why is everyone we see, from Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital – which saved Dr. Kent Brantly and missionary Nancy Writebol – to Liberian health workers, covered from head to toe with protective gear?

    Are they all a bunch of mindless idiots? Apparently Dr. Freiden thinks so.

    The nurses taking care of – thanks to poor screening – were all wearing that protective gear, and they got sick. So, Freiden must be right. So good to know we have people who can think outside of the box! Phew, and just when I was starting to think he was Joe Biden’s addled cousin.

    And we now discover that he isn’t even in charge.

    There’s someone even better. Obama has an Ebola Czar. White House advisor Lisa Monaco is more qualified than the eminent Dr. Freiden.

    She has zero heathcare experience. She did graduate from Harvard, though, so, no worries. She announced with assurance that “We know how to do this, and we will do it again.” Such self-assurance.

    I will sleep so much better now… Wait! We’ve done this before? I must’ve missed something!

    Freiden states that restricting travel to and from Ebola epidemic nations of West Africa would make matters worse. But that is not his primary objection: “there are Americans who have the right of return and many other people that have the right to enter this country,” he says.

    No, actually, in the case of a deadly epidemic, they do not!

    And then he explains, almost as an afterthought: “by making it harder to get assistance in and therefore those outbreaks would become worse, go on longer, and paradoxically, something that we did to try and protect ourselves might actually increase our risk.”

    Can he be serious?

    There is nothing stopping us from aiding these countries by scheduling charter flights with trained healthcare personnel to affected areas. We could focus on fixing the problem over there, without worrying about it coming here. Ivory Coast, Senegal and even little Guinea Bissau, have not had serious outbreaks. Why would that be?
    Because unlike this country, which is led by a dogmatic, communist lunatic, drunk on his gas-filled ego, they have leaders that, for all their corruption, don’t want their countries destroyed.

    They promptly imposed rigorous travel restrictions and other measures. Guinea Bissau slammed their border shut. Ivory Coast halted all flights to and from infected countries.

    But that would be too simple for this malevolent administration. No, the whole world has to share the risk.

    The Racist in the White Hose and the other Racist in the Justice Department probably see this as payback, or as Eric Holder says, “having a conversation about race” with this “nation of cowards.” Whitey deserves to get an epidemic of a really horrifying disease.

  15. The video about this CDC Zombie manual was scrubbed before I could get it downloaded……dory.

  16. Here’s what’s going on in St Louis. The protestors are not gaining any favor by protesting at sporting events and other public venues. They are only alienating people to their cause…….


    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Rams fans and protesters clashed this afternoon at the corner of Broadway and Cole in downtown St. Louis, according to a police report. Two groups of 20-25 people argued and fought. Police arrested two protesters, one being a juvenile, for assault.

    A St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter witnessed the incident. The newspaper reports that a fan appeared to spit on one of the protesters. The fan was then struck on the head and a fight broke out. A protester carrying an upside down American flag used the pole to jab fans.

  17. RMinNC
    There are plenty of Zombies working in our government.
    Time to put them in a senior retirement home.
    Reid 74, Boxer 81, Sharpton 84, McCain 78, Hall 91 etc., etc

  18. oldsailor82
    I like it, nitrile gloves, wear them everywhere, and Bactoshield disinfectant packs…. think this may be a new airport carry on item?

  19. JONAH…..

    Yea I noticed 95 percent of the protestors were BLACK… and very MOUTHY….but then again, I haven’t seen many that weren’t.

    This short article should give you a hint.

    Money spent or committed in the race is poised to top $103 million, according to public records and interviews with donors. Three-quarters of it comes from party and interest groups. More than $22 million is “dark money” from groups that don’t disclose their donors.

    “It’s a stunning number, and it tells you two things,” says Larry Sabato, a University of Virginia political scientist. “That campaign finance is completely out of anybody’s control and North Carolina is a premier swing state.”

    The flood of money paid for nearly 80,000 TV ads through Oct. 13, according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis of CMAG/Kantar Media tracking data. At one point this month, that translated to three Senate ads every five minutes.

    And more are coming. On Friday, a conservative group announced a new $1 million TV campaign against Hagan, who responded with her own new ad.

    The figures may understate actual spending

    Read more here:
    I live in Charlotte and it’s getting real bad… the article said, an ad about every three minutes…24 hours a day.

    Hurry up November ….and lets send Kay Hagen packing…

    Maybe she could get a day job shining Obama’s shoes…after all she’s spent the last seven years kissing his A*s…….

    This is an INDEPENDANT voter speaking. No party controls me.






    A Brilliant exercise in Wordsmithing.

    “An annual contest is held each year at Texas A&M University calling for the most appropriate definition of a contemporary term.
    This year’s term was: “Political Correctness.”
    The winner, with a great definition, submitted by a Student who wrote:

    “Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of $hit by the clean end.”

  24. Time for me to take a break !

    Woman is thrown out of Paris opera after cast refused to perform unless she removed Muslim veil

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
    Well in America, they would have given her a front row seat…with popcorn !!!

    This story presented a burning question that has bothered me for some time. Here it is:


    I do not belong to the KKK, or support their objectives….the same applies to the Arab terrorist…..but it appears there is a little bias favoritism going on here in favor of the Muslims..

    This question brings us back to “political correctness”…with another stupid answer.




    Taken from ATS this am….this man is not a happy camper…don’t check your mail box…you may have a November surprise too!

    ” I have always been opposed to Obamacare. While in theory, providing healthcare to everyone is a novel idea, I don’t believe it’s realistic in a capitalistic society. So I finally got around to opening my mail from yesterday and there’s a letter from my current provider Humana, outlining any changes to my plan for 2015.
    My plan isn’t a Cadillac plan. It covers me, my wife and 2 boys with an 80/20 plan with unlimited doctor visits at reasonable co-pays.
    I almost fell over when I saw the premium is going to be raised from $520 a month to $877 a month. That’s a 68% increase and in no way is affordable.

    I hope those mother f’ckers from Humana all get fired and that lying piece of trash Obama and anyone who supported his ACA are all voted out on their asses.
    So much for if you like your plan you can keep it and so much for the proposed economies of scale reducing premiums. I knew that the ACA wasn’t going to end well, I just had no idea it would be this catastrophic financially.
    All I can hope for is that the right takes over the Senate in a few weeks and do something to get rid of or mitigate this awful legislature.”.
    I think your sentiments will be expressed by a majority of voters in 15 days….otherwise we will all go down with the ship.

  28. RMinNC.
    Sorry for your premium surprise.
    However, thanks for the info. I will try to weave it into an upcoming article.
    Illigitimi non carborundum.

    Roger that Illigitmi non carborundum…..
    No danger in that ! They have been trying to grind me down for a long time…..

    Like I told a full bird Colonel one time, long, long ago……
    “I’ll still have ass when you run out of teeth” !……He got off my back..

  30. RMINNC…….
    With a stupid blanket over her head she now gets to smell her own body odors 24/7.


  32. oldsailor82….

    She can wear her “blanket “,…. if I can wear my hood !



  34. RMINNC……
    The intelligence quotient of a large percentage of the people on earth has regressed to that which was present in the 4th century……and now we must start all over again if we even hope to rebuild a civilised country. BUT it may very well be that further regression must occur before any forward movement will ever happen. Perhaps it is time to permanently seal the mouths of the overeducated wordsmiths. You can memorize an entire Webster dictionary,but you cant fix STUPID. Even a billion word vocabulary won’t fix STUPID.

  35. I wonder if this guy would like a job in America?

    This is one Iranian I would gladly let in the US

  36. Red flags went up upon hearing that the military was going to be used in this country to help control Ebola if needed. I am not a fan of Alex Jones, but Infowars has a good article about the very subject.

    Military argues Posse Comitatus is irrelevant and dangerous

    Civil and military separation has a pronounced history in Anglo-American law. It is mentioned in the Magna Carta of 1215. In 1327 Thomas, Earl of Lancaster, argued that so long as civil government is able to enforce the law, military involvement in civil law enforcement is unlawful. In seventeenth century England, Oliver Cromwell experienced resistance to the military enforcing laws. In the American colonies, British soldiers enforcing laws provided a major cause for the Revolution.

    Since September 11, 2001, the federal government and the Pentagon have argued that Posse Comitatus is no longer relevant.

    “It is time to rescind the existing Posse Comitatus Act and replace it with a new law,” retired Col. John R. Brinkerhoff argued in the December, 2009 issue of the Journal of Homeland Security.
    I strongly disagree with changing the law. What say you?

  37. Here is on for you which tells about stupidity. For several months we have had one or both of our tiny dogs come back in the house with a reddened welt somewhere on their body. At first we thought that the dogs might be doing this themselves, so I now watch them everytime they are outdoors. I saw my little girl jump and cry out,so I went out to investigate. Lo and behold there was a BEBE entangled in her fur. I now know exactly why the prior welts have occurred. Both dogs are being shot at by some LITTLE BASTARD,with a bebe gun. Such firing can only come from an adjacent property. I have talked with our prosecuting attorney, about it but it appears that the bastard can shoot at the dogs as much as they wish. So the last few times that they were outdoors I have had a 12 gauge in my hands,which I have made clearly visible to the people on that property. These are some of the stupidest people I have ever tried to talk with. All you get for a reply is UMMMMM,or UUUUUUH. They did appear to get the message though. They hastily went inside.

  38. CNN reported on the very early news (around 2 AM) this morning that the nurse’s aide in Spain has fully recovered from Ebola and has been given a clean bill of health.

    Then today marks the 21st day of quarantine for the over forty people who had close contact with Duncan, and, so far, none has become a victim.

    This should tell us something if we think it through. The only ones in this country who have actually contracted Ebola were two health care workers, and it appears that the disease is much more virulent in its later stages than at the beginning. After all, at least four “family” members were among those quarantined, and some were in close proximity to him while he was beginning to vomit, etc. Yet when he is cared for by nurses, two of them have come down with it, no doubt, because either the protocol was not followed or the protocol was faulty.

    Things could rapidly change, of course, if infected people should come across the southern border, and if Soetoro brings more over from Africa, but at this point I’m beginning to wonder if the fear of the disease is going to be used by the regime more than the actual disease itself. Think about it for awhile. Look at the money drain when it comes to cleaning airplanes, keeping people from going to work, etc. Just the financial impact alone could be nearly catastrophic.

    Here is another thing. In western Africa there is such a high death toll primarily because of the squalor, horribly close living conditions, fear about going to the clinics, and Islamic burial practices where the grieving have to continually touch the dead bodies. Almost 300 health care workers have died over there, but, see, they are in very close proximity to the dying day after day, Slip-ups can be made when fatigued and removing gear. Many of the locals do not have enough gloves and other protective gear. Those countries have had tons of money poured in from around the world, but such governments are noted for corruption.

  39. CABBYAZ…..

    I agree with you….

    If the military is deployed in this manner…we are sitting a very dangerous president…..the military involvement in the enforcement is certainly against the constraints of our Constitution…. for a very good reason…..we best not mess with it.

    It would be well for Col Brinkerhoff to remember what happened to Oliver Cromwell…….he was dug up 16 years after he was buried…he was tried and his skeleton was hung from “traitors gate” as an example of what can happen if you violate the peoples trust.

  40. cabbyaz….

    you said, ” but at this point I’m beginning to wonder if the fear of the disease is going to be used by the regime more than the actual disease itself”

    YOU BET IT WILL…..remember “never let a good crisis go to waste”….applies here.

  41. Africa’s Killers
    The number of deaths from different causes in Africa since the Ebola outbreak began in March this year (estimates based on WHO’s 2012 Global Burden of Disease data):
    620,000 HIV/AIDS
    320,000 Malaria
    203,000 Hunger
    124,000 TB
    26,000 Syphilis
    4,492 Ebola

    Even if you double or triple the Ebola deaths it is still far behind the other causes. However, in all fairness, it needs to be pointed out that the death rate (i.e., the people dying compared to those contracting it) is, no doubt, higher than for the other categories. Although none of the others is a mild disease either and people die all of the time from them.

  42. …….I don’t believe that the shooter is either one of the parents, rather I believe that the shooter is their RETARDED eldest son, who is nearing his 25th birthday. He has little education,and was given a bebe rifle for Christmas many years back. Neither son is presently employed. I advised his father that one day their kid might end up being prosecuted for felonious assault.

  43. CabbyAZ
    The saddest part of it all is the fact that IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY. When we look at how the general population of Africa as a whole lives,and then how the alleged leaders ARE CONTINUING to live you will see why. BTW I would not pose any question of the chart. I personally believe that it is probably quite accurate.

  44. ….it is clear that the leaders of the various countries in Africa, could have long ago brought INDUSTRY,and civilisation to their countries. But instead the leaders have chosen a path of CORRUPTION,and CRIME. Secondary to the corrupted leadership is the average intelligence quotient being in single digits. Such a educationally impeded country will require generations just to repair the level of intelligence of every person……which is also quite unlikely. You must have intelligence in a person to make him /her an employable person. This is also part and parcel to the spreading of EBOLA as well as all the rest of the diseases which plague the Western African countries. But the lack of education is a general aspect of the lives of people everywhere in Africa, and not just in Western Africa………and therein lies a large part of the reason why EBOLA as well as all the other diseases are so easily spread.

  45. Have a great day, bye bye.

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