AL Supreme Court McInnish V Chapman decision next week, March 16, 2014, Synchronous with Arpaio Zullo announcement?, Obama eligibility challenge, Obama ID fraud ruling

AL Supreme Court McInnish V Chapman decision next week, March 16, 2014, Synchronous with Arpaio Zullo announcement?, Obama eligibility challenge, Obama ID fraud ruling

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

“Moore said he’s seen no convincing evidence that Obama is a “natural born citizen” and a lot of evidence that suggests he is not.”…Judge Roy Moore interview by WND


I have wondered for some time about the delay in the AL Supreme Court McInnish V Chapman decision.

I have also wondered if it was to be synchronized with the Arpaio Zullo announcement.

From Birther Report March 16, 2014.
“Report: Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Says Obama ID Fraud Ruling Coming”
“A decision in the case of McInnish v. Chapman, which claims that former Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman failed to vet presidential candidates for the 2012 election, may be announced “this week,” a reliable source told The Post & Email on Saturday after a face-to-face conversation with Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore.

The case was filed by Atty. Larry Klayman on behalf of plaintiffs Hugh McInnish and Virgil Goode initially in October 2012, “asking the court to order that Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman verify president Barack Obama‘s eligibility – and all of the candidates — to be placed on or remain on the November 6, 2012 general election ballot.” After a denial in Montgomery Circuit Court, Klayman filed an appeal to the Alabama Supreme Court last March.

Chapman resigned her post as Alabama Secretary of State on July 31 of last year despite having “garnered more votes than any other Constitutional Officer in state history and was elected as President of the National Association of Secretaries of State.””

“An affidavit signed by Mike Zullo, lead investigator of the Cold Case Posse which determined that Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form are “computer-generated forgeries,” was included in the lawsuit, the only civil action in which the posse has participated.

All decisions made by the Alabama Supreme Court are announced on Fridays. Since last year, The Post & Email has contacted the court on numerous Fridays to inquire as to whether or not a decision had been made but was told “No decision yet” each time.

Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, who was ousted from his post a decade ago for refusing to remove a monument of The Ten Commandments from the courthouse premises but re-elected to the position in 2012, has previously expressed support for those seeking the truth about Obama’s background and life story. Moore specifically contended that Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, who sacrificed an outstanding military career by asking that Obama prove his constitutional eligibility to serve as president by producing an original, long-form birth certificate from Hawaii, “not only has a right to follow his personal convictions under the Constitution, he has a duty.””

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  1. citizenwells

    March 9, 2014.

    “The U.S. Secretary of Commerce is in the Middle East where she said Sunday she will tell officials from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar that closer economic cooperation with Washington is a way to build deeper security ties with the United States.

    Penny Pritzker’s visit comes just weeks before President Barack Obama is scheduled to fly to Saudi Arabia to meet King Abdullah in an effort to patch over strained relations due to U.S. policy on Iran and Syria. It will be Obama’s first visit to Saudi Arabia since 2009.”

    As many have speculated, Obama’s Saudi visit may be timed to coincide with the Arpaio/Zullo announcement & perhaps AL Supreme Court decision.

  2. citizenwells

  3. Good morning CW, et. al,

    Pertaining to the airliner flight, I did read Rush’s theory of its disappearance and it is certainly plausible with one exception I have.

    Oldsailor, correct me if I wrong, but when you have a blackout cockpit (yes the engines still work) are you not suppose to slowly bank in circles so the ground is aware you have a blackout situation and that is their way of communicating the problem?

    I remember quite some time ago, this happened to John Travolta in his jet at night.

  4. Good morning all……I’ve got it figured out !!!

    That Malaysian jet plane that’s missing……that will be Obey’s get away plane …..just kidding he couldn’t drive a toy wagon…….or throw a baseball…but he is very good at pocket pool….someone else’s pockets of course.

  5. citizenwells

    Good morning William, et al.

  6. Whistleblower

    The real reason the Blagojevich tapes won’t be unsealed

  7. citizenwells

    Thanks Whistleblower.

  8. citizenwells

    “The much anticipated, if largely moot, Crimean referendum vote whether to break away from Ukraine and join Russia, began early on Sunday, even as Kiev is accusing Moscow of rapidly building up its armed forces on the peninsula in “crude violation” of an international treaty.”

  9. William…..
    When you refer to “COCKPIT BLACKOUT”are you referring to the FAA examiner’s cover over the windscreen,or are you referring to total electrical failure? In certain areas of the world flying in circles might be a means of communication with the ground that you are experiencing a total lack of electrical power,and therefore you are confirming this to people on the ground that you cannot communicate via radio. I believe that any pilot would then rely upon his/her flight training and take steps to get the aircraft down at the nearest facility,rather than fly in circles,and create further danger from possible air collisions,particulary in congested areas. All controllers are under FAA constraints to follow existing rules. However if there is a total electrical failure which means that a pilot would NOT BE HEARD,nor would he HEAR THE CONTROLLER… which case it is probably visual communication only that remains. In saturated areas it would be exremely dangerous to execute a continuous turn. If such a premise was to work there would need to be the utilisation of radar in conjunction, along with a pre determined discipline whereby the pilot would take the aircraft out of the immediate area then fly his circles to confirm to the GC that he has no electrical power. However if this was to occur the present day fly by wire systems would also be without power,and the pilot would be forced to try to control the aircraft without a YOKE, or any steering capability. At that point only engines remain as a possible way to steer the aircraft, as was the case with the aircraft which arrived at Iowa City Airport,a number of years back. He was nearly successful,but some warm air turbulence close to the ground caused a wing tip to contact the ground and while the pilot lived to tell about it all a number of passengers didn’t make it. So close yet so far! The latest fiasco seems to bear out the notion that no matter how up to date and redundant, your on board systems might be there is still a vein existing whereby a pilot could find himself totally on his own, with only SECONDS to make a judgement call. If he calls the shot correctly,he will live to tell about it,but if he is wrong then he will probably be the FIRST PERSON TO ARRIVE AT THE CRASH SITE.

  10. ……..Regarding the Maylasian aircraft, there is still far too many UNKNOWN VALUES regarding what happened. As many seasoned 777 pilots have already stated (IN UNISON) the captain of the aircraft would NEVER VENTURE to turn off his transponders during flight,particularly when it is an INTERNATIONAL flight. The transponders are your identification to GC. Only a fast moving cockpit electrical fire,or human intervention,would accomplish this. If the cockpit was filled with smoke and the pilot could not see his instruments, he had a way to clear the smoke, in an emergency situation. …but I will not explore that notion. If he was killed by cockpit intruders,who are trained to keep the bird in the air, then literally ANYTHING becomes both possible,and/or probable. Flight 360 would not be the first jet ever hijacked,and at this point since there has been on wreckage found, nor has there been any cell phone communication with passengers, or aircrew. This does not bode well for these people. Assuming that whoever took control of the aircraft had extensive knowledge of flying in general he probably knew that if the aircraft was taken to 45,000 feet and the oxy system was shut down, all that would be needed to totally eradicate all people would be to DEPRESSUREISE the airpllane. Of course the intruders would have the cockpit oxy system to sustain them, while everybody else died within seconds. Then the aircraft was brought down to 23,000 feet, and then flown for a number of hours on another course. Here again it gets pretty tacky. Either the aircraft was deliberately ditched at sea, or it ran out of fuel and it finally crashed at sea. I tend to think that anybody who would carry out such a criminal venture would have planned an escape route if their overall plan failed. Yet when we look at the mentality of such people we see veritable foaming at the mouth, absolute fanatical lunatics. I tend to think that ONCE AGAIN we see a 9-11 sort of thing as it relates to the aircraft, wqhereby these twisted people were trained to keep the aircraft in flight,and also had some knowledge of the navigational systems as well as cockpit instrumentation. However I still think it is a bit early to say if the aircraft either crashed or was deliberately ditched at sea. I however do NOT believe that it has been LANDED anywhere, as it requires at least a 5000 foot runway to sucessfully land. This airplane with a full fuel load and a full passenger manifest, says that the aircraft had a gross weight in excess of 600,000 lbs. You do not sucessfully land on GRASS and dirt strips, with a 777. In the part of the world where this aircraft was heading there are very few large airports,and ALL are under GROUND CONTROL, both of arrivals as well as departures. The arrival of an aircraft without ID might even be shot out of the sky, as a potential invader. The Soviets done such a deed a number of years ago,where they shot a stray Japan Air liner out of the skies. Their LUNATIC leaders demanded that it be shot down.

  11. BTW the JPL airliner had his strobes ,as well as his transponders turned on. The Soviet fighter pilot who shot down the JPL jet conformed that he saw the strobes fo the aircraft. Anybody who was intending to ATTACK a country would not ADVERTISE his presence by keeping his strobes turned on. Shooting the JPL aircraft down was a MALICIOUS,murderous act perpetrated by people with far less than human mentalities. That aircraft was a 747. As I recall over 300 people lost their lives. Only a PURE BASTARD would order a stray airliner shot down. I have forgotten who was the HEAD CHEESE of the Soviet Union then.


  13. Bye bye all ….Have a wonderful Sunday.

  14. Is there a Doctor in the house?

    2016 campaign slogan for Dr. Ben Carson

    Who better to lead the restoration of America’s medical system than a neurosurgeon who has saved lives?

  15. Arizona’s House just officially called for a “Convention of the States” to fight Obama and limit federal tyranny. Keep the momentum going and SHARE this.

    The state director for the movement said that we’re now one step closer to finally stopping the out of control federal government and the crimes of Barack Obama.

  16. Obama’s Change is Coming to the Heartland – Mega Mosque Construction to Begin -…

    What the good people of Memphis, TN may be asking themselves now is what will be the size of the population bomb that is about to go off in their city and from which Middle East nation will it be imported?

  17. Egyptian Newspaper’s Explosive Allegation: President Obama Is a Secret Muslim brotherhood member.

  18. Think I read on Free Republic that Obummer was heading to the middle east on AF 1 (with the nuclear football), Mooch, her mother, and the two girls were headed to China on AF 2, and Biden was going to be out of the country somewhere, too, all simultaneously. If indeed so, I am conjecturing that next week might prove interesting here in the U.S.

  19. Mark Gillar (host of “Tea Party Power Hour”) is the voice-over in the Cold Case Posse’s Obama fraud video presentations.



    >>> Mark Gillar’s comments (part) at ORYR:

    “I’m involved in the new release. Nothing in is from two years ago. NOTHING! … You have no idea how much work is going on behind the scenes. …”

    “Things are a bit different this time. The LFBC and Selective Service Card investigations resulted in the discovery of many other crimes that were committed by this regime. Some of which will piss off democrats and republicans alike. … The delays are coming because of the amount of time that is taking to retrieve and log the large amount evidence as well as make sure the proper chain of custody is preserved and recorded. The evidence is different this time. …”

    “The scope of the investigation has broadened significantly. That is why the timeline has also been extended. A decision was made not to reveal anything until all the evidence had been collected and logged. As I said before, there has to be great care taken to preserve the chain of custody of the evidence.
    … However they are still collecting and logging what turned out to be a small mountain of evidence. …”

  20. March 16, 2014 at 4:04 pm
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    These hacked emails of the Dep. Asst. Army Attache to the Ukraine seem to prove the US military is planning a “false flag” operation to blame on Russia…such a move would.suck America into a MAJOR war with Russia…..

    This should be the LAST thing America wants… a War with a super power that has military forces and materials far in excess of our own……

    Suck a war would be the total destruction of America…those idiots sitting in the Pentagon had better get a grip, and some intelligence, and back off or we will all be dead….John “Lurch” Kerry is the wrong man at the wrong time…

    Thank God….those who would so easily start a war, can no longer keep it a secret….well any way. not until the internet is turned over to the UN….

  22. RMinNC | March 16, 2014 at 4:35 pm

    Maybe this is the usurper’s effort at population reduction.

  23. CitizenWells,
    >>>As many have speculated, Obama’s Saudi visit may be timed to coincide with the Arpaio/Zullo announcement & perhaps AL Supreme Court decision.<<<

    I can't see them running from this, Obama and his administration. They have the entire media apparatus to cover for them. Several sources breaking simultaneously would force the media to look at it, but they would never DIG into it. They have had 5 years to find the truth, and they haven't moved at all, they are going to continue to lie and cover. We know the liberals lie, but the Conservatives have covered up just as much. Why would we expect this month to be different than the 60 plus since people started asking about Obama's past? I'm not saying Obama isn't a fake, a fraud, and a puppet. I say the opposite, I believe that Obama is Muslim Brotherhood and Treasonous to this country. Further, I suspect that the DNC, the media, the CIA, and many many others were well aware when he ran for the office. Further, I think they took big money to keep their mouths shut and play along. They are all in, and I mean all in, they will burn the world to cover it up.

    Think that the Ukraine is just happenstance? Obama, Biden, and Kerry are prepared to allow Russia to nuke us to the stone age, blame it on us, and then UN troops to secure what is left. They are going to tell the media that they will destroy the country if they don't cooperate, and they are in too deep to back out now.

    Don't expect anything from Alabama, CCP, or the SSN case that will stick or take him down. Obama is still protected by the Senate (can't be successfully impeached). IMHO, the hammer would have to fall in October just before the Congressional elections. Perhaps, the will start the ball rolling, but Obama will survive until all Congress isn't in Democrat hands.


  24. Another criminal for the usurper to pardon.

    House Report: Lois Lerner Lied to Congress At Least 4 Times

    A new House report has concluded that Lois Lerner from the IRS lied to congress at least 4 times… which means she committed at least 4 felonies. Please SHARE.

  25. GORDO | March 16, 2014 at 4:04 pm |

    Mark Gillar (host of “Tea Party Power Hour”) is the voice-over in the Cold Case Posse’s Obama fraud video presentations.
    Perhaps this is why Arpaio is now talking about his departing from office of Sheriff to possibly run for Gov…..insinuating that all of the “interesting things” he’s been involved in would then be “in vain”….to cause less of a concentration on his investigation in case this most recent news about more “world shattering” elements is causing any new alarm in the Obama camp!

  26. Maybe this plane will be used by the usurper to deliver a nuclear payload, as a false flag operation?

    Is Obama Covering Up The Truth About Flight 370?

  27. Reposting this again, to emphasize the dishonesty of this usurper, and his bride along with the 27 assistants.

  28. Are BHO’s declarations of national emergency void ab
    initio and we now have a US and State Constitution(s) again?

    By Chris Strunk

    Central Administrative question of law is, do we now have Civilian rather than Martial due process of Law because BHO is not NBC to be the COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF OVER THE US MILITARY GOVERNMENT AND EXECUTIVE COURTS?

    Is BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA II A USURPER COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF in the matter of the provision of Martial Due Process of Law under 12 USC 95 and 50 USC App 5(b) as a matter of the Executive Federal and States Courts under a National Emergency or are every one of his Emergency declarations since January 20, 2009 null and void ab initio?

  29. Obot Burns Obama sweatshirt: Obama Biggest Fraud
    Ever Perpetrated On American People


  31. Alabama Teacher Suspended For Reference To ‘Fat Butt Michelle Obama’

    Teachers beware: Don’t make any cracks about Michelle Obama’s rear end. An Alabama high school teacher learned that the hard way when he got…

  32. Some folks may not agree with Putin, but at least he loves his country and wants it to thrive, which I can’t say for our usurper who bows to Saudis and hates America.

  33. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Why do the same names keep popping up in this case…Klayman in this instance? I find it troubling. Such a HUGE case needs as diverse, experienced, intelligent and well versed attorneys as possible. NOT the same handful of names cropping up over and over!

    I know there are many Orly “fans” and I admire her tenacity, but as I’ve stated before, although her tenaciousness is to be admired, she does not have the experience or the gravitas to handle this. I would apologize to her supporters, but not in this case. The outcome is far too important. Klayman’s name has also been noted before. Enough with the same failed re-treds. We need an EXPERIENCED TEAM to prevent ironclad evidence and results. If the Cold Case Posse fails, play Taps as any action will never gain traction again, Pray for their success. And their safety!

  34. Rosemary Woodhouse……

  35. Rosemary Woodhouse…..
    I would suggest that Mario Apuzzo,and his team are probably one of the best, and brightest, but look what happened even to him. I would venture to argue that there are probably attorneys around who could verbally skin Soetoro alive, but it is the CRIMINAL Judges who must first be removed, and prosecuted vigorously. Once a few of them are in federal prison for their criminal support of the usurper(TREASON) the rest might see the error of their ways,and once again become barristers of Constitutional law.

  36. I like everyone else who participates in this blog,want with all our hearts to see the usurper put in prison for his many high crimes, and misdemeanors. I pray that we will see all of the work that is being done behind the scenes,come to fruition,and ALL of the perpetrators and ALL of their supporters are finally housed in a FEDERAL PRISON to serve out LENGTHY SENTENCES, for their part in abbetting, and supporting the traitors to our country. Our entire FEDERAL Government has become CORRUPT, and all participants deserve to be in prison. Hopefully I will live long enough to watch them being CONVICTED. I will dance around their FUNERAL PYRE, as they are one by one dispatched to their permanent residence in HELL.

  37. Bye bye……..Have a great Monday, my best to everyone at CW.

  38. Amen and Amen

  39. Amen Oldsailor81 – Good morning CW, et. al.

  40. citizenwells

    Good morning Zach, et al.

  41. …Although it is often overlooked, a key statistic for understanding the labor market is the length of the average workweek. Small changes in the average workweek imply large changes in total hours worked. The average workweek in the U.S. has fallen to 34.2 hours in February from 34.5 hours in September 2013, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That decline, coupled with mediocre job creation, implies that the total hours of employment have decreased over the period….

  42. citizenwells

    Thanks Zach.
    Yes I am.

  43. citizenwells

    Beck breaking story about Tech & engineer passengers on board Malaysian Jet.
    Free Scale making tech to make airplanes appear to disappear?

  44. citizenwells

    “Freescale Semiconductor: 20 Employees on Board Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane”

    “The company said that 12 of the 20 are from Malaysia while the other eight are from China.”

    “Theories surrounding the connection between Freescale and the plane include some kind of cloaking device that turned the plane invisible.”

  45. Top of the morning to all here at Citizenwells……..from one Irishman to all others (and to non Irish) ….

    “May you all be in Heaven three days before the devil knows your dead” …..and lay off that green beer, it will give you a belly ache !

  46. Obama birth record, citizenship, unraveled for Alabama Supreme Court?
    March 16, 2014
    by George Spelvin

    Barack Hussein Obama’s birth riddle is being analyzed in a 13 page, Amicus Curiae brief filed with the Alabama Supreme Court by Harvard Attorney Albert W.L. Moore Jr. The brief promises to offer a straightforward theory as to just who this man in our White House really and truly is. (1)
    Moore summarizes what is going on: “He (BHO) was a natural born American on the date of his birth, but further official records prove that he lost American citizenship and constitutional eligibility to the Presidency as definitively confirmed by his 1983 naturalization as an American citizen. By law, this process of naturalization did NOT restore his constitutional eligibility.”

    Filed on 13 May, 2013, Attorney Moore (pg. 10) is asking that the AL Supreme Court remand the Obama eligibility conundrum back to the trial court to seek discovery concerning the following: a. subpoenaing his (BHO) DNA; b. all of his Hawai’ian “vital records consisting of an original birth certificate showing his ACTUAL (CiR emphasis) birth parents and his amended birth certificate showing his adoptive parents.” The Moore Amicus further contends that Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Hussein Obama Sr, a Luo tribesman, adopted at birth the child now known as BHO II. “Obama’s (BHO II) real, original birth certificate will show two American citizen parents.”

    On page 5 of Moore’s brief is the July 27, 2009, press release issued by Dr. Chiyome Leinaala Fukino, then the Hawai’ian Director of Health, which states: ” I, Dr. Chiyome Fukino. . .have seen the original vital records maintained on file by the Hawai’i State Department of Health verifying Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii and is a natural-born American citizen. I have nothing further to add to this statement or my original statement issued in October, 2008, over eight months ago.” Attorney Moore cites this DoH document as being the linchpin of the whole Obama nativity mystery because (pg. 5) “this statement precludes any truly candid counsel from representing to a court that Obama’s father was Barack Hussein Obama, the alien black man.” ( the actual words in the brief)

    Now, says Attorney Moore, this vital record revelation by Dr.Fukino shows that Obama at birth was a NBC because Dr. Fukino “was relying on the original birth certificate. . .she refrained from specifying that basis in deference to the confidentiality of adoption records.”

    This Amicus Curiae further proposes that the Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) issued on 27-April-2011 in actuality was an amended birth certificate created to show the adoptive parents, but that the word “AMENDED” was cropped or somehow masked. Only court ordered DNA analysis will reveal who Obama’s birth parents are. The problem, now however, is that the man sitting in America’s Oval Office LOST HIS ELIGIBILITY to serve as President of the United States. Point 3, pg. 2, of Amicus states, “Obama was naturalized a citizen of Indonesia around 1968, when American Secretary of State Dean Rusk issued a certificate of loss of nationality to facilitate the Indonesian naturalization.” Somehow, this young man returned to his birth country on an Indonesian passport, and “Madelyn Lee Payne Dunham (was) appointed guardian-by contractual arrangement-with Catholic Charities of Connecticut.”

    This sentence in the Albert Moore brief is crucial in attempting to determine Obama’s eligibility to serve as our President. “In 1979 (pg. 3) he confirmed as an adult his relinquishment of American citizenship in favor of his underlying Indonesian naturalization by REFRAINING FROM REGISTRATION WITH THE SELECTIVE SERVICE SYSTEM!” (CiR capitalization) Additionally, the brief goes on to say that this man in 1981, traveled to Indonesia on his Indonesian passport, got a student visa and re-entered the U.S. on this foreign passport using the name Barry Soetoro. The Columbia University years were spent as a “foreign student.”

    The brief then goes into detail about what is and what is not a Natural Born Citizen, versus a naturalized citizen, and the Constitutional definition of eligibility to serve as President. Attorney Moore concludes by citing his solemn oath as a lawyer to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. The Missouri lawyer “prays the Court read and heed his (Moore) amicus brief to cut to the heart of Obama’s constitutional eligibility. . .”

    SOURCE: (1) Case No. 1120465, Supreme Court of Alabama, Hugh McInnish et all., appellants v. Beth Chapman, Secretary of state, appeal from the Circuit Court of Montgomery County, CV 2012-1053

  47. Obama Eligibility Case Distributed
    for Conference at U.S. Supreme Court
    Sharon Rondeau | Post & Email

    (Mar. 17, 2014) — The case Laity v. New York challenging Barack Hussein Obama’s constitutional eligibility to serve as president has been distributed to members of the U.S. Supreme Court for conference on March 28, 2014.

    On January 28, The Post & Email interviewed the petitioner, Robert Christopher Laity, on the case’s beginnings, evolution, his writing of the case unassisted, and its arrival at the Supreme Court on January 23, 2014.

    Since late 2007, questions have arisen about Obama’s eligibility as a result of a paucity of information available about his birthplace, early years, education, family life, and ancestry. In June 2008, an image said to be Obama’s Certification of Live Birth appeared at The Daily KOS, although the following year, then-White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs assumed responsibility for making it public while attempting to laugh off a question from WND reporter Les Kinsolving. Gibbs had insisted that the “short-form” was the only available “birth certificate” Obama possessed.

    Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution requires that the president and commander-in-chief be a “natural born Citizen.” While the Congressional Research Service (CRS) responded to the clamor of many citizens that Obama might not be eligible by stating that a simple birth on U.S. soil, regardless of the parents’ citizenship, was sufficient, it also argued that Sen. John McCain was eligible despite his birth outside the United States. Some legal scholars have recently said that a birth to a parent or parents with foreign citizenship is a disqualifier.

    It has been researched and reported that in the days of the Founding Fathers, “natural born Citizen” most likely meant a person born in the United States to two parents who were themselves U.S. citizens by naturalization or their own births in the country.

    In 1916, Democrat Breckinridge Long questioned Woodrow Wilson’s opponent, Charles Evans Hughes, for his constitutional eligibility by virtue of the fact that he was born in the United States, but to two British citizens.

    Obama has admitted to being born a dual citizen of Kenya and the United States, but to date, no court has allowed a debate on whether or not he is a “natural born Citizen” and therefore qualified to serve.

    In 1991, Obama’s biographer statd that he was “born in Kenya” but in April 2007, changed it to say that he was “born in Hawaii” just after he announced his run for the presidency. Other reports have stated his birthplace as “Indonesia.” Both the Certification of Live Birth and the image posted on the White House website said to be his long-form birth certificate from Hawaii have been declared forgeries by a law enforcement investigation, along with his Selective Service registration form.

    At least two different versions of the Selective Service record have been mailed to members of the public requesting it through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

    Four weeks prior to the release of the long-form image on April 27, 2011, Notre Dame law professor Charles Rice reportedly called for a congressional investigation “using its subpoena power” in an article which has since been removed from the internet.

    At the time, columnist Monte Kuligowski quoted Rice as having said, “If it turns out that Obama knew he was ineligible when he campaigned and when he took the oath as President, it could be the biggest political fraud in the history of the world. As long as Obama refuses to disclose the records, speculation will grow and grow without any necessary relation to the truth. The first step toward resolving the issue is full discovery and disclosure of the facts.”

    The Post & Email found that on Sunday, the long-form image was briefly removed from the White House website, intentionally or unintentionally.

    Laity told The Post & Email in January that his focus is not on the birth certificate, but the fact that Obama’s father was not an American citizen when he was born. “I don’t care if he was born in the Lincoln Bedroom; his father was not American,” Laity said.

    In an email notification last week, Laity told us:

    My case has been distributed for conference scheduled March 28, 2014.

    We then asked, “Is this what you were hoping for?” to which he responded:

    It is the proper procedure. It is proceeding through the steps.

    1. File Petition. – Done

    2. Petition is docketed – Done

    3. Unless case is being defended by the Solicitor General of the U.S. the respondent must respond within a certain period of time or file a waiver of response pending order of the court to do so. – New York State did NOT file either a Waiver OR a Response in this matter.

    4. Respondent files response with any Motion in Opposition (or waives response as in # 3) – NY State did not file any waiver or response by February 24, 2014.

    5. Both The petitioner’s Petition and the Respondent’s response is “distributed” to and considered in conference between the (9) Justices – The Court Clerk informed me that if NY State does not file a Response that my Petition will be considered alone. No filing was made by NY.

    6. At least four of the nine Justices must vote to hear case. If at least four Justices do not vote to hear a case it will not be heard. There is provision to seek a reconsideration if denied a first time. After the second request, if four Justices still do not vote to hear the case, it is denied with no other recourse.

    7. On the other hand,if four Justices vote to hear the matter it is taken up by the Justices and a Petitioner’s Brief on the Merits and Respondent’s response on the Merits are ordered to be filed.

    8. After the time for filing briefs and responses on the merits and after review by the Justices, Oral arguments are then scheduled and held. Each party is granted 30 minutes to argue. After the allotted statements and arguments are made, the Chief Justice then states that “the case is submitted”.

    9. The court then reviews the case testimony and arguments and decides who prevails.

    In addition to charging Obama with usurping the presidency, he has also named Obama in the commission of espionage and treason.

    Five years ago today, CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) named Obama in the commission of treason as a “foreign born domestic enemy,” a charge which the regime never formally refuted.

    Other citizens, both public and private, have since accused Obama of treason.

    Recently, Rep. Darrell Issa, Chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, accused Obama’s CIA of the same.

  48. I happened to have the TV on when Zero just gave his short presser, in which he took no questions. Unbelievable!! (Well, not to us, I guess) The only sanctions against Russia for her move on Crimea is going to be freezing the assets of some of the top Russian officials, NOT including Putin. What a joke the U.S. is! All of them are laughing at us.

  49. CW…….
    It occurs to me that if Barrack H Obama Sr. legally adopted Lil Barry, it would have been an illegal adoption if done in the US. I cannot believe that a foreign national was allowed to legally adopt Junior within our country. He is NOT A CITIZEN so he could not legally adopt anyone within the US under US laws, and by virtue of Senior’s nationality such an adoption would only confer Kenyan citizenship on Junior. Further, our court clerks were also unable to find any legal record of Soetoro’s naturalisation. If he used the name Barrack H Obama as his name for naturalisation then the naturalisation process was fraudulantly done,and is NOT LEGAL because his legal name was still Barry Soetoro. So in conclusion I would venture to say that on this basis he is NOT EVEN A US CITIZEN.Apparently many others have used the same reasoning,and have also arrived at the same conclusions. If all of this is proven to be the truth in a court of law he as well as MSSSSSSSS. Micheal could face a lifetime of SLAMMER occupation. Possibly even a layer of 6′ of earth covering his permanent 24sq. ft.apartment.

  50. ………If Soetoro is not even a legally naturalised citizen,of the US, then he is still a foreign national of Indonesia, and as such a perpetrator of TREASON against our country. He could be hanged for his actions. Such a penalty might be commuted to life in prison, if the LIBERALS are allowed to TWIST WORDS once again. BTW I personally believe that Lucas Smith does indeed have a legally certified copy of Lil Barry’s BC. It WAS CERTIFIED by an officer of the Kenyan Health Dept. As such it might be admissable evidence in Moore’s court,and perhaps it WAS admitted.

  51. Hopefully Commander Fitzpatrick, and Lakin will both have their day in court….this time to recover everything that was illegally stolen from them, and I also pray that BOTH will get to see the BASTARD dispatched.

  52. ……..after which we all will get to watch Harriet Reid,,Msssssss. Pelosi, and all the rest of the supporting BASTARDS, enter their respective Federal SLAMMER CELLS. This also includes those in the IRS,NSA,and EPA who supported Soetoro and perpetrated crimes against innocent people. There is a DIRE NEED for a THOROUGH house cleaning.

  53. ……..then hopefully the military will take action to CONVICT the snot nosed little Msssssssssss.IMPORTANT who sat and allowed Lakin to be convicted. Her day is also coming, and hopefully she will be treated to a military trial and given the same exact punishment that was meted out to Lakin. har har de har har. Nothing quite like an EYE FOR AN EYE.

  54. Bye bye……….Hope everybody is seeing a beautiful blue sky!

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