CT gun owners defy registration law, Connecticut tax and control, 100k citizens face felony charges?, Registering firearms would not have protected Sandy Hook

CT gun owners defy registration law, Connecticut tax and control, 100k citizens face felony charges?, Registering firearms would not have protected Sandy Hook

“Weaker people, whether at school, at home or elsewhere are best protected from stronger people, with ill intent, by guns and proper security measures.”…Citizen Wells

“Germans who wish to use firearms should join the SS or the SA – ordinary citizens don’t need guns, as their having guns doesn’t serve the State.”…Heinrich Himmler

“The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good”…George Washington

Guns are not the problem, they are part of the solution.

Registering firearms would not have protected Sandy Hook or any other school or any other innocent and vulnerable person.

It does put money in the state coffers and give Connecticut more control over their citizens.

Any rational person knows that the criminals and crazies get the guns anyway without registration.

From the Daily Caller February 13, 2014.
“Law-abiding Connecticut gun owners may face FELONY CHARGES for failing to register weapons”
“Connecticut’s gun control deadline requiring gun registration has come and gone — putting tens of thousands of law-abiding citizens at risk of felony charges, should officials decide to crack down on what one gun owner called a stand of “civil disobedience.”

Last January after the Sandy Hook shooting, Connecticut passed a stringent new gun control laws, and in April, Gov. Dannel Mallory approved restrictions which redefined the definition of an “assault weapon” to ban 100 more types of semi-automatic weapons. The law’s grandfather clause allowed gun owners already possessing AR-15s and similar weapons to keep them, but they must submit their personal information to a statewide registry. A photo taken by George Roelofson depicting long lines of gun owners waiting to register their weapons and ammunition went viral in December as the law’s deadline approached:”

“Now, as Connecticut’s The Courant estimates, as many as 100,000 gun owners with 350,000 unregistered weapons have yet to come forward, making state officials uneasy. Furthermore, estimates concerning banned magazines holding more than ten rounds — which have no serial numbers and are impossible to track unless registered — show that only 36,932 have been entered into the state’s databases, while over two million remain on the market.”

Read more:



“I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical. Unsuccesful rebellions indeed generally establish the incroachments on the rights of the people which have produced them. An observation of this truth should render honest republican governors so mild in their punishment of rebellions, as not to discourage them too much. It is a medecine necessary for the sound health of government.”…Thomas Jefferson


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  1. Good morning all.
    Stay safe and free.

  2. “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government”…Thomas Jefferson

    “To disarm the people… was the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”…George Mason June 14, 1788

    “One of the ordinary modes, by which tyrants accomplish their purposes without resistance, is, by disarming the people, and making it an offence to keep arms, and by substituting a regular army in the stead of a resort to the militia. The friends of a free government cannot be too watchful, to overcome the dangerous tendency of the public mind to sacrifice, for the sake of mere private convenience, this powerful check upon the designs of ambitious men.”… Justice Joseph Story

    “Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest.”…Mahatma Gandhi

    “Rifles, muskets, long-bows and hand-grenades are inherently democratic weapons. A complex weapon makes the strong stronger, while a simple weapon — so long as there is no answer to it — gives claws to the weak.”…George Orwell

  3. “I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical. Unsuccesful rebellions indeed generally establish the incroachments on the rights of the people which have produced them. An observation of this truth should render honest republican governors so mild in their punishment of rebellions, as not to discourage them too much. It is a medecine necessary for the sound health of government.”…Thomas Jefferson

  4. Jonah, from previous thread

    Yes I am looking at Steve Stockman. John Cornyn has betrayed us and hopefully will be defeated by Stockman. The dirt is already flying! The other day I got a telephone survey specifically about this particular race. Even though Cornyn is still polling good, he knows there will be a battle. It is time for these turncoats to go!

  5. District court ruling on CT law.

    Click to access decision-and-order-1.30.14.pdf

  6. How many LIES does Obey tell in this video?…..I lost count after 20

  7. “A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”
    — George Washington

    “No free man shall ever be de-barred the use of arms. The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”
    — Thomas Jefferson, Proposal Virginia Constitution, 1 T. Jefferson Papers, 334, [C.J. Boyd, Ed., 1950]

    “Whereas civil-rulers, not having their duty to the people duly before them, may attempt to tyrannize, and as military forces, which must be occasionally raised to defend our country, might pervert their power to the injury of their fellow citizens, the people are confirmed by the article in their right to keep and bear their private arms.”
    — Tench Coxe, in Remarks on the First Part of the Amendments to the Federal Constitution. Under the pseudonym “A Pennsylvanian” in the Philadelphia Federal Gazette, June 18, 1789 at 2 col. 1.

    “The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.”
    — Thomas Jefferson

  8. After watching this short video…there should be no questions as to why our national educational system is so screwed up…this is the most stupid stuff I have ever heard coming out of the mouth of an educator !

    how would you like an ‘Obama 3rd Grade Math Graduate” operation the cash register in your business?…..Oh, it would be OK if they are off ten or twenty dollars with each transaction…as long as they could explain how they got there !

    The only problem would be that your business would go belly-up in a very short time for two reasons….1) what is stolen from under the employees noses and… 2) what the operator of the cash register gives away by his stupid Common Core math mistakes……

    Lord …have mercy on us…America doesn’t deserve what is happening to bring this nation to it’s knees.

  9. Philo (11:48 am)
    “The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.”
    – Thomas Jefferson
    Thanks for the great quotes, but this last one is a bombshell – SO true!!
    It says it all in just a few words. Our Founding Fathers fully understood the nature of mankind; i.e., there is more often than not the insatiable urge for some humans to want to rule over others, albeit in varying degrees. We have history to prove it.

  10. It’s happening. Alabama has just officially demanded a “Convention of the States” to stop Obama, balance the budget, and enforce term limits. Please SHARE.

    Rep. Ken Johnson said, “We’re calling for restraints on the federal government. That means an amendment that forces them to balance the budget… We’re also calling for term limits.”


  11. Tom DeLay: Americans Now Live ‘Under a Government of Tyranny’

    President Barack Obama has so ignored the principles of the Constitution that Americans are now “living under a government of tyranny,” Tom DeLay, the former Texas congressman and House Speaker says.

    “[T]he Constitution creates a government that reflects the principles given to us in the Declaration of Independence. [It] can only survive and can only carry us into the future if you have people that believe in those principles … and protect the separation of powers,” DeLay told “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV.

    “What we have now is a president who has accelerated the progressive movement that started back with Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson … to such an extent that I now can tell you that we’re living under a government of tyranny.

    “When you have a president that is cruel and unfair to the people using his powers to undermine the Constitution of the United States [in order] to create a … monarchy within the presidency, and ignores the Congress or the judicial branch, you have tyranny.”

    DeLay said there are many examples of Obama’s tyrannical ways.

    “Redistribution of wealth is tyranny. Taking private property is tyranny. The EPA, just this last week, took a whole town in Wyoming, Riverton, and gave it to the Indian reservation. Ten thousand people and their property and gave it to the Indian reservation,” he said.

    “I could go on and on [about] what we’re living under right now and the American people need to wake up.… We need a revolution for the Constitution.”

    That revolution has to be spearheaded by Republicans who, thus far, have been asleep at the switch in delivering the message, DeLay believes.

    “They have to [get the message out] or we’re going to lose…. If we had the election today, there would be an overwhelming tidal wave throwing these Democrats out of office and it’s set unless the Republicans screw it up,” he said.

    “One of the things that disappoints me the most is the messaging coming out of the Republicans. They have a perfect opportunity now, because the difference between the Obamanites and the rest of us is so graphically stark, all you have to do is talk about it and the American people say, ‘Oh yeah, now I get it,’ and they’ll throw these people out.”


  12. Former judge Andrew Napolitano says the ONLY response to Obama is impeachment:


  13. Ken Cuccinelli: Supreme Court Will Define NSA Boundaries

    Cuccinelli, lead counsel for Sen. Rand Paul in the Kentucky lawmaker’s class-action lawsuit against President Barack Obama and the NSA, predicted the high court will hear either Paul’s or someone else’s suit.

    “At some point, one of these cases is going to get to the Supreme Court,” Cuccinelli told “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV.

    “That’s where it’s really going to be decided in terms of the ultimate scope of our Fourth Amendment protection.”

    Paul and the libertarian group FreedomWorks filed the suit this week, asking the federal court to stop the NSA’s sweeping collection of phone data and destroy what already been collected since 2006.

    Cuccinelli, who unsuccessfully ran in the Virginia gubernatorial race last year, admits the process will be a slow one.

    “We are going through the process in the usual fashion. I expect in about two months we’ll see motions to dismiss filed by the government and those will be briefed and argued I would expect this summer,” he said.

    “If we get by the motion to dismiss, we would then engage in some discoveries … not the kind of sweeping we-want-everything-you’ve-got kind of approach … but a good targeted hit to determine exactly what they’re doing….

    “We’ll then move to summary judgment which will decide the case and whoever loses of course will appeal to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.”

    Asked if he would seek to depose the president and other top White House officials, Cuccinelli told Steve Malzberg:

    “I expect that we will take some depositions. The depositions would be targeted to people with functional knowledge, not necessary targeting people with high position.

    “What’s more important to us is to get to the nuts and bolts of what’s been going on here, not to put anybody on the spot for the sake of putting them on the spot.”


  14. It appears that the state of Missouri is also looking at rejection of federal firearms mandates……and so it begins. Now all we need is for at least 3/4 of the states to demand a Constitution Convention to which amendments restraining the overreach of the POTUS, term limits,and balanced budget will all become Constitutional law.

  15. Army Builds ‘Fake City’ in Virginia to Practice Military Occupation…


  16. It appears that at least 30 Congressmen are now involved with the class action lawsuit against Soetoro. Standing will definitely be strongly examined. In reality it should be the PEOPLE of America. The people of America HAVE STANDING,because of the illegal application of the laws,and the illegal modification of existing laws,all of which has caused American people INJURY to the American way of life. tThousands of Americans also have standing because their telephone conversations are being ILLEGALLY monitored by NSA.In addition more than a million have been lied to which resulted in severe financial losses,as well as the loss of quality healthcare which they were satisfied with…..these people suffered INJURY,and now have STANDING.

  17. The American people ….all 330,000,000 should now file via class action for financial compensatory damages,and in addition, at least 1 million dollars each for all Americans whose healthcare was illegally cancelled, in the form of PUNITIVE damages.

  18. Here is the answer as to why so many people voted the usurper into office.
    Over a quarter of Americans do not know the Earth circles the Sun, according to a new survey.


  19. Safer to keep it under the mattress?

    Exposing what lies beneath the bodies of dead bankers and what lies ahead for us

    The evidence to support my findings exists in the trail of dead bodies of financial executives across the globe and a missing Wall Street Journal Reporter who was working at the Dow Jones news room at the time of his disappearance.

    If the bodies were dots on a piece of paper, connecting them results in a sinister picture being drawn that involves global criminal activity in the financial world the likes of which is almost without precedent. It should serve as a warning that we are at the precipice of something so big, it will shake the financial world as we know it to its core. It seems to illustrate the complicity of big banks and governments, the intelligence community, and the media.

    Although the trail of mysterious and bizarre deaths detailed below begin in late January, 2014, there are others. Not only that, there will be more, according to sources within the financial world. Based on my findings, these are not mere random, tragic cases of suicide, but of the methodical silencing of individuals who had the ability to expose financial fraud at the highest levels, and the complicity of certain governmental agencies and individuals who are engaged in the greatest theft of wealth the world has ever seen.


  20. Observer…….Re 10:06PM
    Your reflects much of my beliefs as well. I am NOT the smartest person on earth either,but when you take all that is going on into consideration you really don’t need a Phd to see through it. You only need to keep an open mind,hear well,and see very far down the road. Then you need the ability to add 2+2.

  21. Link to above story.

    Ex-State Trooper, Customs Inspector, School Principal, and School Safety/Security Director Says


    Threatened by Police, Denied FOIA


  22. Good morning CW, et al.

    Bob, great video!

    However, I do believe that the Sandy Hook incident did in fact happen. But I also question whether it was preplanned and staged by our government for various reasons. I do not rule out such atrocities planned, then silenced.

  23. Good morning William, et al.

  24. Goodmorning CW and William,
    I also watched the video that bob posted. Many perfectly reasonable questions go unanswered. And if you dare to ask them, you are immediately marginalized… similar to what “birthers” experience. It could very well have happened as reported, but why the obfuscation?

  25. Suek………
    Great to see you back! Hope all is going well for you!
    Sharon Rondeau is great at saying things,and putting things into perspective. I very much enjoy reading what she has written. Few .50 cent words, just plain simple FACT. Just the way I like it! Have a great day!

  26. Bob Strauss

    Thank you for the video link.

    God guide him to the answers that we all seek.


    That is….if enough people get to watch it !!!

  28. The NRA has announced a declaration of war against Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg in defense of the constitution. Please support and SHARE.


  29. Here is another article about Sandy Hook. It includes a transcript of an email received from a CT state worker who explains what he overheard. All identities are protected. The author of the article is Dean Garrison, a well-known, sensible blogger who is not known for jumping to conclusions.

    Sandy Hook: CT State Worker Reveals Why He Resigned His Position… “It made me feel sick…”

    Read more at http://freedomoutpost.com/2014/02/sandy-hook-ct-state-worker-reveals-resigned-position-made-feel-sick/#4QVk5ykY2iDIydBz.99

  30. Bob Strauss……..
    I am heartened to see that the NRA is now acting against Soetoro, because for quite some time the director of NRA was a Soetoro supporter. Of course there might have been a change of directors in the interim since I last paid any attention to the organisation in which I personally held a life membership. I relinquished my membership,and advised NRA to cancel my American Rifleman subscription as well. They did as I asked. This happened because of the policy of the then director, who openly supported Soetoro.

  31. I have never heard this before.


  32. Bob Strauss……..
    It is doubtful that even if Albert Einstein was still alive, even he would NOT be able to combat mother nature. What ever occurs in the natural domain occurs for NATURAL reasons,but there are HALFWITS who walk among us who think that they CAN change mother nature’s behavior. Then we have a total NINCOMPOOP sitting in the WACKEY HOUSE, along with another moron who calls himself “PRESS SECRETARY”. This one is even FRUITIER than Gibbs.

  33. ………..and there isn’t a damn thing that the sexual deviate in the wackey house, or his like supporters can do about it, other than seek higher ground,and start praying.

  34. What a powerful story that is all true. Be sure to watch it to the very end.

    In My Seat – A Pilot’s Story from Sept 10th – 11th

  35. oldsailor81,
    The black people in this country have a very strong affiliation with the NRA. The usurper needs to tread lightly when he seeks to do battle with this group.

  36. bob strauss | February 16, 2014 at 8:11 pm |

    Hi Bob and thanks for posting that vid.

    John Ogonowski, the Captain of AA #11 was from my town; Steve would’ve been John’s First Officer on 9/11, rather than Tom.

    John’s wife, Peggy, was a Flight Attendant for American and was scheduled to work #11 with her husband that day however, their daughters wanted her to attend an event with them, so she swapped her shift. If she hadn’t done that, their daughters would’ve been parentless.

    As Steve suggests, why things happen the way they do is up to the Higher Power, and not us….

  37. Bob Strauss….
    There was a time when anybody who had an interest in firearms joined the NRA. This is because the American Rifleman was a highly respected publication. Had it not been for an ad I saw in American Rifleman I would not be the owner of my Super 70 Winchester,which is no longer produced. Chambered for .458 Winchester Special. Overseas it pretty much replaced the old .416 Holland and Holland round. It stops an
    elephant in his tracks. In the days of the double barrel rifles there was also a lot of wildcat calibers,and a lot of the twin barrel rifles were built around the available ammo. A lot of the safari guides carried the old rifles that were chambered for .455 H&H.

  38. BTW the 308 Winchester is really an upgraded,and improved version of the old NATO round.

  39. Could this be coming to a neighborhood near you?

    Is This the End of Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela?

    In the midst of runaway violence, inflation, and shortages of basic goods, Venezuela’s youth have taken to the streets—to take on its Orwellian government.


  40. Sharon Rondeau, I am highly impressed.
    Thanks SueK.

  41. William..look closely. That school was vacated. Look closely at the windows.
    Not one Christmas decoration.
    But, the biggest screw up they made. What agency cleaned the blood???

  42. My friend’s daughter was killed at Sandy Hook. This discussion you are having that it didn’t happen is extremely painful. Let’s get off the subject, please.

  43. Sandy Hook: CT State Worker Reveals Why He Resigned His Position… “It made me feel sick…”


  44. Kerry Lied: National Gun Registration Will Be Part of UN Small Arms Treaty


  45. February 16, 2014

    “Ann Coulter: Obama Would Be Impeached If He Weren’t America’s First Black pResident”

    >>> bob68’s comment at ORYR: “Ann is wrong…again. Since Congress became a part of the biggest fraud in history they have been committed, especially leadership, to doing anything necessary to prevent their part in the treason they committed from being fully revealed and acted on.

    Worthless Republicans in Congress come up with still another excuse to do nothing over Obama’s total ignoring of the Constitution. Obama cannot be touched because of fear of exposing Congress part, both parties, in the election of an ineligible, identity fraud con-artist as the putative president. Putting Obama in office was an act of treason by Congress, especially leadership, and that treason protects Obama from any action by Congress that might reveal the truth, i.e…….like impeachment.

    Obama knows this and now Republicans openly agree with Obama, there is nothing they can, (WILL), do to stop him. Republican use their last reason doing nothing and say “there is little we can do”: Seems like they are requesting we stop asking them to do anything, they just can’t: [FoxNews link]”


  46. I AM NOT A FAN OF ANN…but,

    Well said Ann…..well said !…
    If this president? (said with a lite pen) … doesn’t abide by the Constitution of these United States of America…then he shouldn’t be our president …PERIOD.

  47. From >>> February 11, 2014

    >>> bob68’s comment at ORYR: “Yep, they all know the truth is Obama is an ineligible, identity fraud con-artist. Alinsky worked on them, they feared being mocked and ridiculed, especially early on in the usurpation, and they feared that would hurt their book sales and guest appearances. They were right about the guest appearances, The “Conservative” Fox News stopped having some of their regular guest because they feared they would bring up the subject of Obama’s ineligibility and identity fraud, and attempt to discuss it in a “fair and balanced” way. Later, the guest were just told with no uncertainty that the subject was, and still is off-limits.

    Coulter and the others made a decision, like Congress, and they now feel they cannot change that decision without destroying their credibility. They are trying to, “Have an exit plan”, to put them quickly on the right side when the SHTF.”

    “Ann Coulter Brags Conservative Media Shut Down Birther Issue”

    Published on November 2, 2013

  48. RMINNC………
    Once again I reiterate…..as long as people continue to sit on their DUFFS,and keep receiving food stamps and/or welfare, ingest their drugs,and alcohol,do their deviate sex,along with lying around and doing NOTHING (not even taking a regular bath) nothing will change. The change will occur when the American people finally get enough. Sadly trying to turn it around AFTER THE FACT is NOT GOING TO CUT IT. So enjoy what you bring upon yourselves. Don’t WHINE in my ear.


    Let every word burn a place into the memory banks of your mind … for when this country is fully Marxist/Communist, as we surely will be if “WE THE PEOPLE” don’t stop it…..then you cannot say, “e;; no one told me we were going to be like this”……..

    I make no apologizes for the length of this article which was lifted from Canada Free Press because EVERY word written by this lady is as important as the next to a freedom loving people and EVERY word deserves to be read OVER and OVER until the message is absorbed…..otherwise, those who do not heed the sings as they are presented should prepare for a government they never wanted and a government they never expected in the United States of America.

    I have personally seen the signs of a communist government in East Berlin in 1972…it is a sign of darkness and despair…it is not a picture that freedom loving America can or should tolerate……now heed the words of Dr. Llena Johnson Paugh who lived a communist nightmare for 20 years…….

    “Lately I see a lot of Marxist propaganda in our country, particularly in the MSM and in education. I know all the slogans because I lived the lies of the communist propaganda for 20 years.

    I will start with equal pay, social justice, and equality across the board by government fiat. The commie social justice was equality of misery, hunger, poor, cold, and cramped living conditions, scarcity of food, basic needs, electricity, water, and everything else spoiled brats in America take for granted that is produced by a free market model.

    The Sochi hotel accommodations are a case in point. To deal with the misery, the workers (the proletariat), which was all of us (except the ruling regime), joked that the “communists pretended to pay us, and we pretended to work.” I will choose capitalist inequality any day.

    “Collectivism, community, and the common good” meant that the elites in power stole for their own good and used everything that the community worked hard to produce. We ACQUIESED LIKE SHEEP because the commies had jails, jailers, security police, informers, and a well-equipped army. We had nothing but fear and oppression.

    The NBC’s Olympic opening ceremony introduction described communist Russia as “one of modern history’s pivotal experiments.” To say that the murder and suffering of millions of citizens who disagreed ideologically with the Soviets, was a pivotal experiment is a “slap in the face” of decency and humanity. How can you say that murdering, torturing, oppressing, and imprisoning people for their thoughts was a pivotal experiment?

    Sen. Marco Rubio tweeted on February 7, 2014, “The NBC Olympics is absurd. The Soviet Union was a ‘pivotal experiment?’ Really? No, it was an evil empire that murdered and oppressed.”

    A play at the Arena Stage in the D.C. area, “The Tallest Tree in the Forest,” dedicated praise to the communist. Paul Robeson, who traveled to the Soviet Union in the 1930s and defended the Soviet death machine, aiding and abetting in the evil. He never mentioned Holomodor, the genocide by man-made starvation in Ukraine in 1932-1933. He was also silent about hundreds of naïve Americans who left in the 1930s for the Soviet Union only to die in the gulags. (alextimes.com)

    A self-described communist wrote, “Why you’re wrong about communism: 7 huge misconceptions about it (and capitalism),” in an ill-informed attempt to rewrite the dreadful history of communism by making fallacious comparisons to capitalism.

    The article is a disturbing list of how the far left views communism.

    Progressives have been quite successful in indoctrinating Americans into believing their fantastic misrepresentation of history and I’d like to offer a few counterpoints.

    * I. The author says, “Communism necessarily distributes property universally, but, at least as far as this communist is concerned, can still allow you to keep your smartphone. Deal?” Not true, the property is not distributed, you cannot make deals, property is confiscated at the end of a gun from all people and becomes the patrimony of the ruling elites who use it as they see fit. You would NOT have a smartphone in the first place unless someone from a free economy developed it first and brought it to the market. Communism mandates “GROUPTHINK,” discouraging and punishing people who are creative and who desire to become entrepreneurs.
    * II. Capitalist economies were based on free exchange, on the coincidence of wants, until the unfair trade agreements, job-killing EPA regulations, and outrageous taxation prevented many companies from producing competitive goods at affordable prices; labor unions controlled by the left drove the wage of a high school graduate to almost $50 an hour in some sectors, prompting many companies to outsource jobs or move to other countries for cheaper labor and less corporate taxation.

    Nobody “is forcing you to work for a boss who is trying to get rich by paying you less and working you harder.” You are free to quit, move to any part of the country, and get a new job. That is NOT AN OPTION UNDER COMMUNISM where everyone works for the state, has a work card which must be stamped by the authorities, and must get the state permission to move or change jobs.

    It is not true that the “U.S. particular brand of capitalism required exterminating a continent’s worth of indigenous people and enslaving millions of kidnapped Africans. And all the capitalist industry was only possible because white women, considered the property of their fathers and husbands, were performing the invisible task of child-rearing and housework, without remuneration.”

    We DID NOT exterminate an entire continent although some Indians were killed and pushed off their lands into reservations. That hardly qualifies as mass extermination. We DID NOT enslave nor kidnap Africans. The British engaged in the slave trade and the African men and women were sold into slavery to the British by their own tribesmen. The British brought the slaves to the New World. There are many nations and cultures today that still engage in the slave trade. Where is the leftist outrage over that?

    Capitalism DID NOT develop because white women stayed home and raised their children without remuneration. That is the most laughable statement I had ever read. Women around the world, of all races, raise their children with love and without pay because we love our children and it is our maternal instinct to do so. We are not invisible. Many of us hold part-time jobs and some have full-time professional careers.

    * III.. Communism killed at least 100 million people through purposeful starvation, mass shootings, torture, imprisonment in gulags, concentration camps for re-education into the communist ideology, and for resisting the confiscation of their lands, homes, farms, food, and personal belongings. Purposeful famine and starvation as it happened in the Ukraine is a “left wing problem.” To DENY this historical truth is to revise history.
    * IV. To say that capitalist governments commit human rights atrocities in your lame attempt to excuse the real atrocities committed by communist regimes is unbelievable.

    Capitalism IS NOT responsible for the genocide in Africa; the killing of indigenous tribes and of Christians is committed by Muslim groups in third world dictatorships.

    Capitalism IS NOT responsible for the malnutrition in Africa—we have certainly donated billions in food, aid, and specialists to grow crops. What are the contributions of the communist countries?

    We ARE NOT responsible for “climate-borne deaths.” How exactly are we accountable for climate that has been changing for millions of years? The climate change is called seasons caused by the yearly revolution of the Earth around the Sun and the tilt of the Earth’s axis, relative to the plane of revolution. Climate change is not man-made. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.

    “Famine like the human species has never known is in the offing because the free market does not price carbon and oil-extracting capitalist firms have, since the collapse of the USSR, become sovereigns of their own.” This sentence makes no sense. The author seems to imply that, if we don’t tax carbon, famine will take place. Carbon taxes DO NOT benefit anyone but those who impose the taxes and DO NOT reduce pollution.

    Global warming IS NOT settled science, it is a hoax and “consensus” science. We have certainly shoveled a lot of global warming from our driveways this winter. And the expedition of Australian “scientists” to document how the ice caps had melted, were embarrassed when, stuck in 13 miles of very thick ice, had to be rescued by crews with conventional fuel-driven means, at great cost to society. The desperate left called this cooling, that contradicted their global warming theory, the “Polar Vortex.”

    In my childhood, the Polar Vortex was simply called winter.

    * V. Progressives, your brand of communism IS NOT going to be “more open, humane, democratic, participatory, and egalitarian than the Russian and Chinese attempts managed.” It is still a form of tyranny, imposing your views of the world on the rest of us.

    You cannot afford to bribe citizens forever into accepting your drug-induced utopian dreams that you have concocted in your social studies or ethnic studies classes at the liberal colleges you attended. Your teacher lied to you in order to keep his/her high paying job and his classes full while promoting outrageous ideology.

    Your god, Karl Marx, was a bum who never worked a day in his life, neglected his family. Two of his children died of malnutrition, waiting on handouts from his rich benefactor. There are only so many producers who work to spread their wealth around to the takers without a work ethic.

    * VI. “Communism is based on the total opposite of uniformity: tremendous diversity, not just among people, but even with in a single person’s occupation.” That IS NOT true.

    Diversity was strongly discouraged; we were expected to conform to a specific mold dictated by the communist party. We wore the same style shoes, always in short supply, and the same style clothes or uniforms.

    If one tried to be different or do anything else other than what the assigned job was, you were taken in for questioning by the economic police, then by security police, your comings and goings were recorded by the bloc informer, your extra goods derived from such activity were confiscated, and your extra-curricular activities had to cease or else you went to jail.

    “That so many great artists and writers have been Marxists suggest that the production of culture in such a society would breed tremendous individuality and offer superior avenues for expression.” Perhaps in your Marxist utopian dreams there was “tremendous individuality.” Avenues of expression were allowed within the strict communist ideology and slogans.

    Yes, we had a culture; it was called Marxism and the worship of the communist party leaders. Every play, movie, poem, painting, picture, cartoon, song, dance, gymnastics, holidays, and athletic games had to proclaim communism and worship the dear leader. If an artist did anything that the party did not approve of, he/she was jailed and his/her works of art trashed and burned.

    Lefties are delusional if they think that people had “universal access to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” You had the right to breathe if the party allowed you to live within the confines of their ideology. You were not allowed to travel; you had to register your residence within 7 days of moving to a new street or a new apartment so that the police could track you. If you did not report your new location, the bloc informer did, and you were subsequently fined and jailed for not doing so.

    * VII. Capitalism fosters individuality, not communism. In capitalism you don’t have to live in the same type of housing, you have choices in your daily life. You can even stay home shamelessly and claim perennial unemployment, disability, accept welfare, and mooch off your parents until middle age because you are trying to find yourself.

    You now have ObamaCare which frees you from the drudgery of having to work. Somebody else is paying for your health insurance.

    Under communism everybody had to work. Nobody was fed for free or received welfare. We lived in the same drab and dirty concrete 300-square ft. apartments, took the same dingy buses to work, rode the same rickety bikes, and walked everywhere. We had free medical care but, unless you had the sniffles, most people died when real surgeries had to be performed.

    Another example of revisionist history is the CNN’s 1999 twenty-four episode documentary, “Cold War,” presented as objective history. On the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, CNN is rebroadcasting its documentary through November 8, 2014.

    According to Jaroslaw Martyniuk, “the documentary was infused with an extreme brand of revisionism verging on the tragicomic,… distorting reality and suggesting moral equivalence between the behavior of the Soviet Union and Western democracies.”

    Martyniuk’s objections to the documentary are as follows:

    * Strong emphasis on Soviet regime “lofty” goals of decent education, free health care, common ownership of the land, and fairness but no mention of the savage revolution, the mass shootings, property confiscations, social engineering, and the millions who died in deliberate mass famines engineered by Lenin
    * CNN indicates that Stalin’s aims were not aggressive, “he feared encirclement by capitalist countries, he was merely establishing a buffer zone through his Eastern European satellite countries of the Iron Curtain”
    * CNN barely mentions the Soviet Union as a “prison of nations” and Stalin as a tyrant who subdued Eastern Europe through brutal coercion and terror
    * The Berlin Blockade episode does not point out the disparate buildup of troops—40 combat-ready Soviet divisions in Eastern Germany as opposed to 8 allied divisions in Western Germany
    * CNN describes the introduction of the new Deutschemark (currency) and the financial aid (Marshall Plan) to rebuild the war-torn West Germany as acts of aggression
    * Truman’s attempt to contain communism is labeled by CNN as “the official declaration of the Cold War” but the Soviet aggression and expansionism is ignored
    * In the episode “Reds,” CNN compares the Soviet Gulag with the 1947 investigation of the “Hollywood ten” by the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC); there is no moral equivalency between the internment of 25 million prisoners in the Arctic death camps and ten Hollywood stars who lost their jobs or were jailed for refusing to answer questions before HUAC
    * CNN documentary excuses Stalin and his monstrous crimes – Soviet Union had a good reason to be concerned by the shortwave transmissions and programming from Radio Liberty; no mention is made of the risk Soviet citizens took by listening to freedom radio broadcasts—deportation to gulags
    * The CNN series allocate 45 minutes to China, commenting that Mao’s Great Leap Forward “caused millions to die;” to report accurately, it was a mass killing of 45 million Chinese, one of the most deadly man-made disasters in human history
    * While depicting in great detail the electric chair death of Ethel Rosenberg, the Cultural Revolution in China that killed and persecuted millions in violent skirmishes, is barely mentioned
    * The Cold War documentary does not reference the Venona files, discoveries made more recently in Russian archives, or by historians Anne Applebaum, Simon-Sebag Montefiore, Timothy Snyder, Vasili Mitrokhin, Frank Dikötter, and M. Stanton Evans.

    In an ideal world, students and viewers should listen to the trustworthy voices of average citizens who endured and survived a harsh life during the terrible times of the brutal communist regimes. They should not listen to “progressive” writers who have never experienced communist life but spew very confidently their communist propaganda through rose-colored glasses, articulating strong opinions formed and spun from textbook theories that have a distinct anti-American agenda.”
    Again I say that I do not make any apologies for the length of this article I have reprinted here…

    For those who do not read and heed the signs given will be convicted to suffer the hardships that will surely follow.

    God Bless America and God Bless those who keep her a freedom loving Republic

    well maybe other than to hear Michelle Obama say this is the FIRST time she is proud to be an American……

    come to think about it….I would rather hear this little doggie than Michelle.

  51. RMinNC (10:30 am)
    Thanks for sharing that excellent article! Every American should read it and seriously think about where our country is headed. Unfortunately if and when our people grasp the truth of what the author so accurately describes, it will probably be too late.

    Isn’t it a slick work of the vilest evil how that the intellectuals are so swayed by the “promises” of communism, in spite of the fact that we have already seen the deadly results in other countries? Two words to remember,
    “Communism Kills”. Millions and millions.

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