Loretta Fuddy Cessna 208B Grand Caravan fueled in Molokai?, Fuel tainted?, Skydiving plane crash caused by tainted fuel, Easiest way to sabotage plane is with tainted or jet fuel

Loretta Fuddy Cessna 208B Grand Caravan fueled in Molokai?, Fuel tainted?, Skydiving plane crash caused by tainted fuel, Easiest way to sabotage plane is with tainted or jet fuel

“Who benefited most from the suicide/murder of Orlando Jones?
Who benefited most from the murder of Donald Young?
Who benefited most from the murder of Lt. Quarles Harris Jr.?
Who benefited most from the suicide/murder of Christopher Kelly?
Who benefited most from the murder of Bill Gwatney?
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And now
Loretta Fuddy?”…Citizen Wells

“Was Loretta Fuddy’s plane fueled or fuel tainted in Molokai?”…Citizen Wells

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″

The easiest way to sabotage the Cessna 208B Grand Caravan that Loretta Fuddy was traveling in or any other plane is to taint the fuel. Intentially or unintentially.

It has happened before.

This can cause a crash without tampering with the engine.

Consider the following case from 1985.

“A single-engine plane whose crash killed the pilot and 16 skydivers carried contaminated fuel and may have been overloaded, the federal aviation investigators said Monday.

A black discoloration was found in the right fuel tank of the Cessna 208 Caravan, said Jim Burnett, chairman of the National Transportation safety Board. Investigators did not know what had contaminated the fuel, or its source, he said.”

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From the AOPA, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, 1996.

“Aircraft misfueled in Fayetteville, North Carolina

Seventy-seven aircraft were fueled with 100LL that was tainted with jet fuel at Metro Air Center at North Carolina’s Fayetteville Regional Airport between February 10 and 15. Local police and FBI officials were investigating to determine whether the mixing of the two fuels was accidental or intentional.

At least one pilot was forced to return to the airport with engine trouble after refueling from a fuel truck, the Fayetteville Observer-Times reported.

The contamination was traced to a single fuel truck at Metro Air Center, the only refueling operation at the airport. It did not appear that the fuel farm was contaminated. Airport commissioners were told recently that Metro Air Center has now changed fuel ports on the top of its refueling trucks so that they will accept only a certain size nozzle, and the company is now locking openings on fuel trucks.”

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Was the plane fueled in Molokai?

Did someone introduce a contaminate?


38 responses to “Loretta Fuddy Cessna 208B Grand Caravan fueled in Molokai?, Fuel tainted?, Skydiving plane crash caused by tainted fuel, Easiest way to sabotage plane is with tainted or jet fuel

  1. The plan could have been for the plane to crash with a failsafe of Fuddy being given a substance such as potassium chloride.

  2. CW…at 6″51pm.
    Looks like the federal government will have to bail out the indebted citizens….because “this is too big to fail”……

  3. 1/12/2014 6:14:01 PM · 299 of 548
    butterdezillion to Fred Nerks

    “No, Cessnas don’t typically have fatalities when ditched. None of the NTSB’s investigations’ other 3 Cessna engine failures had fatalities; this is the only one, and Fuddy didn’t die from the crash but died of something else after the crash.

    I’ve looked on pilot forums and all over the place. It would be hard to look them up again, but overwhelmingly the consensus was that ditching a Cessna 208 in water isn’t likely to kill anybody; if somebody was gonna die, they’d die from hypothermia or drowning after the landing. More likely hypothermia because the life jackets are required on the plane.

    One of the early articles on the 12th had an expert from some pilots association, saying that it’s very, very rare for the Cessna 208 to have engine failure unless there’s a fuel issue, and ditching the plane safely isn’t difficult.

    Which is why sabotage intended to create a smokescreen to hide a different means of death would be early in the flight, where rescue was likely to come early or victims could possibly swim to shore. That way the others could be rescued and only the intended target would die.”


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    She on my Sh*t List…..

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  7. Who is Obama’s friend Bobby Titcomb?

    “Obama’s high school pal from Punahou School in Hawaii, Bobby Titcomb, visits the White House regularly to deliver “fish and poi” (code words for marijuana and cocaine) to Barack Obama.”

    Re The Closet

  8. RMINNC…….
    If Clint is on Soetoro’s S-hit list,and Soetoro is on Clint’s S-Hit list it becomes a question of who is going to whack the other first. har har Perhaps it could happen simultaneously.

  9. I seriously doubt that if the fuel of the airplane was contaminated if it would result in the MECHANICAL FAILURE of a TURBO engine. In the early days of gas turbines a form of KEROSENE was used. Now in the civil aviation scene where jet fuel is concerned it would be JET A, for military jets it would be JP-8. The story of the pilot Mr.Kawasaki was that he heard a loud bang, and he immediately lost all power. That would have only been a MECHANICAL FAILURE. The fuel type even if it was incorrect in density,volatility,or contained excessive amounts of water,would not cause such a MECHANICAL failure. If a turbine rotor came apart it would not have been a simple bang,it would have been very loud. The PT 6 engine is a very reliable engine.

  10. While not actively flying anymore, I do try to stay up with what is going on with regard to technology in the aviation industry, and I have not heard of fuel type or fuel contamination ever causing mechanical failure per se. There are system filters which also absorb excessive moisture. In my own mind such an engine failure could have been caused if a small
    piece of stone off of an unswept runway might have been ingested into the air intake of the engine which would possibly allow the stone to enter the compressor rotor,or in the case of larger jets the swallowing of birds in flight have in the past brought down airliners.. In a turbo prop engine the chance of a bird being swallowed is next to zero.

  11. I looked up the service manual for the PT6-114 and the 114A. If there was a compressor blade failure, it could have done significant damage to the “HOT “section” to the extent of complete power loss. There are several operational directives which have been published by Canada Pratt & Whitney, wherein they emphacise the need for pilots to NOT OPERATE the engines beyond the normal take off, or in flight settings. Doing this can contribute to early compressor blade creep and subsequent failure. Did pilot Kawasaki overload the engine on take off from Molokai?

  12. BTW, a piece of a compressor blade might very well have made only a loud bang as it struck the downstream components.

  13. “NTSB Cites Water In Fuel Tanks, Pilot Training For Deadly Plane Crash”

    “Contributing to the accident was the power interruption due to water contamination of the fuel, which was likely not drained from the fuel tanks by the pilot during preflight inspection as required in the POH (Pilot’s Operating Handbook).
    Witnesses reported that the airplane’s takeoff appeared to be normal, but shortly after it stopped climbing, the plane yawed left. They also said they heard several abnormal noises. Security camera feeds showed the airplane made it to the midpoint of the runway at 140 feet above ground and at a groundspeed of 130 knots before it began to yaw.
    A mechanic, who had experience with similar planes, was a witness to the accident. He said he heard a pop and attributed the noise and some smoke to one of the engines of the plane intermittently relighting and extinguishing.
    The investigation found no anomalies with the plane itself and there were no contaminants in the fuel. However, the investigation did find that the pilot’s previous employer did not require him to drain the fuel tank sumps before every flight — instead a mechanic would do it at an unknown interval.”


  14. “Investigators on Monday found water in the fuel tank of a plane that crashed on Saturday into a day-care center and killed both men on board.

    Andrew Alton, an investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board, said it is still uncertain whether the water in the fuel tank caused the 1963 Musketeer Beechcraft to crash soon after taking off from North Perry Airport.”

    “According to Alton, the investigator, one of the five fixed-base fuel operators at North Perry Airport has been asked to send fuel samples to Gulf Oil Corp. for analysis. He would not name the fuel company.

    Water in a fuel line could cause the engine to quit shortly after takeoff, Alton said, but that depends on the amount of the water, the origin and whether it went through a fuel line. None of these facts has been determined, he said.”


  15. “Water had contaminated some of the fuel aboard a small plane that crashed, killing its pilot, just after picking up an advertising banner, a federal investigator says.

    A significant amount of water was found in the right-wing fuel tank, said Andrew Alston, maintenance supervisor for the National Transportation Safety Board. Corrosion and water also were found in the plane’s gas filter, he said.”


  16. But excessive moisture in the fuel tank does not cause COMPRESSOR failure. Overspeeding of the compressor rotor does cause CREEP and later failure. but I do acknowledge the fact that moisture MUST be drained off from the fuel tank at EVERY PREFLIGHT. In the case of piston engines, the volatility of the fuel itself causes a certain amount of moisture to condense out of the fuel. Even then the fuel still carries a certain level of moisture. At high altitude eboth piston engines as well as jets will leave a contrail,which contrary to the beliefs of some folks is nothing more than frozen doplets of moisture which the burning of the fuel precipitates.It is NOT A CHEM TRAIL unless you choose to call water by it’s actual designation H20

  17. “Though a previous NTSB report noted the twin-engine Beech King Air 200 was over its weight limit by 650 pounds, the final report said the extra payload wasn’t a contributing factor to the malfunction of the engines nor did it contribute to Cruz’s failure to correctly respond to the mechanical glitch.

    Water contamination, one of the most commonly cited causes in small plane crashes, was found to be the trigger for the plane momentarily losing power during takeoff and banking sharply to the left.”


  18. Water added to fuel.
    A near perfect crime.

  19. CW apparently there is no understanding that many JET engines and turbo prop commercial engines USE a WATER INJECTION system, which does several things . It keeps the NOX minimised,and lowers the combustion temperatures, and adds power output. Many AF aircraft engines also use water injection even the famous noise maker the Rolls Royce engine which powered the KC 135 tankers. These aircraft were basically Boeing 707 airframes modified for tanker service.

  20. BTW…………….Water injection is even an option for use on the PT6A-114 engine used in the Cessna Caravan. Helps to keep turbine buckets clean, and adds power for takeoffs.

  21. In many jet and turbo prop engines water can and does enter these engines while in operation . It does little if any damage at all and for the most part adds a little power to the engine. Airliners for the most part fly above the precipitation,but in takeoff and descent they often encounter heavy rain. The engines swallow large amounts of rain,and are not damaged….rather such moisture passing through the engines helps to keep the engine clean,and operating efficiently. Don’t take my word for it ask the manufacturer of the engine

  22. More text on 1985 crash:

    “A single-engine plane packed with skydivers preparing for a formation jump stalled shortly after takeoff today and nosedived onto a rural road, killing all 17 people aboard.

    The plane had been grounded Friday because of fuel contamination, and it was not known if the problem had been fixed, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration said. The craft may also have been overloaded, another F.A.A. official said.

    The Cessna 208 Caravan, owned by Air Carrier Express Services, of Atlanta, and leased to the Westwind Sports and Parachute Center, stalled three minutes after takeoff from the skydiving club’s private airport 45 miles south of Atlanta and crashed at about 12:15 P.M., the police said.

    Roger Myers, the spokesman, said an inspector had grounded the plane Friday.

    ”He said, ‘Hey, you’ve got a fuel contamination problem here, this aircraft should not be flown until it is repaired,’ ” said Mr. Myers, who is also an inspector . ”They all agreed. At this point the F.A.A. inspector was satisfied corrective action would be taken. What occurred between Friday and today, we just don’t know.”

    F.A.A. officials refused to say whether fuel contamination could have caused the plane to stall.”


  23. ……..which in the case of the PT6 – 114 which powered the Cessna Caravan, was Pratt and Whitney Canada. Look at operational guides published by the MANUFACTURER. Yes sometimes manufacturers are NOT correct. In reading the tragic results of many of the NTSBs findings relating to the cause of an accident, the manufacturer was NOT the cause, rather the cause at one point or another was HUMAN FAILURE to properly execute the correct level of maintenance, or the aircraft was being flown outside of it’s normal flight conditions,and operational extremes. EXAMPLE……… any pilot who attempts to do aerobatics with an aircraft that is NOT STRESSED for aerobatics will cause the mechanical failure ,and subsequent crash of that airplane.

  24. If the airplane carrying the parachutists lost power on take off then yes it without a doubt stalled and being at low altitude there was not enough altitude for the pilot to get the nose back down,and in all probability not enough forward airspeed either,in such a case the airplane WILL crash. If power was NOT LOST then the problem was not the aircraft it was the pilot, or an overloaded aircraft to begin with……still pilot responsibility though.

  25. CW….. If the aircraft involved in the 1985 crash, was a piston engine aircraft, then I would conclude that because avaition gasoline is a high AROMATIC, it can cause a lot of moisture in the fuel tank. The pilot was most likely making many takeoffs,and landings over the period of a day. This means the probability exists that the airplane REFUELED even maybe more than once. After refuelling the aircraft should not be flown until all moisture is drawn from the drains. BTW in the days of CARBURETED AIRCRAFT, most were fitted with a system known as CARBURETOR HEAT. This was MANDATORY in landings where the engine idled for an extended period of time. Idling while making an approach often caused the carburetors to ICE UP,and the airplane lost power completely. In those days many aircraft engines were started by PROPPING the engine.. At 5or 600′ one can’t get out of the airplane and restart the engine. So in conclusion many of the aspiring pilots who forgot to aactuate their carburetor heat on approacg to landing are no longer walking the face of the earth…..and that is not because they died of old age.. In those days we lived with the notion that you forget carburetor heat ONLY ONCE.

  26. oldsailor.
    I am not stating that it had to be water.
    However, you pump enough water into a fuel tank, & I don’t care what type of engine it is, & you’ve got a problem.

  27. CW ……..Do you think that the failure was probably HUMAN FAILURE to take the aircraft to the facility to have the fuel system cleaned out and resealed? Again I emphasise that more than one accident has been caused by HUMAN Failure to follow the operational mandates of safe flying. People forget,or are in a hurry to get the bird in the air, and all caution is FORGOTTEN as well. A classic example of human failure as being the cause was the crash of young Kennedy’s airplane which killed him and his girlfriend as well. He was only rated a STUDENT pilot and in thyose days was forbidden by law to have any passenger on board……he broke the law,and subsequently killed himself in the processs….once again ….HUMAN FAILURE.


    I couldn’t have said it any better myself E.T…….thank you very much !

  29. CW………….. You are exactly right, aircraft use fuel injection service, and have for decades. These systems cannot tolerate water being metered into the fuel charge. …..but if the condition reaches the point where it causes a crash,then certainly it was with out a doubt HUMAN FAILURE… which is my contention. While I was flying the preflight was GOD. I never once failed to drain themoisture off at the back of the wheel housing which in those days was where the drain cock was usually located. In the Piper products they sometimes even had a tiny sight glass which if it was clear there was moisture,if it was light blue you were home free…..but in spite of the visual I still drained a small amount off to see for sure. I am hopefully still alive so I must have done something right. Ahew of the aircraft that I acquired time in was the Cessna 120,and 140, AT6 Piper J-3 Taylorcraft BC 12 Stinson Voyager, and yes even an old Boeing Stearman PT 7 But most of those airplanes have long since disappeared from the scene(EXCEPT) for the annual flyin which occurs at OshKosh Wisc. every year. It is usually under the auspices of the AOPA,and the EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT OWNERS.. The EEA people come up with a lot of stuff which sometimes becomes standard equipment on other commercial aircraft. vMost of these people FOLLOW RELIGOUSLY the bMANDATES of safe flying. There are oilots who are over 90 years of age still flying. That tells the basic story by itself.

  30. I have not ruled out sabotage.

  31. It’s a good thing that E. T. is a black patriot…
    otherwise he would be called an extreme racist and Jesse and Al would have him in their sights, along with every black member of Congress, every member of Obama’s staff, every major television network, and all the newspapers in America …..thank you E.T. for saying what most taxpaying Americans are thinking….you have your stuff in order! I salute you !!!

    E.T. you ask in this presentation, ‘Are people just damn stupid ? “….
    The answer to that question is a resounding YES…otherwise they would never have elected that “dumb bastard” in the first place !

  32. RMINNC……..
    Watched the video you posted. Boy wouldn’t it be great if the guy was able to speak English a little better.? ….but I take my hat off to him ….at least he UNDERSTANDS a little about what is being done to America by the BASTARD. Now if we can get all of his people to see what he is seeing we will have won a substantial victory. If we can get all of the BLACK SOWS to see the error of their ways as well then maybe we will have a handle on the problem at hand……….which translates to IDON’T GIVE A DAMN!

  33. CW…………..
    In looking at the Pratt & whitney PT6 service manual there are updates which address the fuel contamination idea. These updates are at NTSB as well. I still hold with the notion that there might have been an operational mistake by Kawasaki. Pratt and Whitney are quite adamant with the language wherrein they state the problem with casting creep and suqsequent failure of the compressor rotor. Even a small piece of one of the vanes is enough to cause massive damage to the HOT END of the engine. Casting creep is caused largely by overspeeding the engine which imparts huge additional stresses upon ALL rotational components., yet like you I still have the sabotage thing in mind….simply because Fuddy was the only one to die,and so doing AFTER THE FACT.. Proving it is going to be a real tiger by the tail.

  34. Has there been any preliminary findings by NTSB, or is everything still conjecture?

  35. ………in addition I have a HUGE problem regarding the level of destruction which we all saw of the airplane. It appears to be in about 10 or 15 pieces. Sinking or even striking the bottom of the sea would NOT HAVE generated such a level of destruction. The aircraft could have been recovered largely in one piece. This fact by itself really pi–es me off big time because I have personally watched a much heavier aircraft recovered from about 300′ in one piece. by yard and stay, from a 5 hold C2 Navy AKA.

  36. I think that fuel contamination could have caused the power failure, but this was the first time problem for this airline as I have read. Not a series of problems that might lead to thinking that possible sloppy procedures might be at fault. Plane crashes are a great way to dispose of people. They were lucky to have had a very talented pilot, and to have been discovered right away by the other plane in the area. You wouldn’t need much of a bomb to sever a fuel line, and such a bomb could be quickly installed. The most suspicious thing is the condition of the plane when salvaged. I read that the engine was found away from the wreckage, and that divers had been diving on the wreckage for some days prior to recovery. J.F.K. Jr. met a similar fate. But I suspect control cables were severed, insuring a fatal outcome. J.F.K. Jr. apparently had the runway in sight just prior to his crash. An eye witness saw a white flash in the direction of his plane prior to his crash. Young Kennedy wanted to run for U.S. Senator from NY. An emergency locator beacon was set off on the opposite side of the island, and drew emergency crews far from the actual crash site, insuring that debris, etc. would have time to be washed away prior to discovery. We live in a very serious time of globalist take over. They have murdered millions of people in the past, so I expect nothing to change until the military honors their sworn duty to the Constitution, and restores our beautiful Republic. Otherwise, we may have to ask Mexico, and Canada to help out with their military. If we fall, they are next. Nobody wants the 1984 boot in the face forever. Mexico is showing some signs of the old revolutionary spirit, and Canada has lots of hunters. ..

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