Indiana ballot petition fraud four convictions, Obama ballot petition, Butch Morgan, Dustin Blythe, Beverly Shelton, Pamela Brunette, 2008 primary election, Systemic problem of Democrat corruption

Indiana ballot petition fraud four convictions, Obama ballot petition, Butch Morgan, Dustin Blythe, Beverly Shelton, Pamela Brunette, 2008 primary election, Systemic problem of Democrat corruption

“The problem is systemic and the case here in Saint Joseph County is merely a symptom of a broader culture of corruption that Democrats in Indiana have cultivated for decades,”…Saint Joseph County Republican Party

“The end justifies the means, the template of the left.”…Citizen Wells

“We control life, Winston, at all its levels. You are imagining that there is something called human nature which will be outraged by what we do and will turn against us. But we create human nature. Men are infinitely malleable.”…George Orwell, “1984″


From ABC 57 June 17, 2013.

“All four convicted of petition fraud sentenced”

“Four people were sentenced in the petition fraud case that stems from the 2008 primary election.

Butch Morgan was sentenced to one year in prison and one year of community corrections for being the ringleader of petition fraud in the 2008 primary election.

“He’s the only one I asked for an executed sentence and he got an executed sentence,” said Prosecutor Stan Levco.

The only other one who stood trial was Dustin Blythe.

He was sentenced to one year community corrections and 2 years probation.

The two women, Beverly Shelton and Pamela Brunette, pleaded guilty. They were sentenced to two years probation.

All four must each pay a $500 fine and court costs.

The judge said that he would not classify this case as voter fraud-since votes were not cast.

The prosecution agreed.

“What I thought he said and what I agree with is Obama still would have been elected president but in this situation the worst that would have happened is maybe Barack Obama wouldn’t have been on the ballot for the primary. But he lost the primary,” said Levco.”

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From Fox News October 18, 2011.

“Shocking election fraud allegations have stained a state’s 2008
presidential primary – and it took a college student to uncover them.

“This fraud was obvious, far-reaching and appeared to be systemic,”
22-year-old Ryan Nees told Fox News, referring to evidence he
uncovered while researching electoral petitions from the 2008
Democratic Party primary in Indiana.

Nees’ investigation centered on the petitions that put then-senators
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the ballot. As many as 150 of the
names and signatures, it is alleged, were faked. So many, in fact,
that the numbers raise questions about whether Obama’s campaign had
enough legitimate signatures to qualify for a spot on the ballot.”


11 responses to “Indiana ballot petition fraud four convictions, Obama ballot petition, Butch Morgan, Dustin Blythe, Beverly Shelton, Pamela Brunette, 2008 primary election, Systemic problem of Democrat corruption

  1. citizenwells

    From Observer:

    Live video of the Tea Party IRS rally in D.C., 11:30 EDT:

  2. Carl Gallups: Obama ID Fraud Scandal Of All Scandals; Congressman Stockman Now Scheduled To Meet With Sheriff Joe Lead Investigator Mike Zullo

  3. “Breaking: “Born in the USA” Played for Obama at Brandenburg Gate”

    “Tweet WHY THAT SONG?”

    by Sharon Rondeau

    June 19, 2013

    “Two mainstream media reporters have tweeted that a violinist played a song referring to a birthplace in the United States upon Obama’s arrival at the Brandenburg Gate in Germany, where he will deliver remarks on the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s […]”

  4. CW…..Now thats a fine looking Rogues Gallery you have posted this morning….looks like they belong on a POST OFFICE WALL…

  5. Whats that you say CW?….They were on a Post Office Wall….. Oh, please excuse me…….

  6. Michael Hastings 33, was killed in a automobile accident in Los Angeles. He was the journalist who brought down the career of General Stanley Mcchrystal.


  8. Michael Hastings was a left wing turd. “Rolling Stone,” a serious paper?? Get real!! They met in a Paris Hotel ( by chance) when all flights in Europe were grounded a couple of summers ago, due to Volcanic dust in skies ( Iceland volcano, I think). McChrystle was “off the record.” He thought this turd was part of the group, drinking. I bet he was drunk and drugged at time of accident, 4.30h. Divine Justice… McChrystle was a good man. Obummer, of course, got

  9. (It wouldn´t let me finish comment…! ), Obummer, of course, got rid of McChrystle, and, of just about every other decent Senior Officer….. Wake up, People!! This was Divine Justice. Where´s the Autopsy Report, showing “Drug and Alcohol Content?”

  10. Ann Coulter has not been one of my favorites, but she has set forth a number of points that make for a very good read (but scary) and she is right on, imho.

    ‘There will be no point in fighting for anything anymore’

    Just one of her points:
    How will amnesty hurt America?

    I’d say being a country where the political spectrum runs from Gavin Newsom to Nancy Pelosi is not a country most Americans want to live in. But we weren’t consulted on whether to turn the country into Mexico. And at best it will be Mexico – with the very, very, very rich doing quite well, attended to by hordes of servants, while the rest of us live in huts and scrape by on less than today’s minimum wage. For a preview of this new country, see California.


  11. Cabby,
    I had no idea you were a horse enthusiast. Yes, the Lipizzaner were impressive. I had a chance to see them when I was very young at the Washington International Horse Show. My dad took us.

    I used to ride also. I owned a horse. She severely injured herself when I was a teenager, and she had to be put down. I couldn’t bring myself to ever ride anymore. She and I had an unspoken understanding.

    Thank you for posting that.

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