Slaughter of the innocents in Connecticut Israel Nazi Germany American abortion clinics, Evil not guns cause, Lack of moral compass, Creator of universe ignored

Slaughter of the innocents in Connecticut Israel Nazi Germany American abortion clinics, Evil not guns cause, Lack of moral compass, Creator of universe ignored

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”…Ephesians 6:12

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”…Jesus, John 8:32

The Slaughter of The Innocents Matthew 2:13 – 17

“13 When they had gone, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream. “Get up,” he said, “take the child and his mother and escape to Egypt. Stay there until I tell you, for Herod is going to search for the child to kill him.” 14 So he got up, took the child and his mother during the night and left for Egypt, 15 where he stayed until the death of Herod.

And so was fulfilled what the Lord had said through the prophet: “Out of Egypt I called my son.”

16 When Herod realized that he had been outwitted by the Magi, he was furious, and he gave orders to kill all the boys in Bethlehem and its vicinity who were two years old and under, in accordance with the time he had learned from the Magi.

17 Then what was said through the prophet Jeremiah was fulfilled: 18 “A voice is heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because they are no more.””

Slaughter of the innocents in Nazi Germany

“Of the 69,000 French Jews sent to Auschwitz and other camps, 10,800 were under the age of 18. The children were deported by the Vichy Government from March 27,1942, to Aug. 18,1944 — more than two months after D-Day. Of 2,500 camp survivors, a handful were children.”…NY Times January 25, 1995

Slaughter of the innocents in America

3500 – 4000 children are aborted every day in America.

Slaughter of the innocents at Sandy Hook School

Guns are not the problem.

Evil is.

Lack of moral compass.

Disobedience of Creator of Universe.

46 responses to “Slaughter of the innocents in Connecticut Israel Nazi Germany American abortion clinics, Evil not guns cause, Lack of moral compass, Creator of universe ignored

  1. By roger carlson

    Submitted on 2012/12/19 at 10:38 am

    Have you seen this!

  2. More rationale for killing the fearful and depressed:

    France takes first step toward medically-assisted suicide

    No room for true compassion which means “suffering with”.
    Belgium looks at euthanasia for minors, Alzheimer’s sufferers

    Belgium looks at euthanasia for minors, Alzheimer’s sufferers

    Remember that the huge goal of NWO is population control…..getting rid of the “bottom dwellers”; inconvenient; non-producers; imperfect; most vulnerable at both ends of the age spectrum. Belgium also was the country that began arresting home schoolers. In the Netherlands the elderly are afraid of entering hospitals for fear of not coming out alive.

  3. More ways than one to kill off the elderly….don’t let compassionate caregivers who don’t believe in killing the innocent or other immoral methods near them:

    Obamacare could drive Little Sisters of the Poor out of the US

    A religious order of nuns is concerned about its future presence in the United States because of Obamacare’s impact on its charitable operations. The Little Sisters of the Poor told The Daily Caller that it may not qualify for a long-term exemption from Obamacare’s healthcare mandate. The law requires the order to provide government-approved health insurance to its 300 sisters who tend to the elderly in 30 U.S. cities.

    The exception is needed, said Sister Constance Carolyn Veit, the Little Sisters’ communications director, because Catholic teaching opposes contraception and medical treatments that cause sterility or can cause abortions.

    President Barack Obama’s health-care overhaul law requires employers to include those services in qualifying health care plans they provide for their employees. Failure to comply will bring hefty fines — even for religious orders whose members have taken vows of poverty.

    “[I]t could be a serious threat to our mission in the U.S.,” Constance told TheDC, “because we would never be able to afford to pay the fines involved. We have difficulty making ends meet just on a regular basis; we have no extra funding that would cover these fines.”

    The crux of the matter is a religious exemption that the federal government is expected to make available to Catholic churches, but not to other Catholic institutions.

    That’s because unlike Catholic parishes and dioceses, the church’s many affiliated schools, charities, religious orders and hospitals don’t discriminate in their hiring or service, often employing staff — and serving people in need — who come from other Christian denominations or from other faiths entirely.

    “We are not exempt from the [Obamacare] mandate because we neither serve nor employ a predominantly Catholic population,” Constance added. ”We hire employees and serve/house the elderly regardless of race and religion, so that makes us ineligible for the exemption being granted churches.”

    Read more:

  4. Eileen F. Toplansky:

    “Why Are Some People Prone to Obey?”

    “Despite mounting evidence indicating that the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare, will, in fact, harm seniors; that the “stimulus” has been “nothing more than a political slush fund”; and that the myriad of regulations by Obama has stymied the economy, many Americans still persist in defending these actions. The denial of high unemployment, burgeoning tax rates to begin in a few weeks, and the general decline of the United States is breathtaking.

    Economists politely wonder why Mr. Obama doesn’t come around and see the light and admit that his plans are not assisting America. Others like Bill Whittle state that Obama’s incompetence is not the reason for our fiscal insanity; rather, the people running this country are (actively) trying to destroy the country, and they are succeeding. Thus, it is with malice aforethought that Obama and his cronies are bringing America to its knees.”

  5. CW @ 10:51, maybe I missed other evidence, but this video says there was a fourth shooter. Where is the evidence of the second and third? If this has been fully discussed before now, I apologise. I’ve been in and out here so I might have missed it.

    Also, I’ve heard that there could very well be another planned mass shooting, possibly this weekend, in order to clinch a deal on gun control.

    It was difficult to accept the fact that our own government could be responsible for events such as these, but the more you research it, the more likely it appears to be the case. I have instinctively distrusted the government, but it was still hard to accept that they would go this far both in Newtown and Aurora.(BTW, I listened to the entire 3 hour tape of the conversations of the emergency responders in Aurora and there were multiple references to a second shooter). But what the heck? Look what they did in Waco. Not so hard to believe after all.

  6. Rezko’s friend Dr. Ronald Michael and the State Attorney’s Office

  7. SueQ.
    Do not feel bad.
    Almost impossible to get straight answers.
    Let’s keep looking.

  8. Where’s he been ….on ANYTHING….out on the golf course!:

    Jake Tapper to Obama: “This Is Not the First Incident of Horrific Gun Violence of your 4 Years – Where’ve you been?” (Video)

    ABC’s Jake Tapper blasted Barack Obama today at his press conference announcing a new gun control committee. Tapper pointed out that this wasn’t the first mass slaughter under his watch,

    “This Is not the first incident of horrific gun violence of your four years – Where’ve you been?“

    Must not question the fuehrer.

  9. It’s bad enough to be a puppet like Obama, but to be a puppet of a puppet is a disaster of a human being:

    Flashback 2008: Biden Says “I Guarantee You Barack Obama Ain’t Taking My Shotgun – If He Tries To Fool With My Beretta, He’s Got A Problem”…
    Fast forward to today and we have Obama appointing Biden to lead his crackdown on guns.

  10. Court: Obama must rewrite contraception mandate to accommodate religious liberty

    Now you know the regime will simply obfuscate while continuing to force their “tax”/mandate of eliminating freedom of religion while more and more cases get examined:

    Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius cannot enforce the Obamacare contraception mandate as it is written, but must follow through on a promise to rewrite the rule to accommodate religious liberty, a federal appeals court ordered.

    The Obama administration “represented to the court that it would never enforce [the mandate] in its current form against the appellants or those similarly situated as regards contraceptive services,” the three judges hearing the case wrote in their order. The Obama team made that promise during oral arguments against Wheaton College and The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which sued over the contraception mandate but lost at the lower court level.

    “There will, the government said, be a different rule for entities like the appellants . . . We take the government at its word and will hold it to it,” the judges wrote. They ruled that the Obama administration must rewrite the regulation by August 2013 and provide updates to the court every 60 days. If the government fails to do so, the lawsuits may proceed.

    The court also noted that the Obama administration had not made such an expansive pledge outside the courtroom.

    “The D.C. Circuit has now made it clear that government promises and press conferences are not enough to protect religious freedom,” The Becket Fund’s Kyle Duncan, who argued the case, said in a statement. “The court is not going to let the government slide by on non-binding promises to fix the problem down the road.”

    Yesterday’s ruling marks the second time in two weeks that a judge has decided that Obama’s promise to change the rule eventually is an insufficient remedy to the religious liberty issues raised by opponents of the mandate.

    “There is no, ‘Trust us, changes are coming’ clause in the Constitution,” Judge Brian Cogan wrote in his ruling in favor of the Archdiocese of New York two weeks ago. “To the contrary, the Bill of Rights itself, and the First Amendment in particular, reflect a degree of skepticism towards governmental self-restraint and self-correction.”

  11. ……….And now the number 2 “head cheese” is going to lead a commission on new gun related issues. It would seem that Soetoro could have picked somebody who can at least TALK INTELLIGENTLY. All I have to say regarding Biden being the leader of such a group is …..HAR HAR DE HAR HAR…nothing like having a COMPLETE NITWIT leading other NITWITS.

  12. I just reread President George Washington’s farewell address. It is amazing how totally spot on it is for today. We are so far off the path.

  13. ………and now I am again really saddened by hearing that a mother cxollapsed in complete greif at the gravesite of her child. This is totally heartrending,and it hurts like hell.
    It is clear that we are going to be witnesses to some sort of IDIOTIC gun laws to be imposed upon all of us. The nitwits keep talking about getting the assualt rifles out of the hands of people like Lanza. Hell he didn’t even take the AR 15 into the building.All he took with him was the handheld weapons with lots of ammo. The AR15(BUSHMASTER) remained in the trunk of the car. It wasn’t even used in the killings. Somebody needs to REPEAT THIS FACT TO THE WH MORONS.

  14. …….if the WH MORON decides to unilaterally pass executive orders to circumvent the Constitution he is probably going to come under some very intense fire,from those who know the truth about the gun BS as well as his own criminal GUNRUNNING. He along with Holder will again be facing some really PISSED OFF people. Hey Soetoro you NEED TO PRACTICE WHAT YOU ARE PREACHING,your BS is not being taken well. BTW another FAST AND FURIOS WEAPON WAS FOUND AT A CRIME SCENE IN MEXICO. Just thought I ought to mention that fact Mr.Soetoro.

  15. and now….. slowly but inevitably the truth begins to ooze out through the liberal seams. Three people have suddenly resigned from the STATE DEPARTMENT. From day one I strongly suspected ONE of them as being the culprit who ordered the military to stand down, even though SHE had NO AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER to order the military to do anything, she HAS NO RANK,nor is she a military OFFICER. She could not LEGALLY order anybody in the military to do ANYTHING. Yet I personally thinik it was she who denied the the repeated requests for added security. She overstepped her authority,and sorely needs to be prosecuted for taking it upon herself to deny the requests for help. She needs to face the FULL FORCE OF LAW. It was her desk upon which the requests for help crossed first,and it was at this point where the requests were denied. Just my opinion.

  16. I have been trying to get credible info – glad that I am not alone. Unbelievably, CNN is reporting that the police arrived at the school a very long 20 MINUTES after the first 911 call!

  17. ….oh yes just one more little tidbit……..does anybody remember the $720 billion that Soetoro STOLE FROM MEDICARE,out of which 120 million went to the International Monetary Fund, and was then given to France so that country could pay for the abortions of their SLIMEY STINKING WHORES. Well here we are at the PRECIPICE of the CLIFF,and perhaps that wasted money might be helpful in getting the US away from the cliff…..but ohhhhhh the French WHORES need to come first. This sort of venture seems to very clearly show the state of mind which prevails in the LEFT WING NUT’S heads. It is that sort of stuff which they seem only capable of retaining.

  18. Ladyhawke…………
    In the event that you missed my comment some time back,I wish to again express my condolences with regard to the death of your mother. We all are born on earth to be terminal, but it is NEVER easy to work through. Speaking for myself, I share your grief, and I believe that all the rest of the CW FOLKS do as well.. We all here at CW have your back, and I too wish you well.

  19. oldsailor80 | December 19, 2012 at 3:20 pm |

    Thank you so much for you very kind words. It is never a good time to go through this, but holiday season does not help.

    And, relative to your Medicare post just above, we just spent a week with relatives in San Diego. Many of them are seasoned citizens. They were all shocked to learn what happened to my mother and realize that their Medicare Advantage Plans no longer cover what they had thought. Not sure if that can be blamed on Obummer, but as that is quite likely – I’ll make it my current plan!

    All the best to you!

  20. The DEVIATE who occupies the WH, has ZERO personality, ZERO character,ZERO remorse,and ZERO proven identification. Now I know why everybody refer to him as “ZERO.”

  21. Ladyhawk………..
    The Advantage plans are at this point probably as good as any of us are ever going to get, yet there are serious shortcomings with the se plans. For that reason I went to the VA and signed up for Veteran’s coverage. While there is a slightly stiffer copay, at least the VA coverage is mostly EVERYTHING. So I intend to use the VA coverage only if something gets really hairy. All I am saying is JUST BE VERY CAREFUL,LEFT FIELD INSURANCE HAS BECOME A REAL UNKNOWN VALUE,and has lots of pitfals.

  22. Ladyhawke…………….
    I personally believe that given the 27,000 population of Sandy Hook, 20 minutes for first police to arrive at the crime scene was probably as fast as they could probably respond. Smaller towns have an inherent problem……………which is like other small towns they do not have the money to upgrade their aging emerency communication systems,so that fact along with the fact that they often do not have adequate personell on hand to be able to render a really fast en masse response. I would suspect that a twenty minute response time would probably fall into a ADEQUATE definition, but could probably be a lot better. Just my opinion, no offense intended to anyone.

  23. Tom Ballantyne Jr.:

    “The Ineligibility Battle (Let’s Be Honest) Continues In Florida”

    “EVERYONE in the room knows that the Emperor has no clothes; and the fact that only the rank and file citizens (for the most part) have dared to defy the orthodoxy of cowardly silence in the face of calculated character assassination will not absolve these Democrat and Republican members of the Ruling Class from their abysmal dereliction of duty.

    They are, in the end, enabling a man who has openly declared his intent to “fundamentally transform” (read: bring to its knees!) the greatest nation on Earth…and now that he has stolen a second term (also completely unopposed by these same Ruling Elites from both parties), he may well succeed in fully dismantling both the Constitution and the once-greatest economy in all of history…while bemoaning that he has “more important ‘stuff ‘ to do” than concern himself with the “carnival barkers” (us) who demand that he do what every other citizen in the nation must do without hesitation (or legal recourse) …provide bona fide proof (not a forged digital image) of his U.S. citizenship.

    Others may be willing to be silenced in the face of such unprecedented evil and deception; but make no mistake: millions of us are not. In the end, the truth (which everyone who wants to know already knows) will prevail…but not until we as a nation have suffered the prolonged consequences of our own willingness (and that of our hired “representatives”) to be silenced by the very people perpetrating this treasonous fraud which we continue to point out.”

  24. For those of you who want to email your representatives concerning Gun Control, (if they’re not dims for O.), here is a fax-email that can be used for any of them. It is through 912 PAC.


    I am writing to compel you NOT to fall for the Leftist trick of using the recent Connecticut tragedy to bolster Gun Control.

    The fact is the CT Shooter broke the law 41 times in committing these heinous acts. MORE laws would not have stopped this tragedy, nor will they prevent future tragedies.

    Our Second Amendment was designed to ensure Americans could protect themselves. Removing guns from responsible citizens only ensures that we will have MORE victims, because if guns are outlawed, then only outlaws will have guns and everyday citizens, with no way to protect themselves, will become victims.


    I thank you very much.


  25. Gordo Re..Tom Ballantyne Jr.
    As I have repeatedly said NOTHING will EVER move forward in the Federal Courts until at least one or more of the Corrupt judges are forcibly removed from the bench for his failure to uphold the LAW OF OUR LAND. There was an article posted by Bob Strauss today which told of a Judge in the UK who was ARRESTED by others in the courtroom for clearly,and deliberately being in violation of the law. One of the arresting partys stated emphatically that they had all that they can take of the judicial corruption in their government. Their charges against the judge might very well stick!

  26. ……..perhaps the judge in the UK who was arrested by others in the courtroom, should become a symbolic icon here in the US, to serve notice upon the perpetrator judges that there is a growing segment of people in the US who like in the UK are getting their fill of CORRUPTED judges. There is also an outside possibility that a US judge might not even make it to a trial by jury. His remains might be hanging from a live oak tree for a very long time.

  27. Guns Out of Stock at Wal-Mart as Magazine Prices Surge on

    You think the Zero regime is counting on this so that when they try to send in the thugs to remove the arms chaos will break out and he can then call in what he thinks is his own private army?

  28. This is what I expect Zero to try to pull down the road (soon, if possible):


  29. zachjonesishome,
    Your tax plan sounds great. We need YOU in Congress!!
    Always appreciate your posts.

  30. CW,
    It is with tears that I read your opener. I am so glad and appreciative that you are on the right side of LIFE. Well, that includes all of the other important issues, too.

    If the abortion issue grieves us mortals, how much more grieved does it make the Lord our God? Your scripture references are right on target.

    God bless !

  31. Thanks cabbyaz.
    God bless.

  32. The US Army is seeking the death penalty for the soldier accused of killing 16 Afghan villagers. Yet Nidal Hassan, who shot to death 13 fellow soldiers at Ft. Hood, is being kowtowed to, and is even being allowed to keep his beard against UCMJ regulations while the trial process continues. This clearly shows where Obama’s priorities lie. Indeed, the Obama administration is steadfastly avoiding calling the Hassan shooting terrorism in favor of mere “workplace violence.”

  33. Subject: Maximum Culpability: Why God’s Wrath is Certain
    —– Original Message —–
    From: Steve Coerper
    Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2012 8:23 PM
    Subject: Maximum Culpability: Why God’s Wrath is Certain

    “This from Ann Barnhardt at

    “There are still people, millions and millions of them, who honestly believe that this nation, economy, culture, society, whatever you want to call it, is salvageable and can be turned around. There are still people who, after all of this, still think that ELECTIONS and Washington D.C. will lead us all to the Elysian Fields and pastures of plenty.

    These people honestly believe that Mitt Romney can and will “fix everything”, even though Mitt Romney has actually implemented EVERYTHING people are screaming about Obama attempting, such as RomneyCare (which IS ObamaCare), insurance mandates, contraception mandates, zero-copay abortion on demand, sodomite marriage and assault rifle bans, and has yet to even acknowledge the mathematical impossibility of government spending.

    These people still believe that Darryl Issa and Allen West will suddenly re-assert the Rule of Law on November 7th, or something. You know, just like they swore up and down that these same people would “stop Obama” and “turn Washington around” after the 2010 elections.

    Anyone who still believes this, very simply, has their head up their ass to their shoulders.

    Not only will Mitt Romney, Darryl Issa, Michelle Bachmann and Allen West NOT do ANYTHING of any substance if “elected”, they CAN’T do anything. It is already too far gone. The economy is MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to fix. $222 trillion in unfunded government mandates over the next 75 years. At minimum $1.4 quadrillion in global derivatives exposure.

    Thousands of MANPADS and millions of pounds of American weaponry are now in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood / al Qaeda thanks to Obama’s Libyan gunrunning. Iran will have an atomic arsenal, if they don’t have one already, either self-produced or procured from Pakistan or the old Soviet arsenal. 60 million babies have already been killed. That blood is spilled. You can’t ever bring them back.

    Now to the point of this essay. God’s wrath cannot be assuaged at this point because we, the people of the former United States and Western Civilization, are the most guilty, culpable, iniquitous society to ever exist by many orders of magnitude.

    In terms of our guilt, we are far, far guiltier than the people of late Rome. There were aspects of late Roman culture that were prima facie worse than our culture, specifically the torture blood sports, but we are far guiltier than the late Romans, and thus deserve far, far worse. And that is exactly what we are going to get.

    How can we be orders of magnitude guiltier than the late Romans, or any other culture for that matter?

    Because we are willfully ignorant due to extreme intellectual and especially moral laziness. If there was ever a group to whom the words “YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER” applied, it is us. And we have absolutely, positively no excuse whatsoever for our ignorance.


    5. Finally, we have far more guilt and culpability than any other culture because we WERE a Christian culture and turned our back on God with full knowledge and conscious forethought. The Romans of the 4th century were pagans who either knew very little or nothing at all of Christ.

    They had the Natural Law as their only guide. We have Christ Himself, physically present in the Eucharist, with our culture *allegedly* built on Him, and yet we have utterly denied and rejected Him and have reverted all the way back to the worst pagan cultures.

    The only revolt that is worse in enormity and scope is the revolt of Lucifer.

    Even the Jews of the Old Testament in all of their many episodes of falling away from God, didn’t have the knowledge of Christ (obviously, because the Incarnation had not yet happened) and did not have the Physical Presence of God Himself to be taken into their own bodies, in the Eucharist.

    We have nailed Christ to the Cross, and when He looks at us and asks us why, we have the unmitigated gall to say, “It’s not my fault. I didn’t see You there. You should have spoken up.”

    WE are going to burn like no other culture has burned before, including Rome, because we have, by far, the most guilt. Ignorance due to laziness in the face of unprecedented freedom and license, wealth and leisure time, potential education, technology and availability of information, and the knowledge of and physical presence of Christ Himself is why we must and we will burn. No one has ever, ever deserved it more.”

    Continue To Read The Full Article Here:

  34. This TRO Motion is being filed today
    US District Court

    For the Eastern District of California

  35. Eric Holder Buries Another Fast And Furious Victim

    By Kris Zane 34 Comments

    Brian Terry, Jaime Zapata, and now Mexican beauty queen Maria Susana Flores Gamez. Gamez was killed on November 25. A Fast and Furious-connected AK-47 was found next to her body. She was the light of Sinaloa. Beautiful. A smile that would light up … [Read More…]

  36. Here is the link:

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Has anyone heard from Ann Barnhardt?

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Does anyone know what city and state Ann lives in? Honest law enforcement persons should drive to her property and do a wellness check on her to be certain she is safe and secure. She needs to be found and to be kept safe. If she has animals they also need to have a wellness check and kept safe.

    If you have any information of what city and state Ann lives in, please post it here so I can set up a wellness check for Ann immediately. In the meantime, I will search to find her address so a wellness check can be set up immediately.

    Ann has not posted anything at her website since Dec. 9, 2012 at 9:12 p.m. and at her twitter account since Dec. 9, 2012. Since the IRS apparently seized her bank account, I am very concerned about her welfare. Please pray to GOD in the Holy Name of Christ Jesus – Yeshua the LORD for Ann. Thank you for any info you may have and post.

  37. “Arizona GOP Chairman Tom Morrissey: Why Can’t Obama Release A Real Birth Certificate?”

  38. Bohner is a liberal bonehead dressed in disguise. The entire GOP (RINO’s) has failed! Communist and Socialist can smell the fear from the GOP. What a shame……

    3 Spirits are in need to visit the GOP over the holidays. The Past, The Present, and The Future….
    As they have miserably failed and continue to do so. The adage of “quit digging your own ditch deeper” doesn’t resonate with the “Reach across the Isle” with communists and socialists from the RINO’s! Its beyond pathetic and going to get worse for them, but their own fault. I predict 2014 the Socialists will have a majority in both the house and Senate combined.
    If you wish to join our enemies through disguise; pretentious of excuses, let it be no surprise supporters of freedom will revolt against you and your party. Let their Fear rule them out of office, as they are not worthy, nor have they learned the lessons of the 3 Spirits.

  39. Great articles on
    Anyone that can bring over,be great

  40. Good Morning All! Thank you Cabbyaz and TruthNow for your kind comments.

  41. Good morning Zach, et al.

  42. TRO case being filed today Ck out pass on

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