Thanksgiving 2009, Thankful for, America, Mom, Dad, Family,Teachers, Friends, Patriotic Americans, Mostly thankful for my mom

We had Thanksgiving with my mom and a few family members today. It was good to see her and visit with some of my family. My dad passed away several years ago and I miss him everyday.

I want to sincerely state that I am thankful for many things. Being born in this country and all of those that helped start and save this country over it’s history. I am thankful for my mom and dad, my family, my teachers my friends who helped me through the difficult times. I am thankful for many things including the good Americans that visit and comment here and all the other patriotic Americans who are trying to save this country. However, of all the people in my life, I most of all want to thank my mom.
My mom is almost 85, still fairly spry and has a everpresent great attitude. She cooked a large Thanksgiving meal for us and she was at her happiest doing so, doing for others, especially her family.

My mom became the oldest child after her older brother was killed by a car. She grew up in the country, just outside a small town in NC. She lived through the Great Depression and they were fortunate to grow most of their food. Even so, she has told me many stories of picking up coal along the side of railroad tracks, of traveling hobos begging for food.

My mother made excellent grades in school but had to drop out before finishing to help her family. She was a stay at home mom for us four children part of the time, but when she did work, she worked at jobs that people who didn’t finish high school got. My mother has always worked hard, whether tending to our needs or working outside the home. She never complained.

My mother continues to give to her family, her community and church and to those sick at home. She always has a smile to give and is always thinking of others. I believe that is much of the secret to her happiness. She is always thinking of others.

My mother worked hard and sacrificed so that I could attend school and college. So that I could get the better jobs.

I was truly blessed by God to have such a mother. I am very thankful.


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  1. Thanks for all of the kind words.

  2. CW! That was so touching! I hope that your Mom saw what you wrote above. What a great tribute. She like all of our Moms are the reason we are the people we are today!

    Thanks again for all you do here and Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I know so many people that have the same history of your parents, can you imagine what a great country we would have if they ran it, as opposed to the totally selfish.

  4. CW – Your tribute to “my mom” was very heart- warming. I pray that one of these days all of the commenters here can have a grand victory celebration and get together to meet your mom. CW, you are a testament to the upbringing by your mom.

    ms. helga

  5. CW,

    That’s such a wonderful and touching tribute to your mother. What an inspiration! I mean this. That is one great lady. You have a right to be so thankful for her. Too bad there are not others like her and then you too, just hearing your gratefulness in having such a wonderful mother.

    The commandment, a great commandment, is #5:

    ” Honor your father and your mother, so that your days may be long in the land that the Yahweh your eloahi is giving you.”

    This is such a great commandment, well, all the rest are great too, but this one goes to both our earthly parents and our heavenly parents.

    So in honoring your mother as you have, it is a great thing.

  6. CW its hard to lose a love one. My mother was killed by a drunk driver 8 years ago jan 3. My mother the weekend she died was serving and helping out my wife with our 1 year old. she had given up smoking for him and had renewed her faith in god prior to her passing. I will pray for you and you family that you will find comfort in Jesus Christ who was sent to save us. Amen

  7. Truth,

    My father died when I was 18, and I was out of high school. He passed away in Oct. of 1971. Then I got really close to my mother right after I got married, my husband and I both became close to her. I was married in July of ’75. She passed away in Oct. of ’76. My daddy died the 24th, my mother died the 2nd.

    Even to this very day, I miss them both so much! I don’t think that you will ever stop missing your parents. That’s my two cents’ worth.

  8. Full length , free …….

    Johnny Tremain
    The Patriot

  9. CW and everyone Happy Thanksgiving .

  10. CW, I couldn’t say it any better than those written above me about your tribute to your Mom.
    I am so thankful I found your website as it is like a second home to me and all of your posters are like family.
    It is a place where I can come when I am upset about the state our country and can be reassured by those here that we all can pull together and get it back to the way it was… hopefully sooner than later.

  11. CW,

    Your Mom and mine are cut from the same piece of marble. I’ll be seeing her shortly and can’t wait for the moment. Dad died a few years back so Mom is now our refuge in these stormy times. I’m an Army Vet. and have been through some tough times but I know where my home is and I take great pleasure and comfort in going back home. I really enjoyed this article you have posted.

    Watching the Dow futures tonight and keeping an eye on gold prices, I’m fearful that we are on the verge of a major collapse. The dollar seems to be going the way of the Edsel. My whole life has been geared toward self-reliance and it appears to me that my preparations may soon be proved to be affirmed by recent events.

    Come to think of it – my tendency to prepare for bad times comes from my Mom and Dad and they had the same thinking long before there was ever a need to do so. I guess we are blessed by our upbringing which is love for God, family and Country which will bring us through this mess we find ourselves in. If not – Me and my family are ready for whatever may come. I pray to God for His mercy on all of us.

    Thanks for this article and God bless my Mom and all the Mom’s that are like her.

  12. The passing of a loved one is difficult enough without the event taking place during a holiday. My grandmother died during Thanksgiving 1978. It has a lasting impact. My mother passed away a week before Thanksgiving and my father was dying on my birthday; however, he did wait until the next day. Now I’m so depressed. I need some more turkey and dressing.

  13. Nancy Peacock // November 26, 2009 at 8:40 pm

    My Dad passed away a few minutes after my birthday. I know what you’re saying.

  14. SueK-Linda from NY did you see this?
    Pastor manning will be represented***
    Posted on November 26th, 2009 by Reverend Charles
    Members of this blog site went on a hunt to heLp our BROTHER MANNING i AM GLAD TO ANOUNCE THAT Philip j. Berg has stepped forward to be his atty. How wonderful this Thanksgiving! God Bless You Philip and Thanks***

    Phil Berg to represent Pastor Manning
    Posted on Thursday, November 26, 2009 in Pastor Manning, Philip Berg
    Philip Berg
    Philadelphia attorney Philip J. Berg, in a press release today (November 26, 2009) wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving, and wrote that he is representing [should the need arise] Pastor James David “Show the dog gone birth certificate” Manning. Manning, head of Atlah Ministries in New York, claimed he was visited by Homeland Security and the NYPD after he said in a public video that either Obama dies, or the country dies.
    Christopher Earl Strunk previously made an unsuccessful attempt to get a restraining order against federal agencies to prevent them from talking to Manning.

  16. Climategate Scandal Spreads to New Zealand as MSM Continues Ostrich Act.

    Oops! If the mainstream media was hoping that the Climategate scandal would be limited to the University of East Anglia’s Climate Reasearch Unit (CRU) in Norwich, England, they are out of luck.

    This scandal has now reared its ugly head on the other side of the globe at New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric research (NIWA) which is that nation’s chief climate advisory unit.

  17. From the last post,

    Hi Maddie, and Happy Thanksgiving!

    I’ll do the bikini thing if my pal will. As I said, it’ll be a team effort :).

    I can’t believe that the party crashers were allowed to …crash. So much for security, eh?

    BTW, did you get the final pic I sent?

  18. ARMY D.A.V. I am now listening to national news CBS to listen for what is NOT being reported. Still NOT one word re: Climagate. Now I guess we can take side bets to see how long it will take them to introduce the news, slowly, painfully, spun into something unrecognizable.

  19. Michelle // November 26, 2009 at 8:58 pm

    Hi Michelle,

    I just saw it now.

    I have a problem trying to read white lettering on a black background; Leo’s site is the same way.

    They don’t *dare* arrest Dr. Manning; all hell would break loose if they did and I think they know it. Still, glad that Phil is stepping up to the plate.

    The distressing bit of news is that Dobbs wants to legalize the illegals? If it’s so, he’s just removed himself from consideration for *anything!*


  20. SueK-I agree black background is very hard to read and when you get finished well your eyes are just shot. Phil Berg, Pastor Manning both are out there for sure-no one will accuse either of being shrinking violets. Phil Berg-Obama you are the biggest hoax in the history of the country. Pastor Manning Obama-you are a long legged mack daddy. Yet another gauntlet has been thrown down. Always interesting.

  21. Amen, Citizen Wells.

    I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

    This has been one of the best Thanksgivings for me, because there has been reconciliation among myself and family members.


  22. Happy Thanksgiving, Upstate Warrior,

    Glad you had a good day. Reconciliation-that’s what it’s all about. Life is short; no need to be angry.

    My best to you and your family members.

  23. SueK,
    I just saw it. Missed it earlier.
    Check your e-mail.
    Is that a hammy?

  24. Michelle,
    I may have asked this before, but I’m
    still not clear on exactly what a mac-daddy is?
    Please define. Thanks.

  25. Michelle

    Van Jones ” the engine ”

    Global Warming is the engine of their entire agenda , well that engine is no more , their redistribution of wealth plans are finished.

    Now with the New Zealand unit being involved it’s now a Global Climategate .

    They will have to report on it now …..

  26. SueK & Michelle,
    The distressing bit of news is that Dobbs wants to legalize the illegals? If it’s so, he’s just removed himself from consideration for *anything!*
    I questioned someone today over this very
    issue—Is it really true the Dobbs has
    flip-flopped on this issue? This was his
    signature stance? What’s wrong with him?

  27. Maddie

    Can be defined as the father/god/master of owning b&tches.A Mac daddy is such a person as using woman as his slaves. A pimp

  28. Upstate Warrior,
    Family reconciliation—if you achieved that today you did have a GREAT Thanksgiving.
    Congratulations are in order! Good news indeed!

  29. Army DAV,
    Thank you for the definition. Wow, and that’s
    what Rev. Manning called bo—that’s really bad.
    Don’t think I’ll forget that term from here on out.

  30. Maddie-I never heard that expression before until Pastor Manning came up with it. I think it is clearly insulting. I was reading veiled “stuff” on hillbuzz by the boys in Chicago. I beginning to think if I get their drift Obama was a kept “guy”, don’t know how young he was when he started, how long it was going on and who are the “players”. In other works who was he “kept” by. Lot of secrets by lots of parties.
    Maybe this song can explain it.

  31. Michelle,
    Translating what you said above, are you
    gathering from the Chicago boys that bo
    was part of a male prostitute group? The
    players means the people who engaged the
    prostitutes, correct?

  32. You Decide

    What are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving?

  33. Sorry folks but phil berg hasnt really been in the fight. He seems like in more for the attention it brings to himself then really solving the issues. I can see through a phony cause i’ve been through it before many times in my life.

  34. Maddie -Army DAV
    Thanks for the definition re: Long Legged Mack Daddy. Seems like the way they are talking this was a common knowledge “secret” that was not discussed. Now they are discussing Obama’s issues-pimp/prostitute/whatever openly. I guess next is naming names. It was so veiled before it went right over my head.

  35. Maddie-if you could go to the South Side of Chicago, you would understand. It is called the cesspool of corruption for a reason, and not just politics. Picture every illegal vice known to man and it is wide open there. Very sad and heart breaking to all the good people who live there. I believe it has the highest murder rate in the nation and consistently won that prize for the last 20 years. It was where that young boy was beaten, kicked to death right before the Olympics.

  36. Maddie-Sue K “legalize the illegals” It is called going through the naturalization process. Many of our friends did in Illinois and here in Florida. I think the people who went through the process, studying and investing money are stricter on the issue than us natural born citizens. They feel it is very unfair and I agree with them. I don’t think you can respect the law in any way shape or form by allowing those who broke the law to be rewarded. By that logic Bank Robbers get to keep the money.

  37. truthbetold11 -I think Phil Berg and Pastor Manning are hoping for the publicity. I think it is their major objective.

  38. Michelle,
    It’s hard to believe there is such a place as Chicago. It makes living here in the rural
    Midwest look a lot better. Maybe we’ll be
    turning into a “Chicago vice arena,” though,
    the casinos on the ballet did pass. What do you think—casinos and vice?

  39. The combative Mayor Jane Byrne referring to Chicago politicians as a “cabal of evil men”.

  40. Michelle,
    What happen to the idea of the billboard (jihad
    pres.) going up in DC with a rally 24/7?
    Do you think that could happen—that billboard,
    I mean?

  41. Maddie-a bunch of us from work went on those casino ships where they do gambling when you get into international waters. My girl friend and I brought $20.00 each gone in a matter of minutes. The food was excellent, we had no idea that as soon as you hit the international line 99 per cent of the ship-poof-gone. We are not gamblers so it was boring. The gamblers were happy as clams. It’s too bad they don’t have something for friends of people who gamble. I wouldn’t go again, I would rather read a book.
    My entire life in Illinois gambling was illegal but we know that didn’t not stop anybody-the joke was some of the restaurants had more cars in the lot after closing that regular hours.

  42. well, going to sign off to get some sleep
    It was a long day with all that cooking.
    night Michelle & all.

  43. Maddie-I forgot about that, and if they try to stop it Freedom of Speech issues?

  44. Sometimes the attention they seek make them look like articles in the globe. noone really takes it serious like the larry sinclair articles most people give it no cred. pastor manning needs to be careful who he hitches his wagon to.

  45. I finished watching the movie Johnny Tremain, it’s about the Boston tea party , Sam Adams , Paul Revere.

    You can only watch 72 minutes at a time , wait for 54 minutes to watch the rest of movie , but it’s free .

    See link above.

  46. Very moving CW.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours CW.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all here. God Bless You.

  47. twe-I hope everything is ok at your house and that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  48. Bread of Angels, / made the bread of men;

    Good night

  49. Michelle // November 26, 2009 at 10:31 pm

    Agreed, Michelle.

    My pal and her family came from Ukraine in 1990; she took her citizenship oath in 2002…12 years to do it the right way!

    I’m afraid it’s the same with most things these days: Reward bad behavior.

    I personally will kick in some dough for one way tickets back to the Motherland…

  50. OK, so can we start calling Barky ‘Pimpernickle’ now?

    And what was with that ‘dress’ that Moochelle wore to the Hollywood nutcase wing-ding? Did she strip the drapes from the Lincoln bedroom and just put ’em on? What?

  51. CW, when we have as president a man who never had a mom like yours, we suffer the problems we do…it should be a requirement for office…

  52. Hi John,

    Just because we use the term in these parts, I read ‘Monbiot’ as ‘Moonbat.’

    Believe me, there’s no difference!

  53. The phrase Long Legged Mack Daddy is not just a random juxtaposition of odd words or a casual phrase. It actually means something very specific, and every word means something:

    A PIMP is someone smooth and charismatic and good with women and uses his powers to exploit weak women.

    A MACK is a pimp that is able to exploit both men and women.

    A mack DADDY is a mack that is able to exploit other macks.

    A LONG LEGGED mack daddy is a king or chief or master mack daddy. Sorta like the godfather of all mack daddies.

    Rev. Manning uses this exact phrase on purpose (and not just to be cute) – and he knows what he is talking about.

  54. Brazil: ‘Gringos’ must pay to stop Amazon razing.

    MANAUS, Brazil – Brazil’s president said Thursday that “gringos” should pay Amazon nations to prevent deforestation, insisting rich Western nations have caused much more past environmental destruction than the loggers and farmers who cut and burn trees in the world’s largest tropical .


    Climate ‘czar’ says hacked e-mails don’t change anything.

    In other words , it’s doesn’t matter that global warming is a scam , we’re staying with the plans for the new world order….

    ……One by land , two by sea…….


    A Disinfectant on Congress?

    There is a lot of talk across the nation about how to replace sitting members of Congress and restore the Republic as established by the Founders. The conversations usually end in frustration as 95% of incumbents continue to be re-elected, seemingly untouchable inside a system designed to keep them in office.

  56. House Republicans Call for Removal of ‘Safe Schools’ Czar

  57. **** New Post ****

    I added a link to John Charlton’s article, The Post & Email.
    Great job John!

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