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We had Thanksgiving with my mom and a few family members today. It was good to see her and visit with some of my family. My dad passed away several years ago and I miss him everyday.

I want to sincerely state that I am thankful for many things. Being born in this country and all of those that helped start and save this country over it’s history. I am thankful for my mom and dad, my family, my teachers my friends who helped me through the difficult times. I am thankful for many things including the good Americans that visit and comment here and all the other patriotic Americans who are trying to save this country. However, of all the people in my life, I most of all want to thank my mom.
My mom is almost 85, still fairly spry and has a everpresent great attitude. She cooked a large Thanksgiving meal for us and she was at her happiest doing so, doing for others, especially her family.

My mom became the oldest child after her older brother was killed by a car. She grew up in the country, just outside a small town in NC. She lived through the Great Depression and they were fortunate to grow most of their food. Even so, she has told me many stories of picking up coal along the side of railroad tracks, of traveling hobos begging for food.

My mother made excellent grades in school but had to drop out before finishing to help her family. She was a stay at home mom for us four children part of the time, but when she did work, she worked at jobs that people who didn’t finish high school got. My mother has always worked hard, whether tending to our needs or working outside the home. She never complained.

My mother continues to give to her family, her community and church and to those sick at home. She always has a smile to give and is always thinking of others. I believe that is much of the secret to her happiness. She is always thinking of others.

My mother worked hard and sacrificed so that I could attend school and college. So that I could get the better jobs.

I was truly blessed by God to have such a mother. I am very thankful.