Oprah down low show, Original Air Date: April 16, 2004, Obama down low, Obama gay lifestyle

Oprah aired a show about black men going down low and the threat of aids in the African American Community. Ironically, Barrack Obama, who was endorsed by Oprah has been accused of having gay sex with Larry Sinclair and there have been rumors in the Chicago Gay community for years about Obama being gay. The name of the show is “A Secret Sex World: Living on the Down Low.” Here are a few exerpts:

“Men with wives and girlfriends secretly having sex with other men. One man blows the lid off this sexual underground.”

 “Let the man tell the truth. He might not be talking about you, but you know he’s talking about someone you know!”

“J.L. King was a happily married father of two but was keeping a dark secret…living on the “down low”—seemingly living a “straight” lifestyle with a wife and family, but secretly sleeping with men.”

Is Barack Obama living on the down low? A lot of people are saying yes. If you have knowledge of this, please respond. This is not about sexual orientation. This is about deception and the next president of the US.

Here is the link to the Oprah Show:


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