25 responses to “Irena Sendler of Poland, Nobel Peace Prize, a real winner

  1. there is nothing to say except this woman is extraordinarily wonderful.

  2. criticaldemocracy

    This woman has passed away. May a thousand others just like her take her place.

  3. Jerry Smith

    To many in this world she was a no body but to each of these 2,500 she was life its self. May God welcome her home with the blessings that she deserves.

  4. al gore would have turned them in to the SS…

  5. A great story – and lady! I heard some of her story on the radio yesterday. I can’t believe she lost to Eco-Al.

  6. Rev. SES Gove

    Wow, how strategic are the pathways of life! Interestingly, why hasn’t the Catholic church or some dynamic Catholic group or wealthy celeb has not made certain that the play about love of our fellow man supercedes self-promotion and thrives in humility. What a loss of dynamic courage, and friendship that lays down one’s life for others.
    What a loss of priceless treasure to humanity! Who will step up to fill the shoes of such a diminutive heroine with her heart of grandeur!?

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  8. I haven’t heard of any coroner saying that somebody died from breathing too much pollution. The Nazis were murdering these people and she rescued them at the risk of her own life. She was tortured until her legs and feet were broken and some nutcase like Al Gore gets the prize when he has never had to do anything for himself in his whole life, much less others.

  9. Linda Petty, Crockett, Tx

    I know Irena Sendler is with Jesus singing praises to him. Forget All Gore. He is nothing.

  10. Probably she wasn’t the winner on this one but to me she was one of the winners of the most important one as human. All I know is that for Irena this kind of material prize was nothing compare to what she and her team did. Irena didn’t think of herself as a hero, she didn’t want fame. What she really wanted was to tell the world: Be a good person to everybody without judging religion or race.

  11. karolina Paz-Acosta

    Take her life as an example and apply it in your daily live. That would have been more valuable for her instead of a simple prize.

  12. I wonder if winning or not winning any prize mattered to Mrs. Sendler? From her life, character, actions, and the picture by her bedside, I think any prize would cheapen her heroism. I wonder if she would be jealous of Mr. Gore – I rather doubt it. I think she might congratulate him based on the kind of person she was and still is in God’s eternal love.

  13. I watched the Movie last night, I’m deeply touched by the courage of Irena and all those who risked their lives to save so many children. How can this event in human history be denied by so many, when an experience such as Irena’s is brought out into the open.


  15. Dear God. How serene and sweet this face is ( I just can’t say “was”). Can’t keep my eyes off her picture. An angel on earth. Who needs the Nodel prize? she was awarded all along -only by Someone Else….

  16. I agree with the Jan 8, 2009 comment by Mick and believe she would have congratulated Al Gore on being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. She was not in competition with him and I doubt that he was competeing with her. We know that she saved 2500 lives, but none of us know how many lives Mr. Gore wil have saved by his ecological efforts.

  17. Celeste Walker

    Most of us could never comprehend what this woman did, and the others who helped.

    Just hearing about what she accomplished is amazing.

    Let alone having experienced it

  18. an absolute disgrace she did not win, history will always remember her and let us not forget her. Let’s hope the religious and political idiots who are waging todays wars and terrorist campains take note (but I doubt they will understand the true value and perception of what Irena has done). Irena the world will ever be in debt to you for what you have done, a true angel among demons.

  19. For those of you sticking up for Gore – it’s not about him. These “judges” screwed up. Oh, and Gore should have refused the award and insist that this lady receive it.

  20. I read the story that the girl from Kansas sent in to Guideposts magazine. This is an amazing woman. Risking your own life and well being to save others is the most unselfish thing that anyone can do, and she did it many times. She said herself that she was not interested in awards
    and I agree she would have complimented Al Gore and his cowinners. Another women who risked a great deal was Corrie TenBoom from Holland. Her book, the Hiding Place is a wonderful story. And there are those who still deny the holocaust. That is a great shame.

  21. I was deeply moved by Irena’s life. She made a difference to 2500 children.
    Having lived in Holland as a child during the occupation, I know how dangerous it was, what she did in Poland. Praise the Lord!

  22. I was so appalled after reading Irena’s story and learning GORE (inventor of the internet) won. Who are these idiot judges?? Oh yeah, must be the same ones on the Ethics Committee!!!! What an honor it is just to know her name and what she signifies. There may be hope yet for the human race.

  23. What a true heroine Irena was. I am so sad she had to suffer such torture, but she was so brave. How many today could tolerate it? She wouldn’t care of the Nobel Peace Prize, but she deserved it. If Al Gore or B.O. were real men, they would have made sure she had received the prize. God rest her soul for the life she sacrificed and lived under for so long. Bless you Irena – we all love you and will see you again with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Rest in Peace sweet one~

  24. Al Gore or Irena Sendler for the Nobel Peace Prize? To say that one deserves it more than the other is to minimize the contribution of the other. It is more important to understand and realize that there are many ways to save humanity.

  25. It just makes me mad that a hippy who cares too much about global warming gets the Nobel prize, while somebody who saves 2500 lives is forgotten.

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