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Wuhan China flu aka Coronavirus Covid-19 observations and lessons, America’s finest hour?, Safety over profit and people over fear

Wuhan China flu aka Coronavirus Covid-19 observations and lessons, America’s finest hour?, Safety over profit and people over fear

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,”...Franklin Delano Roosevelt

“We will not walk in fear, one of another. We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason, if we dig deep in our history and our doctrine, and remember that we are not descended from fearful men”…Edward R. Murrow

“In this entertainment, sports centric culture of ours, one of the actions that has impressed me most is the quick action to cancel sporting events in the interest of public safety while subordinating the money interest.”…Citizen Wells


Natural disasters are inevitable. A part of life on Earth.

Something like the Wuhan virus was coming sooner or later.

I, like many of my friends and associates are concerned about the origins and possible intents of the virus.

Was this designed and planned by the Chinese to impact the US?

I do not know.

But it did cross my mind.

For the moment I am in survivor mode.

Encounters from yesterday prompted me to ponder a variety of things and to write this article.

First, to satisfy the concerns of many, and to honor a long time commenter, is the following information:

“Now, regarding what you’ve heard about this virus and how it got going. It did NOT originate at the ‘live market’ in Wuhan; bats were not being sold there at the time, but it IS a bat virus. I got a report from an ‘insider’ in China who said that they’d be killed if discovered. This is what they said: There is a researcher in Wuhan (one of the very few labs on the planet that works with viruses) and any researcher-being who they are-wants to make an amazing discovery, publish papers and be well known. This researcher was able to isolate the virus and have it jump from bat to human. The next project was transmission from human to human and obviously, that was successful. The researcher published a paper. It was read by some. It has since disappeared. Bioweapon? Unlikely. ‘Escape from the lab’ a la Stephen King’s ‘The Stand?’ Probable. Why this research? Unknown.”

Within hours of receiving the above, I met a young man who is a friend of a relative. Someone who I had heard much about but never spoken to. A very level headed, intelligent person.

A few minutes into the conversation, he stated his belief about the origin of the Wuhan China virus. He believed that it was developed by the Chinese in retaliation for Trump’s tariff measures. Something that had crossed my mind.

This needs to be investigated after the emergency is over.

Now for the most important thing to be written.

I went to Harris Teeter for some grocery items yesterday. Not a lot. I stay pretty well stocked under normal circumstances, buying in bulk sale items.

The folks at Harris Teeter, as usual have done a great job of trying to keep the shelves full. I was pleasantly surprised and purchased what I needed.

I thanked them for their efforts. I urge you to do likewise.

They are a shining example of Americans doing their jobs in the face of adversity and America’s ability to keep the supply chain rolling.

Of course I was focused on my task.

Two conversations stick out:

  1. A woman in my age group and I discussed ice cream and grandkids. It turns out that she is unable to see hers because of a quarantine situation.
  2. In the checkout line behind me the younger woman had an overflowing cart. She has 3 teenage boys. We talked about kids and remote schooling and one thing or another. When leaving I stated I enjoyed talking to her and she said she did too because she had few people to talk to.

Perhaps I should have spent a few more minutes speaking with the first lady.

As I have aged I have tried to be more aware of the person who is checking me out in a store or assisting me with more empathy. To slow down and interact.

Not everyone wants to interact but it does not matter.

Perhaps we all should reach out to our fellow Americans as we are increasingly being isolated.

We are all in this together and should behave as Americans have done in other hard times.

Lastly, I am thankful for President Trump.

Aside from his being a strong leader, the following 3 things stand out:

  1. The strong economy that we entered this crisis with.
  2. His insistence on protecting the borders and limiting travel early.
  3. His efforts to get manufacturing back in the US and out of China.

A long time UNC TV personality recently stated that this crisis could be the World War II for the younger generation.

How we handle this will be a defining moment in American History.

Let’s hope that we look back on it with pride.



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