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Blain Dillard Wake County NC parent sued by MVP for criticizing Mathematics Vision Project Common Core based program,  Son went from A-B to D-F math student

Blain Dillard Wake County NC parent sued by MVP for criticizing Mathematics Vision Project Common Core based program,  Son went from A-B to D-F math student

“When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.”…Adolf Hitler 

“North Carolina should have the highest education standards in the world, but we can do better than Common Core.”

“5. Teachers need to be free to teach. Common Core is just another set of bureaucratic mandates that will force teachers to teach to the test. There has been much frustration from the teaching community regarding this aspect of No Child Left Behind, so the federal government created waivers from NCLB only to replace it with more burdensome guidelines that will take creativity and innovation out of the classroom. If we want innovation in education, we should focus less on standards and more on allowing our teachers to do what they do best — teach.”…NC Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″


From WRAL News.

“MVP math suing Wake County parent for ‘libel and slander’ after he criticized program

The company behind a controversial math curriculum being used in Wake County public schools has filed a lawsuit against a Cary parent, accusing him of “libel and slander” and “tortious interference with business relations” after he criticized the program.

An attorney for the Utah-based Mathematics Vision Project, or MVP, said the company decided to sue parent Blain Dillard after he made “false statements” about the company. Dillard says he is “innocent of all allegations and can defend each and every point made in the summons.””

“Dillard has spoken at numerous Wake County Board of Education meetings and with the news media about his dislike of MVP, which he says caused his 10th grade son to go from being an A and B math student to failing the subject in a short time period.”

“Karen Carter, another parent who has been critical of MVP, emailed local, state and national education leaders Tuesday to show support for Dillard.

“Is this the type of company WCPSS is comfortable being in business with? One that sues parents?” Carter wrote. “How can WCPSS parents and taxpayers be assured that their money, which WCPSS gave to MVP for various services, licensing fees, etc., isn’t being used to sue one of our own citizens? Although WCPSS cannot control MVP’S actions, they can control giving more taxpayer money to them which can be used to go after one of the district’s parents.””

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From Blain Dillard.

“I am a parent in Wake County, NC, which includes Raleigh. We are home to the Wake County Public School System, one of the 15 largest in the US.

This past weekend I was served a summons written by Strong & Hanni, PC, of Salt Lake City, UT, for a complaint against me from Mathematics Vision Project, LLC (MVP), of Lehi, UT. The complaint alleges “libel and slander” and “tortious interference with business relations” related to statements I’ve made about MVP either on Facebook, my blog, or at our county school board meetings. I am innocent of all allegations and can defend each and every point made in the summons.

The case was filed in the Utah Fourth Judicial District Court as Case number 190401221.

This is an attempt at intimidation and bullying to silence my and other parents’ free speech advocating for our children’s education.

MVP creates curriculum resources for mathematics, and was adopted by my county beginning in 2017. My son was a 10th grader taking MVP Math 2 in 2018 when I noticed his grades suddenly declining. He went from being an A-B math student to a D-F math student almost instantly. I later found that this was largely related to the nature of how MVP is taught. It is considered a “discovery methodology” where students work in groups to try to figure out the math while the teacher facilitates. MVP is strongly supportive of Common Core math standards.

I soon found that my son was not alone. Many other parents in our county were complaining about MVP in various parent Facebook groups I saw. In February, 2019, I created a Facebook group dedicated to supporting parents of students in MVP. The group now has over 1400 members. I also created a web page and a blog where I and others gathered research and resources and documented cases where I analyzed data related to districts which adopted MVP. Many parents attended protests and spoke at school board meetings and some have been featured in our local news. Over 400 students at my son’s school conducted a student walkout in protest of MVP. Working with an attorney, 16 parents filed a formal complaint with our school system alleging 10 policy violations related to MVP in our county. The school system denied the complaint in June.

I am not alone in this fight. However, I am being singled out by MVP in this lawsuit because I am one of the originators of the social media campaigns and much of the research advocating against using the MVP curriculum.

Thank you for your prayers and support during this time.”



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