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I40 blockage and closure in Greensboro NC by protester bullies with police help reported to White House Gov Cooper and Greensboro police city mgr and mayor

I40 blockage and closure in Greensboro NC by protester bullies with police help reported to White House Gov Cooper and Greensboro police city mgr and mayor

“Despite First Amendment rights, one is not allowed to cry “fire” in a crowded theatre. Worse yet in potential danger, One is not allowed to block an interstate highway.”…Citizen Wells quoting NC law

“We live up and down the interstates, you know, up and I-40, from Raleigh towards Greensboro down towards Charlotte with 85 and then up and down, say, 77,” …Lt. Col. Rodney Newton, NC National Guard

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From Citizen Wells June 9, 2020.

“Yesterday, after the second criminal act, the police lobby was open and I voiced my concerns and left my contact info. The lady who helped me had helped me in the past and was very courteous.

In Greensboro, the police are under the control of the City Manager’s Office.

I called them next attempting to find out who made the decisions to close I40.

Once again a very nice and helpful lady answered and told me she would pass along my info to the city manager and the mayor.

I indicated to all parties that I would probably contact the governor’s office.

Below is the letter I sent via email to Governor Roy Cooper:

“I know you are busy
I have many concerns regarding the recent protests, lootings & riots & the govt response.
I am writing about what I consider the more troubling events, “showstoppers” that happened in Greensboro over the past 2 weekends.
As you are aware, the interstates were developed by President Eisenhour in the 50’s after he witnessed the difficulty in moving troops & equipment.
They have obviously evolved into much more than that.
Especially in cities like Greensboro where I40 for example is used to get from one side of a large geographic area to another & especially when emergency vehicles try to get to accident victims & get them rapidly to hospitals.
Recently you made the National Guard available.
This could involve their need to travel I40 in an emergency.
The past 2 weekends the City of Greensboro has aided and abetted “protestors” in blocking I40.
This is not only a misdemeanor but a crime against humanity by the so called “protestors” who are functioning as bullies.
Next consider the inappropriate attitude of the Greensboro Police as reported in the media:
“Police ask motorists to find an alternate route”
In other words, the protestors are the priority & you are on your own.
I tried to visit the police dept. last Monday & it was closed. I went by yesterday & voiced my concerns & left my contact info.
I then called the City Mgrs. office & a nice lady took my info & said it would be passed along to the mgr & mayor.
I am giving you a heads up on the situation & a no confidence vote.
Apparently the City of Greensboro does not have this situation under control & they are not protecting overall society.
I suppose that the city has to formally request the intervention of the National Guard.
If there is a legal avenue for the citizenry to do so please inform.
Since minimally the city is breaking state law & their responsibility to police I40, perhaps your office or that of the Attorney General could remind them.
Thank you for your consideration.


This is a serious matter.

Yelling “fire” in a crowded theater is a crime.

Blocking an interstate is a crime in NC and should be made a felony.

To make sure that this serious issue is addressed by competent government officials, I sent 2 emails to the White House and followed up with a call to the switchboard.

June 10, 2020
Dear Mr. Wells,

Thank you for contacting the White House.  We are carefully reviewing your message.

President Donald J. Trump believes the strength of our country lies in the spirit of the American people and their willingness to stay informed and get involved.  President Trump appreciates your taking the time to reach out.

For more information about the steps President Trump is taking to keep the American people safe, strengthen our Nation, and preserve liberty and prosperity, please click here.


The Office of Presidential Correspondence

Perhaps someone will take this serious matter seriously.

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