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Do not fly airlines with Covid vaccinated pilots, Military pilot warning, SouthWest pilots employees wise and responsible, Are CCP pilots getting vaccines?

Do not fly airlines with Covid vaccinated pilots, Military pilot warning, SouthWest pilots employees wise and responsible, Are CCP pilots getting vaccines?

“Furthermore, when you get vaccinated you know that you are now subject to the risks of the vaccine,” he said. “If you don’t get vaccinated, you only have a chance of contracting Covid, and therefore a chance of assuming the risks of Covid—it’s not 100% certain you’ll get Covid just because you were not vaccinated.”…UCI Medical Ethics director

“They are escorting me out of the building… This is what happens when you stand up for freedom and when you show up to work, willing to work, despite being unvaccinated, and this is the price you have to pay sometimes,” Dr. Rake said. “But what they don’t realize is that I’m willing to go lose everything — job, paycheck, freedom, even my life for this cause.”…Dr. Christopher Rake

“Why are we vaccinating healthy adults when 81 percent of Covid-19 cases are mild and there is  a 99 percent survival rate. Why are we testing vaccines on children who are minimally impacted by the disease?”…Citizen Wells

Do not fly airlines with Covid vaccinated pilots!


From Citizens Journal September 28, 2021.

Army Doctor & Aerospace Medicine Specialist LTC. Theresa Long Calls On Pentagon To Ground ALL Pilots That Have Taken COVID Shots

“Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long, who is an Army Doctor and Aerospace Medicine Specialist, provided an affidavit in which she recommends the Secretary of Defense to ground all pilots that have received the COVID shots.

The affidavits reads in full below.  Do a search of this article for the word “pilot” and you will notice the petition of LTC. Long in point 39 below.

I, Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long, MD, MPH, FS being duly sworn, depose and state as follows:

1. I make this affidavit, as a whistle blower under the Military Whistleblower Protection Act, Title 10 U.S.C. § 1034, in support of the above referenced MOTION as expert testimony in support thereof.

2. The expert opinions expressed here are my own and arrived at from my persons, professional and educational experiences taken in context, where appropriate, by scientific data, publications, treatises, opinions, documents, reports and other information relevant to the subject matter and are not necessarily those of the Army or Department of Defense.”

“36. I personally observed the most physically fit female Soldier I have seen in over 20 years in the Army, go from Colligate level athlete training for Ranger School, to being physically debilitated with cardiac problems, newly diagnosed pituitary brain tumor, thyroid dysfunction within weeks of getting vaccinated. Several military physicians have shared with me their firsthand experience with a significant increase in the number of young Soldiers with migraines, menstrual irregularities, cancer, suspected myocarditis and reporting cardiac symptoms after vaccination. Numerous Soldiers and DOD civilians have told me of how they were sick, bed-ridden, debilitated, and unable to work for days to weeks after vaccination. I have also recently reviewed three flight crew members’ medical records, all of which presented with both significant and aggressive systemic health issues. Today I received word of one fatality and two ICU cases on Fort Hood; the deceased was an Army pilot who could have been flying at the time. All three pulmonary embolism events happened within 48 hours of their vaccination. I cannot attribute this result to anything other than the Covid 19 vaccines as the source of these events. Each person was in top physical condition before the inoculation and each suffered the event within 2 days post vaccination. Correlation by itself does not equal causation, however, significant causal patterns do exist that raise correlation into a probable cause; and the burden to prove otherwise falls on the authorities such as the CDC, FDA, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. I find the illnesses, injuries and fatalities observed to be the proximate and causal effect of the Covid 19 vaccinations.”

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AFLDS on mandated pilot vaccinations.

“Recognizing early-on that requiring mandatory vaccination for a virus that, according to the CDC, is 99.97% survivable by the the pilot demographic is not rational medical practice, America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) has since December sought to pre-empt catastrophic outcomes of misguided policies with legal and civic action. In a March letter addressed to Southwest Airlines Pilots Association (SWAPA) Union Scheduler Scott Pryler, America’s Frontline Doctors Founder Dr. Simone Gold urged Pryler to consider “both health and legal ramifications if the union backs a direct crew vaccine mandate or other mechanisms that effectively force or coerce crew vaccination.”

“On behalf of hundreds of airline pilots who have contacted America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) requesting independent medical information regarding the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines,” Dr. Gold presented findings that “raise significant concerns in light of reports that airline executives and union representatives are considering agreeing to COVID-19 vaccination mandates for airline employees.” She said “proposed COVID vaccine mandates are troubling for multiple reasons, including the law, safety, and liability.”

AFLDS sent similar letters to the Allied Pilots Association (APA), the British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA ), and the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA).

An AFLDS-initiated petition to stop forced experimental vaccines affirmed that “your health and medical conditions are personal and private and nobody should be permitted to violate that, including an employer, an airline, or a government agency.”

In June, AFLDS held a panel discussion to examine waning freedom of movement:

In response to the discussion, and reflecting similar concerns to those expressed by Yoder, Netizen C130Avi8Trx wrote: “As a pilot, and someone with training in aviation physiology, I have questions/concerns about how the effects of altitude potentially can change or alter or compound any side effects of these vaccines.

“What if you have blood clotting starting – does the lower cabin pressure cause them to more easily dislodge which could cause instant cardiac arrest, or embolism?

“The same with the airlines mask mandates – what about hypoxia? What if there is a rapid decompression at altitude – how would these vaccines affect the crew, pilots, and passengers? Not to mention masked passengers struggling with putting oxygen masks on. Any one who’s gone through rapid decompression training in an altitude chamber can tell you people don’t act right – and passengers that are untrained and scared may not think to remove their face diaper first.

“It seems flight attendants have forgotten their main role is safety in the event of an emergency – not being COVID police. Why has no one addressed this?” (edited for clarity)”

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From KUTV October 11, 2021.

“Southwest Airlines’ pilot union asked a court on Friday to temporarily block the airline’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.”


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