“If the vaccines work, what’s going on?” by Alex Berenson, Why did CDC change vaccine definition?, “promised that vaccines would end the epidemic if enough people took them”

“If the vaccines work, what’s going on?” by Alex Berenson, Why did CDC change vaccine definition?, ” promised that vaccines would end the epidemic if enough people took them”

“If boosters are needed six months after being “fully vaccinated,” then how good are the COVID-19 vaccines, and why is it necessary to mandate them?”...US District Judge Terry Doughty

“since the first two vaccinations have thus totally failed, we should urgently be vaccinated a third time, with a vaccine that will probably fail just like the last two vaccines”…German MEP Nicolaus Fest

“Because COVID vaccines use experimental technology that may pose serious side effects such as blood clots, Yeadon said, “we should absolutely not be offering them to young, healthy people who are not at risk from the virus.””..Dr. Mike Yeadon, former vice president of Pfizer

From Alex Berenson December 5, 2021.

“The god that failed

How to open the eyes of anyone who still thinks Covid vaccines are working as promised

Let’s say you wind up talking about the vaccine. (I know, what are the odds?)

And let’s say the folks you’re talking to are not crazy vaccine fanatics who think the only problem with Australia’s interment camps is that they don’t go far enough. They’re reasonable people. Maybe they’ve even been vaccinated and are not sure about boosters, or what to do about their kids.

They’ve heard nearly all Covid deaths in Britain are in vaccinated people. But they’ve also heard about the Centers for Disease Control report that the unvaccinated are at much higher risk. They’ve heard about the new variant too, of course.

So many numbers. So much science! And despite the last 20 months, they still believe the public health authorities wouldn’t exaggerate the threat of Covid or manipulate data to scare them.

They are legitimately confused. And you have about five minutes before halftime is over to help them understand the truth.

What do you do?”

“Even trying to explain that the CDC changed the definition of a vaccine – and yes, the CDC sure did change the definition of a vaccine – may be tough.

Instead, try one simple question. The simplest possible. The public health equivalent of Ronald Reagan’s, Are you better off today than you were four years ago?

The question is this: If the vaccines work, what’s going on?

Remind them: We are almost a year into mass vaccination campaigns. Even before they began, public health experts and media and politicians explicitly and repeatedly promised that vaccines would end the epidemic if enough people took them.”

“If the vaccines work, what’s going on?

And if they don’t, why on earth would anyone not at very high risk from Covid agree to participate in further rounds of this failed experiment? Much less allow their kids to be vaccinated?

One question. One that leads to a hundred more.”

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13 responses to ““If the vaccines work, what’s going on?” by Alex Berenson, Why did CDC change vaccine definition?, “promised that vaccines would end the epidemic if enough people took them”

  1. Researchers found that the risk of developing heart diseases increases from 11% to 25% in patients who receive the Covid-19 vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna using the new mRNA technology.

    The study – titled “mRNA COVID Vaccines Dramatically Increase Endothelial Inflammatory Markers and ACS Risk as Measured by the PULS Cardiac Test: a Warning” – was presented by renowned cardiologist Steven Gundry at the AHA annual conference on November 8, 2021, and was published in the AHA medical journal Circulation.”

  2. CW
    More on vaccinating children……..

    Major study shows ZERO deaths from COVID among healthy kids.

    ‘If you let your healthy child receive the mRNA Covid vaccine, you are insane!

    A major new study found that not ONE healthy child in Germany from ages 5 to 18 died of COVID-19 during the first 15 months of the pandemic.

    Germany, with more than 80 million people, including about 10 million school-aged children and adolescents, is Europe’s largest country.


  3. CW……..
    ………”that is right”……..and I agree 100%. In truth we have a criminal enterprise, and those who are leading it have little regard for those who die as a result of the RICO pursuits of their CRIMINAL VENTURE. Time for the people of the WORLD to rise up and treat the CRIMINAL ENTITY exactly as it has treated the people of the world. Every pharmaceutical company CEO who has KNOWN that the vaccines were really a FRAUD against society should be arrested, and prosecuted forthwith. There is MORE than enough evidence to convict.

  4. James A. Upchurch changes party to Republican from Democrat, Guilford County Commissioner, Covid19: I was told to fall in line “for the sake of the party”

  5. CW……
    ………I take it that Upchurch was told by the Democrats “to fall into line for the sake of the party”……..at which point he decided that he didn’t want to be a Democrat any longer. Three cheers for Mr. Upchurch!!!!!!!.

  6. AND,
    ………..Senator Bob Dole has passed………he was 98. RIP Bob!

  7. NC Physicians group: “Children do not need the vaccine”, “Children are much more likely to be harmed than helped by the vaccine”
    If we vaccinate all eligible children, would cause 3,000 myocarditis cases

  8. AND NOW,
    …………all we have to do is give the low intelligence crowd a reason to believe the facts.

    …………we have a DUMBED DOWN society who believe anyrthing the media tells them. Yep a honest, and fully qualified physician could tell the American dummies the truth until the cows come home, yet they will still think UP is DOWN, and pink is green.

  10. AND NOW,
    …………..comes new scientific evidence that implies there is a risk that a Pfizer Covid 19 vaccination could cause a DNA deviation which could leade to AUTO IMMUNE DISEASE, AND EVENTUAL BREAKDOWN OF THE ENTIRE IMMUNE SYSTEM. A broken DNA STRAND cannot reproduce exact copies of a person’s cells. It will produce CANCEROUS cells instead.

  11. AND NOW,
    …………..last surviving member of “THE BAND OF BROTHERS” has passed. RIP Col. Shames. You will NOT BE FORGOTTEN !!!!!! I will always cherish the reasons why each member was endeared to the other. This was a battle hardened group of WW2 Paratroopers who landed behind enemy lines at Normandy, and subsequently spearheaded nearly every operation involving paratroopers all the way to the Rhine. The movie Band of Brothers was based upon the history of this group. They were spiritually bonded fighting men who at all times watched over each other. That is the main reason why the unit had so many combat commendations. They fought as a group !!!!!!

  12. AND TODAY,
    …………we are advised to expect a Covid variant every 6 months.

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