Take Back the Schools Guilford County NC Schools rally 3 reports, 1. News Record 2. Gateway pundit 3. Eyewitness Participant, Reopen School Board meetings, Critical Race Theory concerns

Take Back the Schools Guilford County NC Schools rally 3 reports, 1. News Record 2. Gateway pundit 3. Eyewitness participant, Reopen School Board meetings, Critical Race Theory concerns

“NC Democrat Governer Roy Cooper is at best a liberal hypocrite. He also is a criminal for violating his own executive order by walking with protesters in direct violation of his order and allowing thousands of protesters, rioters, looters and bullies to violate his order, spread Covid-19, tie up government resources, destroy property and block interstates and other thoroughfares.”...Citizen Wells

“two papers published May 19 in the journal of Hospital Pediatrics found pediatric hospitalizations for COVID were overcounted by at least 40%, carrying potential implications for nationwide figures used to justify vaccinating children.”...The Defender

“it is universally known that children virtually never die from COVID-19 and given that children have a very strong immune system, they are more likely than adults to have an over-reaction to the shot.”…Dr. Steven Roth

From the Greensboro News Record.

“Protesters called Thursday for the school board to allow the public to attend meetings in person again.

Their chants from a spot outside the district’s offices could be heard as the Guilford County Board of Education met inside to discuss that very topic.

About 30 to 45 people gathered around 4 p.m. Thursday outside the district’s central office for a rally organized by a local group called Take Back Our Schools. Some of them stuck around during the 6 p.m. meeting, repeatedly chanting “Open Up!” “What are you hiding?” and other phrases. They were often fully audible in the board room and on the internet livestream of the meeting.”

“Various group members have said they have complaints or concerns on school discipline, school security, and how race is taught in schools, among other topics.

The issue of reopening meetings to the public was on Thursday’s agenda.”


From GateWay Pundit.

“NC Superintendent Shut Parents Out Of School Board Meeting Using Emergency Powers So She Didn’t Have to Hear Arguments Against Critical Race Theory”

“Stephanie Mitchell, the founder of Take Back Our Schools, responded to the video:

How funny that Sharon Contreras yet lies again. Has she forgotten that she was given and still holds all the power since last March 2020?”

In the above video, a newscaster from local North Carolina describes the scene where a small group of concerned parents has gathered outside of a school board meeting outside.  They are denied access to the meeting, so they can not enter their public comments about the topics on the agenda that night.

Mitchell told The Gateway Pundit that Contreras hasn’t allowed the parent’s group to speak at the meetings because she is holding on to her ‘Emergency Powers’ at a critical time when parents have a lot to say.”


From an Eyewitness Participant.

“Proof grassroots is working!!!!Big win for Take Back the Schools-GCS!!! We had 2 democrat board members vote with us to prevent our school board from relinquishing all fiscal & policy making power to the superintendent. It was very unexpected & very exciting & therefore we need to ALL write an email of thanks.”

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10 responses to “Take Back the Schools Guilford County NC Schools rally 3 reports, 1. News Record 2. Gateway pundit 3. Eyewitness Participant, Reopen School Board meetings, Critical Race Theory concerns

  1. Pfizer was the second highest contributor to NC Governor Roy Cooper’s campaign in 2020.

    Who’s calling the shot’s?

    Cooper or Pfizer?

  2. AND NOW……..
    ………….it is possible to buy a TRUMPY BEAR. They are being promoted on OAN. har har

  3. AND,
    ………now in America MONEY dictates nearly EVERYTHING that happens. It also dictates WHO ultimately prevail.


  5. AND NOW,
    ………..Netanyahu is OUT! Now we shall watch the new government PUT THEIR MONEY WHERE THEIR MOUTH IS. It is now probable that Israel will eventually be attacked in mass by the LUNATIC GOAT HUMPERS, and possibly DESTROYED.

  6. TODAY,
    ……….representative McCaul is RAGING that now Biden needs to hit back at Russia. FOR WHAT……..there is NO ABSOLUTE PROOF that the Russian government done anything against America. YET the raging lunatic politicians are foaming at the mouth as they rant their RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA FANTASIES.

    ………..that our alleged leader wouldn’t be able to even figure out what a fly swatter is, or what it is for.

    ……….whenever I look into the past, I see the things which brought America to where we are today. YET America’s DO GOODERS have brought a foreign measurement system upon us and have integrated it into our system of measurement. This is the METRIC system of measurement. What the hell is wrong with INCHES, FEET, YARDS, RODS, MILES, ACRES, ETC. Because of the DO GOODERS I had to go out and spend thousands of dollars to purchase METRIC tools. REAL LOAD OF BULLSH-T. My American measure of sockets, and other tools have always worked for me. As for the foreign cars ……….if they want to sell their sardine cans in America let them adopt OUR system of measurement. Why the hell should we have to change what has worked well for 200 years. Throughout my life I have used precision measuring devices which measure down to .0000, and everything I have ever designed and built, has lasted nearly my entire working lifetime. I still design devices which help me with my mobility, and general comfort. Yes I can purchase most of these already built…………FOR THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. Most of todays devices are built in China. Why the hell should I pay an exorbitant price for something made using the metric system, and with questionable material quality. I even built my own reclining comfort chair which I sit in about 16 hrs out of every 24 hrs. I no longer put a price upon my time. That would of course happen if I was designing for a client,or as an employee of a company. While my legs and feet are attached derelicts, I still have my upper body, and can still think in the terms necessary to design. This includes doing drawings, and dimensions. I also still use the “log” scale on my trusty SLIPSTICK. I crafted a reduced size of drawing board. I scale everything to fit onto 17″x 22″ paper. Am I wrong? NO WAY IN HELL!!!!!!

  9. AND,
    ……….as I watched the news yesterday, Joe Malarkey seemed only to be able to make his idiotic grin. For the most part everybody at the G7 seemed to be locked into the EU discussions. So Joe, not to be left out says he will take everything back to the Soetoro days ………which when translated means that the US TAXPAYERS will once again be paying the LION’S share of the costs, in the defense of the EU countries. Trump had made them COUGH UP more money………and now Joe Malarkey is giving it all back to the lazy POS in EU.

  10. oldsailor88

    AND NOW,
    …………the LGBTQ PERVERTS are asking Congress to remove the red and white stripes from the US flag, and use the QUEERSVILLE RAINBOW STRIPES instead. REAL SICKOS.!!!!!!!!!

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