Asteroid 2020SW explodes 16k miles above earth September 24, 2020?, Discovered Sept 18, Small garage size, Trajectory and composition could damage population area

Asteroid 2020SW explodes 16k miles above earth September 24, 2020?, Discovered Sept 18, Small garage size, Trajectory and composition could damage population area

“…and there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring.” … Luke 21:25


This was reported first thing this AM at Citizen Wells.

Apparently due to other perceived greater news items, and some referring to this as a fly by, it is not getting the attention it derserves.

I am not a rocket scientist (I could have been one) but a asteroid this size coming within 16, 000 miles of earth sounds like a potential problem and not a fly by.

Based on what I know, with the right trajectory and composition, an asteroid this size could damage a population area.

Reported here earlier:

Asteroid 2020SW, discovered September 18, 2020 by the Center for Near Earth Object Studies of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, is predicted to enter the earth’s atmosphere at a height of approx. 16,000 miles on September 24, 2020.

The object is approx. the size of a small garage.


More here:



17 responses to “Asteroid 2020SW explodes 16k miles above earth September 24, 2020?, Discovered Sept 18, Small garage size, Trajectory and composition could damage population area

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  2. CW……….
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  12. CW, It appears that Asteroid 2020SW will not explode.

    I checked on the trajectory and although it’s close, the Earth’s gravity will ‘bend’ it away from us. If it wasn’t this close, our gravity would have no effect on it.

    It doesn’t appear that our atmosphere will impact it as far as exploding or burning up is concerned.,,,it’s too far out for that to happen.

    We’re safe….for now.

    Besides, today is my birthday. I refuse to be taken out by a space rock. There are better things to do. Period.

  13. Suek……….
    …………Happy birth day young lady!!! Hope something really great happens for you today!

  14. OS88,

    Thanks for the ‘young,’ and good wishes!

    I decided when I turned 50 that I’d start going backwards. So that makes me 33 today! 🙂

  15. SueK.
    You are probably right.
    I have been sick for almost 2 weeks (no fever) probably exacerbated by ragweed pollen.
    I look at the near earth reports every AM.
    The .07 lunar distance, 7% of the way to the moon & it got my attention.
    Still very close & discovered a few days ago.
    I am certain their calcs are good but if off just a bit, problematic.

  16. Thanks, CW; another year is in the books.

    Yes, I looked at the lunar distance as well and thought ‘whoa!’ If this asteroid was a lot larger, I’m not sure that we’d be looking at the same scenario.

    Hope you’re feeling better; I’ve been having the same symptoms, but no fever. The ragweed is in full bloom up here. Let’s hope that’s all it is!

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